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Hey guys, I came out of the hospital a few days ago and am still recovering. Sorry for disappearing on you (and starting so late today). Hopefully you'll at least see the thread and let me know and we can play tomorrow.

Im having a lot of issues with this new captcha. I miss when audio captcha was an option
Miellewds-guy here.
Hi King, good to see that you're okay!
Thanks, I seriously almost died.
Where were we? I honestly can't remember if we had gone back downstairs to fix stuff after fighting the mini boss or if we went to fight it after fixing stuff
We had defeated the mini-boss and revived Stella, and had revived the engineering crew at the ECC.
We had just successfully convinced Engineer First Class Aaadil to go back into the ECC to start it, and were going to ask the Team Leader if she knew where the saboteur was going to go next.
We wanted to be sure that the saboteur had not broken anything else that could cause the reactor to explode when turned back on.
Thanks. This captcha is super hard for me. I miss the audio option.


"If I wanted to sabotage the keep's energy systems..." The main woman straightens up and seems to think for a few moments. "Right, the ECC, then either the Energy Distribution Center or the Central Combustion Chamber."
"...we'll check both."

>Let's go to the CCC first
>Let's go to the EDC first
>Let's split
>Let's go to the CCC first
We're going to be checking both, so we should be okay to check one then the other.
>>Let's go to the CCC first
>>Let's go to the CCC first

"Well, if you are actually planning on going there, you'll need [Fire Immunity] gear, you know?" Explains the team leader.
"I have some [Fire Absorb] equipment, though not enough for everyone." We explain.
"In that case, go to the Quartermaster's office first."

The woman explains us how to get there, and well, worst case scenario we loot the place.

"Is there an actual need for extra gear?" Stella asks while following after us. "Its not like we'd all understand what we're looking at in the CCC, so there's no point in all of us going in, right?"

Zoe looks at our puppy imouto, then looks around.

Eldric <- Super Genius (In Zoe's opinion)
Lyann <- Ridiculously competent, helps out at 3 different laboratories in as many continents at the same time.
Aritsu <- Magic theory and prosthesis developer.
Dawn <- Lazy and whimsical, but actually a pioneer in magic generator technology.

"Why are you looking at me with pity eyes!?" Our puppy imouto's ears go down as she feels a "jiii~" kind of mood coming from Zoe towards her.

"...right." Our kitty imouto nods. "Someone needs to watch the door."
"H-hey... you know, I actually have excellent grades..."

Well, kind of? Stella did put her academic life in pause while she works helping the beastkin in Bastion. But she's gone through a lot of personal growth, and just a look at her 5-digits INT stat tells you she's not dumb by any metric...

Eldric <- 7-digit INT
Aritsu <- 7-digit INT
Lyann <- 7-digit INT
Dawn <- 7-digit INT

...any normal people metric, anyway.

Let's pat pat and rub Stella's head.

>Let's go check the quartermaster's office anyway. Worst case scenario, free loot.
>Let's go directly o the CCC
>Let's go check the quartermaster's office anyway. Worst case scenario, free loot.
We should also pick up any gear we need for the Energy Distribution Center. Probably Lightning Immunity, if there’s electricity.
>>Let's go check the quartermaster's office anyway. Worst case scenario, free loot.
I know that helping out the Beastkin in Bastion is an important goal for Stella, but we should push her to finish her schooling.
Her INT and WIS are easily high enough to pass any written exam, and her physical stats can also easily pass any of the physical exams.
I actually have been thinking about that... she is in the Eopolis military academy. Do we WANT her to graduate and become an officer in the army? She'll be super busy and we will hardly ever see her if she becomes a career officer.

IIRC our parents sent her away so she'd grow instead of being baby'd by us all the time. Now that THAT is accomplished, maybe we should bring her home and have her finish magical college, or just marry her and have her live as a married lady? There's nothing bad with it.

>>Let's go check the quartermaster's office anyway. Worst case scenario, free loot.

