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**Game 5 of Nations Role Play GMed by Lux**

After our long intermission, we resume the tale. Now, where did we leave off?

The Great Mother makes nest once more, this tyrn upon the safe shore of the Gylden.

The pass is widened, and the overwhelming HDS-DF pour in. Their first task? Destruction of the profane works of the foul grittidim until not a single trace or memory remains. The perhaps once impressive walls are brought down to the cheers of Men, the ground levelled, ashes of temple & palace carted out to the terraces & dumped as fertiliser. Rubble is cast down the mountain, metalwork melted down, and what is left is burnt. However as the Men push north from the plateaux, smoke more acrid than any other fills their nostrils, stings their eyes, and scratches their throats. It is a final, pernicious gift the Rabbits have left for the victors, a poisonous last hurrah which the Andrethi have unknowingly made worse for themselves by setting alight the mines. It is too dangerous for them to continue while the smoke still billows.

[R] Jungle management teams return to the offices of Chīmaza with news of their discovery: A tree which, when cut, bleeds white sap. This sap soon hardens into a somewhat-stretchy, bouncy material, unlike anything they've seen in the Harja.
What they had at present was, almost literally, lightning in a bottle. It was what they did with it that would matter. At once their minds were aflame with potentialities. Of course, being Oni, the first that arose were for methods of Goblin torture, but these were quashed in favour of more beneficial possibilities. Copper is found to be the best conductor, a method for extruding such which transports the charge then refined from jewellers workshops. Larger batteries are fashioned, having to purchase a good quantity of this zinc metal from the Dwarves. All this is just the start, for Soken cannot stop ideating!
With such ideas shooting about, it is not long before others take notice. Merchants, schemers that they are, see the benefits of the thing immediately. Their coffers are emptied upon the brothers and surrounding industries anticipating wider adoption. The Devils are already masters of production, but what hampers them at present is the variance within said production. And what good is making a nail fast if half of them aren't long enough and the other half are twice as long as advertised? No, what's needed now is some strict measures of standardisation. A standard measure is agreed upon (with some making lewd speculation on its origin!), standard derivations are devised, lengths, weights, liquid measures, the works. There is some delay as they adjust, but soon production is back on it's super-track.

Yet more are called up from the groves to wage war against the magics of the Fraternians, taught in the ways best suited to their lineage, and begun to be folded into the army and navy.
[R] Word filters through the army supply lines of the theft of the majestic Wepawet mac Lir, the masterpiece flagship of the Dyb. Not only this, but that it had been seen sailing west at unmatched speed, so much that the flags & banners were torn off by the winds!
The Gwaywffon Mynydd are the vital lifeblood of the militia, but are drilled as yet as simple footsoldiers. Yes, their importance is known, but their due respect is often lacking. No more. Let their spear arm be resolute, their resolve as dur bendigedig, their courage unmatched, and their names sung! Sons and Daughters of Fanw, the best of all Her children, rise!
[Unfortunately the Rabbits have taken the cowards way out. Action bumped to next turn]

[Waxing Half]
The refugees pour from the cramped, stinking flagship, onto the tundra of the Dakan Shelf. The land is even more barren than their previous homeland. Perhaps following the plentiful examples they had witnessed on the journey, a farm for the plentiful silver fish of the protected little bay is formed, along with cultivation of the thin tubers and roots which can be scavenged. Without the many rivers of home, the dry soil is totally unfit for what could be scrounged before departing, least of all water-hungry rice.

[+2 PE]
There is celebration for the birth, perhaps more for being a son, with much drinking, feasting, and gambling.
Closely held, perhaps for it is poorly understood, is the secret of the power of the Voktorz Lanterns. They are trialled first in Ederakung by trusted Dwarves, then tweaked this way and that, made fractions brighter, fractions more reliable. The final design features, inside a welded brass case, an intricate mechanism which is turned with use of a key, storing tension in a spring which then oh-so-slowly unwinds against a ratchet gear, releasing a tiny hammer to strike the Voktorz at precise times. The small lanterns are supremely successful, and though understandably expensive, outside the reach of really most Dwarves, the old Thanvulder's shop's supply is taken up as soon as a new one is made.
Nestled within their gardens, a temple of Fae proportions is built under Dwarven direction. It is, in miniature, and almost exact replica of the great temple of Æblemore-upon-the-Spiral. Here they tend to gardens of a truly minuscule variety of apple tree, which they feed to a growing stable of hedgehogs. Following this success, permission is granted for the building of a wall around Tornebusk/Thornbush, though of solid Dwarven stone. Of course the Fae, as ever, are soon to plant a number of protective bushes around the perimeter.
[+2 PE]
The valley now has been fully dug-over in search of what may lie beneath, but this latest round brings up only the fertile black silt of the Dyne.
(>>4936808) With haste unmatched, the ships withdraw from the land of those Rabbits, to the ports of Glaniadneifion. Here the mundane tasks of repairs, restocking, and rest for the Dyb is sorted, along with the handing of the royals into safekeeping. A pall of sadness hangs over them, for they had not foreseen such barbary possible by the pathetic Usagi. As much dark fabric as can be purchased is acquired with which to decorate the ship nominated to bring the body of Uni safely home.

The tunnelling soon becomes, as most things within the Tribes, a competition. Many accept the challenge to extract the most stone in the set path, or to quarry out a certain section the quickest, or with the smoothest bore. In no time such rivalry leads to the tunnels being completed, and the Gali in search of new things to compete amongst themselves with.
It has come slower to them than many a thing, this polymelia, and none yet possess the skill of The Gali, but most hunters now boast of an additional arm without requiring raging maintenance, with a sizeable number now bearing a total of four arms. Now they argue whether 'tis better to have parallel or sequential additions, that is to say, whether the arms should be joined to the body at the shoulder or the side of the chest.

Fearing a repeat of a notable disaster many tyrns ago, detailed measurements are made of the Great Canal, both of width and tunnel height. In addition, calculations are made of the turning radius required to navigate the sharpest bends ahead. Plans for towers are first scrapped, given the low clearance, but clearer minds suggest a two-phase construction; The first in the docks of Londision, the second in the incredibly impressive facilities of New Venezia. The best dirt is of course from the warrens of the many 'lak, or the Moles would just use the ports of the floating city for all their construction. Nevertheless, the rafts are built, the dirt piled, and the long journey through the Canal begun. [Moving such a navy is still an action, even through the canal]
What good is the greatest army on the face of Syph if it lies undefended? The Entente has already proven they are not above subterfuge, stealth, and treachery! Train Rakatak readiness, install night-watches (and day-watches too!), palisade crews, ditch-diggers, trap-layers, all of it! Not one single blasted Shadow should cross the line without a thousand spears at his throat!

Aided by the many hands, branches, and of course, tentacles, which inhabit the city, the entire waterfront of New Venezia is transformed. Piers, shipwrights, dry-landings, where each race works to the creation of a new flotilla to guard the city and the wider Xira.
(>>4944993) The Ministers of Pask conduct their business fairly, but briefly. Though the Umbrals (Paskian endonym for the Do'larosha) may pry, they will find the matter strictly professional, this is business alone and nothing more.
While it is that many armies of the world train the body first and foremost, for the Ministers of Pask, their mind is the chief and sharpest weapon. Within the countless chambers of the War Academy are lessons taught on strategy, the tactics of past battles, common blunders to exploit, and all other manners of combat which do not involve the sword-arm.
The Heidron Wall, that which encircles both city and forge, is at last runicly reinforced along the entire length. The often dour Paskians afford themselves some celebration for the task being completed, within respectable limits, of course; Public drunkenness is against the Will, of course.

Fuelled both by brotherly love and a chance of Achromic glory, the Do'la are set upon a war fleet of their own. Working in the Fraternian docks at night as they like it, and aping the grand designs of their ships, the Shadows do in time command what they had wish for.
(>>4938857) The encroachment by the Paskians into the northern Dakan is alarming, but not nearly as much as the presence of giant, upright be'wab on the shelf! (>>4936898) Meanwhile, foolhardy Shadows set out from the harbour of New Ava's, over the wide seas to empty lands on the Xira Coast. As a dark wave they wash over the shore, spreading as a black mould over the forest.

>Everlasting Waters
Now without the threat of attack by sea, and shielded by the many Dryads in the bay, a coral fort is able to be erected off the coast of Kalport.
More pressing war matters had put many a project on hold, but it is decided that the Sphere of Silence magic may be the most beneficial to continue research on. It is perhaps their growing ties with the Simfuni which enable them to grow the song into something beyond themselves, able to creep over the deck of tall ships, into their holds, and allow the silence to reign over it all.

Atop the Danos, the hills overlooking Megyros and their many blessings, rises a spectacular temple to the gods of the Minotaurs. Halls dedicated to heroes and elders run alongside it, joined by fabulous gardens which soon fill with the soothing sound of birds. Much is learnt in this construction, which in no time filters down throughout the valley, as lord and commoner alike improve their lot. Many build additional storeys to their homes, repave their courtyards, or simply plant new ferns and and sweet-smelling flowers.
The men and women of Kalport are rallied by the cry of the last priest of Thistlepaw upon the island. "For Goddess! For Fraternia! For Kalport!". Many know in their hearts it is futile, but the horrors of a past world drive them against such surrender. They fight with honour to the last.
The great husk of the tree Valmad is quite the sight, hideous really, like something the terrible Aka would curl up within. Many of the thing's anchoring roots are sawn through, small fires set to weaken the hollow, and whatever life remains around the thing greedily sucked out. A simple push, or really just a strong sea breeze will topple it most spectacularly. What must now be decided is what to do with the strange garden over the riv- hang on, what's that roaring noise?

The serene Drylium is awakened from her peaceful slumber within her own petals. She is examined closely by the Purebreeds who created her, and when they are satisfied with their peering, they ask her their queries. What link does she maintain with the divine? What gifts has she so been bestowed? A high, frail voice answers them. The Drylium, mundane that she is, has only a tenuous bond with the divine, which have granted her the gift that wheresoever she may be rooted the waters shall run clear, and the mire of industry be lifted from the earth.
Nothing good has, nothing good does, and nothing good ever will come from the Goblin scourge upon the land and waters of Thios. They must be destroyed. Show them no mercy, give them no quarter. Unleash upon them the most vicious of Dryki and Dryaven.

>Big Totem
The Warband of Zhog approaches the tower gates of Home-Place, demanding they be seen by Big Boss!
A sudden and brief thunderstorm over the Quarry deeply excites the dark tribe about and within. It awakens their desire to master the Blackstone, to follow again the path they had equally briefly walked. That is to harness the stone as a weapon quite like the lightning which has flared. It was perhaps a fluke, some bad luck, or a poor connection with their totem which had been seen as a ritual failure, but as the Goblins continue their work upon the electric prods they had developed, a quick bloody cut reveals that the shards taken from the Blackstone Totem had been reinvigorated! Further experimentation found it took roughly the same time to regain its discharging ability as it did to recite the full titles of the late Big Boss. Refinement is the next step, producing a more compact, more reliable prod, with a reservoir to prevent having to continuously feed the stone within. It is also found that a jolt in a spot, just so, may kill a Goblin outright!
As the Goblin protects his body with armour, why not too should his steed be so armoured? The many beasts of theirs are measured and fitted with a variety of coverings, from stiffened leather or flexible chain to thick plates of imported Taknab steel.


-The Second Purity Wars: An End to Purity?-

Men raze what remains of Purity, carting off what may be smelted down or displayed as war trophies, and dumping the rest down the mountain. Were it not for a few rubble filled post-holes, none would know Kaa'Raat had ever stood upon the plateaux.
Fanwen likewise destroy all along their warpath, stopping to watch the city of Kyo burn. In their march, they had found no Usagi, none living at least. For instead of surrendering, those left behind had slit both their own throats and those of their children. The small bodies are dragged out of their beds, and what is not minced or carved up as rations, is burnt on the great pyre of Kyo. The smell of roast rabbit fills their nostrils most wonderfully.
For the Dyb, however, the chase is called off. They cannot risk another succession crisis, especially with current tensions as high as they are already. The Blackguards, Regent Madoc, the would-be boy-Pharaoh, and the body of Uni set sail south instead.

-The Aphthys Affair: A Sprawling Brawl-

The attack upon Aphthys by the Gali continues unabated, for little the Undead can do is effective against the brutes. The great hordes they had long ago summoned are still yet to arrive, and it is worried it had failed entirely, leaving the city and it's shambling residents almost defenceless. It is feared it is too late to save anything at all, that is until the rampage comes to an abrupt halt, and their cries of war fall silent. A single one of them advances toward the Lichtower. Many in the eastern reaches take such a lull to remove from their hiding places and flee into the Lyfwood.

-Thios Massacre-

It is too late for the Goblins on the sands, but seeing they have little defence against this angry horde set against them, the Gobbos devise a tricksy plan. A great evacuation of those smaller Thios tribes, into shared Laga land and waters. Here they ingratiate themselves, tangling themselves up in the Whales business that should the Drya attack, it would be attack against a neutral party also. The oceanic Gobs are especially adept at such manoeuvres, swimming alongside the great white Laga at all times. This, however, is not the way of the Taiga tribe, fiercely loyal to their Boss and forest. The city is fortified to the best of their abilities, calling up their members from the mines, those that still live at least. They set themselves to defend their home, even if it means their end.
The Drya march ever onwards, slaughtering the Goblin too slow or stupid to avoid them. They stain the dead sands red.
-The Blackstone Conflict: The Final Battle of Kalport-

The two combined armies fall to a stalled stand-off 'tween fort and ruin. Knowing the futility of this stalemate, and trusting in the strength of Taknab, the Sennites break from their position to safely prepare further operations back in the Rings. In this same time, the Imnaki entrench their position with stakes & ditches, but most of all with more Rakatak, allowing a number of them to pull back to the Quarry walls. For their part, the Entente too dig in, with new Paskian trade deals supplying ample supplies behind protective lines.
Kalport could only last so long. Nearly everything that could be eaten, has been, whilst healing magics have drained much of that which couldn't be. A final rally drives a good deal of them forward, but with their port defences destroyed, they are merely target practice for the cold-heartwooded Dryads. Contrariwise, the Laga are well protected by the broken seawalls and ample fleet of Molerat and Dryad, that it is a simple thing to raise another coral fort. It is then, as it is being discussed whether to land a finish off the settlers, that the newly amassed Fraternian navy arrives. Fresh, and eager for revenge, they take daring actions. Boats are rammed to splinters, dirt rafts swept aside, Dryads blasted with magics. But alas the numbers are still in Cooperative favour, even as each Union ship takes out two of their enemies, they are boarded and fall to bloody slaughter, or sunk by fearful Blackstone bolted Rakatak. It is a valiant effort, but a doomed one.
The invasion of the Dalu, profaning of the tree Valmad, and massacre of pilgrims is too much for the Carvil’ax’seset to bear. In raging grief they descend upon the Fraternians, who with great surprise retreat back whence they came, hurrying up into their boats. Limply, the trees in their path swat at them, so wickedly drained to this half-life. A number are caught in the back with righteous arrow, but too many escape. Only enraging the Dryads further is the sight of four Men & Morphs urinating on the great tree, but as they draw to tear them limb from limb, they release the trap and bring the thing crashing down. Those Fraternians who escape, shout unheard insults as intermittent arrows spit at them.

Madoc, in company of his family of Protheroe, goes to a private place without prying eyes, and weeps for his wife, for three days and three nights. When he emerges in the public once more, it's like he's encased in iron, a piercing gaze upon his brow and a voice that fills even the grandest halls. From here on he will not handle kindred, he will have to deal with races he has never seen before, with wolfmen that will spit and curse at him, but he will have to endure for the sake of his wife's legacy, to safeguard it until his son can take the reins. It is for the good of the realm.

Action 1: Expand into the Northern Naios Desert, in the area between the Dyne River and the Danod Highlands.
It is unfortunate we were unable to find any further deposits in the Dyne area. Still, the priests see the need to disperse our populace, lessen the urban population by sending them to the countryside, however, there are people who manage to inhabit the deserts around us, and to the north there's troubling news: Horned people, but worse, horned giant people, equal to our own size are sighted in the highlands to the northwest, as well as bullpeople to the west. These people are threatening to strike at our fertile farmland from a direction we have yet to fortify towards. The unruly folk we send to our west will act as a buffer between us and them, and if they calm down, they may replenish our own numbers of warriors.

Action 2: Sail the Pharaoh's fleet to the Laga ports, in a funeral procession.
As Soteriæth Protheroe is in Prenhearn care, Madoc escorts his wife's corpse on, and he recalls tales of a Laga funeral in the past, where the Pharaoh offered a funerary gift. The whales may be offended if they were snubbed a chance to repay the favour when a procession goes so close by them. Though the Goblins will be avoided because of what happened in the Laga funeral, as well as The Gob-god Incident. We will visit their ports, even introduce them to the Prenhearn people to the north, especially now that one of their kind serves as regent for Dybet, even if the cause of it is such a tragic event.
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With our victory, much reform must be made; to the military and government. The over-council's rule was, admittedly, not implemented perfectly, and with combat experience to work off of.


1. The Dictat Armed Forces (hereby referred to as the HAF) proved themselves capable and competent. Now though, taking practical experience into mind going forwards, we can make them better. Helmets are to be streamlined. As they are now, they take hours to properly make when most strikes to the head come from above. A "pot" helmet is proposed, tested, and implemented. They can be made almost entirely with machine, with a mechanical press forming the helmet into shape with assistance from golem or water power. Armor that is angled seems to work better than a flat plate, and so thinner, angled and sloped armor can turn aside the same blow as a thicker piece turned flat. Finally, with similar gas weapons to our own, a countermeasure is to be made. A mask, made of waxed canvas and secured to the head via straps, filtering air via dense layers of paper and charcoal.

>Stahlhelms, Armor and Gasmasks

2. With fire being of such importance during the war, it is no wonder some looked towards it to see how it may be able to power things back home. One way was found. The steam of boiling water was able to force a wheel, much like a waterwheel, to rotate. adding a pressure tight environment allowed the wheel to rotate at a greater force, and so on, and so forth. If we could mass implement this....it could change the industry forever...

>Steam Power
>The arrival of the Great Mother
The Giant Turtle that beaches itself upon the shores of Gylderkavi, the Gylder Grove, draws great interest - first from the Dwarves from small coastal hamlets and the nearby Alum-mine, then Dwarves from the Glassworks, and both Dwarves and Danderfey from Glazchorkurg. What is this great creature of the seas, the Dwarves would wonder? Could this be the mysterious 'Arthelos', written of in ancient legends of the Meluz? They research, investigate, and try to find some food for the oceanic giant to sup of whilst it remains - is it fond of Apples, Bread, Pork, Alcohol? They take note of the nature of one of her rear flippers, and ponder.

>Action 1: Refounding Makriaz
The number of Dwarves in the hills to the north of Metaki province has been growing of late, as better road connections and a viable river-passage have opened up to grant greater access. And with enough Dwarves gathered together, the old Meluz town of Makriaz is re-founded by the settlers as a new Dwarven hold, the Dwarves also striking the earth for a mine in the nearby Copper deposits to provide the community with industry and employment.

>Action 2: Runic Limbs
Accidents happen, even among hardy and cautious folk. A rockslide that a Dwarf is able to survive might still lead to the crushing and loss of a leg; a plough-boar might overturn and their pulled machinery might sever a limb or digit. And whilst prosthetics of wood and metal have always been possible, they have until now been unable to recapture the use of a fully-functional limb of flesh and bone.
Now, however, a use is found for the rediscovered runic arts; the crafting and creating of Artificial limbs of sturdy metal, crafted precious stone or polished applewood; powered by runic craft that might provide a suitable replacement for the limb lost by the Dwarf in question - perhaps even that new substance of the horned giants might be of use! Bonded to a wounded Dwarf, and incorporating what they can of any bones to provide a true-bonded link to the Dwarven soul, these rune-powered limbs will be not mere prosthetics but a part of the Dwarven body forged or crafted anew; reinforced and empowered; perhaps even greater in strength then what had been lost. But with an increase of strength on offer to the disabled, what if foolish Dwarves would seek self-injury to enhance themselves? The crafters quickly respond by making boots and gauntlets of runic power that might provide the same benefits of strength, without the drawback of having to sheer off a limb.

