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File: 1616799017136.jpg (1222 KB, 1242x1242)
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Pokemon origami only
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Just doing some clearing out of my download gallery free up space for new stuff.This all goes in my drive.
Have got a few more to post here
File: E-bi2xVVgAIftVF.jpg (22 KB, 400x400)
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Don't know what this Pokémon is it actually could be Digimon of which I have a file .Let's gets some banter going
File: E-bi28yUUAYrTaP.png (58 KB, 612x612)
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58 KB .png
File: E-bi2Z6UYAM_gHV.jpg (126 KB, 1280x1280)
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Here's a completed model someone posted on twitter

This guy on Deviantart made this and it makes me cringe on more than one level.
I just want to know, if I am not the only one that feels that way.
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Posting in this thread is like standing on the edge of a cliff
True, nobody knows when the thread is going to fall
huh, neat
I think I made those posts too long but that's cool that someone actually read them

File: help.jpg (655 KB, 1536x2048)
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655 KB .jpg
Does anyone have a pdf for this?
If not any tips on making it from scratch?

Thanks in advance, anon
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>i dont have a printer, and i not going to a copycenter and tell "can you print me this lewd paper torso?"
Anon, even if they were so giga brain to discern what finished piece is gonna look like, they generally do not give a shit either way and so should you. We may have gatherered here as bunch of recluse fucks here doesn't mean you gotta stay like that.
I hereby place upon the great quest to walk into sex shop and purchase random porno so as to rid yourself of needles shyness forevermore.
>but i have no idea on how to glue then into the right format
what do you mean? Are you afraid that you messed up dimentions when drawing?
>this i going to be hard
1)you proved yourself to be quite dedicated by drawing all the pieces by hand. Do not doubt yourself further.
2)i do not have appropriate photo at hand but trust me when i tell you you do not have to be exactly precise while building it.

Yeah, fall anime seasson be weird.
>what do you mean? Are you afraid that you messed up dimentions when drawing?
my concern is how to bend them in the right way, is just glue the same number together or there other way?
Interesting. Is Torso-san there to stay or is that girl gonna push her out of Kid-face's life?
>my concern is how to bend them in the right way
If you did not transfer bend lines
- - - - - - is a "peak" bend line
_._._._._ is "valley"
and you may have to go over pepa (have you looked it up) and mark them in colour now.
There may be many ways to bend your pieces; I use plastic ruler:
-When you bend peak line place ruler under the paper on the line and bend it over the edge or ruler away from you.
-when you bend valley line place place ruler on the paper on the line and bend in towards you.
>glue the same number together
Yes, you got that right.
Anon, you are gentleman and a scholar.

Anyone can do it?
there is already a thread about this origami
>3d printed origami

File: Wolf had.pdf (94 KB, 1x1)
94 KB
94 KB .pdf
its that time of year again,

since october and by association halloween is right around the corner let's post halloween themed papercraft, origami and costume ideas/tips so we can help our fellow /po/lite friends

please no arguing this board is too slow for that shit

ill start with this wolf head i found in my folder and a question on whether i should do something like this or a helmet from skyrim
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File: Moon.jpg (333 KB, 1078x779)
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333 KB .jpg
I have come to pay my respects to this ancient thread, /po/
Now to learn how to do /po/ things
well theres a whole thread right here
i remember when we organized up all the files for the wintercuck torrent
Kinda amazing this thread is still up
Surely you won't turn down the offer of a brigade?
hi Op here!

ive been getting email requests to share the Halloween drive becuase google changed link sharing
so heres a new link that should work

where can I find this book? Origami Dragons Premium by Yamaguchi Makoto
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You'll probably never get a straight answer from anyone associated with the site.
It's probably one of those socialist groups that thinks they're better than everyone else and hates everybody.
I mean, they used to share quite a lot and finally realized it's not worth it.
They didn't share shit, and it's always worth it.
They are the group behind Jacgarper'a post so yes, they did share quite a bit. And no, it isn't worth it otherwise you'd share instead of being angered their group doesn't.

Started this because I couldn't post it in OP Thread, and it looks like it could be getting close to post limit, idk...

