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>What is a quest?
An interactive story in which the QM (Quest Master, Quester Molester, Queer Masochist) writes and provides the readers with options on how to proceed. Dice may or may not be included due to on-site functionality.

Questionably Useful links:

A collection of guides which may or may not still be active, but can be good for general writing advice to avoid common beginner's traps. Badly in need of renovation.

>Archive of quest reviews: http://pastebin.com/u/QuestReviewsArchive
Worth reading through, because the best way to figure out how a quest might go right or wrong is to see how it's been done before.

>Archiving guide:
Go to http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/requestqstinterface.html
Fill out the request form to archive a thread.
Threads are also automatically archived by other websites, such as archived.moe.

>Formatting guide:
Only the thread's OP can format.
Remove the spaces between the [] brackets and the letters:
Bold: [ b ]text[ /b ]
Italics: [ i ]text /i ]
Red: [ red ]text[ /red ]
Blue: [ blue ]text[ /blue ]
Green: [ green ]text[ /green ]

>Player question
How important are game mechanics to you, in the quests you play? What is your favourite original mechanic you’ve seen a QM institute?

>QM question
How do you feel about back-and-forth banter, or shitposting, in between your updates? Does it amuse you, throw you off your game?

>General question
How big a problem do you think samefagging really is? How would you combat it?

>Bonus Question
List what active quests you currently follow, for the benefit of science.
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thoughtful, curious, intellectual, student
it is a young man with a sword upon a picturesque hill, beneath the open sky

reward, luxury, discipline
an extravagantly dressed woman in a lush garden, with a tamed bright bird upon her hand

>26 ACE of WANDS
birth, energy, passion, A LITERAL ERECT PHALLUS (erotic stuff)
emerging from a cloud, it is a hand clutching a long... wand

anon, does this sound like you?
>only retards on /qst/
>explains this theory on /qst/

File: 20220426_212055.jpg (314 KB, 1080x1772)
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314 KB .jpg
File: 20220426_212109.jpg (418 KB, 1080x1777)
418 KB
418 KB .jpg
File: 20220426_212127.jpg (261 KB, 1080x1775)
261 KB
261 KB .jpg
>26 ACE of WANDS

File: Renovatio Imperii.jpg (179 KB, 600x694)
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179 KB .jpg
Anno Domini 1071

The reigning Emperor is dead. Fallen in battle against barbarian invaders. Little is known of whom shall assume the title of Imperator, Basileús kai Autokrátōr Thephaiōn (General, Sovereign and Autocrat of Thephians). But it’s not like the fate of a thousand-year-old Empire matters much to you. It has ebbed and waned for centuries now, but it always retained power and splendour enough to bounce back and stabilize, and you are sure it will continue to do so for a thousand years more. Well, you would assume so had you the faintest inkling of what is happening in the outside world.
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>The church ! The holy knights, though few in number men of pure faith and dedication, their armament and skill exceeding even that of your guards, you could have the patriarch rally them to you.
>The docks ! There’s still the local garrison there, as well as a large number of maritime mercenaries waiting to join your navy. You could try to rally them to your side.
The knights are elite troops that should follow us even in Hell with how pious we have been and the garrisons and naval mercenaries are good enough troops to act as auxiliaries to our elite warriors.
For the other two options, we don't have the money for mercenaries and the people would only serve as meatshields.
>if we survive i want to double down on us getting killed

Fuck off retard
>>The church ! The holy knights, though few in number men of pure faith and dedication, their armament and skill exceeding even that of your guards, you could have the patriarch rally them to you.
>>The docks ! There’s still the local garrison there, as well as a large number of maritime mercenaries waiting to join your navy. You could try to rally them to your side.
>Get to the church
Make sure the populace are roused too, do not call them to arms but let them know betrayers are abound
you fuck off
limp-wristed faggots like you have been doing nothing but whining and moaning for days at the first sight of a serious hurdle
shut the fuck up already if you have nothing new to say

File: PMT.jpg (256 KB, 1280x862)
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256 KB .jpg
After a long day of tennis, kart racing, and shunning Waluigi's existence, the motley crew of usual suspects make their way to Princess Peach's castle courtyard to watch fireworks and mingle with the citizenry of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Emissaries and representatives of nearly all towns are represented, from Glitzville to Twilight Town to Lavalava Island, everyone playing minigames in perfect harmony.

In the thick of the party, a meteor shower occurs right above, lighting up the sky with a magnificent glow of falling stars, which mostly goes ignored, until one comes plummeting down, square into Luigi's head, knocking him over!

The shooting star begins... Rising!

About 8 inches in diameter and an inch and a half thick, and made of a celestially glowing material, it turns around to reveal a face! A babylike visage with a single tooth and little, pinchable star cheeks. It looks at the floored Luigi, still reeling, then around at the crowd he has garnered, then nervously back at Luigi for a second, then floats to Princess Peach and addresses her directly.

"Princess Peach! My father is in dire need! You remember Twink, right?"

"..." -Peach

"The star that helped you out when you were kidnapped?"

". . ." Peach frowns and makes a funny face, as if trying to recall.

"He recently became a Star Spirit?!?! For crying out loud, Princess!" The star kid tries again.

"!" Peach says, acknowledging her old friend.

"Well I am his son, Lil Twink. I was sent here by Big Twink because the Star Spirits are in danger! On top of Eldar dying last year of Spirit Supernova from old age; Muskular, Kalmar, Misstar and Klevar have all gone missing! Big Twink and the remaining Star Spirits fear the worst, and are worried that they are next!"

The recently lively party is now sullen, afraid of what it would mean if the Star Spirits were taken advantage of again for evil purposes.

"But I bring good news!" Lil Twink says. "We have determined that Muskular was last seen not too far from here, helping adventurers in Mt. Rugged. We need someone to go and help Muskular and the other Star Spirits!"

Everyone stands still, a few people glance back and forth. Doctor Mario coughs once into his glove.

"...Sigh... Of course, the Star Spirits are bound by their code of duty to help whoever is noble enough to help them out by granting them amazing wishes beyond their wildest dreams." Lil Twink says, deflated.

The posh crowd erupts into a frenzied mob, with some ambitious or desperate questers running straight in the direction of Mt. Rugged, no doubt blindly enchanted by the offer of the Star Spirits' awesome power.
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Rolled 9 (1d14)

The Crystal King is rocked and shocked to 2/3rds of his original HP. He comes back with his signature move to freeze you in your tracks.

He then notices Grubba's side-hustle, and throws a Crystal Shard through his stand, blowing his paper cups all over the place!!