It is investigated by some crafters if the giant turtle that has come ashore might benefit from some runic-crafted enhancement to her wounded rear flipper.
1. Earth, What is It?: With possibility of faster production on the horizon, there is a growing desire to search for more resources specially from the ground though a new factions has appeared called the "Hozo Darate Alliance". It's a small, but growing group of younger generations and some older Oni from poor to rich backgrounds coming together to protect nature from greedy businesses and exploiters. They demand King Benmi to relegate and stop the damaging of their land! To ensure they won't be a civil war in the future, a compromise is created. Business will not stop harvesting resources until scientists survey the land and figure out how to minimize damage. Beside, many scientists wanted to research how the earth works, catalogue minerals and metals, how does these things affect plants, why do earthquake happen?, and so on. Both sides angrily grumbles, but they accept the deal. (Research better resource surveying/earth science)
2. A Bouncy Blessing: Sticky white substances are always welcome by Oni, but this new one is quite intriguing!. It starts out as a liquid, but once exposed to air long enough, it becomes solid and bouncy. Such a thing has never been seen before! At once, plantations were created to cultivate and harvest this blessing though it will highly guarded and relegated so only the Royal Family sell it to other businesses.. From it, many new products will be made! (Build rubber tree plantations)
1 action: Build a town
Remaining without basic infrastructure will only lead to ruin. With a small farm built next up on the agenda is to make a place to properly sleep, eat, and pray. And a city will do just that.
The city shall be called Kori

1 action: Claim land.
There must be SOMETHING other than snow that can be used as fresh water lest growing rice is entirely unattainable
The news of the devastation at Kalport hits the Entente spirits hard. Kalport has long been a jewel of the Fraternian empire, and the island chain they shared with the Shadowfolk, and it's loss is mourned by all. Still, the other islands must now look to their defense.

Action 1 - Build a Lv 2 fort on the Library of Creative Minds, using the height of the hill to help maintain lookout over the sea and to rain down on any who dare land on the shores.

Action 2 - Build a Lv 2 fort on the island of Pyr. The volcano offers interesting options when it comes to defense, the choking smokes and acris fumes a perfect cover to move about stealthily in. Whereas traps in the forests of home may rely on stakes and wooden spikes, trenches, tunnels and lava flows are what are available here. Let those who march on Pyr burn!

War Post
The armies of the Quarry continue to hunker down, Do'laroshan scouts using the cover of night and sorcery to continue their work.

The newly christened Do'laroshan navy hugs the shores of Thisi, waiting to see if enemy fleets will approach, ready to use the defense of the harbour and forts to buy time for the Fraternian navy to be rebuilt!
(Extra story/fluff)
Benmi was in a furious mood right now. Beating up weak demons and killing the stronger ones in a fury. Not even lava beast could stop him, but he didn't fight for fighting sake. He wants to distract himself from going back to his father, because he knows he will cry in front of him. Once he reaches the valley of the End, he finds O'noskakithat, Lord of Death and Suffering with his army of death masters. The Lord of Death started to say, "You, Failed Child of Be-!" when Benmi rushes forward smashing his fist into his face while crying and yelling obliviating the Lord of Death's head killing him instantly! The Lord of Death's army was in shock with their mouths wide open. Benmi didn't care or notice for he was crying loudly. He couldn't take it anymore. He wanted to say goodbye and hug his father, but he's too embarrassed now. So he quickly runs to the portal to leave Hell. He misses his dad already...
Action 1: Pask notes its current situation with no small amount of displeasure, for the safety and wellbeing of Pask's people is currently nowhere near as absolute as Pask requires it to be. Thus the Grand Ministry begin the formulating of an idea, a grand construction, to ensure that the sanctity of Pask's lands is assured. Like all things of Pask it is as symbolic as it is feasible, a clear expression of Pask's will. They begin the construction, of Indomitable Glory(see pic related)

Action 2. Pask turns its attention to the defense of its walls and lands yet again. Based upon its bows and crossbows, it begins the development of a technology meant for nothing less than the perfect defense of its lands. Naming it the Force-Bow, it is a crossbow of giant proportions, meant to fire great and mighty arrows a not insignificant distance.
Action 1 rebuild the fleet completely using a full swath of woodland to do it, which is being provided by our shadow folk allies. (take on of frakts wood land hexes, I talked with them and cleared this with them)

Action 2 New improved anti-ship Ballista are installed on the rebuilt fleet, heavier bolts and stronger firing mechanisms, and a greater range. In the place the ones at Kalport, those were a proof of concept one that proved their value even if the innovation came too late to save the city.

War post: through a heroic effort, and tireless work of countless brave men, women, and morphs, the pride of the Fraternian nations rises from the ashe, the Fraternian Fleet is back better than ever, and bursts into action, working to secure the free fraternian waters and hold the Coop to the waters they control, staying on the defensive and holding the line, kalport is gone, but not forgotten, never forgotten, our dead will be honored!

quarry front dig in and hold the line.

Fluff The Governor Prince addresses the nation rallying the people to not let our honored dead have died invane, that the nation is in a state of total war, from which we can only survive by now drawing together like never before, capping things off with this poem


While the threat of the abominable, vile, reprehensible, cursed monsters was now for the most part gone, there was still plenty of concerns and fear that drove people to stay behind the river line near the mines that were vital for the colony's industry. This eventually lead to yet another city forming, specifically on the coast by the end of Fferi Seiri with the Afon Wal Orllewinol a fair distance to it's west. This town would be named Arfordirwedi'isianel, and would initially be mainly made up of those who returned from the frontier and didn't want to go back. While initially this was seen as an issue, time would come to show this as a good opportunity to the colony, and by extension Clan Llewelyn. It wasn't much now, but neither were any of the other settlements that were made in Prenhaearn initially. While this went on, the military would further get a bit of work toward it, but in this case it was in it's equipment. Taking some inspiration from their north eastern human allies, the forces of the Colonial Army would be reformed with regards to their equipment, setting a number of guidelines for the length and design of spears, axes, shields, and arrows among other things. Of course, this was mainly done in a similar way to the way Canonau were made, and this would be the main basis to spread this practice across all military equipment. Though despite this the weapons and armor of the Meistri Rhyfel would still be custom made, given their status. Even so, this would do quite well to improve logistics, formations, and general quality of equipment.

Meanwhile, a number of ships would start searching. The monsters were out there, somewhere. And the Children of Fanw wouldn't stop until the unholy monsters of Fanw were properly dealt with...But first, they needed to find where they had gone...Luckily, they had a general idea thanks to their allies...And that was enough. Clan Llewelyn was always made up of explorers and sailors...What better two to find them, mark their location, and then return home to gather an army to finish them? Ideally Dybet and Fanwyic arms will put an end to them...After all, the two peoples most impacted by their savagery were the best to end it once and for all...

>Action One. Found the city of Arfordirwedi'isianel.

>Action Two. Standardization of munitions, spears, and other equipment.

>Action Three. We are a people of hunters and sailors. We will find them. We will get our revenge.
> Everlasting Waters

A new fort is constructed outside the port of Daith, to further help improve and increase the security of our western ocean holdings. Already more and more knights travel everyday through the canal to garrison the 3 Western forts to full muster. No enemy ship will sail unmolested through our waters.

> In the dark of the night in Maui'loti, ships arrive pulling local Turtle warriors, bribed with the thought of goblin flesh and material wealth offered by the locals. Search parties prowl the beaches, to drive the hiding goblins back to their lands. Laga and elf rally out in the water, providing support while the hunting bands of the holy shelled ones slate their hunger for green flesh.

Action 1: Canonwood
Found only in the sacred land of Holy Hollow grows the Canonwood tree.
It’s bark grows like the rough scales of a lizard across its form, it’s sap pours down to give those scales a lustrous shine, and each tree is as tough as iron with bark-scales brilliant like diamond, perhaps impossible to work with if not for florakinesis.

The name Canonwood comes from its endurance and nature. It grows tall and unflinching, it is a truer existence than anything else around it, simply more real than other lesser imitations of life due to the magical nature of holy hollow and it’s greedy drinking from the waters of holy pool. It is as definite as the written Canon of the voices.

This great tree is the finest wood for all manner of things regarding combat, and will be purposed for many in time, but what it is needed for now is ships.
Contracts and marriages and covenants are struck with the few and far between Canonwood trees to secure their aid.

Action 2: Tanglegarden Taming 3/5

More food is needed to alleviate the famine in kalport and for the war effort in general. Set to work on restoring balance in the conquered territory.

Occupy Kalport and the surrounding tiles. Bring it under the influence of the Bandru’ii.

Occupy the Do’laroshan colony with our army. Bring it under the influence of the Bandru’ii.


Continue skirmishing with the whales, with intent to push the entente fleets back to their ports and keep them there.

The half fort near the GFU homeland is reclaimed for the finishing of it's construction, while the navy patrols between the forts and gathers it's force. A manner of letting the kelp beasts out on great tethers is found to also improve their range. However the few escapees have led for this measure only being allowed in direct combat.
> move the Navy through the canal
As the fleet chitters and the bolts are loaded, so do the floating hills swim towards doom: theirs, and that of whoever will face this abomination of natural materials

> improve the morale and discipline of our troops (especially of the veterans)
A new system shall be implemented: an award system!
From now on, troops who have distinguished themselves in battle shall get a notch on their armor, and each notch will result in more food and resources being allocated to their home-village, in perpetuity.
This applies to veterans too: any previous great deeds are to be awarded in such a manner.
This ought to get those grumps going, considering just how loyal each Mole is to their village and community
war post addendum
As part of our defense against continued Coop aggression, we move to block the whale construction of the fort, if they wish to build it they will have to do so in an ocean of their own blood.
1. Our lines are stretched but this can easily be remedied. Settlers are sent north along the coast to settle the lands and provide forward lands to supply the extermination.
2. With that revealed the Drylium are sent throughout the Drya settlements, with a few to the two temples to bless the lands with their presence and act as living links to the divine.

The soldiers move to besiege the remaining fort and settlement of the greenskins. The wild Dryki and Dryaven are let loose on the surrounding lands to hunt down those that remain trying to supply these areas. In the sea the Sonyakians and ships continue to attack any goblins in the sea or rain arrows the size of ballista bolts on the city and fort.
>Perform a grand send off for the navy.
-With the small military force they have remaining, the Simfuni can offer little other than support for their allies on their maritime crusade. As the forces docked in New Venenzia prepare rig their vessels and steel their nerves for war, the Simfuni prepare to send them off in grand fashion. In New Venezia, overlooking the ocean and ships, they gather as the fleets of their friends prepare for departure. Their song rushes over the waters, a grand war-horn made up of thousands of tiny pieces. They bellow of the navy's great battle yet to come, proclaim their epic victories, and boast of their indomitable spirit. To the ocean itself they sing their wishes. That it will carry their friends swiftly, and deliver their ferocious anger upon their foes. The people of New Venezia, even friends and family from afar, are all invited to join in this grand choir and sing their own songs, wishes, and inspirations to help bolster the spirit of the grand navy.

>Train up a military force.
-There is a flame lit among the denizens of Theatra. The tales of war may be bloody and tall, but grand are their sagas. Traveling afar, fighting amongst different instruments in the clashing and chaotic theatre of war, the stories and songs that unfold within it. The Simfuni had been missing out on so many new experiences. Not only that, their allies have suffered the most, not only in defence of their own lands but for the sake of the Simfuni's as well. These great shames had come to fuel this fire, and many decide that it is time to take action. The Conservatoire of War finds itself with a flood of students, all eager to learn the arts of Maqam.
>Action 1: Grand Temple Construction (1/???)
Pathways are complete, meeting in the center of the icy wastes, soon to be the site of a testament to the might and devotion of the tribe. Large pillars of stone and marble [Or granite? I don't remember what precious stone I have.] are erected in an architecture style quite dissimilar to the crude huts, shacks, and tents traditional to Gallisans.

>Action 2: Magic Enhancement, Durability
Exposure to real, extended warfare with the undead has proven to be both significantly easy, yet difficult. The carelessness of Gallisans is relatively inconsequential hunting the arctic beasts in the north, and even more so when hunting the mundane wildlife to the south. However, when a straw arrow could make it's mark at any moment, this lack of discipline is detrimental. Between the two potential solutions of disciplined hunting, or yet stronger skin, in true Gallisan fashion, discipline is thrown to the wind.

>War Post:
The extended olive branch has been, both literally and figuratively, spat upon. The Gali will not be showing uncharacteristic mercy a second time. The sacking of the city takes longer than expected, and many exhausted hunters, mostly those who were first to Aphthys, take a small respite to the north, at the Glade of Spring to rejuvenate their energy.
A large portion of the hunters have joined the Gali, becoming their own battering ram, and attempt to break into the last remaining stronghold of organized resistance. Some hunters even attempt to climb the walls themselves, as others hurl stones, boulders, and other large objects over them.
Those who remain continue their slaughter, moving from door to door of the city, ripping locked doors from their hinges and sealing the fate of those who hide, consuming whatever living meat they may happen upon.

>Rumor please.
File: swap.png (212 KB, 1180x626)
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212 KB .png

Discusions with these strangers from the icy wastes, so alike some of the Fraternians in form, have yielded fruit. Land close to the Gali is set aside for them, where they may hide among the towering trees from those who may chase them from the East. Do'laroshans, many from the nearby city of Is'lara, move onto the ice, taking up watch to ensure this (un)sacred place is left well enough alone from the increasing number of icy interlopers. The farms and structures the Usagi left behind will need to be destroyed soon, but first, settlers take their place, and claim the land for Achroma.
A change: Being essentially backed into a corner, the Pure have no choice but to accept the offer of these shadowy people. Before construction can get too far underway, with the ire aid, the population is moved into a designated part of the forest. It is a slight improvement, and possibly fruits can be grown now. Of course it would have been preferable to remain independent, but as for now thi will have to do. The city’s name shall be changed and the land claimed shall be changed to match the area laid out by these shadows.

Action 1: Refine the prods. Killing a goblin is all well and good, but there are many other things we wish to kill.

Action 2: War movement

Warpost: From Stazgud the military has been mobilizing from a long time. Now they are finally given the order and sent across the canal in a grand fleet of ships. The enemy has exhausted themselves, but we are at our peak! Time to kick them while they are down!
File: map50.png (1090 KB, 2048x2628)
1090 KB
1090 KB .png

(>>4972613, >>4945247, >>4972347) Outside the valleys of the Dyne and Kavost is a vast and untamed world, one filled with savagery and the wicked. No more so is this true than the northern reaches of the Naois-cum-Danos. There, it is, that all the strange foul things walk; Goblin, Bull-creatures, and Devils.
(>>4975888, >>4976117) From Fanyuic ports the impromptu funerary barges sail south, where the currents of Amranna wash them into the Con'hula of Hologunui. The mourners arrive hoarse from weeping for their fallen queen. [Because after this one stop the Dyb are not discovering new places, it'll be just fluff to sail them home]

A number of things are ordered at once, but each is a tyrn's work, if not longer! The most pressing is the production of a mask capable of withstanding whatever foulness the Rabbits have left behind. The smoke of the mines has by now cleared, but there may well be other hidden dangers ahead. A number of things are tried with a harmless, but nasty smelling vapour, to prevent its breathing in; damp linen cloth among them, as suggested by 'Her Majesty'. What is found most effective is layers of expensive paper and fine charcoal. [You're trying to do too much with a single action, again.] Such innovations come too late however for those who had been unfortunate enough to breath in that evil miasma, for to a man they are so affected: In all of them, a constant shortness of breath & irregular heartbeat, in many of them confusion, in the worst, coma & eventually death. This was the wickedness they had stamped out in the north.
As with all things, what is needed is a proof of concept. Of course Men, especially those of Andreth, are prone to wide scopes of immediate fancy, and disappointment in the timeliness of material things. The proof need not be elaborate, but at the very least both repeatable and able to be elaborated upon. Before the Council of Sahs, perhaps the last such council, an aeolipile is demonstrated.

[Waxing Gibbous]
(>>4973815) As the full moon draws near, the Usagi make a second migration west, packing their meagre possessions upon sleds. Safe passage is granted to them by the Shadows into the sun-speckled Deadwood. In this poorly named grove, for the trees here are tall and evergreen, the Rabbits raise Kurai as their new capital of purity. Almost as much effort is given in ritual as it is to actual building.

The incredible speed of construction is almost as much a marvel as the wall itself. The Umbral-facing section of this Indomitable Glory is but the first! Furthering the defence of Pask against the outer world continues with the enlarging of current hand-held devices to something far more suited for the walls. The first of the so-called Force-Bow ballistae are installed 'round the inner ring.
Iti, Great Mother of the Sea, the giant turtle had laid her broad in the soft sands of Gylderkavi in the night, and now basks in the balmy sun. Ancient even in a world of ancients, she is used to curious onlookers, and very much welcomes whatever is brought to her in reverence? as offerings? as curious gifts? She doesn't much care why the small folk bring her these things, she happily gulps them down all the same. Her large, watery eyes hold a trapped wisdom she cannot share. Late in the afternoon, after much Dwarven study, Iti once more pushes off into the sea, leaving her clutch behind her.
Located as it is, in the dry and oft-shaded Crescent hills, the ruins of Makriaz are remarkably sound. Of course there are timbers that need replacing, some stonework that'll need a look over, and an awful lot of hauling & sweeping to get things liveable, but that's all in a day's work for the Gylden. And what would a town be without work, a hotbed of the nastier sides of Dwarven nature no doubt, so to it is a nearby copper vein tapped. It's about the same grade as it is in Kupsiloz, but it's a damn sight easier to mine when your beards not sticking to you!
There are a thousand ideas bouncing around in the noggins of the cleverest of Dwarves of the power the runic arts may hold, but they are nothing without putting them to the test. Charitable-minded, the initial thought of restoring function to the dismembered is the first to be tried. A chap by the name of Kalzedn, affectionately nicknamed Hobble, is volunteered, having lost his left leg just below the knee in a boating incident on the Lodaster. His current prosthetic is one of decent make in ashwood stained dark with gall, and takes well to being carved with runes. Determining the right runes is the tricky part, but with enough Ichor, prayers, and beard-tugging, they are found. When his prosthetic is reattached, Kalzedn screams in tremendous pain! He pulls up the leg right-quick and wrenches out an iron tack with just his fingernails. It is only when the assembled realise it was the wooden leg he had held up, that cheers ring out for their success. As for the giant turtle and her flipper, they spend far too long pondering on it that she has slipped away into the waters again before they can begin to take measurements.

War in far north Thios stretches the line taut. To ease this tension, the Drya extend their wide canopy further, into unknown lands. But they are not the first to tread them, nor even the second, for beneath the sands is the fragmentary rubble of a Catan outpost, but far more prominent are the still-standing ruins of some entirely foreign race.
The Drylium [singular] is sent, over the tyrn, through all the lands of the Drya, cleansing the soil wherever she is rooted. However, the industrialised marsh of Drynya will be a far lengthier undertaking.
[+1 PE]
Benmi crashes back through the Hell Tear, bringing fiery lashes behind him. His time in the Seven (or was it Nine, he had lost count) Hells has left him bruised, burned, and miserable, but he had come to accept that his father did what he had had to do, and now Benmi must do the same. Collapsed on the temple floor, the now-king roars out his return, prompting the dozen or so little black creatures which had followed behind him unnoticed to crowd around him, curious as to this new (to them) emotion.
The maintenance of their shared jungle and plains is, truly, of utmost importance. It is a pity, those of this Hozo Darate think, that Oni greed so often gets the best of them. But with a strong leader like Benmi now back and upon the throne, he can make them see reason! His older half-brothers, Chīmaza and Gyaashiru, are both able and willing to keep track of the progress too, one with his skills in bookkeeping and the other with his skill of head-bashing.
Many a concubine is disappointed at the final reveal of this substance, having been hyped up by half-heard rumours of, well... ahem. The trees are relocated, the first by the king himself as a show of his belief in the endeavour! and to woo the ladies, to a spot they should find most agreeable. This plantation is likely the first of many such ventures for the Oni as they no longer expand over land, but in their own minds! Or at least, that's roughly how Benmi put it in his speech.

