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Last thread:. >>3911856

Please talk about dinosaurs and other fossilized animals instead of proving definitively that you don't understand crocodile anatomy.
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painted this today, what do we think gang
why does it have the blues

File: 1531740097525.jpg (410 KB, 2048x1492)
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>no lips
cringe desu

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Why do hunters insist on killing off the strongest males? I get they look cooler to their redneck buddies but they would actually benefit the ecosystem if they killed off the weaker ones instead.
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I'd heard they'd herd them that way and then throw rocks from above, but using fire is a new one.
More meat
Hunters are edgy faggots renowned for shooting peoples dogs here
>i thought it was a wolf
>get a lab next time wont have a problem
A grim reminder that it's not just the chinks
bigger animal = more meat = tastes good

all canid hunters are always scumbags and the only people to eclipse AR-15 toting hog hunters in just being bloodthirsty cunts. i don't even walk out in the woods during wolf season, maybe they'll think i'm a wolf too.
Jesus ...enjoy your life of ignorance and stupidity

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Should I stop feeding him?
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wtf its nothing like a dog
Prairie dogs are a type of ground squirrel, but that isn't one.
the more you feed him, the more you’ll feed whoever eats him on the next trophic level.
hahaha lol haha
A cat will get him most likely.

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I only call animals by their binomial/trinomial scientific names. Common English names are beneath me.
> t. austist
3 edgy 5 me
now kys
The dubs of irony have spoken!
Is it sad that I get the meme?

Literally just a guy spamming
Like a fucking retard

File: StinkBug1_517407_7.jpg (34 KB, 400x376)
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Hey, did someone say it's Autumn? Nice! I think me and my 1,000 friends will make ourselves nice and comfortable in your home. Hope you like farts, Anon!
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File: big brother.jpg (65 KB, 1000x563)
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you're thinking of these guys. these guys make me do a double take for those chagras carrying mofos
I throw them into spider webs in the cellar. I think the daddy longlegs have begun worshipping me as their god
i don't mind them, but i don't like being jumpscared by them either.
feel the little shits crawling on me sometimes and flip my shit thinking it's a spider.
>pull back curtain and see 15+ of them on the other side
Threw the whole curtain rod out the window and taped any potential gap in my windows. Seeing that shit in my room shook me to my core
God I wish they smelled like farts instead of whatever awful smell they have

File: World3 Map.png (1307 KB, 4092x3000)
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>1: read the wiki: it will be necessary to understand what's happening in this thread and what do the animals do. the wiki will not be updated with new pages from this thread, but i will complete existing pages overtime.
>2: i'm not a biologist and i'm not an artist. don't expect the best of the best from this project. also i may modify something from your submission if needed.

Welcome to the 3nd part of the /an/ speculative evolution project!
>what is this?
this is a project that i started a couple months ago, in which anyone can contribute. you take something (an animal) listed on this wiki:
and you make a submission in which you tell how it could evolve, and i will make a drawing and some text to explain what does it do and what happens. you can also suggest names for locations and eras (i really need those, current ones suck ass)
>why do they all look like penises?
any animal looks like a penis if you squint enough :)
>are there rules to submissions?
every creature must be evolved from LIVING animals (i'm posting what's survived this map next post), and have to be plausible and coherent to the project (this is not an actual requirement, but i'd be glad if you followed it)
>can i edit the wiki?
ask me before, but don't expect to be granted the wish, i'm still a dummy with fandom
>can i make a drawing of my creature myself?
sure, but i will make one too anyways :))
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File: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH.jpg (7 KB, 250x249)
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>some of these prompts were fucking shit tbqh.
File: Labian Animals.png (53 KB, 1364x964)
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Yauub: eventually, even the ubaams manage to reach the equator, albeit their success has already been compromised by the local hoorms. however, some semiaquatic descendants adapt to live in the vast middle sea, feeding off large quantites of plants such as foul moss, melonlettuces and even shaded scrub's eggs. the yauub is perfectly adapted to live in water, with a sleek, stocky appearance, large front limbs readapted into fins and vigorous backfins. it's lage size and retained claws, derived from feelers fused with the front fins, also give it ways to defend from predators. the yauub has evolved to become a social creature, traveling in herds across the sea. thanks to it's lungs it doesn't have to deal with the poorly oxygenated marine environement, which also gives it an edge over most other animals. sometimes, these animals may come to the shore, in safe areas, to bask under the sun and mate.

