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And the New Discord Link: https://discord.gg/SZkHMxsCG8

1,161 Years Since Ishskars First Awakening.

>Be Ishskar empowered.
>The conflict aboard the first fortress has been quelled, and after a weeks of continued assaults-
>All organisms aboard the fortress have been terminated.
>I have received comprehensive AAR (after action reports) and extensive glyph captures of the engagement.
>Agakhet was successful in terminating the remaining aeldari forces.
>The solitare was critically wounded and placed within a stasis chamber.
>The constant stream of ceaseless droids, the arrival phillias and one royal warden with a coterie of tomb blades helped dispatch the final remnants of the forces.
>My attention had been transfixed upon the various hololithic displays showing the engagement in crisp detail.
File: Triarch_Praetorians.png (2582 KB, 887x1190)
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2582 KB .png
>Phillias’ arrival seemed to be the final nail in the coffin against the pesky mortals.
>Flicking through her encounter with the wraithblade black line was amusing.
>Starlight from the rods of the covenant shredded through the constructs.
>Heated blades with the power of contained dying stars flensed mortified guardian defenders.
>Witnessing the expert blade work of Phillias’ threading between the limbs of the ancient warriors was something that stirred a level of intoxicating joy.
>I watched transfixed watching her bisect a fleeing guardian defender, replaying the scene with an almost perverse satisfaction.
>But I could not continue simply enjoying the opening scene of her arrival.
>I had the farseer’s engagement to observe.
File: Accursed hand.png (152 KB, 374x667)
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152 KB .png
>Her unfettered usage of the malign Never-Sea’s tides was sickening.
>Smiting my warriors, hindering my loyal subject with maladies meant to doom him.
>And then witnessing the decaying powers she wielded with her rotted hand.
>She had replaced her own arm with the foul thing.
>Her right sleeve was torn free of her garb, olive colored skin and spindly thin limb.
>It spoke of her lack of any exercise.
>But halfway up the length of her forearm.
>Was the rotted limb.
>The hand of darkness.
>Extending the crooked hand to eye level of my warriors I saw malign fumes spread out, washing my warriors in the toxic fumes.
>A score of necron warriors tried to fire upon her, but their weapons sputtered.
>Their knees buckled
>Some tried striding forward, but only reached a few paces
>Their joints hardened, oxidized rust overcame them.
>The light of their eyes flickered, limbs came apart, bodies collapsed.
>Those closest to the farseer fell away.
>When they collapsed to the floor they simply broke apart in clouds of dust.
File: banshee.jpg (140 KB, 1024x436)
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140 KB .jpg
>She took many warriors, immortals, and even spindel drones with her.
>An uncounted number of the droids were lost to her constant use of the horrid limb.
>For a brief period it seemed as though she had a chance to survive.
>She had hid herself often enough behind the great wraithlord constructs.
>But when the two great wraithlords came under fire by the Seraptek construct’s Singularity generators hope waned for her people.
>And she was able to watch in horror at what Agakhet had done to the Solitare.
>The Psychic shriek that emanated from her was only comparable to the deafening cry of that of the Howling banshee’s of her future descendants.
>It was around this time that Phillias and her cohort had dispatched the last of her wraithblade entourage.
File: Phillias.png (474 KB, 1023x1365)
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474 KB .png
>The farseer’s death was not one that spoke of glory.
>Only a pathetic defiance.
>She was truly the last left upon the battlefield.
>Whatever goal she had planned, failed.
>Her army was destroyed.
>Her Telekine defenses failed her, punched through by unceasing plasma, gauss, and tesla bombardment.
>She desperately lashed out at dozens of ranks of warriors, even managing to kill some in her frenzied panic.
>But she was a caged animal.
>Nowhere to run, forces everywhere.
>And so eventually after her body had been sufficiently mangled by beams from The Praetorians weapons she fell to the floor.
>Knelt down, seemingly in prayer.
>Phillias was the one to stride up to her, placing her relic war scythe before the neck of the farseer.
>And ultimately beheading the Sorceress xeno.
now for some downtime character building :)
File: Private sanctum.jpg (62 KB, 726x696)
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62 KB .jpg
>I had the body of the farseer reclaimed along with the hand of darkness.
