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What dream meets do you wish your comm held?

Mine would be a cocktail hour followed by a private screening of Kamikaze Girls.
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>Is it bad that I prefer paintball
in general no
>there's some girls in my comm I'd really like to shoot paintballs at
if its bc ur jealous or dislike them or whatever that's cringe, just ignore or avoid people you don't like, if it's in a more friendly banter kind of way that's fine
Idk anon. Wonderfinch is in my comm.
Laser tag is fine too I guess. Joking aside, imagine going out in shiro lolita and do paintball. See what your dress looks like and compare with others.
>shiro lolita and do paintball
that would actually be fun! Especially since the paint is water based and should wash out, but you'd probably be left with residue. If you chose kawaii color for the paintballs you could get something cool. In general I love doing not-kawaii activities in lolita. It's a fun contrast.
Weird that you call colors and activities kawaii but yea, pastel paint would be pretty cool.

File: ap cat tea party.jpg (90 KB, 650x334)
90 KB
90 KB .jpg
What would you like to see in a lolita subreddit?

>verification process: only lolitas who actually wear the fashion are allowed to view, post, and comment. Go to reddit.com/r/elegantgothiclolita and request to join/message the mods or email me with your Reddit username and a picture of yourself in a coord.
>user flairs to show your preferred substyle
>post flairs: coord, coord help (worn requests go here), news/new release, question, discussion, DIY/handmade, event, drama, review, mail, print (so we can organise and archive picrel type images)
>megathreads for stupid questions and dream dress hunting that will last 6 months before expiring
>a wiki of useful links that won't expire ever

Ideally I'd like to amass a lot of coords and reviews of various brands so that the subreddit can act as an archive of cgl, like warosu if it ever goes down.
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>Holy shit can you get any more stupid
Hoisted by your own petard eh?
Stop. Bumping. This. Shitty. Thread.
>B-but muh poly hc
Ah yes, one slightly accurate example over the decades.

They did not announce the larger sizing until after the first wave of MTOs already had orders and it was 1 cut, 2 colorways in the nastiest poly. Also, the original cotton was selling for a lot on Eastern sites as well, not just the West.

"Ap listened to us" is one of the stupidest things I have ever read on here, but it's not surprising considering the OP was outed as not even being in the fashion.
This comment is exactly why no one should take people seriously on these boards. Everyone acts like they're experts (including OP) until they make a stupid post like this which reveals that they actually don't know much of anything about cgl as a board, or even the basic tools and functions of this site.

Sorry OP.
nta but the archive still sucks to navigate.

File: 1518894275114.jpg (611 KB, 3988x3988)
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611 KB .jpg
Can we have one of these again?
Fill in one cosplay you want to make for each color
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At best chobits is a parody of the make gaze. Seeing women as objects meant to serve
Obviously why would I compare it to something unrelated. All Clamp works have stuff like that in fact most shoujo do too. I would argue that more animu contains something you don't like that ones that do not.
>Clamp is and was also groundbreaking in the industry
This. It’s really easy to criticize but desu for as early as they started producing they really broke a lot of ground for female manga ka. So what if they wrote weird shit, the had a weird audience.
File: cos.jpg (2948 KB, 3988x3988)
2948 KB
2948 KB .jpg
stop being lame and post more cosplans

Top: Mila (dead or alive), Kei (akira), Chiyo's dad (azumanga daioh)
Middle: Mion (higurashi), Aladdin (magi), Ichimatsu (Osomatsu-san)
Bottom: Rina (Love live), RX-0 Unicorn (gundam), Kano (kagepro0
This is edited so satisfyingly

File: 0925_slide.jpg (327 KB, 876x400)
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327 KB .jpg
Previous: >>10669912
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Oh I remember her. I feel bad actually she was really unhinged and people really took advantage of that to sell her shit she couldn’t afford.
I’m surprised none of the dolls collection cuts sold out. I guess it’s just not really in sync with the sweet trend? I thought for sure it would.
Probably because people only really wanted the accessories and the cut that was store exclusive.
Most people buy assuming they need some space for ease. So yes, it is sizing out of customers by changing the measurements that much. Your assumption is that increasing the high end isn't just increasing the ease for another group of customers.
If you were so far below the old minimum that 2-5cm in a shirred dress with corset lacing and waist ties makes it somehow soooo huge on you, they were never catering to your size to begin with. Being sized out on the small end has nothing to do with the max measurement changes, only the change to the minimum.

Stop larping as an uwu smol bean and take the L. If you don't like that fatties are wearing the same print cause you like the moral superiority of excluding them just say that. It's kinda cringe but say it. I'm like 4'11 and thin and have more issues with length than other sizing from AP so all the pretend petites or ana chan larpers are getting old and sound dumb as fuck. When stuff really doesn't fit just take it to a tailor poorfag.