We arrive to find the quartermaster's office/depot... is actually working!?

"Welcome, how may I help you?" The voice comes from a smooth-looking metal humanoid.

So... some sort of construct?

There is a solid-looking stone wall with a window and a large metal door (looks like an unknown alloy). We can see a warehouse past the automata, so large it gets lost in the distance.

>Sorry, but we don't have the time to start a series of subquests to earn access or whatever. (attack the automata and just break the wall)
>Let's try talking.
>Let's try talking.
Specifically identify ourselves as a Lightbringer. I'm trying to remember if we're the head of the family now, or if Grandpa is still keyed as the master of the Keep.
>>Let's try talking.
File: Dawn 036.jpg (187 KB, 827x1034)
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187 KB .jpg
>>Let's try talking.

We clear our throat close to the window, and try talking to the ancient aitomata.

"We'd like to requisition enough fire and lightning [Immune] or [Absorb] for everyone here present, quartermaster."

The polished metal humanoid looks at us through the smooth lenses just slightly sunken on its faceplate, and we can hear some whirling sounds coming from its chest.

Well, no reason to place the CPU on the head if there's no need for it, I guess?

"Yes sir, please fill these forms." The automata replies politely, and hands us two forms, plus what we easily recognize as a fountain pen and an inkpot.
"Here to serve, sir."

We notice the tall and thin bench, which must be there precisely for filling these forms, so with everyone's curious/amused looks, we move over to do so... and promptly punch the pencil through the sheet and the bench, as the 10000+ years old wooden bench was little more than moth dust and its outer shell.

"Respected older brother, these are all precious historical artifacts!" Zoe admonishes us with her tail straight up, all fluffed up.
"Yes, yes. Big brother is sorry." We can't help but to pet pet at our kittymouto. "Lyann, do you have something to write on? Dawn, please ask for another form."
""Yes, Master."" Our girls reply.

Lyann pulls out a silver plate and holds it for us, while Dawn goes to ask for a form... and promptly comes back empty handed.

"I am not recognized as an authorized user." She explains

Well, now we know that the automata, or the keep in general, can ID us. After acquiring a new form, we try and read it...

...its in truly, truly 'ye olde speak'. I mean, we 'can' read it, but will the automata accept our modern speech forms? Let's give it a try, I guess.

"Lyann..." We leave out a little bit of a smirk as our redhead holds the plate for us, pushing her breasts unto it so they practically fill its length and width. "I can't really write like this."
"So sorry, Master." She smiles, and moves the plate so it is supported by her breasts instead.

...torpedo shape and more than firm enough, actually.

"Look Master, no hands." Jokes Dawn.
"...I don't have time for a proper reply."

We fill the form, while Lyann lets out barely noticeable moans as the pen slides over the plate, then take it back to the quartermaster.

Actually, the automata was talking in 'normal' modern speech, as were the staff we found before, wasn't he?

"Thank you sir. Will you need anything else?" It asks

We can hear machinery moving in the depths of the warehouse, and somewhat spot cranes and carts moving boxes around.

>Give me a list of the goods in inventory
>Not right now

(I love this skin tone for Dawn, but her hair is bright neon pink, not black)
"Are there any replacement Lightning Ballista and shield generators in stock?"
The list of goods is probably extensive and huge. And we are a bit low on the keeps defenses, so getting specifics is probably better.
supporting >>4928083
>supporting >>4928083
>"Are there any replacement Lightning Ballista and shield generators in stock?"

The automata replies immediately:

"I apologize, sir, but item [Lightning Ballista] is unknown. There are seven [Shield generators] in stock."

Well... lightning ballista is the name we gave them.

"How about... defensive weaponry for the keep? Static defensive weaponry."
"...there's 3700 replacement [Bolt Caster]s in storage?" It's amazing to hear a dubitative and questioning inflection in an automata's voice.
"Yes, those! Can you start replacing the ones in need of repair?"
"That is not within this unit's functions, sir. If we receive a request from the [Logistics] department, our [Supplies] department will be happy to do so."