>Phillias had cause to argue with me but it would seem she knew the consequences of defying me in my current state.
>The solitaire, the farseer and the hand were transported to the depths of the fortress into one of its myriad vaults.
>Through my own neural pathways I tried uncovering some hidden fragments of my ruined psyche.
>With some effort I indeed was able to unlock some fragmented knowledge.
>Burning into the blackstone ancient dimensional wards known only by the secretive remaining members of the technomandrites.
>I had the bodies tucked away, whilst the hand remained within my possession.
>I would not allow them to be in any proximity to such a relic.
File: Gethsemane_Map.jpg (62 KB, 346x444)
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62 KB .jpg
>Trazyn had informed me of his various acquisitions and of the heading of the great craftworld.
>But that was not my goal.
>Let the aeldari take it for now.
>Clarity had returned to me.
>As a necron I had been blinded by far too many thoughts and plagued by mortal failures.
>We had been right at the cusp of something great.
>A detail I had overlooked.
>We were in the Gethsemane Sub-Sector
File: mad boy.png (609 KB, 1196x668)
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609 KB .png
>The greatest prize of all lies here in the war-torn fringe of the galaxy.
>All I would need to do is remain conscious after disconnecting from the fortress and I would remain intact.
>I ordered a small fleet for myself, and ordered only the trusted resurrected Agakhet and the cryptek Nehebkau to assist me in this venture I had planned.
>Removing myself without succumbing to power overload was a delicate process.
>An entire week of orchestrating power elsewhere without breaking this grand form.
>This form was far more beneficial but limited my reach, in time I would return to it once more.
>But for now I had to settle with being mortal.
>An idea that irked me to no end.
File: Ornsworld.png (420 KB, 622x571)
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420 KB .png
>When I severed my connection to the fortresses' powergrid I was returned relatively in one piece.
>My memories of the time in such a form were difficult to read.
>I understood I did certain actions but was unaware of their higher purpose.
>To add to it I find the edges of my essence totem links haven't entirely transmuted back into their respective state of matter.
>Rather the fringes of the tiles have a composition of that of the C’tan Necrodermis.
>Some of the C’tan state bled over into my apparel it would seem.
>A matter for another time.
>For I had one course that I had set myself up for.
>For the planet of Ornsworld.
>The home of the Eye of Night.
File: Eye_of_Night.jpg (2182 KB, 3840x1872)
2182 KB
2182 KB .jpg
>Phillias and Orikan protested this.
>And I simply informed them I had divined a means of jump starting our 2 suboptimal fortresses.
>We had only half roused them.
>They were hardly fit for any level of combat at the time.
>And to have 5 fortresses against a single craftworld would make it all the easier to claim the fortress.
>They relented.
>And for 2 months we scoured the world in search of the relic.
>2 months we subjected every mile of the planet to uncounted scans in search of the relic.
>2 months of thousands of scarabs moving between the native flora looking for the relic.
>And after hundreds of man hours we found the Eye, set upon a statue of a humanoid being.
>Or rather an aeldari one at that.
>The eye had been procured at the site of hallowed aeldari grounds.
oh shit I saw this story getting posted on neckbeardia, hey put me in the video James
no :)
Oh shit... Warp fuckery might go down if its eldar hollow grounds.
shit yourself.
Please fuck off.
File: azb4Vrx_460sa.gif (337 KB, 213x199)
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337 KB .gif
>Be Zahnrakh, Royal Warden of the Hemmenth Dynasty.
>He who bears the message of damnation to His lowly foes.
>My road to the central spire of the Fortress would not last long.
>But it appears that the eternal enemy has decided to do something only their cowardly kin would do.
>After meeting up with five more ‘Sunrider Chariots’
>IE: overburdened Tomb-Blades with Immortal riders.
>We slunk through the many side passages, to the location of the Webway gate close to the heart of the fortress.
>As we flew, I was met with an image I decided was worthy of praise.
>The inventor Scarab’s drones.
>Thousands upon thousands of them.
>Their number was such that no inch of the blackstone floor was left visible.
>All marching to the same location as we were.
>I had no real place for them in the old codes of war.
>But, that did not mean that they had no purpose.
>They would serve us well…
>When my minor phalanx of remaining chariots came upon the chamber of the Webway gate, we were met with our foes turned towards us.
