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Old Thread


You are Fungo, an Oni Blacksmith that was enslaved and mutilated by the mighty Uruzatarr Khanate. You have escaped and with your Dryad subordinate Sasukae, you are on the road to the eerie Zephyr Mountains, following the trail of Astara, a goblin who also served the Khanate before your bloody escape and whose loyalties remain unknown.

On the back of your giant Shuang Beatle, you ask Sasukae their feeling on Yoruka, your commanding officer who you brutally murdered while she was drunk.

"Yoruka-Sama scared me, but sometimes, I need to be scared."

"What are you talking about?"

"The way I think, the way it works, I need rules and structure, without a fim hand for purpose, I can get...lost"

You nod and venture further South until you see a band of goblins with two humans.

One Human lays tied on the ground while another screams for help as a goblin holds a knife to their throat.

"Oh Thank the Nine, please help us"

"Moove along tallskin, this ain't your bizness" The Goblin bandit says

>Attack the Goblins

>Ignore them and walk past them

>Try to talk them down.
>Not my buissness no. Have you seen [Give Astara's description]
>Oi human, what're ya doing down there?

Just get a scoop. Unless there is good reason to save them, we can let them die.

And good on you OP, I didn't expect a second thread.
(It was actually really convinient given we are in a new region now in the future I will try to synchronize each thread with a new setting. Also, since I didn't get it into the header, this Quest is set in Gloria-Etalia, a shared fantasy universe created on /tg/ Feel free to read up on the wiki if you want more lore insight or if you would rather be surprised, thats fine as well.)

https://gloriaetalia.fandom.com/ )
I pick ignorance. Since the Oni blacksmith probably isn't a widely travelled sort.

Now, just as a general establishment for any other anon who reads this, our short term goal is finding Astaria to make sure she doesn't squeal, which is unlikely but something to check up on if we get the chance.

Long term goals. . I dunno, revenge on the Khanate whenever we get the chance or trying to get some sort of magic prosthetic for our lost wings.
I like being surprised


Thanks QM i hope you keep running this quest at least until fungo gets more revenge on the khans

Another long term goal could be to improve fungos martial arts
Being a blacksmith, I'm pretty sure transhumanism is gonna play just as much a part in our improvement as training.
The Human begs for help and you hell out

"I don't care!"

Have any of you folks seen a Qi-Fu Goblin come up here, dressed in Oozestadon Fur?

The Goblins ignore you and get back to robbing the humans

>Deamand Information Forcefully

>Offer a Trade
>Move Along
These twats are really not helping themselves.

>Quietly tell Sasukae to focus on taking down the goblins while we use our illusions and the element of surprise to remove the goblins with knives to the throats of people

We want a survivor or two. Kill the rest swiftly.
>>Offer a trade
What were you thinking of trading?
Seems we have a stalemate. Gonna give another day for a tie break vote before I decide the winner randomly.
Rolled 1 (1d2)

When in doubt, I leave it up to dice.

1 I dont change my vote and 2 I move to trade money for information.
Now its still a tie.
Tie breaker +1
You summon an illusion around the goblins while they are distracted by their robbery.

You then signal to Sasukae to bind the goblins with grass while you charge forward and punch out one of the Goblins that had the human at knife point.

Just as you turn to punch the other goblin , the human stabs you in the back! This was a set up!

Sasukae charges in on the shaung Beatle as the other goblins break from their vines. He picks you up and you scurry off on the bug while the goblins give chase.

>Turn back and attack the Goblins and Humans

>Try to escape them.

Is the damage extensive?
Even if not, gotta move.

>Keep moving, Kite them. Use illusions to hide growth vines that can trip and entangle.

If they die when they fall, great. If not, we can hit them back when we go on a return attack. Also, remove that knife from our back, it'll make a good throwing blade.
try to escape then
You cast an illusionarusmog and have Sasukae grow the grass into a thick tangle. The bandits trip up as you escape to the South.

While you flee, Sasukae uses magic on your wound, it quickly scabs over and heals to freshly scarred skin- a month of time passing in moments.

Once recovered you come to a small shack at the feet of the mountains a sign reads in Qifu "Mountain Guides 15 Yuan a Mile."

A small Hobgoblin walks out the door, alerted by your beatle. She sees you are an Oni, draws a Bow and points it at your head.

"You're not welcomed here Blueskin. Take your slave and turn back."

>Try to talk it out


>Attack her
>Talk it out
"I'm afraid you are mistaken, we've just escaped an ambush by bandits and fled from the Khannate. So we don't intend to stay long, but there's one thing we have to know, is our friend alive? A goblin from Qi-Fu in furs, answers to Astara. We got separated in the flight"

Try a sob story, they may work.

