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The realms of Freyal team with the lives of animals who seek adventure or a better life.

Will you struggle to carve out your own territory in harsh lands?

Claim forgotten knowledge lost to the annual of time?

Or simply wonder the roads till you reach your destination?
This will be a mostly fantasy RP/Adventure where you see how far and how much your character can do.

I’ll allow more then one person to make a character.

Choose a name

Choose an animal

Choose a starting location

Choose a class

Berserker: tap into your dormant instincts to unleash devastating fury on friends and foes alike.

Fighter: Trained to fight by kingdom or kin, making you a skilled combatant who can command respect on and off the battlefield

Rouge: Cunning figures able to disappear into the shadows to ready a strike at foes or make a quick escape.

Choose one caster type

Primal Magic: You call on the elementals or the forces of nature to aid you.

Occult: You are able to call on the knowledge and strength of past spirits, or the void between the stars calls to you.

Arcane: Through rigorous study you are able to draw upon the unseen force around you.

Divine: One of the Gods or some similar force grants you a sliver of their power to use in their name.

Just come up with something fun and we will see where things go!

I’ll wait for a few people to join before starting.
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This reminds me of the warrior cat roleplays I participated in as a kid.

>Sands of Sol
>Occult Caster
Let’s spread the word of the void
Judy Hopps


the boreal states


Divine: One of the Gods or some similar force grants you a sliver of their power to use in their name. (fertility Goddess, Pratron of rabbitkind)

archy back at it again I see you gonna revive the discord as well?


Wise owl (A cliche yes) who's been working on pioneering an invention of devices for flight by non-avians in the forests of pinethicket. Many a captured squirrel has been strapped to his ricketty death machines (and devoured soon after.)

Berserker: tap into your dormant instincts to unleash devastating fury on friends and foes alike.


You awake with in a cold room made of stone, the dark dreams from the night before slowly dissipating from your mind as the grogginess of sleep is shaken off. Yet the nightmare does not disappear completely, staying in the back of your mind like a vague memory desperately trying to be remembered.

Rivers of black liquid falling from the sky, countless eyes watching as you are swallowed whole and a great need to do… What? You can’t recall what was required of you or even if you really wanted to listen to the horrors you saw, but you do know that it was far to cold in this small room for your liking and so you set up from the bed of loose straw and move to gather your things then through depart through the close door to welcome the rays of dawn peeking over the horizon.

The morning light shone off the multi-colored flags webbing down the great crevasse as they fluttered in the wind, while many animals crossed the wooden bridges that connected the upper levels of the city to each of other, giving passage from one side of the chasm to the next without ever having to touch the ground.

Constantine stands looking over the balcony of one of these levels, not all that far from the ground as he was unsure on how safe it was going to be so high up, but despite the night terrors he found the stay as comfortable as could be. A growl issued from his stomach telling him that his mind was not the only thing that was troubled and decided to go off and grab something to eat.

He could head to the ground level and search the shops there or head further up and see what stores are in the chasms peaks.

(Hey I remember you! Good to see you are still kicking around.)


The pathways in the Boreal States were much nicer on this side of the Divider Mountain range, and It was apparent the moment Judy step from the boat which brought her here from the east and through the mountains, that the people here lived very different lives. Grendale, the town she was dropped off in, was packed with houses that lined streets made of flat, smooth river stones. Animals walked out their doors to greet neighbors who lived only a few feet away and shopped down the street at a bustling town square. It was all a little overwhelming for a rabbit who lived in the countryside where you had to walk a few hours to find your nearest neighbors.

Judy had to shake the shock off and tried to compose herself as she finished hopping from the dock and into the gleaming stone road. The town was a beautiful collection of wooden homes made alongside the river which was fed from the misty waterfalls that fell from the high cliffs around the town. The paths in the town winded this way and that, branching off in all manner of directions that made Judy wonder how anyone found their way around.

She wanted something more out of life then the small farm her family tended out in the countryside, and here it was, a gorgeous town filled with all manner of people for her to explore, yet she new there were many other cities in the south that are said to make even this one look like a small village.