File: 1572544491249.jpg (63 KB, 244x450)
63 KB
63 KB .jpg
Old one in sage >>10666242

>be me
>European/slightly autistic, move to USA in middle school
>have hard time adjusting
>only friend at school is kind of alt girl
>teaches me how to read social cues/adjust to America
>defends me from bullies
>so I thought
>skip to college we're still friends
>she gets into lolita
>total ita but I don't know any better
>eventually I get into it, like REALLY into it
>save everything from part time job to get first piece (lyrical bunny)
>friend is excited for me
>"omg anon you are gonna be so cute you should dress up like a bunny too"
>sends me pic as "inspo"
>think its super ugly but she's more experienced what do I know
>friend tells me I should post it on /cgl/ for advice, tells me people will love it and think it's cool if I say I made it
>tells me it would be a good way to make friends
>post it despite doubt because why would my friend lie
>get fucking dragged
>/cgl/ tells me I have a bad friend
>don't believe them
>move on with life
>present day
>graduated, work in tech, learned better English/coping with autism, have gf, new friends, and nice lolita wardrobe
>friend has trouble getting jobs with her business degree cause she keeps getting fired
>gets mad at me one day out of the blue
>basically is just mad at me for having a job/lolita
>apparently somehow my fault she doesn't wear lolita now because I don't give her shit
>lyrical bunny comes up
>apparently really hated that I got brand before her
>hoped me getting dragged on /cgl/ would make me quit and I'd give her the dress
>has always done this shit to me
>the "bullies" she defended me from were people she convinced to be mean to me for various reasons
>what the fuck it all makes so much sense now
>tfw /cgl/ was right
>we're not friends now and I'm much better for it
>fuck her I guess
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people that cancel the order on mercari AFTER confirming it make me want to kill myself so bad
"Canceled due to the convenience of the seller" my ass
Canceled due to the xenophobia of the seller kek
But for real. It’s so annoying. I’ve lost dream dresses like this’d
>find dream dress
> actually complete transaction
> it's a good price too!
> Shipped via EMS
>Apartment makes us use mail forwarding
>retarded mail forwarder loses package
> mail forwarder says their contract is with my apartment building not me, so I have to take it up with leasing office.
>Leasing office says the forwarder is responsible.

out $300, no dream dress, and ready to break lease over this idiocy, but my state has no lease breaking law provisions.
Newlita here that tried joining my local comm. It seemed cute enough but I'm just not into Facebook and forget it exists. I've probably been removed by now why oh why does facebook of all things have to be the community center for lolita groups?

How has your comm handled the pandemic? Have you started in person meetups or are you still doing zoom calls?

Mine became an instant ghost town back in 2020 and has just recently started doing zoom meetups and small in person events.
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Comm is totally dead after covid, no virtual or irl meets. Kind of want to post on the fb group to break the ice since it's less than 50 people but the last post was in february. But, part of me wants to stay a lonelita. The fashion scene where I live is full of ita covidlitas, like the ones that will never ever ever move out of aliexpress, and zoomers that parrot what they hear on tiktok like muh AP fatphobia. And neither will ever try to learn the culture or wear lolita outside of a con. Although, I've looked at the profiles and icons of everyone in my state's specific comm and none of them seem bad? I still have a irrational fear of going to a meet and seeing some bitch with a 20$ aliexpress dress with severe tiktok/twitter brainrot.
If your in pgl the host made multiple posts about the event before cutting off sign up. You've got no one to blame but yourself.
Who starts a Secret Santa in June?
Have you tried reading? I mean yeah it’s early but shit takes time to ship. I’m glad they did things earlier because I’m tired of not getting my shit till March.
>seeing some bitch with a 20$ aliexpress dress with severe tiktok/twitter brainrot.
Eh toughen up anon. It’s an occupational hazard of being a Lolita.

Last thread saged >>10666167
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no. are you new? prices are directly proportional to popularity, even for old school. no one gives a shit how old your crusty OPs are.

Yes, and this IS the stupid questions thread lol. I saw some btssb old school pieces that weren't necessarily popular to my knowledge, more like basic, go up really high in a japanese auction, so I asked. But then I guess the basic black & white oldschool look is popular no matter what the specific pieces are maybe... shrug. Thanks!
to be fair it probably IS shit if you're trying to buy AP pieces

that's sketchy as fuck anon, i wouldn't buy that
Depends. Applique and screenprinted ones certainly do if they’re in decent condition. They also need to be cute. There’s some fugly old school pieces out there.
This. A piece just being old isn't going to cut it. Before there were prints, they would screen print designs onto the border of the fabric. Those are going to be way more valuable than a generic dress, especially if it features some old wonky cuts.

August is basically the beginning of Halloween.

Post new releases, coord concepts, hauls, and anything else both spooky and frilly!
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I don't like the skull bag but I love everything else about these coords. Gorgeous.
I love this design so much. Something about houses and architecture etc. Don't trust quality enough though, sucks.
Violet fane is decent. Its not Taobao shit tier
The thing is the cuts are so awkward. I really like their designs but the bodices fit so weirdly on me.

