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*****Incoming Transmission*****

Welcome weary travelers to the Apaxia system!
a gazette detailing some of the system's welcoming and hazardous locations has been sent to your terminal. please peruse at your leisure and we hope you enjoy the stay!


Albatrix , the lost
with a toxic atmosphere and highly irradiated superheated terrain of molten rock and liquid metals melted by the constant bombardment of the red sun. this planet's surface is little more than a shell to house its hollowed-out core which holds a collection of massive skyscrapers hanging downwards from the top layer of its crust. Each one a complex City corporation dedicated to exploring the vast riches still left to exploit on Albatrix. those wishing to visit can enjoy the famous Hanging Gardens, a collection of platforms housing some of the rarest species of plants from all across the system, or enjoy one of the many nightclubs and ballroom gatherings.

Flotsam's Folly
this asteroid belt serves as an extensive mining operation run by many businesses that use the metal in constructing space fairing vessels. advisory when passing through this area as it is home to pirates as well.

Neon, The Light
a massive gas giant composed mostly of its namesake this planet swirls with stunning colors which cast to the many moons it houses. the local neonites are welcoming but ask all visitors to limit their travels to the habitable moons around their homeworld. Many of which are hotspots for vacationers looking to relax and unwind. Moons like Vis, with its temperate climate, long islands, sandy beaches, and red seas, house resorts to ease the weary. Or Tresha, a moon that dips into the gassy atmosphere of neon which anyone can enjoy one of the many rides that make up its continent-sized theme park.

Lagoonnari, The Eye
a humid planet of vast shallow wetlands broken by mold-covered mangrove jungles and small hut cities used by locals. these areas are used mainly for agriculture to help supply food for the planet and beyond. while the ring of active volcanoes that circle the planet is home to enterprising robotic and weapons experts.

visitors should be aware of the hurricane that bounces between the two sides of lagoonnari , the wind produced by this hurricane can topple many space fairing vessels and we recommend staying away.
Equest, The Vast
a dry world of badlands and deserts webbed with rivers that break through the sands to help grow vegetation around their banks. The capital, Hariatol, is a seat of academic and magical research. They scour the system for lost lore that can be added to their vast archives and hire archaeologists to help seek out forgotten pasts.

Cornix , The Broken
a dense ball of metals highly magnetized and extremely dangerous, the planet of Cornix is a mystery circled by three rings of asteroids that charge massive bolts of lightning between the planet and themselves. research on the planet has been slow due to the fact that no one has been able to land a shuttle on the surface without it and its crew disappearing in moments. An emp shield grade 5 is recommended for any travel between the rings and Cornix.

Pholost, The Cruel

the second and smallest of the two gas giants in the system, Pholost is composed of a mixture of highly corrosive gases and methane. the few moons that the gas giant has
are used for weapons research or as prison moons that hold the worst lawbreakers in the system.

Hebreal, The Purged
largest of the terrestrial planets, Hebreal has a long slow elliptical orbit around the sun sending it off into unknown space for extended periods of time. Currently on course to set back out into the dark of space while many residents contemplate on staying or making homes elsewhere. While others scour forgotten ruins on the planet and in the rings to try and find clues as to what happens when the planet enters the void
How to play
this is a science fantasy setting where you will play a character just entering the system. Any amount of people can play and I'll try to keep us updated as much as I'm able.

Character name

character stats

10 points


starter weapons
choose one melee and one range


Striker Sword
Survival Dagger
Tactical Hammer

Arc shooter ( Electric)
Ballistic pistol
Cyro-gun (ice)
The Lighter (fire)
Pulse pistol (Energy)

choose one

light class shuttle Z19-93R
Aka: The Zipper
A small streamline ship built for speed and maneuverability but lacks defense and cargo space.

heavy shuttle class Bullworker
A reliable and hefty ship but slow with a decent defense and plenty of space for cargo.

choose where you want to go and let's get started

For those returning just pick up from where we left off!
Name: Edward Steggs

Str: 3
Agi: 1
Cha: 1

Melee: Survival Dagger
Ranged: The Lighter

Ship: Bullworker

Steggs is a member of the Cleaner Worlds Corporation cleanup crew, on the way to Pholost. The cargo? A dangerous organism known as The Red Strain, contained in cryo pods, slated to be stored and studied in a controlled environment. It was "discovered" on an orbital research blacksite, having absorbed the biomass of the researchers onboard and transforming them into horrific creatures. Rather than allow the Strain to continue to fester, several specimens were collected and the station was set on a collision course with the nearest star.