Judy didn’t know if she could handle a place that big, or is she just wanted to stay here an see what this town had to offer.

(Divine is a caster class, i don’t mind if you want to multi-class later I think it might be pretty cool but lets start with just one class for now, either rouge or Caster:Divine.)

I’ll see how things go and then I’ll decide.


Junpai tied the twine tightly against the rodents wrist then turned to scratch a note into the wooded wall of his home. After studying the markings for a moment he regards the shivering mouse strapped to the pine and wood flight machine, they flinches as the gaze of the owl fell upon them. “Um…Sir, are you sure this is going to work?” The little mouse squeaks. Junpai ushers the creature to the hole that was his door and onto a launch branch. “ No fretting now, just jump from here and flap like crazy and I’m positive you will come to no harm,probably.” The mouse stars up at you , skepticism and fear clear across their face. “Look, you either take your chances with this or I just eat you here.” You say glaring at him. The mouse gulps and steps towards the end of the branch looking down, you can see a shiver go straight down the little creature. It looks back at you, then down once again, before jumping from the branch and flapping in a comical manner. It didn’t take long for the mouse to plummet to the forest floor where a distinct crumple of wood can be heard smashing into the ground.

Junpai sighs and walks back inside his home, taking a claw and striking out the last notes made on the wall. “ Another failure” he mummers, mostly to himself. “Maybe I need to search for different supplies to craft the mechanics of the device, or maybe there a design flaw in this current form…” you move outside and flap your own wings, prepare to dive down to observe the wreckage and salvage what you could from the attempt.

It’s not easy to find “ volunteers” for your experiments, Pinethicket was thick with underbrush that hid many a scampering animal, and it had taken you a few days to pick this mouse out, hoping a smaller animal would help keep it a flight longer.

Maybe it was time to study the flight of other birds and see how they manage to stay up, after all there is only so much you can observe with your own body, or maybe searching for the right materials is the right idea. Either way, progress must be made.
[in that case, I will start as a rogue that has some religious tendencies, and possibly build on that later. also away from my hope PC, so I will have to post with e tripcode with this wifi and then post again from my home wifi, but it is me]

Judy would first seek out lodging at an inn, then making friends with the innkeeper to inquire where a bunny could find some workaround town, and what places to avoid, and where to go.
>Withered Keep

Looks fun!
Good to see you too Archy, looks like he finally reached a city kek.

Its best not to contemplate on horrors with an empty stomach, but before we can satisfy our physical needs we must do a quick check on our current financial situation. (Basically how many shekels Constantine owns). Once that is over with we can head down and do a bit of window shopping in the lower levels.

(Also is this supposed to be his house?)
Striding through the town was a pleasant one, with plenty of animals greeting Judy as she passed by and giving directions around the confusing roads and to varies inns around town, many of which would have put her out of money after just a single night in their residence. So Judy wonders till she finds herself roaming against the cliffs at the edge of town here moss grows from cracks in its surface and weeds poke from between the roads stone.

As Judy walked this path she stumbled upon a single inn built into a hole along the stone cliff its window are foggy and moss grows along the wooden boards “Misthollow Inn” reads the swinging sign above its door. With a shrug the young rabbit decides to head inside, and with a push of its creaky door finds herself in a dark damp room with a single graying beaver sitting behind a desk. His head perks up as Judy walks in. “ Hello and welcome! Please do come in and make yourself at home.” He says in a deep voice. Judy makes her way to the counter and stares at the shaky creature behind the deck , his eyes dull and shagging as it stares in her directions. “Hello sir, i was wondering how much you charge for a room and if you could tell me about the area and a good place for work.” Judy asks curiously. The beaver places its hand on his chin and strokes it for a moment. “ Let’s see its 5 gold for a night.”

