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In this quest you play as Wade Wakeman, a 17 year old boy with a heart of gold and the wielder of the Omnitrix! This story is being told in an alternate universe, in which there are no longer any remaining Tennysons. Characters from earlier seasons will appear, but not always in a way that you’d expect.


Last time: Wade, Wendy and Verdona decided to go on a journey through Wendy's memories. However, escaping her dark past is another matter entirely. Now, Wade must piece together his sister's fractured psyche, investigate an inconsistency in her memories, and hopefully bring her some peace of mind.

Most dice rolls will be 1d100. Modifiers will be added depending on the situation or on the alien being used(Usually +10 or -10). Crit successes and crit fails apply. Crit fails can be overridden by crit successes, but crit failures cannot override crit successes.

How to Roll:
To roll dice, type “dice+1d100” in the options field without the quotations. To roll dice with positive modifiers, type “dice+1d100+modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number. To roll dice with negative modifiers, type “dice+1d100+-modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number.

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Good luck and have fun. It’s Showtime!
Racing through the streets, warm wind whipping away at your featureless face, you continued your relentless pursuit of the creature who stole your and Wendy’s life savings. With luck, you could catch them before they had a chance to spend it.

“Wait! Will you stop running for two goddamn seconds!?” Wendy shouted after you, panting heavily while vaulting over obstacles and pushing past pedestrians.

If you were to be brutally honest, this whole thing would go a whole lot quicker if you didn’t have to wait for Wendy to catch up. But she insisted on benign there when you busted the creep for stealing from her. And you honestly couldn’t blame her for feeling that way.

Suddenly, the scent trail became more vivid in color and aroma. You were getting closer. Much closer.

Picking up the pace, you roared at a group of overly curious onlookers, forcing them to jump out of the way. It became an effort to ignore their shouts and screams along the way with your amplified senses.

And right as you rounded the next corner, you leapt high into the air, springing off of a nearby wall, and swinging off a protruding street light, before landing directly in front of the perpetrator.

The man before you seemed to be an insectoid alien with bulbous eyeballs that protruded from four rigid eyestalks. He barely stopped himself from slipping and falling onto his back as he scrambled away from you and started running in the opposite direction.

Unfortunately for him, Wendy was there to cut him off, panting heavily from the marathon that she was forced to run. Despite being out of breath, she was more than enough to take this creep out single handedly.

“Now, let’s talk…” she said, cracking her knuckles menacingly.

With the thief distracted, you were able to snatch him up with your teeth, holding him off the ground by the back of his hoodie as he flailed around wildly.

You were attracting quite the crowd at this point. It’d be best to find a quiet alleyway to conduct your business.


After finding a relatively deserted area, you timed out in a flash of crimson light, returning to your human form once more.

Wendy didn’t bother asking about the Omnitrix. Not while she was imagining all the different ways to torture the poor fool that dared to break into your home and steal your valuables.

“What do you think we should do with him?” she asked, tilting her head towards the insectoid alien, who was currently shaking in his boots and begging for mercy. “I think he’s got one too many eyestalks. Maybe we should take a few as souvenirs.” she said, flashing an amused smile at the bug cowering before her.

What do you say?

>”Do what you want with him. Meet me at that restaurant over there when you’re done.”
>”I think it’s only fair that we receive some sort of compensation for our troubles. See what he’s got on him.”
>”Let’s just report him to security and get out of here. We’ve already got our money back.”
>”We might need to make an example out of him. Just to make sure that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again.”
>”I think he’s learned his lesson. Let him go.”
>”I think it’s only fair that we receive some sort of compensation for our troubles. See what he’s got on him.”
>”We might need to make an example out of him. Just to make sure that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again.”

By that i mean beat him up good, but not lethally.
>”I think it’s only fair that we receive some sort of compensation for our troubles. See what he’s got on him.”
>”We might need to make an example out of him. Just to make sure that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again.”
Supporting >>4917238
File: Wendy_W.jpg (140 KB, 1152x1200)
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You glance over at the shivering insect, a crooked grin flashing across your face. “I think it’s only fair that we receive some sort of compensation for our troubles.” you propose, while leaning up against the wall that your thief is currently pressed against. You can see him sinking lower and lower as you and Wendy get closer and closer. “Let’s see what he’s got on him.”

Despite the thief’s protesting and squirming, you and Wendy manage to find a decent amount of cash and gear that he’d stashed in secret compartments within his jacket and pants. They consisted of a tiny blaster, a spare power pack, some stims and about 3 Tayden clusters. That should more than make up for your losses today.

Once you’d pilfered his goods, the insect began chittering once more, but this time it was vaguely intelligible. Well, as intelligible as his alien language could be, you guess. At least he wasn’t blubbering and sobbing anymore.

“He wants us to let him go.” Wendy translated, smirking back at you with a wicked grin.

“No dice.” you said, shaking your head. “In fact, we might have to make an example out of him. Just to make sure that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again.” you suggest.

Wendy’s grin grew wider. “Ha! Now you’re speaking my language.” she agreed, seemingly satisfied by your answer. And before the thief could protest any further, Wendy drove her fist straight into his stomach, causing him to double over in pain.

You joined in, stomping on his head and sending it crashing against the wall. The sound and feeling of chitin cracking against the heel of your boot was simultaneously satisfying and sickening. Wendy didn’t seem to mind, though. She unleashed all her pent up fury and frustration on the poor pickpocket without a hint of remorse.

And while you shared in her sentiment, you weren’t nearly as livid as she was. In fact, the only reason you were still here was to make sure that she didn’t kill the poor bastard in the process of kicking his teeth in. However, that’s not to say that you weren’t enjoying the act of putting this bug back in his place.

In the past, you would’ve considered Wendy to be a bad influence on you. But now, you’re absolutely certain that your mutual association breeds something similar to negative reinforcement.


After you were done teaching him a lesson, you were forced to pull Wendy back and make her realize that he’d had enough. It took her a moment to calm down again, but she managed to do so without you walking her through the breathing exercises.

You then pulled him back onto his feet, dragged him out into the open and made a show of tossing his limp figure out into the street. This obviously attracted a great deal of attention, but that was the point after all. Anyone that got one look at this filthy little thief would soon find out what happened to people that crossed the two of you. Hopefully, the message would make its way back to the Caiman. But some part of you knew that he would need a more “hands-on” lesson in order to get the message through that thick skull of his.

And while you were stashing your pilfered goods into your pack, Wendy went ahead and asked the obvious question that had no doubt been burning in the back of her head.

“So,” she began. “What is that thing? And how’d you get your hands on it?”

You knew this was coming eventually. How will you answer?

>”It’s a...family heirloom. I’ve had it for a while now.”
>”Something that I promised myself I’d never put back on. Let’s just leave it at that.”
>”A super powerful, and super dangerous weapon. You’ve got to promise me that you’ll keep it a secret.”
>”It’s our ticket to a better life. I’m tired of getting bossed around.”
>”Advanced Galvan tech. It allows me to transform into a bunch of different aliens for a limited amount of time.”
>>”Something that I promised myself I’d never put back on. Let’s just leave it at that.”
>”A super powerful, and super dangerous weapon. You’ve got to promise me that you’ll keep it a secret.”
>>”Something that I promised myself I’d never put back on. Let’s just leave it at that.”
>”A super powerful, and super dangerous weapon. You’ve got to promise me that you’ll keep it a secret.”
>”A super powerful, and super dangerous weapon. You’ve got to promise me that you’ll keep it a secret.”
>"Listen, there is some time travel bull going on, so we gotta try to keep low despite trouble coming for us, alright?"
>"I could explain more, but you won't believe me anyway."

I don't see why we shouldn't do this, and it baits her into asking more about it.
File: 1551916292734.jpg (183 KB, 1011x791)
183 KB
183 KB .jpg
“Something that I promised myself that I’d never put back on.” you say, sighing deeply and lifting your wrist to examine the device. “Let’s just leave it at that.”

As the words flowed from your mouth, you felt a lump forming in your throat. You tasted the bitter regret of words left unspoken, and words that should have remained unspoken.

Even after all this time, your mistakes were still haunting you like an Ectonurite.

