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If every house in this picture had an ADU, would the neighborhood have enough density to support regular bus service?
What about every other house?
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What a drab place to live, suburbs are cancer...city or rural for me
if some of the houses could be converted into small retail/food businesses, then it would at least be a nice place to walk around. and then the main artery on the left could be the transit access
If every house had one, it could support a bus line every 45 min to an hour.
But those houses are so crammed there's not room for any ADUs. I never got the point of developments like that. The houses are so close there's no point in them being detached. It's the worst density possible for the residents. No yard, but no advantages of living in a walkable/transit-accessible area.
>if some of the houses could be converted into small retail/food businesses
Nope. People move there so they don't have to live around stuff like that.

>If every house had one, it could support a bus line every 45 min to an hour.
i.e. something no one would use because the frequency is so bad

>The houses are so close there's no point in them being detached.
Yes there is
Probably because that’s the only thing available in that price range. When it comes to variety of housing types Americans don’t have many options.

helmets we all know them
>do you wear them?

>when should you defenetly wear one, and when is it ok to not wear it?
>up to what speed do you not wear one?

I myself am split about wearing them, in summer I find them not easy to wear and way to hot.
one time I collapsed because I overheated in the sun at 35°C and could not recover to continue my tour. So in summer I tend to not wear it unless I drive in strong traffic
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>people act like the people they grew up around

wow genius
I wear one when I ride for sport, I don't when I just commute or whatever.
Hitting your head ain't good for ya. And I crash quite regularly when riding trails

>in summer I find them not easy to wear and way to hot
sounds more like a helmet problem to me. Mine has quite nice ventilation and keeps my head cool and shady and sweat out of my eyes.

do you guys actually think 50 kph is anything to write home about?
Considering that I rarely break 40 km/h, yes I do. What's it to you?
>on the road bike
yes, 100% of the time

>commute and everything else
never ever ever

Nice rack edition

Post pics and discussions related to electric locomotives.
AC/DC, pantographs and 3rd rail are all welcome
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>It's amazing how little maintenance an electric needs in comparison to a diesel or a steam locomotive.
It's a trade off, hundreds or thousands of miles of overhead wire have to be maintained instead.

>Not sure many of the diesels bought now would last until 2071 or longer.
Why would you want them to? Advanced in engine technology have made diesels more powerful, more fuel efficient, and lowered their emissions. "MUH MILWUAKEE ROAD" had old pieces of shit because they were poor. Then they got rid of them, lol.
File: VL80t-784.jpg (596 KB, 950x684)
596 KB
596 KB .jpg
I agree it's a trade off, but on heavily used or mountainous routes there is just no competing with electrics.
Plus you can get efficiency advantages as one train using regenerative braking generates power for other locomotives.
I will admit that electrifying lines on the great plains is probably not a great idea, unless it's to increase utilisation of locomotives beyond already electrified sections.
File: E-Lok_DB.jpg (1470 KB, 2048x1536)
1470 KB
1470 KB .jpg
Few people know that what formed the backbone of the DB electric fleet for decades from the '90s until well into the previous decade was actually a socialist East German development.
File: 1623510605336.webm (2855 KB, 1280x720)
2855 KB
2855 KB .webm
I knew a priest from Philadelphia who used to drive the trolleys before the city replaced them with buses. other than having more stops, I can't fathom why anyone would prefer riding a bus over a trolley.
He had some funny stories though, for example whenever he would ride through the black parts of town, there was always one guy who managed to silence the whole trolley and it was this guy who carried a spear and wore a leopard print suit and unlike everyone else spoke perfect English.
There was also a time when somebody stole his briefcase, and everybody started reaching into their purses and jackets for guns and knives when they saw it happen.
He also once saw a dead bloated cat on the rails, and these 2 black kids staring at the cat, and then glancing at his trolley, so he clearly obliged and ran over it

File: ZHuQ0A1.jpg (92 KB, 640x480)
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92 KB .jpg
If you want recs on used bikes, post local craigslist & height &budget
Due to bike shortages it's kind of pointless recommending specific new models. If you have options, post em for hot takes.

General advice for new bikes
>avoid 7 speed
>avoid cheap suspension
>avoid alloy/hiten forks.
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File: IMG_20210614_130355.jpg (1896 KB, 3096x4128)
1896 KB
1896 KB .jpg
Just cop this
File: cyxcyxcyxyc.png (2488 KB, 2400x1350)
2488 KB
2488 KB .png
I'm thinking about buying a Canyon Stoic 4 once it becomes available. Does anyone have some comments or experience with that bike or a similar agressive hardtail?

