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Eat dogs?

Pigs are just as, if not more intelligent, and friendly. If you would eat a pig, you would eat a dog. It's only rational.

There's really no ethical difference between a dog and a cow, if you actually do think about it. They are both social animals. They both suffer. They are both sentient. Therefore, if you would eat a cow, you would eat a dog. So time to chow down on fido, right anon?
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They aren't. The WHO just says that because 99% of people are cooking their red meat until it's black on the outside and brown in the middle.

Dumb people don't get it but political bodies tend to shape their statements in ways that encourage healthy behavior for the lowest common denominator, even if it makes them not entirely true.
>meat-eater physically incapable of realizing he's wrong
Maybe it's the LDL blocking blood flow to the brain. Or maybe it's all the estrogen.
"Red meat prepared using high heat contains carcinogens" literally translates to "if you burn stuff it's carcinogenic". Have you heard of acrylamide, by any chance?

A food is not carcinogenic because you can make it carcinogenic. You fucking idiot.
Also here's something that's just as carcinogenic as meat so I am done eating plants entirely. Are you? Clearly they are carcinogenic. No no no...its not that cooking them like this made them carcinogenic. "Plants prepared using high heat contain carcinogens" literally translates to "plants can be considerably carcinogenic". Therefore, DONT EAT PLANTS. THEYRE DANGEROUS.
>"Red meat prepared using high heat contains carcinogens" literally translates to "if you burn stuff it's carcinogenic".
It literally does not. It translates to, "If you cook red meat, it's carcinogenic." Not "stuff." Red meat, specifically. And it doesn't need to be burnt. Just "prepared using high heat," there's a difference.
Red meat isn't carcinogenic strictly because it can be made carcinogenic, no, it's carcinogen because it is by nature. Heating it makes it worse.
Hence, red meat is a 2a carcinogen.

Cat on a tree edition. Previous: >>3821002
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I am watching my girlfriends cat for the week and this isnt the first time.

I gave it a whole room with a nice comfy chair and bed with a litter box along with food and water put its favorite thing to scratch in there and my girlfriend left it with cat nip.

I don't even close the door and lock it in but the relationship we once had seems destroyed as the cat will only tolerate pets on its back a bit before attempting to attack me if i try to touch anywhere else. Its always tense i know it dislikes my dog but its stayed here before and never been so tense it used to jump around on my table and living room but now never leaves the room even though the door is wide open. Even if the dog is gone it refuses to come out of the room ive given it

it used to meow at me for attention and rub up on me now it gives me disgruntled noises.

what happened?
how long will a cat with hyperthyroidism live on methimazole? he's otherwise healthy.
File: IMG_20201203_113652_160.jpg (2126 KB, 4000x4000)
2126 KB
2126 KB .jpg
I'm unsure, my cat has hyperthyroidism and he's a stray who I took in in 2006. He's lean, medication just made him vomit more often when I put him on it. He was an adult in 2006 when he moved in. They key things are plenty of access to water (if he's out a lot make sure there is water available in your yard always, they need lots to drink) and he eats a truckload of food, but stays lean, because he is burning it off like crazy. He's probably around 18-20 most likely but I'll never know. Either way, he's enjoying this summer. They can live a long old time.
Do you ever help groom your cat with your tongue
I don't go that far, but something I would never admit except online is that I do give him little nips or love bites in return when he's nuzzling me - though I cover my teeth with my lips since I'm scared of hurting.

File: p036xc86.jpg (37 KB, 624x351)
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37 KB .jpg
Why are chimps so batshit insane when compared to gorillas and orangutans?
higher testosterone
>Why are alpha chads acting more assertive than submissive beta virgins?
Chimps are a lot closer to angry insecure manlets than they are to alpha chads.
flangelet rage

File: ants.jpg (178 KB, 1704x1278)
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178 KB .jpg
I want an ant farm. Any ideas?
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i used to watch antscanada but then his vids just got way too retarded
check out nanachans queen ant diary on youtube
Sounds Frisky
File: IMG_20210504_153909.jpg (3093 KB, 2836x2296)
3093 KB
3093 KB .jpg
I've been stalking this one anthill, I think I missed the nuptial flight, but there are still winged ants left. Does anyone know if they stayed behind and wait till next year?
What species? Buy a queen or search for one?
Also, rec me some youtube channels. AntsCanada is a click-baiting fag, AntsAustralia rarely uploads.
GOD the genius of it

I’m looking for a medium to large dog that has low to medium energy, can be left alone for long periods of time, low to medium barking, and is intimidating. The breeds I have in mind are Bullmasfit, Boerboel, Rottweiler, and Cane Corso anyone have experience with these breeds
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Sausages full of nails, screws and tacks.

