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Welcome one, welcome all, to the very thrilling and exciting tale of young blooded races facing off in a duel of destinies to see who can rise and who will fall.

In a world looked over by a young and naïve god, mortals even younger must fight to survive in an unlikely and uncertain world where the dangers are not only each other, but the very whims of the one who watches yet made manifest.

Will they be able to stand the test of time and create for themselves a titan not even a god can crush? Or will they simply fall forgotten by the sands of time as just yet another broken plaything.

Let fate play out, and we'll see what remains in the Dawn.
Nation Name: Iaakan Entreaty
Color: Red, or orange, or even blue
Race: Aak
A strange reptilian species with a fondness for family, mathematics and good food
Racial Trait: Nothing too beyond human baseline, they have six arms total, with two strong and hardy arms and four near-vestigial arms, a tail, and lay eggs. Slightly stronger and tougher than your average human.
Lore: The Aak for millennia have wandered the world in large family-based clans, occasionally warring and splitting off from eachother, dying out and vanishing into the annals of history. Now however at a great Ireejak (Meeting of all Aak) several of the largest clans have converged on one spot and tied their families together through a series of marriages to ensure peace.
The Iaakan Entreaty (Every-Aak Entreaty) was formed as a result of this grand union, and now seeks to bring about a great prosperous future for all Aak-kind.
Cool map QM, what are we supposed to do with it?
I would like to be the Frogmen of Rayne
For the keen and the curious, you're welcome to join our Nation Role Playing server. If you're a new player looking to get into these kinds of games, even better.

Don't be shy, say hi! https://discord.gg/PJwXpdsJ
The races you see here are player-tailored and unfortunately not up for grabs. Though if you'd like to join or just see what we're all about, feel free top join the discord here >>5235888 and we'll welcome you with the details.
You have to join the discord?
Jip. Understandably it can be a turn off, however this is my first game and I'd like to be able to communicate with the players outside of the thread to limit the amount of Out Of Context chatter we'd have to post here.

It's also the easiest way for us to do IC sessions and diplomatic discussions as you'll (hopefully) be interacting with other players.

There's no obligation to stay if you feel the game's not for you, or once it's done. And we're a pretty chilled albeit autistic lot. Either way, your decision is respected.
Nation Name: Squackus
Species: Birdmen (Seagull) . Refer to themselves as 'The Glarian'.
Biome: Coastal
Colour: Cyan
Fluff: About the size of a human teenager, these ragged birdmen have shrill voices, white plumage, and a burning desire for whatever the heck it is you just dropped there on the floor back there... was it chips?
In all seriousness, these people are not exactly stupid, but they are easily distracted and love food and drink. They spend alot of time along the coast, in small fishing villages that allow them get the seafood that makes up their diet. Much of their tools are made of things they dredge up from the sea, which they are very inventive with.
Capable of true flight, with diving capabilities to suit their needs, the average Glarian can carry "a fish THIS big!" for a short distance, usually enough to get them to shore, before getting tired.

>Action 1 - Build a dock
>Action 2 - Sturdier ships

Or maybe it was sunset? Glarian's are not good timekeepers.
Squinting through fluffy white feathers, Stares-At-Sun did as his name said he would do, wondering what time of day it was, and whether it was worth it to go out and get a fish. Would it be one of the slimy grey fish that slithered up from the depths at night, or a tasty orange one that only left the reef's safety when dawn began to crack the night's hold?
He waited, extremely patiently, for a whole 5 seconds. To his dismay, the sun seemed fixated on merely hovering over the horizon, refusing to move up or down and confirm the time.
Squawking in frustration, he glided down to the flimsy dock of the sleepy fishing village he ruled over, and started, as all Glarian are wont to do when they get frustrated at the world, to cause a 'Ruckus'. He incited his fellow birdpeople, strutting around and bobbing his head, spouting platitudes and threats until everyone on the dock gave into the Ruckus. High pitched screeching, feathers flying everywhere, fish guts being scarfed down, vomited back up, or both at the same time, it was a deeply unpleasant affair, and the Glarian's loved it. It was only during a Ruckus that they could get some actual work done, the biggest of them all (that being Stares-At-Sun) urging them to build up the docks and boats that were the lifeblood of their people. He wanted fish, and he wanted them now!
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By the grace of the almighty Father of the Sky above and his consort the ever-giving Mother of the Earth below, His Majesty the King does hereby decree the further settling of the island of Leaux-Cándois, and the ploughing & sowing of fields thereof.
>Action 1 - Expansion
>Action 2 - Farms
Action 1: Assemble a Gyd (Aak word for a wheat equivalent crop) farm near Iaakon