Of course it's more downhill oriented with it's slack 65° head tube angle, but a 14kg hardtail still probably climbs just fine?
Since you haven't told us your riding style, I'd say go for it. I'd ignore other anon's suggestions, and do ALL the fit calculations, including stack and reach, and not just settle for pubic bone. it MUST fit.

That looks like it's new, but uses lefover tech from the 1985's. Probably the best you can get for your dollar. Learn how to clean and lube shit.

Roxshock pike select, 140 mm
SRAM NX 12 speed.
Guide T hydraulic brakes
alexrims wheels.
dropper post.

I haven't used that, or anything with that suspension or drivetrain, so I"m going to defer to the other anons. Looks solid for you usage. I'd eyeball it whether it's more or less aggressive than your current ride, but I think it's solid and good for what you want. What the hell are you riding where this thing is going to be underbiked? And weight seems good.
>tech from the 1985's
Big year in biking I guess
It’s when Schwann jumped int the mtb game.

File: bqg18.png (1134 KB, 800x600)
1134 KB
1134 KB .png
Reject Satan, praise Nasim, and ride 80s bikes edition

Last bread: >>1666666

Resources in order of comprehensiveness:
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File: waah.jpg (13 KB, 223x211)
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13 KB .jpg
>Should I just kys myself.
I've ridden bicycles as a kid and teenager, but only just now at 25 years old bought my first bike after browsing /n/ for a while and seeing how much my friend enjoys commuting on his bike.
So I bought a Tern Link D8 (folding bike) and like it so far,
but I wonder if there's anything I'm missing out on with a more conventional road bike.
Also, is it worth replacing the mountain bike tires for road tires? Does it really make that big of an impact on how smooth of a ride I can get out of my bike?
>Does it really make that big of an impact on how smooth of a ride I can get out of my bike?
Yes, the resistance with knobs vs slicks is significant, even if you stick with the same width tires. If you're not driving around on dirt, knobs are pretty unnecessary.
thanks, any recommendations on a basic bike tool kit, or will some simple socket wrenches/adjustable wrench do the trick?
Still very new to all this.
Basic quality tools are best. A small socket set, allen/torx wrenches, screw drivers. Then, buy the specialty tools when the time comes e.g. freewheel/cassette or bottom bracket socket, cone wrenches (if you plan on doing your wheel bearings), etc. If you have nothing I'd start with a small metric wrench (spanner or socket) set, metric allen key set, and a couple of screw drivers.

File: 1597596842889.jpg (2751 KB, 2848x4272)
2751 KB
2751 KB .jpg
I was riding my bike the other day and I saw some dude rip past me on this unicycle thing, it was like something out of a sci fi movie. Is this the future of transportation? Cycling is fun but sometimes you don't wanna get to your destination all sweaty. I was thinking of getting an e-bike to get to get around but these look way more practical and apparently you can go 70km/h on them and store it in a backpack, what do you think of these things?
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They should just all be capable of 35+ and be treated the same as a motorcycle, minus registration
>because of how much more controllable it is and how much faster and more controllably it can stop.
Only bicycles are not more controllable and don't have better braking than EUCs. Real bikes with ABS can brake harder naturally - yes. Bicycles no, its all goes down to the rider's skill.

>And your assessment that cyclists don't want to brake is wrong.
Tell this in threads where cyclists boasting about running red lights and why they are """right""" when doing so.
Bicycles absolutely do have better handling than the wheelies, even the most run down borisbikes on perpetually flat tires can make sharper and more sudden high-speed maneuvers than monowheels can dream of. Bicycle is a fundamentally more stable construction, just like a regular car is more stable than a Reliant Robin.
The main issue of monos is that the three control organs of the bicycle- turn angle, bike lean and body lean- are essentially one and the same on a mono. They are very stiff and unforgiving. Too much turn for lean and you immediately highside, too little and you lowside, body and machine angles mismatch and it gives you a trip to wobbletown where it breaks your jaw.
On a bicycle those systems are separate and both compliment and influence each other instead of fighting. You got slow and imprecise body lean that sets you up depending on speed, fast precise turning that can make small adjustments, and the intermediate bike lean that actually turns. Lean the bike and it turns. Turn and the bike leans the other way. Lean the body and the bike leans to counteract. Low weight and ability to countersteer lets you lay over a bicycle much faster than you can a mono, and even with inside foot down it lets you lean sharper than a mono can because of its geometry (and more lean means higher possible turning speed, that's why racecars have camber on wheels to compensate for four-wheelers' inability to lean). With inside foot up you can technically lean so hard you practically lick the asphalt, that's more lean than you will ever need on a pedal-powered bicycle.
Kick scooters have all the same tools as bicycles actually, their issue is that very short trail makes them super sensitive and neither the way you hold onto the scooter nor the grip of the tiny wheels can support high speeds. The execution is shit, but at least they got the right idea, unlike monofags.