Steggs is ready to take off the cleansuit, turn off the burner, deliver the cargo and have a nice vacation on one of Neon's moons.

Edward Steggs

Pholost eerie green gasses swirl together with streaks of blue that are quickly smothered by the the disgusting corrosive green gas in a display that invokes a feeling of being consumed by a massive force. Edward tears his view from glass with pleasure and punches in the coordinates and issues a hailing frequency which receives the appropriate response from the Runix-Evo research facility. Giving Steggs an all clear to dock in bay 5A.

Before the trusters even warm back up the ship rattles from an impact into the shields. Followed by a public frequency that has a man bellow in a low voice. “ That was the warning shot lad, I got three ships here wanting your cargo and we intend to take it.” It grumbles

(I love your initiative! Lets do this!)
Steggs slams a fist down on his console and curses under his breath. He hits his local distress beacon, hopefully some authorities will show up in time, but jeez if this is a poor time for pirates. He picks up the intercom:

"All hands, we have company. Power up point defense guns and set the engines to charge, I'll buy us some time."

He holds a beat and gingerly pics up the hailing comm. The best thing to do is inform them of who you work for and why it's best to leave well enough alone.

"You are speaking to a representative of the Cleaner Worlds Corporation, finest in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear disposal. I have never met anyone quite dumb enough to rob what amounts to a truck full of radioactive sewage. If CBRN means anything to you or your crew, you'll know not to get in the way of company business."
A few silent moments pass letting Steggs think they may just take their loss and stream back off to the void. Just as the hope had sprouted had it been taken away when another burst of direct fire pummeled into the side of the Bullworks hull.

“You seem to think we care who you are.” A starship out the front window starts getting closer to the ship. “ We know full well what you have and we are taking it, with you dead if needed.”

The engines flare to life and at any moment Steggs could kick the starship into gear and see if he could out maneuver these other vessels taking them out with the front cannons. It be difficult but he might be able to manage it.

Skipping past these fools an to the nearest moon to hide it out might also be a good choice.
They know. This mission was supposed to be hush hush and now someone wants a piece of highly virulent bioweapon.

"Change of plans crew, they know so we're gonna give them what they want. Set shields to max, divert power to point defense guns. Crew, suit up, keep burners on standby. Defrost three pods of assault variant Strain and jettison them towards our new friends. You're trained for this; do NOT come in contact with specimens."

Edward takes the comms mic again.

"Unknown vessel, we are jettisoning our cargo. Take it, we aren't paid enough to get blasted."

Three on one isn't good odds, even with the Bullwork's respectable hull, Steggs thought. However from the kind of horror and carnage he had seen on the research station, it wouldn't take long for the Strain to reduce a small ship's crew to meat. Let the Strain handle that, frag the other two. Collect some bonus specimens from the final ship and torch it.

Edward pulls up his weapon display and warms up the main cannon.
"Survival Dagger" (my sex organ)
Natural "Lighter" with my mind powers
Bottom of a Zipper's landing gear
Pholost, The Cruel

I am a lone, sentient toxic-spore creature from a near-uninhabitable planet.

For the first time in my life, in my poisonous bog, I hear noise.

A roar.

A wandering starship has landed right on top of me, and the lone pilot has disembarked on a journey a short ways away. I wonder why? I decide not to crawl away, it could be fun being attached to a starship.

Then. I... drift..... to sleep..........

By the time I begin to stir, I recognize only the roar. I must be leaving my home planet for the first time! How exciting!
Two spherical robots roll down the halls of the Bullworker, finding the cargo hold and popping out legs to interact with the frozen cylinders. This cylinder slides down and inserts itself into the small robot body, where it then brings its load to the nearest ejection pop and sets the defreezing canister inside. This “Crew” gathers the other two and puts them in to have them shoot into the void of space. Where two of the smaller starcrafts scoop them up before shooting away with their ill gotten goods. The third ship stays and trains its guns on the Bullworker, waiting for the others to leave before making its own escape.

As the last signs of the ships skim into the blackness of the void a signal echos over Steggs systems. “This is Runix-Evo security, we have received your distress call. Please respond.”
My crew is drones? :(

"Not interested in sticking around huh?" This won't do, they can't be allowed to leave just yet. Steggs trains the Bullwork's weapons on the largest ship and fires both barrels. Hopefully getting aggressive can buy the time he needs for the monsters to deal with the crews before they can escape.

"Runix-Evo this is Captain Edward Steggs of the CWC hauler Bighorn. I am currently under attack by an unknown party, target is my cargo. Three vessels broadcasting over public channels, sending digital signatures now. Currently engaging, please send assistance."

