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vfx bros i dont feel so good.
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its crazy- imagine being the ultimate-consumer and not even realizing it. Gamers are fucking weird
> "vfx are related to movies only"
are you that retarded?
gaming studios have famously shittier working conditions
how do you think they make money?
working in games is voluntary slavery


you manage the foolish artists who work in games

also support indies, fuck those globohomo narratives and graphics

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I keep seeing people use quixel megascans. Last time i wanted to use it, i had to either using UE4 or i had to pay.

Has this changed yet?
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Yes but wil i get in trouble for doing that?
yup. Just because you can do something doesnt mean it isnt against the license.
are you a big studio? If not they probably wont go after you
I am not a big studio, but i dont want to get in trouble when i karma whore on reddit
dont use megascans.

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>>What are the best online lead generation platforms?


>>Best Online Portfolio Platforms to Generate Leads?


>>Best Platforms for International or Direct Money Transfers?


>>What is a Lead?
A lead is an individual or organization with an interest in what you are selling. The interest is expressed by sharing contact information, like an email ID, a phone number, or even a social media handle.

Share experiences, tips and resources for freelancing in general.
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So how do I land my first job with 3D rendering?
Just started using Upwork.
Any tips ans tricks?
How well can you do with putting your assets up for sale on an online market instead of making specific things for clients?
whats your skill level

Made a mascot for a companhy.
modelling + look dev + grooming + three dynamic poses.

File: wip 5.jpg (1547 KB, 1500x882)
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/wip/ - Works in Progress
- Collage Edition 4: HAIL STAN -
Now featuring environment anons!

Post your work-in-progress projects, recently finished projects, or things you'd like critiqued here.

Previous thread: >>850394
List of free resources: https://pastebin.com/cZLVnNtB
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That Qi sheng Luo guy was very skilled indeed googled him, not a coomer at all but a complete top-tier do anything kinda artist.
His anime looking works are more in the style of Blade of the Immortal or Berserk.

You can combine realistic bodies with those looks since they're not full on cartoon but more like this mangaesque realism.
Those characters have realistic features like eyelids, nostrils, full lips, eyeballs are more pingpong sized than tennis sized and their jawlines doesn't terminate in wedges.
With that level of facial realism you can have a full anatomy without it clashing.
>it looks so stylistically disjointed.
True, but this is obviously because you went for the extreme 'grey alien' style. If you make the face more realistic in its proportions, the disjointed effect goes away. IMHO grey alien style doesn't match realistic shading at all, I would only use it if I intended to imitate a 2D look with diffuse painting only and without realistic lighting.
no you arent ive actually messed with it a bit because i also find it weird i might just make her chin a bit more pointy so that odd curvature goes away or edit the normals
File: Smexy man.jpg (7 KB, 531x387)
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Gunt posting this animation I made this last night.
File: lol.png (778 KB, 1164x940)
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778 KB .png
pretty happy with how this worked out so far

File: thor pose.png (145 KB, 955x892)
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I noticed /3/ is mostly 3D modelling threads. I'm more interested in animation. what does /3/ recommend to a beginner? any resources? I have the Maya educational license and have just been messing around with posing free rigs it's fun it's like posing action figures but I want to start getting them to move. should I start from the usual ball exercise and then work my way up to body mechanics?
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File: thor rotation thing.gif (3808 KB, 614x379)
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fine idk what you mean by external rotation
Exactly that thing you do on the first tweaker, except for the whole arm

he means show your pose from side view, so he can judge how you posed it there instead of "cheating everything to camera".

part of gid gud in anim means also making things work from all angles, so that you understand properly how things pose and move in full 3D space.

download the animator's survival kit and read/do everything there. watch the anim mentor/ianimate shot beginner curriculum/shot types progressions and try to do your own versions until they look as good. also get some general art knowledge like what makes a good pose etc.
OP check out the animators surival kit, which is the classic course for animators.
File: have fun.webm (302 KB, 1920x1080)
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302 KB .webm
do the exercises.

Learn the graph editor:

Try out different rigs to get a feel for them.

