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Your name is David "Gunny" Rockefeller, no relation.
A veteran of the united states marine corps, you find yourself in a far-out situation after an all-too-close encounter of the third kind!

In the last thread, David was captured by greys who met their untimely demise at the hands of a chinese missile, then found his way to a mining outpost on the edge of civilized space.
There he met Cylia, a Caithan girl who was down on her luck and Kyla, an excitable Jek'na engineer. Now they find themselves chasing a dangerous pirate known only as "Laggart"!
Will the crew meet their demise at the pirate's hands, or will our intrepid hero overcome the challenges that await him? Find out now, on Dragonball Z!
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I hope that this means that not even the people on the council know that they're on the council.

Like you wake up one day and, without knowing, you're now part of the council.
So we are *this* close to successfully breach into the enemy ship. Could we please use something that doesn't put holes in the hull? We don't have an actual spacesuit for starters. We do have those cool personal shields however!!

I believe the pirates are gearing up already and they are bound to have some sort of gas mask plus suits, so the tear gas won't be super effective. UNLESS they don't expect chemical warfare. I think we are bound to rubber bullets... how about the russian shotgun with rubber pellets as the main weapon and a pistol with actual bullets as the sidearm?
Oh boy so it’s one of those governments.
I thought Kyla was making a flash bang in the back?
If we have it I suggest throwing that in, otherwise it’s tear gas and the Beanbag round shotgun.
It's a very old government that's had a lot of time to corrupt itself and secure it's own power.
If I remember correctly we should have a pistol which doesn't put holes, or at least that was discussed in the first thread

File: Belaerys.jpg (91 KB, 1564x972)
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Valyria has fallen.

The greatest city the world has ever seen has died in the cataclysm that split the Land of the Long Summer, burnt away the cedars of Velos and signaled the end of an Era.

And yet its legacy persists, in the form of its colonies - Volantis and her ten sister-cities: Tyrosh, Myr, Norvos, Pentos, Lorath, Lys, Qohor, Bravos, Gogossos and Essaria – and the surviving cities on the border of the Valyrian heartland – Elyria, Mantarys, Tolos and their neighbors.

Dark omens abound these days - far to the North a dragonlord proclaimed himself Emperor of Valyria, while there are rumors of a mighty Khal uniting the barbarians of the East. The High King has apparently lost any interest in exerting royal authority on his fellow Sarnorian monarchs, letting the country slowly spiral into a cold war that could at any moment turn hot, pitting the Eastern Marches of the High Kingdom against its heartland. Belicho, the Archon of Essaria, appears posited to resign due to domestic pressure while an early winter is slowly setting in thanks to the ashes released in the atmosphere by the what many already call “the Doom”.

And yet…nothing of this seems to matter to Aegar Tagaros, Triarch of the Tiger party.

>“..only we are suited to reunite the Daughters of the Freehold, for Valyria lives on through its eldest daughter, mighty Volantis!”

A loud cheer erupts from the crowd, as said man speaks loudly from atop the stairs leading to the great doors in the Black Wall.

>“The Freehold shall endure. We survived the invasions of the Old Empire of Ghis, defeated the barbarians of the East and bent the Rhoynars to our will! We are the greatest civilization this world has ever known and We. Shall. Endure!”

A loud cheer erupts once more from the assembled crows of nobles, just as a similar, much louder one erupts from the commoners outside the Black Wall who are listening to the speech being delivered by and heralds. You can easily imagine the loud cheer propagating to the entire city as the speech is delivered in every street corner, plaza and market square by heralds.

You sigh as the Triarch continues on, already knowing how the speech will end.

>“Citizens! Brothers. Sisters. The world has gone dark and it falls upon us to ensure the light of civilization will shine on for the centuries to come. It is for this reason that I call upon you in this hour of need: the Freehold needs you, Volantis needs you.”

God, the man is so dramatic...

>“People forget that the soldiers who conquered the world were not dragons. No, they were common men and women like you and me! What our ancestors conquered, we shall reconquer with the sweat of our brow! Long live the Freehold! Long live Valyria!”

And so, with an incredibly loud cheer, the Century of Blood began.

> Twitter - https://twitter.com/TagarosQ
> Character Sheet - https://pastebin.com/4XzbhfsP
> Other important sheets (characters, etc) - https://pastebin.com/u/TagarosQM
> Last thread - >>4844009
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1683 KB .jpg

As the men make camp for the night, you find yourself standing together with Valarr and Tessario in front of the woman you captured, bound to a pole put in the ground, deciding what to do with her

“…she could be a valuable bargaining chip. Their army, if we want to call it that, is all but broken, and”

“You know nothing! Ten thousand, no! Fifty thousand! Men are just waiting to come to our rescue!”

Your older counterpart looks at the young woman with a icy glare before making a quick gesture with his wrist, causing her to gasp in pain

“..you will speak only when spoken to, harlot. Rhogar, she is your captive after all – what do you think we should do with her? She might have valuable information, but she is a valuable bargaining chip after all, like I was saying before being so rudely interrupted. We could use the passes in the Painted Mountains to hit the Mereenesi in the back, from a direction they surely will never expect…”

Ayrmidon stops talking, as if in deep thought. It is then that Tessario, usually silent, speaks us

“..or we could simply put a permanent end to these wretches and force her to reveal the location of their villages. I led a campaign in the area almost 15 years ago. They employed the same strategy even back then – avoid confrontation in the open field and use guerilla tactics. This time though, it seems their leader let herself be caught by..pride? We can finally put a definite end to this scourge on the innocent farmers of the northern Peninsula”

They both look at you – it seems you will have to pick a side.

What do you wish to do with her?
> Our duty is to the Freehold first. Let’s contact her mother..or wait for her to contact us. We can force her to show us the hidden passages her men used to led the enemy raiding parties through the Painted Mountains. We will then have a direct path to Essaria, and a way to assault Mereen in the back. On the other hand, the bandits and tribes of the Mountains will likely continue to cause havoc in the heartlands..
> Our duty is to our people first. These monsters have caused enough misery on innocent Valyrians whose only crime was to seek an honest living tilling the earth. Theirs is a long overdue sentence. We shall force this wretch to reveal everything she knows, before giving her the death a traitor deserves – fire. Note that you will get a lot of information, but the daughter knows far less than the mother.
> Write-in
>She shall bend the knee for the return of her daughter or bare the consequences of trying to resist the dragon.
>> Our duty is to our people first. These monsters have caused enough misery on innocent Valyrians whose only crime was to seek an honest living tilling the earth. Theirs is a long overdue sentence. We shall force this wretch to reveal everything she knows, before giving her the death a traitor deserves – fire. Note that you will get a lot of information, but the daughter knows far less than the mother.

It s unlikely they will stop after we go north. And we can t leave an enemy behind in lands secured by us. Beside the political gain that can be made here, is quite vast not just with plebs but even nobility of valyria.
This is also a good occasion for gain more info on the greater rebellion.

"It s too much of a risk Valarr, they have broke with us once, they may do so again in the future. Leaving a snake like them in our home, while we march out for beat down the ghiscari, is something too dangerous for us. We must strike it down. I know it will be no easy fight. Especially in this mountains. But if we succedd, an old enemy of our people will be destroyed and one of the pieces of the great rebellion would be gone. There will be even their treasury, supplies, equipment to loot and many slaves to be made."
"And in this days we have beaten more than once their forces and their allies, so they have suffer losses at least."

