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What do you think of partaking in a little hotleaf before a ride?

For me, it's basically PEDs
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File: satusfy.png (253 KB, 500x500)
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One of my favorite activities is doin half a tab of acid and taking a long ride down the beach
imagine the smell
I Love being high all the time. I am able to do things like graduate mathematics or fine motor activities while absolutely stoned just fine.
File: EwPiUOqWEAAwfLH.jpg (149 KB, 1152x2048)
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File: 1461594975186.png (572 KB, 1106x1012)
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Why in burgerland a 16 years old burger is allowed to operate a truck that big??
I do understand mopeds, motorcycles, agricultural vehicles in the farmlands and other small motor vehicles but a truck that big seems unnecessary
Maybe trucks should be regulated as commercial vehicles idunno. Or have them be a different class of noncommercial license that you can't be eligible for until you're 21.
File: FAOWpeGUUAoATm_.jpg (1259 KB, 1536x2048)
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>"Do you think I'm going to jail?"
>That's what the teenager behind the wheel of the truck had on his mind immediately after harassing and running over six cyclists near Houston this past weekend.
>The answer, as it turned out, was no.
>The 16-year-old driver appeared to have been trying to "roll coal" on a group of eight cyclists training for the Ironman Triathlon, according to fellow cyclist Chase Ferrell.
>Ferrell was a few paces behind the group when the driver blew thick, black smoke on him as he pedaled along Old Highway 290 on Saturday morning.
>Moments later, the driver caught up to the larger group up ahead and tried doing the same thing.
>It is not clear why the teenager was not immediately arrested.
>The Waller County District Attorney's Office did not answer questions about the case but instead referred to a Facebook post saying it is still under investigation.
gonna' keep an eye on this little bitch
Owning large trucks is a status symbol
File: ``11.jpg (98 KB, 517x564)
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File: 7hwcalm6tod21.jpg (84 KB, 672x659)
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84 KB .jpg
I'm looking to get into cycling, but I don't want to become someone noone wants to be around. Did it change anyone's personality negatively? If so, why and how long did it take? If not, do you think other cyclists are like this? What exactly makes a cyclist insufferable so I know what not to do or say.
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the comments, jfc, fucking idiots saying on every single video like this that the bike is porky for weighing 7.8kg when fucking tour de france level bikes weigh maybe around 7.3kg give or take, complaining that the transition between the red and black paint is not microscopically smooth in the zoomed in shot, thinking he copied s-works tarmac sl 7 paint scheme when it's just another red/black/white bike
18kmh avrg
And I thought angloid cops couldnt be more pathetic
You've never driven a car in a city
and i think it was in early last year when manon and conor were new, they got bell as a new helmet sponsor, the youtube comments were fucking vile about how the helmets looked, they switched back to giro helmets soon after
File: 1620754240736.jpg (230 KB, 1080x1350)
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Sorry for rant, but Germanfags, please advise.

So today I was riding on the pedestrian/bicycle road like this one and some cyclist (slow, beater bike, unlit cigarette in mouth) was riding from the other direction on my lane and I had to pass him on the wrong, left side of this bicycle road to not crash my nice bike hitting this person.
I had some awesome rides with a few mires and felt pretty happy about my ride until I had to decrease speed and ride around this individual.
Why do people do this? Was he just a loser that gets his rocks off annoying happy people riding their bikes?
I amused myself by imagining clocking him with my bike lock and the adrenaline spiked and I rode quite a bit faster than usual, kek, so it was not all bad.

File: zombiebike.png (797 KB, 677x537)
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797 KB .png
russia edition


Previous: >>1709823
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>kapton tape
Not autismo perfect rider here, but how much of a pain is it to seal with this tape, if I get bubbles. My biggest problem was always bubbles in the vicinity of the valve, shit would somehow travel towards the valve when pressure is applied and the fucking valve would leak. Hence my electrical tape hack, but it's really a solution to just make it work, take the tire off and you'll find the electrical tape all moved and mangled across the rim.
You can try replacing your 1.5mm brake cables with heavy duty 2mm cables. I put NOS 2mm cables on all my retro builds. It’s noticeably more responsive.
2mm is what was used back in the early days of MTBing, and was probably switched to 1.5mm in order to save a few pennies.
If you cant find NOS, you can get cables and housing from motorcycle parts stores
i found a free bike and it runs fine other than the fact that if i pick up too much speed or go down a curb or cause too much shock the chain tends to fall off from the back gear. is there a way i can somehow tighten the back gear, or somehow pull it more back so that there is more tension from the gear and chain so it stops coming off?
>can you confirm to me that they are way softer to pull (like, you can get full braking power with just one finger) and so result in less fingers fatigue on long (technical in my case) descents?

