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/wip/ - Works in Progress
- AI Takeover 2: Electric Boogaloo -
>Art by Vincent van Wip

Post your work-in-progress projects, recently finished projects, or things you'd like critiqued here.

Previous thread: >>888112

List of free resources: https://pastebin.com/cZLVnNtB
/3/ Discord for those interested: https://discord.gg/ujt5vtr4DE
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Finally found some real dimensioned blueprints
File: image_87068.jpg (90 KB, 1015x755)
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reported to the pentagon
File: basemesh2.jpg (165 KB, 2102x1527)
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Thanks for the advice, lads. I've started a new mesh, pretty much retopologizing what I had before with surface snapping while mimicking the edge flow of >>893810.
I'm not quite back to where I was, but it's already looking better.
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Stopped anatomy and polymodeling stuff. I realised sculpting was an excellent destressant. I was pulling my hair for days trying to figure out topology and made pic related and felt refreshed.
Still have to figure out how the polish/trimDynamic/ brushes work for stylized work + how to avoid all the holes/artifact early when making stuff like hair.

Strange Deer edition
Previous: >>886778
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I really miss those times when that spanish pokemon pumped out sculpting updates every week
He was done with the sculpt mode, yes we could have the new vertex paint 5 months ago, now he could be working in the substance painter/designer thing and maybe, before September, CAD.
I imported the shoes from Daz and got a bunch of bones and assigned vertex groups. I assume it is suppose to slightly deform in animations. Anyways I fit the shoes to the character by using a copy rotation bone constraint on character's foot bone, which worked well enough but now I cannot tilt the whole foot (as in rotate at the ankle). The character was downloaded off of smutbase and was rigged with AutoRig Pro based on the description. It appears to have a bunch of external control interfaces for posing. I cannot manually pose the foot bone by moving it since it was intended for parenting, however it does move when a bone constraint is applied. Am I going to need to re-do the posing then? The moment I apply the bone constraint or remove it the foot goes back to the flat resting position.
I don't even get why he got shat on this much just for his additional modes proposal. It seems like that was the point where the neckbeard revolt against it made him throw the towel for good
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Stupid questions that don't deserve their own thread.

Previous: https://archived.moe/3/thread/879611
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I have a good question... Why do people pirate Maya and Max when there's Blender available for free with a better toolset out of the box?

Because unfortunately they are the industry standard. I am not discussing the crooked practices of software manufacturers but between large companies the usual go to cad language speaks autodesk and If you want to work in the industry you may want to learn the tools of the trade.

Just check for job postings for large companies and see the software listed.

OBVIOUSLY many large companies do shit in blender and in skp etc etc before someone goes with that idiotic argument.

>better toolset out of the box

Yes if you want to make anime tiddies to post the on sketch fab blender is a beautiful tool but what if you want to coordinate a 3d model between civil engineers *civil 3d, architects *revit and land surveyors *archgis ? Max can do that.
What's the best way to manually recreate well known models without ripping them?
why can't you rip it?
Technically i want to recreate 3d models from released films

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How do I make something like this? Are there any tutorials for rigging models like pic related ?
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File: TopologyExplain.png (727 KB, 1579x957)
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File: 1611013866469.png (88 KB, 1497x658)
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Ignore him. He's copying and pasting what I said in another thread because I made him mad.
File: 1531464858239.jpg (1241 KB, 1920x1929)
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what are they going to do, call the made-up school and request my made-up name?
it's automatic. i don't think they even check for anything.

is there a point in becoming a blender user when any other professional package is easier than ever to pirate and gives better overall results?
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I started off with maya (and a little 3dsmax) because of uni
But I had to learn blender because of my job. We wanted to switch to 3dsmax, even gor the licences, then blender 2.8 happened and now we only use 3dsmax for rendering in vray (and because external companys use it)
Fuck me I never want to go back modeling in maya. Also, the GoB-addon for Zbrush is comfy af