“ As for work , I’m sure a young thing like you could do well in the taverns at the docks, or if you are looking for something more high class the The Dewdrop district near the waterfalls has plenty of nobles looking for maids. “ He turns towards the room keys behind him “If you are more the adventuring type you can always find some work on the outskirts helping the guards fulfill something or another.” He picks up one then turns back to hand it off to Judy. “Here take this, its for room 12 should be near the back.” You shuffle around in your pouch and find you have 100 gold.

Ozkan stares out over the wastes before him, a sun baked sea of green tinted salt that has built up for who knows how many years. The very air before you seems to suck the moister from your breath with each pass of wind thick with the salt of these lands which seems to stretch over the horizon for hundred of miles. It will be a long trek from the ocean to the weathered keep, rife with plenty of challenges , but Ozkan knows that the journey to find ancient rituals on the holy grounds where the keep was built would prove a fruitful experience.

Ozkan turns back to their guide , an old squid who got him here for a few claims and warned him constantly of the dangers, thanked the creature and made his first few steps into the Brinewilds.

It didn’t take long in the day for the sun to start sapping away at the otters strength, and the constant blowing wind left his skin parched and coated with flecks or green white salt which eagerly seeped out any water they could find. Thankfully Ozkan thought to bring a seaweed pack that held a good chunk of water filled bladders and his other belongings. Though now that he was in the waste he was afraid that, despite his forethought, there might not be enough water to keep him till the fortress.

This did not deter him though and there was no turning back from his pilgrimage, so forward he would go till he stood at those doors of the keep, or those of death… but he would very much prefer the former.

Trying not to think about battering elements was difficult and distraction probably not the best thing to do as Ozkan stumbled over a grove in the ground falling into the dirt and sending up clouds salt that coated his mouth and throat as he breathed it in giving him a terrible feeling of grit in his mouth that stung at his tongue.

Picking himself up Ozkan reached into his pack to pull out the water, noticing to late that the grove in the ground which he tripped over started to move, heaving a mass of salt from ground and pulling up onto the surface.

It snorted , sending a spray of snot and salt in all direction some of which coated your fur. “What do we have here” Gruffs what you can now make out as a massive iguana that had been bathing in the sun. It’s skin bore strange rusty brown and green marking all over that rippled with powerful muscles. “We don’t see your kind in the parts, not that any sane creature would come in the waste to begin with.” The iguana sniffs the air , sending more waves of snot in your direction. “ Seems you have some tasty treats there boy, why not share them with me?”
>>492430 Constantine searches the pouch around his neck to find a 100 coins clinking in it, he must remember to thank the merchant snakes that he traveled with for paying his first night in the inn if he sees them again, but for now food is to be had!

Two flights of ramps were all that stood between him and the solid ground so it didn’t take long for Constantine to find himself mingling amongst other animals dressed in loose fabrics of all colors. All of which were busy browsing over wares ether set up at a stall outside or flaunted in the air by merchants enticing passerby’s into their shops carved out of chasms walls, much like the room he was in before. All of these stores were built close together and it seemed quite cramped despite the considerable distance between the chasm walls.

Suddenly Constantine was greeted with the most wonderful smells.

Food, wafting on the breeze and bringing him to the food stalls which eagerly offered a variety of food.

Grilled Skewered spider eggs, whose crispy outsides hid a juicy flavorful center.

A honey covered Cactus fruit on a stick, which children of all manner seem to flock to.

And even clay bowls of noodles mixed with desert spices and bone broth served cold.

All of which made the scorpions stomach growl even more as he passed by each.

While he was perusing the foods one of eyes caught the movement of a group of red clad figures ducking into an alleyway, a strangely familiar symbol etched into their ropes flashing before they disappear into the shadows.

Surely none of his business…

He could just as easily head back to the town entrance and say his farewells to the merchants that helped him arrive in the city.

(Hopefully this helps you remember the trip through the Furrowed Drisk with the merchants that brought you to the city before you finding a place to crash.)
Junpai glides down to the scraped wreckage to collect the expected bloody smears off the forest floor. He see’s the pile of rubble shift and rustle and blinks in suprise. The little mouse come stumbling out of the crashed box with stars in their eyes where before squirrels had been constantly getting their brains crushed in.