>Point at Stella and declare "This is the new head of the [Logistics] department!"
>"I assume we'd need a form for that?"
>"We're being attacked by an extradimensional enemy right now, there's no time for forms!"

(uhmm sorry but it seems I forgot the original name for the [ERROR]s while in the hospital, could you remind me? God I hope I did better than the neverborn, for cringe's sake.)

Also, did you like that pic for Dawn?
"Due to the current emergency combat and the entire [Logistics] department being rendered inoperative or dead, I am hereby appointing Stella as the new head of the [Logistics] department, and she is to be granted all authorizations of the position. Can she make the request here, or will she need to submit it through a different unit?"

There should have been protocols in place in the event of a logistics officer dying while in battle. Our ancestors planned pretty well, so I don't think they would have overlooked something obvious like how to overcome breaks in the chain of command.

>original name of [ERROR]

>Dawn pic
I like it. The pose and clothing look like something she'd do to tease Eldric with.
supporting >>4928496
File: Stella heavy armor.png (4858 KB, 1920x1080)
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4858 KB .png
Ah, I wanted to throw in that the keep would recognize the girls based on Eldric having sex with them, and therefore sharing his genetic material with them, as a studio I read years ago suggested, but an updated one says pregnancy is needed, not just sex.



"Confirmed. New department head of logistics." The automaton repeats calmly
"Ee~eh!? B-big brother, right in the middle of a big fight..." Well, our imouto seems pretty flustered
"Calm down and think about it. You are the only one here with any serious military training beyond fighting." We rub rub her left ear.
"Y-yes, alright."

One of the many teleport platforms next to the hallway activates with a brief flash of light, and an small floating automata comes over.

"New Chief of Logistics acquired. Returning to HQ." It says

A teleport circle appears under Stella's feet...

>Well, we're more than high level enough to easily pick her out of it
>Actually, encourage her and let her go
>A~actually, let's quickly jump in with everyone else!
>Well, we're more than high level enough to easily pick her out of it
We need her here to make the order to the [Supplies] Department for the replacement of the [Bolt Casters], before we let her go. And we need to have some way to be able to speak with her.

Though I'm afraid that if we interfere, the system may experience instabilities.
supporting >>4929003
We should also ask it where is the HQ. I suspect that letting Stella go there would have exposed her to great danger. I don’t think the teleportation network is completely repaired yet.
>We need her here to make the order to the [Supplies] Department for the replacement of the [Bolt Casters], before we let her go. And we need to have some way to be able to speak with her.

Sorry for not posting today guys. My health is a goddamn rollercoaster. Today I got a brand new kidney stone and spent most of the day in the hospital, then got home, took a Doloten and went to sleep.

Still sleepy, but will try to at least post this one, then sleep till tomorrow.


"...nope." We simply pick up the tiny drone, interrupting its cast. "I need her here for a bit longer."

[Error, cannot comply] the drone starts repeating.

"Lyann, please store this guy for a bit."
"Yes, Master." She simply throws it into storage.
"Stella, please fill the forms to have maintenance begin to replace the damaged bolt casters."
"Yes, big brother!" She nods nods, her fluffy tail wagging softly

Well, she doesn't seems the least bit affected about writing on the plate Lyann 'holds' for her. Lyann seems more amused than anything else, too.

"Eh... I can do that too after a meal..." Dawn complains softly.

Right, we haven't 'fed' her for a while, so she's almost an inhabitant of flatland again. Let's fix that after we're done.

"There!" Chirps out imouto.

Kya had been flying about, exploring the warehouse. She comes back and informs us...

"Master, there's some really scary armor labeled [Recon Suit] that seems really promising..." She stands on our shoulder so she can talk into our ear.
"Thank you. Stella, can you requisition a [Dive Suit] too, please?"

It... well, it looks like an old fashioned diver's suit. Huge bronze helmet and boots, with this leather bodysuit. Except this one is made of much more fantasy-like materials.