“Are you kidding?” Wendy scoffed. “Why wouldn’t you want to wear that thing all the time? Can you turn into any other aliens? Is there a time limit, or-”

“Wendy!” you shouted back, breaking up her bombardment of questions all of a sudden. “This thing is super powerful, and super dangerous. You’ve got to promise me that you’ll keep it a secret.” you say, pleading with your eyes.

She pursed her lips and just stared at you for a few moments. You could tell from her gaze that she was assessing you, weighing your words, as well as the risks that they implied. Until, finally, she spoke again.

“Okay. I’ll keep my mouth shut,” Wendy replied. “But that doesn’t mean that you can hold out on me forever. I want answers, and I want them soon.” she continued.

You nodded, with a faint smile spreading across your lips, all while slipping the Omnitrix off of your wrist and placing it back inside the containment cube. You weren’t sure of how much you should be telling Wendy. You’ve no doubt created a branching timeline from your presence alone. And what were you thinking, revealing the Omnitrix to someone who had no business knowing about it in the first place? How stupid could you be!?

Banishing the thought, you return to the present and carefully plan for your next actions. What you do from here could possibly decide the course of this timeline’s history going forward. No pressure...


For the next couple of weeks, things started to go back to normal. Wendy didn’t insist on you abusing the Omnitrix’s power, and she didn’t pry into your personal life. You respected her for that. For all her flaws, the girl not only acknowledged your need for a healthy distance between others, but she respected it.

As strange as it sounded, this was the foundation of your relationship. Acknowledging each other’s pain, agreeing to steer clear of it, and suffering in silence. Neither of your wounds were healing properly, but you were both content with slapping a bandage over them until they were almost imperceptible. And this continued to work for some time.

That is, until the bounty hunters started showing up.

File: VMC_%28194%29.png (453 KB, 1280x720)
453 KB
453 KB .png

It started slow, with two-bit mercs showing up searching for a vaguely described trinket. They, of course, found nothing and reported as such to their bosses. But after a few more weeks, more and more started appearing. Some of them you’d recognized from rumors on the Extranet, and others simply permeated the air with a general sense of dread and unease.

Their questions became more precise, and so did the net that they cast over the mining planet. At that point, it became abundantly clear of what exactly it was that they were looking for.

These guys were hunting for the most powerful weapon in the entire galaxy. And you were the poor sap that was hiding it under his pillow.

How did you react?

>You acted normal and kept going about your business. Any suspicious movements might incriminate you.
>You went underground and laid low for a while, until you got a chance to hire a smuggler to get you off world.
>You carefully crafted a replica and sent it out as bait so that they would leave the planet.
>You tried desperately to repair your Chrono and contact Paradox for an extraction.
>You acted normal and kept going about your business. Any suspicious movements might incriminate you.
You acted normal and kept going about your business. Any suspicious movements might incriminate you.
File: Spoiler Image (466 KB, 636x926)
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466 KB .png
Despite your undying urge to cut your ties and flee from this backwater mining planet, you decided that your best move was to act normal and pretend that you were unaware of their intentions.

It was easy enough. Like usual, you went to work, stopped by one of the local bars and then went straight home to rest, just so you could repeat the process all over again. Wendy was good at hiding her unease. Good enough to make it blend in with the general unease that had settled in right alongside your new bounty hunting neighbors.

Eventually, the lack of progress discouraged some of the more inexperienced bounty hunters, as well as the experienced ones that knew this particular job wasn’t worth wasting any more of their precious time and resources.

You saw many groups and factions passing through the area. Even Highbreed Inquisitors. But the only ones who stayed were the deranged, desperate and paranoid. And while they were undoubtedly dangerous, you were feeling more comfortable with your chances against their dwindling forces, should it come to a violent altercation.

However, there was just one thing that you weren’t counting on. Out of everyone on this planet, there was only one other person that had seen you transform. And that particular creature had gone blabbing about it to local security. Of course, most people shrugged it off as the deranged ramblings of a sore and overly concussed loser. But this was enough to cause some rumors to start spreading. Rumors with descriptions that sounded a little too similar to one of the very few human residents on this planet.

Your window was getting smaller. If you were going to do something, you’d best do it soon.

But first things first, you needed to get back home and reconvene with Wendy. She would know what to do in situations like these.


After your shift ended, you booked it straight home, only to find your front door hanging open again.

You swear, if it was that slimy bug coming back for seconds, you weren’t gonna let him off with just a warning this time…

Busting through your front door, you found Wendy pressed up against the wall, hovering in mid-air. And standing across the room from her was an alien with green skin, two long tails streaming off either ends of her head, and one protruding from the small of her back.

“So glad that you could join us.” she said, cool and calm as her three purple eyes burrowed deep into your soul. All three of them were glowing at this point. A similar color to the aura that surrounded Wendy’s levitating body,as well as the various objects that were flying around the room.

She was clearly searching for something. And it wasn’t hard for you to figure out what exactly that “something” was.

“Just give me the Omnitrix, and no one has to get hurt.” she said, narrowing her eyes at you.

What do you do?

>”Let her go. She has nothing to do with this.”
>”Get out of my house before I call security on your ass.”
>”Please. You don’t want to do this. Just put her down and walk away before things get ugly.”
>”Go get your own. This one’s mine.”
>Snatch the cube out of the air when it flies by and slap on the Omnitrix.
>>”Let her go. She has nothing to do with this.”
>”Please. You don’t want to do this. Just put her down and walk away before things get ugly.”
>”Let her go. She has nothing to do with this.”
>”Please. You don’t want to do this. Just put her down and walk away before things get ugly.”
File: Visitory_%28250%29.png (470 KB, 1280x738)
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470 KB .png
“Let her go.” you plead, cautiously inching towards the green alien with a hand outstretched to both her and Wendy. “She has nothing to do with this.”

A smirk formed on the alien’s face. “Last time I tried that, she attempted to gouge one of my eyes out with a rusty fork.”

Wendy’s jaw clenched and her eyes went wide. Both were most likely being held in place by some kind of telekinesis. But at least she wasn’t using it against you yet. Perhaps she was just waiting for you to give her a reason to hold you captive.

Either she was bound by a moral code, or she simply didn’t recognize you as a threat. Both could be used to your advantage. You just had to figure out the right words necessary for diffusing this situation.

“Please, you don’t want to do this.” you continued. “Just put her down and walk away before things get ugly.”

Xylene narrowed her eyes once more. “Is that a threat?” she asked. Her voice was cool and measured. She knew exactly how much control she had over the situation, and so did you. If she wished it, she could snap both your necks in an instant. The thought caused an icy chill to run up your spine.

“No,” you responded, your mouth feeling incredibly dry all of a sudden. “It’s a promis-”

But before you could get the words out, you found yourself being thrown off your feet by a powerful shockwave. The walls and ceiling of your shack were blown apart in a brilliant flash of light, and your skin was sizzled from the incredible burst of heat that followed immediately afterward.

Suddenly, all three of you were on the floor, struggling to regain your senses and clambering to your feet. Despite the green alien’s feet being bent backwards at an awkward angle, she didn’t seem to have much trouble.

Outside your domicile, you heard the heavy footfalls of a large creature stomping its way towards you. But the noises that it created aside from that were completely foreign to you. Some alien language that consisted of squeals and burbles that varied in range and pitch. That was, until the Galvan Universal Translator kicked in.

“Thanks for leading me to the prize, Xylene.” it said, the Basic words almost overlapping, with its native language lagging behind ever so slightly. “But if you know what’s good for you, you’d do best to stay down.”

With that last threat, the creature came into view. And it was quite a sight to behold.

You recognized the alien as a Protost, due to its gelatinous, amorphous physiology. It almost resembled a three-eyed slug at times, but that was only when they were in their relaxed state. As far as you knew, Protosts were effectively immortal, with prolonged exposure to electricity being their only weakness.

But considering the material and thickness of his protective suit, you feel like this particular Protost has enough built-in insulation to withstand such attacks.