“I’m all okaaaay Mr Owwwwwl” the mouse with likely concussions pulls up out of the wreckage, the twig and sap square cubicle has the mouse’s face sticking out.

“We’re square?…” says the mouse. “I get caught, you torture me in your falling machines?”

“Square….A law of squares…” Junpai isn’t concerned at all with what the brain damaged mouse it prattling on…that it survived however sends a jolt of insperation. “I’ll name it the law square cubes!” Junpai exclaims.

“Whuuu?” Says the mouse. But Junpai is already off, flying to his den to describe his new formula.

>If you double somethings size (as in make it twice as long & tall but keep the same shape); then you increase its cross section four fold (the increase squared); and you increase the total volume or weight eight fold (the increase cubed).
To give an example. Lets say a squirrel weights three acorns. If the squirrel grows to be two squirrel tall and keeps the same shape then its cross section increase to 4 square squirrels and its weight increases as well! Strength increases with cross section of muscle -- The squirrel is 4 times stronger. But he weighs 8 times as much -- so he will not be able to jump as high or survive falls as well.
This strength to weight ratio is why tiny creatures like my mouse can fall and live from great heights although admittedly locking them into my contractions lowers their odds as can be a tested by the many a squirrel meal. Meanwhile large creatures like wolves or deer can jump at most a few body heights, can the giants like horses and bears not even jump their own body height?

Furious speculative writing complete Junpai considers animals that may be viable to get out unharmed on his his next contraction…

“A bug!” He declares to nobody.

“Hmm…scorpions with their tails could use them as a steering mechanism!” I must find a Scorpian and bring it here!”

The owl closes up his den and begin flying east. To the desert to find a Scorpian! It will be a perilous journey.
Judy takes out 5 coins paying the kind beaver, then heads to her room, once inside she places her pouch, on the bed and examines the room if there is a mirror, she takes a moment to examine herself, in it, and collect herself, thinking over her current situation, what she has and has to offer, she adjusts her assets and pats her thighs, she is as the beaver said a pretty young thing, thicc and short a veritable shortstack. But working as a tavern maiden would mean putting up with drunken patrons, which didn't seem very amicable to her. Of course, there was always the guild, but at the moment what called to her most was the idea of getting into one of the noble houses as a maid, the thought of all the secrets, and swippable things were just too tempting to pass up. With her mind settled she snuggled up into her bed and let herself drift to sleep, after all, it had been a long day. in the morning she would set out to find a house to hire her, and see what fortune blew her way.
Don’t worry I remember

Constantine would buy the spider eggs, gotta get that protein. Those red cloaked individuals seem quite interesting but getting intertwined with them for now is probably not the best idea. Instead Constantine will go buy some writing materials after he eats then head back to the Inn. He believes that if he attempts to probe his memory he could possibly write down some symbols from the void and go from there, if not then he can partake in his favourite pastime of poetry.
>Bow and present the snacks!
>Ask for any tasks from the iguana
The mouse, clearly confused, shakes its head in disbelief at the owls manic rambling. "Alright sir, I-I'm heading out now." Squeaks the small creature as it attempts to slink away into the underbrush. Junpai let's the mouse go on its way, far too stuck in his own thoughts to bother with the former volunteer.

Junpai quickly returned to his tree hovel and proceeded to look over as a few Maps he had been able to procure from passing merchants. A quick glance over the wood carvings I told him that the probable best place to find scorpions was in the Burrowlands, where he could e fly over the Sparkthrist mountains, or head toward either Briarbush pass in the north or Dregvale valley in the south.

Alternatively he has hold tales of a group of islands in the gulf that have been called "the farmlands" that he was told held a great many insectoids. It might be worth the sea flight...