The Goblin lets loose a warning shot that sails an arrow right past your cheek. She draws a second arrow with amazing speed.

"You Oni must be really arrogant if you think I'm selling out my own kind to the slavemaster. Get out demon-spawn, goblins are free here."


>Attack her

>Try to say something else (write in)
>Tell her
Relax, Have you ever talked to faggots from the khans? They have their heads so up their ass that they wouldn't bother giving you any explanation and just demand information out from you in the name of their faggot master, I'm really just escaping from those retards and trying to find Astara to improve our chances of survival, if you still don't believe me i will just leave and try another place

(There must be other roads right?)
I'll support. But just in case, lets put up an illusion or two so her next shot misses if it goes for the head.

but yeah, the khan wouldn't bother asking questions, he'd beat you down and rape you then ask a question, I figure they should know that.
(If you recall from last thread, the Oni are known for enslaving goblins, this goblin probably gives zero fucks about the Khanate)

"We're on the run from the Khanate, they enslaved and mutilated us" You gesture to your back. While you turn you cast an illusion of yourself that has yoru head slightly to the right of where it seems.

"I'm looking for my friend who fled with me to make sure she is okay, if you want I can leave."

The goblin holds the crossbow and ponders...

"They can come in the cave and look" She points at Sasukae. "But you stay out here with me.


>Do not agree.
>Agree, ask Sasukae to check on Astara's health and future intent. Extend an offer of group protection.

Not much else we can do unless we desire to kill them. And if Astara doesn't intend to betray us to the khannate then we'll be fine.

Looking at the scenario this quest is running, i bet they will take sasukae hostage or something, hopefully I'm mistaken

On a side note, fucking goblins
If this is so, then we'll kill them.
I'm sick and tired of these motherfuckin' societies and their motherfuckin' kidnapping. They are our lackies damnit!
You turn to Sasukae

"Are you okay with going alone?"

He responds "Of course, anything for the mission."

He gets off the beetle and walks over to the hut. A second Goblin, younger than the first comes to meet them.

"This is Aki, my child, they will guide you to the Great Well, most goblin runaways wind up there sooner or later."

The Goblin points the crossbow back at you.

"Pay the fee blueskin"

You toss 15 Yuan you got from Yoruka's clothes towards the goblin, who catches it mid air without putting down the crossbow.


>Play as Sasukae as they go through the mountai caves

>Play as Fungo as they deal with the goblin and any threats that may come to the entrance.
Perspective shifts are cool and all, but in this case it's best to let the chips fall where they may.
You watch as Sasukae and Aki walk into the caves while you stand staring down the Goblin aiming the crossbow at you

The Silence is Awkard.

>What do you say? (Write-in)
>Get comfortable on our bug or against a tree
>"You realize you have one, maybe two, of my friends hostage now. The crossbow is rather superfluous. Then again, I'd also expected more sympathy for run away slaves, given the history you plan to leverage against me."
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"Any problems you had with the Khans is no bizness of mine. Assuming you're telling the truth at all that is"

"You're not that far off, my kind aren't really known for honesty."

"How did you catch the Dryad?"

"We were conscripts in the Khan armies together, we escapeed."

'I see how he looks at you, your kind cant help but dominating others"

"The kid needed guidance and I gave it, I'm not gonna apologize for that.

You hear a loud buzzing on the horizon and look up, several Goblin Samurai riding on flying Mi Guan. They let loose a hail of arrows. They miss you due to your illusion but still rain at the hobgoblin attendant.

>Save the hobgoblin's life

>Let them get hit.
>Save her life.
>"Consider this a peace offering."

Time to clown.
You push thee hobgoblin out the way narrowly dodging a hail of arrows that brings your beetle down in a hiss of pressurized blood.

"Get to the cave!"

You flee to the entrance covered by a plume of illusionary smoke.

Once in the cave, the Hobgoblin lights a torch of the inner chamber. a small grotto comes to light with countless tunnels below, in front and above you.

"Who where those goblins" You say.

"Samurai from the Thoughtcraft Commune. They figure the mountains are sacred space and hunt anyone who lets outsiders in. But they shouldn't be this far north."

You look out the entrace and flex your shoulders from habit. The Hobgoblin gives you a look of sympathy .

"Sorry, ifin I was a bit harsh before. I've had some.. I've has some hard times."

"Trust me, I know how Oni can be. Personally." You reply.

"Issue is , now that they know where the shack is they can just camp out there with reinforcements. We'll have to cross to the other side.