File: Protost.jpg (90 KB, 1078x890)
90 KB
90 KB .jpg
“Holy shit…” Wendy gasped, her mouth gaping open as she stared at the towering Protost in awe. “It’s Sluggmo…”

Sluggmo? You had no idea who he was, but it must be impressive for her to freeze up like this. Even without a reputation to go off of, the hulking colossus stood at a staggering seven and a half feet tall. Equipped with both a multi-layered armored containment suit and a devastating modded blaster pistol that was slightly bigger than your head, you were in no mood to find out just how tough this guy was. Not without...your Omnitrix!

There it was! Just lying on the floor between both Xylene and this Sluggmo guy. But you don’t think either of them has noticed yet. Not with the way they’re staring each other down.

Should you try to grab the cube and make a break for it? Would either you or Wendy make it out of here alive if you moved an inch? Maybe pitting these two against each other would be the better play.

What do you do?

>”You might as well fly home, Xylene. Sluggmo’s got this bounty in the bag.”
>”Both of you are too late. The prize got swiped by somebody else a few days ago.”
>”Be careful, Sluggmo! She could probably splatter you with only a thought.”
>”Fine. If you both want the Omnitrix so bad, then just take it. It’s in that lockbox.”(Lie)
>Signal Wendy to dive for the tiny blaster and stun Xylene with it.
>Stay silent and wait for an opportunity to swipe the Omnitrix.
>Fine. If you both want the Omnitrix so bad, then just take it. It’s in that lockbox.”(Lie)
>>”Fine. If you both want the Omnitrix so bad, then just take it. It’s in that lockbox.”(Lie)
>Stay silent and wait for an opportunity to swipe the Omnitrix. Do it in a calm way though, the more inplace it looks the less suspicion it'll incure
>”Fine. If you both want the Omnitrix so bad, then just take it. It’s in that lockbox.”(Lie)
>Stay silent and wait for an opportunity to swipe the Omnitrix. Do it in a calm way though, the more inplace it looks the less suspicion it'll incure
“Fine.” you interrupt, drawing everyone’s attention to you. “If you both want the Omnitrix, just take it. It’s in that lockbox over there.” you say pointing to a box in the corner of the room. It was where you and Wendy kept your money before you got robbed by that insectoid scumbag.

Then, without warning, Xylene reached out towards the lockbox with her hand, latching onto it with her mind and drawing it closer to her. And out of the corner of your eye, you catch a blur of motion from Sluggmo, followed by a heavy plasma bolt being fired at Xylene!

Using reflexes that you hadn’t expected from the scrawny alien, she used her other hand to lift up a piece of warped metal from the ground before her, deflecting the blaster bolt and sending her flying in the opposite direction as a result of the impact. The whole exchange was so brief that you were sure that it only occurred within the period of a handful of heartbeats. You barely got the chance to breathe during all that, let alone reach for the Omnitrix.

Sitting absolutely still, you and Wendy watched and waited to see whether Xylene had survived the attack, or at least managed to maintain consciousness. Sluggmo, however, was in no mood for such niceties.

Opening a port on the palm of his gauntlet, a torrent of red slime poured out of his suit, splattering across the floor and completely enveloping the lockbox.

“Jackpot!” he laughed. But before he got the chance to reel in his prize, his arm went stiff all of a sudden. Then, his amorphous appendage began to twist and writhe, splitting apart and breaking into chunks, making it impossible to maintain his grasp on the lockbox.

And out of the corner of your eye, you noticed Xylene stretching her hand out to the Protost bounty hunter, her eyes glowing fiercely once more.

Seeing as they were both distracted, you made a subtle nod to Wendy and began inching towards the Omnitrix, under the pretense of making it seem like you were trying to distance yourself from the bounty hunter’s battle. She seemed to get your hint.

As their heated exchange continued, you found yourself feeling grateful that both these scoundrels were considerably tough. If they hadn’t been, then you would’ve never gotten this chance at all.

Crawling backwards, keeping a close eye on Xylene and Sluggmo, your hand finally found the containment cube that you spotted earlier. And in one smooth, fluent movement, you picked yourself up, slipped the cube into your sleeve and stumbled out of the ruined shack. Wendy split off in a separate direction, but you both knew where to meet up.

And if those two actually bought your act, then you and Wendy would be home free before either of them realized.


File: Triclops.png (705 KB, 1280x720)
705 KB
705 KB .png
Racing through the docking yard, you linked back up with Wendy and scanned the area for any undefended ships that she could easily break into. Neither of you could afford your own yet, and neither could you afford the outrageous docking fees. What you could afford, however, was an easily concealable lock breaker that Wendy kept in her artificial hand.

“How about that one?” Wendy asked, pointing at a slightly rusted light freighter with refitted sub-light engines. It had definitely seen better days, but you weren’t exactly in a position to be picky.

“It’ll have to do.” you agree, vaulting over a crate that had been improperly placed. “Let’s get the door open and-”

The words were barely out of your mouth, before a rush of wind hit you square in the face. Clearly confused and disoriented by the unnatural event, your eyes began to follow the trail of shouts and screams that had begun to fill the docking yard. And what you saw made you freeze in place.

A single ship, circling above the cramped space in the docking yard rotated towards you, raised its guns and let loose a volley of turbolaser fire at the ship that you were approaching! Without any deflective shields active to protect it, the ship exploded with a shattering boom, knocking you and Wendy off your feet and sending you flying backwards.

Ears ringing and stomach churning, you stared at the flaming pile of superheated junk that used to be your ticket out of here. And with that ship hovering over you now, there was no escape. Not unless you were in the mood to be blasted to pieces.

“Kenny…” Wendy grunted. “Lizard...bitch…” she continued, pointing at something that you couldn’t see in the distance.

Still feeling dizzy from the explosion, your eyes followed the line that her hand traced. And then, your eyes went wide.

It was Xylene! Somehow in one piece, and somehow flying towards you as if she herself were rocket propelled. Her rage was palpable, and between her and this ship, you weren’t sure of which one you’d prefer to face.

Was this perhaps her ship? Had she installed a highly advanced slave circuit of some sort and issued a mental command to fire on sight? Or was she working with an accomplice on this mission?

Either way, you were royally screwed. Unless…

Your eyes drifted to the containment cube. You had to use the Omnitrix. It was the only way that you could possibly conceive of. And no matter how much you hated the idea, you had to do it for Wendy’s sake.

But before you even got the chance to slip the device from its containment cube, a brilliant burst of white light flooded your vision. Time slowed to a crawl, but your perception remained at a normal speed. Behind you, a swirling portal of bluish white color began to pull you in, molecule by molecule.

“No…” you thought.
File: Killa-Byte.jpg (82 KB, 1191x670)
82 KB
82 KB .jpg
You stared in awe as the temporal phenomenon ate away at your body, transporting you through time and space without your consent.

“No! Not yet…!” you screamed internally.

This must be Paradox’s doing! You can’t leave yet! Wendy needs you! There’s still so much that you need to tell her. So much that you need to thank her for.

Making one final futile effort, you reached out to Wendy, failing to even draw her attention before disappearing completely.

Sounding like a sharp intake of air, the portal closed, and Wendy turned to find herself alone on the landing pad.

“Kenny…?” she called out, helpless and confused.

All of a sudden, you felt like you could interpret Wendy’s thought process with a great deal of accuracy.

She was wondering if Kenny had somehow been vaporized by the turbolaser, or if he’d been crushed by the debris. Or maybe he hadn’t been hit at all, and was in fact circling around to get the jump on Xylene.

All that was somehow more believable than the thought that Kenny had abandoned her to her fate.

And in her search, Wendy spotted something that yanked her out of her negative thought process.

Oozing out of the wrecked ship, was a lone Galvanic Mechamorph, sporting an unusual yellow and black color pattern. From the way it was behaving, Wendy was sure that it was most likely an infant.

If she could somehow get over there and grab that Mechamorph, she might be able to use it to her advantage. But if she was going to do something, then she figured that it had better be soon.

Who's perspective were you experiencing this from now? And more importantly...

What did she do upon merging with the Mechamorph?