The morning finds Judy wondering over to the Dewdrop district, after stopping a few times to ask passerby’s on the correct direction. It was a bit of a walk but the rabbit fond it well worth the when she stepped up to a balcony gazing up at the collection of elaborate made homes built on a piece of land set up against the cliffs on either side of two raging waterfalls. Mansion held rooftop gardens with vibrant purple and blue flowers which drank in the misty waters of the falls making the glitter in the soft sunlight. The pebbled pathways of town were polished to a shine here, all closely set together that one could see their reflection clearly in them. Nobles ,wearing sleek shining silks, either strolled leisurely at their on pace on side paths, or were carried in small open air carts pulled by larger creatures. All of this set at the other side of the river with two bridges which connected this side to the other, and it seem that even to enter the nobles district you had to go through a checkpoint with a pair of otter guards who stood straight at both entrances. “Guess they really want to know whose coming and going in the fancy places huh?” Mumbled Judy to herself.

She searched around the area some more and fond that a small stone pier was set up not to far away with a few animals paying to take a lazy drift on the rivers here. Might be something…

Or maybe you can talk your way into Dewdrop, the guards don’t seem to be stopping people just checking some of their belongings
Constantine would buy the spider eggs, gotta get that protein. Those red cloaked individuals seem quite interesting but getting intertwined with them for now is probably not the best idea. Instead Constantine will go buy some writing materials after he eats then head back to the Inn. He believes that if he attempts to probe his memory he could possibly write down some symbols from the void and go from there, if not then he can partake in his favourite pastime of poetry.

Ignoring the strange creatures in robes, Constantine moves to find a bulk of parchment from one of the vendors and after entering a few stores , many of which held strange object that didn’t hold any immediate use except to serve as Knick knacks for the curious visitors to the city to take back to their homes.

So Constantine goes to the second level and browses some of the shops their, finding a general store with a stack of 20 sheets of paper which you purchased for a gold and take with you to a relatively quite balcony on the entrance of the Chasm where a table and sitting have been set up for pedestrians to enjoy.

The sun was high in the sky now, and the whispers that mummer in the back of Constantine’s mind are at their quietist when the light of day was at its peak, also the hardest to understand what they say, but keeps him from screaming just to hear himself think. With that in mind it was time to just sit and enjoy the warming rays while his mind wondered at the edges of those sounds. He dipped the tip of his tail into a container of black ink then, as if in a trance , he started to write.

Several hours later he had two spells memorized.

Shared Madness: Touch a creature to let them hear the same whispers you do but to greater effect.

Foretold Events: Your voices reach out more clearly to warn of dangerous or reveal vague secrets.

Without so much as a thought Ozkan reaches into the seaweed sack to pull out some of the clams that lay within, kneeling before the great lizard you present the food to them. Surprised, the Iguana hesitates for a moment, sizing up the otter and the goods he offers before sending out its tongue to swipe the morsels and downing the in one gulp. “ Quite the odd one you are , but who am I to past up on a good meal” laughs the creatures gulping his meal down. “What brings you here to this forsaken land?” He asks.

Ozkan shakes his head then ask if he could so assist the great beast. Confused, the iguana raised a scaled claw to its chin, where he creases it,scratching off flecks of salt. “I have to say I don’t really receive such generous offers one after the other heh. Best make use of it while I can, if you certainly wish to help me then perhaps you could deal with a rather pesky fellow who seems to have taken it upon themselves to fill these waste with the filth of undead.” He points towards the horizon to the south. “Head that way and search where the land is broken, there they hide to send out their monsters into these lands for salts know what
A good days work and Constantine can feel proud of himself thanks to the results. With night now approaching the voices will get louder.
Head back to the inn with whatever paper is leftover, if none is left buy more alongside a map and if any, books of the occult nature. As the moon rises and the stars come out so does the power that dwells in the depth of the void and thus it is time to capitalize on it. Only after another session will Constantine calm down and head to bed, for tomorrow he shall be looking for a job that can make use of his academic intelligence.
Discreetly watch both checkpoints for a bit of time, to get a feel for which is the less strict on following protocol, then watch the routines of the guards stationed at that less strict one, once Judy has her mark, she will charm and beguile the guard into letting her pasted without issue, if he seems like the type that it would work on she will try to seduce him as well, as a rogue, she would be well-practiced in the art of deception, misdirection, and reading people. All skills that need a good level of charisma, to work. If she is able to charm or seduce her way past the guard, Judy will seek out a possible noble house to find work at.