-There are 4 and 2 finger models anon,
they vary in lever lengths.
as a 4 finger model user i have a very soft brake using my whole hand.
i'll try your one finger endeavor tomorrow out.

>Also they are self adjusting so you don't need to maintain and adjust them
yourself as the pads wear, correct?

- pic related all the brake levers have a pad adjuster than you can turn in and out,this sets the distance between the pads and the rim.If you turn in all the way out you get a soft and spongy lever that almost touches your handlebars(with the 2 finger lever this might be exactly what you are looking for.)turn it all the way in it either starts to rub or you get a typical stiff brake performance similar to all well adjusted rim brakes.
I can't tell you if they are similar to disc brakes since i never tried them

>Finally, do you know what the main differences are between the HS33, 22 and 11?

-Do check out the website,they list them.
as far as i know the cylinder stays the same and they expand in extras.With the Hs33 you get the brake boosters included which serve to cancel out pad vibration(noise)and to protect your brake bosses from breaking of or deforming. The form and functions of the levers change too,its similar to shimanos deore->xt->xtr(hs11->hs22->hs33).
The Hs11 is the barebones model afaik.
I think the Hs22 includes the nicer lever.

Also,when shortening the hydraulic hoses,buy the special tool,i did it with new cable cutters and they deform the housing slightly.

i hope you get a good deal, i paid around 90 eurocoins for a single one.
If you want pictures from my bike and the way i set them up,just let me know.
File: IMG_20210926_121633-min.jpg (1433 KB, 4032x2268)
1433 KB
1433 KB .jpg
Thanks again for all the good infos fren, looking forward to the answer to the 1 finger question. And sure, I'd love to see some pictures.
I'm gonna have to decide between upgrading to these HS33 or just converting from cantilevers to V-Brakes, which from what I read are easier to maintain/adjust and are better overall compared to cantis.
It might sound weird but I'm also worried the HS33 might be too powerful for my use (bikepacking, touring), I'm reading reviews of people saying that you shouldn't use them for anything other than trial and crazy stuff lol. Pic is my bike btw.

>i hope you get a good deal, i paid around 90 eurocoins for a single one.
Yeah it seems like I can get them for around 70/80€ a single one here in France. 2 fingers model, which I think is what I need to look for since I'm sometimes riding in technical terrain?

File: atf_handsignals.jpg (173 KB, 1200x918)
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173 KB .jpg
They literally make you deal with all the worst aspects of cars
>Riding feet away from cars going 45-60mph with drivers scrolling instagram
>Breathing in all their exhaust fumes and hearing the constant drone of their road noise
>Hot as balls from all the heat being reflected off the concrete/blacktop
The only real solution is dedicated roads for bikes to connect major parts of the cities and bike lanes being something you only use to go from the hubs to your destination.

Pic unrelated
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its also the cheapest and easiest answer to citizens' initiatives.
the people want bicycle infrastructure, the governing body responds by providing the absolute minimum.
they have no reason to increase ridership if not for economic loss by congestion, or by direct citizens' initiatives.
>assumption that cyclists don't also own cars
>great joy to key the side panels of every car
The irony.. why lie?
Bikes are already free to anyone with a pair of bolt cutters
>>1699865 Fuck meme bike infrastructure, stupid regulations and encouraging normies to ride. Gimme back good old times, when no one give a fuck about me and a few schizo alike runnin' lights, taking left lane, carvin' trough the crowds on sidewalks.

