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Chara wakes up in a strange new place. It seems like an Orphanage with a really shadey Mom.

Save Data: https://archiveofourown.org/works/30881363?view_full_work=true
Chara Dreemurr: 4/15 HP, LV 1, Atk 9, DEF 9
Time: December 28, 2044
Equip: Empty
Items: Seeds, Horticulture reading, Math Book
Act: 1, Item: 1.

Active quest:Chara has been tasked to improve their test scores by Mama
Active quest:The player is pushing Chara to make friends
Active quest:Chara wants to recover more of their memories and sanity check their identity.

Chara's long term goals: Find Frisk

How to play: You take the role of the Player. a mysterious entity that is used to influence the protagonist directly. Your power seems odd, not only is it weaker, it also seems like you can affect more than just the protagonist. You can select from four options each juncture, or you can venture into the unknown and attempt your own strategy. So far the player has not strayed far from the default options. As you progress, you may remember more about your abilities.
Do we just do write in turns?
The latest update is in the previous thread. you can reply to it here if you wan't.
*Yeah, You're acting weird alright...
*But it's not exactly out of nowhere either.

*Ray seemed to look off and murmur the last line, not said silently enough to avoid me hearing it, but probably not intended as a point of conversation.

*Well, what do you plan on doing about it?

*When I first got suspicious, I wanted to do something right away.
*Now I think it's too early. *I have to sort out my own problems first, otherwise I'll just be a burden.

*Ray seemed to grow a little downcast from that, it was not hard for me to pick up on emotions, Ray was harder to read than most, but I could do this much.

*Well, you've got your priorities straight.

*We continued over the books.
*Eventually I found myself reading alone, chewing through each book with a voracity that had little to do with enjoyment.
*There was a stupid amount of books and study material here, as well as things I would have liked to read more normally.

[Fight]Focus on studying entirely, less so on the other tasks
[Act]Focus on making friends first, The learning will come
[Item]Focus on efficient use of time, find something for chara's hands to do while reading
[Spare]Focus on Mom, use interaction points and spend time going over the conversations for strategy.

It's a good idea to post the latest update in the new thread instead of the old one, especially if it's about to die. So I hope you don't mind me reposting just the last bit.
>[Act]Focus on making friends first, The learning will come
I figured that the link to the entire text would be sufficient. I'm happy to receive any (you)s though.
Welp, I went and did it, I posted an """"Illegal""""" fanfic thread on /a/. Hopefully I don't eat a ban for it, but I saw another anon's thread get nuked and couldn't stand not taking a stand. Still working on the next update.
*As I settle down near the wild buttercups to finish reading, I start to feel a little too sluggish,
*A soft touch...
*Monsters? That's scary!


*I don't understand...


*A-alr i g h t. I 'l l l i s t e n C h a r a.

*It's me, Chara.
*My heart is pounding a little as I wake up.
*A figure is leaning over me, arms softly, carefully jostling me.
*Twin tails frame a face that I can't quite make out in the red haze of the sunset.

[Act] *Check
*Conny ATK 0 DEF 2 HP:8/8
*This girl dreams of sleeping on a big fluffy roll.

*The tense nature of the evening gave way to sleep, especially with how early I got up, and how damaged I really was.

*Chara. It's dinner time, you slept through lunch.

*Soft buttery tones emanated from this sweet girl.
*The sweetness seemed authentic.
*I reached out and pushed myself up, When I stood I was reminded that Conny was actually younger than me.
*Collecting my things, I was led inside by her, Mama looking down on us from the top of the foyer stairs.
*I set down the collection of materials to the side.
*I used to have a rather voracious eating habit.
*I was too young and energetic to really gain wait on it, Mother and Father spent a long time impressing upon the need for moderation.
*It was a hard lesson to learn when everything you ate didn't settle in your stomach
*Upon rebirth into this strange place, real food was suddenly ubiquitously the only option, and it was hard to stomach any of it.
*Despite being starving and injured, I wasn't actually hungry for what I knew would be waiting for me.
*I was still a little lost by the time we sat down at the table.
*Rather than Mama, I unconsciously found myself sitting right beside the girl who came to get me.
*I glanced at Mama with some concern, but she barely looked my way, but acknowledged me with a smile.
*The studying could wait then?
*To be honest my relative performance made that a surprise.
*I looked over at Conny, talking quietly with the tallest kid, Don.
*I smiled softly as I watched them.
*There was something untouchable about it.

*And Little bunny's Ears came to the rescue again!

*Oh!? Did they find out where Snowy was hiding?

*Ehehehe, yup!...
*Hey Chara... if you don't eat you wont get any better you know?
*Please, ahnnn!

