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>>10627167 last one hit bump limit
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Short sleeves it a cardigan would have been a better choice
with a blonde ringlet wig and prettier makeup this would be perfect
holy fuck these need to be thrown out

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Would cgl attend a female only con?

Personally I would love nothing more than to not have to worry about unwanted attention from scrotes for an entire con. It sounds like paradise.
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cuz i want to jerk off to you wearing skimpy clothes
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I appreciate your honesty.

The ones that go on about being one of the good ones just make me think of picrel, no offense cause I know nice dudes exist but still.

Your post makes you sound insufferable which is probably the main reason you'd get alienated, not your peen. But blame it on being a dude if you want.
Thanks I do have a shit personality!
I don't like saying "one of the good ones" either which is why I put it in so many quotation marks, but it was for the purposes of the post.
Anyway, to add, I can't even count the times I told one of my friends to stop bringing his fucking gf for weed & horror games night, so I totally understand the need for female-only spaces if we're talking about this sorta thing and not an entire fucking con lmao
Even if it was an entire con why care that some women (who everyone claims are ugly fatasses for wanting to be away from men anyway) want it?

he prolly brings his gf to weed and horror games night bc you're so goddamn annoying and he needs a non autistic person present to keep himself sane

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Previous >>10614847
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well, which method did you select at checkout? ems? it has been reopened recently, so you'll probably get that and the delays that come with it. when i want yamato, i type it in my order notes. but you could email support about it just like with any store. worst case scenario is they already shipped it by whatever method you selected.
They said shipping would be a separate order. Then sent this giant message that described Yamato shipping and informing me to send a message if I wanted to go that route. I guess I just want to know what the default shipping is because I'm not sure - I don't mind delays. Also, curious about how long it might take to go from Japan to the US...1 month? 2?
Any possible way to repair threaded out, busted up lace like this? The kind used for corset lacing. Trying to repair my old Mode Girl jsk as much as possible. Posting here because I'm assuming the answer is "no" but maybe there's something I'm not aware of that can tighten it up.

I'm not really looking to sell it so I don't care if it looks perfect, just not fucked up like this.
that's an automated message from when ems was not available. you would select ems at checkout and they would manually calculate yamato price for you instead and send a separate invoice. now that ems is newly available, i don't know what they will do.
I'm not a seamstress, but my instinct would be to stitch down the torn loop, trim the frayed bits, and use a fray check product to keep it from getting worse.

p.s. Yamato takes about a week and gets delivered by UPS. No idea how fast EMS is after reopening post-covid, but also keep in mind there's been a price hike.

Contest edition.

With everybody finally getting their damn vaccinations, and with the world slowly opening back up from the plague, it's time to start plotting for social diversion.

In effort to get them all rolling, I want you to post a picture of what you have planned for your next excursion.

Got new coord ready to go or in progress?

Planning for lawn games like graces or croquet?

Trying a new recipe to share with friends?

Practicing your fencing for a duel to the death with someone who called you ita?

Post it all here!

Rules are simple: simply post a picture of your new recipe/coord/tea set whatever with a timestamp, or post your favorite pictures of the last tea party or picnic you attended. Also be sure to send a copy to my email at screwloosecircus at gmail dot com. A winner will be selected on June 30th, and will win a new copy of Laura Martin's "A History of Tea" and some other posh goodies.
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“I plan on wearing…” okay so you’re a lolita at heart then? Did you just get your first devilinspired dress?
Nope, maybe I just phrased that wrong. I mean I will just go on walks and stuff in lolita instead of events. I have been a lolita for 9 years, not that you care.
I use this recipe but add 1/2tsp extra of vanilla: https://lovingitvegan.com/vegan-carrot-cake-lemon-buttercream-frosting/
Scroll all the way down bc it’s one of the recipes where they write a shit ton about stuff no one reads. I haven’t tried their frosting though.
>I used to wear lolita. I still do, but I used to, too.
not either ayrt but the initial post never implied they didn't wear lolita, they said they do stuff in lolita with normie friends and then mentioned the summer activities they plan to do while wearing lolita.

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Link to last thread: >>10600726

General lolita nonsense
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I agree with you to an extent but the reality is, they aren't going anywhere. You're going to either have to learn to deal with it, or make your own group of Lolitas.
It's not that hard. If you say the wrong pronoun and someone corrects you, just say "my bad," correct the sentence, then move on. Easy.
Yeah did that and got death glares
It’s not an issue of memory it’s that until a couple of years ago you didn’t need to be paranoid taking to people for fear of offending them for assuming gender by how someone looks
Made me feel uncomfortable talking to any of them, but then if I stay away from them Im sure I’ll be called out on wanting to avoid that stress
Like this a fashion that attracts attention seekers and being trans in the newest easiest way to get attention and ass pats and honestly it’s a disease, yes there are legit trans people, I’m even friends with a couple that actually present their chosen gender and aren’t cunty if you get their pronouns wrong but my god, how do you guys cope
my trick: when in doubt use "they"; it's the polite way to refer to someone who's gender you're unsure of

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No I Love snow fags edition.