We hadn't used our ring in a long time, had we?

[Dive Suit - Either for recognizance or combat, our troops need the heaviest protection in the enemy's dimension. This suit protects against the unpredictable forces affecting our people in the enemy's home dimension.]

Yeah, we need to copy and maybe streamline these.

"Thank you Kya." We gently caress her back with a fingertip. "And thank you Stella."
"Yes!" Our puppymouto looks quite happy with her new role.
"Lyann, let it out,"

We siop the little drone again, and thankfully it is smart enough to understand we won't let it teleport away with Stella, but we want to follow it to HQ.

Along the way, we find four large combat automata of the type we had to fight before, broken and dust-covered in front of an unhinged door.

>Let's continue to HQ in a rush. We can start maintenance and have drones or whatever begin repairing whatever this is.
>Let's take a look.
File: file.png (1795 KB, 883x1492)
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1795 KB .png
omw to bed. What do you think of this pic? I think it looks cute, but not sure how to get such a girl into the menagerie. Maybe by breeding something?
>Let's take a look.
I know it will take some time, but with a saboteur that was loose, I want to be more careful.
I like the girl. Maybe a high level Adamic or other Human-tree pet, crossed with a Kraken for multiple arms?
File: zoe dancer 001.jpg (81 KB, 564x846)
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81 KB .jpg
How's this for Zoe? Or maybe for our first daughter with her

I just looked at her again and went "why don''t we evolve our spider imouto?" 6 arms + 2 legs seems right for it.

>>Let's take a look.

We grab the drone and toss it to Lyann to store again as we slow down and turn around to go take a look.

Moving the rood aside and placing it against the wall, we notice that the walls here are absurdly thick, and have multiple layers of metal and stone, making the entrance almost into a hallway rather than a door threshold.

There are two more broken security automatons inside, and finally, a simple lectern holding a key inside its own forcefield. The area around the key has been mauled, broken and shattered, causing the lectern to be almost horizontal to the floor, but the key remains encased in a small crystal case attached to it. It seems obvious that the key is important, and every effort was made to steal it, unsuccessfully.

"Ah... yu~up!" *wet, soft popping noise* "I'm not going to try and mess with that thing. Looks like something will pop out of a wall and try to shoot me if I do." Dawn comments while looking at the beehive-like walls.
"Big brother can pick it up?" Stella looks at us expectantly.

>"Lyann, please try spawning a copy and try picking it up?"
>"Keep, can you hear me? I am the current keeplord. Disable security systems in this room-"
>Where's a 10-foot pole when you need it?
>Other: "Keep, can you hear me? I am the current Keeplord. Please identify all currently functional security systems in this room, and identify the object within the crystal case."

I know this makes things harder for you, King, but I'm just a careful person, and I have a bad feeling whenever an option says "Disable All Security".
>the picture
It's nice for Zoe with her Dancer Job active.

>evolve Portia
Hmm...on the one hand, she's cute as an arachne. But then, she's also cute as a six-armed girl.
File: dancer 027.jpg (59 KB, 564x870)
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>>Other: "Keep, can you hear me? I am the current Keeplord. Please identify all currently functional security systems in this room, and identify the object within the crystal case."

21 bolt casters active
41 W.A.S.P. guns active
11 Hound drones active
1 Annihilation field active

Now everyone is looking at the holes in the walls with distrust.

"I sort of want a wasp gun, but I do not want to get close to it at the same time..." Dawn actually takes a hop back, rather than a step back

>"Keep, can I disable the security in -this- room?"
>"Keep, have you identified me? Will the security systems attack me if I try to retrieve the key?"
>"Keep, have you identified me? Will the security systems attack me or my party if I try to retrieve the key?"
Well, I would ask if the Annihilation Field is a passive defense and if it will deactivate when we get close or not.
And if the defenses still respond to the Keep or not.
I mean, I would like to disable the security in this room, but I'd also like to know if we've been authorized to pass through other defenses so that we can move through the Keep in the future without being afraid of getting attacked.