*The little girl cajoled at me, a bit of roll covered in gravity pressed in front of me.
*My instinct to be otherwise aversive seemed rather sullen and meek, and I relented, taking the bite.
*I blushed from embarrassment of having to have a small child go so far as to feed me by hand, but there was not a hint of schadenfreude on her small face.
*Enough moping, Lets eat.
*I began to partake of the food, starting with the soup.
*Eventually I began to understand where my misgivings with the taste where
*Almost everything was delicious, but the vegetables all seemed to be canned.
*There was almost nothing fresh on the table.
*For all the Monster's terrible situation, the problem of fresh food was not really a hurdle.
*Come to think of it, I had a ton of seeds that could grow fresh vegetables.
*It wasn't like there wasn't an obscene amount of space outside, so why not grow it
*Well, for all my pretense at being picky, I didn't do anything less than present a clean plate for Conny's sake.
*It was mostly the feeling of a lead ball in my stomach after the fact that bugged me.
*The gross human routine is back.
*I smiled weakly for the attention I was getting.
*For some reason it was really nice to hear this girl's voice.
*The Fluffy white ears of her bunny she kept perpetually at her side when not in use reminded me of the chilly and warm comforts of Snowdin.
*I mostly kept quiet as I listened to her talk about nothing, It felt comforting and needed beyond words.
*I caught myself hugging one of my own knees, a movement I never did on my own, Frisk's movements.
*Sitting there listening to her stories and interests let me become absorbed as if I had opened the pages of some book.
*Studying and scores held no real purpose to me.
*I was sure there was some greater reason to pursue them, but listening to Conny talk like this, I was able to remember the lesson Frisk had taught me with my own emotions.
*Looking back on my behavior, I had probably been terrified that it wouldn't stick.
*Maybe I still was scared it wouldn't even now.
*But for some reason at the moment at least, I still didn't want to take revenge on the humans.
*Raising my numbers, Raising my LOVE, the temptation was there.
*All around me, apparently if the children's scores where to be believed, they seemed to hurry after it.
*I could increase my fighting strength without making my numbers go up, I was smart enough to find a way.
*I just had to exploit the system.
*Conny and I wandered off after dinner, I needed to finish my homework, and she had a built in interest in books, namely getting the imposing don to read them to her.
*I would do the minimum studying, I burned into the problems in the books and assignment sheets provided by Isabella.
*It wouldn't be hard to show diligence and improvement, though I probably still put more effort in than I wanted to.
*My own bed became a mess of papers and writing, I had to scratch a lot of my answers out.
*Old habits die hard I guess.
*Writing my answers more carefully this time, a small smile played on my face.
*This could be good, with my head overly stuffed with information, it would be good to be able to put save it somewhere.
*I draw up a couple of spare pieces of paper.
*Working my way through each problem had tired me out, but I still had enough energy to form the outline of a plan
*I'd search the library for some fallen apart books, there had to be a few that where not in great repair.
*Next, I'd start collecting as much spare paper as I could reasonably get away with.
*I wasn't as sharp as a mega genius, but if I could use my writings in this way...
*Eventually the night was drawn to a close, I always had trouble sleeping though.
*Restless thoughts chase me in circles at times like this.
*Finding a way to quiet those thoughts was not easy.
*Children filed into bed, I managed to gather up my things and wander last into the wash rooms.
*There wasn't a lot of luxury where things like this where concerned, but it got me out of the room.
*The image I was going to draw was a little private.
*I had a look at the other art around here, and I was pretty self conscious about it.
*My hand reached for a crayon and I began to roughly sketch silhouettes.
*It was an interesting conundrum, Most children draw, and despite the genius kids here, the art didn't seem too much better than what I could do.
*I wasn't exactly capable of producing a realistic depiction of the photo in my memory, so instead I was attempting to focus only on the shadowed outlines of the real thing.
*By the time I was done though, I couldn't shake the feeling of emptiness when I stared at the photo.
*Tentatively, then more firmly, another short statured silhouette joined the other four.
*Seeing it through the corner of my vision I could almost see the photograph in my mind.
*This... wouldn't erase my burdens, but as I trudged into the room, I could slide into bed calmly.
*Some careful Origami kept the picture pointed at my bed.

*My brilliant child

*Believe in yourself a little more wont you?

*I know you can do it, y o u' r e m u c h s m a r t e r t h a n

*The next few days flew.
*I began to settle into a rhythm of slow incremental progress.
*Each night I retired with more determination, which was important in itself for my recovery.
*I continued to attempt my social activities, but most of the song and dance began and ended with me learning about each child
*Holding myself apart from them forever wasn't my real goal, but when discussing the matter of friends, joint activities would become an eventuality I couldn't ignore.
*I needed friends who's interests at least loosely aligned with my immediate goals.
*Ray, Emma, Anna, Helena? It felt rude to disregard the younger kids, but they couldn't really keep up with me, there where certain developmental milestones right?
*Not that I was a shining example of a mentally put together child, but if anything that made the idea even more shaky.
*It felt wrong to disregard Conny
*She was young, but besides Emma she had been the only one openly nice to me.
*Come to think of it, wouldn't it be best to get someone younger after all?
*Ray I'd have a point of contact with anyway.
*Anne most certainly would compete for Mama's attention in the garden, so it would be nice to make any kind of peace there.
*Helena I didn't know much about, other than she was older and a wallflower.
*She liked stories, something near and dear to my heart.
*Every fiber of my rational being told me I didn't have time for stories.
*They where summarily overruled by my petty emotions.
*For the last seeming eternity I had basically lived in a story book.
*I swallowed heavily.
*Was I that afraid of being doted on?
*More likely, I had grown very used to being a passive force of suggestion for Frisk and their friend's
*I shook my head roughly, No one was going to replace Frisk, and I couldn't go back to being a voyer.
*But they wouldn't want me to turn myself inside out wondering if...
*My mind turned towards my manipulative nature, Asriel, Frisk, no longer useful, leaving them quickly for a new target.