If she fails to charm or seduce her way past the guard she will look into that stone pier boat business that seems all too happy to let people "lazy drift" in the river. finding the owner and feeling out what kind of price she would need to pay for a fairy over the river, once again if they seem like the type that can be seduced she will use seduction to get her way and the cheapest deal.
>Ask for a boon to help us with our task
>Go towards where the Iguana pointed

Constantine thought he remembered seeing what could have been an occult store deeper into the chasm while he was searching the stands down there and certainly the pull to those depths have persisted ever since he came to this city, it gave him an uneasy feeling for sure. Or perhaps he could look at what was to be offered at the peaks of Saita city. There just might be a store that he could find then enjoy the night air while he is up there.

Judy Hopps

After spending much of the day observing the guards and seeing that they were changed out at about midday and you could tell this bunch of guards was use to their work as they toke it very seriously. Throughly checking the belongings of everyone who entered into the noble district before allowing entry. Clearly these were the ones to watch out for and would not help you sneak into the area, that in mind you waited to see if they changed guards again, with the next shift coming close to the setting of the sun. This group looked tiered but with not to much coming and going it would be difficult to pull one of them out of ear shot of the others without being noticed.

Judy decided to come back in the early morning, where just enough people would be there and with the still groggy otter guards that it be a much better chance at entering.

The next morning saw her pockets a bit lighter but she was also more confident with her choice, giving her an edge when she approach the gathering group seeking entrance into Dewdrop. One was checking the credentials of the group , while another was lazily propped up against the gate wall. Seeing her chance Judy smoothly slide up beside the otter and bumped him with her thigh. “ Excuse me sir, didn’t mean run into you. I’m just in a hurry to get to my master!” The guards eyes widen as he looked the rabbit from eat to toe, giving a bashful grin. “ Well of course ma’am, just give me your name and I’ll check your things” He says reaching over to grab a parchment to fill out. Instead you interrupt his hand with your own and place it on your hips. “ By all means Sir, check as much as you need.” Judy mummers, flicking her eyelashes as she stares up at the guard , whose cheeks blush bright red. His paw presses into you but doesn’t move, so you press your body into his and stare at him. “ Sir you know I’m glad such a strong creature is protecting us I Ca- suddenly you look at the sun rising above the mountains and exclaim. “ Oh no , I’ve become far to late! I must hurry away before my master whips me for being a bad girl again.” You say slyly before moving to rush down the bridge, but before going you turn back around and kiss the otter on the cheek, leaving him with a silly look on his face while you run down the bridge way.

Now, safely in Dewdrop, Judy can start wondering through the streets looking at Nobel houses, but what should she be looking for?
“A boon?” The creatures smiles “ Tell you what boy, if you survive the encounter then find me at our village of Breshcliff along the coast to the north of hear, about a days walk.” Chuckles the beast. “My name is Brutis, and if you bring back proof that this creature is disposed off I will surely award you for it. “He says before starting to slither away to the north.

The trek towards Brutis location was a rough one, never did the sun relent its constant beating of heat on Ozkan back, till it began it set behind the mountains far to the west. Then , as the shadows stretched across the salt fields, Ozkan saw it. The ground starts to become brittle to your paws touch, cracking at the lightest of touch, and as your walk further the land breaks up more and turning into a rocky badland. The salty stones upheaving themselves from the ground to form into a network of unstable hills.

A perfect place to hide.

The night is swiftly approaching and with it a chill in the air.