So I want to ask if we won't get attacked by the Keep's security systems first.
Then disable the security in this room.
File: new hope fashion.png (612 KB, 1280x1650)
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612 KB .png

Stella's ears flick a little, then she leans over to whisper something to Zoe, and both girls seem to be repressing a chuckle.

"What is it?" Dawn leans over
"A-annihilation field..." Stella chuckles softly
"It sounds like a 7-years old came up with it." Zoe is trying to calm down and not to laugh
"Well, I think its very descriptive."
"May as well call it 'fuckoff' field." Mumbles Lyann
"You would not!" Complains Aritsu. "You never know when children would hear about it!"

Really? That's what worries each of you? You're all amazingly calm, aren't you?

We negotiate with the keep for a bit, and it informs us that no, our party members cannot retrieve the key. No, we cannot unless we bring up the passphrase.

Yes, a passphrase, not a password, because those are too easy.

"..alright, so what is this key for?" We ask after a while, and are informed about it opening the lowest dungeon floor's boos room door.

"Eh~ a bit unfair to have a puzzle door's key outside the dungeon." Comments Lyann (who, let's remember, has plans to become a professional adventurer)

The keep informs us that we -are- in the dungeon's upper floors while in this room.

Alright then, let's bind a keystone to this room so we can come back later.

The keep explains where the passphrase copy should be kept, and it happens to be four floors down from HQ.

>Let's go to HQ
>Let's go to get the passphrase.

<- I liked this for the succubus in NewHope once they settle down for their own style
>Let's go to HQ
The key is secure right now, so let's concentrate on first getting to the HQ to get Stella ready in her new position as Head of Logistics, then go to the Central Combustion Chamber.

Don't forget our objectives.
>>Let's go to HQ
>succubus fashion
Cute, like a lab coat over a stylish office lady.
Tasteful, and not overly ostentatious.
File: daughter 003.jpg (532 KB, 1920x2941)
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532 KB .jpg
I began looking for pics that would work for the daughters of Eldric and the girls.
<-- example

Yeah, I just thought it would be funny if they experiment with all sorts of stuff first before going for their own thing. Also, it started as a whorehouse town, it'll end as a financial institution.

>>>Let's go to HQ

"Alright, let's keep going. We can come back with the [Keystone] when we need to."

"""Yes, Master."""
""Yes, big brother.""

Finally, we make it to HQ and... the place is as large as we'd expect, but simpler. Or should we have expected as much?

It is basically as large as a warehouse, with plenty of work stations, tables, and what looks like large crystal spheres half-protuding from the floor. Its rather clear that the work areas are arranged in groups, but we can't tell what each is meant for.

There is no command throne or anything like that. We do see a surprisingly large number of drones like the one that guided us here, just floating idly over the room.

Speaking of our guide, he keeps asking Stella to follow it to a specific station, then floats upwards and joins the others.

If it was a banquet table, she would be sitting at its head, with 10 other stations at either side, almost all of which are manned by smooth cylindrical automata. I guess they're interacting with their workstation wirelessly? Maybe?

As soon as Stella steps behind her station, all the automata spin towards her and tiny lights on top of their bodies begin to blink while dozens of [URGENT] and [EMERGENCY] screens start popping up in front of our imouto.

>Run in to help her
>Let her deal with it
>Let her deal with it
She has a high enough INT, she just has to stay calm to deal with it. So we shouldn't immediately do things for her.

BUT, it is true that this is a combat emergency right now. So that's why we're going to stick around for a bit.
>>Let her deal with it
File: daughter 002.jpg (95 KB, 800x1000)
95 KB
95 KB .jpg
<- I thought, what if we make Zoe into a pet for a little bit so we can breed her with Stella? Ultimate puppy/kitty imouto! Or just one of our daughters with Zoe?

>>Let her deal with it

"E-eh... e~eeh!?" Our imouto tenses up, then gently pokes at one of the messages.

