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It has been five months since you, The Courier, ascended to the top of the totem pole in the Mojave. Kicking out both the Legion and the NCR, you quickly got to work fixing the mistakes that others have caused. The Fiends have been massacred, the Powder Gangers hunted down to the last man. Your roads are finally protected by your loyal legion of Securitrons while your soldiers of fortune are being instilled with Enclave discipline.

While your food situation is improving and you’re in the black with finances, agriculture is slow going and a disaster across the dam will require your immediate attention. Ulysses is a powerful ally to have, if you can win the stoic courier over to your side. The Legion may never have been stronger than it is now with a clear-headed Caesar and with the impending visit of President Kimball, you are once again thrust into the middle of things.

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Ulysses. Perhaps the only man in the wasteland who matched you in skill and will. That will brought him across the wasteland and into The Divide, seeing the worst humanity has to offer. There may be some sense of irony in asking for his help to build a nation when you destroyed one already. You're not sure whether you're ready to take the blame for that but what happened happened. You managed to convince Ulysses that The Bear, for all of it's faults, deserved to be spared nuclear hellfire and allowed to grow or die on its own.

You had your own reasons for turning the missiles on The Legion however.

It took you a few days to arrive at The Divide, the closer you got the more hellish it became. Thankfully for you, Ulysses is still camped out on the ledge overlooking your past work.

I was wondering how long it would take for you to make it back out here. Just as before, you've been crossing the sands of the Mojave to build a nation. Pure determination allows you to accomplish what no other man in the wasteland could. That and an army of robots.

[Was it really just a matter of time until I returned? You still blame me for the destruction of this community, even if I've done everything to redeem myself.]

Redemption is a funny thing. Who are you to decide it?

[I'm not here to ask for your forgiveness, I'm here to ask for your help. You've been paying attention to my work, it's not up for discussion if I've improved New Vegas. The roads are safe, Freeside is better than it's been in years. I am feeding my people, I care about New Vegas.]

And who's doing is that? The casinos Robert House had rebuilt? The Securitron army he created? What about the Hoover Dam, the leftovers from the old world? What have you done that no one else in your position could have done? I won't say you haven't improved the Mojave, but you haven't done anything to show me you deserve my help, much less to succeed.

>Respond (will lead to a dice roll)
You once said that the Divide could have been larger than the Bear, greater than the Bull. The Mojave is a fledgling nation just taking flight, in between the shadows of both beasts. It isn't about deserving help, but delivering a message to both the old world and the new. A message of hope. I offer you a chance to shape a nation at it's foundations, to make history instead of watching it pass by. To deliver one final package that will shake this world to it's core. So I ask you- are you willing to set your flag down on a nation you believe in?

*Offers hand*
*eye bot buzzes by screeching at a insanely fast speed*
House was content to rebuild his idealist view of Vegas, but bear is trapped in it's own poisonous self inflicted bureaucracy, and Edward's empire is doomed to fail as he ignores the lessons taught in the failing of the roman empire. All of them believed they're saving humanity, or raising America through the ashes like a Phoenix from the ashes. All of then too blind to see warnings.
I come here before you because you and I understand what will inevitably happen. Another nuclear fallout and a repeat of Hopeville. I cant let that happen, which is why I need your help.

Oh I like this.
a nation comprised of the individuals who live in its borders. It can become a nation when it is supported by those individuals but when people who cross the lines and allegiance for money and have no country to protect. they only fight for their own power and fame. maybe having a burden of nation allows you to fight better
stole the quote from ace combat and reworded some for the parts and removed some parts to make it flow
not should be between maybe and having
"I have united people: from the Followers and NCR; to BOS and Enclave; to ghouls and super mutants - not to mention nightkin. That alone is a miracle and something few others could ever hope to achieve.

As for other things only I could do, do we include my future plans or just those that are presently complete? As I will admit to little uniqueness being achieve in these last six months, yet that is down to the simple issues blocking way to any grand plans or amazing ideas - can't prioritize if you starve or rioters end you or raiders kill you, you know?

But what ideas I have: this nation has so much potential - and I want you to help me guide it. Also, what else have you got to do currently? Skulk in the Divide and wait for the Tunnellers to kill you?"
I can't think of anything better to post. Some of these posts are good.
This one is my favourite of the posts so far, a lot more reconciliatory than my own. Ulysses is kind of prone to purple prose though, we might need to spew some verbiage to convince him.

" You speak to me of redemption? You, who pretend to understand a ruler's heart? You, who waste your potential squatting in the ashes of past failures? For all your blustering in regards to the part you say I played in the ruination of this place, you have taken not a single action to improve the lives of others.

You speak of Robert House, as though you knew him. If you had seen the heart of New Vegas, seen the miles of hidden bunkers and the dark secrets hoarded by him, you would not be so quick to praise him.