>Agree to go into the tunnels

>Suggest fighting the Samurai
>"How good are they in battle? Their armour's strength against strikes like an arrow?"
>If superior to way of iron strikes and arrows, flee but set a few traps or cave ins.
>If inferior, then propose the Hobgoblin act as bait, fire arrows and draw them into the caves, where we will hide as a stone and ambush them.
Their armor can block most arrows but if you get the Migwans in the arse you'll bring them down.

She holds up her crossbow

"Problem is this is for close range and you're looking a little grounded right now"

"Fire some shots at them and draw them into the cave, I can take them here."

"You might think all of us goblins are dumb as Dwang Dung, but no one's gonna give up at air advantage to get massacred in a cave. They ain't gonna come in.

>Go out and attack the Samurai anyway

>Agree to go into the cave.
>If they won't follow us in, then fantastic. Let them waste time outside.
>Go into the cave

No reason to concern ourselves if they won't follow us in.
This +1
"Let's go through the other side then."

'Sure, but you'll owe me when we get there."

You walk through a series of massive maze-like caves and tunnels. Eerier winds blow through the stone halls and mix with the drip of water to create a terrifying sonata.

You come to a new outcropping and are stopped by the Goblin.

"Be very quite"

She passes her torch over the pit ahead of you and you see a massive hive of Tkgerian Galoping Bats. They sleep soundly in nests made from blood red wax.

"We wake these and they'll suck you drier than a midweak Plaindhop."

She gestures towards the wall where handholds have been carved.

You grab then and follow the Goblins lead as you walk above the pit. Out the corny of your eyes the light of the toirch held in the goblins mouth glimmers off something metaltic in the pits below.

It is a helm, gleaming brigthly as only Mithril can. Mithril the strongest metal in the world and very valuable. The helm lays on the head of a dried up cropse, piled in a midden of bones and blood wax. If you reach down you can try to grab it.

>Try to grab the helm

>Ignore it and climb past the pit.
I want. I really really want. The problems are bones. Hmm.

>Warn the goblin to be very, very very quiet. Climb down towards the helm and mute ourselves through magic, complete invisibility as much as we are able, silence and no heat, nothing to give us away. Do as much of it as we are able, then observe the helmet carefully for how it is trapped.

We will have to observe the situation very carefully. We don't want to disturb any of the bones and we will have to lift the head of the corpse up gently by the throat to slide the helmet off, then gently put it back down. No time for squeemishness if we want to survive.

If they do wake up, create an illusion of sound back the way we came.
"Be very quiet, I am going for the helmet."

The Goblin whispers back harshly.

"Are you fucking mental, they'' kill you and then kill me!"

You hold your finger to your mouth as you slowly crawl down. You cast an illusion of shadow over yourself (though it doesnt make much difference given the darkness.)

You see the bone middel, it is caked in with the red wax, you smell a rich iron instead of rotting flesh, this must be the creatures method of sanitation.

You slowly reach up to the top of the mound and grab the helmet the bones are brital enough to break from your hand but they make a cracking sound as you lift the helmet. You life the head by the neck and the skull crumbles into pieces falling into dust and bone on the floor.

Strange hissing comes from the ground as a Bloodbat at your feet wakes up in nips at your leg and you kick it institvly. only for it to fall into a pile of its kin that all slolwy wake up.

The goblin heres this and starts rapidly climbing to the other side of the pit above you. You rush to get back up as more groggy bats wake up and bit blindly at the sound in front of them.

Just as you begin to climb the wall they begin flying up in a frenzy . They can't see you but living in a dark cave the dont have the need to . You smack them away with the helm and your hands as one finally bits you and draws blood.

The smell fills the pit and the bats start swamring against you. You desperatley reach out your hand to the goblin who gives you a pitiful look.

Your resign yourself to being drained alive just as the goblin returns swiming the torch as you scramble to the pit exit.

You finally crawl back up to the other side of the pit only to see the goblin being ruthless drained of blood and life. As she screams to death you run out of the pit, taking advantage of the distraction.

You run blindly in the dark of the caves and tunnels lost its its myriad maze until you come to another grotto. Strange glowing mushrooms light this area as you see what look like stairs carved going up. At the same time you see a tunnel ahead where the sounds of wind are blowing through.

>Take the stairs

>take the tunnel
>Go back and help the goblin
She is already dead anon, we ran and then ran some more as she was being drained.

>Take the stairs
(The Goblin is Dead but if you want I can take a vote for going back towards where we left.)
You crawl up the stairs still woozy from the blood loss. You come up to a clearing and then look down on a large pit in the ground. Eeerie winds come from it and surrounding the hole, you see several humans, goblins and hobgoblins in tweed robes chanting along with the wind swaying back and forth to the odd beat. You stand to look some moore but the pain from the bats distracted you enough that you slip, tumbling down to the floor and attracting their attention.