"Still you are the commander of the army, the decision is yours to consider. I admit i want to see many of them punished, not just the warriors they have send us. If we talk, i imagine it will be difficult even with the daughter as a bargaining chip, especially because i wonder how they where convinced to join the large rebellion. One thing is do small raids against us, the other is going to war like this. They knew how much they risked... the large rebellion must have give them something very valuable, maybe more than just gold or weapons."
I'll wait some 15 minutes, then simply roll a dice to break the tie
sure, i though we would be more people today,
hello to you as well, this is a good quest. Check it out if you want.

There are other armors in the previous threads. For lieren quest, i need to think about it a bit more on what to do next.

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The amniotic thrum of the entry plug envelops you completely. Your eyes are closed, your body relaxed. Outside the world is cruel, confusing, dangerous. Here, it is safe.

"You are a mountain. You are a god." You whisper the words to yourself. A mantra to still your heart and slow your blood. "You are one hundred miles high."

You feel the slight vibration of backwash as a UN VTOL craft races over your Eva's head, rushing west, for safety.

"You are invincible," you say. "Your enemies will all turn silent and bow down."

Voices buzz over the cockpit radio.

"Three minutes to detonation."

"Target closing in on zero point. All circuits are clear."

The cold reality outside cracks through your mental cocoon.

"You are a mountain," you repeat. "You are a god."

"Conventional forces all report green. We've cleared the blast radius."

"Copy. Korine, can you hear me?" Rose says

You lift your head and answer, "I copy."

"Are you ready?"

You're in the cockpit of your Evangelion, Lupus. You've trained for this moment nearly your whole life. It's the only purpose your life has been given. Kill Angels. You're not ready, you're terrified, but you have no choice.

"I'm ready."


>Neon Terminus Evangelion
>Episode 04 - "The Great Below"


Old threads - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Neon+Terminus+Evangelion
Twitter - https://twitter.com/TimeKillerQM
My Discord - https://discord.gg/BnJeeu4
What's the deal with NTE? - https://pastebin.com/AXWHpqGp
"Target closing. Two minutes."

"Air units affirm. Standing by."

You stare fixedly ahead, the monitors of your entry plug cockpit relaying what your Eva sees. Rolling, broken, rocky desert. You're in the foothills of a mountain range, the last natural barrier between the true desert and the sun-scorched refugee camps west of here.

"Renton, ready?" Rose asks.

When he replies, he appears as a picture-in-picture window to your right.

"No, five more minutes please," she says, a cocky grin on his face.

Rose doesn't laugh. "The Eight Angel is entering the operational area now and conventional forces are drawing back. Remember, do not engage until after weapon detonation."

You and Renton acknowledge. You'd gone over the plan three times already on the way here, it's not even especially complicated. A cluster of five linked nuclear warheads have been buried in the dirt, directly in the path the Angel is burrowing along. Once triggered, they'll do what nukes do, exploding and destroying the Angel - or more likely exposing it for attack. All anyone knows of it is that it burrows through the earth and that it's fairly large.

"Maybe if you bury a few hundred more of those bombs then Korine and I will not have anything to do at all, hmm?" Renton suggests.

"You have your assignments. Your Evas will automatically shield you from the effects of the bombs, so as long as you don't enter the blast radius there won't be an issue. Standby for final countdown." Rose kills the channel.

Renton turns his attention to you. "What do you say, ready to throw our lives away in a nuclear inferno? Let us split the atom and take us away together."

"Shut up, Renton," you say, refusing to look at him as you meticulously check your system readouts again. Your Eva is kneeling behind a low earthen rise. It had once been a small hill but had since been turned into a redoubt by UN military engineers. Bulldozers and earth movers had scraped out a depression and piled sand high between you and the bomb, enough to shield you and your Eva, but more importantly, to shield the electric infrastructure your Eva needed.

Likewise is a mini armory. An Eva-sized, drum fed assault rifle with some kind of experimental, armor-piercing ammunition, multiple drums of spare ammo, an impact rifle and some spare magazines, a pair of machete-like progressive gladii, and a progressive glaive.

"Relax," Renton says, his tone still jovial. "I've done this before. I know it's your first time. I'll be gentle."

You have a limited tolerance for Renton's odd behavior at the best of times, but now with nerves frayed by fear- "Renton, if you don't shut the fuck up I'm taking you out first."

File: 0.png (4 KB, 400x400)
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have sex, hopefully being an incel isn't a requirement for our angelic powers
Coomer bros... We're going home!
>Mate with her
But she COULD bleed out DURING this

good anu, gnoll courtship rituals are kinky and brutal.

>Hold hands
>Mate with her
Put the instant hot noodles in the microwave.

File: 06082021map0.png (970 KB, 3300x2072)
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970 KB .png
Read the rules | how to play here: https://pastebin.com/hQMZiGUM.

The dice you put in the "options" box is:

>What is /conqst/?
/conqst/ is a 4Chan story-telling game that is just like Risk but allows you to have more freedom in defining your civilization. By joining this game, you are constantly involved with the drastic changes of the global story through events, new civilizations, strong national strategies, and diplomacy.

>Can I join/Stop playing?
Yes and yes! Read the rules on how to play. If there isn't any free territory (shaded in white), some players may be nice enough to give you land or allocate a puppet state. If not, then you could wait until the next game (or when I kick out inactive players). If you want to stop playing, just either let me know or stop going to this thread.

>How hard is it to learn how to play this game?
Not too hard. You start with 5 territories as one nation, expand until you can't expand, and choose to either attack, fortify, or defend. Plain and simple. You also get +1 attack and +1 defense for every certain amount of territories you own, and gain National Strength (NS) and gold every roll.
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Rolled 3 (1d10)

Once again, half the territories gained into Maine the others into Pennsylvania.

"I believe that now would be a good time to set up the capital, we can place it in my current most North East territory, quite safe I'd say. Now we just need to think up of a boon to reap from this alliance."

To Conqstr, would this >>4869778 also affect Nova's territories?
Yes, the caravaneers are stepping on their toes while singing and dancing to legend of zelda music.
Rolled 5 (1d10)

Activate Blitzkrieg NS and continue attacking the Bear.
Expand East and fortify western Kansas.
Forgot my name, my bad.
Rolled 4 (1d10)

Alright, i'm going to keep expanding where i can.

File: title.jpg (84 KB, 1015x788)
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84 KB .jpg
Welcome back to Tai Lung's path to self discovery, not only for himself but for those around him as well. In the last thread, after many long months, the team finally has a chance to truly relax and celebrate the New Year's festival. Accompanied by two special guests, Shenlong the Great Dragon of Wind and Bao his high preistess, the team enjoy everything the small town of Taishi has to offer. From the games, to the community cooking competition, to simply speaking to friends around town. While not extravagant or luxurious, Tai Lung's gifts are accepted wholeheartedly by his supernatural friends and are given the highest honor of being preseved in the purest gemstones by Shenlong himself. Soon after the guests of honor depart and the rest of the group spend the night enjoying the town's fireworks.

Of course those weren't all the gifts that were to be had. As the fireworks end, everyone trades gifts from jewelry to a simple "I love you" before continuing the revelry into the night. The next day travel resumes and the group finds themselves at the foot of the Huangshan Mountain range. After talking with two travelers who failed their journey up the mountain, the crew begins their own. Now partway up the mountain, cold and exhausted, the team rest up as best they can before continuing their journey.

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Tai%20Lung%20quest
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Yeah, I'll be honest I'm not a user or even all that educated on the discipline, but I have a friend who is and the guy's fucking insane.
If I told you his capacity for solutions, problem solving and tech you'd think I was making up some dumb OC donutsteel Marty stu.