It's not a matter of what anyone else COULD have done, but what they WOULD have done. Who else would negotiate with the Brotherhood of Steel in good faith after they collared them? Who else would negotiate with the Bear in good faith after Kimball's offensive blustering? Who else would heal and speak with the Bull, after all their atrocities?

In their own ways, Bear and Bull both seek to repeat the mistakes of a past they do not understand. Suffocating greed has poisoned any other ideals they may once have held, but that greed and its' absence is not the greatest difference between Card and Beast, not to me.

I cannot make it any clearer than this: I do not seek power for power's sake. I do not seek wealth for wealth's sake. I do not wage war for the red glory nor for high ideal. My every action as ruler of the Mojave is guided by the final goal of a future worth living in; less a dream and more an ambition. I do not care in the slightest whether you or my other victims forgive me. The only thing that matters is the future, and if you remain blind to that, if you remain blind to the promise held in human potential, then hiding in this tomb is more than you deserve.

If you would shape a kinder world, and beat the savagery of the present into the promise of the future, you know where to find me. If not, try to kill some Tunnellers before your shame shame claims you. “

pic related is how ulysses comes across to me
The power cores you scavenged were in pristine condition so there was no worry about anything happening with the hardware, but the Handyman selected to put it in the morning vehicle wasn't taught anything about replacing those cores, as it is such a rare thing to teach. Raul himself admitted he wouldn't have done much of a better job.

Your handyman wasn't able to insert the core, a mixture of the age of the machine and the fear of an unstable reaction blowing up half of the quarry. It wasn't a wasted effort however, as your repair corp learned what not to do and the specifics of power cores in vehicles. (No longer requires roles for replacing power cores)
>(No longer requires roles for replacing power cores)
Are there any other things that we might have to roll for imminently with our repair crews where we could instead spend a turn learning and get them out of the way?

Also, I've came up with an idea to improve our expansion rate: flatpack construction kits, pre-cut frames that can be assembled onsite rather than needing to actually make them for each new project. Standardised doors, windows and so on so we can make stockpiles of "housing" and "working" buildings in flatpack, then when we expand the construction time is literally just assembly and waiting for any concrete to dry. Issue is to make it work we'll need the Jacobstown Lumber production and basic metalworking / forging (for screws, nails, hinges, etc).
I just wanna point some stuff out that anons missed. Nipton has a ton of big horners all over the place around there as in best place in Mojave to farm for them in game. In addition to being close to a huge ant farm and the only location in the Mojave with a radscorpion queen nearby. It is the perfect place for hunting and ranching in terms of development. It just needs water. So important in fact that its the only place we got that can actively farm for poison and ant pheremones right away.

Goodsprings has its own wells and hence a water supply of their own. In addition it is safest rural area in the entire Mojave with geckos and bloatflies at worse. Especially once you clean up the few radscorpion nests that remain. Making it prime location for gecko ranching when we have the tech and more intensive farming efforts. It also has a nearby cave for mushrooms.

Primm its worth noting is key due to its strategic location relating to the Great Divide and being the only other place in the Mojave with access to a giant ant farm. It will be our stronghold for future Great Divide Operations especially against the Tunnelers. So it needs some fucking fortifications BEFORE the tunnelers show up.

Reminder that we have two settlements available that is uniquely suited for ghouls. One of them is a vault. While the other has an airport and a ton of nearby mines with surprisingly intact mining equipment. We can broadcast this fact for free on the radio and start establishing them.

Camp golf is available and there are those buildings along the lake crawling with lakelurks. Once dead however we got ourselves some prime real estate perfect for farming and fishing by the lake.
You pull 300 mercenaries to spread across your new farmland for the sole purpose of killing the invasive predators and collecting their meat and hides. Thankfully most of the animals were Geckos and Giant Ants, nothing that inflicted too much damage. The deathclaws and cazadors in the area wiped out a few squads but farming is much safer from the numerous threats that were there. While not in full control of the area due to the remaining predators, agricultural progress is currently uninterrupted.
At least we don't have to pay for their wages. You know, since they're dead.
So your saying meats back on the menu?
Actually Ulysses didnt like house. I liked it when we informed him we killed him.
Our bro here just has a tendency to judge other more harshly than he does himself. If he wants to play the blame and symbolism game, the day he told Ceasar about the Dam he condemned thousands to death and slavery. We're not here to make him feel bad though, just get him to join us.
Some surprisingly good responses here. Can someone roll me a 1d100 here? Best of two

Remember class, a fail does not mean a total failure
Rolled 72 (1d100)

Here. Have a funny dice.
Rolled 31 (1d100)

yeah man

Nouce. that's an 80.
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After our showdown in the temple, I was resentful. I resented that you managed to talk me out of killing off the abomination that is the NCR. I was disgusted that my beliefs were sabotaged but then I thought about what my beliefs really were. The Bear and the Bull are perverted impersonations of the best of the old world. But what was the old world really? The NCR didn’t cause the great war, the Legion didn’t kill the United States. Their reckoning was their own.