He really shouldn't have done that... The Crowd is crankier than ever... They're equally upset with Grubba and the Crystal King... Oh no... They're picking up rocks and snowballs to throw!! Don't they know throwing snowballs at the Crystal King will only heal him??
Bowser eats 7 damage to the Shell, but negates the Freeze!

TJ's got enough FP juice for one more strong Flame Blast...

Grubba's losing control, some of the Crowd are falling ill to the Shaved Ice due to the source of the coloring -Grubba's toxic bile. They begin to ask what's in that crap, anyway?!!? With Grubba's nasty stand run down, and the Home Pipe burst by the Crystal King, the Crowd is having a hard time deciding who they want to trounce more.

Good thing they don't have torches and pitchforks yet... Oh shit, you see torches and pitchforks in the distant, distant distance! They're quite far away, though.

>OPTIONAL: Help influence Grubba's hold over the sold out Crowd before they turn rogue!!
>Then choose a move for Bowser, then TJ!!! (Or a Doopliss Quick Change?!?)
Moves/Badges/More at pastebin.com/Vgpm3708
Usable Items: x2 Fire Pop (-1HP, +20FP), x2 Life Shroom, Dried Bouquet, Maple Syrup (+10FP), Snowman Doll (4 ice damage to all enemies), Repel Cape (Dodgy for 3 turns)


Grubba (9/22 HP)(9/11 FP) UNAVAILABLE - SELLING OUT (1)
Bowser (19/30 HP)(7/20 FP)(1.8/2 SSP) DEF2
Troopa Jr. (10/18HP)(3/9FP) DEF1, Flying, Top-Spiky

-1ST BENCH: Doopliss (13 HP)(11 FP) DEF1
-2ND BENCH: Kammy (0/13HP)(8/16FP) Flying, K.O.'d!


Crystal King (61/90 HP)(12/45 FP)

He's running out of FP! Soon all he'll be able to do is shoot Crystal Shards!!

Unless... Oh no, the Crowd!! They've all wound up their pitching arms, they're ready to pelt the field indiscriminately with projectiles!!!! They may inadvertently help the evil Crystal King instead of the evil Bowser!!
(Upcoming roll next turn: 25d8)
1 - Rock! -2HP to Grubba
2 - Snowball! -1HP and -FP to Grubba
3 - Rock! -2HP to Bowser
4 - Snowball! -1HP and -FP to Bowser
5 - Rock! -2HP to TJ
6 - Snowball! -1HP and -FP to TJ
7 - Rock! -3HP to Crystal King
8 - Snowball! +1HP and +1FP to Crystal King!
Bowser and TJ: appeal to help Grubba. Maybe we can direct the crowd fury to the ice dude.
It was one god damn contain of peanut butter! I'll buy you a new one, jeez!
And by fury I mean throwing only rocks and not snowballs. We're a cooler dude, we're the real OG bad guy. We build kick ass fortresses, hire a ton of people to man them, and part of the Smash community.
File: mqdefault.jpg (9 KB, 320x180)
9 KB
9 KB .jpg
Rolled 1, 1, 2, 4, 3, 2, 4, 2, 4, 2, 3, 3, 3, 2, 1, 5, 1, 2, 2, 5, 1, 1, 2, 5, 2 = 63 (25d5)

Grubba starts working on Shaved Ice again as fast as he can, beseeching the Crowd not to throw rocks at you guys. They seem to listen, but he's still struggling to keep up with demand... He's giving the Shaved Ice out for free now. People are still complaining because it isn't pink flavor like all the rest... They lower the Rocks aimed at you, but not their Snowballs... Grubba is sweating it out in Shiver Snowfield!

It's been a long time since the height of your popularity, back when you won the 32-man Melee tournament in the garage at Jamie's B-Day party.

Panicking, King Bowser shows off just how cool and evil he is by pelting the lifeless Stank Hag with a Snowball of his own!

The crowd recoils and groans, maybe that move was in bad taste. You at least let them know "if you throw a Snowball at the Crystal King, he'll just gain more power! ...Throw Rocks at him! Save your Snowballs for Kammy! Remember why burst the pipe, it was because of him and the X-Dorx!"

They seem to listen to Bowser's Appeal, and the Snowball throwers in the Crowd point away from your foe... And all point at you!!

Except for TJ, who they deem too cute to assault at all anymore. His Appeal did bring in more 5 people to the Crowd of Rock/Snowball throwers, though...

The Crowd is (kinda) on your side now!! You've changed the dice roll significantly!! But you can't stop the onslaught of snow!!! And the Crystal King can't stop the onslaught of rock!! (30d5!!!)
1 - Snowball! Kammy is soiled and shamed!!
2 - Snowball! -1HP and -1FP to Grubba
3 - Snowball! -1HP and -1FP to Bowser
4 - Rock! -3HP to Crystal King
5 - Rock! -3HP to Crystal King

"Hurray!!!!" TJ cheers the Crowd on, safe from their frenzied, frozen snowball fight.

Bowser and Grubba get pelted...

Crystal King sustains heavy damage...

Your name is Shu, and you’ve come a long way at the end of the world.

The world as you knew it is long gone, consumed from without by a ravenous being from beyond the stars. Humanity’s been reshaped into a vicious, feral thing by the Crucible, their bodies twisted into raging beasts of muscle and bone, voices and minds warped into tools of war. The Daughters—combatants elected by the Crucible to fight and devour their fellows to reach even the apex of hideous strength—are perhaps the lucky ones, granted the freedom of choice in a world where most humans, flora, and fauna have been melted down into a carpet of raw biomass that’s pulled taut across our world.

Like every other Daughter in existence, you can feel the pull—gnawing at your bones, pulling every fiber of your being towards the tether between a mutilated earth and an alien sky. You call it the Cord, and it’s said that reaching it’s summit will grant the Crucible’s victor the power to reshape all that is into all that will be.

A siren’s song, beckoning you to the end of all things…

…but you’ll fight it, and anything else that would dare to drown out humanity’s future.

Before you at this very moment looms a living mountain of flesh, a titan wrought of animals both predator and prey. One of three colossi, the most erratic and violent of the Apocalypse Amalgams—Behemoth stands head and shoulder above his kin, and has demanded that you make a choice between two equally unappealing options.

On the one hand, he asks you to step aside and allow him to stop the very thing you came here to ensure comes to pass—a rocket launch, set to pierce through the Crucible’s false sky and carry a fraction of humanity’s future with it to the stars beyond.

