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The kingdoms of Zenthur knew nothing but constant warfare for centuries. Each one vied for control over the continent, but ultimately failed to do so. That is until he showed up. Some called him a savior, others a monster, but they could all agree on one thing. The power he wielded was god-like. The nations of Zenthur were brought to their knees as his dark legions moved from nation to nation. The rotting flesh of his ghoul horde permeated the air as they consumed whole villages. Their armies tried to fight back and they gained some ground, until he showed up. Personally decimating armies with thousands of hand cannons while opening portals to the gates of hell. The royal families attempted to make peace, but his blood lust wasn't satisfied. He decimated them. Each member of the royal families being hunted down and executed by the demons under his command. When all was said and done, the continent was left with only one clear ruler, the god who ended all wars. Shi Taberu Hito.

For two centuries the god king ruled, bringing peace to the continent. He personally named all 9 of his male children lords in his kingdom. His eldest and heir Zenrik was set to inherit his title if he should ever fall in battle. Until one day he disappeared. Zenrik tried to claim the throne as his birthright, but his brothers declared rebellion, each labeling themselves as their father's successor and calling the eldest a usurper. The continent of Zenthur was soon thrown back into chaos. The resulting war was the deadliest the continent had ever seen, the armies of the damned that had been introduced during the god king's reign destroying whole villages with no hesitation. But the war soon grinded to a halt as the powers each brother wielded stopped any army from gaining too much ground. Now in an uneasy stalemate, each brother is searching for a way to gain the upper hand.
This is a multiplayer game where each player controls one character. It's very easy to join.

You and fellow 4chan members will wake up in a strange new world in other words you've been Iseaki'd.

I'm running this with Mythic RPG.

The quest will run for 2 weeks and I will update at least once per day. I post anywhere from UTC 3 PM to UTC 3 AM.

There will be a player limit of 6.

Mythic RPG: https://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/12/12904.phtml

Archives and Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Kek%27s_Isekai
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You are going to play as yourself, the person behind the screen. The question is: how long would you survive in an RPG setting?

IMPORTANT: Quote this post when you post your sheet. This will make it easier to keep track of all sheets.

*Name, age, gender, ethnicity, faith/religion, mode of thoughts (see below), 4chan home boards, political views, hair, eyes, height, weight
*Stats (see below)
*Skills: all skills, talents, combat skills, magical powers, languages
*Strengths/Weaknesses: (optional) situational bonuses based on your personal background

Attached is a blank character sheet.
MODE OF THOUGHTS (can have more than one)
*Visual: you think with images
*Verbal: you think with words/voice
*Emotional: you think with emotions
*Abstract: your thoughts are abstract
*Unknown: you are not aware of your own thoughts

*Strength (lifting)
*Dexterity (hands)
*Agility (everywhere else)
*Reflex (speed)
*Toughness (tanking)
*Fitness (cardio)
*IQ (thinking)
*Memory (long-term)
*Intuition (gut feeling)
*Willpower (mind over matter)
*Wisdom (introspection, spirituality)
*Charisma (talking)
*Beauty (appearance)

Describe your stats in plain English using the ranks below.
Ranks: minuscule, weak, low, below average, average, above average, high, exceptional
For Stats, an “average” rank means the rank of an average person
For skills and other abilities, an “average” rank means an average person skilled with this ability; an average professional. Those with less than average ranks are skilled amateurs. Yes, this means, above average skills are uncommon.

The skills are freeform so you can list anything. Here's an extensive list if you need inspiration: https://gurps.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Skills
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47 KB .jpg
1) Create your character, following the rules above.
2) Reminder: you are playing as yourself, the person behind the screen. The more honest you are statting yourself, the more fun this is going to be.
3) Reminder: for skills, an average rank means the rank of an average professional, not the average person. If you rank yourself as Average, then it means that you're as good as the average professional.

1) Namefag yourself.
2) Roll 20d100 with each post. The rolls will be used for the GM emulator.
3) You have to keep track of your own inventory and money.
4) No whining about the QM decisions and rolls.

1) You can chat with the other players as much as you want.
2) Don't make more than one action post before the QM responds.
You'll suddenly find that all of 4chan is populated with nothing but 200 IQ gigachads
Stop wearing Shi's face Wux, he was a far more based retard than you'll ever be.
"Wow, this looks interesting in the catalog!"

>retard mythic rpg multiplayer quest
Usually people don't over exaggerate too much.

I'm not Wuxian. I said I was going to be making a thread last thread, so here I am. If he's going to steal my thread again it should be after I flake, which I won't do.

Some of my favorite moments have been the retarded antics we get up to in these mythic threads, but if no one is interested in this one I may try my hand at another type of multiplayer thread.
I'll see if can post a character tomorrow
Nothing inherently wrong with mythic multiplayer.
Oops I'll try to make it tomorrow, forgot
>Reminder: you are playing as yourself, the person behind the screen
oof, I was gonna post a sheet but I made a random character
This might be fun, but I feel like is asking too much effort from anons
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Huh not a lot of people playing this
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>nofap for a year
Based mountain man
I appreciate the effort you put into your character sheets, but I'm sorry to say that I'm going to have to put this quest on hold. I no longer have acess to a computer for the foreseeable future. I'll be back in a week or two to try and run this again if you're still interested.
sure senpai
no issues