But he really does know his stuff and if he is the result it's not a waste of time. Just took him like a decade and a bit to internalize it all.

>Ask what he thinks about talent and hard work.
>I want to prove they're wrong but words are not my strong suit and they are emotionally invested in this. It'd be like telling Ming that her alchemy should only be used as a way to brew a single specific type of beer and that's all it's good for.
>Ask Renshu about how he finds the city. When did he first learn to use Chi? What does it feel like [ours was commanding muscles to hold, oogway asked them to relax type shit], Are his voices been saying anything about this new relationship?

Because something that TL often forgets, I feel like, is that even when it is just him and Renshu, the ghosts are watching and have minds of their own.
The whole perfect blood and dynasty thing should obviously rub Renshu the wrong way, given his past.
Not only that, but if he doesn't believe that a person can improve and change through hard work, and even surpass one that was born with it, it would be hypocrytical considering his and Xin's progress, if not of Ming's.
The ghosts reactions, after seeing all of this.
And I'll add this bit to it.

>What bothers me further, is that what they are saying has a ring of truth to it, but seems to miss the right target. Like shooting an arrow that's dead on target before turning a sharp left to fly off into the gloom.

Because we know that genetics have some effect, just not the main one.
Talking to your bun. Writing.

File: 2nd Primarch.jpg (1098 KB, 2581x1629)
1098 KB
1098 KB .jpg
Previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=The%202nd%20Primarch%20Quest

You are Lieren, Hero of the land and forger of the fledging kingdom that has risen from the ashes of the tyrannical kingdom of old, Valiant son of nothing, friend of the common folk, shaper of prosperity, bringer of plenty and the Golden eyed giant whose heralded a new dawn of benevolence and wise rule. And you are the Emperor of mankind's second son, the primarch of his second legion of transhuman warriors named astartes. Having turned your focus once more to building and innovating, you brought gifts from the ancient ship Kanzeon, and left her body with a deeper understanding of the nature of yourself and your creation.

Seeking to test the effectiveness of protective charm derived from the technology and arcane wards of the gestation pod that bore you to Shangrala's surface nearly nine years before, and so sought out an site tainted by the bitter winds of the empyrean. Upon the field of turtle's treachery, you found a sites suitable to gauge the power of your Null Denouncement Charms, and through gathering the energies present there, drew a warped spirit from the depths of the other realm into an area built between the borders of the two worlds.

In the boundary between the graves of the fallen and the garden of despair, you battled this new, terrible enemy beneath the gaze of two entities beyond the veil of comprehension. An avatar of life's great bounty, and an very incarnation of stagnancy and contagion. Utilizing your recently acquired psykerist techniques, you bested your devilish opponent before it's corroded blade could infect you with the unnatural plagues it barred upon its broken edge. Having thus banished the spiritual corruption and malevolent Qi from the Kang's lands, you swore an oath both to the captive blossom named Isha and the toad king Nurgle who kept her, swearing to one day free her from her tortuous imprisonment while swearing to see the garden of misery and twisted merriment burned until not even ash remained.

Recovering from the ordeal and hateful glare of the patriarch of all filth days later, you set about continuing your work in the material world, and began to heal the lands of men who once your foes. Beginning the marshes of the Xue, you drove out the raiders sent by the Vishnu Kings, and aided the lord Xue Liang in the uplifting of his backwater region to one day become a center of industry and wealth. As the giant's road carefully spread its roots into the bogs and mires of the borderland, you approached the sole surviving member of the Xue three with a humble request.

In exchange for revealing the hidden wealth of his lands, and ensuring it would become an industrial power house in the future, you asked that he would campaign for your dear and loyal Companion Jinhai's claim to the throne of the newly born kingdom rather than your own.
625 reply and 43 image omitted. Click here to view.

The worms in the frame sing and mock her plight, as reeds wrapped with entrails and filth dancer beneath the plague gales

Bells and gongs rang, as three eyed cranes rested upon the bars of her cell, hanging above a cauldron of boiling feces, pus and mewling poxes given life.

"See this flower of otherworldly beauty, entrapped by forces vile and wicked. I do not claim all spirits, all beings within the great sea are malevolent. Matron Isha is proof of that, her essence is one of boundless benevolence and by her nature she was entrapped" You say, as black ink scrawls to paint a depiction of nurgle and his gregarious grin. The vision of him that your mind accepted as truth so as to remain as sane "I do not say, all of the denizens of the spiritual realm of evil or dangerous. But, only predators will show themselves, not fearing you and wearing smiles and knowing tricks for it is their nature"

Crystal tears fall from the eyes of the painted Isha, clinging to her the ends of her pale golden hair. For a moment, your subconscious places Kanzeon eyes in place of her own, for a moment, the horns Isha holds bleed freshly, but as the pain shifts, the scene changes.

Isha is free from her cage, but bound in chains, dragged from what you image her family's home to have been like, a colossal tree whose roots became a forest, shadows cast by the corpses of her kin, as the tittering hordes of nurgle's progeny drag her from the glowing halls of her home.

The crystalline tears still cling to her pale cheeks, and in them, visions of plagues, suffering and the unburied dead flow outwards.

"Those more gentle and good" You say, pausing to explain to yourself why you have only met a single kindly spirit "They hide and will not show themselves for the predators feed upon them as sharks upon a shoal of fish. Look into my memories brother, see what I have seen and I am sure you will make more sense of it than I"

The fluttering scrolls and spiraling pages continue to show your memories, drawn in ink and paint yet seeming as real as the moment the scenes they depicted were witnessed by your eyes. Magnus remains silent, studying the visions of the the realm of stagnancy and nihilism made incarnate, the home of festering diseases and spirits alike. He quietly contemplates the revelation presented to him. So as he ponders the implications, you speak again.

"Isha is thus far, the only spirit I would name benign" You say, looking upon her beauty again as tears muddled with blood drip down your cheeks as you look upon her unfortunate fate without the agony of bearing witness to an existence as powerful as her own "And, she is proof that the dangers of the Empyrean are more prevalent than your experiences have led you to believe. For, if the wicked were outnumbered by the virtuous, would she have not been freed?"

Magnus considers your words.

"Perhaps her captor is simply to powerful and influential to be opposed? Perhaps this is a cyclical relationship reflecting the spread of illnesses and the degeneration of well being and health? it may be natural and as plagues pass, she will once again be freed. But I cannot come to a conclusion with so little information. I cannot answer why she remains imprisoned, if her influence is as vast as you claim it to be" Magnus says, thinking out loud as he openly contemplates the memories you've revealed to him "I have not know the inhabitants of the immaterium to wage war upon another on a scale that would suggest the annihilation that this Isha speaks of concerning her own relations"

"I cannot answer any of those questions. But if there exists no spirit of valor, then I shall take the place of her savior, no matter how many years I must devout to such an endeavor. I have seen many spirits both malevolent and spiteful, but only one who is virtuous and gentlehearted" You reply,rolling your shoulders "Draw your own conclusion, but by my judgement, Isha's fate reflects upon the whole and paints a picture of a realm fraught with dangers and deceptions"

"It would certainly appear as such Lieren from your experiences. But I have not encountered any being of such power or malevolence, or any that cared more for the world of the living and conscious than they did their own plane of existence" Magnus answers whilst continuing to study the fluttering memories drawn from your mind "Certainly they'd be a threat to their own kind, and their influence can have unwelcome affects on the minds and bodies of those who make the mistake of dealing with the few that do take an interest in our existence, but it is statistically improbable that even if the population of immaterial entities is skewed towards the malignant variety, even if the benign spirits are shy and cautious, that only the malevolent would be drawn to our reality"