>She adapted a laser rifle out of her arm and fired at Xylene!
>She launched it at Xylene’s ship and ordered it to override her controls.
>Waited until Xylene got close, and then slugged her with an enlarged fist!
>She ordered it to merge with the station’s defense turrets and lay waste to any bounty hunter that it detected in the area.
>Waited until Xylene got close, and then slugged her with an enlarged fist!
>Waited until Xylene got close, and then slugged her with an enlarged fist!
The classic "shoot when you see the white of their eyes" tactic.
(Or whatever color their eyes are)
File: Upgrade_re.png (126 KB, 482x740)
126 KB
126 KB .png
Struggling to catch her breath, Wendy willed herself to move towards the collapsed form of the Mechamorph. She didn’t have the time to befriend it or explain the situation. All she could do was make contact and pray that it latched on and played along with her plan without arguing.

Touching her artificial hand to the cool, viscous metallic surface of the creature, she nearly flinched back out of sheer reflex when it started crawling up her arm. It was an uncomfortable feeling for sure. Like some sort of sentient syrup was inching its way through her veins, in the hope of possessing her body.

Well, at least it was integrating into her prosthetic without issue. That showed signs of acceptance and unabashed curiosity. Or perhaps the creature had been fully aware of the situation that was unfolding, and had been acting out of sheer survival instinct.

Either way, Wendy didn’t care. So long as he played his part, both of them would make it out of this alive. And as to how she knew that it was a “he”, Wendy had no answer. It was possible that the Mechamorph might have worked his way to the chip implanted in her brain. If that were the case, then they would be bonded on a much deeper, and more intimate level than Wendy would have preferred.

Just then, a faint whooshing sound filled Wendy’s ears, followed by delicate footfalls approaching her with caution.

“Give it up. There’s nowhere left for you to run.” Xylene proposed. “Did you and that Anodite really think that you could steal the most powerful weapon in the galaxy and get away with it?”

Wendy cocked an eyebrow and turned her head slightly.

“Anodite”? Wendy didn’t know any Andoites on a personal level. If she did, then she sure wouldn’t be stuck in this shitty situation.

“If you hand it over now, I won’t press any charges.” Xylene proclaimed. That’s funny coming from the crazy lizard bitch that just blew up half of a spaceport. “And,” she continued. “Proper medical attention.”

It was then that Wendy noticed she’d been clutching her artificial arm rather tightly. That was in part due to the discomfort she felt from merging with the Mechamorph, but apparently, Xylene hadn’t noticed either.

“Please,” she pleaded, inching closer to Wendy and hovering a hand over her shoulder. “Let me help you.”

This was it. She wasn’t going to get any closer than this.

Sending a mental command to the Mechamorph through the chip in your brain, Wendy jumped up and spun around on her heels, swinging her fist towards the Uxorite.

Xylene wasn’t as surprised as she would’ve liked, her arms already held up to deliver a telekinetic burst. But she was in no way prepared for your sister to team up with a Galvanic Mechamorph that she’d literally just found oozing out of a ship that she destroyed. The irony was too great to bear! It was karma at its finest.

And in the blink of an eye, Wendy’s arm exponentially increased in size, seemingly growing new parts out of nowhere as the Mechamorph made a few last minute modifications. The arm was now comparable to one of Rex’s Smack Hands, growing to be at least as tall as Wendy and twice as wide.

Xylene attempted to deflect the attack with a hastily crafted energy barrier, but it proved to be no match against Wendy’s fist, as it punched straight through the bubble and sent the Uxorite flying!

Her bones cracking under the sheer weight of the attack, Xylene flew into a nearby pile of crates, becoming buried within them as they toppled and cracked open.

It took Wendy a few seconds to realize that a crowd was gathering around the docking yard now. She could barely hear the murmurs over the sound of her own shuddering breaths and pounding heartbeat. Sensing her inner turmoil, the Mechamorph returned her arm to a normal size and popped its head out to inquire about her condition. To Wendy, it sounded like a series of dull chirps and beeps. But somehow, she understood exactly what it said. It must have been a product of their newfound symbiotic relationship.

“Yeah, just peachy…” she sarcastically retorted, immediately feeling bad for mouthing off to her savior. “But...that was pretty kick-ass.” she admitted with a wry grin.

The Mechamorph responded with another series of unintelligible chirps and beeps. It was almost like talking with Ship. You had no idea how Julie could manage it.

Suddenly, a rift was torn open right next to you, revealing two glowing figures moving around on the other side. And when they emerged...you were relieved to see that it was Wendy and Verdona! The real ones this time!

“Holy shit…” Wendy gasped, struggling to catch her breath. “What the hell just happened…!?”

Not giving her any chance to make sense of the situation, you pulled them both into a deep hug, taking them by surprise.

“O-oh my!” Verdona exclaimed, returning the hug enthusiastically. “Someone’s rather cheerful for having been thrown through space and time.”

“Alright, already!” Wendy groaned, weakly trying to pull you away. “Enough with the mushy shit. I feel like my astral projection is about to hurl.”

Despite her protests, you could hear the relief in her voice, as well as the corners of her lips slowly curling into a smile.

“Anyway,” she continued. “What’d I miss?”

How do you respond?

>”Some guy called ‘Kenny’ showed up and I started experiencing his memories instead.”
>”That depends on what you remember.”
>”I think you were visited by a time traveler or something.”
>”You just beat up Xylene and met Killa-Byte, I think.”
>”Where were you this whole time?”
>>>”Some guy called ‘Kenny’ showed up and I started experiencing his memories instead.”
>”Some guy called ‘Kenny’ showed up and I started experiencing his memories instead.”
>”Where were you this whole time?”
Taking these and combining...
“Some guy called ‘Kenny’ showed up and I started experiencing his memories instead.” you explain, eliciting a bewildered expression from Wendy.

“No,” she said, running a hand through her hair. “That’s not right. I remember him being there back then, but at the same time…” she trailed off, seemingly mulling something over in her head.

“The initial confusion will pass eventually.” Verdona reassured her. “I had to reconstruct your psyche, along with your memories. What you’re experiencing now is a major conflict in your memories as the events of two separate timelines are popping up side by side.”

“You mean...she remembers both versions of her past?” you ask, almost hesitantly.

“With perfect clarity, yes.” Verdona nodded. If that were the case, then Wendy should be experiencing something similar to what you were going through when you were transported to that alternate future.

“It’s like watching two different versions of the same movie at the same time.” Wendy grimaced, her expression growing into one of discomfort as she hunched over slightly. “It’s hard to tell which one is real and which isn’t.”

“Both are very real.” Verdona continued. “One is simply more relevant to the current version of history that this timeline is currently following.”

Wendy inhaled slightly, letting out a sharp hiss through her teeth. “Time travel is such bullshit.” she groaned.

“I want to say that you’ll get used to it, but I’m still working on that part.” you say, in an effort to comfort her.

She corrected her posture and made an effort to conceal the pained expression on her face. “So, what? You’re saying that Kenny was from the future or some shit?” she asked no one in particular. “Then why’d he stick around for so long?”

“It’s likely that he was unable to return to his own time.” Verdona theorized.

“Either that, or he wasn’t ready to go home just yet.” you add. “There were some powerful emotions tied to that Omnitrix of his.”

“Uh-huh.” Wendy said, staring at a younger version of herself. “And why do you think he had an Omnitrix in the first place?” she asked. “I doubt that they’re that common, even in the future.”

You shrug your shoulders and glance back at Wendy’s memory construct. “Your guess is as good as mine.” you say. “What I really want to know is where you’ve been this whole time.”

Wendy’s eyes tightened visibly. “Where do you think?” she asked in an impatient tone. “I was hurtling through space and time, cycling through some pretty shitty memories for God knows how long.”

File: Bungee Sponge.jpg (37 KB, 360x450)
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37 KB .jpg
The way she explained it was rather matter-of-fact, but you could tell that she was hiding some pretty painful experiences from you by brushing it aside. You suspected that the action didn’t stem from a lack of trust, but rather a tendency to shoulder a great deal of emotional turmoil by herself.

So instead of digging any further, you simply nodded and let the moment pass. From the way her expression softened, you could tell that she appreciated the gesture.

“So, what happened after this?” you asked, looking back at her memory construct.

“The rest is kinda obvious.” Wendy shrugged. “I took Killa-Byte and stole another ship, where we took advantage of some Black Market contacts to gather information on the Omnitrix. And eventually, that led me to Psychobos.” she explained, giving you a stern glare. And the rest is history.”

“Not for me it isn’t.” Verdona cut in. “I was hoping to get the full story from this little expedition of ours.”