tldr: go smoke some some engineering and physics, bitch
Now onto the rest.
We bump into essentially lean angle again, but now front to back. Bicycle's weight distribution by default is far behind the front wheel that takes the brunt of braking, so even if you just push the front lever you will brake as well as a mono that pretends to be on a limbo contest. Put more weight on the rear wheel and brake with both and you will stop on a spot (who knew that twice the rubber means twice the stoppage?).
Need to brake and corner at the same time? Rear brake alone won't stop you as quickly, but it also won't take you for a ride (cue sexy sax) like braking with the front on a bicycle or with the only on a mono will. Bonus points for acting as another control vector for lean angle, it will straighten you out a bit. It's not infallable, you can still crash if you overdo it, but mono does not have the option in the first place, you try to make it multitask and it will bite your ankles.
>boasting about running red lights
If anything, I always hear monofags boasting about being able to do anything they want and how liberating it is to pretend to be a car or a pedestrian on a whim while following none of the rules for either. They are genuinely like a cult. In my city they even all wave to each other. Cyclists are still far more numerous than monofags, so the small minority of cyclofags that do stupid shit doesn't really represent the millions of people who just ride, for commute, exercise, fun or any combination thereof.
Speaking of, monos are plain not fun. And offer no exercise either. They are soulless commute machines.
>Is this the future of transportation? Cycling is fun but sometimes you don't wanna get to your destination all sweaty
If I didn't have to travel as far for a lot of things I wouldn't own a car mainly because I can't break a sweat with it.
This whole push towards excessive conveniance with no physical effort is all one big Tech psyop to turn everyone into a fat consoomer with poor health in constant need of help.
It's good to stay fit and healthy.

File: pybt.png (1402 KB, 1100x731)
1402 KB
1402 KB .png
Gas jannies and ride 80s bikes edition
Last bread >>1643674
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Is this >>1666743 your cock?
File: 20210614_184618.jpg (2378 KB, 2880x2160)
2378 KB
2378 KB .jpg
i finally finished this piece of shit. still need to true the wheels
based aesthetics
File: stumpy.png (1777 KB, 1175x649)
1777 KB
1777 KB .png
Get on my level you scrubs

File: criticality.jpg (504 KB, 2048x1849)
504 KB
504 KB .jpg
Yesterday over 10'000 riders attended critical mass in Zurich, the city with the worst cycling infrastructure in all Switzerland. The column was up to 5km long and took 40 minutes to pass a point. Today critical mass is on the front page of every news paper in Switzerland and the comments sections team with salty cagers and happy city slickers. Come summer I expect 15k-20k people to ride and demonstrate for their right to adequate infrastructure which has been ignored for over 30 years now. Hows it going in your city?

also, afterparty was massive!
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>makes perfect sense to deprive the most used bus line running on a busy road of the bus lane so it gets stuck in traffic and people stop using it and instead take the car and clog up the streets even more
Peak brainlet
You people have cagers living rent free in your head so much you didn't even understand that my whole point was infrastructure being built at the cost of a bus lane, while cager space remains untouched. Yeah fucking great let's have bikes and transit fight over breadcrumbs while cagers get over 9000 lanes for them alone.
This is why bikecucks ruin cities.
There is no shared space or cycling space you dumb fuck. Every single road in the city of Zürich is built for cars. There is not a single bicycle exclusive road and if you take out the pedestrian areas down-town you end up with 98° car infrastructure.
Back to the original argument, cities in Switzerland are car centric, nearly all infrastructure is built for cars and cars take 90% of all traffic space. Come up with numbers if you claim anything different.