Yes I became just another blendlet but hell, it just makes life so much easier, especially once you know how to write python scripts
And Autodesk fucking sucks as a company, theyre leaving their programs to die, 3dsmax desperately needs an overhaul, but all they care about is their CAD investments
The sane reply
>and gives better overall results
>Doesn't give examples
What's the best way to take animated scenes to an ILDA file for a lasershow? Silhoulettes might sometimes be OK but you might also want object outlines/edges with the eyes always drawn. I want to avoid doing a ton of hand-drawn work in an ILDA show editor. You gotta keep it simple somehow, even a 60K galvo system starts to flicker badly with not very complex images.
example is literally everything you look at (architecture, design, VFX) VS shitty 3D porn on reddit

File: 1621638649279.png (725 KB, 973x1000)
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Why do anatomy inaccuracies enrage this board so much? Someone could make a really shitty hard-surface model, and no one will pay attention to it, but inaccurate anatomy will draw a lot of attention with abrasive critiques.
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Mostly autoshills who think bad art is only made in blender so they don't miss an occasion to shit on Blender. I'm sure they'd love Blender if they tried it.
Because they've never worked with a team before that will tell you what works and what doesn't down the pipeline when modeling things. Even Michael Pavlovich said his knowledge of anatomy in the past when working in the studio wasn't much but that he didn't even need to care about that because there was a group within the team that specialized in correcting those aspects of the model.

Practice at getting better at anatomy but learn from the masters and not OCD laden adderall binging spergs who are afraid to fail in their attempts and just procrastinate here all day.
far right pic sauce?
>Practice at getting better at anatomy but learn from the masters
To get better at anatomy you just have to look at books on anatomy with actual medical images and charts. Looking at someone like a Grasetti would be a waste of time

t. cfx

File: 1643567640323.png (333 KB, 1073x646)
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When it comes out publically, will you use it?
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Why would you use it?
because its the highest quality of face muscle sim you can get, built on 15 tb of 4d scan data with machine learning while at the same time being interactive and realtime.
is she holding cum
Sounds like an ad. Its shit, fuck off shill
why are you so mad? The technology behind it is unbelievable and its available for your engine - unreal - at 4k/60, despite being owned by unity. Think about the goodwill for a second.

File: tennis.jpg (895 KB, 1920x1080)
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895 KB .jpg
Sports Edition

Looking to monetize your renders?
See how the pros do it!
DAZ renders used for indie games on Steam:
Official NFT blogpost:

Daz youtuber's and general guides:
travis davids (Marvelous designer)
CgBytes (Dead, but was the best of his time)
Kelvin Jin

Bridges: https://www.daz3d.com/daz-bridges
Suggested Blender Bridge: http://diffeomorphic.blogspot.com/

Similar programs:
Vroid Anime Tool: https://vroid.com/en/studio
Xnalara: https://www.deviantart.com/xnalara
MB-Lab for blender: https://github.com/animate1978/MB-Lab
Makehuman: http://www.makehumancommunity.org/
Metahuman creator: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/digital-humans

Hair Creation: https://mega.nz/#F!uywlSQqS!GzZTEOGcRhiEr8Ve5hwsfQ

Previous thread: >>882322
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and the quality is better for Daz. Daz isn't for real time it's for renders.
i use daz a lot retard also if you can't make things look good in blender it doesn't mean blender is bad, it means you're bad at it
File: Nose.jpg (117 KB, 1000x1300)
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117 KB .jpg
How do you do, fellow daz characters?
nice, what are the assets?
Most Blendturds can't model, texture and animate so they stay with Suzanne

File: 32149-unity+problems.png (86 KB, 575x388)
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86 KB .png
Post em chaps
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Thank you leaf for blessing this thread. Now it's the official 3 humor thread.
The point was that krita and blender go hand in hand, I use it too
I always lose to this and I don't even fully understand what's going on there
Whoa it's Cris!!!