On the other, he’s ordered you to finish this hunger game in the way he believes its creators intended—ascend the Cord. Claim the throne. Continue the cycle, presiding over another world’s devastation with a hollow title and a heart full of regrets.

He’s not the first to offer you a binary choice.

He won’t be the last to regret it, either.


Previous Vein: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2022/5175718/

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Body%20Horror%20Quest

Character Abilities: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1p_asyKKcyCbQieAAXo1oogBucLtzSypx8-M9vqA96zE/edit#gid=1685687578

Trypophilic Hive, Ver. 3: https://pastebin.com/bUWG6TNF

Relics, Ver. 7: https://pastebin.com/kHzW2hbd

Dual Techs: https://pastebin.com/2jZ5Zhyx

Character Profiles: https://pastebin.com/eL2zTZ4f

Quest Fan Works: https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1comL20X2jUrPO0p7QMdFinwAwdXHre2F9A5bdXif7_k/mobilebasic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bodyhorrorquest?lang=en
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You're right, we should set this up instead of suddenly dropping in on Ozmas. Especially after it's been so long since we've talked to her. I just want to not go straight from "this interaction with Ozmas really fucked Charon up" to talking with Ozmas. Let's get a bit of distance, first. Could we send her a letter, actually? Is that possible? That would give us a bit of distance, since we wouldn't be directly interaction with her.

Oh, yeah, there's just so many neat indie games coming out lately. It gives me FOMO like you wouldn't believe.
>Could we send her a letter, actually? Is that possible? That would give us a bit of distance, since we wouldn't be directly interaction with her.

forwarding the above message/question to bhop.
(You absolutely may. You can essentially 'ping' her with a pre-recorded or textual message via Neuromancy or Skintalking, if you like.)
Hmm. Okay, then. Something to compose, though I still don't want to write it right now. What can I say, Charon, I share your hesitance for uncomfortable conversations.

>tfw we can send Ozmas the skinternet equivalent of a "discord notification ping"
If it weren't so damn tragic considering the subject matter between her and Charon, the mental image of Ozmas getting hit by a discord message ping and her habitually flying off the handle every time an annoying notification pops up would be hilarious.

File: Pimarch Quest Title.png (666 KB, 697x827)
666 KB
666 KB .png
The War with the Mitu Collective rages on. The Mitu have decided that it was enough and have finally deviated resources from their eternal Campaign against the Orks towards the fleet of Arch Dominus TalOS DAV1S of Force World Lucius. Any day now the Black Stone Fortress however, which will assure victory to the Mechanicum if finished. Will it finish, what of the Orks, and what shall happen when first contact with the infant Imperium occur.

++The Rules++
>Vote with Greentext, otherwise they probably won’t be accepted.
>Write-ins can be accepted, and might even be used in the final without majority rule.

Previous Threads:
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That is what anons have mention and are banking on. He could be the Emperors man inside the Mechanicum. Which is leverage for why he should trust us and keep us close even if we dont recant our faith internally.
That could be a good place to send our psychic acillians rather than killing or disbanding them. Make them techmarine specialists who help work on the webway. Talos wouldnt have much of a taste for psychic eldar technology
>Do not bow, for he is a fraud. The Machine God will never accept a Psyker as the Omnissiah.

All Emps had to do was not psyker so much, but he blew it.
File: file.png (1022 KB, 1073x1383)
1022 KB
1022 KB .png
I was browsing through the internet to see if there is any anti-psykers meme and found this one.
Related? almost not one bit.
Funny? sure
File: file.png (492 KB, 500x500)
492 KB
492 KB .png
Now that I think about it the fraud part looks questionable, because Talos know that whoever could make the rain go on Mars would be declared Omnissiah. It's even logical that the psyker did it where most brilliant logical minds failed

File: MaxSpiderBanner.jpg (388 KB, 1440x900)
388 KB
388 KB .jpg
You are Ben Parker, super-powered criminal and thief extraordinaire. After being bitten by a radioactive spider, you underwent a miraculous change, and adopted the identity of "The Huntsman"! You also adopted the identity of "Spider-Man", for anyone that doesn't know about your illegal exploits, but that's besides the point.


Last time:
After rescuing Cindy Moon from the horrible fate of becoming sewer monster chow, Ben found himself in the sights of a vampire cult that wanted the little girl out of the picture. Now, he must find a way to shut them down, without attracting the attention of the authorities.

Most dice rolls will be 1d100. Modifiers will be added depending on the situation or on the alien being used(Usually +10 or -10). Crit successes and crit fails apply. Crit fails can be overridden by crit successes, but crit failures cannot override crit successes.

How to Roll:
To roll dice, type “dice+1d100” in the options field without the quotations. To roll dice with positive modifiers, type “dice+1d100+modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number. To roll dice with negative modifiers, type “dice+1d100+-modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number.

Character Sheet:

Equipment and Gear:


If you have any suggestions that might improve the quality of the quest, feel free to share them! Good luck and have fun!
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>”You’ve got yourself a deal.”(Shake hands with Callisto.)
I'm trying to not say it.
Say it
Say it, we cannot resist bad puns when in costume.
>I will try to not be suspicious.

File: SixRoomsWIthNewBossArt.jpg (560 KB, 1000x1781)
560 KB
560 KB .jpg
Spawned for seemingly no reason and hidden beneath the cobblestones of the city above -- here sits a little dungeon.
A timid, lonely, little dungeon with barely any monsters or traps to defend themselves. Located underneath an abandoned orphanage in the city of Duskmire.

Unfortunately, the wicked whims of fate decided to reveal the dungeon's presence to the people of the city above and burdened it with visitors before it was well and ready to stand against the perils of the world.
And thus their struggle began. A tale of rapid expansion, fierce battles, and horrible corruption.

From a single chamber and one measly [Goblin] to an impressive amount of rooms filled with loyal subjects.

You are the Little Dungeon.

The Dungeon is currently 9 days old

Previous thread





Current Dungeon
Pic related

Buildable Rooms
- Marshland (Trap, DC 5 Strength, 3 DP)
- Pit Room (Trap, DC 5 Wisdom, 3 DP)
- Jungle Room (Trap, DC5 Constitution, 3 DP)
- Branding Chamber (Utility, 5 DP)
- Room of Bewilderment (Puzzle, DC15 Intelligence, 5 DP)
- Boss Room (Utility, 5 DP)

Spawn-able Monsters
- Goblin (Spawned, DC 8 Strength, 1 MP)
- Bugbear (Spawned, 1st: DC 14 Wis / DC 12 Str, 3 MP)
- Goblin Brute (Corruption, DC 12 Strength / DC14 after kill, 1 MP)
- Goblin Savant (Corruption, DC 12 Intelligence, 3 MP)

I had to install a special plugin to screenshot the boss monster's stats for the monster sheet as it was too long - edition
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Sad to hear your day ends at 6 pm
I'll try to post after D&D
What day are you on wtf it's not even 2pm
To think that there could possibly be a br*tish person in this quest, how horrifying.