You consider his argument, folding your arms across your chest as you lift your head, and watch the blood red ice melt away to reveal a field of gold and red blossoms beneath. Alien scents fill your lungs as welling hope pulls the winter breeze upwards towards the expanse of the heavens

"Thus,as I stated prior, with proper training and understanding, men could be taught the signs of deceit and treachery and avoid the influence of those entities that seek to corrupt and afflict the material world and the minds of men" Magnus states confidently "Similar to a hunter understanding the habits of the quarry he hunts and knowing the signs of a passing predatory and markings of their territory"

"Forgive me,Magnus, brother of the wise and benevolent Lieren, the giant whose brought prosperity AND knowledge to my people, the hero who banished and slew tyrants born of men and devils to allow the common man to flourish away from their sinful ways. But this humble old monk,and scholar must rudely interject" Guozhi interrupts, humbly
"Oh? A follower of yours? I'd offer to allow my own teacher to join this debate, but then I'd fear I'd be outnumbered three to one" Magnus laughs happily, a new curiosity burning within his words as he appraises Guozhi, who wilts beneath his attention "Tell me, ancient one, what is your name"

"I am named Guozhi in this life, I am Lieren's mentor and student in philosophy, and the road of cultivation of the mind, body and spirit. Like both of you, I am blessed to be a psyker and thus cursed as well. I to, have experienced the hellish attentions of spirits as Lieren, your brother, has" The old man answers, his voice wavering while his conviction remains unbroken "Your blithe approach towards their dwelling and their nature is sadly misled, these devils these demons, are not solely concerned with the affairs of their own realm as you have been lead to believe, but are in truth obsessed with that of the material existence"

"And do you have proof of this claim? Lieren has shown one entity that meddled with the affairs of realspace and mankind" Magnus questions curiously, showing his consideration by drawing back the vast energies of his aura to lower himself to speak at Guozhi's level

"Yes, the veil between worlds in Shangrala was mad thin by the machinations of these beings, these devils.My sect was born from survivors of the Unseen master's predations, and sought to defended against further threats. Like your brother warns, my brothers we laid low by deceit, trickery and promises of power" Guozhi continues on, his voice hoarse and pained "Lieren avenged them, but their souls were devoured by predators that had lied in wait for generations to reap their harvest. We were persecuted upon the others of another spirit! one who had managed to become incarnated in the material world after centuries of preparation"

Guozhi swallows hard and between struggled breaths continues his speech

"One which was bested by your brother after a harsh battle, as was the devil who fed upon the suffering of war who was sent from the wretched court of the demon lord Nà Gòu" He proclaims proudly "I witnessed the battle between Lieren and the Warden of Life, who sought, as did the beguiler of dynasties, to claim your brother's proud soul and allegiance to their own twisted ambitions"

Magnus remains silent for a moment, and sighs

"Can you corroborate with these accounts, brother?" Magnus asks simply, reflecting upon Guozhi's statements.

"He speaks of the messenger in flames, the beguiler of dynasties who wore the mask of the concubine named Huli Jing, and the champion of the patriarch of all things foul and wicked, the keeper of rust" You explain, nodding your head as you speak "Both spirits, who like the unseen master, focused their attentions upon the material world and sought to corrupt men and steal their wills. Huli Jing's favored victims were not witless and weak willed simpletons as you believe would be those solely threatened by her kind's manipulation"

Dark clouds of dread gather a new, as the bells and gong's of despairs gardens ring in the distance, joined by the jovial laughter of the afflicted and damned.

"But rather, she preyed upon the valorous and noble. Men with the wills to stand against the world and fight for their beliefs. Founders of dynasties, heroic warlords and cunning scholars. Men who changed the world by their force of personality and charisma. And all of them have had their legacies blackened by her seductive touch. She had cultivated degeneracy, hedonism and cruelty, and like a leech, would attach herself to those who had subjugated her prior hosts" You spit, your hatred of the wretch dying the skies the dark hues of dried blood and charred flesh, as the flowers surrounding you wither and wilt into bone white sands flecked with shards of blackened bone

"Through her temptations and guile, she had turned the descendants of heroes into abominations more abhorrent than the majority of the unearthly evils I've faced" You snarl, as gallows shudder from the sands, bearing burning skeletons upon their nooses, which are in turn made of freshly forged chains of bronze "She hid beneath notice, where those certain of their willpower and learning would never look, as a thousand stolen, pretty face. She sired children with them, and led the king's beneath her thumb down paths so vile and dark I refuse to sully your vision with. Cannibalism, inhuman tortures, a gospel of rape and defilement, men left to be devoured alive in murky waters, turned into hunting dogs to devour their own kin, used as materials for cruel works of art, blind revelry and pointless excess fed by mad slaughter of the innocent! All performed by her influence and manipulations, her whispers brought far greater damage and suffering to the lands and their people than any war or famine"

A baleful sun rises, sucking the light from the wastes of the condemner's final rests, great wings darken the sands, cutting gales of wind whipping up storms of sand ignited by your wrath and disgust.

"A gospel of misrule and nihilism that afflicted my home for centuries!" You rage, before reigning your fury and chaining it once more, the desert washes away to a serene lake "And the Warden of life, is the creature that was tasked with claiming my soul for nurgle, who I battled. He could've won our duel, if he had orders to merely take my head. But he sought only my enslavement, and battled solely to lure me into a trap baited by my own kindness. His kind had fed on the despair of those fallen in my rebellion, and would've eventually clawed their ways into their graves and burst forth to make mischief and wrought devastation upon the living!"

Tempering yourself by utilizing breathing techniques, to both cool the rage smoldering in your blood and to empty your mind of distractions such as spite and vendettas, you calm yourself, and look to Magnus again, who is once again silent in his contemplation.

"I do not tell you this to claim you are brother, I tell you this because It is the height of folly for wise men to ignore the panthers in the fog, thinking them all kittens" You say, holding an open hand towards the direction of his presence "But perhaps you have a gentler story, one yet shielded from the tragedies that befell Shangrala"

"I believe I now understand your position better, Lieren. It is commendable that you'd approach the realm and powers of a similar nature to that of your foes instead of merely turning your back towards them and condemning the pursuit of understanding and knowledge as pure folly" Magnus states, his voice somewhat shaken "Perhaps, Prospero was once similarly afflicted or would be if the veil between the immaterium and matterium was thinner. There is much for me to ponder and for us to discuss together, but now, allow me to regale you with a tale of the triumph of knowledge and its power, the tale of how I saved me people from predation. Though a different kind quite dissimilar than that which you have warded away. Let me tell you of my victory over Psychneuein, and how I unlocked my potential"

What shall you do after you have heard his tale, Lieren?
>With Guozhi and Kuan Im, discuss the nature of Prospero society and how it differs from your own as the three of you continue training the junior members of the sect
>Mention how you gained access to your own psionic power, and of the techniques you've trained yourself. Ask if your brother would be interested in exchanging techniques as well.
>"Ah, so your tale was intended to show the lighter side of the Empyrean and its forces, I assume?", and when the meeting is finished, speak with Kanzeon for awhile while you plot your next move
>Thank Magnus for his story, and leave eachother's company bound not only by blood but by the beginnings of friendship. Return to your school, finish its construction, and open it for students
>Write in

You are Kalte Augen, a sixteen year old islander with the power to create and manipulate an odd dust made with the powers of the moon, through a mark on the back of your neck known as a 'Lotus'. You are currently dressed in the gaudy nobleclothes of the nearby nation of Edelweiss, who's northernmost port town you have just docked in. Seeing the cramped city streets bustling with people, rather than go directly to your objective of finding the green-hatted man at the dock, you decided to explore.