That is awesome!... The must have models from Youlingke imo, are Yae Sakura, Mandarin Dress Ver from Honkai Impact 3rd and Megumi Kato, Swimsuit Ver from Saenai Heroine No Sodatekata.
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Beggar not getting free shit with no work or money involved spotted. It's because of you dicks that think you should be entitled to everything for free with giving 0 shit in return
>shitposts when someone is requesting
>shitposts when someone delivers
>shitposts when someone is just posting their own origami because "you can find it everywhere"
>floods the entire board
>"but come trade in my email desu"
Really makes you wonder why are you even here, go advertise your shit somewhere else.
Nagger spotted. Go nag somewhere else ;) It's a free world, I can go post on open sites as much as anybody, so go cry
Link the official source, faggot.
I got nothing new to share :( else I'de be in

I saw a lot of trade requests on here lately, and most people don't even want to post anything on here for free anymore or get turned back immediately, which is up to the one having them really and the current situation with the buying/supplying etc.

Well, because of that, and the backlash of rude people on here, I wanted to maybe start an anonymous private trading thread, where you write your newly made mail for trades (not your primary one - never do that on the net XD), and what you expect or something, and people can contact you for trades and such.

Basically I myself am searching for anything and everything anime, no mechas, no vehicles, no buildings etc., mostly humanoid crafts of all sorts, but also mascots and pets.

I also got a trading folder ready in a link, where I got the most interesting ones that I got with pictures in it, as well as a folder of the ones I am still searching for, so I suggest people who want to trade do a similar system to make it easier to trade, and off we go :)

My mail is: {Made For Papercrafts Only @ mail. com} - without { and spaces. So hit me up and write your owns if you are interested :)
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Ke dices
English madafaka, fuck off. Besides, there is nothing shared on here that remotely looks like a new papercraft, just some pages of origami books. So you can't steal anything on here for free, fuck back to mexico pendejo
Any new shit to post? :))
What's sad is that papercraft is overtaking origami in terms of designing great waifus from sheets of paper
I think it's more sad you think papercrafts is sad. It's the best thing you can make out of paper, literaly. Origami is nice, I guess or whatever, but if you want beauty, precision, finesse, awesome details, a figurine that literally looks like a PVC figurine, papercrafts is 100000x times better than anything you can make with other artforms from paper. Learn to make them, and you'll get an awesome anime figurine collection for almost free.

File: IMG_20210802_061847420.jpg (2720 KB, 3120x4160)
2720 KB
2720 KB .jpg
Day 2
988 to go
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File: Nu.png (2 KB, 128x128)
2 KB
2 KB .png
I gave this a go once in high school. I think I gave up at around 600 or so. がんばってね
>Did you have any wish in mind?
The elimination of all minorities from my country.
This is /po/, not /pol/