File: pasted image.png (149 KB, 1013x828)
149 KB
149 KB .png
Greetings, Navigators.
Thank you for your cooperation on this mission. What you have accepted is a dangerous mission, your sacrifice will not be taken lightly.
In your submarine, you have been equipped with you the tools you need to recover the lost data. To use these tools simply type your command into the terminal. Once a command has been received, duplicate commands will be ignored.
Be warned, Navigators, damage to the hull will increase the error rate of navigation. If your error rate reaches 30%, your hull will breach and you will fail.
Caroiline@localhost:~$ Status
>Current error rate: 10%
>Wall north: 9 Units
>Wall south: 3.5 Units
>Wall west: 4 Units
>Wall east: 10 Units
>Exact location: 5.0N 5.0E
>Distance from nearest objective 5.6 Units
>Current Scrap: 2
Caroiline@localhost:~$ Help
Accepted commands:
>Move [x] @ N [y]° E (set bearing [y] degrees east starting from due north, then move [x] units, will damage hull and stop immediately if you hit a wall)
>Status (returns distance from nearest Objective, distance due north, south, east, and west of nearest wall, and current navigation error rate)
>Map [x1][y1]-[x2][y2] (returns map from [x1]N [y1]W to [x2]N [y2]W max range 625 square Units)
>Retrieve (attempts to retrieve objective, will fail and cause damage if more than 1 unit away in any direction )
>Repair (uses 3 scrap, improves error rate by 5%, gives exact location)
147 reply and 29 image omitted. Click here to view.
>QM if you dropped us some custom puzzle or unusual encryption combo and expect someone to solve it, then you need to dial it the fuck down.
I expect it to be very very hard to solve without finding the source of the radio signal. But it is real. And uses cryptographic techniques that have existed prior to this quest. Hints are on the way!

3 repairs, proximity override and precision selector seem to be the vote. But I might be lost in the sauce. Imo proximity override is overpowered, and I should have made it a 1/4 to NOT take damage. Oh well, the bones have been cast.
Yeah, don't mind him being mad about it. We'll probably start getting it once hints flow in. 10% minimum sounds fair, like that one anon said, because it would be a walking simulator otherwise. And I personally have no problem with you inverting Proximity override, as long as you let us re-vote on whether to buy an inverted one.

I'll start adding a name like you suggested.
A side effect of using names will probably help phone posters.

As for the minimum error, I mean, as a person who got hit with the full brunt of it, I'm against it. However, that's more of a mad cause bad situation.

In terms of Proximity Override it is very good so if it needs nerfing, so be it.

So is it impossible to reduce it by repairing? Since repairing now would theoretically put us at 5% which would below the 10% threshold.

Is it if the error factor from damage is below the threshold then we get a hit without having to worry about it affecting our systems?

If 10% is the minimum would that mean that Course Correction would effectively do nothing then?
Course correction would become the only way to have 0% error, and would require a min 2 movement when at 10% to reduce it to no error. another side effect of course correction is that, because error is reduced per move, even one move, you effectively have 5% less error, period. I designed course correction to encourage multiple/blind moves.

If I make the error min 10% you would not be able to waste scrap repairing. And by min error I mean min error rate. The error is still a range that is center weighted, i.e. the "average" is still accurate. The distribution is (4d6-14)*[error rate]. I roll the dice in real life, trust me :°) the worst roll so far has been a -8° for angle, which is when you crashed and then I deleted the post, because I added 8° instead of -8° but you crashed during the next move anyway, due to the -8° error earlier lol.

Sick totes voting for Course Correction then.

Course correction and Proximity are my votes for the upgrades.

That -8 stills stings hahaha.

File: Turn1.png (3021 KB, 3386x1453)
3021 KB
3021 KB .png
Welcome one, welcome all, to the very thrilling and exciting tale of young blooded races facing off in a duel of destinies to see who can rise and who will fall.

In a world looked over by a young and naïve god, mortals even younger must fight to survive in an unlikely and uncertain world where the dangers are not only each other, but the very whims of the one who watches yet made manifest.

Will they be able to stand the test of time and create for themselves a titan not even a god can crush? Or will they simply fall forgotten by the sands of time as just yet another broken plaything.

Let fate play out, and we'll see what remains in the Dawn.
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With Azimar and Inavar separated, the two Grand Communes begin going down separate paths of genius, as expected.

1. In the Azimar Commune, the lizards begin working on breakthroughs in self-applied magic, be it hardening their scales or letting acid drip from their claws. Enhancement Magic is pioneered by these fool-hardy geniuses(invent Enhancement Magic, self enhancing only, soon to be trademark of the capital of Azimar)

2. In the Ivanar Commune the lizards focus on the more natural arts of alchemy, slowly turning their practices into more organized formats of learning and science(Alchemy, plus more rigorous alchemical activity and organization of materials and experiments. Proper alchemy shall be Ivanar's trademark)

Throughout the Iaakan Entreaty even the poor eat like kings, it appears, the multi-limbed lizards often making lengthy trips to widen their pallete, marching south to sample the fruits of the orgartanum and north to meet the culinary skills of the Mor Colleganium.

Action 1: More cereal (A farm)

Over the years Gyd alone has grow comfortable and familiar, but the Aak continue their quest to domesticate crops, growing and cultivating plenty of new ones to hopefully find the next Gyd.

After a while, they believe they may indeed have found just that, a small farming community unveils a section of food items in the growing outpost of Kaanon that quickly spreads in popularity, each item made mostly of Zotes. Fit to feed livestock, be rolled into rolled zotes or simply be crushed into zotemeal, this versatile food may never eclipse the Gyd, but may act as a strong contender to it.

It’s taste is as one may expect, but the colour of the oats tends to “bleed” out and render anything made using them a distressing bloody red. Frequent and near-exclusive consumption may also pigment the skin, if the new pink glow of the Taka family is anything to go by.

Action 2: Fruit (farm, closer to Iaakon than the other farm)

Across the river empire a selection of fruits are cultivated for enjoyment and sustenance, the foremost of which are listed below.