>I scanned my oculars over the warzone within a chamber large enough to have served as a holding bay for over a dozen Night Scythes, and tall enough to double that amount.
>…Ideas for later…
>I dismounted my Tomb Blade, as did my companions.
>Each of us finding our Necrodermis feet crush down on the mangled frames of dispatched Canoptek battle droids.
>Good, we have cover, then.
>The Immortals, each carrying a Tesla carbine and counting ten in total, opened up fire at my order.
>The salvo of living lightning lashing out through ranks of guardians that had noticed us too late.
>Bright blue and green lashes of eldritch plasma reached their number, and jumped from one victim to the next, liquefying their organs and causing blood to explode out of veins as superheated steam.
>The Tomb Blades fired their Gauss Blasters into ranks of…
>Wraithguard constructs, by the dead gods…
>I noticed properly once I pulled up my own Gauss Blaster, the body of the Eldar Guardian manning their weapon platform falling to the floor as a clump of loose atoms.
>I saw two of the oddly designed machines of the Scarab Chari rush into the Guardian constructs.
>’Death Troopers’, I believe I heard him call them.
>They barely got in range, before the reality sundering beams of the Guardian’s Disruption weapons hit them head on.
>The primitive shielding absorbed the shot, but the resultant tear into soul-space wasn’t going to go away simply if it didn’t touch metal.
>After the unlight of the cracks in reality disappeared, the Death Troopers were gone…
>And the Wraith Constructs faced us in turn.
>My eyes went wide as we saw them stride towards us, my Immortals and the Tomb Blades firing into the ranks of the Guardians before they came into range.
>Gauss Blasters and Tesla Carbines opened up full force, but only managed to damage a few of the bulky constructs, and destroy a single of their number.
>This is bad.
>The first salvo of D-weaponry hit the Tomb Blades, I decided to tune out the warbled screeches of the three Warrior pilots as they were sucked to their doom.
>No return to the forges for them…
>We all took steps back, keeping the large pile of destroyed droids between us and the deathly weaponry, only leaving our heads exposed to keep track of our foe.
>The Tomb Blades circled to the side, making evasive maneuvers like they’re used to, without the weight of passengers to burden them.
>As we pulled back, I noticed in the back of my mind that we were being reinforced still.
>Turning my head, I indeed saw what we needed.
>The droids, hundreds of them still pouring from the hallway behind us, climbing over their fallen with wobbly gaits, but with the ceaseless determination of the mindless machine.
>My engrammatic spirit lanced out into the Hivemind controlling the hordes, and overtook it with a grip one would use to strangle your most hated foe.
>”You will SERVE!”
File: Guards.png (588 KB, 600x882)
588 KB
588 KB .png
>As the Wraith Guards stepped up to us, they were met with a throng of the mindless machines.
>They appeared confused, both the Guards and the Droids, the latter probably due to me having taken direct control.
>The latter? I can only imagine that they did not see them as a threat.
>They aimed their weapons… …as each of their number was double the height of any of the droid constructs, giving them a clear shot into the ranks of Immortals.
>My head was already rising in heat as my Chronosense was starting to overwhelm me.
>But I had enough time to counter the incoming shots.
>I forced several of the droid constructs to run to the Immortals, and ordered the Immortals to perform a ‘standard riot control maneuver’
>They had not used this particular move since the Flesh Times, but these were the more adaptable of the Immortals that numbered in my Phalanx of the ‘Sunkiller Chariots’.
>Each dropped their cumbersome weapons, sure that the tail power cable would keep it close enough to retrieve it, and held up both arms, prepared for the incoming charge of mindless droids.
>Once they came into contact, each was grappled and tossed up high, over the heads of their fellows, and into the line of fire of the D-weapons.
>Several rents in reality opened up above the battle droids, sucking in those used as cannon fodder, as well as several simply too close to the ‘detonations’.
>The holes into hell vanished, and the Immortals retrieved their guns, opening fire alongside the Droids with their basic Plasma weaponry.
>I enjoyed the several moments of panic between the Wraith Constructs, as some of them burned from the rain of plasma, while others died by the living lightning
>The shot from the heavy weapons platform to our far right pulled me out of my revelry, however…
File: The Triarch.jpg (73 KB, 1000x483)
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73 KB .jpg
>Two Immortals died by the lance fire, striking through them like light through water.