With money in your pocket, and the crowded streets at your disposal, you can go where you like. But... You can't actually read the signs, as they're all in another language. That may pose an issue.

>Go to the back alleys. That's where shady stuff usually happens since it's out of sight, right?

>Go to the building with the sword sign

>Go to the building that's completely unmarked, but seems to be an open business

>Go to the building with a weird needle and cylinder for a sign

>Go to the building with a fish and an odd plant you don't recognize for a sign

>Talk to the mysterious guy handing out fliers by a big stone statue.

Voting and rolls will be done SCQ style, with slight changes. I will check Votes at the end of each hour, and rolls each half hour when called for. First option to 3 votes wins, or just the highest if none have 3. Rolls are Bo3 always, d100s with modifiers or in different amounts. A crit fail only applies if you fail the DC on all 3 rolls, or if you get two crit-fails, which causes an even worse crit-fail. 100 is Crit success, 99 is a special success, or mini-crit.
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It's still up, but it's also been archived already.

>Check if the man with the green cap is still there
Checking if the man in the green cap is still there wins. Roll 3d100.
Rolled 21 (1d100)

Rolled 92 (1d100)


Last thread: >>4812644
Your name is Dyraxes - a childe of a vampire lord in the ancient ages of southeastern Europe. (The date would be ~340 BC)
You are of clan Tzimisce: One of the "high clans" of vampires, and unlike most of the other "high clans" your clan rule eastern Europe openly - Your inhuman nature is no secret. For what is a ruler that hides in sight?
You yourself are not that far up: You rule over a small village - enough to sustain you and a few ghouls, but it is no large space, and far from "prosperous"
However, the village has a strategic position. Just located north of a mountain pass, and it could prove important as a possible trade route from the south in the future.
The villagers live in respectable fear: they know you are their lord - and beyond human. However, they know you defend them from far worse things in the wild.
You have built a small outpost at the gap of the pass, however it is not permanently inhabited, but it could be used as a great vantage point.

Your own "castle" is a small keep - the last year of reparations have brought it back to some semblance of glory.; you have a small study and an armory with spears to arm a handful of men. There is also a couple of cells for any prisoners. On top of the keep is a tower, enough to give you a crude vantage point, and a fair deal of range advantage for a few archers.

The primary feature of your domain apart from the forests you have loose control over, is a quarry you have managed to construct. The excavated stone is currently used to build roads in the village, but that project has just about started.

You have five ghouls in your service:
First and most important, the caretaker of the keep. He is the extension of your will during the day; talk with the villagers, keep the home in check and so on.
He is named Lovilav, Lovi for short. While he is not the sharpest, he knows the village well.
Then there are your two war-ghouls; Mag and Mar a gift given by your sire - they are clearly inhuman, armored and have long claws protruding from their arms. at this point, they are barely human - but fiercely loyal, stronger than nearly any man. Whatever was left of these humans have been molded away.
You have a hunter under your control named dotos, and his lay of the land has proved useful so far, and his skill with the bow has provided your ghouls sustenance, such that they can spend time on other efforts.
Lastly, you have a wagon-driver under your control - he's maintaining the carriage you are currently on - however, you don't plan to keep him around for too long, as it's only to ensure that his loyalty is unwavering you have ghouled him.
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>>let Varnava steer the discussion for now

It is dutiful to observe the rituals and niceties of the greeting. After that, one must listen to the master's demands. Likely an account of the journey and my observations on the road will be required. My trip gave me much time to think about my report. If an opportunity presents itself, I should express interest in my desires, particularly fleshcrafting as that is my primary reason for coming. I do not wish to push the trade situation, or complain about my trip. When he asks about trade, present my plan to increase it. When he asks about my trip and the attack, be accurate and precise, without complaint or weakness. Act with honor, civility, and deference in all things.
pretty much this

Your sire pauses for a moment. "A captive, you say? he continues, and you can sense the slightest of surprise in his voice - if that is by intention, you cannot tell. "Ah well, where are my manners? Join me in my study. My servant will take care of your carriage, do not worry about it." he says, as he gestures you to follow. beyond the large wooden doors is a far smaller room, filled with bookcases full of scrolls and books, and even a proper couch group. ah, you haven't seen this since your times down in Greece - truly a lost pleasure.

"So, tell me more about this prisoner, and how you got ahold of him." your sire says, and his eye focus on you - in a way it's truly terrifying when you realize the intent of it - this is a creature that has lived for many human lifespans. That focus now gazing upon you. You recite the story of your attack in a academic, almost cold way - leaving out the more emotion-filled aspects, and instead paying attention to the ghouls, their design and how they fought. You tell him of the interrogation - at least what little you got out of the archer, and lay weight on how it seemed impossible to get anything out about the master of the ghoul.
"Well, this is most curious - the land between my castle and your village should be largely uncontested. No one has any claim, on it, and thus it should fall under our control, at least by claim. Obviously not by sheer might." he says, as he strokes fingers over his right arm, seemingly pondering something. "While the ghoul may be incredibly loyal, and merely tricked you into appearing broken, I find it not too likely - despite your torture being amateurish at best. Remind me to give you something for that" he said, with a little displeasure in his tone and a slightly too long pause, as to let you think about it, before speaking again "But I suspect there is something else at play here. Most likely, their memory has been suppressed, or outright removed. We can deal with this later. "

"I am most interested to hear about what progress you have made these last two years - both personally and with the task you have been given. Apart from that, there is another task too, that needs to be discussed. You may choose where to steer off for tonight. Tomorrownight will be busy. "

Please choose two
>Tell him about your plans for the village, and other things material in your realm
>Tell him about the progress you have made in your own prowess.
>Tell him about what little progress you have made on trade, and the reasons for it
>Ask about the other task.
>other(Write in)

additionally, you may ask for sustenance - it has been a long journey, and your concentration is not perfect. It is very impolite to hunt on someone else's territory without permission, apart from the most dire of circumstances.
>Tell him about your plans for the village, and other things material in your realm
>Tell him about what little progress you have made on trade, and the reasons for it
>ask about the finer arts of fleshcrafting and if there is a way for the modifications to be inherited to the offspring, how it could applied be used to improve cattle for our cattle
> Tell him about your plans for the village, and other things material in your realm
> Tell him about the progress you have made in your own powers

What have I accomplished? I have begun drawing up the bones of the earth to rearrange them into a stone road for the use of merchants and armies. I have prepared ghouls as tools to survey the land and oversee local trade and bandit control. But in these short years I have worked on developing the most important tool of all. Myself. But the Master need not hear this boasting.

Planning for the future is more important that discussing uninteresting accomplishments. The village sits on a mountain pass, and does not appear to be on a waterway. Merchants, like water, take the past of least resistance to wealth. Mountains are a source of resistance, which passes alleviate, but not to the level of the great rivers or the sea. I am not yet in a position to disrupt trade across the waters, nor is my demesne widely known. So first I will survey the local goods and my neighbors and instruct my servants to bring things of value to those who have them not, and increase the hunger for those goods which I can reach.

As for my personal development. That seems to interest the Master, so that is another thing on which I may focus. I have improved my abilities with the fleshcrafting arts to the point at which I might shape bone. I have developed some minor techniques, rapid motion to strike like a serpent and horns for enduring armor and crushing attacks.