Jammbat, an odd, stalky plant that grows a large fruiting seedcap, the inside of which is packed full of natural jam. The actual edibility of the plant is questionable, but the nutrition and delectability of its nectar is undeniable.

Imenityfroot is named for the many-eyed collegium folk, this plant looks from a distance to be a tree full of many fist-sized colourful eyes, staring about at their surroundings.
After removing the iris shaped seed from the middle, the fruit can be sliced or eaten whole for a remarkably tart and fairly sweet snack.

Barberries are an extremely sweet fruit that grows, as the name suggests, in thin rectangular bars by the bushel. They are a joy to devour whole, with a surprising amount of the flavour coming from the skins which when peeled, leave behind a rather bland, firm inside.
Aak favour leaving the skins on when mashing the Barberries into jam as a result, and early attempts at making a fruit wine have met with promising results.

Use my 2(?) expansion this turn to connect up to Kaanon

With the animals properly tamed and the raid recently endured, the Empire shifted it's efforts to that of defense. For while food and famine were of great worry, the recent work had ensured such would be harder to come by, and so far the greatest threat to the food supply was that of the southern barbarian raiders, or Velix Selin Keliro as called in Salivanid tongue. As such, two things were decreed of the utmost importance to the empire. Weapons, and the materials to make them. Of course, the latter was of greater importance to most, as without a strong metal, weapons and armor could not be made. And while surface deposits of iron and copper weren't too hard to find occasionally, greater quantities were needed so as to be able to not ruin tool production and to also naturally make actual armor for the Viersperan, just considering how much was needed to properly cover one fully or even partially. Still, a number of ideas for weapons that could easily deal with the smaller raiders were planned and thought of, along with weapons useful for fighting opponents of a more equal size. But one weapon of the latter category was actually able to be worked upon even now. The Lakin. Specifically Lakin Alvi il. Great War Bows. The arrow heads could very simply be made out of large flint stones, or even this step ignored and just made out of sharpened bits of wood. And given the size and strength of the Viersperan and the bow, it was likely that it didn't even need to penetrate armor if it managed to hit one of the Velix Selin Keliro to take them out of the fight. Still, it was best something was developed sooner rather than later, and this, combined with a few other plans, would ideally serve to aid in the future defense of the Empire. Ideally, once safe from the raiders, the focus could return to more productive and prosperous things. Though at the very least this work already would do well to increase productivity of tools and similar.

>Action One. Prospecting

>Action Two. Lakin Alvi il. Great Bows.
Throughout Iaakon influential families barter and debate with eachother, the first true noble houses arising from at first simple farmers, and then those who use their talents to buy and lord over yet more lands.

Wealth begins to be measured in acres, for power in the Entreaty flows not from its deep mines or thronged phalanxes, but from its soil.

In the concrete halls of Iaakon Ireejaks (Family-meets) seem to be called all the time, discontent rises over the current rather lax and aimless form of governance that currently persists in the nation, families even from far-away Kaanon need travel to the capital several times a year to give their input on important topics.

It would be inaccurate to say there is truly a democracy, but certainly a meeting of varied influential voices.

>Action 1: Otters (Culture?/Food?)
The rivers and coastlines of Huterangia are found by their Huterang settlers to be the home of a social and communicative species of small mammal that can be readily tempted with seafood. The Huterang soon bond with these otterly adorable creatures, finding them not only to be playful and cheerful companions that can easily lift a spirit; but also animals with a fair number of utility - their swiftness in the water allows easy capture of fish for themselves and those Huterang wishing to dabble in pescetarianism, whilst their nimbleness and sharp teeth also provide some modest additional protection of Huterang food through the predation of insects and rodents.

>Action 2: Boon Fruit (Science/Research)
The invigorating fruit discovery soon has the eyes of the intelligencia, with many herbalists, apothecaries and even the mysterious alchemists setting their minds to work unlocking the enormous potential in life improvement and medical potential that these fruits seem to offer the Huterang people.

>Passive Expansion:
Expand along our defined border on our side, linking to Ihpalem and pushing toward the great mountain.

File: Civ.jpg (1378 KB, 1183x2875)
1378 KB
1378 KB .jpg
Uh-oh. Namefag, pick race, roll 1d100.
51 reply and 21 image omitted. Click here to view.

Following the provocations of the AAA, the Silverfish develop gigantic retractable penises. While impressive to human standards, they are measured to be, on average, equal to the AAA. Moreover, the insects discover that this evolutionary trait provides no advantage, and in fact makes reproduction with smaller than average sized vaginas more difficult. This downside is mitigated by the development of a special breeder caste that possesses matching reproductive organs. The development of the warrior caste, however, fails, perhaps because of genetic limitations or the lack of military experience.

>80% of the Silverfish are turned into breeders, with a 5% breeding bonus
>Total population: 43 Silverfish [normal]; 178 Silverfish [breeder]

The Great AAA Coalition hosts the first International Olympic Games. The ceremony is wonderful, with splendid decorations and party favors of all colors, dominated by a three meter phallic statue of Zakka Shoeloo, which took several months to craft. The Games begin with a Book-Surfing race, where the athletes have to surf down stacked bookshelves to the finish line. This event is won by the Silverfish, using their several arms to gain better balance, to the great deception of the African American athletes, who had trained hard for the race. The second event, the Book-Eating contest, is again won by the Silverfish, who are able to eat the "food" twice faster than the other races. Finally, the third event, the Treasure Hunt, is won by the Skaven, who used their stealth ability to sneak behind the hapless Scribes, who have the fabric of their clothes robbed from them. Overall, the International Olympic Games are won by the Silverfish; the Skaven come in second place; and the Goblins come third.

The zombie horde arrives one month late to the Olympics Games.

>Total population: 131 AAA

At the end of the Olympic Games, after the goblins have departed, one of their shamans remains behind, and assassinates the great Zakka Shoeloo, and 8 other members of his retinue.

>Total population: 161 goblins, 6 shamans

The humans develop primitive tools from wood and marble, such as knives, hammers, hooks, and so on. This is a great event, for they are entering history as the first civilization to reach the Stone Age. Next, using their tools, they build four high towers at the corners of their village, which provide visibility over the entire Great Hall. The development of a moss farm fails, because moss is rather rare in the Great Hall, and there's not enough to cultivate.

