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It's election day!

Campaign thread >>4806286

Voting: https://www.strawpoll.me/45381022

ITT representatives from these parties, and these parties only, will discuss the formations of coalitions and the winning party gets to9 create one rule for the next election. Under the condition that other parties are still allowed to win.
We have 12 hours to vote starting immediately.
It is hereby demanded that current election be nullified on account of gross wrongdoing in procedure via a failure to list all parties/candidates in the election. The following have not been included on the ballot: The Tiger, the Global Empire Party, THE DOMINION VOTING PARTY, and The if you don't vote for this party your mother will die in her sleep tonight Party.

Current votes must be voided and a new election held with the current issues resolved. Failure to do so may result in total loss of faith in the system and potentially forceful measures taken to secure the integrity of the election.