File: 1371577318517.jpg (204 KB, 1224x720)
204 KB
204 KB .jpg
It feels difficult to believe that less than a month ago the entire galaxy stood at precipice of a disaster, friends and foes alike united in desperate coalition against an ancient, unknowable evil exerting themselves to their limit in a desperate struggle of survival.

It feels difficult because as far as you're aware, the skeletons of yesteryear were quickly gaining company amongst the scramble to pick up the pieces.

You are Tufferson Kris, special consultant for Citadel Institute of Xenoarchaeology, and currently dealing with what even from your position of a slightly jaded Krogan scholar you have to, with a dose of irony, consider irresponsible behaviour of a younger species.

Although, in fairness, the distinction falls flat when you consider all the stunts even ancients have pulled over course of aeons that would end up biting them in their tail. One of the most remarkable being scattered throughout the Sol system in terms of nigh indestructible wreckage apparently vaguely reminiscent of an aquatic form of life native to Terra.

In this context, decanting a form of life bred for combat in an extralegal, isolated laboratory, seemed positively harmless in comparison.

Well, mostly harmless.

"What could this mean?" Nicholas, the unofficial leader of the vigilantes, muses, reading the parting, presumably incomplete, message of a doomed man.

"C-could be a prank... a prank of a desperate, dying man." Josh says. The man has only been growing more jittery since the search of what might have been the facility inhabitants' final stand. "Still..."

"Yeah, I guess it's a possibility," You consider aloud. "...but even so, I'd think there would be other things on minds of these people than... cartoons."

"Well, if it meant anything, we're likely to find out. Let's move on." Chieftain Kara says and the rest of you nod assent as your groups leaves the vacated dormitories behind you.
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>Jump down the ledge and be the first to head into the tunnel. If they want a confrontation, they will have it.

New shotgunão goes THUD
Given that attempting to talk them out of their course would likely have been a fool's errand, besides there being some merit in disabling the creature without vaporizing the whole facility, you decide to adjust your approach. And the perspective of thrill of the battle has nothing to do with it, at all.

If confrontation is what they want, then confrontation is what they shall get.

You nod quietly at the chief, turn toward the ledge... and in two strides you build enough momentum to leap over the bulky railing and into the darkness below. Briefly you enjoy the sensation of both of your hearts beating with excitement as you allow yourself to relish in urges that drew your people to deny its kin the skies, the same urges that later saw you elevated to the stars in pursuit of unknown, alien prey.

And then, as you drop into a landing roll and regain your footing, you purge it with clarity of reason. Facing an unknown foe, culmination of some depraved mind's work and named after a second rate anime character, you're going to need your wits about you.

Or, barring that, you think to yourself as you weigh the hard hitting rifle in your hand, sufficient amount of firepower.

It's about time that you decide to ask the others if they're coming when you register Kara's laughter.

"Hah, hah! I knew there was more to you than you let on, nerd!"

The Krogan three are next to join you on the cavern floor, followed by the bluish glow as Gizmo and Josh descend enveloped by the latter's biotic field with the two remaining vigilantes being last ones to jump.

You don't wait or ask whether they are with you. You made your intentions clear enough. With weapon in hand you stride onwards, towards and into the tunnel.
There are no emergency lights here that would give shapes to the darkness. You are reliant on your suit's light, and your helmet's low light vision. Because seriously, who would limit themselves to single digit arcs of vision?

You do not delude yourself into thinking your approach might go unnoticed as you place one foot in front of the other, the sound echoed sevenfold by your companions. Kara walks closest to your side, if maybe two steps behind, perhaps in recognition of your antics earlier. Or maybe so he has better line of fire on whatever gets a drop on you.

On that note you estimate you are perhaps about half of the cavern's length again into the tunnel when a tremor, accompanied by a shriek unsteadies your stance and causes you to raise your weapon in anticipation. You were definitely getting closer, perhaps right after the next bend...?

It was not the next bend. However, the tunnel did widen abruptly after it and was joined with another one. Examining it with several sets of headlights you discern the familiar trail of blood and viscera you've been following earlier, and in the distance glints of metal and right angles, betraying another place where facility's walls have been penetrated. Additionally, thought that mihght have been shadows playing tricks on you, you got the impression there might have been another fork in the tunnel somewhere between here and the other breached room. Perhaps a thing to look into once you were done here. For now there was work to be done.

Turning back towards the darkness ahead you resume your careful, deliberate pace and corner another bend in the tunnel...

This time it was the next bend. Your group emerges into another, final, circular chamber that rose into some semblance of conical shape with the floor slanted uphill from your perspective. You groan inwardly at the connotation but don't have much time to bemoan imperfections of the battlefield while your attention is captivated by what sat at the far end of the cavern.

You have to admit the orange wireframe cast by the omnitool's projectors looked much less impressive than the mass of matte black segments resting with its taloned limbs bent at its sides and the head swiveled in your direction, teethed maw open and issuing a shrill challenge to the band of interlopers while measuring you with the bottomless pits that might have housed its eyes, folds at its throad pulsing slowly as they grew turgid with promise of something no doubt unpleasant directed at you. None of that was not of immediate concern, however.

Of interest as well were also clumps of organic matter flanking the queen's roost from either side, most of them limp, torn and dessicated, but a few were plump, scattered around one that was faintly moving and, according to your helmet overlay, a heat source! But that one was not your immediate concern, either.

No, the immediate concern was the dim blue glow surrounding her, followed by blare of sensor alarms in your earpiece.
Rolled 17, 60, 64, 88, 69, 23, 27, 65, 65 = 478 (9d100)

You barely have time to utter a profanity as you dive for cover, trusting your companions to have enough sense to do the same. They do, and it's a good thing, too, as a wave of force pulses through the area you were only just occupying and into the wall behind you, causing some rather unpleasant rumbling and cracking.

Once again you find yourself hoping the environment was not quite as destructible as it sometimes proves to be. And once again you are not given the luxury of bemoaning infeasibility of a dream encounter as the queen's cry is joined by a chorus of lower, weaker voices, and a cascade of skittering of claw against stone. "The battle," Nicholas narrates from behind the corner, "is joined."

With that your guns and those of your companions roar to life, cutting down the three warriors that followed Queen's biotic attack with their charge. Quick and clean, you think, but not the end of it you realize as more warriors begin to emerge from dark recesses of the cavern and you momentarily let your weapons cool down, conversing the limited spare clips.

"Barak." Kara commands.

"On it." The old Krogan raises the Widow, takes aim, makes a grin and gives the single shot the weapon can handle before cooling down, delivering its payload across the chamber, squarely into the Queen's open maw... or at least that was the intention as the projectile is harmlessly deflected in a spark of white and blue.

It seems this fight will be slightly less straightforward than the previous one.

>Push aggressively forward. If you can establish your presence in the chamber, you will have more room to maneuver and better access to dealing with the queen.
>Withdraw back. Maybe you'll be able to at least lure the warriors out?
>Hold the cavern mouth where you are. You don't have much room to maneuver, but at least you don't need to worry about being surrounded.
>other plan

Regardless, please roll 8d100 (Kris, Kara, Tam, Barak, Nicholas, Lucy, Gizmo, Josh)
Rolling for Queen, Warriors and Workers...

File: IMG_20210605_151336.jpg (438 KB, 640x932)
438 KB
438 KB .jpg
Perpetual Defiance - Thread 4 - What could possibly go wrong?