Knowledge (Local): The Underground Scribes reject all of Thyp'ptyklpt's teachings, in particular, the theological aspects regarding reincarnation, angels and demons, the Aruntia Book, the Unknowable Mother, and the virtues of alchemy. The Aruntia Book is the holy scriptures of the other scribes, and describes Thyp'ptyklpt as an omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, infinite, and eternal spirit personality, the nature of which is that of a Father, whose divine match is the Unknowable Mother.

>Total population: 121 humans
>Develops Stone Age civilization and tools
>+4 wooden towers

The Great Necromancer walks the alleyways of the north-west sector like a shadow, never sleeping or resting. He opens every book that looks interesting, searches every nook and cranny of the shelves, but frustratingly finds nothing of value, other than uninteresting stories and superstitions about the universe. He gives up, and returns to the battlefield where the corpse puppets and the Scribes had once fought. With his necromancy, he finds himself able to raise 20 ash golems that can serve as bodies for the Legacies. Then, he develops a composite fiber and wood workshop, a sort of mini-factory where the golems produce materials that can be used for construction.

>+20 ash golems
>+composite fiber and wood workshop

The twisted art of the Thadmancer allows him to form an abomination from the brains of the twenty Scribes he had captures. The new creature names itself the Mira Mortis. It is sentient, intelligent, and hostile, and is filled with a high degree of necrotic magic, rivaling the greatest wizards in power. The Mira Mortis is nearly immortal, but can be destroyed if all the attached hearts are destroyed. The Thadmancer then explores the halls, and finds a strange stone slab, encrusted with obsidian. Runes that represent the sun, the moon and stars are drawn on it with lacquer. He discovers that the slab is imbued with the power of divination.

>Population: 168 zombies
>+ Mira Mortis
>+ divination slab
File: Shake.jpg (95 KB, 900x645)
95 KB
95 KB .jpg
Rolled 50, 17, 37, 48, 22, 35, 32, 41, 93, 56, 5, 23, 32, 63, 1, 62, 49, 24, 57, 85 = 832 (20d100)

Participating in the games has given the Silverfish a great deal of respect for the AAA (Their new penis brothers). Upon hearing of the Goblin populace betraying their hosts and assassinating their leader, who many of the Athletes very much liked, the insects are outraged. They keep it quiet for now, continuing to develop their society over the next year.

>Delve through the books and attempt to understand the technology within, now that they've realised that they hold no affinity for magic.
>Expand and fortify the hive further
>Explore the Library and search for areas of interest

As the free communication action, the Silverfish send a party of emissaries to the AAA. Among them is Chkk Zvkkvy, the corpulent bug who won the Book-Eating contest for the honor of his people. He's still wearing one of the party favours after all this time.

>"Khkhkh... The vile Goblins have violated the laws of hospitality. Should you seek to retaliate in the future, we pledge our aid. We are occupied with affairs at the moment, but next year, we will commit to vengeance should you wish. Khkhkh."
Rolled 50, 58, 49, 65, 1, 91, 29, 67, 71, 13, 20, 28, 97, 49, 9, 81, 5, 45, 47, 91 = 966 (20d100)

The cowardly goblin civilization migrates away from the Great Hall, taking their rat herd with them. They promise that they will come back one day, to get revenge against the insects...

>Action 1, 2, 3: migrate away

New players welcome. Don't worry if you have no idea what's happening - directly below this post will be a summary recounting all the major events so far. If you wish to read the first thread anyway, there is a link to the archive below. Everybody is welcome to participate and vote.

In Barovian Legends #2, Aranuel will learn her role in the fate of Barovia, and come face-to-face with the blight that keeps Ravenloft adrift, separated from the realm of the living: the Curse of Strahd.

Archive of Previous Thread

Character/Quest Info
Info / FAQ: https://pastebin.com/sTurBdHZ
Stats, Spells, Inventory, Character (updated in real time): https://pastebin.com/chuTtwgW
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No way bro, we didn't do anything wrong we just got unlucky.
>Implying Baron Vallakovich wasn't asking for it
It wasn't us, it was Kossuth. Surely you aren't doubting fire god anon....
File: a7me3nb6y1l81.png (675 KB, 1200x614)
675 KB
675 KB .png
You enter the room where the haunting sound of the organ is coming from. You would prefer to avoid a repeat of the incident in the manor.

Three enormous crystal chandeliers brilliantly illuminate this magnificent chamber. Pillars of stone stand against dull white marble walls, supporting the ceiling. In the center of the room, a long, heavy table is covered with a fine white satin cloth. A seat is available at the end of the table facing you. In front of the seat is a crystal goblet filled with an amber liquid with a delicate, tantalizing fragrance.

At the center of the far wall, between floor-to-ceiling mirrors, stands a massive organ. Its pipes blare out a thunderous melody that speaks in its tone of greatness and despair. Seated at the organ, facing away from you, is a single caped figure who pounds the keys in raptured ecstasy.

The figure suddenly stops as you enter. A deep silence falls over the dining hall. He slowly turns toward you.


File: Broken Empire 4.jpg (405 KB, 1920x1080)
405 KB
405 KB .jpg
”Fine, get the subspacers to tag along, we are leaving the area.” Stating so, you fall fully in your chair. This was a victory, if nothing else, but it does leave a bad taste in your mouth, after all, when you fight, you always bloody the enemy.

You watch as your fleet struggles to maneuverer to a safer area, looking for a gap with little to no asteroids, a perfect terrain for your forces. One thing of note would be the solar flare, you able to witness it in its full glory. It is a beautiful, if deadly, sight.

Finally, you reach a location in which you are not at risk of an asteroid slamming into you and ending your illustrious career before it got to fully bloom.

The two merchant ships stumble and bumble as they follow your fleet. They are now entirely at your mercy, and they know it.

“Comms, contact the merchant captains.” You half-heartedly command.

It does not take long for the two voices to once again be heard.

“Your lordship.” Both the man and woman say at once.

“Now that we are in a safer zone, I have questions. You will answer them truthfully and quickly, am I clear ?”

“Yes, your lordship.” The two respond at the same time.

“First of all, what the hell are you doing here ?” You are quite confused as to why these people are in such a hostile system.

“Plying our trade. With the system so unstable, it has made it extraordinarily easy for us to extract rare ores, and getting common ores is as simply as simply plucking an asteroid, and we already made a profit.” Responds the man.

“How come you had no protection ? These lands are not the safest, especially considering the pirate dominance.”

“Most escort forces have pulled back to guard their own territories. Whatever local mercenary forces that had existed were tiny compared to the pirates, and they have either joined up, been exterminated, or they simply quit these lands.” Says the woman.