The need for a navy far outweighs the concerns of forest maintenance! The Shadows have no doubt been paid a hefty sum for their "sacrifice". The latest designs are implemented wherever they may be; reinforcement here, weight-reduction there, along with the fine tuning of each system. It is a marvel the speed at which the ships are built, with Men & Morphs working day and night to complete them. Aboard are the latest in naval warfare, the "Shipwrecking Ballistae", equipped with thicker ropes, heavier bolts, and stronger bearings.

Arfordirwedi'isianel, or Arford for those without rubber tongues, flourishes at the mouth of the river Trician (>>4976117) under the elusive gaze of a coral outcropping.
Having had only the briefest whiff of war, it is enough to drive the Fanwen to iron out the half-handful of wrinkles that had presented themselves, chiefly the varying quality of currently provided arms and munitions. What was needed was standardisation, and an end to this patchwork self-supply. A good deal is spent in achieving this, but by tyrn's end, each member of the Colonial Army is outfitted to the authorised standard.
Already having plied the waters, it is an easier task now sailing them again in search of their quarry. But the winds and oars can only take them so far, and the naval scouts find themselves a short ways west of the River Shiro.
>Everlasting Waters
(>>4975181) Heavily guarded, the Laga builders set from New Venezia singular of mind & purpose, to finish what they had started. Knowing the Fraternians would soon arrive with whatever petty navy they could scrounge, the work is completed in record time, and without any ornament or comforts their coral forts are usually afforded.
Their Turtle allies lick their snapping jaws in anticipation for the release, already tasting that long-craved delicacy: Gobmeat.

As strong as they are, to the Dryads at least, beautiful, the Canonwood trees are welcomed into the Rings with open branches. They are a rare and much-coveted bridegroom, as to be wed to them is to be inheritor to a new trunk of Carvil’ax’seset.
More of the tiny, overgrown "gardens" of the Tangle are cleared of brush and vine, making way for Sennite hunting grounds.

Taknabian ships have many names, few of them complimentary, "dirt barges", "shifting hills", "swimming dung heaps". Call them what you will, they move through the Canal by the tightest margins, so expertly calculated.
Ongoing morale has always been an issue in the army. New recruits raring to get slashing and bashing, only to sit in trenches, or atop walls doing nothing for days on end, outside the comforting confines of the dirt. But if there is one thing the Imnaki value (almost) as highly as their beloved dirt, it's food; Cavern root with an apple sauce, or Grub à la mode, ooh ooh! or Braised Taqsim-worm with fire tuber shavings! A system is devised to reward those who go above and beyond in service of their nation and fellow Molerats, providing their home village with an extra supply of free rations (contents may vary, subject to availability).

(>>4976117, >>4976319, >>4976434) The Song of the Simfuni is ever-sung, but rare it is for them to sing for another, rarer still for so many to sing as one voice. Even a few Maestros attend! They sing in a harmony of tongues; Albionic, mostly, with refrains of Carvilaiid, Pese Vai, and Dig Speech, underscored by a Simfunic drone. It calms the nerves of the anxious, enflames the hearts of the timid, and strengthens the back of the afraid. The crews set sail with it in their chests, now more than ready to face what lay before them.
It is a complex medley which drives many of the Instruments to sign with the Conservatoire of War, of eagerness, of shame, of revenge. Many of those originators of the Maqam have passed, and many of those in the battles of the Blackstone Conflict. Simfuni young and old come to learn the songs of war, but the prestigious (and wary) Conservatoire admits only those who have a metronomic consistency, and a belly hardened to face the horrors of battle.
[+1 PE]
An overgrown courtyard of the Library provides the perfect spot for a fortified lookout on the high hill there, without damaging the often times delicate shell of the existing building. This vantage provides ample views of the Pyrric Waters, and whatever may float upon them. So too does the volcanic isle of Pyr receive it's own watchtower, home to only the hardiest of Do'laroshan. Here, the Shadows cut ledges into the rock of the Chamber of Fire to build their lookout atop. On the first clear day after its completion an Emerald Father is invited to see it. "This is the most disappointment I've felt since my son failed his Hunter training. I expected some beasty with a name like 'The Chamber of Fire'. Tower's nice though."

[R] Hunters of both elk and Undead return with reports that no help from either Shadow or Man has arrived for many a tyrn, even as the Gali howl in triumph.
The Gali, as one mind, lay the truly gargantuan foundations of their mysterious project, followed by three towering pillars of solid jet, darker than night; All of which may be seen from as far as the southern hunting post.
Rage upon rage mounts, for all of this Aphthys Affair. For their flaunting, their cowardice, and this final insult upon The Gali! They know just where such rage may flow, and though much is let loose upon what remains of the Undead, the rest is turned inwards as logs to the fire, channelled into skin of titanic resilience.

>Big Totem
It is not often that the ancient Gobbo instinct to make a thing larger and add spikes to it actually works, but in the instance of their charming electric prods, it does. A larger Blackstone shard, a larger casing, a larger steel spike, and of course plenty more offered blood. The dark tribe wishes to display their great achievement, and what better way than to rid themselves of a particular Molerat; who believes herself to be their boss, shouting orders in Albionic whenever they chance to be mining below ground-level; at the same time. All that is needed is to start mining and wait. Sure enough she comes, eek-eek-eek-ing this and that, then BLAM! crispy-fried Molerat. Well, not fried, but she's dead for sure. [This can be struck if it's not actually in the nature of dark tribe gobs]
A Goblin, it is said, will only do as you ask him to if it is already in his mind to do it. Of course one can always try to rig such a system, to plant the suggestion that something be done, and wait long enough for the Goblins to forget it was you who suggested it. You then ask them to do the said something, and should the Totems be in your favour, it should, eventually, get done. Just such a thing may well be why hordes, for there is no better word for them, of Goblins now pour from their port into the Grand Canal intent on war in the west.


-The Aphthys Affair: The Wrath of Aphthys-

The foul display of the Lich and the thing's just demise is all that is needed to recommence the slaughter. No longer are the boarded-up safe, not one unholy thing is to remain half-alive. The Gali take great pleasure in tearing limbs from the more whole of the walking corpses, and the great clattering of bones upon cobbles which the skeletonised members of Aphythys provide. If they are particularly lucky, some of the things still have good marrow in their bones to suck at! Others meanwhile join The Gali in easily succeeding in breaking down the heavy wooden doors of the Lichtower, from which pours forth air as fetid as the Lich's own breath(?). It is the sweet and pungent smell of decay, stronger than that which hangs over the city, but also the stench of something else, something unworldly, perhaps. From his perch, the Lich in a new corpse roars out to almost equal a young Galissian's first rage, calling up magics worse than even his last spell; The raising of the dead of Syph. The sky darkens in a moment over Aphthys, with clouds of storming necromancy, heralded by not the spitting of rain, but the raining of maggots. The gathered Gali, even yet more disgusted, charge through the labyrinthine chambers of the Lichtower, in search of a way to the Lich, and to re-enact The Gali's destruction of his previous form.

-Thios Massacre-

The Goblins are tricky, but it seems their erstwhile ally is trickier, for the Whales release from the seas great snapping Turtles to hunt them alongside the warplants of the Drya! Their fortress solitude reduced to so much rubble, and the terrified civilian Gobs within ground in piercing maw. It is a horrible, devastating turn. The many within Zutô-At fare no better, as without stone walls, and the hesitation of the Drya waned, they are little more than fat tubers to hungry Imnaki! Those that fight, do so bravely, and to the bitter end. Innate nature drives the living to eat the dead which can be safely dragged away, but too often they too are slain by the hunting Trees! Boats are sent out, in hopes of saving at least someone among them, alas the Boss of the tribe is far too big to be hauled on anything that might go unnoticed by the mats of sentient seaweed.
Neither Drya nor Turtle, it is clear, know mercy.
-The Blackstone Conflict: Who Rules the Waves?-

The armies dig in for their second, or is it third?, tyrn, waiting on the other to make a move beyond threadbare scouting missions which are not even worth the target practice. Much more action is seen in hunting and foraging than it is on this supposed battlefield.
The Sennite army returns to news of a disturbance on the Xira close to New Venezia, but as they arrive they find only the remains of where a camp was made, and the last trailing wake of a boat. The Shadows had so narrowly escaped, for the most part.
Without hostile Fraternians voluntarily becoming gruesome pin-cushions, the capture of Kalport begins remarkably swift. There are within, unfortunately, the many horrors which war necessitates. But this is not all the Dryads find, as a thorn to their last, survivors throughout begin setting alight whatever will catch; They even set the damned barns outside the walls on fire. These are quickly, and often it seems strangely willingly, felled. Perhaps worse, there are so many angry spirits, that those with even the lightest intuition find the place unbearable.
As escalation of this conflicted had started, so too does it continue, for no sooner have the Laga completed their coral fort off the coast of the city of Vigil, than the first ships of the new Fraternian navy arrive to hassle them. Without that full might behind them however, and the Whales Dryad allies a ways off, brief fighting ends in stalemate. The fort is built, but it could not be staffed.

'Water, Aggregate, Cement....water, aggregate, cement...' was the string of thoughts which ran through Ler Aven Dzen's head as he walked into the lecture hall of the College of Engineers. In front of him sat the Heirarchy council, as well as many other Clan-Sah. His research into alternate construction materials had gone well, but being told he'd be propositioning for his "Concrete" to be used nation wide was, a bit nervewracking to say the least. Regardless, he'd soon give his greetings and begin. Two hours later, and the first designs for buildings; military and civilian, were starting to be drawn up. Pourable stone was quite the useful and versitile building material after all.


While matchlocks have served well, they aren't the most reliable. So, flintlocks. I've lost all motivation to write more, and you said it'd be fine to tech up this turn. aaaaaaa. aaa. a.
As the fleet arrives in Dybet, people cheer, but seeing the black banners of Anubis, they fear the worst. The people are hostile toward Madoc, various minor sons of Ahenohetsu II vye for the throne, seeking to put themselves upon it, but with the burial of Uni underway they are delayed, giving Madoc time to politically maneuver. If he proves a good regent, their wrath will be stayed. However, the recent expansion efforts put Dybet right on the border with unknown neighbours. If he is too kind to them the usurpers will call him a coward, too harsh and he'll have to deal with both a war and a civil war.

Action 1: Develop Dyb Levy system.
After getting to look over the population census, Madoc is taken aback by just how few soldiers Dybet is fielding out of it's population. The warriors and marines are good, but Dybet is completely missing a levy. There is no core fighting force, just specialists by themselves. With a potential foe of equal stature to our west and the absurdly numerous Goblins to the north, we need to be able to field a large force of our own. They will not have the individual battle prowess of the warriors or marines, but instead focus more on formation fighting, garrison duties and may even outnumber Goblin forces. Farmer families get many sons, but only a few will inherit the farmland, these landless sons are ideal stock to draw our levy from. We shall ask each family to give a son for the army, with a stable employment at a decent wage. Madoc meanwhile will try to draw upon favours in Prenhearn to get some of those military instructors they had, the Anubisids are a bit different, but also much the same.

Action 2: Make Tomb of Uni in the bowels of the Temple of Undine.
Uni died young, a frighteningly common occurence since Ahenohetsu, first Ahenohetsu II was killed by crocodiles, several sons by Diana, Diana by assassins and now Uni by the bunnies. Still, she died an honourable death and she is the Pharaoh, so she's only worthy of the most extravagant burial. We had issue with money because of the war, but fortunately once someone suggested burying her in the Temple of Solahmar, which she created, the Cult of Undine decided to cough up a lot of their wealth to ensure they get Uni to join Diana in having a tomb in their temple instead, reducing the burden on our coffers. There's also none of the usupers who wish to attack while he is honouring their Pharaoh.
Action 1,2: The Grand Ministry finishes Indomitable Glory with the utmost expediency, and builds numerous ballistae along the entirety of the massive structure, along with ammo reserves for the countless force bolts it will need.
Action 1: Tanglegarden 4/5

Toil and toil, these lands become ever closer to achieving the balance we seek, new dryads sprouting from the soil of these newly balanced grounds. Just a little more to go before it is done, and then all that remains are the weeds.

Action 2: The Unseen of Kaelgate

Kalport burns, but we will save it. The Drya, our far flung cousins, have much wisdom in their ways we realise, some simply cannot be allowed to self govern if such destructive behaviour is in their nature.

Flames lick their own homes, their own food supplies, the spirits in these hated lands cry out in pain. We shall show them a better way.

The Sentinel Mundane are deployed, along with some simple city militia sent from Loeth.

The militia are sent to simply keep order, slay those burning their fellow citizens alive and fight the fires along with whoever will aid them, that being possibly none of the entire city has lost its minds.

The Sentinels sweep in as a deadly tide and kill all arsonists and life mages in their inquisition.

Meanwhile the voices focus on calming the spirits of kalport, directing the other two groups how best to calm the unseen, the aim of this to allow the Carvil’ax’seset to enforce their ward against fire in this area and save the city, who’s name will be Carvilised to Kaelgate henceforth.


Continue fighting the GFU on the waves with our allies, pretty much. Sink their boats, protect our forts, just wear them down and don’t let them intrude into our waters.

May make a more complex warpost later but that’s it for now.
File: Turn.jpg (149 KB, 629x815)
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149 KB .jpg
>Action 1: The Roads go ever on and on...
A road between Kupsiloz and Zadulkodt has long been planned and considered, but Dwarven development and construction over the past Tyrns means the number of gaps in the current Dwarf network has only multiplied. To fix these issues a new program of road-building is put into action... as well as the aforementioned connection, plans are made to connect up Glazchorkurg, build road from Thornbush to Makriaz, and lay a new path in the Metaki hills to lead to the Oni border to help developing trade with our southern neighbours. However, Gylden Dwarves consider quality more important then rushing these tasks; so they will only lay solid, sturdy roads of stone and concrete; even if this means one of these tasks might not be completed yet. Better to wait, and do the job well when the time comes.

(Conversely, if there is some roadbuilding left over to spare, they will upgrade any old Meluz roads that might have been left as mere dirt tracks, such as Metaki to Makriz)

>Action 2: Golden Tongues
Many Gylden Dwarves have known the Oni language for many Tyrns; but with the ascent of Benmi many of his predecessor's more restrictive policies are being lifted. And this leads to opportunities for Dwarven scholars to finally be allowed to teach their language to the Oni in return, to facilitate better understanding, trade and communications between nations.
He didn't want to admit it, but his father is gone forever. Benmi wants to sulk in his room for a long time, but his concubines are nagging him to officially become king already. He wanted to silent them with some pressing, but they were right; he needs to step up now since his father Beni is not here anymore.... With a great sigh, he summons his council to prepare the ceremony.

1. Rule with Electricity and Metal: A moderately project will begin. With the discovery of rubber, electrical insulation has improved ten fold thus leading to safer and stronger wiring. King Benmi orders his builders and engineers to make their land a beacon of light and culture to inspired the masses! (Build electric grid first starting in the capital to Paacseijai)
2. A Metallic Road: There is a curious blacksmith who lives in the capital with her older brothers. Her name is Onokka and she always wondered how to improve the speed of transporting things. While Oni have good stamina, they're not known for being the fastest and the dirt roads get muddy or distorted leading to traffic. One night while she was dreaming, she was in pure darkness alone when she heard something loud. At a distance, she saw a moving light coming towards roaring its awful roar. She tried her best to figure out what it when a road made of metal materialized below her. On it speeding as fast a Oni on fire, was a long metal of wagons(?) connected to each other pulled by the one in front. It was coming right at her when...she woke up. If it was any other Oni, they would have felt distrubed, but not Onokka for she finally found a way to help her people! In the Pearl Palace, she begs King Benmi to give her funds to research this....thing she saw in her dream. The court roared with laughter, but Benmi silenced them with a hand. It is outrageous to go on a dream, but he saw the fire of ambition in her eyes. He orders funds to be given her for this little project of hers. With a grand bow, she thanks King Benmi and begins her research. (Research railroads construction.)
Fluff: Now out of immediate danger once more the rabbit folk of Usagi are able to relax some. Although now effectively under the whims of another nation, they seem to be against the same dreaded forces of impurity as they. Although not pure and living in such an impure land, perhaps even able to be purified themselves over generations if willing. However once more, and now with a place available to grow food and plant life, farming becomes the main issue again.

1 action: Two farms
1 for rice and another for peaches

1 action: Pure Sense: Pure sight through the moonlit night
Unlike other spells this is to be a general area of effect one using the silver emblems of the moon as a conduit. The hope is that this is a low effort magic to perform so that they might be able to see even in the darkest of lands

With the city being built, naturally as was to be expected from such a settlement, it would have a good deal of work setting up facilities for a port to trade and better be connected to the rest of the colony, alongside a temple worthy if the new town's status as a proper, large, settlement. Of course, it would take time until the city was equal to that of the colonial capital of Glaniadneifion or Traethllwyd. Given it's proximity to the iron mines though, chances were that it wouldn't be mainly under the control of Clan Llewelyn, but instead of Clan Protheroe. Still, how the town would develop remained to be seen, but the basics were still being worked upon. Really it wasn't much in all honesty, but during the first days of the colony neither was Glaniadneifion. Still, as time went on it was sure that the western lands of the colony would become more and more developed, along with just more of the colony in general really. Ideally in time the colony would be as much of a breadbasket as the Dybet heartlands and more industrial than the FHR back over the sea. As all things though, this will take time...

Meanwhile, further the ships would sail. Once they spot the detestable things, they will return, and upon their return a force would be sent to ensure that the Fanw forsaken's fire is gone. Ash, on both the page of history and in what is left of their remnant structures... The end of the threat to the colony will come, sooner or later. And likely it will be sooner...Still, this required the ship to spot the monsters. And that hadn't happened yet, but it would eventually in time...Given the speed of ships built by Fanwyic hands, along with the closer friendly ports and lands to the north it was likely that they would go further than Neifion did in his first journey through the frozen north...There was nothing but to wait...

>Action One. Construct a temple to Fanw and a port in Arfordirwedi'isianel

>Action Two. Keep searching. All things Fanw Forsaken must be destroyed.
>Everlasting Waters of Pa'nele'Tui

The Everlasting Tide, the Grand Navy of the Waters supports her allies in the attack against the GFU, providing protection with the strength they wield, making sure the landing troops make it ashore. Nothing else matters except that the mission is completed, and our allies are upon the sands.

>General Har'Tra'Suli directs the massive fleet as an arrow head, plunging through the danger zone, intent on letting no meager GFU impede him. Once the troops land, the navy will either retreat back to the forts, or stay and render aid depending on how things go.


Back home, a new interest forms from those clever moon elves, our dearest friends. Long have the Cardinal Ants gone as just simple equation "Fruit for gems." However now, much how the Laga command fish, some elves have taken to tying some fruit to a dangling stick, strapping the Ants to carts and having them pull loads. All without Vasa Tama's gift of Singing to Power. What truly creative and ingenious friends.

>incorporating the Ants as vassals, while we aren't venturing deeper into the hive, we are capturing/luring Ants to do minor work for us in exchange for good food.

Rumour - The war has stretched on long and hard, and the magic of the Do'laroshans has come close to causing untold damage. Where can more precious resources be found, to slake the thirst of those things in the dark?

Action 1 - Appraise Dybet ship.
Witnessed only by a few on a journey long ago, this ship's presence in the icy wastes tells of uncountable strange happenings in the world abroad.
Still, it is a gift for Achroma now, and so the Ship is salvaged, dragged ashore by cautious Shadowfolk and appraised by merchant and shaman alike. Of note are the strange weapons the Usagi point out before departing, metal tubes, spheres of iron and lead, and the soggy remnants of a clumpy black substance. Various methods are tested to ignite the substance, but the purported BOOM the Be'wabs speak of is not to be seen. Frustrated, the Merchants hand the cannon and samples off to the Fraternians, to see if they can be more successful.

Action 2.0 - Fabricate destruction of Usagi's landing.
The meager structures the Usagi had built are torn down, set aflame where applicable. Ash and dirt are smeared across the ice, and trampled down. Blood, gutted from prey caught on the ice or forests edge, is spread around. Arrows are snapped in half and scattered, all in the attempt to trick any who might look here into believing a battle was fought.

Action 2.5 - Build mine on Ancient Bones of Pyr.
Digging on Pyr has always been a risky venture, but orders from a Blue Shaman, unbelievably, call for extracted samples of the strange bones. What would a Shaman who may whisper into the ears of Achroma himself want with these?