Enjoy your village.
>claims something
>post evidence of said thing

>claim something different
>post zero (0) evidence
>start name calling
Bist wie ein kleines Kind.

What do you think of partaking in a little hotleaf before a ride?

For me, it's basically PEDs
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Fix your saddle dude wtf
I used to deliver by bike in a city.Took an adderall one time before work and it made it seem so boring and pointless.
I had a stripped bolt in the stem and the seat wouldn't lock down. It's got a fresh one and a c17 which so far is 6/10.
Entertaining but weed makes me shorter of breath.psychedelics and cycling is where it's at
I used to ride my mountain bike on a trail, then after a big uphill section id get my stuff out from my bag and then roast a bowl. Worn out from the up-hill combined with a bowl makes my heart race and pound at like 180 BPM, sometimes at an irregulr beat. Not a great feeing, it gets better like 20 minutes afterward but still its just not worth it sitting down at my bike worrying if I’m going to cardiac arrest with no one else around. Maybe doing a couple bowls and then going for a ride like 30 minutes after the come up may be a better strategy, but part of the fun is roasting in the woods with nature and shit

how to make passenger rail sexy again in the US?
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File: 1570138240069.jpg (65 KB, 1020x748)
65 KB
65 KB .jpg
not your money *cough* *cough* https://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-hy-musk-subsidies-20150531-story.html
>government investing in sustainable energy and transport options

Uh I’m still not as mad as you, can you help?
Something about seeing that metallic chrome shine on that train terrifies me, as if I would get roasted alive inside.
>be Germ
>every little bolt on any trackside installation needs to be painted over because galvanized surfaces are considered too reflective and could distract train drivers
>meanwhile Americans have literal polished steel trains with mirror finish hoods

File: 1623698685509.png (601 KB, 1456x993)
601 KB
601 KB .png
>be on the train/metro
>have a staring competition with someone on the other side of the carriage
>usually win
does anyone do this too?
God this is autistic even for /n/

File: bike-lane19.jpg (97 KB, 550x413)
97 KB
97 KB .jpg
Is there an organization I can donate to which helps promote the construction of bike lanes in the US?
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Looks like Americans really want more apartments.
Also sprinkler systems are too apparently lmao >>1668864, I guess people burning to death on the 5th floor is worth the profit.
its called the government, and they will waste it on nigger gibs instead
post chin
Wow, I guess that guy in the other thread is right, people do think bike lanes are socialism. Poetic Justice!

File: the walker.jpg (437 KB, 1442x1048)
437 KB
437 KB .jpg
Why is it that some Americans view biking and walking as "socialist"? Like if you put in a bike lane they call it "socialist" or "leftist"? It sounds absurd to anyone else.
Walking or cycling are just other means of transportation.
83 reply and 7 image omitted. Click here to view.
My impression is they think anything new = left-wing. Anywhere else in the globe, rail and bike lanes are just considered infrastructure and there's nothing right or left about it.
Where has anyone said this?
I dont care about tranny politics fucking dumb lard boomers. Trains are just cooler than cars. However, I can see the shithole cities in America fuck it up somehow.
For them, everything not individualist or good for the environment is socialist. Because what isn't individualist ist collective/mutualist and they don't care if it's managed by the local government or a private business or an actual socialist collective/coop.

>renovable energy
>government calculating your taxes for you so you only have to say if it's OK or if it should be different?

The thing is, if you really are a socialist, and you know that what you want is the socialization of the means of production (this means: in the business where you work, you and your colleagues own the business, and not some stakeholder that could be even in other country) you will find all this shit laughable because it has nothing to do.

But yes, America, their freedom and the hole they made and now they can't get out
If you want to know how Americans feel about what communism is just watch that Cokey Grimes Tiktok about how we need to automate everything and enforcing farms being uncool

File: RE2make_Turntable_(2).jpg (170 KB, 1920x1080)
170 KB
170 KB .jpg
Does this train locomotive exist in real life?
ALAXIE-5000 is an absolute unit.
Look at the ultra wide custom rail gauge it's traveling on.
Its galaxie 5000 and it uses standard gauge afais.
Reichstag subway tunnel, Berlin, Germany

He’s right, you know.
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>reading comprehension
>buses are slow because of cars

not bad for a first post but yer Gondwana be a little less obvious next thyme
Cars slow down buses.
No they don't busses have their own tracks
Why yes I form all my opinions from tweets and e-celeb hot takes, how could you tell?

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