It's do or die. It's a huge gamble to use the catalogued organisms as a time bomb and it could very well be his neck if this gets out. But hey, this isn't a job for people that mind long odds.
The firing blast from the Bighorns cannons hit their mark, blasting into the side of the exiting ship forcing it out of it Skip through the void. This makes the enemy quickly turn its vessel around and fire off wild shoots in the direction of Steggs ship, both blast missing the hull by inches.

“We hear you loud and clear Bighorn, The Gypher and crew will move to intercept fleeing vessels. Kept that craft from Skipping off and we will pin them down!” The larger Gypher drifts its huge bulk in the direction of the enemy , four smaller ships break off from this freighter causing the enemy vessels to move to make an escape! Heading towards the closets moon.

(Not a drone fan eh? That’s okay! I will try to give you plenty of opportunity to add crew members into your ship throughout the game.)
I can work with drones, no worries. I'll just flavor it as anthropomorphism.

"Gypher be advised, there are two cryo pods containing hazardous materials on the smaller ships, do not let them land. Enough to contaminate the atmosphere on that moon for years. Preferable to disable to allow recovery, destroy only if necessary."

Not technically a lie, just left vague on the details of the decoy.

Determined not to let the miss from the larger ship go to waste, Steggs goes for another shot on it. He considered going for the engines for a chance to question the owner on what he's so interested in the cargo, but really, what does it matter? Once the delivery is complete it's aloha Neon and not his problem anymore.
Any love for Plasmon?
Runix-Evo fighter ships chase down the two smaller enemy vessels, one of which makes a book to the moon and the other making a corkscrew off further from the celestial bodies. This causes the four fighter ships to spit into to two and each group chases down one of the other enemy ships.

While these enemies are bing dealt with Steggs muscles his ship to confront the larger starship that had been firing on him. It’s pitch black hull gleaming the eerie light reflecting off Pholost. Steggs locks on to the ship and fires off two rounds, one of which strikes the front hull full on sending a chunk of melted plasma fried metal skirting off into the void.

Seeing things turn for the worse the larger now damaged ship boosts away from the conflict with Steggs, aiming its towards one of the Runix-evos vessels chasing the enemy ship heading off into space and letting off a barrage of shoots to take one of the two down. Then chases after the other forgoing any defense maneuvering to catch up on the other fighter ship.

“Get after that larger ship Bighorn! It’s buying time for his comrades to Skip into the void! We are readying up are last two fighter ships to assist but can’t let the escape now.” The Runix-Evo freighter slides closer to the fighting giving you a good view of its red hull. A sleek ship that, while not the biggest freighter you have seen, still big enough to house four fighter ships comfortable with plenty of room for a bigger crew.
"Roger that Grypher, pursuing. Crew, divert energy to engines, we're going in."

Space battle was *not* in the corporate orientation manual. It's a necessary survival skill out here in the void, but usually Cleaner Worlds was contracted to deal with cleanup in civilized space. The blacksite was somewhat of an anomaly. Out in the middle of Lord-knows-where, few contractors, and some deadly organisms.

A dark thought came over Edward. He should have been escorted with this kind of cargo. He should have been a bit more suspicious of the fat check for the job. Who else knew he was out there, and who stood to benefit from this awful stuff?

One problem at a time. One question at a time. Vacation be damned, even if this delivery went without the trouble he might not get to live to enjoy it. Boosting with the energy surge and pushing the Bighorn to her limit, Edward locks the cannons on the engines of the fleeing ship. Maybe some answers could come from this.

You ESL, QM? Either I have a brain tumor or your posts need proofreading.

Should we break to allow for more interest? I feel a bit bad for shitting up the front page when it's just us.
What am I, chopped liver?


The voyage through space was an uneventful one. All that could be seen was the black tapestry, scattered with moats of distant lights twinkling against the darkness. A constant humming vibration was the only to tell the small spore that it was moving and eventually the starship cruised up to a space station hanging in the void.

Here it landed, it's docking taking only a few moments and the landing gear deployed so the ship could settle into a cluster of other small starships. The spore, now clutched to the underbelly of the zipper watches as a menagerie of individuals crowd the compact streets of the space station. Many stalls made with junk scattered throughout allyways with aliens selling wares scavenge from from broken down starships and yank from decrepit part of the space station itself.

The owner of the zipper you are currently perched upon makes his way out the top of his craft and beings to walk into the crowd
Rolled 6 (1d10)

Space... Were all those little blinking, twinkling lights also spores like me?

