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>Be a sport cyclist, who only cycles for sport, and never for transportation>
>Also drive cars, like 97% of us
>Car drivers think we must be against cars because we ride bikes
>It's the same as thinking runners must be against cars because they like to run, and they also must be running to commute
>But the worst is - ecofags think we are one of them because we ride bikes, even tho we drive gas guzzling cars and ride eco-unfriendly carbon bikes
>So we are even less eco than most everyday carfags, whom ecofags hate

What do??
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You fucks ride in packs in the middle of the road. Thats why i swerve my car at you dead beats. Fuck you niggers.
Idk about your experience, anon. But at least in my case/city after I started wearing lycra, helm got deep section wheels my accident, close encounters, mad drivers dropped significantly. Maybe drivers see me as more responsible person that cycles for sport, not commute dork that can't afford car.
How's college?
They now no longer see you as a worthless peasant.
That's a nice bike, you are a man of taste

Randomly found one of these for 250$ in my ex-yugo wonderland, how good are these for fucking around town and the occasional hour or two long ride? i mostly just like the weird look so i would accept other models like this, do these have a fatal flaw or something
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stick a broom end on the end of that seatpost and it functions as a mudguard and a sick harry potter ride
I've considered how a cut down leaf spring would work ngl
The Future (banned by UCI)
Softride, I'm unaware of the principle ever having been marketed by another brand.
I was actually having doubts about this type of frame but then I heard it was banned from racing and some britbong reviewers were terrified of trying out the "scary 90s bicycle"

File: 1634789671567.png (559 KB, 1925x1216)
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559 KB .png
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I am 5'6" (167cms) but i always go to 53-56 as to no make people think i'm a manlet on photos of my bike
A cheap fixie.
infinite disappointment
It'll be ok for a beater. I hear 6ku are semi-decent for how cheap they are since they're so simple.
the bike is fine, the wheels hub are for sure trash and you'll end up deal with them over time but other than that its gonna be a lot of fun; i suggest to swap the cheapo plastic grip with something nicer and get some wide-ass flat pedals and if you wanna be fancy get some cool water bottle hanger and ypu're good to go.

Ever ridden a disc wheel or tri bike?
We /softgang/ now

File: softride powerwing.jpg (60 KB, 883x662)
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60 KB .jpg
Rare/exotic beauties thread
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These look neat, but must weigh a ton. Magn wheels are heavy as fuck
Why don't they do rear sus like this today? Seems simpler that the whole crazy linkage stuff we see.
> bike has some chips
One would expect fish to come with chips
File: fixiebike.jpg (1537 KB, 2448x2448)
1537 KB
1537 KB .jpg
Do wheels count? I always loved spinergy rev-x's. They are not even that lightweight and are kinda scary to use, but they are stylish af

>inb4 'what's with that bike'
The saddle is not adjusted in pic, but riding a floppy steel 60's frame on questionable 90's carbon wheels with slicks and a rather big, fixed gear setup and only a minimal frontbrake, gives a man a certain rush. Had this bike for 4 years but decided to sell the wheels last year while they (and me) where still intact
trikes get yikes

Continue your posting here.

For the uninformed:
>737-800 (not the max)
>made a vertical death dive in 3 minutes
>1 black box has been found (not specified which)

The dive in question:
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meds. NOW!
shut the fuck up shill
Swear to fucking god this kind of low effort response needs to be permabanned on this site
>Autopilot going into a 10ft a minute near vertical dive
Yeah, it doesn't work like that. I think the maximum dive rate you can even get the 737 to do on autopilot is like 5000. Not only that but it's extremely easy for the pilots to physically disable the autopilot the moment they notice it's trying to fucking kill them. It's not a simple program switch either, the autopilot disconnect is an actual circuit breaker switch that prevents the autopilot from even having power.
I think you belong on another site

File: 7urf1dwavlz01.jpg (247 KB, 1940x2030)
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247 KB .jpg
Not all cities, or even regions, are big enough to warrant the metro or train.
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File: 1621426278313.webm (1058 KB, 480x480)
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1058 KB .webm
There is no replacement for displacement.
google maps street view
these types of clips should be gathered and used as evidence to ban all cars and trucks, because they are more dangerous than any gun.
Go have your meal in a bottle, faggot cuck.
File: Americans.jpg (24 KB, 384x395)
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24 KB .jpg
What a failed fucking country, and everyone blaming it on others is part of the problem.