[Ulysses, there are things to admire and learn from history, but we cannot repeat it. The world is poisoned from their mistakes but men like us who know our history must take the best and leave the worst. I’ve walked west and I will walk east, taking the best from both and killing the worst. I need you to help me recognize it.]

I’ve been too focused on the past to realize there’s no future in it. The flag on my back will remain a reminder of an idea we must strive for, but must surpass. You have the opportunity to right wrongs, Courier. Yours and humanity’s.

[So you’ll join me? Commit yourself to an idea?]

Perhaps. I will do what I do best and walk the Mojave.Talk with its people, see the consequences of your actions. If I return to you, I will not work for you but with you.

[I know I will see you again, Ulysses. I hope it’s with you shaking my hand.]

With that, you leave Ulysses and take the long walk back to New Vegas, your city upon the hill.
The Mojave was never a bastion for technology, and with the relatively low damage of the region from the Great War, scavvers have always enjoyed relative ease with scavenging. Sending your scavenging corps on a wide net through the Mojave, you don't find much but your scavengers highlight a few locations that have a high chance of the valuable tech you need. REPCONN test site, H&H Tools, Vault 34, Vault 22, Vault 3 and the Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters. Each of these locations should have what you need, though with the Fiends exterminated, independent scavengers are starting to pick over the ruins.

Before sending Dead Sea to Nipton, you have one of your Shock Troopers place a few blocks of plastic explosives under the floorboards, just as a contingency plan. Even if he does find them, you doubt he would be surprised.

You have a messenger sent out to The Thorn with an offer to Red Lucy for a blank check to purchase her establishment while letting her run it the way she wants it. He returns with a request from her for a visit, both business and pleasure as she called it.
Oh man Ulysses is gonna have some choice words with us when he finds out just how bad we are at farming.
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The issue with finding boats around the Mojave is that it is a desert, and any boats close to being seaworthy have long since been snatched. Your handymen collect the boats they think are salvageable and concentrate them on the shore near Camp Golf. They are in varying stages of disrepair but with the right equipment, namely Acetylene torches, and the scrap needed, you can have a small fleet of boats within a few months. Boat engines are a much more complicated matter, however.

Heading back to where it all began, Goodsprings needed your direct attention to soothe their anger. Bringing a cart of alcohol from your private stock, you set up an ad-hoc town hall within the Prospector Saloon and begin to state your case.

You regale them with the time that you united Goodsprings to chase off Joe Cobb and his gang of Powder Gangers, or when you and Sunny killed the Geckos around the wells and saved that young woman. You transition into your time as leader of the region, talking about your extermination of the numerous gangs that infected the Mojave and how the cazadors north were wiped out by your command.

Finally, as the saloon is properly intoxicated, you use sweeping gestures to describe the future of Goodsprings, a thriving industry supported by brahmin processing, improved irrigation and new housing. Lofty promises but it not only soothes their concerns but increases their excitement for their future. Goodsprings is back in your corner, your most ardent supporters.
No fair. I made suggestions in the past to move securitrons to secure the vaults.
Okay things to note from this update:

1) Offer to purchase The Thorn not outright rejected; definitely look into it.

2) We should send at least 10 mercs to each of the listed high-value-salvage locations. Could also look into licensing or scrap-taxing or something to generate a profit from salvagers.

3) We can have a fleet of boats with some blow-torches, acetylene gas and scrap. Acetylene gas we can make from the limestone of Quarry Junction.
Completely agree with all of these, especially point 2
>Lofty promises

We will make it happen, one way or another.

>We should send at least 10 mercs to each of the listed high-value-salvage locations.

Make it 20, and any unauthorized salvagers will be shot. If the independent salvages do the right thing and come to us first with their salvage, not only will they be forgiven for looting, but will be compensated for their troubles.
We wont need that many. Vaults tend to be housed within enclosed areas, so we can just keep a pair of Securitrons stationed directly in front of the vault doors to dissuade prospectors from entering. Places like Repcom and H&H however definitely need minimum 20 guards stationed per place.

Seems harsh but reasonable, and we could and should offer to buy up any scrap they come across that would be of use to us.
H&H won't need guards until all of the traps inside are disarmed. It's relatively untouched since before the war
I mean all the more reason to keep the out.
H&H will have to be something we'll need to personally do since we need to grab that Lucky 38 card thing.
Is Fallout Tactics, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, Fallout Shelter, and Fallout 76 considered canon in this quest?
Yes but there are certain things I don't consider canon in terms of gameplay.