Welcome to Perpetual Defiance, here we play a game where you take the role of a Solar Auxilia Mercenary lobbied into existence by planetary governors and in service to the Emperor and the Imperial Senate. Mostly the latter though. Detached from the main crusading hierarchy, your job is to go to planets where planetary governors need to keep a lid on things and are willing to pay an exorbitant amount of money.

You're also a perpetual, a ridiculously rare kind of human with through some quirk of fate receiving the mixed blessing of both not being able to die, but also living in Warhammer 40 000 universe.

On the last thread you, through the help of dice, managed to somehow stumble your way into the upper hive and fight your way to the escaping shuttle of the hive's rebellious government and hijack their spacecraft, making you a millionaire in the process.

There's also an Alpha Legion Terminator active in the system, the system is blocked by warpstorms and an unknown starship just entered into the system, through said warpstorm and the rebel leaders might all just be infiltrators planted by the enemy.

Besides all the forementioned stuff, the war is going absolutely swimmingly! You made some sweet muscle gains, and you got invited to a party held by the Planetary Governor, celebrating the recent victories.

Anyway, you can check the archive if you want more info. We're picking from where we left off because it was such a good cutoff point!

But first, the character sheet!
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Rolled 22, 100 = 122 (2d100)

+++ Attack +++
21 vs 55 - 3(x2) degrees of success
2 vs 55 - 5(x2) degrees of success

1st Swift Attack = 3 strikes
2nd Swift Attack = 5 strikes


+++ /Attack +++

Rolling hit locations
For sake of balance and simplicity, I'm just taking best of bunched rolls
Got it. Slightly disappointing but it makes sense and we dont lose much. We get to hit on the head anyway.
Rolled 5 + 2 (1d5 + 2)

+++ Attack locations +++

1st swift attack - Arm, Arm Body (Soak 8 on all locations)
- Max potential damage 6+2
- Cannot do damage

2nd swift attack - Leg, Leg, Body, Arm, Head (Soak 4 on head)
- Max potential damage 10+2
- Can do damage through head by rolls and through armor
- Rolling damage to determine optimal outcome

+++ Conclusion... +++

Rolled 3 (1d5)

Wow, okay, Righteous Fury.

File: Herald Epic Armless.jpg (417 KB, 1274x945)
417 KB
417 KB .jpg
You are a Herald of Conquest, one who bears a flag and a message of war, violence, and domination that you are willing to deliver at all costs. You have a myriad number of items and skills at your disposal, as well as a few trusty comrades you’ve partied up with from the Adventurer’s Guild so you can gain the power and influence needed to spread word of your righteous cause.

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=herald%27s%20journey

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeraldQm

Current Status: https://pastebin.com/d4Z5Dbm7

Special thanks to Fuckwit, Slammin Salmon, and DemBones from the QTG discord for helping edit the image to reflect Herald’s one-armed status!
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Gotcha. In that case I'll change my vote to:
>See if Grug can’t teach you some Orc

Can't spread CONQUEST if we can't speak the language! Not easily, at any rate.
>see if Grug can teach you some orc

I think it will go a long way to getting them on side, and orcs are hard as fuck so will be very useful allies!

The vision I have for herald is to win over powerful and influential people (and orcs etc) and raise an army to fuck Silas up. From there we can conquer other nations etc, but once again we would turn up, get the lay of the land, probe for weaknesses, turn the people against the existing power structure then overthrow.

Personally I find that more fun and interesting than the brute force and ignorance approach of "just kill them" which I think would get repetitive.

Just my opinion, but either way I'm really enjoying playing with everyone! Thanks QM, I would buy you a beer if I could
>Research your prosthetic
>Research your prosthetic (Which book?)
>>see if Grug can teach you some orc
I really want to learn a little bit of magic as a backup plan or to just diversify our arsenal of choices, however this takes priority. Plus we're a bit of a retard when it comes to INT.

>Previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/4804619/
>Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=beyond+that+blue
>Discord: https://discord.gg/D2QGKxBd87

>‘I thought that your address was sincere, at the very least. No veils, no poetry, just … putting all out there for people to take, however they chose to take it. Maybe you didn’t set out to be inspirational, but there’s something about just saying things from the gut, you know?’ (Honest)

‘It was sincere, right?’ you let out, oddly nonchalant, especially for your person. ‘You didn’t put washers on it or anything fancy, no poetry and meaning or nothing … and you just let it all out there for people to let stew, however they wanted to take it. Not that I’m, uh … trying to assume anything from my end, but maybe it doesn’t matter as much to you and maybe it really is just another chore at the end of the day, but … everything you said was from the gut, right? No filters, no nothing … and at the end of the day, that sort of honesty matters more than whatever hyperbole they put ink to paper on, I think.’

Finding that the two incredulous stares upon the Lieutenant and the Instructor remaining just as they had been before … you move to back-track slightly, if only because the irony of your perspective being put into an effective paragraph in its own right hits you at that exact moment. You feel the heat gathering along your jawline, suddenly feeling more on the spot than you’d been attempting to bridge a proper command with them not two hours prior.

‘Not that I’d, uh … assume it to that extent, of course,’ you follow up, trying not to feel out the role of the dork too much. ‘It was just a speech, after all, I just … it’s just how I felt about it.’

Was that too much?




The both of them turn away as your embarrassment tickles your ears … and Formidable is the one to let out the first giggle, followed by a defeated and oddly warm gaze from Belfast, who clutches herself as she rests into her seat, eyeing you in a manner that you’re not quite sure you’re fully comfortable with or in complete protest of.

‘Odd one, you are,’ Formidable snorts, getting to her feet and dusting her dress off, before propping one hand on her hip and leaning forwards, smirking as her eyes now very much match the mischief of the still-silent Belfast. ‘Not in a fully charming way, of course, but it has potential …’

‘Now you’re just teasing him, Formidable,’ Belfast muses, before lifting her gaze again, meeting yours with a nod. ‘I … I’ll keep your … assumptions in mind, then, cadet … for next time.’

She wears a mischievous, mysterious smirk.

Just in case.

>Ask more questions
>Nod and sit back in your seat
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>It really doesn't, and thank you for the save earlier, captain.
>I should be returning to my companions before they feel I've bailed on them, but perhaps they'd be amenable to joining forces for this venture?

what a cute dork. Biscuits I mean. Anyway I'm not sure what chemistry will be between her and our british friends but I'd feel bad if we ditched either without trying to get them to hang together.

I agree, all forward on creating this awkward alliance!
>‘It’d probably be a little easier not going about it alone, though.’ (Imply)

Bismarck snickers, obscuring her curved lips with the back of her hand. ‘Yes, I suspect it would be a more agreeable arrangement,’ she starts, transparent, but at the same time, quite hesitant, ‘but I don’t believe my intrusion would be very … well-received by your unit, Commander.

She gestures to the Instructor and the Lieutenant, their forms obscured by the wall of eager enthusiasts, sparing mere peeks and glimpses of their headdresses and bare shoulders. You turn back to the Captain, opening your mouth to …

>‘If you say so … enjoy the festivities, Captain. Here’s my phone number if you need anything.’
>‘Intrusion? Not at all. I don’t think Belfast or Formidable would mind you tagging along. I’m sure they’d love the chance to play tour guide!’
>>‘Intrusion? Not at all. I don’t think Belfast or Formidable would mind you tagging along. I’m sure they’d love the chance to play tour guide!’
>I understand you may have misgivings, but if you're willing to try, I hope Belfast and Formidable can at least be given the same chance. I don't want to impose, but I feel it's a chance that would be a pity to waste.