Read the books:
Richard williams survival kit
disney animation: the illusion of life

but most importantly, have fun with it.

File: hocu_idle.gif (931 KB, 300x500)
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Newfag here, I want to make low poly PS1-esque models like pic related.
How do I start?
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>I wonder what's next.. text based games I guess because that's my next idea
up next is gritty piss brown filters over everything because that's what 7th gen kids grew up with and is a good contrast to all the overly saturated games coming out now.
So?? Has anyone rediscovered the secret to recreate ps1 graphics?? Or was that knowledge permanently lost to mankind??
sculpt a life like model
render photorealistic front + left + back views
now is the hard part u want to make a few cubes in the general shape of human but make sure it's just cubes NOT realistic detail
now take ur texture and put it in photoshop, click "mosaic" filter and tweak the slider until it looks just right, this might take some experimentation to find the right value.
then map your completed texture onto your humanoid cube
ask the devs

File: E_p1zmvVcAAtYKe.jpg (2147 KB, 2000x2000)
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2147 KB .jpg
Previous dollhouse >>846099

Daz youtuber's and general guides:
travis davids (Marvelous designer)
CgBytes (Dead, but was the best of his time)
Kelvin Jin

Bridges: https://www.daz3d.com/daz-bridges
Suggested Blender Bridge: http://diffeomorphic.blogspot.com/

Similar programs:
Vroid Anime Tool: https://vroid.com/en/studio
Xnalara: https://www.deviantart.com/xnalara
MB-Lab for blender: https://github.com/animate1978/MB-Lab
Makehuman: http://www.makehumancommunity.org/
Metahuman creator: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/digital-humans

Hair Creation: https://mega.nz/#F!uywlSQqS!GzZTEOGcRhiEr8Ve5hwsfQ

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sezC7P9yxYE (French boy didn't get cancelled and somehow made it big)

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>complete something
>hit save
every time, gang. every time.
File: jacket.jpg (155 KB, 1280x1280)
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jacket. :)
What a QT!!!
>It breaks immersion when I look at an image and immediately recognize the penis.
that's on you anon
your whole post is just
cope and ngmipilled
What is a G8F hair with a million morphs so that I can use it for multiple characters? I have a lot of them

File: based meshed.png (528 KB, 901x900)
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528 KB .png
Why the FUCK do people sculpt or model characters from scratch if the result is the same if not miles worse? Why wouldn't you use a base mesh with the proper topology anatomy and polygroups. At least for humans and humanoid creatures? Why the fuck people trying to invent a bicycle and complicate things? Like why would you remodel things like the fucking hands, and fingers, and do a shitty job at, it if you can use a base mesh hand. There's not mush variety to the human hands. Same with face
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File: 16328282889900.jpg (80 KB, 600x551)
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80 KB .jpg
That's the new normal, bro. We don't have the time for the SOVL anymore.
Not OP, but please explain to me why it would make sense to create a human mesh from scratch each and every time, instead of creating a couple of base-meshes and then work from there.
Wasting time is SOUL, while being efficient is soulless?
I can understand the argument if somebody would use an base-mesh from another artist, worst case - being unable to do it himself. Your soulless argument makes sense in that case, but If I made my own base-mesh and reuse it multiple times?
think early days of rwby was using mmd models or something right?
It doesnt make sense especially when you are going to be putting clothes / armor over 99% of them. You are being trolled.

You overthinking it bro. The base mesh is still made by you iterated 100x to perfection. That is still SOUL.

File: 2bass.jpg (12 KB, 352x225)
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Currently learning Maya. Any YT channels /3/ would recommend to better improve my craft?
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One's free indefinitely, the other you have to put some amount of effort into making it "free". Personally I use blender because I do this more as a hobby and Maya started slowing down my toaster of a laptop if I left it open for too long.
Specialization Anon.
Maya's core competence is two-fold:
It is the best tool for animating characters due to its superiority in all aspects of rigging and animation. That includes the available tools as well as the performance.
The advantage is quite pronounced, there is no other program that comes close, which makes it the only and best program in the market for High End work.
Maya has won and consequently wins the top position in this discipline, every year and for 20 years straight with no exception.