Quick note about banning scavenging in these areas. Your securitrons will alert the populace but they can't do anything but shoot anyone who may break this law and your mercenaries aren't trained for law enforcement.
>Quick note about banning scavenging in these areas.
I mean, we're claiming ownership; if they want to fuck about, let them find out. No different than if someone tried to take something from the Freeside Administration building or The Dam.
Can we tell our securitrons to only use the 9mm SMG's, but instead of fullassblast they go for semi-auto fire? And if they're close enough, just punch the scavanger and deliver them to the Mormon fort to be patched up?

Here's an idea. What if we put 2 Soldiers for ever 10 mercenaries to act as their superior officers? Do they Soldiers have enough training and intuition to do law enforcement?
That would work. No to the securitrons using melee however, as it would most certainly result in death. Their arms weren't meant for a soft touch.

Using your soldiers as officers would work, though any transgressions on the mercenaries part would result in summary execution. The Enclave way.
Then that's what we'll do. Soldiers will act as SO's for salvage sights while the mercenaries will act under their commands. Like Goodsprings we'll need to placate Novac soon once we secure the Repcon Test Facility as they that's their source of income. That and brahmins.
Unlike Goodsprings Novac doesn't have remotely the same history with us, so we don't need to go to the same lengths with them
Still though we should do something for them. Anything. Maybe they could specialize in Bighorners rearing, while Goodsprings specializes in Brahmin processing?
Veronica: Novac could actually be a hub of scrap processing. They already have a strong tradition of scavenging, and more than enough roads leading to the town. It would give the now-unemployed locals something to do and help with processing of large-scale scavenging operations.
quiet, brotherhood dog

I like this idea, gives them something to do and bumps our industry. What sort of costs and time requirements are we looking at here?
The biggest problem with Novac is the fact that it really doesn't have a lot of resources nearby available to it hence its dependence on scrapping the Repconn site. Thanks to all the roads through it could work as a travel/trade hub. Well that and herding. I think it would make an amazing spot to base some caravan companies in while throwing in some processing ability. Basically whatever we can to incentize its transformation into a proper trade and travel hub. Plus there is that nearby ruined nuclear power plant we can potentially salvage with the help of some ghouls. In addition all those experienced scrappers and salvagers would make for some excellent handymen and manufacturing specialists with some training.

Goodsprings is set whenever we finally stop sucking balls at farming and get that gecko husbandry tech. Just imagine the fun we could have with fire breathing geckos for battle and raising golden geckos for big bucks. Not to mention gecko backed armor is really good stuff just a pain to get the materials for. If we can crack it we would be well on our way to standardized basic armor for our troops.
Those are all good points. Repconn will act as a crutch as we slowly build up the infrustructure for Novac, then it can transition to herding/Caravan Company Headquarters, checkpoint between Vegas and Cottonwood Cove/etc.

God I really want that Gecko backed stuff. Just a few more turns. Just. a few more. Turns.
poor cass:(
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339 KB .jpg
The scouting was expected to take up to two weeks so you were surprised to hear on your return to the Mojave that Kreger scrapped the operation within a few days. Your confusion gradually became horror as he explained why.

A few days of trekking south and after scaling a small mountain, one of your soldiers spotted a sea of feral ghouls slowly moving north. Not wanting to get caught by the seemingly endless wave, he shed any gear he didn’t need and booked it back to New Vegas. He wasn't able to get a full count but there were at least thousands, if not tens of thousands. They weren’t exactly traveling at break-neck speeds but there is no doubt that they are on a trajectory straight for New Vegas.

No one is sure where they came from or how they went without being spotted for so long, but Kreger is ready to start planning on how to either divert the horde or destroy it. The public does not know about the ghouls.
You know how we've got a supply of dynamite and a vertibird? Dynamite fishing but from the air.
Well fuck.

Would be great if we could divert them towards either NCR or Legion lands…
Ferals do not attack other ghouls unless they are attacked first. Ferals are very dumb. Easy to attract their attention away from us hiring some ghouls to create loud noises or live bait to draw them away. They can also investigate the origin and reason for them encroaching upon New Vegas. I personally think we should make them head south. Let them smash into both NCR and Legion contested terroritory. Furrther drawing their military attention away.
Morally we should direct them at the Legion. Strategically, the NCR is in political turmoil and we can put more pressure on them this way, since it's absurd to expect us to fight their or "their" battles for them if relations are frosty.

Tactically, it might be an idea to herd them into the Divide and have our Ghouls guide them to fight the Deathclaws and Tunnellers, but IDK if they'd accept the total slaughter of thousands of their own, mentally disturbed or no.