Wendy sucked her teeth and crossed her arms. “You want the full story, grandma?” she asked, a hint of that impatience from earlier seeping back into her voice. “I’ll gladly fill you in if you can get me the fuck out of here.”

And that’s when it finally struck Verdona. Wendy wasn’t angry, sad or terrified. She was just tired. Tired of reliving her mistakes and wallowing in the misery of her past circumstances. And who could blame her?

Upon having finally realized this, Verdona nodded. “Alright. I’ll have to hold you to that.” she said, extending both her hands to you and Wendy. You carefully took them, and in an instant, you were jettisoned into open space once more, hurtling through the cosmos at a speed that would normally tear the flesh from your bones. At a certain point you blacked out, with only the impression of countless stars blurring into white line sticking fresh in your mind as you closed your eyes.


When you awoke, you found yourself sitting in the booth of the same restaurant you’d been in before you began the journey. Sitting beside you, in a similarly dazed state was your sister Wendy. And sitting across from you was none other than the disguised Anodite form of your old friend Verdona.

“Now then,” Verdona said, breaking the silence. “I hope everyone had fun.”

You and Wendy exchanged glances, feeling as if that question didn’t deserve a response. You weren’t sure if that experience gave Wendy the closure that she needed, and frankly, you were a little scared to bring it up in conversation after everything that happened.

So for the time being, you called the waitress and told her that you were finally ready to order. At the very least, the three of you could enjoy a decent meal before heading home.


File: Big chill and baby.jpg (42 KB, 550x797)
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42 KB .jpg
After finishing your meal and footing the bill, the three of you took to the streets and went on a short walk. That is, until Verdona declared that she had some very urgent business to attend to on the other side of the galaxy. And so, she left as soon as she came. But not before exchanging contact information with Wendy. Which, in her case, was simply a matter of memorizing her mana imprint so that she could find her anytime that she wanted.

You and Wendy just stood there and watched her fly up and away into the night sky, when, to your surprise, Wendy was the one to break the silence this time.

“Today did not go the way that I expected it to,” she sighed. “But...I’m glad that you were there for it.” she admitted with a hint of embarrassment.

“I’m glad I was too.” you reassured her.

“I had a feeling you’d say some cheesy shit like that.” she laughed meekly. “But seriously,” she continued, a more significant expression on her face now. “You’ve taken all my bullshit, seen me at my lowest, and for some reason, you’re still here.”

You remained quiet for a while, wondering where Wendy was going with this topic.

“No one’s ever done anything like this for me, or treated me this way.” she admitted, seeming more vulnerable than you’ve ever seen her. “I guess what I’m trying to say is...thanks. I...like you.” she said, with great difficulty you might admit. “I like you a lot.”

Her face was practically beet red at this point. You don’t think you’ve ever seen your sister being this honest, open or in touch with her own emotions.

How do you respond.

>”Yeah, I love you too.”
>”Whatever happens, now and in the future, I’ll always be there for you.”
>”Don’t sweat it. You would’ve done the same for me.”
>”Wow. That must’ve been hard for you. Do you need to lie down for a few minutes?”
>”Did you get the closure that you needed from this little excursion of ours?”
>Hold her hand.
>>”Don’t sweat it. You would’ve done the same for me. It's what families for.”
>”Don’t sweat it. You would’ve done the same for me.”
>>”Don’t sweat it. You would’ve done the same for me.”
“Don’t sweat it.” you casually shrug, hoping to avoid embarrassing her any further. “You would’ve done the same for me.”

“Damn straight.” Wendy agreed, loudly clearing her throat, almost as if she were forcibly clearing the air of awkwardness that she’d been sensing. “You know I’ve got your back, bro.” she said with a playful nudge, reverting back to her normal aloof, tomboyish self.

You have no doubt that Wendy’s trust in you has grown much deeper due to Verdona’s efforts.

“Now,” she continued. “Take me home. I’m mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted from this highly traumatic experience.” Wendy requested in a lighthearted tone.

Without argument, you complied. But not before checking your phone for messages. And to your surprise, there were quite a few waiting for you.

The first was from K8-E where she wished you good luck, good health and a safe return. Bless her soul.

The second was a redirected message from Steel, saying that he had some important matters to discuss with “X”. No doubt having something to do with Sublimino and D’Traxus being unaccounted for in your city.

The third was yet another redirected message from Kilik. It contained a report from his investigation on the complete and utter destruction of the Roman Charges’ base of operations. You had to admit, you were incredibly curious as to the specifics of the group that did your job for you and busted up these deranged human trafficking Earth weebs. Maybe Kilik’s report might shed some light on that mystery.

And the rest were just a bunch of memes that Trixy had sent to you. She apparently got worried when you weren’t responding fast enough, and took that as an opportunity to gauge your taste by sending you all sorts of images that she’d been gathering during her deep dive into the realm of social media. You’re curious as to how this might affect her personality. Interacting with the wrong kind of people might cause her to develop bad habits or improper mannerisms. You’ll just have to watch her closely if that’s the case.


Upon returning to your home in Bellwood, you were surprised to see that it was Gwen, Olivia’s pet cat, and Olumar who were watching your kids, instead of Olivia.

EN and ML-E ran up to give you a big hug, nearly toppling you over in the process, while N8 was his usual impassive self, glued to his phone. You still greeted him all the same. A gesture that earned you a fleeting glance away from his phone’s screen, a slight nod and an unenthusiastic grunt.

“I’m gonna go crash in the guest room for a bit.” Wendy announced with a yawn as she pulled her boots off, tossed them aside and disappeared behind a wall, where Slate had been resting peacefully. You just hoped that your sister’s rest would be anywhere near as peaceful as your dog’s.

File: KineceleranKids.png (765 KB, 974x684)
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765 KB .png
From the looks of it, K8-E wasn’t home yet. She must be putting in some extra work with her sister’s wedding preparations. Likewise, Trixy was nowhere to be found.

“If you’re looking for your cousin, she’s out back running through some spellcasting drills that I gave her.” Gwen said, inclining her head towards the door leading out towards the backyard. “I think your robot pal might’ve joined her out there at some point.” she shrugged.

“The cat lady said that you could use magic too.” ML-E cut in. “Is that true!?”

“Can you shoot fireballs from your hands!?” EN jumped in. “What about thunder balls?”

ML-E shook her head in disappointment. “They’re called ‘thunderbolts’, doofus.” she said with a frown.

“Do you have to prepare spell slots like in D&D?” N8 asked with uncharacteristic interest in the topic. You never knew that he played tabletops.

“Uh, I don’t think so.” you admit with a shrug. “I just cast spells until I get tired.”

N8’s expression didn’t tell you whether he was satisfied by your answer or not, but you feel like he was impressed by your ability to use magic at all. Perhaps it was more rare among aliens than you’d initially assumed.

“From what I’ve seen, he only knows how to use pyromancy and arcane magic, but in its most basic form.” Gwen explained unnecessarily.

In fact, the only spellcasting alien that you’ve heard of so far was probably this “Adwaita” character that Kree told you about.

“All right, children. Settle down.” Olumar instructed them. “The Master must be tired from his journey, and should be allowed to relax.”

And with a wave of her blue finger, the younger of the kids dispersed and went back to their earlier activities, leaving you with room to move about your own home unimpeded. You had to admit, Olumar was doing a phenomenal job reigning in your rambunctious little rascals. It almost made you wish that she accepted any form of currency as payment for her services.

What will you do with the rest of the evening?

>Join Olivia outside for some magic practice.
>Set up a meeting with Steel. You’re curious to see what he has to say.
>Review Kilik’s detailed report on the Roman Charges’ case.
>Call K8-E and ask if she needs any help wrapping up.
>Take Slate on a walk around your neighborhood with Olumar.
>Take Slate on a walk around your neighborhood with Olumar.
>>Take Slate on a walk around your neighborhood with Olumar.
>Set up a meeting with Steel. You’re curious to see what he has to say.
>Review Kilik’s detailed report on the Roman Charges’ case.
>Take Slate on a walk around your neighborhood with Olumar.
>Set up a meeting with Steel. You’re curious to see what he has to say.
>Review Kilik’s detailed report on the Roman Charges’ case.
File: Slate.png (297 KB, 526x541)
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297 KB .png
You’ve still got quite a few things left on your plate, but you’ll have to take them on one at a time. Overextending yourself any further could lead to you agitating your sore muscles, and collapsing from exhaustion at worst. And if that happened, you aren’t even sure if Thriller Whale’s soothing melodies would be enough to get you out of the dog house.