Agriculture has been practiced at times and frequently throughout Aakish history, however with the settlement of a formal city expansive and permanent farming arrangements are made along the river.

Action 2: Set up an outpost on the marked triangle

Aak continue to move and set up homesteads, an outpost of sorts begins to form along the river to the south, attracting those that find Iaakon too bustling.

The name of this place is “Bariaakon” (Other Every-aak city), though at the moment it remains a humble homestead
Nation Name: Shattered Empire -The Sensei Khanate
Color: Gold
Race: Sensei
Racial Traits: A strange brutal race of only male warriors, created in an ancient blood ritual by a mad king. Their children grow fast, becoming men in only 13 - 15 years. The fathers control their sons through their blood, waning as they age until roughly 25.

They possess superhuman strength from as soon as they can walk, and while they are young great agility until they bulk up when older. They heal from the rigors of combat quicker than a normal man, small nicks and scrapes healed by the end of the battle, and the typical damages that hinder and slow an army lessened or negated.

The power comes at a price, either from an ailment of the heart or brain, Sensei only reach the ages of 50-58, with the great Karn reaching 60.

As years progressed, Sensei society has split into about 5 alternating major warbands, the Karnis- direct descendants of the First Father, controlling the majority of the Oasis and the capital of the Shattered Empire, the Kul'gatin, Raa'zac- an descendant warband of Karnis, warrior smiths by trade and need, they prowl the desert for old battlegrounds to gather whatever metal the victor has left behind (AA), the Haki- an exiled warband of misbegotten losers of duels that found power together, without honor and goes without respect from the other warbands, more akin to scattered border bandits, however they tend to be the ones capturing foreign women more often than not. The Tulac- masons and carvers of stone, strange Sensei content to help maintain and build Kul'gatin than comquer and seek glory. Lastly, the Untali- the cartlords, traversing great spans of the desert in covered wagons for their many sons, loot, or women, hauled by fearsome beasts of burden. They use the geography and their abilities to either trade or plunder from their neighbors what the environment will not provide. The fathers lead their sons in warbands, until they reach majority and choose to stay due to loyalty, a succession crisis and duel ensues, or they are exiled to form their new warband.
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Nation Name: Huterangia
Color: Orange
Race: The Huterang
An arboreal and mostly peaceable people, the days of the Huterang monarchs ended when the last of their royal line died without an obvious heir. Rather then place any effort into searching one out and sifting through possible claims, the last royal's court re-convened as a parliament of the people (the people they represented being themselves) and took over governance of their people. In the generations since this parliament has become more generally representative - though there are always accusations over the placement of re-drawn boundaries and 'rotten' districts, by and large the system is generally thought to be working by the masses.

>Action 1: Fruit Plantations
Fruit, when in season, are a large part of the Huterang diet. And so the Huterang set themselves to the task of growing more, arranging plantings of their favourite sorts with seedlings to grow into plantations. The first will be planted to the north-west of our city with the o (if we get a second build in a single action like game 5, place the second to the south of Utpalem somewhere).