With the might of the Fraternian navy once again on the ocean, the Do'laroshans turn much of their navy to scouting, sharp eyes kept locked on the no-mans-sea between the islands. With Kalport lost, none know whether Thisi or Pyr is next, so the Do'laroshans will watch eagerly. Once sighted, the Fraternian navy, busy dismantling coral forts, can be quickly called to aid the defense of the islands where needed.

A Shaman, robes of blue wealth beyond what many Shadowfolk have seen, calls for the Shadowfolk portion of the Entente army to march west. Confused, but unwilling to deny the will of Achroma, they leave their borders in the care of Fraternian and Turtles, making their way to the Undead with all haste.
Action 1 develop anti boarding techniques and tech
While our sailors and marines have fought valiantly throughout this war on the waves, it has become clear standard tactics are falling short, our boarding actions are far too costly, and repelling actions have had a poor victory rate, this must change. Tactics wise more vicious hand-to-hand combat styles are developed focused on killing in as few hits as possible while shield-equipped marines block arrow fire from any that are hanging back to try and pick up our men. On the tech front beaknives are created, longer than a dagger, smaller than a short sword, these beaknives are built for close-quarters fighting, to give out mean the needed edge in these devastating melees. Taking the place of other weapons for boarding actions. With the war has been going on for so long and the range of the dryad abilities having been studied all that remains is to compile the information into these practical anti-boarding tactics which will give our men the new tools, and options to respond with against the hated enemy they need.
Action 2 develop life magic spell Blight
Blight: A target hit with this spell will have their life force poisoned, while the spell lasts the target will be violently poisoned.
Many within the nation had hoped that the war would remain in the east, far from the homeland of the Fraternland people. These delusions were shattered with the fall of Kalport, the third oldest city of Fraterniankind in this new world and it was now lost to them. It was under this backdrop that the university of magic created this new and hateful spell. In another time such a thing would have been barred from development and the mage who proposed it tried for dark life magic, but now, the project was funded and back by the crown. With much more life it in the work, Nothing was off the table anymore all that matter was final victory and the salvation of the nation.

With the navy restored, and the whales having been driven back preventing them from staffing the empty fort, an organized strike force is ordered to take it by force of arms and with the power of Fraternian marines and mages, with the task of destroying it. Severing bolt and more conventional means of destruction as used to bring it down, living coral will be affected by our magic as readily as the dryad living ships. While this force destroys the place, the navy while this action Is taking place is holding the line and preventing a coop counterattack from stopping the strike force from completing the destruction of the whale fort, putting to use the lessons and new methods learned from these years of war
Warpost Addendum

Now that we know the entente is attacking our fort, obviously we focus on defending it and ensuring they pay a heavy toll for their attempt.

Move our main army to Xira Gate, ready to deploy our army in full force to wherever we may send them, they may recoup and recruit in friendly lands as they await deployment.
war post addendum,
the fort that is under attack is empty and unmanned, during the fighting the whales were able to complete it, but not staff it, their for this is a defensive action against the dryad, who will have to come to us to attack and attempt to break through our lines to get to the fort which the Fraternians will be in control of and then take it from them. to stop the strike force from destroying it, I am also using the veterans of sideswipe so these are experienced troops.

in command of the naval ships are the surviving senior officers and the men who were promoted who made a good account of themselves in the naval fighting as the whales completed the fort.

all spells and weapons available to the fraternians will be used. With a focus on the new anti-ship balista rather than the old-style ramming
War Post:
The time is now.

Prepare the siege lines, and start digging, we now focus the war upon the goblins on the whale island. Troops from Nestri should be raised and start the slow and steady push
As for the troops back home, we follow the Entente's current plan

Missed Turn
>Construct/Expand a port to allow naval supplies and logistic connection to our homeland to Nesthri
>Construct/Expand a fishery to feed the growing forces as we divert the focus of the War of the Feast upon the forts protecting Zuto-At
This Turn
>"Go East Young Turtle" if we are to raise more soldiers from the Nesthri it must be populated by more turtles and their families. Encourage more colonization of it, and growth there
>Arms for Nestri. We'll need armor, weapons, spades and more. Build a smithy/forge there to arm the forces preparing to siege and take the goblin city
Posted on behalf of Megyros

Settle more people to the nearest territory to me that isn't claimed by anyone, and entrust the religious order to take care of the forest and its ecosystem.
>Action 1: Grand Temple Construction (2/???)
Brick upon bring, stone upon stone, work is continued on the spiritual calling of the tribe. Enthusiasm grows as those who don't posses the mighty rage of a hunter trick themselves into believing that attendance at such a grand temple could impart the gift upon them.

>Action 2: Resource Prospecting
From an outsider's point of view, the savage ram-headed race of the arctic wastes haven't changed. Nothing more than a beast who won the lottery of sentience, a well of potential wasted on trivial competitions and unhinged ferocity. Yet those within the tribe, Gallisans themselves, have seen themselves thrust through such dramatic change in a short time, with the tribe, if that title is yet still accurate, no longer confined to the northwestern reaches of ice, long since expanded past their ancestral lands, though for reasons all too familiar.
Civilization is slowly reaching it's hands around the shoulders of every Gallisan, whispering in their ears. Clothing, not the typical rags or loincloths long worn by the tribe, but proper (albeit crude) dresses for women, tunics for men. A small barter economy begins to flourish, assisted by spiritual roads recently constructed between the two congregations of Gallisans. Along with an economy, comes demand. Demand for something, anything, something new. Our very nature does not facilitate trade, or even basic communication with outsiders. If we desire new resources we must aquire them on our own.

>War Post:
What began as a selfish attack has become something that could perhaps be described as noble, an adjective quite unfamiliar to the tribe. The pure evil which emanates from the lich and his followers dwarf that which is inherent to the wrath of the Gali. As the dark clouds form, those taking a rest in the Glade of Spring depart for Aphthys before fully rested, even those leaving the warzone for a respite grit their teeth, and return. The destruction of this evil has almost become a duty, for if left unchecked the weak and defenseless back home are in danger. The lich's power is far greater than even he understands, for the first time in history, the Gali's hunters have learned fear. Not for themselves, but for others, an irony not lost on the tribe.
>Suffering paves paths to new avenues.
-While war brought problems abroad, Calibrus played host to those within. For a while now the Simfuni had done their best to care for and cater to the recovery of those afflicted by Discordia. While it wounded the spirit of those afflicted, it wounded the hearts of the Simfuni who watched the ill suffering, their songs doing little to ease the discordant. In some cases, it served to only agitate them further. Fortunately the simfuni were not left alone in their struggle to aid the ill. Volunteers from New Venezia had come to Calibrus to help in mending the broken the minds of their countryman. Where they could not mend, they simply did the best they could. Overtime the number of discordant dwindled, either cured and freed to society once more, or unable to escape their madness and falling to the eternal sleep.

No new instruments were brought to Theatra for fear that hey would fall to Discordia as well. The Simfuni dreaded the thought, feeling guilt over those who had suffered so terribly. But from the seeds of suffering sown within the walls of Calibrus sprouted a faint sapling of hope. The volunteers that had gathered there exhibited some interesting mannerisms. They worked more closely with the Simfuni than those in New Venezia, almost as if following their lead in a dance. They anticipated the rhythms of the Great Symphony that echoed out from Theatra, and many could often be found humming along sometimes absent mindedly. Could it be that, perhaps, having lived within the soft caress of Theatra's song has in someway helped them to "understand" the Simfuni? Time, and observation, will tell.

>An eyesore for an eyesore.
The wall that the humans had erected alongside their shared border with the Simfuni was to them an equivalent of an eye sore. The song of Theatra flowed so freely across the landscape, and now over the horizon, though faint, it creates such a distasteful and abrupt halt to what would have been an otherwise pleasant stream. A few mischievous artists decided it was time for revenge.

Gathering at the dead of night, a group of maestros arrived a safe distance from the wall. For hours they spent singing and dancing around, calling forth a vindictive image of their targets. Slowly, steadily, a large figure reared its ugly form out from the belly of the earth until it stood tall enough to survey the land. Pleased with their work, the maestros shuffled the earth below the figure, and placed it just on the wall's outskirts. Came day break, the human's on the wall would witness a bizarre sight.

It was a statue of a large, and awfully unappealing human. It was petrified in a ludicrous pose, and mocked the wall with a ridiculous face, an expression as dense as the stone it's made from. At its base was sculpted in the words of the fey "Thank the melody for we have no eyes, otherwise we'd have witnessed hideous humanity."

The troops join the Dryands at Xira gate.

Action 1: Phosphate explosives. Goblin fertilizer has long been a staple in feeding the explosive population growth of the goblins. It is said that without the great bounty provided by it that the Great Big Boss would have had to drastically slow down his expansion efforts as it would be impossible to feed his many children that lazed about homeplace before being sent off to colonize and conquer. Despite this the fertilizer has been known to be rather unstable much like the goblins themselves. Lazy or ignorant goblins who had kept it in improper storage conditions often suffered explosive results that devastated the tribe and reduced them to mere giblets, but where the goblins of old saw random occurances of fate the new goblins with their ingenuity are most intrigued by the possibilties presented if they can figure out how to replicate this more reliably.

Action 2: military movement

Warpost: The goblin navy lands on the southern sandy beaches of the large island. Quickly taking over and looting the mines for their own war efforts. They set siege to the library fortress being eager to claim its secrets for their newfound insatiable appetite for knowledge. Their myriad contraptions of war are set up as well as the oh so boring but reliable and powerful ones that they got from the mole queen. As a show of force they have even managed to bring their many exotic beasts. Many wargs have gone in packs to go hunting for patrols and isolated civilians. Even if the war is lost it is likely they will blight the island much like the goblins of old would. Elephants have also managed to make an appearance as bigger is always better and there is little that can stop a rampaging several ton armored beast.
1. Expansion continues north along the coast.
2. The drya have continued to be befuddled by the explosive powder shown to them by the jackal-apes and even their delves into alchemy have not revealed the method of it's production. Instead they decide to power the power of the gods to make up for their shortfalls. A fruit bearing tree or bush is chosen with many seeds and items associated with fire are used to grow them such as the coal, sulphur, phosphates, charcoal and gold for the fiery wrath of the Giver. The aim is to create a plant with explosive seeds.
War: The momentum continues as the drya make the last push. Two armies separate and strike at the harbor and the vermin city. The Sonyakians swarm the harbor to destroy any boats that can be used for escapes while the Drya ships are used as platforms to rain arrows upon the city. There will be no attempt to capture infrastructure; only doing their best to slaughter.
war post addendum
The Fraternian navy would block and harry the Goblin fleet from ever making it to our island home, not only would the need to fight back the fleet, but also deal with the Shadow folk island fortress as well, leaving them open to constant attack from behind, even if they choose to avoid that by sailing along the coast again they will be meet with the full force of the Fraternian navy in its home water with all new and improved methods of war. they will not land on our island.
> add two cities to the decacity complex
Taking a break from the endless war-focus, the queens direct the efforts of their hordes of workers to a nobler purpose: the improvement of Maglak, to make it the greatest city to ever exist!
Walls spring up, new districts grow, the sewer system is improved- this shall be an architectural magnum opus!
Hold the line firm on the ground, keep supporting the naval fights with my army of shitboats
File: map51.png (1132 KB, 2048x2628)
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1132 KB .png

The theory is sound and the demonstrations impressive, funding is given to not only continue the project but also upscale production. What was now needed was reliable sources of the raw material. Pits are sunk for aggregate and pumps for water along the Keye, the dolomite mines would also need to be expanded to meet the demand.
flintlocks then i guess

A country without a militia is like a meal without meat! What good is salted butter-root without a steak?! Or rather, what good is a country if there is no one there able to protect it? One son is asked for from each family for the levy, though many call it "Madoc's Draft". (>>4979212) A number of Fanwen instructors are wished purchased for the task.
Madoc treads a difficult line that no wealth or glory could ever be worth, this as he buries his beloved wife, worries deeply for his son, and must be under blackguard at all times! Many already claim his place as regent, or even his son's as Pharaoh, but none would wish for his current condition. The rites of the Dyb are foreign and overly elaborate to his Fanyuic eyes, at least the Temple is paying for it...

(>>4978279) Word from the Oni comes of canine-things which walk upon two legs have begun migrating into the hills in the north. Such a thing is only confirmed with recent Durranic expansion into the eastern hills. They are a rare sight in the blistering desert, from which the Minotaurs are protected by these Danos highlands, but where there is one there may just as well be a thousand. Within these new lands there is a stretch of fertile woodlands, of strong cedars and fragrant incense trees. These, along with the olive groves planted by the Minotaurs own hands, are entrusted to the religious orders which watch over them from their complex upon the high hill. Here they manage harvesting of the olives, the felling of trees, and the production of frankincense.

[NM] It is once again time to hear the Will of Injunction, and see if Pask has lived as would please Injunction. The basin of sacred earth is set down, and the clerics wait with bated breath. An unseen hand drags smoking lines in the dirt: ߐ. After this there is an eerie, unnatural silence. From a cloudless sky, white hot lightning strikes a Deviser as he peers at the rune. He is obliterated, leaving nothing behind but a scorch-mark and a strange metal gear.
The great undertaking of Indomitable Glory concludes, or at least the stone & mortar is laid. But stone & mortar have never been enough against the enemies of Pask, no, what is needed is something a little more, persuasive; Ballistae. Previous designs are sent for mass production, with the first round sent to the inner walls for maximum coverage.
The Tangle continues to be a thorn for the Dryads, even without its Gardeners present. But at least they are now done taming what mess the Fae left them. Now to cutting down this Sen-awful Lobarra weed.
There usual methods of fire suppression prove fruitless, it is as if shouting at the sea to stop crashing. They fall back to more mundane methods, breaks and water-buckets. Few are found still alive within what remains of Kalport, now Kaelgate, and those who are are so full of bitter hatred they would rather charge straight into a blade than submit. Though it can only be conjecture, that no edible thing is found within the stores, that the barns outside the walls were set ablaze, that all their livestock is slaughtered, the Fraternians would leave nothing for the Dryads to capture. Worse still, vicious and petty, they have overfilled the cess pits so that festering sewage floods the streets. Others throw rubble, fire bolts, or simply harsh words from the rooftops. No wonder the spirits that cling to the stones here can not be calmed.

The current network of Dwarven roads is already vast, but the Æblenthrong is vaster. With much less on their plate, the Gylden set about closing this gap.
(>>4978836) Despite their outward appearance, many Oni are eager to learn whatever is offered to be taught them. As long as it doesn't cost too much, of course. A number happily agree to the offer of learning this "Gyldentongue", although given the Devils proclivities, some are disappointed to find out it's just a language.

[Full Moon]
The first harvest of sticky white grains, eaten under the light of the gloriousness of the fullest of full moons, brings some semblance long wished for normalcy to the Usagi in their new wooded homeland. And though small and sharp in taste, the first peach plucked from the trees of Deadwood is sweeter than honey to them. Many give thanks for these small comforts.
In the day, this place called Deadwood is light as the sun slips through the leaves of the endless canopy, but when night comes, lest the full moon is shining, there is a terrible darkness. Even a pure white Rabbit cannot see her hand in front of her face. The priests, what remain of them, are tasked with this seemingly small thing. They hide away, casting bones and scrying in moonlit pools to find what may be done, their collected almanacs having been destroyed. Given the truly gruesome methods which had been undertaken for other pure magics, of which not one does not remain in some way scarred, they prepare themselves for perhaps having to pierce their lids with silver needles, or gouge out their own eyes... but there is a pity given them, as a simple touch of a Bunny's eyelids with moonblest water will give dark-sight which lasts until the sun rises anew.
Though there had been much rejoicing at the feasts, much yawning at the plays, and much, entertainment, in between, it finally fully dawns on Benmi what this day really means. He's no longer the "will-be-one-day king", as soon as that pearly diadem is placed over his horn(s), and he roars his acceptance of it, he is king. Already have the concubines left him to prepare, already is the bath drawn to purify him in Hellish hot water, already is the incense lit and his prayers to Chadskisei recited. Already, he is king. King Benmi, Lord of all Oni.
Suspended high in the trees, so that no foolish Oni can trip over it, is strung a number of wires encased in rubber. A Dwarven-coin-battery is attached to one end, and a resilient Oni's finger on the other. In an instant there is a snap! of power and the Oni pulls his finger away into his mouth. It has worked!
Following her fiery passion, she is given a grant to perform tests out near the mines on the plains. At first it is a total disaster, as the metal road she envisioned is little more than a large frying pan in this heat! But she does not give in, she adapts, she tweaks her designs, but still, nothing but burnt feet! Still she cannot let the roaring laughter of the court win, she will have this "metal road". As she is resting after ripping up a metal plate, she watches the Oni work in the silver mine. She sees how easy the carts are pulled where they have dug furrows into the earth, and how difficult they are to move off that trac- Track! Yes of course! She sells off her current materials and orders new ones, wearing Benmi's given purse & patience thin, but it was worth it! Rail away!

Seafaring being second only to Fanw-worship in Fanwen nature, it was inevitable that Arford. would receive a port. (>>4979244) The coral outcropping however makes the way into the natural harbour a little more difficult than most traders find comfortable. There have already been a number of close calls in delivering materials to the site. Of course, their nature having already been stated, a temple to their deific mother is also erected in town.
The wind fills their sails, pushing them onwards. Fanw must bless their mission. The first sight is a most unexpected one, an enormous sea turtle! This confirms now near-ancient reports of such a beast. But this is no time for marine biology, there are monsters to destroy. Further they sail, past the evergrowing Nests of men-like turtles, and by Fanw! (>>4978392) a sea wall stretching high than their ships in these (relatively) shallow waters! (>>4979672) They crest a rocky head, the other side of which is barren tundra darting with man-shaped shadows.
[B] The Arch-Bishop of New Ava's stirs in his sleep. He sees a terrible dream in which he is on a sail boat, traversing a fiery sea which screams like the condemned, where the waves threaten to capsize him at any moment. He calls out to Thistlepaw to save him, whereupon a magnificent white ship crests the near horizon. It sails beside him and lowers a ladder, but when he boards, the ship is empty. He spends what feels like days examining the vessel, the rigging, the cannon great & small, the masts & sails, even down into the hull. He tastes the tack, the sour dried fruits, even the grog in fat barrels. He goes to taste another barrel, only to find it full of a black, strange smelling powder. When he finally awakes, he finds he has sweat right through his nightshirt, he cares not; He throws open his window to see the chill blue sky of spring, and cries out in relief. For tyrns after he will see the ship in his mind as clear as if he were still aboard.
Do not let it be said that the Fraternians do not learn from adversity, for this war has driven many an innovation, only the latest of which are these methods of close-quarters combat and anti-boarding lessons. Another weapon in their arsenal is the spell of Blight. It is, bluntly, a repugnant thing the mages have concocted, to poison another's life force so that it sours and turns against them. In another world such a thing would be worse than heretical, in this violent land it is a necessity.

Each race, pondered one Conductor of note, has within them their own unique harmony. Some are more in-tune with this inner harmony than others, and some, it now seems, are more in-tine with the harmony of another race. This may well be what has happened to the few within Calibrus who now hum the song of Theatra. If that were true, it also suggests that one may become attuned to the harmony of another race over time. More, if it were true for the discordant peoples (though to many polite Simfuni, this is considered a derogatory slur), then it might just be doubly so for the Simfuni. Of course, this is all theoretical, but the data has begun to mount in the theory's favour.
(>>4979729) The methods of the Simfuni are a mystery to all, including many of the Instruments themselves. Not least of which including the grotesquerie they have conjured up on the northern border, atop a hill peering into Fraternian lands. It bears the twisted visage of a Man, as if one had only felt a face and not seen it, in a rather impossible pose. It is so large, that the vague outline of it may be seen from across the plain in Hollybrook. That it had appeared overnight, on the remarkably peaceful border, is nothing short of a perverse miracle.
Additional pillars are lifted, followed closely by a naos of simple construction. Already pilgrims come to worship, even as scaffold is raised & bricks are still being laid.
Each tribe upon Syph follows one of two paths; Civilisation, or Destruction. The Gali it seems have chosen, or had chosen for them, the former. Of course, history has shown that even the civilised are capable of tearing themselves apart, and with the astonishing power within the Gali, such a feat would be spectacularly trivial for them. Somewhere deep within themselves they know this, the fragile nature of it all, and they take it to heart. Hoping to further their way down the path of Civilisation, they search once more for what may lie beneath the icy shelf they call home. Where before it had been in search of metal for weapons, now they seek for less brutal means. Following the seam of jet they find where it ends, continuing to fan out they find pebbly earth under the ice, followed by something remarkable in the foundations of Sana. It sparkles more brilliant than silver, and far harder too: Platinum.