File: classof80.jpg (4075 KB, 5152x3864)
4075 KB
4075 KB .jpg
Hey /n/, country boi here, I have never rode my bike in a very busy place aside from state highways and the town intersection but I'm bored and want to go do something since there isn't much to do here beyond go innawoods and shit. Is it worth going to a city? I'm worried my bike will get nigged or I will end up in some crazy traffic with aggressive city retards. What is there to do in a city besides go to stupid restaurants and dick around if you don't know anyone? What do you look out for as far as dangers go? I already know to never relax. Thanks bros.
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Oh and don’t forget a nice sprinkling of Harry Potter women, gays whose entire personality is I came out and my parents were mad, and soulless tan sweatsuit wannabe influencer women with their ethnically ambiguous bald boyfriends

LA and NYC are literally 4th world shitholes, friend.
File: 1600158029374.jpg (120 KB, 1024x683)
120 KB
120 KB .jpg
I would like to visit cities if only to make it a living hell for "people" like you, that would be enough enjoyment for me. Stay in your little bug nest and pray while kneeling 5x daily to saint groid, you communist insectoid collectivist scum. Just wait, I'll come to your city and piss in your neighborhoods and shit in all your starbucks toilets without flushing and without buying anything soon enough.
Who cares? You still get great food and great community at a reasonable price. Idgaf who lives in the trendy areas; if you move to the city neighborhoods with good public schools it’s all based people with families who look out for each other.
This post reminds me of pudoo patel

File: munich.png (503 KB, 865x649)
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503 KB .png
How do you feel when your train arrives like this?
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It's kind of expected, not exactly welcome but not really a huge deal. I really hate it when a business or local authority deliberately uses graffiti style for something for whatever reason. It's like if they decided it was going to rain a lot in anyway so turned on the sprinklers or something, and I can't imagine the ''''''youths'''''' doing it like it either, their whole thing is being a counter-culture and being copied by authorities just seems self-defeating.
Very rare on passenger trains. Most operators won't put trains in service if they have graffiti on them. Cargo wagons are typically covered in it.
this unironically though.
That is cringe
Based and corporal-punishment-pilled.

File: cockrider.jpg (3769 KB, 3456x2592)
3769 KB
3769 KB .jpg
post you're bicycles, simple as.
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Ey I remember when you posted about the incident, you missed out on this season but glad to hear you're back in the saddle. Safe riding fren, don't go off and break your collarbone again
Very nice but please fix your cable routing
You know you're allowed to use two chainrings on your bike if you want to. There's even a device that can let you switch between them while moving
File: Small-vs-Medium.png (344 KB, 2272x1586)
344 KB
344 KB .png
>you could be happier.
>On the other hand the purple vigorelli is gorgeous. So yeah. Do it.
How I'm feeling about it, I can then turn the BombTrack into a dedicated track bike. Do I downsize the frame and mess with stems? The TCX and Needle are both Medium. I'm kind of inbetween sizes according to Cinelli's website.
File: IMG_20210918_155531.jpg (3454 KB, 4000x1800)
3454 KB
3454 KB .jpg
2013 specialized, painted it for some reason. Even after using legit clear coat shit still can't figure out how to prevent chipping.

Stoke the flames edition

Previously on /mg/ >>1691132 #

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Also i found a book called QMED advanced machine shop from the 90s, wondering if its any good
It’s kinda hard to find but if you dig around on the USCG MMC website you can get a detailed list of all the tests for every license/rating that lists the modules (test sections) for each. Gives subject matter, total # of questions and required # of correct to pass (usually 70%)

Probably a great book. I doubt much if anything has changed for the QMED stuff in decades.
As far as classes go, if it’s something that’s a couple weeks long and several thousand dollars it’s not a good investment if you already have maritime employment and enough sea time for QMED or DDE 1k.

IMO QMED isn’t lucrative enough to justify the expense and only requires like 180 days and really if you’re any kind of wrench turner and not an idiot you don’t need a long class.

OTOH myself and many guys I know got our first license by taking a 4 weeks DDE 4K class, which was absolutely worth it because of how much more money I made immediately after getting the license.

Since then I’ve used “maritime advancement software” to practice for and easily pass DDE any horsepower and 3AE.
File: funnel.jpg (113 KB, 1000x750)
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113 KB .jpg
big pipe = boiler
small pipe = me
smallest pipe = gens

Small pipe is you, yes.