Antifreeze sprayed over the fence into the lawn.

Rat poison tossed over the fence or laced into meat.

All of these easily down from across the street away from your property or so subtly you'll never notice until it is too late.
sorry buddy if you're looking for a big dog to scare people with no experience you're headed for a bad time. you might end up getting mauled my guy.
>KaiserAnon is here
I thought you only went to /b/ lol, nice to see you on /an/ too.
Don't forget the coyote rollers

With an opaque fence all around they likely won't bother. Thieves like open back yards so they can just walk around pretending to be the meter reader and go in through a window or backdoor. It's about risk and reward.
Good thing that guns work when you aren’t there

File: mar.jpg (72 KB, 1280x720)
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72 KB .jpg
Why putting down animals is considered a good thing, but putting down humans is not?
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>Humans are selfish, and keeping each other alive has always benefited society as a whole, in areas.
The world is overpopulated rn and kys is actually in the intrest of the collective.
Wrong. The world is blind to the dangers of overpopulation. Just look at China/Japan. They're losing their minds over birth rates and age demographics.

But these are baseless fears, when the more prosperous and educated a people are, the less inclined they are to increase their numbers. It's why we see white people "declining" in America - because non-whites just suck at living.

The world is slow. The people who stop breeding have to suffer because of the people who continue to do so. It's a double-edged conundrum.
A vulture attacked my cat last week. Left huge lacerations on her hide. It was my fault. I got her high on catnip so she can deal with her feline separation anxiety (previous owner died away from home). So she was high as a kite when attacked.
Vet only charged $540 for the surgery.
My parents told me I should just put her down because she's already 15, but I have money. Putting her down probably would have been inexpensive. But no. She deserves her retirement.
Your parents sound sick and uncaring.
They are, anon. When I called them that was the first thing they brought up. They were afraid I was going to get hit with a $2,000 bill. But I read the reviews on the place I went to. Ol' gal is just recovering now.

Judged ye shall be, for thy sins are many, and mine eyes see all.
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File: a4MuQDU.jpg (77 KB, 951x960)
77 KB
77 KB .jpg
Wow, rude
>t. someone who has never met one of them in person
pitbull paws wrote that
Is this a girlzoi or a borzoi?
schrincher schuuncher

File: 1618932119345.jpg (1 KB, 125x125)
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1 KB .jpg
Lads, my chicken just while laying an egg : /
I was trying to help it with a bath, like you see them do nowadays with some women giving birth, kept her in for 40 minutes (kept it warm), died of a heart attack shortly after being taken out.
so are you going to eat her
already did, feathers and unlayed egg included
>I was trying to help it with a bath
Anon... chickens didn't work like female humans. Anyway, how did you cook it?
I didn't cook it

File: 1590892724589.jpg (76 KB, 712x712)
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76 KB .jpg
is it possible under intelligent design that primates can become humans or at least human-like? the necessary changes should be simple enough after all
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Humans are primates, anon.
he didnt say they werent. he just said theres a primate thats human-like in the pic. imagine if i said there was a fish that was salmon-like. obviously a salmon is a fish, but you know the fish im talking about isnt a salmon.
given the right pressure and adaptations perhaps
also is not the brain size but the structure
>Me an the boys out for a nature walk (Me in the back)
no because we didnt evolve from any of the current primate species

File: 1623188822060m.jpg (53 KB, 1024x576)
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53 KB .jpg
I'm thinking about getting a hamster as a low maintenance pet. I've chosen a cage but need to know what all in all to buy at the store.