>Everlasting Waters
The Laga redouble their efforts in this Blackstone Conflict, though it is that many of them were not even calves in the pod when it had started.
The Anaye have, it seems, an innate ability to become master over another. Thankfully the Cardinal Ants are not intelligent enough to know they are being taken advantage of. The Ants are lashed to ploughs or carts as beasts of burden, and fed steady diet of moonfruit scraps. Though the understanding between the two species is near-to-non-existent, there is just enough to know that the Ants are sending up those who are not known in the hive to pull their own weight, and that as long as the best of the fruit continues hive-wards, and the Queen remains contented, there will be nothing done about this little "vassalage".

Ignoring the foreign ruins, the Drya continue claiming northwards, where they find yet more, and more well preserved ruins. Given these surrounds, it is primarily the free-willed Sonyakians who take to these new lands and waters, turning them green with their great numbers.
In search of their own explosives, the Drya turn to the Purebreeds once again. The ample sap has yet to be used up, after all. With caution they get to work, planting whatever conjures up that fiery dread in their minds. Before long a small shrub grows from the plot, which blossoms with small yellow flowers, not too dissimilar in shape to Anayen helmet. These then fall away to small, round, green seed-pods, which after some time dry and violently explode. Well, violently explode for an ape-calf-high shrub. No, the real explosive force comes when the seed-pods are gathered, dried by the Giver, and ground fine. [Dryanots in doc, not to be confused with likely upcoming Dryanoughts or Dryanauts]
>Big Totem
In very much the wrong place at the wrong time, Big Boss's explosive stunt has devastated the Warband's morale. Though only Zhog and the smallest handful of the most intelligent, or really rather least droolingly stupid, of his greenskins came to understand the strange wrongness they feel inside them; Their souls(?) had been given over to Big Totem. Zhog's meeting with Big Boss had been a resounding success for her, as the Warband agrees to be incorporated and spread throughout her provinces. Despite their name, they are a primarily peaceful bunch, who have no need or even interest to devour their now-kin as the Totemic Goblins do. How such a turn will effect the Gobbos, well, only Big Totem knows.
Though it is the will of Big Totem that all Goblins must inevitably die a gruesome and painful death, it need not be up to chance when such a thing should occur. What good are Gob-gibs if they're not going in a belly?! What were we on? Oh yes, explosives. The fertiliser that had allowed them to spread so far and wide, also just so happens to let them spread bits of other things far and wide. In an explosion. Trial and disastrous error leads to innovation in such an area, chiefly that the rock be ground finer than the white flour of Rusmo-Naza, then it may be mixed with the black ashes left from a bonfire (also ground fine!). There is some thought of combining the two stinky rocks together, but even Goblins can't much stand the smell of sulphur long enough to grind it to a smelly powder.
Dangerously rocking their boats and rafts, so ready are they for slaughter, the Goblins go wherever they are told to in hopes of blood to lap up and spilled guts to play in. It seems the message of great Big Boss can be, at times, ignored.

The great Maglak grows greater still, as warrens dig deep, wide, and far.


-The Aphthys Affair-

The Gali continue their rampage through the lichtower, destroying whatever wicked things they cannot hope to understand. Piles of corpses, tomes of no-doubt evil knowledge, vile experiments on the dead. They race in circles in search of stairs or ladders, up and up they climb the endless tower in search of that foul Lich, who still chants away. There is a crashing roar from outside the near-windowless structure, like thunder inside one's own head. Then screams. Galissian screams. Screams of terror, unimagined. Screams that go on, and on, and on. Outside the tower, the Lich slumps, spent of its magics. It had had time to conjure what it wanted. The Gali breaks down the balcony doors, pummelling the Lich in this body to nothing but paste. But his rage fails him, as the terrible form of a great black beast circles overhead.

-Thios Massacre-

The final push is both dramatic, and anti-climactic. The city falls, the ports are scourged, the Goblins are routed into the sea to drown, or else the snapping jaws of hungry Turtles. What must now be decided is what to do with all this infrastructure.

-The Blackstone Conflict-

With the stalemate in the hills dragging on, the Do'larosha are called away, for something transpires in Aphthys. The lines do not move, they have not moved, many are beginning to worry they will never move.
Refreshed, the Fraternian navy seek to destroy the coral carbuncle off their coast. The job is near-complete when Sennite forces arrive. The two begin to skirmish, Dryad arrows against Fraternian ballistae bolt. Boarding ropes are cut, but those who do board find fierce resistance. Dryad ships are sunk by the monstrous shot the Men fire, whilst their own see action leading to capture. Each side limps home, smaller than they started, bruised, bloody, with dead they cannot bury. All over a coral fort.
The Goblins in their boats begin with Laga guard to set out across the Pyrric Waters, but as even the Whales find the currents unpredictable, subversive, but most of all dangerous!, they retreat back to New Venezia to rethink their plans.

Word is given from the Wandering Market of a terrible pall over Aphthys, which they had avoided entirely upon seeing.
[R] The Do'larosha have a knack for hearing intelligible things where others hear only noise, and another for disregarding information that doesn't well suit them at the time. Who knows what riches or strange mysteries the Shadows might have found if they weren't so focused on keeping an ear out for news of hidden resources? Nevertheless, this is what they had hoped to hear, as a cache of a black rock which burns is found below their feet on the border 'tween Achroma's lake and the Dakan.
(>>4979109) The Rabbits had dismantled a great deal of the ship as shelter on the tundra, but there still remains fragments of the whole; Either too difficult to deconstruct or proving shelter enough already. The Great Cabin for instance is remarkably intact, having been used for the priests and what remains of the royal family. It is still possible to determine some methods of construction from the larger pieces of the hulk, (>>4979729) but of the cannon and clumpy powder not really anything can be gained. They are handed over to the Fraternians, in hopes they may be able to do something with them. Meanwhile every nail and splinter is gathered from the tundra, and what remains of the Rabbits' presence destroyed, covered over with snow. In half a tyrn's work it is as if the ice were never touched. On the other ends of the earth however, the hardy Do'la of Pyr do as they are ordered, digging up the bones which litter the rocky earth.

Auspicious day! for the Great Mother swims the freezing seas! (>>4979212) But she is not all that passes through these waters.
The distance between The Nest and Nesthri is unfathomable to the land-bound races of Syph but for the amphibious Children of Iti, it was nothing. Of course, it took a full tyrn just to get halfway there, but at least there was plenty to munch on along the way. The ports help a great deal, with organisation, logistics, not to mention the possibility of now producing merchant vessels, or perhaps something to help tip this war in favour of the Entente.
Speaking of munchings, with the supply of Gobmeat now at or nearing its end, something fleshy is once again needed to fill their Turtly bellies. Perhaps the impressive farms just over the river inspired them, or perhaps not. Either way, fat silver fish are on the menu.
With plans already in motion, what is needed now are bodies. Numbers are called up from both mainland nests to join their brothers in Nesthri. It will be a long journey, especially with families in tow, but it must be done. These plan call for arms, also, and armour to cover these arriving bodies. Much gold is spent importing iron from the Laga, the Anaye, the Drya, it doesn't matter who, it just needs smelting and forging! [already have a mega-forge on the island, so made this action for mass production of arms & armour]
1. Survey in the beautiful Minotaur land
2. Build more walls
Dybet's army is gathering strength, it'll take time for their experience to accumulate, it's not like the marines and warriors which we could hire at a moment's notice, this army is long term. Who knows, maybe we can use it to aid the Dryads later, but we have a long way to go, not to mention outfitting them. Madoc looks from the Dyb palace, watching people bustle and enjoying a goblet of ice, courtesy of the Cult of Undine's frost mages, now that they aren't so busy keeping Uni's body cold.

Action 1: Launch Expedition to the West, toward Megyros.
For how long has this wealthy neighbour been sitting just opposite the Danos Highlands? It does not have the mineral wealth of our land or the blessed waters of Undine, but it is still a formidable river valley civilisation that has remained untapped for so long. We must get over there, in fact, those dwarves that informed us will be invaluable to act as translators. Even so, we will prepare treasures, marines, and scrolls of communication.

Action 2: Establish Dryad Gardens.
For a long time our scholars have been fascinated by the men of wood, the Dryads, from the distant land of Bandru'ii, but one discovery has gotten the interest of farmers: The Dryads can taste the quality of soil, like we can tell if meat is overcooked or undercooked. This property is invaluable for getting the best harvest and after consulting the Dryads a simple arrangement is made. We will make a garden for the Dryads, they get to sample the soil and our choice of fertiliser, and they tell us which one works best. They even get to sample the cattle which grow fat and juicy with the harvests. These Dryad Gardens will be paradise for the Dryads, and thus motivate them to do their best for an even better experience.
1. With the pourable stone being such a boon to construction in practically all sectors, it gives the engineers a bit of time to experiment with other things. a group labeling themselves the "Society of Energy" have recently begun to experiment with finding practical applications and ways to improve the aeolipile engine.

2. With flintlock mechanisms now the standard, and already ideas on their improvements on the way in their due time, the military engineers have brought another gunpowder based weapon to the table. In addition to Guns, Grenades and Cannon; they bring the firelance. Meant as a sort of propelled version of a grenade, the tip is an impact fuse, filled with shrapnel, compound, quicklime, etc. while the propellant chamber is mostly gunpowder, and made out of a combination of rolled steel and wood. With 4 small openings for gasses and the like to escape out of, initial prototypes show promise in getting range, then falling down upon the foe, or straight into them at full speed.
Action 1: Lobrarra Lobye-bye (that was awful)

Get rid of it. This action tax has weighed on me for 3 threads, trash it.

Action 2: Expansion

Fully claim all of Holy Hollow, and reclaim the apothecaries dream.
Fluff: Thankfully this is one of the few times the magic works without great pain, much like the earliest spells the ability to see in the pitch black night is granted unto them without severe damage.
1 action: religion
Despite everything. Even through the hardships of losing the purest land, they survive and are once more able to exist under the moonlight without fighting for their lives every night for a little bit of time. While it might be hard to see the moon through the thick canopy, let the guiding purity of Tokki continue to lead the way. For even in defeat the Usagi do not truly fall, they merely wane like the moon. Soon enough they will wax, and when that time comes there will not be anything that can stop them

1 action: Scavenge the area for resources.
It’s a small land so hopefully it can be properly searched. The metal tools that exist grow fragile so hopefully there will be something in the dirty ground that can be pulled up and refined
File: Turn.png (19 KB, 590x534)
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19 KB .png
>Action 1: South Mountain Survey
Only three districts of the crescent mountain have so far felt the touch of surveyor's tools, and those during earlier hillside surveys. But as the population of the mountain grows, so does the desire to know what lurks within the rocks beneath. Surveyors are commissioned to try to find just what resources the mountain Dwarves might unknowingly own.

>Action 2: Megyros Hill Survey
And at the same time, a deal worked with the Durranos of Megyros leads to the commissioning of a Dwarven Survey amidst the lands of the hills owned by the Minotaurs. After all, the Minotaurs have welcomed the Dwarves into these hills, and much of the population of the Megyran Danod are now Gylden. We work to see what it is that our communities have been bought here to do; how we may play our part in enriching these lands through hard and honest work.
1. Continue to claim the coastline up through the ruins of the goblin city and to their old harbor. We must ensure proper facilities to ensure their removal from the land.
2. Two plantations for the Dryanots will be made in the lands that border the Catan bay. It seems fitting to grow such a plant near where the foolish apes destroyed themselves. Maybe the residual power they used can aid in the growth of these plants.
War Post:
This will be our first attack upon a true Goblin stronghold. It seems even these feral creatures can sometimes be capable of a bit more.

As with the trench, so to now, we will begin by digging. Tunnels beneath the ground. Trenches above. Preparing for a great push towards the goblin fortress to the north of the Whale Territories. If we take that, the rest of the goblin regions will fall and become a new farmland for us and we remove a threat from our new Whale allies

1. Prepare siege equipment around Nesthri to assault the Goblins to the north of the isle
2. Prepare tunnels and trenches in our signature underground style of warfare, we can use the whale fortress north of Maui Lotti as a starting point
3. Build a road from Nesthri to Maui Lotti to facilitate movement from the town to the new front line of the War of the Feast
NEW ACTIONS (cause I wasn't informed about the goblin war to the northa lready ebing won)

1. Those weird tree people are taking the goblni city and the old harbor. Let them. Work on occupying the farm, mines and that old ruined fortress

2. Start converting the old farm into a new Goblin Ranch, to raise more meat for the Turtle War effort.
Begin preparations as needed for establishing a beach head somewhere on the Goblin territory on the mainland, we will need to be ready for a fierce amphibious assault
>Everlasting Waters

The art of using our fish commanding in mass as a means of War has been present, but never considered in a means such as this.

>Laga now carry "crabitats" on their backs, large buckets filled with swimming crabs, which can be directed to pinch and drag attackers down under the water.

Speciality crab farms in Mauna.

With the construction in Arfordirwedi'isianel moving at a good pace, the now finished builders would move onto the construction of a lighthouse to better navigate the dangerous corals that were near Arfordirwedi'isianel as well as a sizable smithy due to the natural fact that it's location was not far at all from the many iron deposits between the two rivers. The town was most certainly growing quickly, though a question was how long this would last. Really, it was likely that more work would come in and as such more people would come to live there sooner rather than later due to the very close by untouched deposits that seemed to make the area between the two rivers rich. But even so, the city would take time to grow, and in time things likely would slow down, as they always do eventually. However the focus of what the Fanwyic would do in the near future, after the Fanw forsaken were dealt with, was something that to most was likely up in the air to most. Yet it was quite likely their focus would return to a mix of what it was in the past, further development of the lands for farming and for mining.

Meanwhile, the ship continued it's journey. The ancient turtle is naturally something that proves to be something the crew celebrates, for just as it was seen ages in the past as a good omen, so too does it shine as one now. Still, the sights along the sea's are certainly new compared to the older maps, though even so this only meant that the vile beasts couldn't have landed their without being wiped out. And so, they continued, seeing the shockingly tall wall and the strange shadows, continuing onward. They knew what they were looking for. They knew it would be easy enough to find once they spotted them. They knew that once their work was done all that was needed was to return home to relay the location, and finish off the blight upon the world.

>Action One. Construct a smithy and a lighthouse at Arfordirwedi'isianel.

>Action Two. Keep searching...Ideally this doesn't become a action sink like the Fanw Forsaken place of the south was...
>TFW you forget to change names
Pask moves the many manufactured Ballistae to the grand walls of Indomitable Glory, the Ministers of the Ministry working constantly as miles upon miles are watched over by great batteries of emplaced bastions, the many large boltd prepared for them in the Inculcation Forge stored for rapid access. With this done The Grand Ministry moves onto the final steps of its great project.

Action 1: With Indomitable Glory fully erected, many are the powerful runes placed upon it, the stone strengthened vastly and repelling the weary effects of rain and snow, or even boulder, that may be hurled against it.

Action 2: Pask begins the development of yet more subrunes, implementing them immediately.

Force Tilted Triangle: This simple yet critical sub runic pattern serves the purpose of expressing a simple short range burst of force, at minimum enough to notably stagger a man, and increasing with larger runic representation upon a page or object. This rune is applied to the gloves of Paskian ministers as a potent tool, staggering foes for the necessary extra edge in combat or allowing the non-lethal suppression of an combatant. It is also utilized in mining tools for the purposes of weakening rock and clearing away debris among others. A larger variant of the rune is rarely applied to the cloaks or armors of select Ministers, allowing them to cause a burst of force in a particular direction with much greater force. The most powerful rendition of the rune is applying a high number of them to arrows and crossbow bolts and ballistae bolts, so that when fired the arrow/bolt explodes with a great burst of powerful force, sure to brutalize our foes or tear them apart.

Flame Square: This simple yet vital rendition of the Flame rune causes, when activated, a simple jet of flame to be projected. Easily adjustable, this Rune is used often for the cooking of food or creation of controlled fires within Pask, such as within forges and bakeries. For military usage this rune is, like the Force Tilted Triangle, applied to the gloves of Paskian Ministers, allowing them to project a gout of flame up to 30 meters away at most, along with other usages based on a soldiers creativity. It is ocassionally applied ro weapons for the production of flames of a more convenient nature, though these flames are far from adjustable like those with a glove. Lastly the Flame Square is applied to arrows and bolts, so that on impact they release torrents of flame in all directions, sure to burn and kill those near and surrounding the site.
Posted on behalf of the Megyros

Ambassadors are sent to the Dwarves and the Shadowfolk to learn their respective languages.
Rumour please

Ask the dreamer about what bees make the best honey in all of the rings
Posted on behalf of the GFU

Action 1
Research gunpowder based on the vision and ruined powder we have

Action 2
Research the advanced cannons we have based on the vision and examples we have come into ownership of.
>Fluff - Open trade routes with Megyros, allow them to learn Lo'Tak, and open trade routes with the dwarves.
Cease trade with Pask, we no longer need their food.

Action 1 - Teach Usagi Lo'tak.
It is time they learn to speak in a way that does not use the disgusting Albionic tongue.

Action 2 - Build Market and Temple in Usagi lands.
The Do'laroshans have heard many a horror story from the Simfuni, back in friendlier times, about the Usagi and their terrible ways. The watchful eye of Achroma, along with the Merchants and Shaman tribes plying their ways, will thread the Do'laroshan lifestyle into their own.
File: map52.png (1052 KB, 2048x2628)
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1052 KB .png

[B] The days are long and warm, the nights are pleasantly cool. When the rains come, they are soft and refreshing. It once more a season of joyous relief.

(>>4995289) As a favour to the Minotaurs, the Oni have agreed to prospect the river valley from spring to sea. In their long hours of work they discover why two certain regions grow so well! It is the presence of volatile rock-fertiliser beneath the silt.
The greatest weakness of many an Oni is paranoia, something which even infects Benmi from time to time. It is just such paranoia which push for the construction of walls in the east. Though many a Devil may secretly lust after the jackal-folk there, they are just as likely a threat as a romantic conquest.

(>>4995289, >>4988758, >>4986272) It is a short journey through the upper Naios into the Danos, where the expedition of scholars, merchants, and their guard of course, are greeted with caution. The highlands are sparsely populated, home mostly to the occasional goatherd, Dwarven hermit, or strolling priest of the great temple on the hill. But such a delegation is quick to arouse interest as well as suspicion, and soon other Minotaurs and Dwarves are come to greet them, as well as one of those giant Devils!
The Dryads are given a garden of their own where their deal is done. It stands between the length of the Din, and the spring of the Un. The land is fertile, surprisingly so for being so near to desert and shrubby hills. It is not long before roots are sunk deep into the silt, a soil richer than anything in the Rings, though it may be blasphemous to suggest such a thing.

With one revolutionary innovation under their belt, it is no wonder another is close behind. The aeolipile is easy to enlarge, though coal-hungry, and with the addition of a shaft and flywheel, the rotational energy may be equally as easily used to run mills, rollers, and whatever else the Men may wish to turn!
The firelance, as the engineers call it, is a screaming, rocketing success. If perhaps not always the most accurate.