What if Rufflechat
>but anonymous
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Because people here actually care about the fashion and were excited that a new community was going to be opened up. We got baited and switched by some fucking LARPer with an insane ego.
Then make it yourself? Or are you afraid that you'll end up in the same position. Getting outed and posted on lolcow
I have no desire to be a mod at all for any comm.
Agreed. Most of us prefer anonymous posting. We don't need another subreddit or facebook group.

If anything, a website/application. But the damn larper that made the subreddit is:
1) a troll
2) crazy
3) definitely a larper
4) an ita
5) definitely also a newfag to the board
6) already has way too much milk spread across 4chan and facebook for any lolita to want to even mess with that
what's worse is they actually went messaging "popular lolitas" to join their shitty subreddit to "personally extend an invitiation."

If that isn't fucking creepy, then I don't know what is.

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Yeah, this is pretty much all sweet lolita pieces.
i can see the faintest glimmer of a good idea in this but sadly everything looks incredibly cheap

this needs some work to be cohesive, her curls and headdress are very cute though

kinda love this ngl
Her bangs remind me of naturally racist.
No. Anyone with half a brain cell and a cute look has moved on to insta these days.
I like the idea of the teal ankle socks but there needs to be more of it in the coord to balance. Like wristcuffs or a headbow

File: 2j28wdp0h5561.png (1444 KB, 1728x2148)
1444 KB
1444 KB .png
Let's make our own lolita iceberg gulls. Let's reminisce of the darkest days of our history
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Mr. Yan's wife hunt at the bottom
>they said they were all vampires
Peak kek
Wait but what is poopageddon?
There’s also baby’s racist shipping manager who purposely sent defective items to foreigners
Mr. Yan's wife hunt is middle to above the water for anyone who's not "I started wearing lolita during the pandemic" new.
this one is good

i wonder where venus angelic fits in here. she had some relevance to lolitas pre-bodyline model contest cause she wore their stuff all the time for her living doll schtick. her and anastasia shapagina where probably the biggest og plague on the lolita comm as far as people confusing us for 'living dolls'

File: E7_8UNlVcAAtKgF.jpg (216 KB, 800x1200)
216 KB
216 KB .jpg
Last thread was archived >>10555858

Useful Links:
>Kera Magazine - http://kerastyle.jp/
>Harajuku Pop - https://harajuku-pop.com/

If you want to see the latest jp coords, indie brand releases or need general inspo, make sure to check out Twitter's やみかわ hashtag.
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File: E_4cuDCVkA8qyur.jpg (176 KB, 800x800)
176 KB
176 KB .jpg
New LF out once again and this time it's just re-releases.
I want top left and bottom right.
File: 4346.jpg (437 KB, 1067x1600)
437 KB
437 KB .jpg
these hurt teddy bear motifs really fuck me up. I don’t know why, I just really feel bad for them as if they're alive or something lmao
Kinda wish they'd focus on gore bear purses/plushies. Its so hard to find collectable punk room decor

File: E7hTxxZUUAArEkA.jpg (232 KB, 842x1193)
232 KB
232 KB .jpg
Last thread: >>10628241

> Newest releases
> Latest purchases
> Dream dresses
> Gothic coordinate pics
> Favorite pieces
> etc.
179 reply and 35 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: eWqqXtBNQ8.png (90 KB, 499x242)
90 KB
90 KB .png
Looks like there's going to be a rerelease of the cross 3 tier jsk? The cross on the bodice is larger but the rest looks about the same
Does anyone have deets on those OTKs? I'm in love!
jesus christ this board is wrecked with newfags.
Anyone know if they're going to release it in blackxwhite? I assume they will?
Yes that is the other colour shown in the video

I've got about 90 prints from various brands to post. Starting with AatP, then AP, then BtSSB, IW, MM, Meta, and MmM. I only saved the prints I could identify, so this thread won't have every print ever posted to /cgl.
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File: moitie stained glass.jpg (50 KB, 500x457)
50 KB
50 KB .jpg
That's the end of the dump! I looked high and low for some other famous prints like Milky-chan but I just couldn't find them.
Thanks for this anon. My iPad aesthetic thanks you too.
Oh I love when this thread comes around. Thanks anon, here's hoping others post more.

From overstretched dresses busting at the seams, to bad alterations, to horrific damages like Unfixable tears, to nightmare fables like the infamous ironing board.

Post your dress gore photos and stories ITT.
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Anon I don’t want to clean it. Once set on such a light color it’ll never come out completely and even if it could, that’s nasty.
Not gonna argue with you guys. Just leaves more cheap brand for me to fix up.
Imagine ruining a dress because you're incapable of using cold water
kiss me cat is cheap enough as is, I don't need to buy a period-stained one
I'm not arguing, you weird bitch. I'm asking how you could get out that stain now because I'd like to know.

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