Guiding them south is probably the safest bet, the best of both worlds - assuming there's anything there for our adversaries to fight over, rather than just the failing president of the NCR in a private document to us saying he's gonna claim that area.
Ey fuck you we tried, dont you "oh poor Cass" me. We had some Clever ideas, but nooooooooo.

Vertibird air support
At most two hundred securitron
Giving the dirty dozen incinerators with optimized fuel.
Give all our soldiers heavy AoE ordinance (Fat Mans, Red Glares, Missile Launchers).
Contacting the Boomers for a fly by.
Finding an ideal bottle necking location.
File: 1464422277196.jpg (91 KB, 568x683)
91 KB
91 KB .jpg
I'm suddenly reminded of that signal the BOS sent out that Veronica couldn't sniff out the contents of. While the local BOS wouldn't do anything like that, the higher ups not there sure as fuck would if the benefit was large enough. I think control of THE DAM qualifies as large enough.

Also, we need to find buffhorses.
That doesn't make much sense. BOS on the West Coast is in terrible shape at the moment. Even on the East Coast they only did well while Lyon's and Lone Wanderer are still around. After that things really went to shit for them until the reformist Maxson takes over. Do recall that they only had a single puny chapter in the Mojave despite the dam and is the HQ of one of the most biggest most important Pre War corporations. Given the Mojave's technological and energy importance it should have been a much higher strategic target for BOS. Further indicating how much in bad shape they are. Not to belittle them but they are only good at bullying smaller powers. Larger powers kick their ass and they simply do not have the ability to sustain prolonged engagements in the long term. With notable exceptions being the radicals factions like the Midwest and Lyon's brotherhood turned reformist under Maxson. We are stuck dealing with the traditionalist BOS thankfully who are much easier to deal with in terms of combat. Sadly they are much harder to deal with diplomatically though.

BOS isn't a big problem for us unless we visit the East Coast. At which point they are going to be an extremely dangerous adversary. Maxson is no joke even when excluding the monsters that are the Lone Wanderer and the Sole Survivor.
Remember. The BoS needs to keep in contact with their Bunker in Lost Hills, or they will be classified as rogues or KIA. Their reports are always on encrypted channels.
Can we ever fly to the East Coast without Maxson trying to kill us?
Veronica: There is a problem I'm seeing though, a lack of sustainable transportation. Currently you're hiring whoever you can, like in Freeside, but I don't know if there are that many private haulers to match what you need. I mean, you had your Securitrons drag the vertibird back to Novac and your scavvers can only really collect what they can carry. Having dedicated Brahmin and trailers for these operations would make them easier and yield greater returns.
We have the brahmin. Would it be hard to repair abandoned trailers, and convert truck beds into carts?
Depends on two major factors our treatment of 'abominations'(aka ghouls and super mutants) and our usage of advanced technology. Maxson has a huge hate boner for abominations that is suspiciously reminiscent of Enclave but his stance on technology is a lot more lenient to an extent. Notably, despite his hatred of synths, he doesn't mind the advanced AIs like PAM, heavy usage of robotics, and willfully overlooks the presence of Nick despite being a synth but he doesn't 'hide' the fact like other synths however. So he is actually quite reasonable and diplomatic no surprise given his position and being a reformist.

In terms of tech he just hates 'rampant' technology gone awry. He is very open to research and the development of technology. Even the use of higher technology in other settlements/factions so long as it's not 'too dangerous'. As Maxson likes to think of himself and the BOS as the sword and shield of human civilization. So allowing for advanced technology that will help people is within his interests. Notably, though Maxson is not a civilization builder more a general, unlike the Sole Survivor. They don't spend a ton of focus on settlers and settlements but do offer their protection and services to them that are brutally effective. He also encourages research and development of new technology. This stance however will change if he recruits the Sole Survivor as his sentinal who actually is a talented civilization builder unlike himself and will hold great sway on the BOS future stances despite the presence of Maxson. After all they still freshly recall the Lone Wanderer who used to be with them as well.

So basically depending on our treatment of abominations and whether or not we go full retard with tech ala Big MT will determine just badly Maxson will target us if we go to the East Coast. In general we have to absolutely take Veronica with us no matter what because she will get along great with East Coast reformist brotherhood and can greatly ease our operations there when dealing with BOS. After all he really does hate rampant technology as shown with the Institute and his open full extermination efforts of abominations.
I have my doubts for the usefulness of Super Mutants and their willingness to co-operate, but I really hope we'll have a chance to recruit the ghouls of Underworld. I worried that under Maxson command, Underworld might have been purged, or soon will be. When we fly to the east coast we should ask if then need help dealing with any ghoul, mutant, or other like problems. Might tip us off where we could find ghouls to hire.
QM, so I played DUST recently and I wonder about tunnelers from divide. Will they be migrating to mojave in this quest?
Ulysses thinks so
Rolled 2 (1d3)