>Try to talk to them

>Run away
>Try and talk
>"Samurai at the mouth of the cave. . Blood bats killed my guide. ."

Playing the weak card could work
You stand up and say "Samurai at the mouth of the cave. . Blood bats killed my guide."

They look at you in confusion and chatter amongst themselves in a language you don't understand. You hear the word "Samurai" repeated amongst them, apparently, the only one they understand.

They suddenly rush you, covering your body in so much weight you can't move. They take a strange mushroom brew and por it down your throat as they carry you down the pit, vi aa pitch dark stairway carved in the stone.

as you come down the winds of the tunnel morph from empty air to whispers of terror. You here your parent's words of disdain, the warm heat of your first mallet and advil, the iron taste of your first kill. A rainbow swirl of shadows carries you until you "wake up" in a small grotto covered in glowing mushrooms.

On a strange fungus throne you see a Goblin sitting. On their head is crown made from a fanged skull. They walk towards you, but yous ee in the eerire light thier skin is a pallid grey and their mouth holds two shrap fangs. The other cultists stand behind you, kneeling before the Vampire Goblin King.

The strange monster steps off the throne, walks up to you, opens its huge mouth...
and says

"So, what's all this then about Samurai, chappie?"

"They attacked us at the Cavemouth, I came in with my guide but Bloodbats killed her."

"Must've been a pretty shite guide if they were stupid enough to get eaten by Bloodbats. They're pretty easy to avoid. What was her name?"

You think awkwardly to yourself and remember you never even got her name.

"Uh... Mei- Loq."

"Odd name for a Caveman, we don't usually get to many mixed folks. Just as well. We're too far north for the Samurai to show up like that, something must be getting the blokes frisky."

The King bids a follower over and slurps on its supple gobby neck. As the cultist passes out with a smile on their face, the King sighs in satisfaction and lays back on the throne.

"I am King Grottai Drakeknell, Lord of House Drakneel and you are my guest."

"You will rest here and come windrise, you will lead us to these Samurai.

>Agree to help deal with the Samurai.
>Ask how to escape the mountains.
>Ask about Astara.
Ask about Astara

Sounds interesting
"Before the Cave and the Samurai, I was travelling with a hobgoblin named Astara. We were separated and she was heading this way? Have you heard anything like that?"

"I am lord and king of over three thousand goblin subjects in these realms." Said the King "I have no record of a single Hob. But this I swear, if you aid us in this battle against the dread Commune, I will do all within my power yo find your ally.

>Agree to the deal
>Do not agree
" I agree. Let's cut these bastards."

You spend the night in the cavern halls, lulled to sleep by the dripping stalagtites and the whispering winds.

Come morning, (or what you thought was morning ) you and a battalion of goblins 30 strong marched through the tunnels, taking paths you didn't know existed and couldn't navigate if you tried.

You eventually came to the entrance you fled the Samurai from . King Drakeknell hands you clawed iron gauntlets with which to fight with.

"Sundown comes soon. When the sun foes out we will strike them with the might of a Vampire lord.

You look through the crack of the cave and see a setting sun... and then are rocked back by an explosion.

You come too shellshocked and see the cave opening in stone around you. Several goblins lay crushed under the stone and your injured comrades are speared by Samurai on bugback.

King Drakeknell is pinned under a rock, skin blistering under the waning sun.

>Run Away
>Try to save Drakeknell
>Attack Samurai
Holy shit, I thought my idea for Cannibal Cults in a crater was discarded in the first thread for this setting I can't believe how happy I am that they made it in and are still around SCORE
>Try to save Drakeknell
After the sun goes down we can team up against the Samurai
(They not only are still around, that Crater became a key part of the setting lore.)

You rush through the fray, blocking arrows coming at you with your gauntlets you begin to lift the boulder from Drakeknell's leg just as a Samurai dive bombs you.
You turn around and give a crossblock. the samurai's bug mount squishes against you and they fall in a broken heap ahead of you.
Thinking quickly, you rub the beetle goo on Drakenell to mitigate the effects of the sunburns and rush him deeper into the now collapsed cave.

You hear him huffing as you run forward.

"Please, stop, save them."

You turn around and see the Samurai massacrering the Goblin army.

"It's over for me, my people need you, please..." He offers his bleeding arm.

"Take my gift. "

You see the sun slowly set as Draknell fades away. He's not gonna make it.

What do you do?

>Drink his blood and become a Vampire.

>Run Away

>Fight the Samurai un-Vampirized.