>They screamed as they dropped to their knees, metal turned to slag and their reactor cores leaking.
>Moments later, they were gone, vanished into our own style of reality shifting.
>I turned my hateful glare to the weapons platform, larger than the ones used by the Eldar Guardians.
>The construct droids were simply MILLING AROUND IT, as if it was little more than a boulder.
>Clearly, the weapon platform’s operators thought the same about the dumb constructs as the Wraithguard.
>I groaned and ordered all nearby of the constructs to climb onto the platform and overload their weaponry in close proximity to the pilots.
>Ignoring the plasma detonations to my right as the Eldar were trampled and melted, my mind turned to the overall flow of the battle.
>It appears First Scythe Agakhet, Nemesor of the first fortress, has been slain by the ‘Solitaire’.
>Not without taking his revenge, it appears.
>Regardless, I sigh as I broaden my control over the remaining forces, as they are in need of command.
>Only to find my efforts rebuffed.
>A message telling me that my engagement of command-protocols has been overruled.
>A message bearing the seal of the Triarch…
>The Executioner was here...
>With the arrival of Lady Executioner Philias of the Triarch, the battle was effectively concluded.
>She ordered the dismembered Solitaire captured, who put up a sizable effort to avoid such fate.
>As well as the annihilation of the Farseer, for which there was no such ‘mercy’.
>After the storm of Gauss and Tesla lightning passed, there was little left of the enemy commander.
>And just like that, the assault on the first fortress was rebuffed, and we stood victorious.
>Outside of the few straggling Eldar, no foes were left to oppose us.
>I stood tall on a mountain of Battle Droids (which were now completely covering the Heavy Weapons platform from a few moments before…)
>Overlooking the scene I sighed and closed my eyes.
>I perused Mnemonics of past victories, from those hard won during the War in Heaven…
>…as well as few from the flesh times.
>I can remember me speaking to my fellows, the Immortals, the Lychguard, and all warriors that fought under the Hemmenth banner.
>I remember speaking to them the poetry of war, words to steel their hearts and fuel the flames of dynastic pride.
>Words I can only recall in fragmented verses, over laced with static, or simply with no auditory mnemonics to accompany them.
>I open my eyes again, and inhale through nostrils which cannot smell.
>Into a chest that needs no air.
>I try to think up those words to inspire, but find them lacking in that poetic essence.
>Instead, I decide to simply cut and paste a fitting speech, taking from the many stories of old.
>…Not like my fellows will mind all too much.
Fuck off retard
File: EyeofNight.jpg (109 KB, 1280x720)
109 KB
109 KB .jpg
>Trazyn was made to excavate the entire site.
>An entire cubic mile claimed.
>This warranted further study and trazyn was the one to do so for me.
>Orikan called me mad for doing so, a waste of time he said.
>I ended any interstitial messaging with him and returned to the 2 fortresses not yet fully operational.
>Arriving at the first not yet fully operational fortress, my mind was bristled with streams of static data from the fortress.
>Its vast intelligence sensing the artifact.
>The sense of acknowledgment.
>The eye itself reacted with some level of movement.
>Reconstructing itself, individual components connecting, repositioning and rotating.
>My own cortical feed pinged off a form of radiation emanating from the trinket.
>I would not bring this artifact to the command spire taking it to the fortress's mind.
File: Necron-Back.jpg (30 KB, 740x416)
30 KB
30 KB .jpg
>”I say to you, my kin, as I said to the lords of our Dynasty…”
>I glance over my shoulder, to the attending Immortals, of which eight stand there still.
>A small audience, but the empty space is filled with the throng of uncaring Droids.
>”I have nothing to offer but metal, determination, and loyalty… For we have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many centuries of struggle and suffering.”
>”You ask, what are our protocols?”
>”I say it is to wage war by land, air, and void. War with all our might and with all the strength the Dead Gods have given us, and to wage war against the most selfish and damnable slaves of the eternal enemy, those never surpassed in the dark and lamentable catalogue of galactic miscreants.”
>”That is our protocol. “
>Turning to the listening Necron soldiers, I motion my free arm over the devastation caused to our number by the Farseer and her ilk.