Qlubar: meanwhile, the arrival of the scythed rostrilians, such as nigthcrawlers and riphounds, has put in trouble the local qulobs. one way the species adapted to it's predators was to reduce in size and give to climbing. the qlubar, with it's flexible, curved bones, is the king of the succugrasses groves. it's sharp claws and flat body shape help it grasp more easily to the trunks, while the brownish coloration and very extended feelers aid in avoiding predators. it possesses a long neck and a sharp beak with which it hunts slit grubs and other species, including spray grubs, to which it's dizzy toxin they are immune. the qlubar are solitary creatures, usually inhabiting only one tree, which they make their home by cutting the leaves to make themselves easy passages. they only meet other of their kind at night, during mating season. many of them remain killed off during this period, as well as many of their spawn, shelled out in the thousands, as they traverse the lands not whitin the safety of their trees.
Wow I literally just came back to check just now and a new post.
Razorfin Crab: as copperhead crabs spread out and confirm themselves as the dominant predators of the middle sea, they also evolve, improving their form even better. the razorfin crab is a true titan of the scutocephalans, almost as big as a small xenicthyan, and probably the biggest one can get in the oxygen-poor region of the middle sea. the main notable change of the razorfin is the reduction and softening of the shell on the body segments, leaving more space to the flesh and fins, which become even more flexible to allow almost flawless paddle-based swimming. to keep all of this in shape, a simple notochord has even begun to appear, giving sustain to the whole body. only the second segment remains somewhat protected to avoid unwanted danger and intimidate. the fearsome beak has elongate further, assuming a needle-like appearance and with it's arm becoming elongated and articulated. while the oil-based propulsion has been retained, it's barely even used and on the way to disappear. the razorfin hunts relentlessly among teh shallow waters of the sea, both small and big preys. for the latter, it likes to wait for their passage hidden in the sand at the sea floor, only to blast in and assault the preys in vital areas. teh newly evolved yauub are one of it's preferred preys.
the razorfin should keep the oil and use it as a get-away tool like octopus use their ink on earth imo

A tame squirrel makes a nice pet.
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You cannot eat the little squirrels they are friends
T. Someone who has never ate scrawny greasy squirrels.
nice feet bro
Rats do the same thing. They grind their teeth in pleasure repeatedly when they get pet or feel safe and their eyes practically lift out of their skull. They also get stupid looks on their face and even stick their tongues out.

File: otter.jpg (97 KB, 650x851)
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anyone here touched an otter? they look really soft. what does it feel like?
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File: wright4hr_web.jpg (80 KB, 1200x800)
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Sea > River
both are equally cool and good
True. River otter fur is so dense that their skin never actually gets wet
Otters are the best animals to have ever existed, by a long shot.
This I love them so much. Love for otters burns like fire.

File: all-about-cats-1.jpg (541 KB, 2144x1424)
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Sweet white cat edition. Previous: >>3919093
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I'm trying to de-chonk a 26 pound cat. He went down 1.5 pounds in about 3 weeks. I took his weight again 9 days after the third week and he hasn't lost an ounce. Is that normal? How much weight would be ideal to lose per week / month?