“With great risk, comes great reward.” Pipes up the man. “With the pirates rampaging, trade isn’t doing too well, so naturally the prices skyrocket.”

Dying for greed. These people are merchants through and through.

“There was a comm signal in the system that we intercepted. You have any idea where in came from ?”

“No idea, your lordship.” Succinctly responds the man.

You start to think:

>”I have more questions.” (Write in)

>”I have no more questions, let us leave this accursed system.”

>”I have no more questions, we’re to explore further. Find the pirates, find the signal.”

>(Write in)
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File: 1650990542648.png (332 KB, 3776x2812)
332 KB
332 KB .png
>Promise just compensation (2/3 original price) for it. You think he’d appreciate spending cash for whores and drinks.

give the ship to tetraut, since as we said, we promised a much more respectable, and higher survival chance position than frigate captain. since datz has already been given TWO destroyers and are still on "parole" for her previous rulebreak.

>Plan your route.
im planning this route since then we get through several different unoccupied systems, and still come back to imperial space to check on the situation on the outside. if people would rather want roks as the end location for this course that is totally acceptable as well, just say so if you +1 this message.
>>Just seize it. He’s a commoner, an ex-pirate to boot, whilst you are a noble, no matter how low-ranked.

Go to the cache location.
i change my route to this >>5244241

i think rok would be better

I was waiting for this +1:

The Ishimurin is a vessel as large as some islands. It's crew as large as entire cities. But it's purpose is small. Find life compatible to earth's, harvest its genetic coding. Boom Bing Pow. Profit.

But Ishimurain 2039 is not as simple a planet as it seems to the scientists and engineers. It's a world of warring hiveminds. Of a never ending deep ocean.

This is what you are. Spores from a odd world.

This planet is a fierce web of competition and lack of resources. The only things that grow are bacteria, tubes worms, and fungus. But to an outsider the place is alien and dazzling oceanic forest. Many different genomes plentiful upon the planet.

You are adaptable, intelligent, and hardy. But be aware you are only a mere spore. And you might just have some fierce competition among the other stow aways.

《Mutations: Up to one starting mutation.

»DNA Sequencing {You must decipher the odd genetic coding of these creatures. You might be partially compatible with them, but it isn't enough to }
»Adaptive Spore Shell {You learn to encode new proteins, lipids, and saccharides into your cell walls on command.)


Spore Clusters/Colonies: 1SC/0C

Nutrients: 0 Nut's


How do you get onto the ship?

»You hitch a ride by gripping fiercely to a crew member's skin. Modifying the surface proteins of his/her skin with enzymes, verdantly attaching yourself to them. You're now immobile like the tube worms of 2039, requiring either a host or source of nutrients to survive. Their immune system takes it's toll on you as well
{Required, DNA Sequencing}

»You bypass the water and air filters. Hibernating in vital reserves of water and oxygen. But that's all you can do, your spores might be incredibly tough. Your mycelium isn't however. And there's nothing to digest around you. At least for now.
{Required, Adaptive Spore Shell}

»You cling tightly to the outside of the space ship. Enduring the void and waiting out your time until these beings land on their destination. Your competition might gain a foothold while you're asleep.
{No requirement}
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>Feed on New Blood Cells (Costs a turn, but rewards 20N or a 1D40 N roll)
would be a good idea allowing us too mature one of the colonies and progressing further now soon we will gain control of the bone marrow the industrial backbone of the immune system.
so i have a idea for a end goal could be invading the womb and creating macroscopic creatures
>»Grow clone colony

You could use her womb to grow something, but the eggs inside wouldn't offer you anymore value than her stem cells. You already have contact with her DNA. But that isn't to say you couldn't figure out how to impregnate her cross species.

Regarding maturing the colonies it takes 100N to do so. For either one of them, it would be smart to mature the bone/satellite colony first. It will reinforce the bones and stop attack waves allowing you to grow free of conflict.
Yeah its what i expected its like using a shipyard it got the facilities better then growing/building a new one and it got a okay exit.
Either that or using her DNA twice resulting in a female clone with most ressesive traits activated such as diseases.

File: OP_compressed.jpg (247 KB, 900x600)
247 KB
247 KB .jpg
You are Nakashiri Koharu, co-Lieutenant of the 5th Division, but also the descendant of the Tamaki line, from which you’ve inherited the sealed souls of Celaris and Zilya. As if there’s not enough conspiracies already, another one has popped up with the death of Kameko as she had refused to set you up for the Tenjiso. A joint operation with the Western Temple almost ended up in disaster, but with some mind alteration its chief priest (and your great-x-grandfather) has become an ally, although an unreliable one.

Now you’re on your way to the Southern Temple lead by the gūji Usami Fusakage. On the official records you are visiting to talk about further joint operations and to build up trust between the Gotei 13 and the Tenjiso temples. Unofficially, you are looking for further leads to figure out who is out to get you. Usami-gūji had lead the investigation into the Wailing Forest incident before your arrancars had settled there and the one to give Nijo-gūji the reiatsu samples.

Perhaps he is the one behind Kameko’s death; perhaps not. You’re going there to find out. This time, there should not be any liabilities around.

South Rukongai isn’t that different from the other districts, but the deeper you go, some differences start appearing. For one, the terrain gets more rugged and mountains dot the landscape. You don’t go further than the 48th District, where the Tenjiso Temple is located, but you see on the horizon even more mountains.

The Southern Temple, Natentera, is very much like its western counterpart in style, but instead of a single building rising in height towards the center, it’s in an L shape with three pagoda-like towers and a large courtyard. Behind it, a steep mountain rises up.

“Welcome, Nakashiri-fukutaichō.” A group of priests bow at your arrival, with the one at the center speaking. “We hope your journey has been without problems.”

“It has been pleasant indeed, Usami-gūji. I hope I did not make you wait.”

67 reply and 27 image omitted. Click here to view.
I'm in support of conversing with C&Z for planning around dealing with bootleg Hanran again and working as one to avoid getting ganked. As for the offer, I'm up for helping them.
File: astolfocute5.png (667 KB, 840x1133)
667 KB
667 KB .png
Alrighty, finally, back in business

Seems like the consensus is to ask for more details, with an inclination to going along with the offer to help. And also figuring out countermeasures with your mind-buddies
File: angryspider.jpg (74 KB, 968x648)
74 KB
74 KB .jpg
“Sure.” You watch his reaction for a moment. Did you actually catch him a bit off guard there? “But I’d like more information. I’m done with half-assed operations like that of Nijo-dono.”

“It was that bad?” Usami smirks.