>”You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word. It is victory.”
>”Victory at all costs - Victory in spite of all terrors - Victory, however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival.”
>The Immortals raise their hands and shout their approval, to which I nod solemnly.
>I feel the prickle of pride well up inside me.
>Only to then realize that the Immortals likely are simply responding positively due to programming regarding how to act near superiors.
>I quietly sigh as I realize how hard some Immortals must have it to separate genuine respect with programmed loyalty.
>It’s a good thing that such weaknesses are not plaguing one such as myself.
noice part 10
>Be Chari
>Once I got back to my workshop I sat myself down and started reviewing AAR of my droids
>There was so many battlefields and so much data to comb through
>Roughly lousing 26% in permanent/unsalvageable B1 units, and over 79% that were repairable per battle
>... At best
>Eventually one of my P1DT (mk2) does arrive
>Its reports and recordings were very useful
>The shields failed (but they were experimental anyway... but the fact they worked at all was another thing)... but the self-preservation program was a success
>Though the time to calculate it was bad... I'll fix that 'hesitation' issue, later
>The First appeared to be ok, but I'd like to hear from warlock personally about how the new weapons preformed
>I then look at the final battle report... and the farseer, it was bad
>My droids walked around a still active enemy... and on a weapon platform no less
>Well thankfully the Royal warden did resolve that problem
>Still it was an embarrassment
>I'll have to update the coding on the B1's so that shit won't happen again
>So many tiny things to do before I can get to creating those new vehicles, weapons, and units
>At least the problems were discovered now than later... and we got the data first before our enemies
>I can barely imagine the amount of damage they can do if they did discover it before us
File: The mind spire.jpg (121 KB, 1800x1160)
121 KB
121 KB .jpg
>I entered a chamber several levels below the command spire.
>Far deeper than I dared venture in previous visits.
>Impassable walls broke away to reveal the quiet chamber.
>Plunging head forward I strode for the fortress's inner workings.
>Her song clearer to me than ever before.
>I could make out...not words but merely the impression of them.
>The fortress was cautioning me on the blood I would spill, the upheaval this action would have, the ripples this would cause within the realm of souls.
>For a moment this stilled me.
>I had been a few short meters from a great slab wall, an impression in the wall seemingly ready for the eye of night to be placed within.
>I considered the idea for sometime.
>I had already been responsible for the death of thousands of aeldari even if not directly.
>Their blood had already drenched my hands.
>For what reason did the fortress have to try and stroke at my morality.
>I was already on this heading.
>The aeldari could not be given a chance to win.
>Could they?
Ill be honest, i had to drive way more than needed to day and im way too drained to write up anything coherent. ill get out posts in the morning.
File: possible negotions.jpg (475 KB, 904x1022)
475 KB
475 KB .jpg
>The fortress tried to get me to consider the possibility of ceasefire.
>No, not a ceasefire, the idea was more akin to an armistice.
>Leaving one another to their own devices.
>Blurred images of the intact aeldari ships informed me I could open communications with the craftworld and its fleet.
>We had more than sufficiently captured prisoners of war.
>Or more specifically possible gallery pieces for trazyn.
>Would that be enough to ask them to flee the fortress and leave us be.
>At our current state we were more than capable of destroying the entire craftworld and any forces they had.
>I had considered the fortress’ ideas before pressing the eye of night into the impression where the eye fit.
File: Fully mainfested.gif (4560 KB, 558x315)
4560 KB
4560 KB .gif
>Placing it within the impression, the room went momentarily dark.
>The eye seemingly drained all ambient light from the chamber.
>Only a faint lumination came from the relic.
>Sparks of electricity jumped across the relic bouncing onto previously unseen patterns on the slab.
>Light flooded the chamber in an instant as the room began to innate with overwhelming energy.
>The fortress’ cognition overwhelmed my own as the psychic technologically thrummed to life.
>Read outs of thousands of chambers flooded my mind.
>Thousands of hidden chambers I had missed were there, access to the psychic emanations, a deeper understanding of blackstone.
>Flickering images of the galaxy as a completed map washed over my eyes.
>Visions of the first salvos of the fortress during the great war.
>The fortress was alive.
Protect the fortress-waifu.