File: kathy cat 1.jpg (223 KB, 670x1005)
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223 KB .jpg
You do watch Japan Railway Journal on NHK World featuring Kathy Cat, don't you anon?
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File: bradders shock.jpg (31 KB, 615x409)
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31 KB .jpg
I was testing you.
Most countries aren't across 200 miles of water from an ascendant communist superpower with a grudge against them. Need to turn the anglos into weebs so they might come to the aid of Japan one day.
Nah, I'm too busy waiting watching the trainwreck that is the hyperloop.
DW is alright. More trustworthy than whatever garbage news most Americans watch like FOX or ABC. Plus they tell you news about mainland Europe which many American and British news outlets keep quiet about (to cope for their respective existential collapses).
I think DW is nice as well. It's much better than France24, lol.

File: 20051115_1.jpg (35 KB, 400x343)
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35 KB .jpg
What's the most you've ever pissed off a motorist?
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I ride down a fairly steep hill on the way to work, it's a very busy and it has a shitty edge of the road bike lane which is better than nothing, there is this one house about 2/3 of the way down that always has at least one, sometimes two cars parked half on the pavement half in the bike lane.

One night, about 2 am I went there full stealth mode, black clothing, ski mask, lights off etc and painted the words SELFISH CUNT with nitro mors on the roadside of both of the cars making sure to hit every panel.

I don't know how pissed off they were but the cars were still there when I passed in the morning and the paint was blistering nicely, they have never been parked there since though.
God I wish this was true.
100%. He was yelling and honking for a good 500 m until I got to the trailhead.
You misunderstand. If you continue you will get maimed. That's the funny part
>at the top of a pretty steep hill
>want to impress girl
>go down as fast as I can
>suddenly decide to veer left across the road
>near miss of a car i was unaware with behind me
>get to the bottom, car stops a few hundred meters past me
>decides to not turn around and yell at me
>i guess i looked sorry enough

What are some cool accessories i can put on my commuter bike so people think i'm cool and not one of those bike dorks haha just kidding.
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My favorite bike accessories is the slam fire shot gun handle bars on my mountain bike.
what are you talking about?
It’s for bears
crossdressing is a straight man's hobby
when i was traveling in greece i got a few of these little sheep/goat bells that we heard all across the hillsides and i hung a small one from my commuting bike so when i get out of the saddle i go tinkle tinkle and it reminds me of greece and also to climb like a goat. it makes me extremely happy.

File: folding-bike-promo.jpg (1107 KB, 1244x1244)
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1107 KB .jpg
>0 results
My chinesium, nth hand, hand me down bike broke, again, so I want to replace it with a folding bike since I commute by train everyday; I also do evening deliveries on my bike (yes I'm poor) so the daily km tally is quite high. For that reason I want to avoid the cheapest, crappiest bikes to be found on Amazon and I'm willing to spend (a little) extra for a bike that somewhat reliable.

I live in Euroland. All I know about folding bikes is that Decathlon sells a few models and while they're decent quality for the price I should avoid the cheapest one. Anyone familiar with Decathlon Tilt 500 or 900 models? Any reason to prefer one over the other?
imagine the smell on that saddle
I don't think Decartón is a good option.
I'm also considering foldable but maybe I'll go further for an electric version (blame my recently broken leg, on a decathlon bike none the less).
Unfortunately I'm still figuring out the state of the art of this market sector. Have you considered foldable ebikes by any chance?
Fold and high durability for high km don't go together.

Now that we are up to a launch per week, two fully reusable launch platforms are about to enter service and the martian/lunar transportation system is about to start its flight tests its time to have a thread that discusses space transportation infrastructure and transportation vehicles.
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File: FRRaR5fXwAYkosc.jpg (452 KB, 2048x1365)
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452 KB .jpg
>The launch campaign for #VV21, the inaugural flight of
#VegaC, is under way at

See more details and pics here https://esa.int/Enabling_Support/Space_Transportation/Vega/Vega-C_Launcher_integration_begins_for_inaugural_flight_VV21
fair enough, guess monorail might be more feasible after all
i can't really see any reason for cable if it's ground based because in such a case you still need tracks and such
True. But you are right, cable could work outside and it may be beneficial to run lines.
What are they waiting for to build it UN?
Daily reminder that trains on Mars will be based

>plenty of iron to make steel rails out of (it's the red planet after all)
>1% the air resistance of earth, so the only practical limit on speed is the rails themselves
>NIMBYs don't exist yet

So 200 mph HSR will be the default mode of transportation, even for cargo and the lines will be everywhere.