The surveyors are sent up into the Crescent mountains to scour every last cubit. It is no time before they have found seams of led in the northerly reaches, and then a great deal of ordinary rock, before finding the most brilliant vermilion in the south [cinnabar]. (>>4995289) In Megyros too the Gylden surveyors are hard at work. Whilst the Oni are scouring the valley, the Dwarves search the hills. In great abundance they bring up coal up north, and in the very tail of the Danos, a glittering stone [P. Stone, decide between you and Megyros which it is]
[R] The the winds of trade come gossip, petty things as a possible price raise here, or shortage there, but to a race of treefolk what pricks their woody ears is news of their better rooted cousins. Tales of trees which never shed their emerald leaves in farthest northern reaches, of trees which grow happily in sand in Dybet, of trees which give their white blood freely & happily in the dark Harja, or trees which grow a thousand fruit each tyrn in the lands of the far off Durranos.
[NM] After such a long rest, the Dreamer is once again awakened. She greets the few gathered Dryads warmly, before creaking loudly and pardoning herself. The question is given, and she smiles, "It is good to be asked such a delightful thing for a change! Ha!" straight away she gets to thinking, her old face scrunching this way and that "Now children, I am no apiarist, but oh am I clever... If I do say so myself. The bees of the Holy Hollow will give a honey most reviving, whilst those of that 'dream' will give a honey most treacherous. The sweetest honey may be found in Winchester Forest, and the most golden far south in hairy hands." She remains alert for a great while afterwards, smacking her old lips at the thought of honey. [IC for follow ups]
Thankfully kept trapped within the Cano swamp, the invasive Lobarra is cut down, revealing beneath trees in a truly sorry state. Their spirits sing thanks to their deliverers.
It was perhaps the brief, thoroughly unwelcome incursion of Shadows into their land which push the Dryads into the true claiming of their outlying regions, lest similar occur.

[Waning Gibbous]
Little more than surviving can occur whilst much of the land is still reeking of impurity. Diligent as ever, the priests set to work purifying the lands they now own. It is a long task, requiring the creation of a new moonlit pool as the last of their holy water is used. There is much dancing, chanting, bowing & kneeling, but it is all well worth the effort, as even the common Bunny feels the difference it has brought. It is like breathing deeply the crisp morning air, after being shut indoors for the night. There is rejoicing throughout the town, even the often solemn Tokki is seen to clap and smile with the festivities. Now that it is pure, Rabbits are sent to search for what lay beneath the dark soil. Along the coast there is little of value, but beneath the foundations of Kurai the fortune of silver greets them, and west of there is malleable lead.

A clear, if not openly declared, goal in mind, the Drya continue their coastal expansion, before finally reaching the northern extent of the Laga empire.
The Dryanot are found to grow well in the built up river silt north-east of the Catan Bay, spreading over the waterfront most spectacularly. Were their a Catan around to see, it would be like some cruel Drya joke, the countless little pops which sound out in the harvest season.
(>>4991608) With the Drya taking greedly of coastal lands, the Turtles get to slowly inhabiting the standing Goblin infrastructure, although they do manage to stake their claim on the land which holds the ruined fort. Turtles are soon enough found investigating the sulphur and fossil mines. Not only that, but the Turtles have already set about corralling the few living Goblins they have found into high-fenced pens on what was once Totemic farmland.
But now the young have gotten a taste of fresh Gobmeat, they already plan another war. This time on the mainland...

>Everlasting Waters
There is a Laga saying which translates roughly as "A fish will follow orders gladly, but a crab will be snippy about it". It is unknown if this crossed the minds of the odd Whales who designed the 'Crabitats'; Back-strung cages host to a species of large-pincered crustacean which are sonically commanded to attack. To supply them, the Selin Oasis of Mauna is transformed into a vast crab farm. Of course they have the added benefit of being delicious, and profitable.

The town is well placed by any definition; navigable water ways, a mere hop and a skip from the highway, fertile soils, and most of all unending industrial possibility. A forge would do more than well in such a place! In order to continue the safe expansion of Arfordirwedi'isianel however, something must be done about the coral outcropping. It is suggested it be detonated, but the more sensible option of a lighthouse wins out. (>>4992403) However, when crew row out to inspect the rock, they find it hollow, and more surprisingly, full of Laga! Confused Albionic greetings are exchanged. [I will get the IC started, you'll get the lighthouse either atop the coral fort, or nearby on the next map]
(>>4988224, >>4995356) The ships slow, the wind against them now. But it doesn't matter, for they have found their quarry in the trees of the Deadwood as they are celebrating some no doubt Fanw-forsaken holy day. But always nearby them are yellow eyed shadow, things, watching closely the majesty of Fanwen ships.

The great length of Indomitable Glory depletes the stock of runes from the Grand Devisary to nothing but subsistence papers. The effort no doubt caught the attention of Injunction for its sheer enormity. The scarcity is no doubt made worse by the rigid focus of the Devisers on their latest runic devisings.

(>>4988758, >>4995356) A nicely appointed ship sails to Æbleholm, full of scholars. They have come to learn the languages of the Dwarves and the far-away Shadowfolk, knowing here to be the best to find both of these trading partners. Of course an amount of gold coin is included, to ease such an arrangement.
The powder the Do'la have provided is much like what the Arch-Bishop had described, though wetted. It is dried and re-ground, but when lit simply burns with a rotten odour. Obviously when it was drowned with the ship, it lost some vital part. The prelate goes over the feel and the smell of the stuff in his night-vision, and concludes what it is missing is a particulate of ochre colour and smell of, bluntly, shit. There is only one thing known the the Fraternians which fits the bill, rock-fertiliser. This combined knowledge is proved true in testing and the Grand Fraternian Union joins an explosive league.
Onto the bored weapon the Shadows delivered. It is an alloy of copper and another metal, almost certainly tin to make bronze, but it cannot be determined what else may have been included, or at what ratio. The design, along with small improvements the Bishop offers, are drafted. They are most certainly cast-moulded as there are no joins. Experimentation finds it easiest to cast them vertically, with the moulds dug into the earth, though for now they are deficient, being cast solely in copper.

(>>4988224) No more should the tongue of the insufferable Dander be a necessary evil, now that the Rabbits may speak Lo'tak. With language comes something far more important however, trade. The combination of a market and temple is erected in the shared land, to ease the flow of that most vital of Do'laroshan talents.


-The Blackstone Conflict-

The bloodshed has, for the tyrn at least, now ended. The First Treaty of the Quarry is nowhere near perfect, there are a good deal of wrinkles to iron out yet, but a ceasefire is agreed.

1. Build road from Chikaa to the eastern wall
2. Invent machine crossbows
Action 1: Lobarra

Action 2: Repair Kaelgate, create sulphur mine

Action 3: Dryad Gardens

The Carvil’ax’seset are offered an opportunity to send retirees to a desert paradise to live out the rest of their days before entering torpor, a wonderful opportunity, and one that may enrich the rings, for each dryad sent is worth its weight in gold, quite literally, wealth flowing to the rings as an agricultural revolution strikes the Dybeti, and the dryads responsible live in paradise until their death, rebirth and departure back to the rings.
1. There is still lands formally unclaimed by our nation to the north. While there have been settlements in the area for some time, it is now our opportunity to actually change our maps to include them. Oh, and the former city of Kyo is to be designated for the Prenhaearn colony. We know they had some plans for it...

2. With many mines structurally stable and thoroughly deprived of all oxygen during our mop-up operations, golems are sent in, and operations resumed on as many mines as we can, preferably Iron mines which the rabbits possessed.

3. And with the habitation of the north comes concerns for food. Fortunately there are hills. While many may find that statement confusing, records dating back to the time of the State illustrate how to perform terrace farming. Thus, farms are to be set up in the north.
With the creation and defense of Indomitable Glory completed, The Grand Ministry can finally turn its attention onto a matter of the utmost importance, the assistance of Injunction in this new land.

Action 1: The Grand Ministry begins the creation of The High Beacon, a great and mighty tower meant for the purposes of vastly increasing Injunctions foothold within this land. The High Beacon shall be created a few miles from Obron, designed to draw upon Injunctions presence directly in this new land.

Action 2: While the construction goes on, The Grand Ministry notes that the monumental tasks it has accomplished have dampened its stores of runes. Thus it puts a temporary moratarium on new runic applications while the Devisers build a great stockpile of runes for Pask's many many purposes, to be lifted when the Grand Devisery overflows with runic papers or a new situation takes precedent.

>The Boon of a Birth
Amidst the long warm Guldfar-blessed days of relief, a second son is born to Kalnthrunr Zuvrek and Rehilda. The lad is named Korek, for his grandfather.

>Action 1: A surfeit of Brass
With use of Brass and Brass goods in increasing demand to an expanding number of trade partners, it is decided that production should be increased. The water-driven forges of Ulzrailk are to be expanded, and a new mine is to be struck - for either copper near Makriaz or for Zinc near Ulzrailk itself, dependent on which component is currently more in demand by the Brassmakers.

>Action 2: Mines in the Mountains
The discovery of new resources upon the flanks of the great mountains necessitates new mines, so the metallurgists and alchemists may make use of the interesting properties of these chemicals. A mine is struck for Lead, and a mine is struck for Cinnabar.

>Action 3: Defenses of the Realm
There is increasing traffic upon the northern seas. Whilst Bandruii and Simfuni traffic is welcomed, the 'Pig-thieving' Dolshara are also showing in greater numbers, and there are rumours of lifeforce-killers and dead-beings from still colder lands plying the waters. To watch the northern waters with greater care, a fortress is raised upon the western bank of the Rodikol upon the headland at the mouth of the river. And the town of Makriaz raises for itself thick Dwarven walls around the settlement.
>Rumour request

Though it is said that Dwarven alchemists once dreamed of transmuting lead and many other base chemicals and metals into purest gold, the practical Dwarves soon came to realisation that the only true way to make gold from these compounds was by creating something inventive and useful from them that could be sold or used. And so we look to the Dwarven alchemists of today; what useful chemicals and compounds are they creating and adding to the repertoire of Dwarven knowledge?
Fluff: Reports reveal that apparently some enemy ships recently. The shadows have proposed a solution and the rabbits shall comply as a means of avoiding further unnecessary conflict, as well as to avoid a complete loss.

Global event response: Finally... some respite to wash away the tragedy of the past... now all that there is to do is prevent the tragedy of the future...

2 actions: combat training
It’s important now more than ever that we learn from how our foes fought in the past as well as their equipment and their fighting techniques. Some of it cannot be imitated entirely but substituted may be made. This time around we shall focus on aiming for enemy weak spots to provide minimal resistance in having to smash or slash through their armor, as well as further training to avoid getting hit in close quarters combat. A mechanism will be devised to help emulate the giant size and speed of the enemy. Hopefully this will better us for future trials and tribulations.

1 action: Begin pulling Silver from the ground and make a forge.
The ones keeping us spirited away require metals for their magic as we require metals for our religion. For what purpose it is unknown, but if it is their magic keeping us hidden then they shall have their magic.

Rumor: What do the other Usagi and beings around have to say
Third Action: With the training of the mind complete, the Ministry turns its attention to the complete training of the body. The Ministers of Pask are trained with great intensity in the many Paskian ways of battle, taking technical knowledge learned in their minds and applying it for the purposes of the brutal crucible of combat. The Paskian style of battle emphasizes both strict adherence to command, and a preparedness for the grim chaos of battle. Soldiers are trained in a fighting style that emphasizes brutal and nigh-symbolic blows, along with steadfast guards and notable footwork, along with heavy usage of their runic capabilities. Pask's archers and crossbowmen are also heavily trained in the usage of their weaponry, along with a general competency in rock slinging amongst its soldiers.

The season of peace washes over the rings, and the Sennites rejoice as envelops them.
With the war slowly but surely grinding to a halt and the sun shining fair an atmosphere of joviality and celebration is fostered from the youngest saplings to eldest elders, winter markers cropping up, elders giving out strawberries and other treats to the young ones, and some slack given to the spirits who are under contracts for one reason or another.

The long war is over, Bandrus daughters now rule ocean and land, claiming two full islands and immeasurably vast tracts of land, ruling almost every great forest in the world.

Bandru Va’siya, Taqsim Woods, Winchester Forest, Pugh Woods, Dalu Forest, and The Tanglegarden, each and every one of them united under the banner of the Daughters of Sen.

The sun rises and sets and the rains billow and trickle across their new empire, this marking the birth of a new age and a transformation of the Bandru’ii into more than wooded hunters and regional queens, but an organised, mercantile, populous and magically adept Empire.

Relations with other nations begin opening up more, the dryads no longer content to trade with just the dwarves and other co-operative members, Canonwood diplomatic vessels hitting the waves in a desire to acquaint themselves with the others of this world.
Event: A joyous event; the Protector gives their blessing again. Truly our culling of the green vermin is appreciated by the god.
1. Those goblins still around are rounded up and put into special farm villages. Blocked by fences and guarded by dryki to act as herders they shall be given seeds to grow their own food and shall in turn be butchered to feed the Drya or act as fertilizer. Two of these farms shall be built in the north. All other goblins found outside of these farms shall be regarded as an infestation and all Drya allowed to hunt them without repercussion or fear of destabilizing the food chain.
2. With the Dryanots being farmed weapons to mimic those shown at the end of the long ago war with the jackal apes will be created. Steel leaf and steelwood will be woven together to a hollow tube where the Dryanot powder will be put in along with a fitted steelleaf, flechette like, projectile or multiple with a hole to strike an ember to the powder and explode it. A new weapon; and one soon to be tested.
3. Fossils are not new, the Laga have been trading them for some time, but this is the first that the Purebreeds have given the time to look into them. Having some in lands they claim helps. The ancient amber is once again taken out and fossils brought in. The hardened bones are viewed by the purebreeds as the amber is taken in search of what these creatures once were.
The cities of Anubira and Sekhmira erupts into Undine festivals once more, the Cults are more than happy to sponsor such celebrations, though the Cult of Undine remains the most prominent. Other races join in, especially the Children of Fanw, since to the eyes of those living in the harsh north, the Dyne valley looks like a garden paradise, one which few in their homeland could even imagine. Dancing and various waterthemed events aplenty in the streets and along the Dyne, streets awash with blue cloth and people wearing body paint to celebrate.

Action 1: Develop Dyb Great Khopesh, with Prenhearn's Blessed Steel.
The Dyb military has problems supplying all their men with weaponry, some even using farm tools. However Madoc isn't satisfied with the current state-of-the-art weaponry, the steel sickle-sword. So he pulls weaponsmiths from Prenhearn and has Anub swordsmiths work with Blessed Steel, to design a weapon making full use of it's properties. The result is a sword-glaive (similar to the Nagamaki), the grip is the length of the blade and the blade is the length of a claymore's, but it still has a sickle-sword-like construction, though it now boasts a robust stabbing point, for when slashing fails to penetrate the armour. The Great Khopesh is as long as the Anubisid is tall, it's a two-handed weapon but that also makes it very strong, able to cleave even armoured Anubisids in twain.

However, these blades are property of the state, to be provided as the Pharaoh demands. Soldiers leaving the army have to relinquish it, thus ensuring only those the Pharaoh permit has one, preventing it from ending up in the hands of usurpers or criminals. It also lets us distribute it uniformly instead of anyone hoarding them for their value.

Action 2: Water Priestess/Mage recruitment drive by the Cult of Undine.
The Cult of Undine seeks to exploit this fortune by filling their ranks with more girls and women, since surely there will be more blessed seasons if there are more priestesses. Of course, they need to have places for them to work, so they make them tend to the shrines along the Dyne, make more shrines, further our studies of water magic, make sure people don't do bad things to the water and of course spread the word of Undine.

Bonus Action: Make more farms along the Dyne.
With the Dryads helping us find better and better fertiliser blends, it is high time we expand our farming to make full use of it, there is a tributary to the Dyne, the Un. It doesn't have as blessed water as the Din, but with the help of the Dryads, it wont be half bad either. Furthermore, the more farmer families we establish, the more farmer sons we'll have for our armies.
Posted on behalf of the Everlasting Waters


What first started as a widespread weapon, for all Laga, now has become an incorporated part of the Laga military. As new generations of the Crab Legion "Grist'ohana" are born, they only grow bigger.

The Children of Iti in the Sanctuary are prepared for the new trials ahead, training with their siblings in formation, carrying heavy loads, and learning to show no fear.

New ship workshop and Crab farm in Mauna.
Also, a [R]umor:

With information getting to the Daiimad about the thing in the woods, information is sought out by the Katedra. Hopefully something comes up.
Action 1:
Turtles want to craft the heaviest armor feasible, to make them as impervious to blows as possible. Only the strongest, oldest, biggest of turtles can wear these and only after decades of physical strength training carrying heavy rocks and heavy weapons and eating many goblins to get big can these be worn. Both Turtle Smiths and Turtle Warriors compete for who can carry the most inches of the finest steel as a second shell. And For our brothers across the sea too, they are even bigger than we are! See if some can be trained as heavily armored. . ."riding companions"

Action 2:
Practice how to cooperate with our 'riding companions'. The Turtles aren't yet used to the idea of Cavalry, but now is the best time to learn! Especially because our cousins can also snap and chomp and dig into the dirt like we can too. Learn Heavy Cavalry

Action 3:
Despite the best efforts of some of the more puritanical and virtuous among us. . .it seems not everyone shares their opinion. Some have unfortunately taken the term "Riding Companion" in a completely and utterly different manner.
There has come the appearance of certain new members among our society. Bigger than Turtle of the West, smarter than the average Turtle of the East. There are several names for them, "Ogr-Turtles" "Giganturtles" and "The Large Ones". Praised for their size and strength, though not necessarily their wit, they are still capable of higher thought than our island cousins and can carry even heavier armor and bigger weapons.

-Keep amassing Turtles, Weapons, and Armor for a great Amphibious operation to be conducted in coordinated fashion with our Island Allies of Whale and Tree. Have some forward Vanguard elements attempt to establish an aquatic scouting outpost just beneath the waters of the coast near the river of the Goblin Capital, gobbie can't hold his breath like we can
-Time has seen many instruments come and go in the wonderful melting pot that is New Venezia. From all over the world they gather, to all corners they disperse. Each bringing from them a little part of themselves, and adding to it a piece of the Simfuni. But not all instruments are born equal. Each one has a unique voice fit to themselves and their kind, a different part to play in the Great Melody. One such example are the Laga, children of the ocean as naturally gifted in the art of song as the Simfuni themselves. And their talents have not gone unnoticed here. Overtime many had come to settle in the city, and it wouldn't be too long before the Simfuni noticed their potential to climb even higher. As a result, many sought to polish the artistic nature of the Laga, inviting them to the school of arts to learn and grow. Its halls would flow with their song, their raw talent dancing through its very foundations. Soon after it would not become an uncommon sight to see a laga or few performing in the streets of New Venezia, or even having joined a band of Simfuni in their concerts.

-The denizens of Calibrus continue to show intriguing behavioral changes, but observation can only lead to so many conclusions. Perhaps it is time to gently lead them in song once more?

-Oh how wonderful the many voices of the earth. Silver, Iron, copper, they all ring in such pleasant tones. Yet among all, Silver is the most coveted. It's tone as pure as its shine. A craze sweeps across Theatra, many Simfuni aim to acquire new forms of expression and look to the readily available ores for such an outlet. A time of discovery follows shortly after, with Simfuni shaping all sorts of different instruments out of the metals to complement their songs. Many weird and often useless things would be made, but a few are born that would become sensations within the city. Chimes, bells, and horns would quickly become new additions in almost every burrow, Theatra's song growing ever more varied, and louder.

Fluff: As it was said before the rabbits would listen to what the shadows had in mind for a plan of action, and if that plan was to sink a few ships then the plan should be carried out post-haste.

2 actions: Combat training
(Remains as stated)

1 action: Go to ‘war’
Because the military cannot make an attack on anything without going to war first to get the meager funding there is.

War post: using materials gained from the shadows, the rabbits are to swiftly make their way across the frozen fields and over to the boats of these retreating beasts of impurity before they can report back. Destroying the ships is a top priority as anything else might leave evidence of where they reside.

(Remains as stated)
>Event Reaction
The pleasant weather is, of course, seen as a blessing from Achroma. Perhaps the end of this war was the right choice after all? It is time that measures be taken to ensure peace can remain for a while now...

... nah

Fluff - Attack the scouting ships if any manage to escape the Usagi. Ensure that none return alive to report of their presence. If the rabbits require tools and weapons, loan them out at affordable rates!
To further this, allow Fraternian people's to live alongside the Usagi. Let them blend in with the Fraternian versions of their peoples! (Make all coastal hexes shared GFU/Usagi/Do'la land.

>Achroma's Rumour
Once again, the nations' accrued wealth is presented to the great beast. How best may we please him?

>Library Action - Research a spell to alter one's appearance.
If we are to continue making our way in this world, we must explore a whole new way to hide, while yet remaining seen. A spell to alter one's appearance, even if limited, shall form a good foundation. The fairly feature-less forms of the Do'laroshans shall make for a good template!