And this new land... Its so incredible! I think I'll launch myself at the starship owner's leg using my Survival Dagger, and let him take me around!
The Bighorn's engines flare to life, sending Steggs ship streaming through space at full throttle towards the larger enemy starship. This ship was trying to ram into the Runix-Evo ship chasing down its ally in a desperate attempt to give it a chance to escape, and it was getting close to succeeding. The tip of the sleek black vessel was nudging underneath the fighter starship, readying a maneuver to fling the other craft reeling off.

Before the disaster could happen though, a blast of plasma hits the side of the chasing black ship's hull and sends it flying off towards one of Pholost moons, the hull of which quickly twists in on itself before exploding outwards in a silent blast of metal.

Steggs speeds towards the explosion uncontrollably, finding a strength of skill he didn't know he possed Steggs was able to spin the Bighorn out of the dangerous metal shrapnal path before it tore his ship's hull to shreds.

With the enemy ship out of the way, there was nothing left to do but chase down the one that Runix-Evo had followed to the moon of Pholost. So Steggs turned his ship that way, but as soon as he was about to head in the direction he spotted a returning Runix-Evo fighter. Shortly after that ship's arrival, the intercom lit up. " Bighorn, we thank you for the assistance and request your docking onto the freighter for debriefing. We will also escort you the rest of the way to our research facility."
Nope, just a bad habit of being in a hurry and not paying attention sometimes. Thank you for bearing with me.
The boss was nothing but another piece of space slag. There goes one lead, but there was still the remaining ship. No way. If the smaller craft's crew managed to survive the infestation he sent, that was his last shot.

Sweat dripped off Edward's brow after the dangerous move he had just managed to narrowly pull off, despite the cooling unit in his cleansuit. Not sweat, stress. Not in the corporate manual. He hated this.

"MY assist? Just who here sent the distress call?"

He took a deep breath. Calm.

"No can do Evo-3, I need what's on that last ship. Did you get the third fighter? Please tell me you got the third fighter, it can't land!"
"..." the crackling of the intercom is all that you could hear for a long moment, a prolonged sense of unease followed, one amplified by the shifting green gas's giant behind the Starship.

"Pilot is your oxygen scrubber working? That hit you toke may have knocked them loose." The monitors flashed up, showing a corporate insignia for a moment before being replaced with a contract that lists your cargo and their destination. " We are answering the distress call that your ship sent out. We also know exactly why you are here because we hired you in secret to deliver these wares to us near this location."

A few moments pass then the voice speaks again. " It is disturbing that after all the precautions that we have taken to keep this under wraps, the subject was tracked to this location."

"But if you do not mind the corporation would like to talk about these issues should be talked about face to face."
Edward breathed a sigh of relief. They got the last ship. Next problem.

The scrubber. Steggs checked his console and saw the alert. 36 percent efficiency, oxygen levels slowly dropping. It definitely took a hit, and hard. He would have to check it but with that kind of damage fixing it himself or with the help of his drones could be out of the question.

The manifest that Runic-Evo sent was accurate at 50 total specimens, minus the ones he had jettisoned. 7 assault class, 10 digestor class, 10 spore carriers, and 20 tissue samples of various biomass structures, apparently consisting of the former researchers. He had no idea what it was supposed to do and didn't want to know, Steggs just wanted the creepy stuff off his damn ship.

"So you got the last ship. This is Edward Steggs, Cleaner Worlds Corp. I have the cargo, minus three pods of assault-class Strain. Don't worry about the loss, with sufficient organic matter the Strain can just produce more. All three pods have been destroyed in orbit; no factor. It cannot survive without oxygen and is susceptible to high temperatures."

Yeah, the air was definitely getting thinner, just speaking too much was like hiking a mountain. Pretty soon Edward was going to have to hook up one of the oxygen tanks to his suit.

"I am prepared to dock with the freighter now, see you on board."

Orienting the ship towards the freighter's signal, Steggs diverted energy to the thrusters and pushed the controls forward.

"So close. So close."

Stegg fond docking onto the freighter didn't take effort much now that one of the bays was empty. What took far longer was the careful transportation of the biohazardous material off his ship. He watched as each one of the Sub-frozen canisters was slowly pulled out of its receptacle by researchers completely covered in containment suits who then slide these into a dolly that could hold five of the canisters comfortably. Then he and the two dollys holding his cargo were escorted down sleek hallways trimmed with silver and red. Eventually, the Cargo split off to be taken further into the depths of Runix-Evo's ship, while Steggs was taken up a flight of stairs and to a pair of double doors with the same Insignia that had flashed onto his ships monitors moments before, A sword etched with runes striking down over a field of blue. Steggs didn't know all that much about the corporation Cleaner Worlds was selling this organism to, but he wasn't paid to ask questions.