File: 1621508048448.jpg (102 KB, 603x600)
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102 KB .jpg
/gag/ sleepy mad dog edition

General Aviation (GA) refers to all non-military or Part 121 flying. GA flying includes gliders, single engine trainers, expensive twin training, Part 135 prop or jet, corporate, fire fighting, personal ownership, fractional ownership, etc. Regional peasants pls get bullied.
90 reply and 10 image omitted. Click here to view.
Not sure, but I bet your aviation authority takes a lot of cues from the FAA. I'd look into it. Maybe a forum like airlinepilotcentral would have that type of info.

MX is just shorthand for maintenance.
Realtalk, I hope you like working midnight shift for the next ten years.
Does anyone know of a good PPL study guide? And an instruments guide?

File: 9cc.jpg (55 KB, 680x813)
55 KB
55 KB .jpg
Have you ever felt like the bike is just an extension of your body?
Like there is no separation between you and the bike
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I don't get this reference

This, especially when you know you could go 20-30% faster without exhausting quickly.
Yes, I am bike
i forgot where it's from but it's about a rifle originally
probably full metal jacket or some shit
No. Do I need to get a fitment or something? How do I find the bike that feels like an extension of my body?

File: FAKpngUVcAAoKLR.jpg (858 KB, 1536x2048)
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858 KB .jpg
Amtrak derailment leave 3 dead 50 injured in middle of nowhere Wyoming
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the land is really pretty. when the view is not being bulldozed for "neighborhoods" of densely placed identical family homes
And yet they manage to kill people all the same.
Twits on Twatter say that axles seized up and liberated themselves out from under a car.
No u
damn, good point, guess we can't have interstate cargo transport

File: download (20).jpg (5 KB, 284x177)
5 KB
5 KB .jpg
I'm 27.

Should I get into recreational flying?
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you're gay good sir!
if you aren't retarded you won't die. simple concept, sorry you're too stupid to understand that
Funfact: Leaded fuel is banned in cars and has been for a while but most prop planes still use it.
Gotta start somewhere
Blame the FAA for dragging their ass on everything to do with GA

File: brap.png (1309 KB, 751x713)
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1309 KB .png
Surly is discontinuing their
LHT (non disc)
and Troll

what the fuck, lht i get but the others were literally the only interesting bikes they really sold. Why is the bike industry so fucking gay its so hard to find a non suspension corrected mtb or a more touring style plus/fat bike. I feel like people haven't even tried anything but disc brakes and just automatically have a panic attack at the sight of a rim brake. I really wanted to get a pugsley or an ecr but now both those options are gone, I really didn't want to have to drop 3 grand on a fucking jones bike but looks like the only option left. >650b fat bikes are a meme, all of salsa's shit so fucking ugly and has retarded geometry, everything else is so expensive it's not even worth considering.

I thought surly was supposted to be the punk rock frame makers, theyre doing this by making all these standardized bikes that are all morphing into the same thing then? Is there any other steel bike manufacturers like that or am I just looking into custom at that point.
56 reply and 5 image omitted. Click here to view.
You didn’t want to read one additional post so you decided to sound like a retard instead, interesting. Riding around with uneven spoke tension is stupid, gitting gud and learning how to properly true a wheel isn’t some crabs in a bucket mentality or whatever schizo shit you rambled on about, it’s taking care of your equipment so it lasts longer and performs better. Go back to the tripfag hole you crawled out of before you post anything else this stupid.
Incidentally, since making the post about my janky ass uneven wheels I decided to watch a couple youtube videos and try truing my own wheels using the forks/brake pads as a truing stand.
Was easier than I thought, those wheels have never been rounder and now my v-brakes are properly adjusted for once. :D
good job un-retarding yourself i guess.
File: 1507679893680.png (84 KB, 250x273)
84 KB
84 KB .png
Congratulations on gitting gud anon
File: I am free.png (271 KB, 645x1260)
271 KB
271 KB .png
> tfw no bbw cycle touring gf to sit on your face

Let's compile a list of fun to watch cycling YouTube channels with a brief description:
104 reply and 35 image omitted. Click here to view.
Best to just go to the source instead of being limited to 4chin's terrible 4mb size limits.
Oops wrong tags in that link

You're the man, thank you!
I actually did this (original requestor) but looked up road_bicycle tag kek your query looks much better
Selection seemed limited on gelbooru and danbooru with road_bicycle but I haven't seen everything on konachan yet.
>no one has posted the best bike channel on youtube yet
Shame on you /n/

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