>Ishskar and his harem if blackstone fortresses.
File: Orar_Map (1).jpg (68 KB, 350x525)
68 KB
68 KB .jpg
>We sailed for months with the fully awakened fortresses.
>Their minds were bridged together across the expanse of space.
>5 Flying Star-forts in perfect unison on a heading for Orar sub-sector.
>Flying Ahead commanding my own, I made careful adjustments to the flight paths of each fortress.
>Communication across all of the fortresses was free reign.
>I discussed the possibility of communication with the aeldari with the other high ranking officials.
>Nehebkau, Orikan, and Phillias seemed against this.
>They proactively called for the aeldari’s destruction.
>Trazyn was the only one who vouched for me strangely enough.
File: IMG_20210517_153618.jpg (69 KB, 702x960)
69 KB
69 KB .jpg
Here we go with the shenanigans again.
Wow the eldar isekai protagonist is going to be very grateful for the peace offer instead of you butchering their ancestors.
Can you stop greentexting everything? it makes it more difficult to read
How about you just get used to reading green texts?
File: Mild Shock.gif (6037 KB, 600x337)
6037 KB
6037 KB .gif
>TFW you can't read Greentexts on 4chan.
If they ever appear again. (seriously, where tf did they go)
>Just a bit after the P1DT had delivered his report, and all the other things
>I began my work on the program update for the G1B1 units
>A few updates to their combat engrams, a really tiny one to balancing to help out a bit
>About a few days into my work warlock walked in
>I put my work aside for the time being to get this report from him
>I'm actually glad (and surprised) that he got the message about me wanting to get a personal report
>When he walked in I noticed a few signs of battle scars
>Scratches, and a few dents primarily... though there was a minor burn mark by the right leg
>Thankfully it only seemed to be a surface burn mark and easily cleanable
>It was nice to hear that his weapon kept him mostly safe
>It was a good half a day in repairing (and cleaning up) him after he gave me the report
>It was only after a few minutes back into me and warlocks small talk that...
>I was then pinged by my P1DT's that a royal warden is coming to my workshop in a minute
>Hold up, is that Zahnrakh... why didn't he tell me he was coming?
>It was only a minute after I received the ping when he entered my workshop
>Be Zahnrakh, Royal Warden of the Hemmenth Dynasty.
>Protector of His eminence’s most loyal people.
>A task in which I have failed.
>The post-battle protocols took the better part of two weeks.
>Another week was spent walking through the winding passages of one of the Fortresses, towards one of the ‘workshops’ of the enlightened Canoptek.
>Chari, the maker.
>I do not announce my presence, simply stride into his domain, he turns to me as he was talking one of his battle droids.
>The serpentine head looks at me with the sneer of a most venomous kind.
>…But his face has no articulation, so I highly doubt the expression was intentional.
>His body’s leaning implied a degree of surprise as I stride towards him quick.
>Words of greeting escape from his vocal emitter, only to die in his throat as I reach for him.
>My hand grips onto the thick mechanical muscles and power cables linking the slug-like torso with the head.
>I pull him closer, looking down at him with my glowing oculars as my central reactor pulses excess power into my frame, fueled by the bright hot fire of my anger.
>”Listen here, little Scarab… And listen well.”
File: aR3NrQj_700b.jpg (18 KB, 320x320)
18 KB
18 KB .jpg
>The battle droid to Chari’s side, one which appears modified in some manner, looks up with a sudden burst of activity, before a glance of his creator causes him to hold up his hands and step back slowly.
>”I have come here to tell you about the lives lost during the battle of the Webway gate… A battle where your little toys were so very present…”
>My fingers tighten as I lose control over the hot coal settled deep within my engrams.
>”A battle where I had to listen to my kinsmen SUFFER and DIE as they were side-lined by a heavy weapons platform that was simply overlooked…”
>A warning displays in my visuals, stating an overload in my central reactor…
>I banish it by instinct as I pull the abomination of an exosuit closer to my face.
>”Cherished mnemonics of this man and woman were irretrievably /lost/ by this failure, these gifts from the Awakener gone in an instant of distraction!”
>Emergency coolant flushes through my systems, causing an audible hiss to emanate from my frame.
>My grip slackens as my reactor cycles back, the eldritch glare of my oculars weakening as my rage pewters out.