You’re STANLEY PARBLE: a girl with a weird name and an even weirder tale: after a centuries-old lich woke up during your graveyard shift at the GOOD BOY DOGGIE BONE factory, your simple life of janitorial work became a bit more… Complicated.

Sure, you became pals with your now-sentient skeleton (you named him LY) AND gained some nifty super powers from eating MAGICAL BONE MARROW, but that doesn’t change the fact that your hometown of Clearwater, California is overrun by HOMICIDAL SKELETONS Even worse, the guy in charge is dead-set on taking over the rest of the world while he’s at it. Not cool!

Concluding what you will forever refer to as the ‘Worst Field Trip Ever’, you managed to infiltrate the TOP SECRET LAB where your dump-truck-sized stalker TALBOT was created. Fighting your way through an admittedly sparse guard staff thanks to your pal and Magical Goth Podcaster In Residence SYBIL’S eldritch tantrum, you managed to reunite with the rest of your crew and track down the lab’s sole remaining researcher: DR. DENISE VENAAS.

Thankfully she was about as intimidating as a wet napkin which allowed you to glean plenty of juicy gossip from her perpetually-nervous head--chief tidbit among them was the news that the leader of the SKELETON SOLDIERS: GENERAL HAWKES, spirited away an experimental compound from the lab--one that has a nasty habit of dissolving everything BUT bone upon ingestion and contact! Even worse, the psycho plans on pouring every remaining meatbag survivor a cup via the CLEARWATER DAM! And you thought LOS ANGELES water was bad!

Thankfully you’re not alone in your song-worthy crusade--your merry band includes your BFF Sybil, the aloof, yet dependable Good Boy security guard MITZI, the Clearwater U film students-turned looters EDDIE, TUCKER, and KIKI, AND, in a surprising turn of events, the good DOCTOR VENAAS and her imposing creation and your new bodyguard TALBOT, the latter changing sides after you removed the chemical dumbing down his mind and bonding over both being janitors!

After a daring escape from the lab, you, Mitzi, and Sybil came to terms over recent decisions and actions, culminating in a round of punching each other’s stomachs to clear the air--stupid as it sounds, it kinda worked, and you now find yourselves sprawled like old socks all over the back of your van laughing yourselves hoarse.

THIS is where your story continues…
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D'OH! I've made 'em public--maybe it'll work now?
Works! We got a to-do list, Paulies inventory, and skills and items
That's what I like to hear--thanks! Update will be out soon and Character List thing will be out... Eventually. Just got home from the gym, but thanks for your patience!
File: allyg.png (221 KB, 400x700)
221 KB
221 KB .png
“Alright, open ‘em.”

The suspense is KILLING you! Removing your hands from your eyes, you’re greeted by an old friend holding an old friend--in Gus’ hands sits a battered and tattered plush alligator doll, better known as ALLY!

Snatching it from Gus’ outstretched hands like a dog grabbing a treat, you hug the creature close to your chest and grin like an idiot--miracles really DO happen!

“Didn’t we already establish dat’ with Art comin’ back?” Ly interjects as he pokes an ASTRAL FINGERBONE at the doll! You shrug--you’re still happy about that, yea, but THIS right here is what makes it all worth it!

“Thought you could use a pal,” Gus explains, “but it looks like you picked up a few already.”

You hug Ally closer--they’re okay. When they’re not being JERKS, that is!

Gus follows your stare to the TREATMENT ROOM and nods. “Yea, Art told me about Syb. Poor guy.”

You nod--if he ever cheats on her he’ll be dead for REAL!

“When did you get that thing, anyways?” Gus continues, pointing a meaty finger towards the doll. “Feels like it’s been around forever.”

SHE has, you reply, rubbing your cheek against Ally’s. You’ll never forget when you first got her--you remember it like it was yesterday… OW!

“Don’t even try it.” Ly commands in a stern voice. Rubbing your temples, you shoot the ASTRAL PROJECTION a dirty look--you weren’t even going for a flashback that time--you just remember it like it was yesterda-OW, FUCK!

“Just makin’ sure.” Ly remarks. “Anyways, we got her when we were in da’ hospital, right?”

You nod--you were pretty sick. They must have kept you in that hospital bed for weeks! Figures that they couldn’t find out what was wrong…

“Never heard that story.” Gus interjects, scratching the back of his neck. “You always seemed invincible to me…”

You shake your head--not exactly. When you were younger you were in the hospital all the time--hell, you can probably still describe the room, the hall, and that tacky Christmas Tree they put near the nurse’s station around the holidays--the one with the chipped angel at the top.

“So that’s where she comes in?” Gus continues, poking at the doll’s loose button eyes. Yep--your parents picked her up for you to keep you company--books were never really your thing.

“Clearly.” Ly mutters, prompting you to sock yourself in the jaw! WORTH IT!

“Well,” Gus sighs, drumming his fingers on the side of his bike, “Glad you guys reunited. Was worried you’d be annoyed.”

You shoot your neighbor a skeptical glance--when have you ever been annoyed at him? Gus thinks for a second, then opens his mouth. WHOOPS, time to change topics!

>So, he met ART, huh?
>You know, there’s a SAFE PLACE for his family...
>NOPE! It’s been real, Gus!
>You know, there’s a SAFE PLACE for his family...

File: tcqop_71.jpg (857 KB, 1394x800)
857 KB
857 KB .jpg
A pair of figures in tightly bound dark robes with well-worn boots surveyed the wastes of Sosaldt from near the wreck of an armored vehicle. Whose it was did not concern them- there were many strays and vagrants either displaced by this new war or trailing armies and seeking to profit in one way or another, so they did not appear out of place, though they nor their allegiances could spare a thought for this war. They had other problems on the mind beside the latest conflict between men, petty compared to their and their enemies’ schemes.

They were partners, though one did hold seniority over another, they were not master and apprentice. One of them would normally be enough to overcome most any foe, but they battled increasingly against creatures like themselves- even in what was only meant to be an observation mission, they had to take the cautionary step of not going alone, especially when the matter they investigated was one concerning what must have been an act of power much like their own.

However, they had found no enemy. Yet.

“What a damned mess,” one of the robed figures said to the other. They looked near identical save for that one wore a dark green cowl over their head and covered their face, whilst the other let their face be bared. This one, with an unkempt patchy beard and long, greasy hair. “Do you think it’s their doing?”

“No, they wouldn’t wake up Zvchelles. They’re old things.” The dark green cowled one replied, their voice raspier, near inhumanly so. “The question is if they felt it too, if somebody’s on their way.”

“That’d be a pain in the ass. Somebody’s got to handle it. The fat piece of shit must have been running around for almost a week. What could have woken it up? There haven’t been any quakes here. I asked around and nobody’s talking. Nobody knows anything. Did it just pop out of the ground on its own?”

“If it did then there’s a serious problem,” the cowled one didn’t sound like he believed that theory, “But it’d be something that’s never been recorded happening before. Zchelles don’t wake up on their own. Something has to stink enough, close enough, if the ground itself doesn’t piss them off. So what came around here doing that…”

“This part of Sosaldt is a spiritual desert. Nothing that came from here would have done it. Who else could it be but the Elders?” A pause, as both figures looked to the west. “…Feel that?”

“I do. Somebody’s announcing they’re here. Not one of ours. Should we get them?”

“Nah, I think that’d be a waste of energy. You know how the Circle is when we go after shit on our own, especially with what happened to Dawn’s Lance. Not gonna risk our necks only to get bitched at. Let them clean up this crap for us. No reason for us to get involved. We’ll just keep an ear to the ground.”

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Come on!
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It's too bad, a man that ugly should die of old age.

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