>Action 1 - Practise art of prosthetics, make-up and other disguises.
The Shamans agree that the extended use of Sa'terif, their shadowy magics, has brought them perilously close to ruination. Along with the research done in the library, more mundane means of disguise are made. To practise, the Do'laroshans 'infiltrate' Fraternian areas, walking through markets disguised as humans.

>Action 2 - Teach Usagi Fraternian.
To aid in their disguises, they must learn to speak as natives. Practice will make perfect, but the Shadowfolk get them started!

>Action 3 - Build Platinum Mine on Thisi.
With potential peace looming, it is time to return to the time-honored tradition of being the richest sons of bitches that grace this land.

With the continued prosperity of the town of Arfordirwedi'isianel, and a closer area for metals to be shipped to and processed, the deposits of lead discovered by clan Protheroe would finally be struck into by miners. Naturally, both deposits would be worked into, and this would likely aid the new towns growth and rising productivity. It was likely not going to be too long until the mines were profitable, what with them being the only source of lead in Prenhaearn, but it was likely only going to be a minor enhancement rather than something major. After all, it wasn't like they struck tin, silver, gold, platinum, or some sort of gems. Regardless this work wouldn't be the only done near the town, as the salt deposits not far from the city also would start to receive some work. Not too much yet, as the attention of clan Protheroe was more focused on the lead than the salt that was already fairly plentiful, but it'd help cut down on transportation costs for the town and allow those further to the west easier access to the material for preserving their food. Other than this, a marketplace would be made in Arfordirwedi'isianel so as to better be able to facilitate trade with the Laga and the natural allies of the Dybet on top of any Dictat ships that come to the city that likely would become the iron heart of Prenhaearn's industry, or at least one of for now. In time there might be another after all in the future. Still, the colony seemed to grow more and more prosperous by the day. The biggest issue right now was simply that some old plans had to be delayed. But likely that would change sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile the ships had finally sighted the Fanw Forsaken. It was time to return home at full speed with the maps that were made. The sooner that Prenhaearn and her allies found out the sooner the world could be rid of such foul beasts. Should they have been sighted however and potentially attacked, the many oars along the sides of the ships would be useful in preventing the enemy from climbing the port or starbord side, instead forced to climb port or stern. Still it was likely any such attempt would be sighted and the ship could utilize it's speed to get away, but if the worst happened spears and bows would be vital in driving them off before they could get on the actual deck...

>Action One. Dig out two mines over the deposits of lead.

>Action Two. Construct a marketplace in Arfordirwedi'isianel and a mine nearby.

>Action Three. Return to our shores post haste. The beasts nest has been found. All that is needed now is the fire to burn it.

Extended post on behalf of the Oni

1. Build Road/Bridge: To make sure they can quickly get to the eastern territories, a road and bridge are built to the eastern Walls.
2. Repeating Shots: While crossbows are effective weapons, they do take a long time to load and aim and. With potential enemies approaching their land, they need to be quicker. King Benmi orders his best weapon engineers to work on solving this problem. Countless days and nights were spent on finding ways to increase the speed of the crossbows shooting and loading. At times, when they thought they found the solutions, it failed in the end. Until one day, a old engineer was taking a break from research when he saw some workers loading carts with bags of seeds. There he saw a efficient line of workers together moving the bags quicker with them giving the bags to person next to them than having them keep coming back and forth. The old oni was struck with inspiration so he quickly went back to his team to tell him about what he saw! They research to create small mechanics in the crossbows to load ammo quicker and shot faster at the same time. (Invent repeating crossbows.)
3. Raise a army of machine crossbowmen
Posted on behalf of the GFU

1 Take the copper canon prototypes as a base, then create cannons made of fraternian steel. The benefits of using steel over copper is better livability and reliability. This is because copper is a softer metal, meaning it will be more prone to exploding after to many uses from micro cracking in the metal. To keep the steel cannons from being too heavy they will be made of a fraternian steel variant made specific for cannon construction, known as Fraternian Cannon Steel, through unique heating and tempering Technics. In the heating phase the steel is slowly heated to temperatures that require mages to enhance the workers to prevent them from dying from the heat, this purifies the steel which is then poured into the cannon molds were it is then cooled using the purest of mountain spring water, the Forge masters have assured the crown that using these techniques make the steel lighter, but retains all the strength of standard steel

2 Build a Gunpowder Production mill to get the nations powder production off the ground, soon a new age of warfare will begin and this powder will fuel it ascension. (build on the mainland in the heart of my nation)

3 Using the vision designs of the blessed faithful, begin implementing the ship design from the dream
With the loss of the taiga city and the army being forced back due to the sudden peace the goblins took their ire on the big boss and ruthlessly slaughtered her for failing to bring victory. After looting venezia in the carnage that followed due to loss of leadership the goblin army returned back home. Eventually a new big boss was discovered from the forest. As more information became known there was much discontent over his ascension as it was discovered his mother was in fact a dryad and not a goblin making some believe that he is just an imposter as an impure gobbo could never hope to lead them. For the first time in goblin history he did not immediately solidify his rule by brutally executing his opposition but instead was able to conduct an effective propoganda campaign based upon his adept theological knowledge to utterly crush his opponent's position with FACTS and LOGIC!

1. Learn the secrets of warband greenskin creation and create a new caste system. While animals had served as an effective surrogate for the true goblins there was something definitely lost in the transition. With the old big boss cleverly inducting the warband into their nation however a solution has finally come. These greenskins had a natural hierarchy built in and were suitable for various specialized purposes. They could also be created artificially and with the great developments of the goblin race they could be produced on mass to meet demand. Even though interbreeding is possible they are sterile meaning social barriers will never be crossed and their numbers will depend entirely on the goblins.

2/3. Customize the formulas for greenskin creation to better attune them to the totem and improve their prowess. As the warband spreads across the country the shamans look at the formula used and see it as a template to be altered and experimented with. As the greenskins are creatures also tied to the totem that allows the shamans to share not only the mutations bestowed upon the rest of the tribe, but also gives the potential for them to change how it manifests for specific tasks they wish the newly born creature to accomplish.

4. Upgrade the ports. The war has taught the goblins that control over the waves is crucial and so they double the capacity of their shipyards. Eager to gain control over the channel that is theirs.

5. Improve the explosives with sulphur. While the fertilizer has served adequately bigger explosions are always better and after gathering up their nerve the goblins further develop their explosives with more of their resources.

6. Create insulation and fire protection with the asbestos. Fire is fun and destructive. Sadly the destruction it causes is not always good for the goblin in question or those around them. One of the best ways to avoid fire from getting out of hand has been the strange deadly substance that seems to constantly kill miners. Surely it is fine now that it is out of the ground!
Posted on behalf of Megyros (hopefully with fluff to follow)

>Build mines around the newly found resources.
>The monks will attempt to listen to the Earth and aid it.
>Deal with the issue of sewage, ideally beneficially.
File: map53.png (1059 KB, 2048x2628)
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The Hell Tear in the grand palace shrine flares a brilliant vermilion and screams with the howl of the damned. From it steps a tall, green-skinned Oni with three towering yellow horns. He enters this plane with a booming voice, demanding to see "The Blue Son of Beni!", shaking in his fist a tightly wrapped scroll. [IC]
From the hills of Chikaavaas is laid a strong stone road up to the gates of the Eastern Wall, with a minor detour 'round the ruins of the Trial of Vipers.
The old Oni watches and his old mind whirs. He envisions a mechanism that will load a new bolt as soon as the old one is fired with just the turn of a crank. Shoot, crank, load, shoot, crank, load, on and on until the bolts have been depleted. The first tests are a disaster as Oni become too excited and crank much too fast, but a few tweaks here and there soon sort things out. For his genius, the weapon is name after him; Pa- (for he is an elder), Te- (his family name), Toshi (his own name). And no sooner are the pa-te-toshi invented, are they mass produced and a regiment gathered up to wield them.

[+2 PE]
At last, and long, Sen-damned last! The Lobarra infection is removed, and the last bitter gifts the Fae had left the Dryads destroyed.
The scorched bricks and stones of Kaelgate are cleaned up, and the damage done repaired. Despite their efforts, the strongly built Fraternian town still stands. Even a devil be given his due now and then. With more Carvil' not needed to work upon Kalia they are sent to dig for sulphur instead.
(>>4998630) A proper clade is drawn up to venture to the prepared garden within Dybet. There they find a soil just as fertile as the Rings, and if they could overcome themselves, they would admit that it is even richer.

[+2 PE]
[R] Reams of information is collected by the Katedra which is scoured for possible connections, unlikely dissidence, or potential leads. Of particular interest to a select few has been the reasonable exploitation of northern resources, including the rather staggering speed of the split Erdo for use in industry, opportunities to open a northern port for the abundant fish stocks, or even the use of the never-ending ice in food preservation, or sale to the seafaring Fanwen & Dyb for the same purpose.
With the concerns of their close ally in mind, the Dictat set their northern borders broad. (>>5001517) For now they set the western boundary beyond the mountains as the Vyola river, though the foundations of Kyo are given over to the the Fanwen. Still in the north, the nearby mines are brought back into operation now that the wicked smoke is cleared, though for now primarily by golems lest the Rabbits have left some other foulness. And with hill terraces having already been built, only needing a few repairs here and there, they are soon re-tilled and planted with crops to feed the scattered Men beyond the mountains.
The Devisers have theorised, most certainly correctly, that Injunction has only been able to incur slightly into this new world, so far apart from the homeland. To bring Injunction's Will more fully into this land, there must be built a great work upon which Injunction might focus themselves; This shall be the High Beacon. The foundation stones have already been laid! Other great works about Obron however have depleted the stores within the Grand Devisary, requiring a hold put on all non-essential runic applications while they work tirelessly to refill the shelves.
As the Devisers inscribe and the laypaskians toil, the Ministers round out their combat training with the exercises of the body. After all, the knowledge of tactical manoeuvring and grand scale formations is nothing if the boots on the ground are slovenly, flabby, or feeble.

[R] The alchemists of the throng have been tinkering of late with the mundane grey metals they have access to, including the small samples of lead brought back by the surveyors. They have for the enquirer two alloys they have made. The first is a metal which may be blasted with heat, then cooled, able to join two metal sheets together [lead solder], whilst the second is a metal which takes pressings well, and is soft but durable enough to be shaped into plates, bowls, even jugs or tankards [pewter]. The downside however is that both contain tin, which must be purchased from the Oni at some considerable cost!
Joy of joys for the royal birth! Many a child this tyrn will also bear the name Korek, for love of the Thanvulder.
So much brass is exported it's no wonder the odd trader might consider the Gylden Brass-Dwarves over Golden! To keep up with the demand, Ulzrailk's forge is indeed enlarged, and a another mine for the greater make-up, copper, is sunk. This not the only new mine however, as they are dug also for the latest finds of lead and cinnabar up in the mountains.
A rise in trade is usually greatly welcomed, especially by the Gylden, but it not all traders are greeted so warmly. The odd pig-thief isn't too much of a worry, but now a large number of them come to buy and sell. Too, these Shadows do not bring only goods and coin, but stories of the north, of soul-stealers, walking dead, and horned ice-monsters. Best to build a watch, just in case. Along with this, a staggered wall is raised around the old Snake hill-town of cast concrete.

[Waning Half]
[R] Though the land is old, it is new to the Usagi, and what the natives might miss, they as newcomers may see potential. Such is the case with small yellow-orange flower which grows in the sparse clearings within the Deadwood, which when the whole plant is ground fine produces a paste which greatly soothes the pain of a bleeding wound, and may even speed recovery.
>Usagi cont.
The enemy of Purity is now perhaps more fitting than any other, for the Wolf and the Jackal hunt them. But the fate of the lesser cousins is not to be that of the Usagi. No, now the Rabbit shall slay the fang-bearer, and do so without mercy. The speed of the Rabbit is his pride, use it well against those who stand against him. Target where the Wolf is weakest, her eyes, her hands(/paws), her knees, there where her armours cannot cover. Draw them into unknowable darkness, drag them into despair, break them like the dogs they are.
The scouts cannot be allowed to return home! No doubt they would bring war with them just as peace begins her reign in the world!

Following the example of the Turtles, who show the Goblins to be a very reliable food source when properly controlled, the Drya build for themselves Goblin corrals of their own. There the Gobs are allowed to breed, and grow crops & raise rabbits to feed themselves, but throughout the tyrn their numbers are thinned, as they are culled to in turn feed the Drya or the soil. Any Gobmeat left over is in turn sold to the Turtles, as they cannot ever have enough of this particular delicacy.
Memories are intermixed with innovative ideas it seems, but no matter. The nature of the lesser Drya is to tinker, and a certain tinkering leads to the creation of a fiery novelty. Loading a specially cut bamboo tube with Dryanot seeds and a variety of other materials, they create a fabulous display of coloured smoke, dazzling sparks, and fantastic crashing booms. Of course, while "fun", a loanword from Selenic, it only becomes of interest to the greater Drya when a Dryavens petalled head is accidentally blasted to confetti. A forged steeleaf recreation of this bamboo tube, and the addition of some of those nasty flechettes... now there's the good stuff.
[NM] The fragments of bone in branch the amber is taken and once more the Purebreeds are shot through with ancient knowledge. There is ocean and sand and rock, enormous waves crash over a Deinos still young, sometime before Karu's arrival but after the sprouting of the first Purebreeds. With the waves comes another creature, giant and round, a... Turtle? But no ordinary Turtle, for down its back there are serrated spikes and its jaws are sharper than any others seen. Is it, like those who had helped crush the green menace, the child of Iti? The visions were not over, as next comes another extinct creature, this time slithering from swampland, a huge, huge-headed salamander, which eats anything in its path! The visions then end, apparently fossils from both Thisi and the Laga had been jumbled together. [Archelon & Koolasuchus]
The weapon Madoc has designed is an obvious improvement over the regular khopesh, sometimes still found made of bronze. Made of regular steel, the Great Khopesh alone is a marvel of Dyb & Fanwen craftswolfship. (>>5001517) But the Blessèd Steel of the Fanwen is a sacred gift, unfit to be wielded by any but the most faithful to Fanw. Thus, Dyb soldiers would have to give up their old gods for Fanw alone, or the Blessèd Steel Great Khopesh will be wield by the only Blackguard.
Along the entire venerated river, from the Dual Temple over the holy grotto right to the Jackal Harbour, are small shrines dedicated to Undine, each affixed with a large, sacred blue sapphire. Numerous new water priestesses and shrine-girls tend to them every day, offering gifts and thanks to the river, and thus the goddess.
Every last acre is tilled and planted, or else fenced and grazed, to feed the ever expanding kingdom. The glory of Undine be upon Dybet, and Her feast be in their bellies!

>Everlasting Waters
Selective breeding and good luck have led to crabs of considerable size and durability. So-called Grist'ohana, those which cross a threshold of size, are formed into legions of their own, to aid in war efforts where their specialities are required. Though they are not the only aquatic creatures drawn up, for the Children of Iti within her Sanctuary have grown large, larger than large!, so that a fully grown Turtleman may ride one as like the Ney'lagaphlim. They are taught how best to bear the weight, how to manoeuvre themselves, how to keep them & their rider safe.
The Selin Oasis of Mauna simply grows too busy for the ambitions of the Laga. Thankfully it is but a short walk, or flop, to the coast from the city, and the additional shipyards and crab farms are built there instead.

(>>4992403) The song of the Laga is almost as complex as the song of the Simfuni, and though the Whales have yet to master more than a single sonic spell, within the Temple of the Arts they may be taught. To facilitate their learning, a canal is dug from the lagoon of New Venezia up to the temple-school, and a peaceful pond for all students to enjoy. Here they are to be lessoned in how to use their voice to its fullest potential!
Those who have settled in Calibrus continue to find their inner harmony tuned more and more towards that of the Simfuni. For most it is so gradual that they do not even notice it, a few feel it and embrace it (almost all of this category are Goblins), but there are those fight against it and sing disharmoniously in spite (these tend to be Dryads). Those that sing against the tune must be expelled from the city forthwith. The rest, however, may be coaxed to sing in the Simfunis' favour, within the city and abroad, or add their unique resonance to the great song the Instruments so gladly sing, and in doing so spark new motifs, new ideas, new magics!
>Simfuni cont.
For many a tyrn, the only metal instruments had been copper gongs, and unfortunately conflict had drawn the Simfunis' attention away from expanding their orchestra. But with the ceasefire holding, much more time can be given to this neglected area of musicology. Their minds are filled with the sounds of so many possibilities, which only grow as alloys of bronze from Totemic tin, or expensive brass traded through the Dryads, and strange soft lead from the Molerats. Cymbals, chimes, horns, bells, such music! The most precious of all however are silver flutes, which take the Maestros many moons to perfect each one.

Turtle steel is a magnificence of creation, and what better magnificence is there than to have much of it? Sheet hammered over sheet until each armour-piece is as thick as Iti's flippers [great phrase there, "by Iti's flippers!"]. Only the hardiest of their already hardy race may wear such a second shell, and even then, only after much practice. These warriors are (slow) moving bastions, tanking whatever pathetic slings and arrows comes their way. Their siblings however do not fare well with such encumbrances, fit as they are more for sea than land, but strategic plating is still of great benefit to them. It comes time to learn how best to saddle, ride & control the lesser(?) children of Iti. It is a struggle, as only the smaller of the Turtles may ride without hindering their brethren, but with time and effort, they are safely mounted. For now it is only as transport, as the Turtles, tall and squat, are too eager in combat to practice against each other. Alas, this is not all they are eager for. A number of clutches have been laid of late, with eggs of an unusual size. As they hatch it is not at first obvious what has happened, but as they grow, and grow, the obvious culprit reveals itself. These Giganturltes are not, all there, but with their size and strength, the circumstances of their laying may be overlooked.

[B] The dockworkers cannot believe their eyes, tall masts on the horizon; Llewellyn masts! More have come from Llychlyn to Prenhaearn! They have come with the blessing of Eheubryd herself, to bolster the colony efforts. The Mother has spoken well of the Fanwen of Prenhaearn to the Queen, though they send no word themselves. As they anchor, so many pour from the ships it is a miracle they all fit aboard! [Free actions to build 1 town, 3 farms/burrows, a mine, a temple & a market]
[R] Dyb intrigue is slow but sure to find its way to the Fanwen, as a Son of Fanw sits upon a throne of regency for a half-breed son. Such intrigue includes the fact that this Madoc of Clan Protheroe could well use any help he is given in quelling "his" riotous subjects and would no doubt handsomely reward those who provide such help. Some may see it as underhanded, but with so much potential meat on the line, why, you'd be foolish not to offer.
>Prenhaearn cont.
More mines, means more metal, mean more men are needed. Arfordirwedi'isianel ever grows. But this is just the start, as a mine is also sunk for the rock salt nearby, and a proper market built to deal with so much output.
The enemy have been seen, weigh anchor and sail out! With haste, they come to make wicked!