Let's see here
File: Month5.png (2378 KB, 1024x1024)
2378 KB
2378 KB .png
New Vegas Region
Month 5

Population (Rough Estimate) 63,000
Freeside/New Vegas: 5,000
Novac: 2,000
Primm: 2,000
Goodsprings: 500
Jacobstown: 500
New Vegas Outskirts: 5,000
Sloan: 150
Remaining population dispersed throughout region
New Vegas: Rebuilt Pre-War buildings, defensive wall, electricity, plumbing.
Freeside: Sparse electricity. Pre-war ruins, pre-war buildings, shacks. Defensive wall, Freeside Administration
Primm: Electricity. Intact pre-war buildings, pre-war ruins
Goodsprings: Electricity, intact pre-war houses
Novac: Electricity, intact pre-war houses
Camp McCarran: Intact pre-war building, military tents, electricity, plumbing, defensive wall, watch towers, military tents, basic training course
Cottonwood Cove: Damaged pre-war housing, damaged pre-war buildings, direct access to clean water
Nipton: Intact pre-war buildings, Legion Embassy

Tariffs: Low 5%(+7,500 caps/turn)
Dam Output: (14,000 caps/turn, 10,000 caps/turn)
Sales tax: None (+0 caps/turn)
Casino Tribute: Intermediate (+42,000 caps/turn)
Upkeep: None (-56,450 caps/turn)
Treasury: 168,500 caps

Low (Rising)
Simple diet
Your sharecropper farms have finally started producing, though at an unexpectedly low amount. The next phase is slow going and is expected to take multiple weeks until production.

Mostly clean water from Lake Mead supplies Freeside, New Vegas, North Vegas

Abysmal (Stable)
Few scavenged industrial medicine, sparse home remedies

Available Facilities: None
Current Research: None
New Vegas is incapable of conducting meaningful experience due to lack of expertise, facilities and equipment

>Available Facilities: Michael Angelo’s Workshop
>Current Projects: Vault 19 Sulfur Mining (Producing 500 dynamite a month), Sloan(4 tons per month) Scavenger Training (30 every 2 weeks), Freeside cleanup (On hold), Freeside Aptitude (Ongoing), Freeside Sanitation (Ten Weeks)

140 Scavengers, 300 miners, 15 repairmen
>Material: AA replacement parts, Hoover Dam maintenance equipment, limited mining equipment, 1,250 dynamite, Assorted unknown holodisks, 2 energy core, 4 tons cement

>The Strip: Heavily Fortified, Laser PDW, 200 securitrons
>Freeside: 25 securitrons at Strip entrance, 100 patrolling Freeside, 550 mercenaries
>The Dam: 200 securitrons, 4 Anti-Air weapons
>Camp McCarran: 15 Securitrons as garrison
>24 deployed to Novac area
>25 deployed to Primm area
>25 deployed to Sloan area
>25 deployed to Jacobstown area
>42 deployed to Outer Vegas Ruins
>15 deployed to Nipton
>25 deployed to Nipton area
>10 to Searchlight
5 Securitrons free from assignment
>80 mercenaries deployed to Vault 19
>200 mercenaries protecting sharecroppers
>30 mercenaries training at McCarran (Six weeks left)
>15 soldiers on Caravan duty (Two weeks left)
>50 Mercs to black mountain
736 Mkll Securitrons, 1 damaged
The Courier
920 Mercenaries: Semi-professional-Miscellaneous weapons, fragmentation grenades
58 Soldiers: Professional-Miscellaneous weapons, fragmentation grenades, 30 in riot armor
19 Shock Troopers
Boones Squad: 2 Members
25 Bright Brotherhood: Semi-professional-Energy weapons

Free Equipment: 5 Power Armor, Squad Vertibird

Cass: +3 to combat actions (Medically unavailable)
Raul: +5 to Repair actions, +3 to combat (Training)
Boone: +4 to combat actions, +2 sneak actions (Currently unavailable)
Ed-E: +4 to combat, allows field repairs/ammo crafting
Lily: +4 to stealth actions, +3 to combat
Veronica: +3 to combat, +2 scavenging actions (Training)
Rex: +2 to combat, +3 to scavenging
Roxie: +2 to combat, +3 to scavenging
Knox: +5 to combat (Stationed at dam)
Doc Henry (Studying Vault 22 Data)
Moreno (Training at McCarran)
Johnson (Training at McCarran)
Yes Man (Decoding Holodisks)

Treasury- Cass (when available)
Defense- Kreger
State- Francine Garret
Agriculture- Joseph Linden
Industry- Chomp Lewis
Health & Human Development-Julie Farkas
Science & Technology- Doctor Henry
Tourism- Cachino

>Courier Action
One direct action, one Meeting
>Military Action
Two engagements, infinite troop movement
One action
Two actions
One action
One thing that falls into these categories or anything out of it

The worst of the situation has passed, but there is still a need for permanent, professional healthcare in perhaps your largest population center. A lot of the patients need long-term care that none of your current doctors can provide. There is also the fear of outbreaks in communicable diseases

The impending ghoul horde must be dealt with or risk the region being overrun. There is currently no timeframe for when they will arrive.