And speaking of dog’s…

You glanced over at Slate, who seemed to stir ever so slightly upon noticing your attention on him. Out of everyone that you’d been neglecting after you’d gotten busy with hero work, Slate was at the top of the list.

Sure, you gave him a scratch behind the ear or the occasional treat, but the kids were the ones who’d been putting in the legwork to take care of him lately. While he was one of your closest companions back when you used to live with your parents, your new responsibilities as head of the family and protector of, well, the entire Earth and a good chunk of the galaxy, you simply hadn’t found the time to devote to the little guy.

But all of that was about to change. You were starting a new chapter in your life, where you have time to devote to the ones you hold dear, all while maintaining control of this chaotic galaxy. And while you were at it, you’d reconnect with the big blue being that held the second spot on that list.

“Hey Olumar,” you said, turning to your djinn nanny. “Wanna come with me to take Slate on a walk?”

And as soon as the words “Slate” and “walk” came out of your mouth in the same sentence, your golem familiar leaped to his feet and began running circles around you. Secretly, you were glad that he didn’t try to jump on your leg, since you’re almost certain that his added weight would’ve put an unnecessary amount of strain on your joints.

Olumar flashed you a dazzling smile, revealing her sharp canines. “Why, of course, Master!” she enthusiastically replied. “Nothing would please me more.”

“Cool.” you said with a nod, before turning to face Gwen, who was sitting precariously on the edge of the couch. “Hey Gwen, do you mind watching the kids for me until we get back?”

Her eyebrows raised slightly, and she opened her mouth to reply. But before she could, a stray flash lit up the room, accompanied by a crackle of lightning zig-zagging past the window leading out towards the backyard. The next sound you heard was a triumphant cry from your cousin, but it quickly transformed into one of horror and shock.

Gwen sighed. “You mean all four of them?” she asked sarcastically, no doubt counting Olivia among them. “Sure thing. Maybe I’ll train the big one to do something other than look at a screen all day.” she said, briefly glancing over at N8, who was trying his best to ignore her.

File: Olumar!.png (5603 KB, 2996x4000)
5603 KB
5603 KB .png
And with that confirmation, you raised a hand and created a thin ribbon of mana. At first, it dangled just below your knees, limp and lifeless. But all of a sudden, as if i had a mind of its own, the ribbon lashed out, wrapping itself around Slate’s neck several times over, and acting as an impromptu leash.

He really didn’t need one, being as undyingly loyal as he was. But it was pretty much required in this neighborhood, and it made your neighbors feel more comfortable around him. Not that you really minded what they thought of you, so long as they didn’t discover your secret identity.

With Slate’s leash in hand, you grabbed Olumar’s lamp, placed it in your backpack with the top open, and headed out the front door.


“Aww,” a young blonde woman mewled as she knelt down to get a better look at Slate. “He’s so cute! What breed is he?” she readily asked. You made an effort to hide the expression of bewilderment spreading across your face.

“He’s a, uh, quadrupedal rock golem.” you explain, as simply, and succinctly as you possibly can.

“I’ve never heard of that one. Is it french or something?” she asked, tapping the side of her face.

You heard a chortle slip from Olumar’s lips, but she quickly fought it down, masking the strained effort by pretending to clear her throat.

“Yeah, sure…” you lazily answered back, suddenly losing all interest in the conversation.

Seemingly missing all of these social cues, she reached a hand out to pat the top of Slate’s head, but stopped just short. “Does he bite?”

“So long as you aren’t an intruder or a deranged lunatic trying to cause harm to my Master,” Olumar explained with a smile. “Then no. He doesn’t bite.”

You tried to fix her with a glare, but with the small grin forming on your face, it wasn’t very convincing.

“Do forgive me, Master.” she said with a curt bow, still smiling from your silent exchange from earlier. “It’s not often that I get the opportunity to spend my spare time relaxing with you.”

A sudden pang of guilt stabbed at your heart upon hearing those words. And from the sympathetic look on Olumar’s face, she recognized it immediately.

“Try not to take it to heart, Master. I didn’t mean it like that.” she said, her smile shrinking back ever so slightly. “I was simply savoring the moment. I had no intention of adding to your already significant feelings of guilt.”

“Yeah,” you shrugged with a downcast expression. “I guess I’ve got enough of that to go around.”

File: Olumar.jpg (99 KB, 671x1150)
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99 KB .jpg
“Now now,” Olumar shook her head. “I won’t have you putting yourself down, either.” she said while crossing her arms. “Your intentions were pure, and you acted out of the interests of your loved ones, as well as the innocent citizens of Earth. But your one misstep was not trusting those very same loved ones to protect you in turn.” she explained. “Although, with the circumstances being what they were, trust was a rather rare commodity at the time.” she shrugged.

Eventually, the young woman got tired of playing with Slate and left, waving goodbye all the while.

“Despite what your children might say, I am a very patient woman, Master.” Olumar continued, still waving and facing the woman from before. “I have lived a very long life, and as such, the passing of seasons come and go in the blink of an eye.” she said, sounding wistful all of a sudden. “As precious as our time together might be, it is equally as fleeting. So, if I might make a bit of a selfish request,” she continued, becoming somewhat quiet and bashful now. “I was hoping that you could spend a bit more of that time with me. Whenever possible, of course.” she quickly amended.

You smiled. “That’s not selfish at all, Olumar. You shouldn’t even have to ask that.” you said, taking her hand in yours. “You’re part of our family too, you know.”

Olumar was practically beaming from ear to ear at this point. And while she opened her mouth to reply, she was quickly interrupted by a sharp whistle from across the street.

It was one of your neighbors. Scott, you think his name was. Stalking the streets with all the grace, style and swagger of a middle aged college prep student.

“Hey Wade, who’s the smoking hot babe on your shoulder?” he asked, pulling down his sunglasses to flash a wink and a smile.

“She’s my-”

“I’m his mistress!” Olumar replied in your stead, hugging you from behind and wrapping her arms around your neck.

“Whoa, seriously!?” Scott asked in disbelief. “My mistake, bro. I forgot you had a thing for blue chicks. Cute dog, by the way.”

And without waiting for you to clear up the misunderstanding, Scott continued down the street, most likely intending to terrorize the innocent young woman that had just been petting Slate.

“I thought I told you, Olumar.” you gasped, struggling to breathe in her tight grasp. “There’s no infidelity allowed in the Wakeman house!”

And even as you said it, your mind flashed back to those uncomfortable moments between you and Charmy.

“And I thought I told you, Master.” Olumar giggled. “I’m a very patient woman.”

With a sigh, you resolved yourself to pry Olumar’s arm from your neck. Right after you got that squirrel out of Slate’s mouth.

File: Lt.Steel.png (261 KB, 640x480)
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261 KB .png
After bringing both Olumar and Slate back home, you grabbed your armor cube and went back out the door under the pretense of going to the grocery store.

Somewhere deeper into the city, you suited up in an alleyway and transformed into Big Chill, allowing you to fly over bustling city streets without attracting any attention from onlookers or security cameras.

Your transformation should last you just long enough to make it to the rendezvous point that you and Steel agreed upon. You just hope that he at least has some good news to tell you.


Waiting patiently with his arms crossed and his back turned to you, you spotted Steel standing near the edge of a rooftop, quietly overlooking the café that you took your parents to a few weeks back. Maybe he was getting hungry while waiting for you.

Hearing the telltale beep of your Omnitrix, you brought yourself out of your intangible state, folded your wings and cancelled your transformation a little early. Steel turned around just in time to be temporarily blinded by the flash, not really noticing as you nearly stumbled on the landing. It’s been a while since you’ve moved around this much.

“X. It’s good to see you.” Steel greeted you with a stiff smile. “We were getting worried when you didn’t show up for a few days.”