How are you doing OP? You should have made a huge dent in them by now at your current pace.
Anon on ebay is $34 free ship https://www.ebay.com/itm/373720506656?epid=1300488590&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item57037a6120:g:GOsAAOSwltVhP-Kt&amdata=enc%3AAQAGAAACoPYe5NmHp%252B2JMhMi7yxGiTJkPrKr5t53CooMSQt2orsSafTQYbq3L7RBVAMi0K9cw3ntefUNlPqn6RMgbvZfR%252FFHhuz4w3sZlcswu%252BnO1EnKK9dM2k%252F2YB2I2Ec4Yy5j7U8Q1HIBHBANPyhsCtEv3lGrW7YEFui8U6FMDkH0xqu7k%252FStjyv%252BuYrZqDYdt9xd%252FEXR%252F2HZSAfk1NHLnYCLnzaXg5ufeQL%252B%252BgIni8vpHBgBpMCYDZSF2Vey4lYARN4klU2xyBHiASbMfu7xxM14qMGk%252BAeWwr%252B8vA4vcj0tVihBpN1RMqVz5632faSeQrNBmtfVQGIW5huAwufxuWe6bHP3VX7nC%252FEtEuo96nBT%252Btlj4kIUzb0rZiYr6zHYHl%252FHDc080peEUcPecHtZie6kjK9sYB5FHnkoSjFf%252BwEsoHu58AIPFjm51GbXiGwER0MUfb%252Fwe6%252F3ptKVWnsx%252Fj3JDwFGD%252FNCQc9XtU3%252BKI70symH3EFULWyuVHP9DKhBaNgIOCWbAb29Df%252FjLAjPh7iPyzIk2SLPxUJfm6b4rqY3jR9dgMMQliPq%252Fdt22gb%252BLflQ3K3S35lLNxO6ORitW2woUqN3gZxYJW5UnesaTj1qGNjBjI0Tgk%252BxNdziL2W05CbflR3euKvUXpNT7A9UcB0AV83EMy9ZeURXfuWZ5HK9RO2HpRfnd3UUi6V3Msie%252BKUGFxwLTv98R%252BiaueQio4nPiPEHeAKEt4qIvdRE%252BqSWA2%252B129aQ9aaYd3Rg35o4%252BMN1vbB%252FN%252FJ9bwB55LQBAQHCnCDxNLre1ozWgADGPPgtbpYKE%252BtC2gUW1LbsK9JyzOrzMd5d67kRS8u8ca7NDK8%252FX34TbMsbpPAEZNTrsBPupfCSckLq%252FFhbiE3ilb5Q0WkU0A%253D%253D%7Campid%3APL_CLK%7Cclp%3A2334524

Is there any papercraft armor models out there?

I mean armor without the person inside, like pic related, I would be neat to do something like this for your work desk
It would be western, oriental, historic, medieval, fantasy, anything goes
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where to get?
Zio Prudenzio Models you will find at

I hope, it helps...
Mogami Yoshiaki Historical Museum has a samurai armor model on their webpage: http://mogamiyoshiaki.jp/?p=log&l=207792
(They also have a lot of samurai helmets and weapons there.)
The first two you can find on only-paper.ru:
There are many other armors on that site if you look around.
Also, another samurai armors (including ones meant to be used on 1:12 scale action figures): https://www.niku-mansei.com/contents/05club/papercraft/paper_yoroikabuto.html

File: Master peice.jpg (2199 KB, 1746x2283)
2199 KB
2199 KB .jpg
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Last one
how do i archive posts again? i need this.. for later
thanks anon

File: papercraftquakequy_1a.jpg (878 KB, 1200x1200)
878 KB
878 KB .jpg
This was a nice papercraft quickie after the previous one, which literally took months... :op


Have fun building!
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Cool to see you still at it ninjatoes. Your Majora's Mask was my first papercraft over a decade ago.
Haha yes luckily it's still a lot of fun to do! :o)
Neat. I've only ever lurked here, but I might actually try this out, thanks OP.
This one took a whole lot longer to finish than papercraft Quakeguy, due to the fact that I made that one during the summer vacation, and this one during regular work weeks... :op

I'm very happy how both of them turned out though! :o) Get the parts and instructions to build your own free papercraft Unreal Prisoner 849 character (and all my other papercrafts models :o) from my papercraft website:
that is fucking cool

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carroças- varias
thanks for all this stuff! those carts are a little too elaborate for me, i think (which paper do you even use for that?), but they are great
and the tanteidan magazine is always a cool thing to have!

File: 20210904_153214.jpg (1307 KB, 3024x2756)
1307 KB
1307 KB .jpg
Hove you ever fapped to an origami?
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>that tiny little penis
How do I summon a succubus?
No but I used a tree to hide behind
File: 20210927_183634.jpg (1593 KB, 2425x3548)
1593 KB
1593 KB .jpg
Well it's time to rub one out
what am I looking at here?

File: Masu Box.jpg (584 KB, 1800x945)
584 KB
584 KB .jpg
Hello /po/ I'm a structures student I need any and all designs relating to brick and wall creation. Our professor said to make a wall without the use of adhesives, 11x8.5 printer paper, no card stock or anything special.

The masu box seems like a good starting point. I might try to make an edited version of it.
Tessellation has plenty of designs search YouTube
Brick wall tesselation by
Yoshihide Momotani is a great one.

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