The other aspect that nobody here really understands because its quite difficult to experience is the way Maya is perfect for (bigger) studios and bigger teams due to its interoperability and malleability. Maya is like Linux, while all other DCCs are more like Windows, which means you can do whatever the fuck you want with it and change it to your needs and interface with it and customize it like no other tool in the 3D market.
As a consequence the Maya you can buy is not the same Maya that studios use, since their Maya is extremely customized, upgraded and enhanced by their programmers and TD's.
Maya took over the VFX industry because of that, got extremely entrenched in the studio systems and this is also the reason why it cannot and will not be replaced by any other program anytime soon (despite what Blender-fanboys will argue).
In all other aspects, Maya is a decent but not perfect generalist program that can do pretty much anything that others can do too (except sculpting).
There are tons of commercial addons that can elevate other aspects of production work to an high level of quality.
Blender on the other hand has no real specialisation, unless you count its price (free) and uncomplicated accessibility as a specialisation.
It is a jack of all trades, master of none, more so than any other 3D program. Due to its FOSS nature it is extremely wide in its abilities. Wide like an ocean, deep like an puddle, some might argue.
There are tons of addons, free and commercial, I think Blender easily takes the position of the 3D program with the highest amount of addons.
The FOSS license though gets a little in the way of companies and individuals who want to earn money on this platform, while there are commercial addons, many avoid Blender because of problems and conflicts with its GPL license. Plugins and addons often don't have the same quality or depth you can get with addons on other platforms.
Blender has its advantages mainly due the fact that there are no barriers since it is free, it is relatively easy to learn and it can do a lot of things well enough.
Because of the fact that Blender incorporates a lot of disciplines/abilities that other DCC's don't, it can be used as a full production suite without the need of switching programs. It is a full and complete production pipeline in itself. Of course this comes with an price; its wideness means it has to compromise on quality or ability to do high end or complex stuff.
It is the ago old consequence of generalist approach vs specialists approach. While it can do almost everything, it does some not as good as specialized programs.
Depending on your needs, this might be problematic or its irrelevant.
For big teams that facilitate the power of fragmentation into highly specialised and contained jobs, Blender might not be good enough. In contrast a generalist that has mastered Blender can do a wide amount of work very efficient and fast without any additional investment (time, money and resources). Its ideal for artists who work alone and self-contained like concept artists.
Anyone here got any experience running Maya on Linux? It won't even let me install, it's saying my computer is not compatible. Do I really need to be running fedora or redhat to use it?
I'm currently running manjaro and would really prefer to not leave the arch world behind.
I have to learn Maja for my computer animation course, so I get a free student version.
I have experience with older versions of Maya (2016-2019). I could get them to run on CentOS and Mint, never tried another distro.
CentOS is easy since it is identical to Redhat, Mint was a nightmare involving alien to convert the rpm to deb as well as another 40 steps to get the fonts and other dependencies to run. I am not a Linux pro or an programmer/sysadmin and doing all of that in the terminal made me feel like a hacker in a bad Hollywood movie - it also took me a week to find out all the shit, assembling it together from several different walk-throughs - I NEVER EVER want to do that again. Fuck this shit.
Arch is probably even worse. All I can say is good luck to you.

It's free, it's powerful and there's a lot to like about what's coming up in 5. Why not have a thread for it?

What have you been making in UE lately?
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File: thinkgen cat.jpg (84 KB, 640x640)
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84 KB .jpg
I could tell you to put together an actual landscape material and blend it with vertex colours but I get the feeling you'll probably think it's too much work soon as putting decals on a 10x10 surface is apparently too hard
Auto rig pro is what i use. It's pretty damn good, might need to do a bit of additional weight painting.
What do you think of Voxel Heat Diffuse Skinning?

>Auto rig pro
>Auto rig

Meanwhile actual professionals all do it manually.
By taking a, for example, 2048x2048 texture divided into a 16x16 grid with each square being some sort of splat, grime, burn, scratch, whatever. Then having the engine sample randomly per instance from that grid and placing them at random position with random rotation.