The plague of the modern bike industry can be accurately traced back to its origin: Pro level racing. This idea that whichever roided lanklet goes le fastest on their 30k plastic specialty bike somehow translates accurately to the real world, when in fact the two have nothing in common.
Instead of sucking the BIG BIKE HOMO DICK and throwing all your shekels down the drain for the latest chinese carbon frame with a limited lifespan and whatever other big buck fad part the marketing team has cooked up for this year, we should look elsewhere for inspiration. Somewhere real, with real world applications.

Enter the Swiss MO-93, or Militärrad 93. Here we have an all steel beast that's been refined since WW2, and has never failed the extreme real-world trials of the military. Derailleur guard, racks, dynamo headlight, trailer, hydraulic rim brakes, ceramic-coated rims, frame bags, spring saddle, fenders and all for just 25 kilograms! Everything you could ever want, everything that was stolen from us, everything that should come as standard equipment at a reasonable price. If it were like this we could have our dutchbike utopia too, but alas spandexfags and consoomers have ruined everything. If it's good enough for the Dutch, and good enough for the Nips, and most importantly good enough for the military, it's good enough for you.
>n-noooo I can't go fast on it it's 2 heavy
Ummm, sweaty, I think soldats know more about being fast on a bike when they're LITERALLY BIKING FOR THEIR LIFE. You will never get good training on children's plastic toys, but you will become god hauling cabbages on your dutchbike every day.

Dutchbikes are the true chad cyclist's choice. Steel is real.
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I'm not OP, but I dislike the coonsumer side of many hobbys, and with biking there seems to be a big trend to show off bullshit instead of just riding. I see his post as a "fuck this marketing nonsense, let's focus on riding our bikes and getting on with out lives".
I get it, the big bike is trying to make us think shelling out 5k for a bike is normal, but any time i am in lbs people are looking for a decent bike that costs a few hundred so they can enjoy summer weekends and run dome errands.

If wannabe racers and prosumers delight in being raped than let them. I couldnt care less
Aluminum is lighter. And worrying about what other people think of you is typically a waste of time because most of them dont worry about what you think.
Sorry, I’ll never get on board with the big, heavy, unwieldy slow bike thing.

When I was kid, I dreamed about racing Ferraris through deserted canyon roads. Then I got my license and spent all my time on straight highways in a Chevy spark. It killed that part of me.

When I moved to the city, I rode my bike everywhere, and commuted on it. I found I got the same revulsion dropping my ass on to that seat that I did climbing into the spark. I hated riding my bike.

I ended up selling that bike and taking the bus to work instead. Now every time I get on my s-works I smile. It’s not a Ferrari, but its the Ferrari of bikes, and every time I race it through canyons, descending, climbing, dropping the boomer weekend warriors, I smile like the kid I used to be.
hush up fatty, fats aren't people.

File: 1624415273298.jpg (261 KB, 1024x1024)
261 KB
261 KB .jpg

previous: >>1789839
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some fight club logic
I’ve got some Sunrace 9spd STI downtube shifters, which I just can’t seem to index properly.

I’ve tried them on multiple bikes, with different rear derailleurs and I can’t get them to index.

I think the issue is mainly downshifting which skips a gear and if I try adjusting with the barrel adjuster it messes up the gears at the other end.

I’ve tried all the other solutions like cable length/tension/limit screws.

Shall I just take it to a shop or just replace them? Is it even common for the STI shifters to be the issue?
If you just need the part, why steal the entire bike?
I am fat and I want an ebike, what should I do?
Hard to disassemble quickly. Police might not care, but the owner could come back while you're disassembling.

File: 1516171819132.png (2181 KB, 1200x1092)
2181 KB
2181 KB .png
>We let Mriya threads die
Shame o/n/ >(You)
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>>cant fly on five engines
It can fly on 2 engines when empty.
wtf is this tripped retard trying to say
>It can
it does
File: 1621469432794.jpg (123 KB, 475x639)
123 KB
123 KB .jpg
go back to /k/ /int/ /news/
File: IMG_2468.jpg (3713 KB, 4032x3024)
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