>Action 2: Utbanda
Moving northward through the forest along the coastline, the Huterang found their outpost of Utbanda close upon the banks where a small river meets the sea. (x)
Nation name: Rhayne
Color: Vibrant, practically neon, green
Race: Frogs. Spindly limbs and the like (Think greninja)
Racial Trait: Stealthy Psychics. Their muted colors give them the ability to hide in the most random of locations and they use this stealth to remain in a location and slowly worm their way into the minds of those in the area causing hallucinations and even minor paralysis. Their biggest drawback is that as the hallucinations get stronger, the sound of croaking becomes more prevalent often times leading to a position being compromised or at the very least giving those in the area some idea that they're near by. And once out of the range of a frog's influence the hallucinations stop entirely and the effects begin to fade, although repeated exposure to a frog can cause the hallucinations to come back and the longer they've been exposed to it the stronger the hallucinations becomes.
Lore: A nation hidden amongst a dense jungle. High in the treetops do they reside and although contact with them has been made a few times, it's said that no one has truly entered their capital outside of other like them. Those that get close having to face hallucinations, a miasma of psychic attacks plaguing movements. Despite this they are largely neutral, trying to collect info for their own benefit with no real desire for conflict.
Great assassins. Awful at direct conflict

Action 1: Develop stealth techniques.
As the nation flourishes, getting to know the surrounding area is the most important thing be it for hunting or trapping. These techniques can even potentially help other factors of life such as exploration as well as cultivation.

Action 2: Develop farms.
Small and quickly reproducing animals such as chicken supplemented alongside wheat will be enough to get things going. Soon enough expansion, but a basis is needed first
Nation Sudlunders
Color: Anything bluish or greyish
Race: Frostlings (Frostmen, Frostrolls, Frostgobs, some Frost Giants, frost witches)
Racial Trait:
Hail the Gods of Frost! (Gains magic and strength in cold climates and sacrifices. Nation relies on Frost-Flame which burns to create cold, rather than heat, which they use to manipulate metal and cook)
The Fires of Hel! (Weak to flame and heat. Cannot survive long in warmer climates without magical protection such as cloud cover or layers of ice)
Lore: From the frigid depths of the south they come. Scattered tribes of goblins, clans of man, savage bands of trolls, ogres, towering frost giants and the recluse witches of cold. They fight, they raid, they pillage, they plunder, all in the service of their dreaded Three Gods of Ice, and the lesser dieties of frost.

At their religious capital, the mountain stronghold of Fryholme, is the great and bottomless pit. Here they sacrifice anything they can, defeated warriors, meat and animals, and most precious of all, that which has magical or political significance among their enemies, for more favor from the Ice Gods, to spread the chilling cold or grant magical powers.

However, think them not merely savage barbarians incapable of diplomacy. Of the humans in particular, trade and mercenarial work is common, for among men do survive the longest beyond the cold before the dreaded stroke of heat claims their bodies, yet also is their lot to have fewer magic. Such it is that the men tend to be the more civilized of the Sudlunders, and scheme for power.
Nation Name: Jugemu
location : any coastal island off the main continent
Color: Any
Race: Tanuki
Racial Trait: The Tanuki is a race of humanoid racoon dogs. the tanukis are master of illusion magic are able to shapeshift into any race or animal, perfectly mimicking their external appearance but in exchange they are physically weak and absent-minded
Lore: For many centuries, the island of Sado where the tanuki lives are under the rule of the kitsune foxes, a race with similar but less specialized illusion magic that also allows them to control fire. with this power the foxes invaded the island of Sado and opressed the native tanuki who lived in fear that for their lives as the foxes consider tanuki hot pot a delicacy.