He's the family cat and convincing my family to feed him less is like pulling teeth. They leave a kibble bowl out. I've gotten them to put away the bowl for a some amount of time daily, but it's not enough. They just take it back out if a cat so much as makes eye contact.
File: IMG-20210928-WA0005.jpg (116 KB, 899x1599)
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116 KB .jpg

Thanks for the reassurance! He seems to be getting on pretty well so far as pic related shows. Never thought I'd be so anxious about leaving a pet!
I've got a kitten from a shelter and she isn't afraid of me and allows me to pet her but she refuses to leave her spot with me around. I know she walks around when I leave the room or sleep.
Should I be worried? It has ben 2 days and I'm worried she might be sick or something. For now I'm thinking about giving her 5 days and if it continues I'm taking her for a check up
File: preganennant.webm (1531 KB, 1920x1080)
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1531 KB .webm
my cat is pregnant as shit
am excited for kittens
Cut those nails

File: 1612047561342.jpg (39 KB, 660x447)
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Why are dinos so sexy?
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File: 1598222045245.gif (691 KB, 687x399)
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Based. Imagine those scales brushing against your dick or a blowjob with all those pointy teeth.
Tits or gtfo
too much dinosaur cartoons, movies and merch during childhood. The lizard people are primingus to get seduced by their women once they start reigning openly
it's an atavistic trait, dont worry too much
This would be bad, because?
Oh no, what a disaster

File: hermit-crabs.jpg (145 KB, 1500x1057)
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Name a worse pet.
see thread below
your mother, who will die in her sleep tonight if you don't reply to this post.
Kill yourself.

I feel like a bad person, /an/
>have consistent mouse problem in house
>fuckers get into anything they can gnaw through, scare guests, shit everywhere
>finally catch the culprit in an empty trash can
>grab ka-bar
>try to stab it’s head to make it quick
>stab it in the back
>it starts spazzing out and running around the trash can
>try chopping his head off in one swoop but end up just giving two grievous cuts to his body
>now freaking out because I love animals and I feel as though I’m torturing this thing
>try to stab through his head once he settles down
>still alive
>take him outside and crush his head because at this point he has to be in a lot of pain
>bury him
I feel like shit. Just last week I hit a squirrel on accident and now this. How do you console yourself after taking a life?
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Hello neighbour, what're doin'?
You remind me of the book about the retarded brother who accidentally killed animals and people.
Now it's friends will smell the stench of blood and death on the air. They will run knowing a similar fate awaits them.
HEY uh... you guys know Mineral Oil gets mice off glue traps in under a minute? Works great for me, I take em out to the horse stables and let em go there.
Are you telling me you needed several slashes to kill a mouse? Beware OP, they might gang up on you and overpower you

File: gecko.jpg (267 KB, 1254x1029)
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267 KB .jpg
I've had the little guy since I was 10 years old and he's pretty old now. But, I'm worried how others will think of me if they see me with a find out I have a pet that is largely bred for children to keep, they just happen to live a long time. Should I give it to my mom to take care of?
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Just yesterday my gecko died. Don't get rid of him, you have no idea how shit you will feel once he's gone
>Get rid of pet because someone may not like him
You are fucking autistic lmao
It appears you are still a child, mentally.
This is something I also used to think, but what pets give you over their lifespan generally overrides any pain their death causes by a long mile, and the memories stay there for your whole life. It really is a mutually beneficial relationship
>I care what others think about me more than my pet
Are you a literal retard? Never have children, you're clearly a narcissist with no heart and single digit IQ.

maybe pitbulls aren't that bad...

Post monkey, discuss monkey, love monkey, hate

Pic baby gibbon.
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they looked like stuff animals that came to life, cute but unsettling at the same time. What ever did happen to huahua?

Does anyone else follow the team savana drama/exploitation?
File: nui.png (372 KB, 701x393)
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372 KB .png
Weird to see one of these monkey all grown up instead of trashed.
>The monkey lovers are some of the most delusional people around.
I watched some youtube documentary about the problems with the monkey pet trade and the owners are legit insane. There was some middle aged white woman who would take her monkey into public spaces in a stroller like a baby and when asked about it would lecture passers by on how it's "not a pet, but a life companion". There was also a family with an obviously miserable and mentally ill monkey that would have it sit at the dinner table with them and when it bit their kid (who was terrified of it) repeatedly they shat on him for provoking it. Monkeys are cool but nobody should keep them as pets, not just million pity fags.
>mogs the whole primate order
What is the most healthy way to socialize with these guys. I never saw the appeal of owning one, but befriending one and hanging out with him always sounded rad

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