Should Ozkan make camp and wait out the night, or keep searching for what ever hole this necromancer is hiding in.
>Search for whatever hole the necromancers hiding in
The Inn Keeper said that the Nobles were always looking to hire girls like her, so why not seek out a noble-looking for a maid and some "eye candy" after all if they are distracted by "other things" they are far less likely to miss anything she might happen to want to take. Once she finds a suitable mark, she turns her "cute" bunny act up to 11, ensuring that they get to see just enough of her, to leave them wanting more than anything to see her in a maid outfit for them. suckers the lot of them, and with that thought and plan made up in her mind she hops off to set it into motion.
Up to the peaks we shall go. A bit of fresh air is always good and perhaps a few gems could be found.
still open for more players?

If the necromancer was here , it was best to be quick and find them before the sun had chance to disappear completely. Who knows what kind of dangers would come out once darkness had set in and Ozkan was not willing to spend the night fretting over being eaten alive by some undead creature while he sleeps.

Ozkan preceded into the rocky hills, going down in between the stones in search of any hiding holes that may be missed from above. As he walked through tightly knitted paths Ozkan reached his paw towards the wall which crumbled beneath his touch as he did, the salty earth falling down in streams of white wherever his paws pressed. It was clear that if he was not careful in under these hills he might end up buried beneath them, a thought that sent a shiver down his spine.

It toke the last of the dying light for Ozkan to find a burrow in the loose walls of the hills and as he stared at the deepening shadows of the entryway he did not enjoy the prospect of delving into its depths, but Ozkan had a task to do and he had every intention on finishing it.

Collecting his courage the otter descended down, letting the shadows swallow him up.

The tunnel was was tight and required Ozkan move sideways to make any forward movement, and it takes a minute for his eyes to adjust to the lightless cave. But forward Ozkan went, going steadily till he came to a break in the tunnels that branched into two directions.

A light flickered down a thinner tunnel while the other was wider but held no light down it dark halls.
As Constantine made his way back up the sun started its decent behind the horizon making the crowds of people dissipate into their homes. By the time the Scorpion stood at the peak of the chasm he was looking out over a vast blue sky darkening black, with the stars starting to poke through tapestry. “Gosh, I hope this place is not closed.” Constantine mumbles finding the place he saw below.

What he didn’t notice was the large addition that poked out to gaze up at the stars above, its tip gleaming in the last rays of sunlight. Curiosity now stirring him forwards, Constantine enter the complex, finding inside a wide arrangement of strange devices hanging from the ceiling. While books line against shelves against walls all over the shop, along with quite a number of occult looking items. A crushed paw of a strange creature, a skull of a large rat covered in gold, a box made of a wood inscribed with runes on all sides, while many others lay scattered about.

In the back, near the strange device that was poking out from the building staring into the night, sat a crusty gila comfortably working the device.
>Go down the tighter tunnel
Judy cautiously searched around the Nobel homes, making sure only to speak with the workers who had chores outside of their masters mansions. Chatting them up for the latest gossip around the area, and seeing if anyone was seeking a new hired hand.

There were a few looking but the targets that most interested Judy were two people.

Rike, A bachelor that is known for their debaucherous lifestyle which they put on display during exorbitantly parties that are said to last well into the night. Judy could see the mans money just from standing outside their bronze gates that show off their elegantly manicured gardens, a white stone path leading up to a far off entrance where a statues sits in front of the doors.

A man who it is said barely leaves his home, except to go purchase odd items that would be added to his extensive collection. Judy headed to the estate, which was set close to the cliffs so that it would be away from other buildings and consisted of a high stone wall with a rather unremarkable solid wood gate. Here she walked the length of the wall as closely as she could without being pointed out as suspicious and toke in the impressive feat that was keeping oneself bared in secret on such a tiny mass of land here on the nobles land of Dewdrop.

Truly secrets could held within those walls, maybe Judy could find some of them or nick a few of those collectibles.
While Judy's first instinct is to go for the bachelor, such a debauched lifestyle with constant parties, would lead itself to her thieving ways, but Pelacor, well that piqued her interest, for now, she would investigate that lead further, than approach to ask for a job, after having learned what she can to best tool her methods of "persuasion"

sorry for the small post, been busy as heck and got lost in a hoi 4 mod