Now that I think about it, might be able to do that in the material graph without too many issues.
Why would I not try to reduce and expedite work wherever possible? Having it done automatically then placing a few decals manually if needed is a hundred times faster. Imagine the time you save across an entire game.

File: image0.jpg (287 KB, 2048x2048)
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287 KB .jpg
Been sculpting for about a week (used blender for about a year now). I wanna make it to industry level work by January, ya think it's possible?

Order of pics is left to right, top down. Been focusing back on the face instead of full body like model 2 because oh lawd that is some nightmare shit.

My plan is to work on hair next, then back to body and remesh. Anything I should add to it? Anyways, thanks anons.
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File: bust3-wip1.png (3343 KB, 1440x1440)
3343 KB
3343 KB .png
absolutely gmi
That looks gorgeous bro you're definitely gonna make it! :)
File: 1624767051604.gif (1627 KB, 1024x752)
1627 KB
1627 KB .gif
Thanks for the encouraging words anons.
File: 1632472858105.png (417 KB, 614x630)
417 KB
417 KB .png
I was this poster >>850686
So this is def an improvement. You GMI for sure.
Sculpt is little fucked up still

File: unknown-3.png (113 KB, 550x437)
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113 KB .png
Hello it's noob human sculptor OP again. I made another head now yesterday studying more anatomy. Is it better now?
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I'm op but only commented but wrote only >>853454 **
OP here I can't make anything than a head with face hence it's minimal work
i used this as material, anonymous
rewatching this video everytime, following it and memorizing anatomy
File: 1632213794205.png (136 KB, 548x502)
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136 KB .png
I'm the rainbow lorikeet poster, and I just want to say that OP is a talentless faggot. He can cope all he wants, but his basemesh asian rapebabies sculpts, will get him nowhere.
Die in a gutter, OP.
>>853640 oh so you're not cris right? if si i apologize for >>853465 >>853463

File: street.jpg (549 KB, 2560x1440)
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549 KB .jpg
Hello /3/. I love creating levels and I am fairly experienced in Hammer Editor.

I want to start using a better engine with better graphical capabilities. I don't know which engine to choose, unreal or unity?

My goal is to create cybergothic and post-apocalyptic cityscapes to explore on foot. I don't want to create a game, I just want to create some environments with a soul and that I can walk around in.

I have never modeled but I decided I will be making custom assets for my levels. Which 3d modeling software is more suited for architectural work and making props? I would like one that is free, I don't expect to make a profession out of this.
first of all, unreal obivously.

2nd of all, blender is your only non piracy option for a decent free 3d modeler so not really a question.

The most important thing for you to learn is going to be substance designer though.
post your hammer maps
You dont need 3D modelling for your task, use susbtance designer, design materials and trim sheets and with that using basic plane geometry you can design any city you want, the materials will do the detail work , you can set that workflow directly into Unreal

If you want to try it right now download unreal and instalk the megascans plugin, you can use the materials for make some tests
If you don't understand any shit that I said here a video explaining in full detail


File: tristan-liu-alyn-03.jpg (31 KB, 400x400)
31 KB
31 KB .jpg
What kind of work you need to do, in order to get paid $550 per 3d sculpture in Zbrush?
How many years and how many social connections?
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>why does everyone think their pointless question is important enough to start a new thread?
its better to have new shitty threads than no threads / containment
>why does everyone think their pointless question is important enough to start a new thread?
it's literally just one or two guys.

the real problem imo is the general style threads. while they make sense on a faster moving board, on a board this slow it just lets the schizos make a few threads every day and completely dominate the board
the board culture is such that anyone making a new thread is deemed to not have an actual job in the industry otherwise they would be too busy to make a thread or under NDA and couldnt post about anything, even in jest. Myself, I see this board being closed down because of lack of traffic.
The jannies are faggots, reporting the schizo and they gave me warning, these posts are low quality but they don't fucking care
>why does everyone think their pointless question is important enough to start a new thread?
it's a viable thread, you niggercuck

What's the secret to making 3D anime cunny?
i just make them in koikatsu then export to blender.
Small body, big head

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