>”I’m fine. Just taking a bit of a break from all of this.”
>”It’s good to see you too, Captain. What have you got for me?”
>”I think we’re both long overdue for some vacations.”
>”And you look like you haven’t eaten or slept in days. Wanna go grab a bite?”
>”And not a single ‘Get Well Soon’ card in my mailbox? I’m hurt! Wounded even!”
>”Any updates on D’Traxus or Sublimino?”
>”I’m fine. Just taking a bit of a break from all of this.” I think we’re both long overdue for some vacations.”
>”It’s good to see you too, Captain. What have you got for me?”
>>”I’m fine. Just taking a bit of a break from all of this. I think we’re both long overdue for some vacations.”
>>”It’s good to see you too, Captain. What have you got for me?”
>”Any updates on D’Traxus or Sublimino?”
>”I’m fine. Just taking a bit of a break from all of this.” I think we’re both long overdue for some vacations.”
>”It’s good to see you too, Captain. What have you got for me?”
>”I’m fine. Just taking a bit of a break from all of this. I think we’re both long overdue for some vacations.”
>>”It’s good to see you too, Captain. What have you got for me?”
>”Any updates on D’Traxus or Sublimino?”
File: AC_(292).png (361 KB, 1280x720)
361 KB
361 KB .png
“I’m fine.” you declare, trying to hide the disruption in your breathing rhythm. “Just taking a bit of a break from all of this. I think we’re both long overdue for some vacations.” you laugh, groaning as you make an effort to rotate your shoulder.

Steel’s grin became slightly wider this time. “Ha. You know full well that guys like us don’t get vacations.” he said, crossing his arms.

As much as you hate to admit it, you figured that out a long time ago.

“It’s good to see you too, Captain.” you continue, now working a knot out of your neck. “What have you got for me?”

All of a sudden, Steel’s smile dropped away, now replaced by a determined glare that looked far more fitting for a man of his stature and reputation. “Right. Onto business, then.” he shrugged, placing his hands behind his back. “I want to make you an offer, X. An offer that I hope you won’t be able to refuse.”

“That depends on what it is.” you say, returning his shrug.

“I want to get you deputized, son.” he replied, without a hint of sarcasm.

You remained silent for a long while, studying his face to find any traces of a smile or a joke that you were missing here. But nonetheless, his face remained stony as ever.

“Y-you can’t be serious…” you breathed, still in disbelief over his proposal. You could understand being an agent for the Plumbers, where your friends and family could support you and protect your identity. But a marshall? That’d be insane! You just couldn’t wrap your head around it.

“No, I’m not.” Steel assured you, shaking his head. “Over these past few months, you’ve shown me that you have our best interests in mind. And when push comes to shove, you always come through.” he continued, pointing at your chest.

“Yeah, but I can’t exactly get on a payroll, Captain.” you declare, subconsciously taking a few steps back in the process. “They won’t let me work for them unless they can hold me accountable in some way.”

And that would mean revealing your identity, giving them your home address, phone number, and eventually your SSN. And there’s no way that you’d ever be okay with exposing your family to that kind of danger.

“That’s what they said too.” Steel nodded, still maintaining that piercing gaze of his. “So I made a different proposal,” he continued. “You’d report to me, and I’d be something of a liaison for you and your Super Friends. And in return for intel and mutual cooperation, I’ll grant you the authority to operate wherever you please.”

“There’s no way they’d agree to that. Not without getting us to register.” you argued.

“I can’t lie,” Steel sighed. “They’ve been pushing for supers to register for a while now, and all this Sublimino nonsense has only been fanning the flames.” he said, turning away from you slightly. “Chances are, they’ll be cracking down on that soon. But they’ve agreed to make an exception for you and your associates.”

“Exception?” you blurted out in sheer disbelief. “Why?”

Steel turned to face you again, an even more ferocious intensity burning in that telltale glower of his. “Because I’m putting my own career on the line here,” he proclaimed, a shadow falling over his face for a brief moment. “And if they ever feel like you’re swinging hard and loose with that belt of yours, then it’ll be my neck that they come for.”

The rooftop fell silent for a long while, the only sound being the wind brushing against your helmet. He couldn’t be serious, could he?

“Why would you-?” you began to ask.

“Because this is the only way that we could ever possibly get this damn planet under control.” he snapped back, putting some fire in his voice again. “Some yahoo with a shiny pocket watch nearly tore this country apart, and from what I’m hearing, he wasn’t even one of the heavy hitters!”

You wanted to deny it, but after fighting people like Blast Shadow and Shiva, you couldn’t bring yourself to do so. Sublimino wasn’t particularly special, but he did represent a massive oversight in global security. The little guy that slipped past everyone’s defenses and nearly swept the rug out from underneath you with a rather nasty gambit.

“We’re getting stronger everyday,” Steel resumed. “But so are our enemies. And frankly, I’m of the opinion that we’ve been getting our asses kicked out there. And on our own home turf, no less.” he growled.

Once again, you couldn’t come up with a decent counter-argument.

Taking a moment to regain his composure, Steel inhaled deeply before speaking again. “Look,” he began, pinching the bridge of his nose. “You don’t have to make any decisions right at this very moment. I just want you to consider it for a little while.”

You offered him a brief nod. “I’ll give it some thought.” you promised. “But for now, fill me in on the search for D’Traxus and Sublimino.”

Steel closed his eyes and straightened his shoulders. “Right. Of course.” he nodded. “The big friendly dinosaur was spotted leaving the planet sometime during that planetary siege in a stolen Plumber ship.” he explained. “We honestly thought about shooting it down, but then we decided that that would be an even worse decision than letting him leave.”

“Good choice.” you said with a snap of your fingers. “You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry...or sad, or happy for that matter.”
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You had a feeling that he’d gotten away. Mostly because no one ever sat you down and told you formally, as they felt that it was likely the obvious outcome if no one had managed to catch him after all this time.

For a brief second, the corner of Steel’s mouth curled upwards into a smirk, but it quickly faded as he continued to run through his debriefing procedure. “And as for Sublimino,” Steel began. “Providence reported his death last night. They said that he gave them no choice…” Steel sighed.

All of a sudden, you felt a large weight lifting from your shoulders upon hearing news of Sublimino’s death. You were ashamed to admit it to yourself, but some part of you was actually happy that you wouldn’t be forced to hunt him down. And you could tell that Steel felt the same.

There were no humane or conventional methods for detaining someone with his specific skill set. Cooper was already hard enough to deal with, but this guy really took the cake. You had no doubt that he would’ve caused you a galaxy’s worth of trouble if he were left alive.

But still, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth to hear that Providence is putting down criminals without a second thought. Things were never this bad when Rex was around.

“That being said,” Steel said, not stopping to let you catch your breath. “Measures are being taken to reverse the effects of his hypnosis. But...that presents us with a different problem entirely.” he groaned.

“Did Six’s gun stop working?” you asked, trying not to panic from the possibility of having killed Sublimino without knowing how to reverse his hypnosis.

Steel shook his head.

“Nope.” he replied. “We’re offering it as a free public service, but some people are refusing to get dosed with Providence’s anti-hypnotic beam. They say that it’s ‘unconstitutional’ and are afraid that it’ll cause more damage.”

“That’s insane!” you scoff. “Why would people think that the government’s trying to brainwash them-?”

And before you could finish the sentence, you quickly realized how stupid it sounded coming out of your mouth. Of course these people would be paranoid. Especially after there had been two attempts at a full-scale alien invasion and a literal hypnotist trying to take over the world.

“These people don’t trust us anymore, X.” he continued. “And they’re not sure if they trust you, either. Which is a big part of why I made my offer in the first place.” he said, pointing a finger at you again.

Of course. The “Mandela Effect''.

With their memories overwritten, they now think that you’re some sort of criminal menace that can’t be trusted. And as a bizarre side effect, the people affected seem to forget any prior knowledge of your secret identity. People like Rojo. People that you’ve fought alongside...or fought with.

Maybe this was for the best. The less people that know your identity, the better.

Abruptly, Steel loudly cleared his throat, forcing you to realize that you’d been very silent for an uncomfortable amount of time.

What do you say?