The two doors open outwards, splitting the symbol down the middle as an older grizzled man wearing a suit made of blue and trimmed with orange stepped through. "Mr. Steggs, a pleasure to meet you, please come in." The slightly taller man ushered to the seats set beside a window that stared into the void which he made his way towards sitting and sat down. " My name is Theo Marquise." Two glass cups and a pitcher of red liquor sat on a table between the chairs which the man picked up and poured into the glasses. "It has been quite the eventful day for everyone it seems," he said smoothly offering you a glass. " We thank you for getting the cargo here as safely as you could and would like to offer our assistance in repairing your vessel." He took a long sip of his own drink then continued. "After all it was under our jurisdiction your ship sustained those damages in the first place." He paused for a moment then pushed a slender black stick towards you.

"You will find the necessary amount of credits for your cooperation here as well as an added 500 credits for...Your continued service of secrecy."
Plasmon fucking dies, the end.
I'm sorry Plasmon I wanted to pet you.

"Good to meet you mister Marquis. I'd say all in a day's work but this hasn't exactly been a usual job. And my being here says you're not done with me. This is as far as the contract went and I'm only staying long enough to get my ship back up to snuff and a shower."

Edward had shed the cleansuit for a more comfortable outfit of black pants and a dark blue shirt. He could have worn something a bit nicer but frankly he still stank. Unshaven and without much good sleep, the Strain still gnawed at the back of his mind. What did he want with it?

Taking a small sip of the drink, and then a longer one for the nerves, Edward eyed the corporate man a bit suspiciously before pocketing the credit stick.

"Something tells me you weren't just interested in socializing with a blue collar boy. "
Wait, was this ID even the QM or just a rando? Did OP seriously ignore me this whole time? Even if that single-post ID was the QM. Fuck you, dude.

You don't have the time or the attitude to do this. You basically eagerly invited me and anyone else who wanted to join, to your table (thread) to roleplay/quest with you, then ignored me the whole time. Last thread had the same picture and opening posts, and about the same engagement, before you dropped it at, what, 50 total posts/replies, like 8 of which were you? You barely interacted with me in that thread, either. No, I don't want an apology, save it.

It's cool you're having a good time with Edward Steggs, really, good for both of you. Maybe have some courtesy next time to tell me I suck, you don't want to play with me, I'm not "doing it right" or whatever. Instead of just fucking ignoring me. Have fun, "pal".

>Plasmon spreads to every vector of the galaxy and poops and wet farts on everything. The galaxy explodes and no one lives.
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based ngl
Didn't know you felt that way man.
Look I'm just doing this for the heck of it.

I don't feel obligated to maintain a thread when I myself have periods of extreme workflow that will keep me away for awhile. So I'll let things die and pick them back up at later dates.

You can keep trying in the future as I welcome the different perspectives people can come up with it and I find it entertaining.

that being said I don't always know what to do with them so I'll spend longer times thinking about it.

You are ignored because I have no clue what do with your character and it was driving me nuts Maybe when I've a few more months at trying this I can do better.

My hope it that we can all learn together.
I stand by every word of what I posted. Read it twice if it helps.

I also feel like not only was my character and opening vague enough for you to do what you chose with it, it seems like picking the planet is the only thing that matters, and you have to be a human(oid), which isn't explicitly stated anywhere. I thought it would be a fun exercise for your writing skills and imagination, I didn't mean to drive you nuts.

What are the stats for?
Do the weapons ACTUALLY matter?
Why did we pick this any of this stuff?

I'll refer you to a relevant sketch/skit from the show "I Think You Should Leave". (You're both the host of the show, and Chunky)

You have to figure out what Chunky does before you come out here.


That's- yeah, that's a good idea, dump it.
You have ample opportunity to move yourself to one of the other threads dude. This one was not to your liking, that’s all good! We got plenty out there for you to choose from.

Don’t get all hung up on things, chill and just enjoy life my dude.
>Mr. "Extreme Workflow" telling me to chill and enjoy life
I already am doing both. I was just informing you why these threads are dogshit. You're welcome, by the way.

Rising tides.
Rising tides.

>Plasmon gets a handjob from the last space hooker in the star system, and doesn't even pay for it
And since I obviously have to hammer it into your thick skull:
>Maybe have some courtesy next time to tell me I suck, you don't want to play with me, I'm not "doing it right" or whatever. Instead of just fucking ignoring me.