It expands and she reads it, then nods nods and ...well, she tries a few things until she learns she can write directly on the screen with her finger.

We have to question our ancestors. Would it have killed them to add a keyboard? Should we be impressed they have a text-recognition software that actually works, and works so well it can decipher a puppy girl's fingerwriting?

I mean, as if it wasn't enough, she's using modern writing, you know? And wouldn't a speech-to-text have been better anyw- no wait, if there's about 200 work stations in this room, that would have been 200 people trying to get heard over each other, right? Never mind, this system is fine.

"Yes!" She lifts her hands towards her shoulders in celebration, then clicks on the next [URGENT] message.

Well, I guess she can handle it... or maybe not.

"Big brother!" She calls out to us. "The [Transit System] isn't working so I can't send supplies to the workshops, or products from the workshops to the rest of the keep. Please fix it!"

>Yes, yes
>Please do everything else meanwhile. We still need to go to the CCC
>Zoe/Stella Pet
On the one hand, we should try to get the main reactor online as quickly as possible.
But on the other hand, having the main reactor offline would be a good time to perform fixes on other systems that it might be dangerous to do while they're powered.

>Please do everything else meanwhile. We still need to go to the CCC
We need to check the CCC and the EDC before we turn the main reactor on anyway, so we should go there first.
>>Please do everything else meanwhile. We still need to go to the CCC
File: alquia noble fashion.jpg (219 KB, 800x1318)
219 KB
219 KB .jpg
>>>Please do everything else meanwhile. We still need to go to the CCC

Uh, my 4chanx isn't auto updating replies, sorry.


"It... should have a terminal here." Comments Stella. "Its not the actual thing, more of a liaison point, but you should be able to read about its condition there."
"Can you tell which one?" Aritsu looks around and... yeah, there's no useful tags on the consoles.
"I can send a drone..."

Sure enough, after she enters some orders, one of the drones hovering near the roof floats halfway down and hovers over a console.

"Thank you, Stella."

We head over and take a look... most indicators are on the safe side... maybe too deep into the safe side? Sure enough, things like reactor use, output, etc are too low.

It has pretty much no controls, so it must probably be a contact point for the actual CCC. Just a comm relay.

"Stella, can you have this drone guide us there?"

>Let' have one guide us to the CCC
>Let' have one guide us to the CCC
>>Let' have one guide us to the CCC
File: dauther 001.jpg (161 KB, 640x1137)
161 KB
161 KB .jpg
<- Gives me a "Ren's daughter" feel.

>>Let' have one guide us to the CCC

"Yes!" Stella replies enthusiastically but keeps her eyes on the information-flooded screen in front of her.

Uh. She's a pretty good officer, isn't she? I wonder...

>Afterwards, we should encourage her to go back to officer's school. It really is her vocation. She can leave some of the brastkin she's already freed and trained in charge in Bastion.
>After this, we should have a long talk with her to help her decide what she wants to do.
>After this, we are gonna cuddle and love her for days, then let her make up her own mind about her future.

A drone descends to guide us. ...let's not make any servo skulls comparisons. It's just a flying drone, and a good idea is a good idea no matter the setting or the world. Besides, this one looks like a miniature, chubby, floating stingray, anyway.

"Master, shouldn't we leave someone else to help defend HQ?" Lyann whispers softly as we look at the drone.

>"If you are worried about Stella, you can just say so."
>"Im sure Stella can handle it on her own."
>"Not a bad idea..." (assign some pets)
>After this, we are gonna cuddle and love her for days, then let her make up her own mind about her future
On the one hand, she really is good at being a military officer. But on the other hand, I want to be able to see her frequently. And just because we stopped this invasion doesn’t mean it’s over; we still have to counter-invade the Enemy.
Does Stella HAVE to join the Eopolis military? Hey, if we’re he Keeplord, doesn’t that make us the leader of Eopolis?