Endless days of lockdown.
Vaccines being rolled out.
Cons set to return later on in the year.
>they say

Any plans at ALL for this year, Brit anons?
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Showmasters are deleting any comments about refunds, how fucking dodgy can you be? Knew they were a shitshow
this thread is so sad...don't know why I bother
why DO you bother?
Kek, with LFCC gone, it looks like London Anime & Gaming Con will be the only con running this summer in london then!
told you so, you dumbfucks. I said 2021 was going to be a shitshow but “anon is salty they didn’t get tickets”, “anon is bumming boris” and “anon wants to stay in his basement”. The answer was actually: You’re a dumbfuck

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Koom, süsser Tod... Edition

>What is /cgflg/?
- This is a thread for people to find the true love of their life, right here on /cgl/!

>Allowed Discussion Topics
- Ideas on how to approach /cgl/ girls, -itas, etc.
- Advice on how to work towards getting a cosplay GF
- Ideal cosplay to do with your girlfriend
- Talking about what you're looking for in a /cgl/ girlfriend
- What you can offer to them and for them
- Couples cosplay pics, ideas, etc.
- Best places to find girls interested in dating that are into /cgl/ stuff

>DON'T Discuss
- Sexist comments (from either side)
- Any type of trans- / cis- / homo- /etc. phobia
- Drama, period
- Anything that isn't related to getting, desiring, etc. a /cgl/ type GF

- Perfume
- http://www.luckyscent.com/
- http://www.theperfumedcourt.com/
- Couples Cosplay Ideas
- https://rogersenpai.com/cosplay-ideas-for-couples/
- https://www.xcoos.com/blog/couple-cosplay-idea/
- https://www.pinterest.com/sburkar/cosplay-couple-ideas/

Previous Thread: >>10586767
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... Just hit on girls over instagram. Thats what i do
just date a black gold digger. Preferably from Africa directly, Ghanaian women are really good at infidelity
How about white and real cucking not just cheating
Not all of us are from India.
File: Shark_Fiend (1).png (166 KB, 467x821)
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I lift heavy weights and want to get into cosplay because my autistic friend once told me i should get ripped so we could do a pair cosplay as beam the shark fiend and the violence devil from chainsaw man. Ive made it my mission since then to get a good enough body to not only impress him, but other autists at conventions. I want an autismo cosplay weeb gf so fucking bad, and im gonna continue lifting and cosplaying manly meb until i get it

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ITT we discuss how to wear lolita pieces at work/professional settings and share coord inspo.
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Congrats, you're the kawaii version of the NCIS goth girl.
what dress is? I've seen it so many times but never remember the name.
holy shit I'm a retard who can't spell. but ya'll get the point
Haenuli, The Promise of Eternal jsk

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Old thread: >>10625754
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File: 20210614_121748.jpg (205 KB, 1073x1057)
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File: 20210614_121916.jpg (641 KB, 1071x1423)
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Last dumper, the thread is past bump limit fyi
Bigot-Piglot kek
Piglet Gross

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"Mom found my OnlyFans" edition
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if you're a girl it will just make you look cute/thin for a lot of things, and you can get fitted stuff taken in or trade it with other collectors of nice fashion for a smaller size, girl or dude.
>be me
>have terrible mental health
>have time to go out
>put on a casual summery coord
>nothing can go wrong, just 1 thick layer haha
>things do go wrong
>faint due to heat
>wake up with paramedics around
>oh shit
>trip to ER
>IVs and tests, gets discharged p fast
>get home
>feel like shit
>self harm
>planning next coord around thick opawue thights to hide again the marks
Man I wish I were well. Nothing works to help me out of this pit.
Social gatherings are happening again, and while I was expecting more hangouts I wasn't prepared for 4+ a week. My partner makes these gatherings, doesn't inform me and it would look bad if I don't show up so I have no choice, however I am just not that level of extroverted. When I brought up my concerns (why was I not asked about this before they were planned?) I was accused of being mean. I don't have a dedicated best friend to run to, so I honestly feel alone within this whole context, like I'm just being dragged along for the ride.
>calling female victims liars
I never did that retard
It's a /fit/ term
Basically just mean you can't claim to have never used performance enhancing drugs. Short for "natural".