How many times do I clean his cage? Was thinking about cleaning his cage and litter box once a week.
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Ok, that's a good test. I lack hay mind as I am living in the city. Carefresh is a brand I assume? I wanted to avoid wood cut bedding as I heard it was bad, but I'm devastated if this bedding won't let him burrow. Don't mind the finances as it wasn't remotely as expensive but the guy is just settling in to his environment. Should I wait till 2-3 weeks until he's settled THEN change the bedding?
carefresh is a paper based bedding, kinda like soft tissue paper pieces. i use wood cut bedding for horses with less dust and never had problems for my hamsters.you could change half the enclosure now and the rest later
The little guy has only been in there for about 24 hours. He is still adjusting to his environment, I can't imagine the stress which would be induced if I suddenly started dragging him out of the place he calls "new" home when he's already shaking and hiding all the time.

I don't expect him to become hyper friendly or social like a Rat or Syrian, but I do want him to become more used to my presence at least and I think dumping him out and back in this soon would be detrimental. That said I am going to the pet store tomorrow for new bedding so he can enjoy digging in the not so distant future.
Are you leaving the top open or do you have air holes cut in the lid? DESU if you just cut out large sections, get chicken wire and zip tie them over the open sections for airflow
I am leaving the top open because the bedding currently in there is designed to absorb bad odour and supposedly robos themselves are the least smelliest of the hamsters. Which so far is proving true. Second day and the little guy is adjusting slowly.

File: EVdQRM1U8AEBv3X.jpg (139 KB, 1200x1200)
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139 KB .jpg
Post front-facing birds
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File: 1623697596965.jpg (17 KB, 720x584)
17 KB
17 KB .jpg
i like owel
File: Snapchat-582484695.jpg (107 KB, 720x1280)
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107 KB .jpg
Here's my dickhead cara cara

File: 1541225720324.jpg (1201 KB, 1919x945)
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1201 KB .jpg
smashed and slammed edition
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File: 30.jpg (7 KB, 300x300)
7 KB
7 KB .jpg
File: 31.jpg (12 KB, 300x300)
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12 KB .jpg
Long cat is loooooooooooooooooong
File: 32.jpg (7 KB, 300x300)
7 KB
7 KB .jpg
File: 1574461813826.png (443 KB, 588x391)
443 KB
443 KB .png

File: Capture.jpg (28 KB, 630x403)
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28 KB .jpg
Horse General: Horgans Edition
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not clicking that shit but is it about hands again?
isn't it time to let go after like a decade of non stop reporting about this shit?
Its sad that it happened to him, but also heartwarming that hes going on doing horse things with people that care about him.
I hope hes enjoying his life even without sight.
File: 1595285229791.jpg (91 KB, 489x757)
91 KB
91 KB .jpg
Their eyes are really weird but in a cool way. The way they rotate to remain level with the ground and scan a wide area...animals are really cool.
File: a2fb47508818a258.jpg (684 KB, 1049x3390)
684 KB
684 KB .jpg
Jup animals are indeed pretty cool.
Pic related is eponychium

File: img_0740.jpg (510 KB, 768x1024)
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510 KB .jpg
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I saw that fucker from /tv/'s theater trying to break into the aquarium to steal crab legs again. We really need better security around the crab tank, one of these days he's gonna get in there before someone catches him.
Reminder that cracking unfunny puns is punishable by 1 week cassowary encolure cleaning duty.
no chinese people allowed. also no zoophiliacs.
What's the problem? Crabs can regrow their legs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZCf-n3rNz0
>When a female gorilla named Johari kept fighting off the male she was placed with, the zoo dosed her with Prozac until she allowed him to mate with her.
What a world we live in.

File: potamodense_9.jpg (194 KB, 434x650)
194 KB
194 KB .jpg
Welcome to /plant/, the happy green place on this blue board, where growers, gardeners and horticulturists share their love for things that grow.
Newbies and amateurs are very welcome, and we’ll always try to answer your questions.

>Flora of the World

>Hardiness zones

>Plant ID Sites

>Pests and Diseases

>Thousands of Botanical Illustrations


>Carnivorous plants

>Alpine plants


>Previous thread
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File: 013.jpg (1014 KB, 2304x1536)
1014 KB
1014 KB .jpg
File: 007.jpg (988 KB, 2304x1536)
988 KB
988 KB .jpg
File: 014.jpg (881 KB, 2304x1536)
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881 KB .jpg
what type of trees can I have on a balcony?

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