>”…If it weren’t for your constructs…”
>”Then so many more of my kinsmen would’ve perished that day…”
>My arm grows slack and the Scarab-controled construct drops back to his feet
>”…For the longest time, the death of my people had become a meaningless experience.”
>”…After all, what memories are there to lose when one has non to cherish.”
>I release the grip on the odd construct’s neck, letting my arm swing back to my side.
>”But now… We have something we can cherish… Something we can lose.”
>”If it was not for your creations, your… intuition. Many an immortal would’ve been torn from this reality, and tossed into that hell our eternal enemy sees as an acceptable weapon.
>I sigh and feel my body’s systems return to normal function. The anger washed clean from my personality engrams.
>”As such, little Chari... ...I would like to thank you for your service to our empire.”
>I glare into his own oculars, my deathmask reshaping slightly to show my discontent.
>Not at him, but at my own failures…
>”But… I would like you to… Improve on your designs shortcomings… And quickly.”
Change the theme to Dark. It helps.
Found some Night Eye version for brave really helpful.
their stories don't intersect
doesnt mean he won't be grateful
Was thinking of that but i like the blue aesthetic
File: galaxy in flame.jpg (246 KB, 1000x898)
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>I clarified my stance and the reasons.
>”There is no possibility we will reach the fortress before them.” I reasoned.
>”We have seen them jury rig the warp cannons before and you've seen the extensive damage that has caused to our fleet and our own fortress.”
>As if on cue the fortress projected images of our latest void combat.
>The extensive damage between Trazyn's fortress and the others.
>Having had to disable one warp canon.
>And lastly the extensive ruin we left an entire sector in.
>Orikan spoke up. “You suggest we simply let the aeldari turn to tail with the fortress.”
File: The silent king.jpg (561 KB, 2500x1300)
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561 KB .jpg
>I huffed. “We call for an armistice, we return SOME of the prisoners we have captured.”
>”I have a selection of several units, an entire arsenal, and multiple captured ships.”
>”We can exchange those for the fortress and we can call off conflict for a number of centuries or millennia.”
>”And think of the president that would provide.”
>”From what I’ve gathered this in roughly 10 million years from now we will see the first instance of mutual joining of forces of Aeldari and necron kind.”
>”I can see it clearly as the day i had divined it.”
>”The Phaerakh Hazepkhut would come to a mutual understanding, a temporary truce with the Aeldari against a mutual foe.”
>”And then…” I let myself go quite for a moment.
>”Well an earlier instance, one between the highest of our kind would seek alliances with a primitive race that shall dominate much of our galaxy.” I pictured The silent king qute vividly and his interaction with the blood angels.
>We eventually did reach the Orar Sub-sector.
>Already we could see aeldari fleets rushing past us.
>Far less suicidal than their previous counterparts.
>They all were heading more or less where we expected.
>When we finally came into sight of the craftworld, I immediately gasped.
>Putting it to scale it was equivalent to the size of a small planet, the size of the planet mercury.
>Nearly 5,000 Km Long, bearing dozens of imposing weaponry.
>Pulsar lances, Massive Scale D-Weapons, and at least 4 Infinity cannons I could count.
>That did even mention the Dozen of fleet elements.
>Several Battle cruisers.
>Roughly 50 ships not mentioning Light cruisers, Escorts, and the uncounted attack craft.
>Be cannon fodder droid
>Missing the left side of my chest along with the arm that was attached to it. It's sparking and making a weird buzzing noise but I'm not dead... Actually, I think this is the first battle where I haven't been blown to pieces or otherwise been mowed down almost as soon as I reach the front lines.
>Silently thank the creator for designing me to come apart so cleanly after having been taken down... Definitely got lucky when compared to the units comprising the front side of the corpse barriers. Most of them are literally shrapnel and slag at this point...
>Not sure if I'm still standing because I'm actually learning anything from all of this or if I just got lucky this time.
>Looks like the battle's starting to wrap up. I raise my dinky dinky blaster with the one arm I still have and continue to march forward. I don't think I've ever gotten this far before and I want to make sure I actually manage to do something meaningful while I'm still standing.
>Miss literally every shot I take.
made a typo and wrote the word, 'dinky', twice somehow. My bad.