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A new world forms, as the first organisms emerge...
The chaotic creation of this new world may bring some species to extinction, while others אם prosper over their downfall. Will your species thrive the most?

> Creating a species
Draw your species in Paint (or whichever simple doodling program) and post it in your comment.
Tell us something about the function of your species, and decide where it starts on the map.
OP will then stat your species accordingly and give you a starting sheet.

> Actions
Each turn you can do 1 of 2 actions
> Expand your species
Roll 1d3+1, the score is the maximum amount of tiles your species can expand to. Choose a tile with your species on the map and 3 adjacent tiles nearby. Your species will then expand from this tile to those adjacent tiles

> Evolve your species
Roll 1d100

Choose a species on a tile that you want to evolve, then choose 1 attribute to improve of the 6 base attribute: Environment, Size, Sensors, Camouflage, Digestion, Toxic.
according to your fluff and score, your species will also receive a special evolution trait that will change their playstyle.

And That's about it. The winner is whoever has the most thriving species on the map when it gets filled by species.

More nitty bitty rules are in the picture if anything is not clear enough.
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To mods (if they see this)
Is it ok if I open a new thread? Wanted to delete this current one but I can't anymore. just realized some typos in thread and picture which irks me. No one replied yet, but I also don't wanna spam duplicate threads without permission. No biggy though...


> pic attached is how last game developed c:
`so are we playing here or is it still on tg?
im gonna open a new thread for it, since this one has some mistakes in OP. Fucked up quite alot, but its gonna be smooth from here on hopefully. will link it on tg