File: 1634532260675.png (1194 KB, 800x1200)
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1194 KB .png
>worse than Blender in every way
>except in performance
Why must I suffer
Someone please fix Blender's sculpting
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Bullshit. I'm using it everyday and I don't have any of those issues.
it does have those issues, believe me and with Maxon under control now its only going to get worse
File: based.jpg (4 KB, 225x225)
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4 KB .jpg

What the fuck did you just fucking say about Zbrush, you little bitch? I'll have you know I spent incredible amounts of time researching and developing new ways to learn Zbrush and I've been uploading Zbrush tutorials for your lazy ass in youtube all for FREE. I am a Character Director at Certain Affinity and graduated from Ringling college in 2000 fucking 5. You are nothing to me but just another blendfag who thinks he can get away with blaming proprietary software all for your failure to LEARN the RIGHT WAY. I will make sure you fucking learn Zbrush THE RIGHT WAY, mark my fucking words blendfag. You think you can get away with saying that shit to Zbrush over the Internet? Think again, blendfag. As we speak I just uploaded a video on how to snap on verts, edges, point and faces in fucking Zmodeler. Zmodeler wipes your precious Blender on the fucking ground. You fucking wished you were as good as me, blendfag. I can learn anything, anytime, and I can manipulate Zbrush in seven hundred ways the likes you've never seen before with your FOSS software, blendfag. Not only am I extensively trained in Character Art development pipelines, but I have access to top professional networks of studios and I will use it to its full extent to erase the word "Blender from your vocabulary and replace it with Zbrush, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" Blender was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price for using FOSS, you goddamn idiot. I will shit 50 million polygons all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, blendfag.
File: lol.png (283 KB, 1298x761)
283 KB
283 KB .png
>believe me and with Maxon under control now its only going to get worse
Bullshit, C4D has always been piss-easy to pirate and still is. Maxon App? No need for it. Online asset browser? Works just fine even on cracked copies.

why is retopology so hard? do you guys have any tips?
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The thought is redundant you skull fucked retard. There's a reason sculpting in zbrush is the industry standard for character modeling.
Sculpting then doing retopo is faster lol. Especially if you're not creating shitty anime caricatures for vrchat.
not reading your incel essay sweety ;)
Loops into blockout, you're fucking welcome.
Retool in maya using quad draw. You can start with big shapes then add more loops it goes way faster

File: ue3preview.jpg (99 KB, 640x480)
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99 KB .jpg
What have you been making in UE lately?

Previous: >>851306
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Where can I get Unreal Engine 3?
Look up UDK
>gears of war
Shit nigga I remember playing that on xbox 360 on co-op, it was great
100% looks like a man in a wig
Cope blendcel. Your open source free junkware at the perfomance peak of windows 2000 isn't going to see light anywhere.

File: donut.png (2468 KB, 1052x1142)
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2468 KB .png
who is Mike Pavlovich of Blender? I will give it a try..
Anus donut
>who is Mike Pavlovich of Blender?
As trainer? Kent Trammell from CGCookie has that lv of skill maybe but Yansculpts is the most popular.

File: help.png (537 KB, 1080x730)
537 KB
537 KB .png
I've been trying the whole day to make A DECENT torse. Maybe it's my coomer brain and ADD, because I have no problems making a decent butt as you can see.
For the LOVE OF GOD I CANNOT MAKE A TORSO. Even If I do, I can't get the deltoids right so it deforms well enough.

Please, I usually go from hi-poly to low poly through retopo. I wanna use this weekend to learn a more optimised approach to anatomy.
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>google Japanese blender tutorial
>end up getting tutorials for anime castles
I'm not obsessed with making big booties like the other guy but nips have better tutorials how do I look em up
post it, the anime castles
fucking crab

Seethe and dilate industry shill. Imagine being employed.
Sorry nothing is good enough for you. Geez you beg and then get upset

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