The Vertibirds are waiting to be reached and transported. Pilots either need to be trained or trucks procured to help transport.

President Kimball is set to arrive in four weeks, some in your cabinet suggest a special tour of the region, purposely showcasing your power

It could be months before production from the far side of the dam. Perhaps either direct intervention or increased focus is needed.

High priority salvage sites have been identified and should be secured, as well as the beginnings of a central scrap processing facility.

Red Lucy of The Thorn requests a private meeting to hammer out the details of you owning her establishment.

Chomp Lewis requests a meeting to discuss the current state of the industry as well as ways to increase all-around output.

Census of New Vegas
Train pilots for the vertibirds
Investigate Black Mountain to figure range of towers
Improve military equipment
Clean Freeside of rubble and trash
Repopulate Nipton
Invest in government transportation
Populate Cottonwood and Nipton

I apologize about the slow posts, work needed me for doubles over the last few days. Prompts and turns should be much quicker now.
>Courier Action- Getting the Divide Auto Docs, meet with Chomp Lewis.

I do assume we'll meet with Lucy after, right?

>Military Action- Train Vertibird pilots, begin diversion operations of the ghoul horde, and secure high priority salvage sites.

The Bright Brotherhood can help us deal with the horde, and I don't expect the whole horde to be diverted, but any ghoul they can peel off is a win in my books. I do wonder what kind of salvage the horde will have though.

>Industry- Either focus on getting our agriculture up and running or invest in government transportation.

>Scavenge- Set up the beginnings of a central scrap processing facility. If they need Brahmin and trailers, fund their acquisition.

>Repair- Fix quarry machinery, replace core.

>Other- Have our Freeside Administration conduct a census of New Vegas, if they need additional manpower the mercs and robots can help in that compacity.

>Other- Have our cabinet plan out Kimball's tour.
ok lets meet Chomp and getting the Divide Auto Docs and make plans to divert or kill some of the ghouls and secure salvage sites invest in transport and start up a scrap processing facility fix the things in the quarry and have a census and plan a tour for kimball
>Courier Action
Head into the Divide with both Ed-E and recover at least 1 Auto Doc. If we can't stack the companion bonus with the Courier bonus for a total of +12, have Ed-E help with the offensive Military Actions. How many eyebots do we have?
Meet with the Boomers and ask if they can fly their B-29 over the mountain to kill the undead horde. If things don't go completely ass up, we can meet with Lucy the next turn, then our brain.

>Military Action
Cycle around 50 or so Mercenaries a day through Camp McCarran for a sharp shooting and other tests. Have Boone lead it. 1st Recon snipers usually are pared with spotters, so ask Boone if he need's Manny's help.

If Raul manages to get the boat fixed on time, send 50 Securitrons and Knox to wipe out the Legion ghouls and secure the territory for our scavangers.

If we fail to get the Boomer's help, ignore military action above and met Kreger for help. Invest two military actions. Get Boone, Lily, Ed-E if nonapplicable, and Knox to aid in unfucking the ghoul problem. Need dynamite? Cause a landslide? missiles? Cherry bombs? 5mm ammo? Mines? 40mm Grenade Launchers? You need it, it's yours my friend.
Let our Enclave Veteran friends make suggestion on where to allocate all our forces and see if we give them the OK?

Send 1 Securitron as muscle, 2 soldiers as leaders, and 10 mercenaries as additional muscle to each of these locations: REPCONN test site, H&H Tools, Vault 34, Vault 22, Vault 3 and the Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters. Keep people out, don't harass people, don't kill anyone if they're not trying to kill you, but you can defend youself.

>Veronica: Novac could actually be a hub of scrap processing. They already have a strong tradition of scavenging, and more than enough roads leading to the town. It would give the now-unemployed locals something to do and help with processing of large-scale scavenging operations.
Do what Veronica suggested and turn Novac into a hub for scrap proccessing. Sink as many Caps as we need to make this work. Hire the Novac prospectors.

Take Veronica, Rex, Roxie, The Bright Brotherhood members (becase they know where everything is), Chris Haversam (because he knows where all the tools are), and all the scavengers to scour the REPCONN test site for all the tools Raul needs and then some. Anyone who doesn't own a radiation suit, we'll buy them one. They're only 60 caps a suit I think, and NPC's get +100 Rad Resistance.

Raul and all his Handimen work on fixing us some BOATS. With TOOLS.