*I felt a hand on my shoulder softly, I looked up, jumping in place

*... Norman?

*Are you okay? I was going to invite you to oni-gokko.
*You could use some exercise

*The offer to join didn't necessarily appeal.

*Isn't everyone telling me to take it easy for some reason?

*I could see the look of concern as I finished saying that, the buzzing anxiety in my head growing wordlessly

*Believe me, Chara, I know what it's like at least to feel weak
*But you can't ignore exercise, mood, mental strength, and intelligence are all influenced by bodily motion and sunshine.

*The albino child took my hand softly and helped me to my feet, where I reluctantly trudged along after him.
*Oni-gokko huh.
*I had asked ray about it earlier.
*Apparently, the game was more like hide and seek, but you had to touch your opponent.
*Showing off my skills at dodging probably would go against the spirit of the game, but without that I was not exactly fit for duty.
*Recalling Undyne chasing Frisk and I through waterfall certainly came to mind.
*Well if nothing else, Almost every child except Ray and I seemed fairly interested.
*I could learn a lot about each kid this way.
*I wondered into the forest, out of view as instructed, half an eye on Ray as we left for concealment, his eyes glued to the book but glancing at his clock.
*The expansive environment after being trapped in the cold dark of the underground was an interesting challenge to consider for hiding.
*The terrain was not exactly all pleasant stroll, some of the sheer cliffs wouldn't have looked particularly out of place in Waterfall.
*Out of the Corner of my eye I could see Thoma and Lani climbing a tree together, or trying to.
*Their appearance and attitude seemed like someone had split up Monsterkid into two separate little children.
*Norman huh.
*To be honest the only thing I knew about him was that his scores where out of this world and he seemed glued at the hip to Emma, and occasionally even Ray.
*Avoiding him for 20 minutes seemed excessive.
*Actually, though, there might be a simple way.
*I could simply pick a direction and walk towards it, if I counted to 20 minutes and retrace my steps, there wouldn't be a way for me to lose as long as I was not targeted first.
*I certainly wasn't sure that would alone work, if the forest ended shortly, there wouldn't be enough concealment for my plan to work, but it was better than standing out in the open.
*I began walking, keeping an eye out for other kids emulating my strategy.
*There didn't seem to be anyone though.
*My genius scheme ran into a waist high wall.
*A fence? Some kind of property marker?

*I mumbled as I saw it.
*For a brief moment I could only scratch my head as I looked at it.
*In all honesty seeing a fence this small hard to believe.
*Why build something like this? what purpose would it really serve?
*I guess in theory it could stop some of the youngest kids from wandering through it, but somehow I doubted even armless Monsterkid would be stopped by something like this.

Hit something of a road block at this point, know what I want to happen after but I am not settled on a predestined resolution to the tag game, so I figured I'd leave it up to the player

[Fight] Become the hunter, Find every kid before Norman
[Act] Find another way to avoid Norman
[Item] You are surrounded by plants.
[Mercy] Cross the fence
I wonder if I took too long and people got board
>[Item] You are surrounded by plants.
>Use the plants, mud, dirt, stick, and everything you can get your hands to as camouflage to blend into the environment

Don’t think it’s to wise to cross the fence just yet.

Sorry for not posting earlier but I think it’s that and the way this quest is formatted (greentext style) doesn’t really appeal to that many people as it makes it more complicated than it needs to be to read.
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Well, if worse comes to worst I can just continue it as a story. It just seemed like I had suddenly gone from 3 players who where interested to none.
I don't mind though if there's even just one player,. though if that continues to be the case I'd probably want to personalize the experience a bit by asking how much of UT you've completed. I'll wait a good number of chapters more to do this though. Enough that it's clear no one else is interested. I'll also see if theres a way I can format this better on 4chan proper.
I'd like it to remain readable here too. I'm just so busy with homework and everything else that I just don't have as much time as I'd like to play with it.
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Well my life has officially unfortunately fallen apart. on top of the stress of finals, I am now looking for a new place to live thanks to drama at my current boarding house.

It was probably a mistake to use a quest format. I wish I could have offered better notice but I felt guilty and kept delaying things hoping I would show up with an update, but as of now I have to put all my efforts into finding a new home.