“Don’t even get me started…”

“It’s a run-of-the-mill operation. This particular batch of hollows has been annoying though. There’s probably a hollow with sensing abilities… Tsch.”

You raise an eyebrow.

“By the time we manage to locate them and start heading towards them, they slip away. We don’t have tenjiso both agile and good at sensing here. So that’s where you come in.”

“I find them, keep them occupied, and wait for the cavalry?”

“Yes. Once my team arrives, they’re done for. We’ll use the technique you saw earlier.”

He says it just like that, in front of your face…

“Then everything is clear.” You give him a polite smile. “When?”

“Nightfall. Please rest until then.”

You leave, cursing silently. Now you really do need to figure out some countermeasures.

“Arghh, my head hurts, what the fuck happened?”

“Ah, you’re finally awake Zil?”

“My, don’t tell me you lost your memory?” You can practically hear Cel’s smug face.

“Piss off, she-stag. I want to save my rage towards that asshole who DARES to create a poor imitation of MY technique.”

“Can’t be poor if it affected you..”

“Celaris, don’t prov-”


You sit on a stone, leaning your head onto your hand as you enjoy Zilya’s uninterruptible, furious rant, as well as vivid descriptions of the atrocities she wants to perform.

“You done?” you groan.

“No, but fine. Just promise we kill that guy.”

“Can’t promise that. Yet.”

File: stagandspider.jpg (65 KB, 400x200)
65 KB
65 KB .jpg
“So what can we do to avoid a repeat incident?” You unsheathe your zanpakutō, eyeing the flat side of the blade. “Has anyone resisted your power before?”

Oh boy, she does NOT like you asking that.

“Grrr… cyкин cын, блять… there’s been… a few. The Tyrant for one, he breathes rage and fear. Pray you never meet him. But the other one is Abathos.”

“Wait, really? But why is he..”

“Because he is still a product of the spider parasite we developed. That thing does not feel fear. Or anger. Or anything. Fortunately he will always listen to commands willingly.”

You sigh. “So either you embrace those emotions, or snuff them out completely. Yeah, no way you’re able to do either of those.”

Celaris snickers. Jeez, he’s laughing more than in a year combined.


But, another idea comes to mind.

“What happens when either of you enter Naimen no Daiza?”

“You release one of us, duh.”

“I believe Koharu is asking specifics, spider-prostitute. We momentarily meld with Naimen no Daiza and exist beside you when released.”

You perk up on the stone, sheathing your blade and putting it on your lap. “Wait. Does all that happen in an instant?”

“No. Until you call my release, I’m stuck in that blade. No way I’m allowing you my release ever again if you do that crap.”

“Well, it’s risky, but hear me out: We know the spells incantation. Will it affect you, if you’ve melded with Naimen no Daiza?”

There’s a silence.

“I think it’s worth a shot,” Celaris says. “Our perception of the outside world goes dark whenever we enter the sword. I will do my part to shield Naimen no Daiza from that influence while she’s in it.”

“Oi, are you serious?”

“Then it’s settled. It’s our best shot, so Zilya, please be a good spider and comply…”

I wanted to write more, but I'm falling asleep. Early wakeups are fucking with me. Second half will arrive tomorrow. I shouldn't have as long of a work day ahead of me

File: Tremere1.jpg (78 KB, 746x725)
78 KB
78 KB .jpg
You flip through the pages of the same “What If?” history book for what seems like the hundredth time. Seeing if anything catches your eye. You glance to the side, nodding to the tired library worker passing you by. He greets you under his breath with a “Evenin’ Nena,” as he passes. The campus library staff knows you by name. Although you weren’t there much during your college days, you’ve practically worn a spot in the carpet as an alumni now. You sigh again, looking up at the pile of your favorite books. They couldn’t comfort you now. You know you couldn’t keep these, even if you checked them out over and over again. They weren't the same. You miss the highlight marks you made in your books, the loving wear and tear you put into them.

When Mother took them and sold them to a second hand bookstore, the bitch didn’t even give you a cut. Not that you wanted to sell them. You scowl at the thought of her. You argued with her before going into work today - another exhausting day at the indoor waterpark, sweating your tits off. Going into work pissed. Disappointment stacked on disappointment. And then the ultimate disappointment. You graduated with a degree in your passion: English. “Follow your dreams, the money will come,” you told yourself. Because no one else in your family would. Your hobbies were just that to them. Distractions. Not something to sink your degree in.

Money, money, money. Yeah it’s important. “But that’s rich coming from you, Mom. Marrying into money, not finishing your first year of college, working part time jobs to feed your shopping addiction," you whisper to yourself. You glance about the library. You chuckle at yourself, “that time of the night already, huh?” At least you didn't answer yourself.

The first warning signs then appeared. A set of lights turned off, dimming the massive library. Your cue to begin walking out. You check the time on your phone and see it’s almost 11 PM. Not even a call from your folks, despite the time. You’d usually be home from work about 9:30. Living with the parents still.

You grunt, the strain of the shift still hanging on your body as you stand. Your legs ache after standing and pacing around screaming children in the pools. A nice tall chair to sit and watch the swimmers? Fuck that, you get to pace and scan the pool, bitch. And you bet your sweet ass a micromanaging supervisor will be making sure you’re doing the job by the book. Making sure you weren't in the bathroom for too long. You sigh, gathering your books and returning them to their proper space on the shelves.
50 reply and 4 image omitted. Click here to view.
>2. Question her.

At some point we're either hallucinating, dreaming, in a coma or this is actually happening. We've well enough reached that point
>Question her

This is supernatural shit. We want answers now.
>Is that actually true nowadays?
As I understand, yeah. There is or was, pre-pandemic a surprisingly large amount of people wanting to be librarians, due to the supposed easiness of it. Accordingly, libraries became pickier about who they hired; after all, why wouldn't you take the best you can when you have the option?

>Sadly most quests die early on due to lack of participants or IRL stuff.
Ehh. It's a chicken and egg problem. anons are flighty about trying new quests because of the high number of them that die within a thread or two due to QMs flaking. The makes threads quieter, making QMs more likely to flake.

>“Because I need you, Nena King. Our society, the Camarilla, is in a rough patch. They need blood sorceresses like us.”
So you needed something and decided to, without permission, request, or offer, turn us into this? Even if we believed you, why would we want anything to do with you?

>1. Get to your car and drive home.
Even if she is what she claims, by her own words shes' incredibly self-serving. And we've got enough controlling women in our life.
>>1. Get to your car and drive home.
>>2. Question her.

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