Meet with Lucy.

We'll do this later. Right now we need those boats fixed. We can ask Raul, Chris, and the Handimen to fix up some trailers and carts later.
Why not bomb the ghouls to oblivion?
So the only welders and plasma cutters are in Michael Angelo's shop in The Strip, so you could take boats and trucks there to have them turned into trailers. Because these machines are very large and somewhat built into his facility. Arc Welders, found mainly in the divide, would be acceptable mobile welding tools.
I mean, we could if you want. I'd much rather put a Courier action into that just to shore up the attack.

>Arc Welders, found mainly in the divide, would be acceptable mobile welding tools.

Add that to the Divide shopping list.
No need. Ed-E should be equipped with one, and we probably grabbed one on our way out the Divide the first time we came through.
Enlist the Boomers to thin out the horde. Nothing a good carpet bombing couldn't fix.
that's smart and considering how secluded they are, there isn't much risk of the plot being leaked to the general public
Last turn you said we had 6 six weeks until Kimball arrives. That means next turn we'll have 2 weeks until he arrives?

Take into consideration that each Securitron is armed with shoulder mounted ground to air/ground to ground rocket pods.
Now consider reprogramming the securitrons to aim where our Laser Designator is pointing (the thing we use to blow up warheads).
Imagine 100 securitrons all lines up and saturating an area with raining death.
this would be fantastic for everyone involved, we destroy the horde and the boomers get to blow up some zombies
Why are we bothering to fight them when we can just divert them towards our enemies…?

We should meet with our entire Council about options to divert the horde
Updated tour incorporating some previous options:

>Courier Action
Travel to the Divide with Ed-E to recover some Auto Docs

>Courier Meeting
Speak to our Council to discuss options for diverting / destroying the oncoming feral horde + plan out Kimball's tour.

>Military Action
- Train Vertibird pilots,
- Secure high priority salvage sites with mercs, soldiers and Securitrons

>Industry Action
Invest in public transportation options

>Scavenge Action
Set up the beginnings of a central scrap processing facility. If they need Brahmin and trailers, fund their acquisition.

>Repair Action
Fix quarry machinery, replace core.

>Other Action
Have our Freeside Administration conduct a census of New Vegas, if they need additional manpower the mercs and robots can help in that compacity.
Because you can't just lead a horde of tousands upon thousands of ferals ghouls and expect them to go where you want them to go. These guys are gonna walk their way into our territory and we don't even know when.

>Invest in public transportation options
What like cars or brahmin pulled carts?

>Fix quarry machinery, replace core.
We'll need to replace some iron on one of the machines, replace the power core for another, and maybe a Courier action to repair more.

What about repair some boats before the radiation fucks up the salvage in Dry Wells?
>What like cars or brahmin pulled carts?

Ideally. We'll work on trolleys at a later date.

>What about repair some boats before the radiation fucks up the salvage in Dry Wells?

We don't have the necessary equipment to repair them yet, and couldn't we scavenge Dry Wells on foot anyway?
A trolley would require a functioning steel mill to make all the tracks we'll need. It's not impossible, but I wonder if we really need one. Could go either ways.

We might have what we need already.
>ED-E arc welder
He said we needed a welder, we have one now, and no. Survivalist said we'd need a boat to travel down the river to Dry Wells.

Go to the Divide with both Ed-E's and at least one auto-doc, but the more the merrier. Take both Ed-E's back home with us this time.


Train Pilots
Get Bright Brotherhood members to investigate the horde and keep us updated on how soon they'll arrive to the Vegas region. Get out of dodge if we decide to blow up all the ferals.
Secure Salvage sites.

Invest in government transportation: Brahmin pulled wagons, carts, and carriages.

Throw our companions, scavanger rats, and Chris, and throw them at the rocket place. Maybe we can use the rocket parts to fix the vertibird in the future. Better yet maybe design a high speed VTOL.

Raul, the Handimen, and DLC Ed-E should fix the boats using the scrap. Take 10k worth of funds to buy materials and tools.

Census of New Vegas
>Because you can't just lead a horde of tousands upon thousands of ferals ghouls and expect them to go where you want them to go.
We don’t know that - hence why we should ask for suggestions

Why waste tons of effort and munitions solving a problem, when we can just make it out enemies problem?

>public transportation options
brahmin pulled wagons

Also, Kimball's tour is really soon.

We should discuss it now. So we have a turn to enact any required changes before he arrives
An assured solution would be better than investing and action for asking people's opinions, than waiting until the next turn to act. Which enemy are you referring to, and why would they be fine with our meddlings?

Having your council plan it would be possible, though it would require an action to communicate to them what you would want to happen, or give them a blank check and let them plan it
A meeting action? I'm changing my meeting vote to the Kimball Council action then.