>Other: “Not a bad idea, let’s leave some Pets and she will need some auto-Raise items, too.”
I’m thinking Krabby [our crab knight], Lyra (our Marid healer).
I’m also thinking Tiel, and maybe Atiena or Chiku (majin daughters of Kya) if they’re high enough level.

And make sure they have auto-raise and gentle repose items.
File: Stella double sword.jpg (278 KB, 900x1200)
278 KB
278 KB .jpg

After graduating from the Academy, she'll be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Protectorate Army. She'll serve a minimum of eight years after graduating, in a combination of Active Duty and Reserve Component Service. During her senior year at the academy though, she’ll find out which specialized field, or “branch,” she will enter. Both the needs of the Army and her preferences will be considered. In her case, that'll probably be Logistics.
I really do want Stella to get her accomplishments and be seen as able to stand on her own merits (and not be a college dropout).
But I also want to be able to have her close by.
supporting >>4936782
File: file.png (2318 KB, 1280x1838)
2318 KB
2318 KB .png
<- This looks like the gentlest isekai'd i've seen yet

>>After this, we are gonna cuddle and love her for days, then let her make up her own mind about her future

>I’m thinking Krabby [our crab knight], Lyra (our Marid healer).
>I’m also thinking Tiel, and maybe Atiena or Chiku (majin daughters of Kya) if they’re high enough level.
>And make sure they have auto-raise and gentle repose items.

"Alright, let's [save] this spot on a [key... oh, its not part of the dungeon."
"Hm... I could see good and bad things about it being part of the dungeon..." Aritsu crosses her arms behind her as she straightens up and thinks with her eyes closed.

She looks really pretty, so lets give her a little kiss.

"A-ah..." She blushes a little.
"..." Zoe looks like she wants some attention too.

Let's caress her ears gently. Good kitty.

"Alright, before we leave then, let's check the teleport platforms in the room."
"Yes, just a moment Master." Lyann moves over to do so, walking past what is obviously a security station in front of the platform.

I see, normally there'd be guards right in front of the platform.

In the meanwhile, let's call out Krabby, Tien, Atiena and Chiku and...

>Transfer them to Stella for a little bit
>Ask them to stay and protect Stella
>Ask them to stay and protect Stella
>>Ask them to stay and protect Stella
>>Ask them to stay and protect Stella

Alright, just remember that if they're not her pets, she can't ress them, un/summon them, or anything else.


"Stella, we will be in contact through party chat as usual. As soon as we get the chance, we'll repair things."
"Yes!" She looks at us and gives us a serious, clear answer.
"Alright. I am counting on you." We reply calmly... ah, she's wagging her tail so happily,

Its hard not to go and smooch her, but let's treat her like a lady for a bit.

Well, Lyann finally reports that there were some traps in the teleport platform, but she took them down, so we can use it to come back in the future.

It also means that anyone can use any other platform to come straight here, too... let's remind everyone to keep watch on it before going away.

Speaking of which, the drone guides us downstairs to the CCC. It looks like pretty much every console has been wrecked.

>Well, we need this room operational, so let's use a few hours fixing things.
>Let's go check the other room.
>Let's go check the other room.
I think the [Warehouse] said that they could do the repairs once [Logistics] put in a request, so let's get a full idea of the damage before we do repairs.
Then once we know how damaged everything is, we can put in the requests for repairs.
>just remember that if they're not her pets, she can't ress them, un/summon them, or anything else.
I thought Stella had Pets of her own, and that if one of our Pets dies, we'd get an immediate notification.
I forgot that we had told people about the Party Chat function.
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>I forgot that we had told people about the Party Chat function.
>Implying we wouldn't use it with our party members.

Seriously, I don't get why you'd think anyone present in that room wouldn't know about it.

<-- Unrelated, but I liked this pic yet can't think of any girl it would work for.

I forgot the name of the other room, Help?
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unrelated to anything. Just makes me think of the naughty and showy clothes Ren gets Lyann into whenever her mood goes south. Just switch black for white and minus the panties
>Energy Distribution Center
>>Let's go check the other room.