>”About your earlier offer, I think I’ll take you up on it.”
>”I’m sorry, Steel. But I don’t think I can trust Earth’s governments to make the right choices in a pinch. I can’t operate with someone breathing down my neck.”
>”Theoretically, what happens if I reject your offer?”
>”What if we subtly injected the anti-hypnosis beam into some public broadcast and sent it out globally?”
>”If you're hurting for extra manpower, then there are quite a few aliens down there that would love to enlist. You just have to give them the chance."
>”Thanks for the progress report. I’ll think about what you told me and get back to you later.”
>>”About your earlier offer, I think I’ll take you up on it.”
>”If you're hurting for extra manpower, then there are quite a few aliens down there that would love to enlist. You just have to give them the chance."
>”About your earlier offer, I think I’ll take you up on it.”
> I also found that if people get evidence that disproves their hypnotized beliefs it's enough to snap at least some of them out of it.
Writing and combining...
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While there might certainly be some drawbacks to working for the government, you can’t deny that having someone like Steel in your corner would be invaluable in the days to come. Especially if they start expecting vigilantes and superheroes to register their identities. You imagine that that would cause a great deal of friction among the community.

“About your earlier offer,” you began, breaking the silence. “I think I’ll take you up on it.”

“Great!” Steel declared, nodding in approval as he extended a hand to you. “You’re doing the right thing here, X. I promise you won’t regret it.”

You took his hand and gripped it tightly, mentally crossing your fingers and hoping that the Captain was right about that hunch of his.

“I’ll contact you about the details sometime later. For now, I’ll send you a message from a private frequency that only I, and a few other people know.” he said, pulling out his communicator and fiddling with it. Within a few seconds, you get a message from a previously unknown comm frequency.

“Sounds good.” you confirm, saving the channel and logging it under your private contacts. And among those messages, you spot an unread one that was sent to you rather recently.

A chill ran up your spine upon noticing the ID of the sender. It was Pyth0n. The very same ex-con that you gave a job to, and was unwittingly used to break through your suit’s firewalls.

And while you were curious about the contents of the message, you couldn’t completely deny the possibility that it might contain a virus of some sort. You would just have to ask Trixy to give it a thorough scan when you got home. But for now, you’d better get back to the conversation at hand.

“You know,” you continued. “If you’re hurting for extra manpower, then there are quite a few aliens down there that would love to enlist. You just have to give them the chance.”

Unexpectedly, Steel flashed a warm smile. “I know.” he proclaimed. “Someone else made that very same suggestion to me a while back. Me and the rest of my men are making preparations to welcome them into our ranks as we speak.”

So he really had been listening to you back at that parade. Things might have started out rocky between the two of you, but as it turned out, you were simply two different men with two different approaches to accomplishing the same goal.

“I’m glad to hear it. Let me know if you ever need any help with that.” you promise, nodding approvingly to your new partner.

“Thanks.” Steel replied. “I could use all the help I can get.”

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Accommodating for the diets, sleep cycles and the diverse biological peculiarities that most aliens were known for wouldn’t be an easy undertaking, but you had faith that Steel would follow through with his promise to include aliens and mutants in his operations. And if anything that Albedo said to you is true, then you won’t be able to afford excluding anyone in the effort to defend the Earth from whatever new threat rears its ugly head.

“Well, it’s been fun,” you say, turning around to leave as you brandish your collapsed hoverboard from your belt. “But I’ve gotta-”

But before you could finish your sentence, it occurred to you that you may have forgotten to include a bit of crucial information during your conversation with Steel.

“Oh, and one more thing.” you suggest. “I found out that you can bring Sublimino’s victims back to their senses if you disprove their falsified beliefs. We might be able to snap them out of it if we present evidence contrary to what they think they know.”

Steel rubbed his chin briefly, mulling over this new piece of information that you’d given him. “That should be useful in the future, but I wouldn’t bet on it being that effective in the long run.” he said.

“What do you mean?” you asked, turning back around slightly.

“That method is entirely dependent on people doing their own research into the matter, which most people won’t. And any news reports or interviews that we publish would look like a conspiracy or corrupt influence to our more paranoid viewers.” Steel concluded. “There are far too many people that are comfortable dwelling in ignorance and going off of word of mouth and crackpot theories. I mean, for Chrissakes X, there are still people that still believe that the Earth is flat!”

And all of a sudden, you found yourself unable to counter his argument. You know well the power of ignorance and mistrust. No matter what you did or said, your reputation will likely remain permanently damaged by this event. Olumar’s words begin echoing in the back of your mind. You are always at the mercy of the people’s opinion. And, like it or not, there will be times where you’ll have to deal with being Public Enemy #1.

“Yeah,” you sigh. “I guess you’re right.”

You take a step forward, posing yourself to lunge over the rooftop’s edge. “But that’s okay. I’m not in it for the fame.” you say, right before diving off the ledge and bringing your hoverboard beneath your feet.

With a high pitched whine, the anti-grav generators activate, lifting you back up and sending you soaring high above the city’s streets.

And with your augmented senses, you can faintly hear Steel saying “I know.” from the rooftop where you’d just been.


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Before heading home, you stopped by a small grocery store and picked up some milk, hoping to maintain the illusion that you were indeed resting and “doing normal human things” like everyone had asked.

On the way, you figured that you might as well check out the detailed report that Kilik sent you.

Sifting through your files and opening the folder, you found a holographic Kilik ready and waiting to guide you through the result of the investigation. This must be that experimental VI tech that Grandpa was telling you about a while back. By making a detailed imprint of the agent’s brain activity over the course of a month, a duplicate of their consciousness is then created, capable of replicating their thought processes, mannerisms and quirks.

“Hello, Brother Wade.” Kilik’s virtual intelligence greeted you. “I have compiled the data from the Roman Charge’s Assault case, and there are some interesting conclusions to draw from it.” he said, his mandibles clicking as they worked the empty air.

“First, we have witnesses confirming that a battle damaged Tetramand was spotted entering their base, one week prior to its destruction. They were never spotted leaving, but that might not mean anything.” Kilik shook his head. “Over the next few days, an influx of raw materials were shipped in and out of their known warehouses and facilities. At first, we concluded that they were being used for recreational purposes, but that possibility was quickly discarded once we’d received word of illegal weaponry and military grade armor components being smuggled into their base.” he explained.

They really did their research on this one. Special Agents really never miss a beat. You were going to miss having intel this thorough if the council really did end up cutting your funding.

“Over the next few cycles, several of their best craftsmen and arms dealers were invited inside for long periods of time. Multiple witnesses reported hearing the sound of heavy machinery and equipment being operated for equally long periods of time. But one day, their dining hall fell unusually silent. And later that night, all hell broke loose.” Kilik reported, showing you a virtual recreation of something trashing the Roman Charges’ base. It wasn’t an army, or a superweapon, but a lone Tetramand, armed to the teeth and outfitted with full body armor that looked to be heavily inspired by the Shogun of Japanese culture.

“The design was entirely their idea, I believe.” Kilik groaned. “But I do believe that this Tetramand commissioned the Roman Charges to create this suit of armor for them. And if this report is anything to go off of, I have come to a rather disturbing conclusion.” Kilik visibly gulped. “According to our records, this Tetramand’s fighting style is almost identical to that of…’The Ghost of Khoros’.”

You heard that name before. Someone once said something about them being the leader of the Tetramand Uprising, The one that they created D’Traxus to squash.

How do you react?

>”Tell me more about them. Anything that you feel might be relevant.”
>"Couldn't this just be a disciple of theirs or something? Fighting styles aren't always unique."
>”Any idea of why this guy would tear their base apart? Did he just not feel like paying?”
>”Is there any chance that this guy might be on our side? He did just take out the base of a criminal empire.”
>”Why would they resurface now, after all this time?”
>”Didn’t D’Traxus kill him? How could he have possibly survived this long?”
>”Have there been any other sightings besides this one?”
>”Can we figure out the specs of that suit from the data that we pulled from the footage and shipment manifests?”
>”Tell me more about them. Anything that you feel might be relevant.”
>”Didn’t D’Traxus kill him? How could he have possibly survived this long? Couldn't this just be a disciple of theirs or something? Fighting styles aren't always unique."
”Can we figure out the specs of that suit from the data that we pulled from the footage and shipment manifests?”