[+1 PE]
[NM] The Shrine of Achroma has already overflowed into an adjoined treasury, but still the tribute flows to their dark master. With the required reverence, the priestess bows deeply before his altar, offering up their latest gift. The tinkling of bells, the rattle of golden dishes, the arrival of Achroma is as ominous as ever. He perches himself, and hears her question, "My children, thou hast done all that I have tasked... except... Still I thirst for the blood of the Grynox, though yet have I to see her head upon a platter. You have long ago received the blessing of the Hunter, but thy greed draws you from thy quarry. No longer tarry, little ones, I know'st that thou art able."
[!] After so much searching, the racks have at last given up something of good worth. It is a spell for the disguising of another with a complex incantation seemingly formulated solely to stumble the chanter. But this will not stop the Do'la, as it need only be a whisper, and a missed consonant here or there will not drop the disguise entirely.
Most Do'la are about the right height and build to pass as the shadow of a Man if they were to lay flat on the ground at his feet, but one can hardly sneak about the way a Do'la is want to do whilst laying flat on the ground! No, it is time to make some Shadows look like Men. It is nothing to dress a Do'la in boots, hose, shirt, gloves, and capelet, which covers over every last dark hair of the body. A wide brimmed hat with coif, as is currently the fashion, hides the head from above and behind. In the colder months, a high collared cloak, whilst outdated, may still be worn to hide the chin and mouth. This leaves the face, the most tricky of things, to hide. Recent magics work, well, rather like magic, but this cannot always be relied upon. Masks of intricately cut, moulded, and painted leather work if one is only ever going to be seen briefly, but the sticking point is always going to be the face.
(>>4997615) To bring the "Pure" Rabbits closer into the Entente's fold, they are taught the rudiments of Fraternian language. The Usagi are generally a little more compact, shorter & leaner, than their Fraternian Lagomorph "cousins" but this is not particularly noticeable to any who are not constantly around them both.
A ceasefire means more Shadows back in the trees of their villages, including upon Thisi, where that old Do'laroshan nature returns. There is shining, glittering platinum to be mined!
Without the additional metals to alloy the copper, the next best alternative is steel. But standard Fraternian steel is heavy, remarkably so, and such weight would no doubt negatively effect gonne performance. To remedy this, the clever Fraternians set about experimenting. After much experimentation, a method for creation of a lighter weight but equally strong steel is discovered, and the first cannon of Fraternian Cannon Steel (FCS) cast. Of course a weapon alone is useless without powder, but given the volatile nature of such, the powder mills and a large magazine are constructed as far from towns as possible.
His grace visits the docks and yards daily to impress the design of the vision galleon upon the shipwrights. The grand design is the goal, but each curve, every beam, the finest details have to be correct, or who knows what might happen on the open seas! At long last, a plan of closest possible recreation is drawn up, and from it a new magnificent flagship launched. Though not the holy iridescence the prelate had seen in his dream, it is still a beauty to behold.

>Big Totem
(>>5000733) Ready for war, but cuckolded by Council peace talks, the Goblins vent their frustrations upon each other and their surroundings. Unfortunately their surroundings happen to be the jewel of the west, New Venezia. A number of shiny things are stolen, walls smeared with Totem-knows-what, and bloody carnage splattered around the jetties they are docked. Like the Goblins themselves, their rampage is brutal, but short. Still, someone is going to have to clean up their mess.
Having been plied with all he could fill his face, wooed by whoever will fill his bed, and offered whatever his heart desires, it was easy to loose the secret of the Warband from the intoxicated Zhog. If not always totally intelligibly. From what is pieced together from his circuitous ramblings, the Greenskins of his Alliance are created through a secret method by the "Lady of La Luga" upon Deinos, for which they pay in "Araq-meat", and wait a tyrn for her to work her magic. Thus, new orcs, goblins, ogres, trolls, etc., etc. are "born". Of course having been learnt the ways of Goblin women, Zhog and his men would happily take the far easier option, but alas the fruit of this union cannot produce children of their own. [you weren't to know that this was the case, so take an additional action next turn in place of your planned alterations this turn]
>Big Totem cont.
The ports of Home-Place and Stazgud-Esp are many tyrns old and no longer adequate. New New Big Boss sets out the plans for their enlargement, and the taking of the Green Strait as theirs. It is in the construction of these ports, that a number of sub-nautical fellows are found to be coming, going, but most worryingly, congregating just outside of the Bugud.
The Goblins continue their explosive experiments, and having pegged sulphur as potentially beneficial begin further experiments in quantities and granularities. Equally as dangerous is the fashioning of the long-mined fireproof asbestos into insulating blankets, mittens, and so far as a single full suit of the stuff!

Both the Dwarves and the Oni have worked hard to find what lay hidden beneath the earth of Megyros, it is finally time to put their work to use. A mine each for coal and the rock-fertiliser (of which the Dwarves were already aware) are dug.
From the earth they came, and to the earth they all shall one day return. Then true it is that the earth is the mother of the Minotaurs, in birth and in death. This is a truth well known to the monks of the valleys and the hills alike, and they have come together to see if they may repay their mother in some way. What must first be done is to listen. In meditation they clear themselves of themselves, to hear what the earth might have to say. Most fail to hear anything but their own intrusive thoughts, but their are a few who hear the hum of their mother; The steady, unchanging drone of the earth. But now that they have heard, they must also try to understand.
The cities sewage has, for many a tyrn, simply been dumped at sea. This had not even been a problem, but with the recent growth of the city and her boundaries, it is now a matter which must be more properly addressed. Durranos dung is not like that of the other races, indeed it is much less foul than has been briefly seen of the Dwarves, Oni, and Jackals. But it is known from these others that manure makes perhaps the best possible fertiliser. It is an unpleasant job, but the Minotaurs can't keep filthying their bays with waste which would be better spent on their fields! Night-soil-bulls are the poor bastards that are set to deal with it all. Collecting the shit from the cess pits and dunnies, carting it out to their barge on the river, from which it can be shovelled and raked come ploughing. But what of the other three quarters of the tyrn's waste? This too may be barged up stream and then let to dry in the desert sun, after this it can be collected and used as a fuel source (no really!) with only the merest whiff of behind. Whatever is left is not nearly enough to cause issue should it be discretely disposed off down-current.

Worrying rumors abound, but such only makes innovations to the military more justified.

1. The Flintlock is a dependable, reliable system compared to the matchlocks we had used in the last war. However, they can be made even better; more reliable, faster to load. The breechloading, cartridged wheellock is our answer to the issue of glacial reload speeds and irreliability. The introduction of Steam powered machining equipment in addition to our renouned mass production assembly line techniques has made the creation of complex parts much easier to produce. The wheellock is a complex system, but with cold, unfeeling machinery powering them, actual manpower can be put to better use in examining the parts for defects and either recycling them back to the forges for their materials, or fixing them by hand if needbe. For the cartridges, they are little more than easier to produce paper holders, but with them being able to simply be slotted into the breech and discarded after they are used up; it is an overall cheaper solution in spite of the single use the thin steel tubes provide.

2. Ports in the north. Simple as.

-Second War of the Feast or The War of Chelonian Aggression-

The war begins with early reconnaissance by the Turtles and their allies, which, given the busy mercantile nature of the Green Strait, can be easily passed off simply as watery merchants, routine naval exercises, or just tourists.

-Third Purity War?-

From the shadows they come, from the Shadows they are aided, to dash across the ice-choked waters to the scouting vessels. Three small, but still impressive ships, had begun to turn back, except where the wind had favoured them in coming, it was against them in going. A horde of Rabbits assail the first, their numbers already overwhelming. Many fall to Fanwen axe, but they swarm the crew to the last, halting it's escape. The second is next, the Usagi break their long oars, rendering them immobile. Arrow rains down, but it is not enough. This too is caught. But the third slipped from their wrath, and is already well into Paskian waters.

Action 1: Honey Quest I: Into the Nightmare Garden

Construct a library using a full action on the X

The more studious and bitter of the dryads advise patience over an instantaneous delve into the bee-keeping, worried that such instant gratification would prevent any real work getting done.

This Tyrn, efforts are put into a grand library complex to house a clade of scholars and their records, it is time to begin the arduous process of cataloguing the apothecaries dream, only then could it possibly be safe for honey to be made from its fruits.

Action 2: Visit Grynox

The Carvil’ax’seset have been aware of Grynox for much time now, know her to be hated by the molemen and tyrant of her peaks, but have not had any firsthand meetings themselves.

A group of dryads, numbering no more than 20 begin the ascent up the mountain to her dwelling carried on beetleback.

Lore: A Home for Flowers

Joy and sadness in equal measure as the husk of Valmad is reclaimed by the Carvil’ax’seset.

The land is cursed and dying, the stump defaced, but the place is, or was, home to many still.

Some light clean-up work begins, but with little official support given to the project as the rings are busy elsewhere, all that is really done is the planting of flowers, countless different flowers of all sorts to mark the site of the memorial.

At some point, though none are very sure how, Valmad vanishes from where he was kept under heavy guard and simply appeared in the flower garden, immobile as always, but inactive also, earning himself some well earned rest after uncountable years active.

A Simfuni or two are paid handsomely to occasionally make a pilgrimage down to the old flower ridden stump, to the totem partly overgrown with flowers in bloom.
They hardly need monetary encouragement to come and would visit anyway, but it is nice to cover the travel costs of your friends.
They sing a lullaby or two to the totem, and listen to the whistle of the wind as it passes through. It is thought that it helps him sleep.

Good night for now, Valmad, and sweet dreams.
Action 1: Work upon the High Beacon continues accordingly.

Action 2: The Grand Ministry begins the expansion of the Paskian sanitation system, for the removal of waste fluids and to allow for proper access to clean water for the people of Obron, with runes used heavily throughout.
Madoc is angered at the exclusivity levied upon the Blessed Steel Great Khopesh. He will have to crack down on the Cult of Fanw's overreach in excluding these blades from Anub hands, as requiring an Anubisid to relinquish worship of Anubis is like requiring a Child of Fanw to relinquish worship of Fanw. He did not marry Uni just so some upstart cult could spit at her beliefs. The Pharaoh decides who is worthy of wielding these blades, and hese blades are specifically designed for Anub hands and Anub doctrine, the Blackguard are specialised in ranged warfare, not melee, they have bows and they have guns, the Anubisids have their khopesh and their claws.

Action 1: Expand ports in Jackal Harbour.
With a trade deal struck in the west, it is time we give Jackal Harbour the attention it deserves. The Kavost Port had been the biggest port for quite some time, dealing with most trade from the north and occasionally the east. But with the western markets open to us, Jackal Harbour shall grow to accomodate. Vast networks of piers, drydocks for advanced repair, shipyards to churn out even more vessels. Timber may primarily be imported, but the strength of the ships it makes is well worth it. Maduro and Ninuro will see ship traffic like never before.

Action 2: Search for Undine, with the aid of the Dryads.
With a sudden influx of Dryads coming to our lands, helping further the fertility of the land but also talking with us in general, it has come to our attention they wield the power of the spirits of the land. Their belief matches our own belief in the goddess of the Dyne, Undine. In fact, it was after setting up the Dryad Garden that Undine blessed us with good weather. The Dryads claim to speak to the spirits and that Undine must be one such spirit, so, let us speak with Undine, let us find her.

>Action 1: Markets Growing
The University-Town of Rodededun lies very much closer upon the coastal trade-routes to New Venezia and the Xira gates then Æbleholm, and here coastal trade meets river trade along the Rodikol from Tornebusk and Makriaz. Adjacent to both port and town a new market district is to be constructed to be a centre of trade both for the Vogazrodikol province and beyond! And across the river, although the banks of the Rodikol are already very fertile, the re-union with precious rock-fertilizers now starting to be imported from the land of Megyros has encouraged an expansion of the farming industry as new farms are set up just within the bounds of the Gylderkavi province, between Glazchorkurg and Rodededun's port and just immediately south of the new river-mouth fortification.

>Action 2: Aerial 'Cavalry'
Many generations of short-lived Pixies ago, the Tanglefey had been known for their intolerance of other living things and forms that intruded upon their gardens. But the ancient war which they had fought had been lost so heavily and decisively, the destruction of their ancient cultural leadership so total, and those few who had remained in the conquered province of Untegtangul had been so dependent on their new Dwarven overlords for protection from rightfully-aggravated dryads that appropriation of and assimilation into certain aspects of Gylden culture and society had quickly become methods of survival and advancement.

These days, the pixies of the Untegtangul have mostly adopted into the Æblemorine creed of Guldfarism. Their forest blooms with apple trees among the multitude of farms and gardens, many animal species once driven out are now welcomed back (though carefully managed), and sacred Hedgehogs are free to wander under the guidance of initiated pixie priests, keeping down slugs and snails and other pests with methods far less damaging to the gardens themselves then the ancient poisons.

The province of Untegtangul, as all provinces, provides soldiers to the armies of the Throng; though as their weakness makes them unsuited to a main battle-line they are mostly used as a scout auxiliary. Treethrit, the new Governor of Untegtangul, seeks to try and enhance the reputation of his countrymen with the creation of new division and battlefield role for his people. If the Gylden can compliment their nature with riding resilient Boars, why could his people not compliment their own speed and agility into a scout 'cavalry' regiment? Looking into the options available, he decides that of the birds of the forest the Bueto might make the perfect fast and stealthy mount and companion for a Pixie rider; that is if the proud birds would see this for the honour it is intended to be, and could carry a Pixie's weight in flight. If the Bueto are agreeable, we shall start immediate training of (very) light cavalry units!

(If a Pixie would be too heavy for a Bueto, some larger bird (Mountain Eagle?) would be sought instead.)
> triple-upgrade Maglak
While the moles were staying silent and ignoring the surface world, Maglak rose.
Its impenetrable walls were reinforced, the surrounding districts fusing into the enormous hive of rock and soil to form a behemoth of homes, barracks and urban sprawls.
It was only time before the tip of the city finally erupted from below the ground, rising as high as one of the surrounding mountains, the iron and steel keeping the city together glistening like rivers in the sunset all over the earthen peak.

This is a message, from the Imnaki to the entire world: we are still here, and we are mightier than you think
1.Build farms
2.Build port/improve port in capital

With the large influx of colonists, a new settlement was swiftly formed out to the east. Naturally, it was on the coast, and with the sands that were near it, alongside the many golden fields of wheat that soon came with the town, the settlement would be called Traetheuraidd. Naturally, many of the new colonists flocked to the town and the frontier lands. And if they didn't actually settle in the city, they settled in the many farms nearby it. And with so many in a single settlement, a proper market and church would be made soon after due to it's swift rise. Even so, this wasn't the only place that had a major increase in settlement. As a town near the start of the two rivers in the hills by the gold mines called Efailesau would also be founded, and likewise would gain a church, alongside a forge. Really the only particularly surprising thing about all of this was the fact that a new mine would be dug for the phosphates in the north. Otherwise the major jump in population was likely to cause a fair bit of expansion after all this development. Needless to say, the colony was likely going to see a major jump in the amount of production that it had and it's general economy. Something quite important as all the new farms were likely not enough to deal with the increase in food demands. Lucky for the colony that there already was excess production to begin with. Though the classic issue of food would return once more sooner or later.

>Free Actions. Found the town of Traetheuraidd by the coast just next to the desert tile alongside a market and temple, with farms in the nearby plains tiles. The mine will strike the one phosphate resource that hasn't been touched.

>Action One. Found the town of Efailesau between the northern most iron mine and the gold mine and a bit to the west.

>Action Two. Construct a temple and a forge in Efailesau.

"I can't find it. No matter where I go, how deep I burry myself, how far I run. I can't find silence. It's everywhere. It's in the rustling of the leaves, the whispers of the wind, the beating of my own heart! Everywhere. Everywhere I hear its blasted song. That cursed melody. But there is still one path open to me. Ye cursed with hearing, heed my final song! Forsake thy ears, before the sirens claim all in their rapture!" - The final ramblings of a discordant, before taking his own life.

- It has seen some unpleasant guests, but new Venezia remains intact though "defiled". Sour tension, and best-left-undescribed smells hang in the city. Yet at no greater time could the greenskins offer to the Simfuni a better stage to perform what they've learned at Calibrus. Not long after the ran-sackers left did the Simfuni lead into the city a force of aspirants from Calibrus. Their ranks were filled with a diverse cast of peoples, but much to the surprise of Venezians there was a staggering majority of goblins. On the surface they looked the same as their barbaric kin, but it would be apparent to any paying attention that their demeanor was clearly different. Calmer, more in-tune with those around them, almost. Over the next few weeks the Simfuni would lead their aspirants in jubilant song and performances across the town, helping to restore order and clean the mess those rowdy critters caused.

- Common place is the sight of Laga performing throughout Venezia, their songs coming closest to a "rival" the Simfuni could ever know. Though not as vocally gifted, their insight proves invaluable, and their contribution to the arts noteworthy. Finally a time had come when the Simfuni could ask the question "Could others learn to harness their gifts as well?". Aiming to find an answer, some Nomos maestros begin to teach the Laga their songs.
1. The bamboo 'fireworks' would be refined. The propulsion power of the explosives are noted and some have been able to figure out how to funnel it through a small hole to make a 'rocket'. This knowledge will be shared and refined for future use; or sale.
2+War: The Drya fleet gathers, the largest seen in their history, and troops embark for the first invasion off the island of Deinos. With their allies they shall set sail and ready for the war ahead. All the types of war breeds along with support will be sent with defensive garrison armies being set in reserve to ensure the homeland isn't attacked while the army is away. Sonyakians will stalk the water with the fleet to ensure no swimming goblins make it back to give news. The fleet will head up river, through the Radursh and into the northern river Dushun before assaulting the goblin city of Home Place. Archers and new Cannoneers will loose volleys onto the city to weaken their defenses and breach an opening to allow the heavily armored ents and dryki to assault. Detachemnts will also be sent north to make sure no goblins escape by raining arrows and flachette on any who run. Observers will take to the sky to help spot for arrows and cannons along with dryasylph to act as messengers between the armies and to drop flacette on masses of goblins from high in the sky. Once the ents enter the city the poisonous dryaven will be released to hunt down any who seem to be of importance; moving around buildings as if they would jungle canopies.
Fluff: Dammit! Well all that’s left to do is prep. Fire lines are going to be useful and with two captured ships it should be easier to have a secondary location to bring in food for people there

1 action: Send some rabbits to the library
Under the orders of the shadows they have told the rabbits to postpone the building of the forts requested and to instead send scholars to this place. It is unknown for what purpose but if we can benefit then it shall be done.

1 action: Orange Berry Farm
This mysterious plant that heals wounds would be much more beneficial if it was mass produced. Both soldier and mage alike will likely be thankful for it.

War action:
Begin making a fire line. These early days are important to making the coming war a success.
Unrelated, but QM can you tell me what map tool you used to make the map in the OP? Trying to start a quest myself but can't find a good map-making tool.
Addendum: And with a swift message from the shadows the fire line is to be halted in construction, even before it could truly begin

-just ignore the war post
It was here; http://www-cs-students.stanford.edu/~amitp/game-programming/polygon-map-generation/demo.html
But with flash no longer supported, you'll need to download the source code and run it yourself.
Posted on behalf of the GFU

1 using the vision of the bishop attempt to replicate the food preservation techniques show to him by the Goddess

2 build a factory to mass-produce cannons found a new shipyard at Vigil

3 using the new designs and new cannons begin building new ships with cannons on them and retrofitting older designs to updated ones with cannons
Posted on behalf of the Turtles

Join the Whales and Drya in the attack, agree to their strategy. It seems to be to swim up the river and then forge a path into the capital

1. Study this thing called wagons used by other races, they seem useful to carry heavy loads like goblin meat. Make an improved version.
2. But what if we were to also put heavy armor on them, and push them from the inside?
3. And what if we were to fire crossbows from inside and also move out to attack a foe when close or stab at them with spears?
Fluff: The boat escaped, the sole survivor of the trio sailing past Pask's mighty walls. Though desperate and pleading, the Paskians are resolute in their desire to remain neutral and solitary, the Do'laroshans turning away from their grey walls with dark countenances. Seems a new plan must be concocted.

Action 1 - Build a mine on the coal near the lake.
Let us hope it is shielded by the trees! We would not wish to disturb Achroma when he slakes his thirst. Despite profound dissapointment in finding that this black rock is NOT blackstone, it is still clearly important, being so close to his domain.
- Build a mine on the Unique Mineral on Pyr.
The salt-laden rocks of Pyr have long proven a mystery to the Do'laroshans. Where does it come from, if not the sea? Yet it is unlike a salt seen anywhere else...

Action 2 - Research qualities of Unique Mineral.
The pinkish salt, once extracted from the rock, is unlike anything the Do'laroshans have ever seen. Send some to the Library, or the GFU scholars, to see what it is, exactly.
Actual 3. Send Turtles to become Recordkeepers at the Library
Posted on behalf of the Everlasting Waters

We lead the charge up the goblins river, thus begins the siege and razing of Home Place.

More farms on the inner River between Har'Gun'Heshi and Holo'gunui

War post
>Leaving out from Pologa, the gathered strength of the Laga navy sets sail for the river mouth of Home Place, intent on razing the port and beginning the siege of the colossal city.
>The navy launches ballistas into the water, spearing River goblins aplenty while knights and their riders zip about, screaming sonar and shooting arrows, ensuring that the navy can destroy the opposing ships. Once the port is destroyed, the blockade of the city begins.
Actual 1. 1 Teach the apparent expat Fraternian rabbits the Shadow folk have had living in there far north fluent Fraternian once more.