File: babymask.jpg (26 KB, 403x501)
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26 KB .jpg
ITT we post lolita masks, gloves and other pandemic related accessories.
Any sellers/sources of reusable face masks that are made from Japanese or lolita fabric is welcome.

Do not post any plague doctor shit, that does not prevent the spread of covid.
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Agreed. I actually really like wearing masks when I’m out in public in lolita and want to mind my own business, it’s kind of like wearing big overear headphones - shows people you’re not out there for their entertainment and just a person going about your business.
On the east coast in the US. My state is almost all the way back to normal, just supposed to wear masks on public transit but no one does it.
Yeah also places where weebs, gamers or hikikimori gather it will be useful.

Any mask resources other than bodyline? Lmao
Generally I can't wait for the day that wearing masks isn't mandatory anymore because they make my face look long and disproportionate, but I'd still put them on after the pandemic is over when I'm sick or going to the doctor's office (waiting rooms are gross)
East coast is still barely at 55%. Most of which is the elderly.

File: IMG_3249.jpg (117 KB, 960x960)
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117 KB .jpg
Let's discuss why this community doesn't need ANOTHER 101, let alone one that someone is trying to turn a profit off of.
Also included is the discussion of not paying contributors for work they did on your indie brand (in a broad sense, it doesn't have to be just this specific ita).
Have at it gulls.
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Oh wait, I see it, tucked behind.
I wouldn't trust this woman to give me lolita fashion advice
Oh she absolutely thinks it makes her look better (the weirdly overdone lipstick) she got concrit about it in the amino app but wouldnt fucking listen
Years ago, my friends made fun of me for doing my lipstick like this.
File: 1623638552321.jpg (210 KB, 512x640)
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>"choose a beautiful print and frame it with your beautiful face"

File: GS-25-51.png (49 KB, 550x507)
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49 KB .png
Previous >>10572892

This thread is for buying, selling or trading. Please keep OT or tangent discussions about shopping services or price checks to their own thread to avoid clutter (make it if you don't see one). Use Lolita General for general buying questions or complaints.

Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first

Introductory tips (updated):
274 reply and 92 image omitted. Click here to view.
I need a price check on Marshmallow bunny jsk in SAX!
The ones on LM sitting at $360 and $410 and not selling
I would probably pay a max of $200 for the collared, $350 for the regular cut
Thank you, kind anon!
File: PXL_20210614_202658276.jpg (2785 KB, 2986x2988)
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2785 KB .jpg
WTS Dual Wield Studios "Sun" ita bag. Convertible straps, removeable insert, only worn once and then forgotten in my closet (turns out I prefer totebags, whoops). There's some off-white discoloration where the white vinyl is topstitched to the lining at the back and inside pockets, it looks like a reaction w/ whatever was used to baste the seam. Has been cleaned, comes from a smoke-free home.

$30 shipped to the US, will ship internationally.

Share pictures and give your thoughts on infamous, iconic, and classic lolita prints and dresses. What dresses have gone down in lolita history and how do you feel about them?
61 reply and 21 image omitted. Click here to view.
Odd how this hasn't been posted yet.
I love this dress, it's one of my most prized pieces. I've trolled newbs with it by posting a pic of it and they have 0 idea what it is and say it's not lolita because it can't fit a fully petti.
My biggest complaint is that its very hard to iron. The embroidery makes it tricky, but putting a towel on it helps, but it still can look very wrinkled when worn.
This is my absolute dream dress
I honestly think Twinkle Mermaid is more iconic than Sugary Carnival, as much as I adore SC. It was basically the genisis of the OTT AP sweet prints and the release that made them surge in popularity and begin to overthrow BtSSB's reign (which, for those of you who weren't around in the before times, BtSSB was a far bigger deal than AP back then so this was a HUGE turning point in the fashion).
it's objectively cute but only really looks okay if you're an a-cup at max, unfortunately some re-releases stretch which enables fatty-chans to squeeze into them and it's not a good look because the proporptions are off
>I've trolled newbs with it by posting a pic of it and they have 0 idea what it is and say it's not lolita because it can't fit a fully petti.
not sure why you have to lie about something stupid. anyone can tell it is lolita, newb or not

File: D7j0J1vUEAAmNXQ.jpg (181 KB, 768x1024)
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181 KB .jpg
I want to blend in with my environment (indoor old lady decor) without sweating my prints off. Pls share inspo or tips for looking like wallpaper during summertime.
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File: DYefNJTVMAAl5Ue.jpg (312 KB, 861x2047)
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