the tanuki would stay as the foxes slave until five centuries ago, when an unknown tanuki family gave birth to the mythical and legendary five brothers and sister. the tanuki five named Paipo, Shūringan, Gūrindai, Ponpokopii, Ponpokona waged guerilla war against their fox overlord and succesfully drove them out of the island of sado and founded the Jugemu clan. they ruled the island for a while until they mysteriously disappeared some three centuries ago. their descendant now rule the island in their place as a the chief of the tribal confederation along with other tanuki clans.
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Nation Name: Matsumae Shōgunshoku
Capital Name: Minahoro
Color: Gray
Race: Kitsune (Yukitsune, Haitsune and Tentōsune)
Racial Trait: While rumored to be masters of illusion; the truth is far more direct. Yukitsune have an inherent affinity for Ice magic, Haitsune fire, and Tentōsune Storm magics.
Lore in next post
Long did the Kōgō, Daughter of the Sun Goddess, reign over this land. Under her rule did the Kitsune people grow wisened and fat off the spoils of fertile lands and bountiful forests. Not all, however, was well under such a reign. Some within the Imperial court plotted, schemed against she who was divine among mortals. The warlord, Matsura Hirauji rallied Daimyo and retainers loyal to him, and laid siege to the capital Minahoro. He was successful. The Emperess called for a ceasefire, knowing her vassals; loyal as they were, would surely perish to the superior forces of this self-proclaimed Shōgun. Hirauji knew any harm to the Kōgō was an offense to the Gods themselves, and thus the deal was struck. All things of the physical were to be ruled by the Shōgun, the Lord and Master of all within the Empire. The Kōgō herself would retain her title, but all power was simply stripped away; only commanding a small force of 100 loyal retainers for defense. It has been some time, and while Matsura Hirauji has passed from this world; his daughter Matsumae Rokuno shall now lead the Shōgunshoku for better, or for worse.

Physical and cultural description:
A people resembling humans with the ears and tails of Foxes, the Kitsune have a fairly martial culture, and rely a on magic to fight their battles alongside their martial arms; with many retainers being spellswords.

They are five to six foot in size, with a wide variation of outliers on each side of the spectrum. Males have shorter and far less bushy tails than the females on average; with retainers typically opting to have their tails completely severed both as a sign of devotion to their Daimyo, and to better fit within their armor. Tail size and hair color is determined by genetics; with the most common hair colors being jet black with the second most common being stark white. There are kitsune with auburn red, chestnut brown and gray hair color as well.

Kitsune are often excellent seamstresses making extremely high quality clothing, and in addition are master brewers; crafting the finest of rice wine, cherry wine and a type of cherry honey mead.

Kitsune are, as often stereotyped, attractive and very alluring, and as such Kitsune often take advantage of this stereotype to get what they want, or for political maneuvering. Oftentimes the daughters of Kitsune Daimyo will be married off to allies to strengthen relations between the lords; or for more ruthless men, married to rivals in order to have them assassinated, and by laws of succession have their authority transferred to their wives who often return said lands to their fathers. On occasion, these daughters grow a taste for the power they are granted, and instead choose to become vassals of the clan which had originally sired them. Even others still reject their original purpose and strike out on their own; knowing such an act would alienate themselves from their progenitors. As a result of such actions, a sizable portion of Kitsune Daimyo are female, however this does not by any means make them any less willing to use their own physical attributes nor those of their offspring to get what they want when they can. When they cannot attain what they wish via diplomacy, then war typically follows. Traditionally, Kitsune Daimyo favor a solid backbone of Retainer infantry, with formations of peasant levies to round out roles more suited to their status.
Oh, preferably I'm not affiliated with these guys. Just putting it out there.
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And of course, I forget, the all important capital placement.
(Posting on behalf of Acreon)
Nation name: Covenant of the Dag Dag
Location: Any forest that will be referred to as the forest of Dagaroth.
Color: Grey
Race: Gibilins who are are rosy pink in complexion once they come into this world to dark green as they age.
Racial Trait: The Gibilins are a small, cunning, and quick racer able to utilize the forest they rise in to blend in and move stealthily. They are also known for being adept at climbing and for their night vision.
Lore: The Dag Dag are a small tribe of gibilins who live in the deep forests of the world. They are a small and secretive people who are experts at hiding and sneaking. They are known for their skill at making weapons and traps, and for their love of mischief and trickery.

The gibilins of the Dagaroth forest are a peaceful people, but they are also very independent and fiercely protective of their homes and families. They are not afraid to fight if they must, but they much prefer to use their wits and their skills to get what they want.While the small gibilins are not a wealthy people, but they are content with what they have. They are happy to trade their skills and their knowledge for food and shelter, and they are always willing to help those in need.

The Dag Dag are led by a powerful shaman, who communes with the spirits of the aether that they worship. They believe that these spirits will one day lead them to victory over their enemies. They are a fearsome people, and those who cross them do so at their own peril.
(Posting on behalf of Acreon)

Action 1: The great shaman who represents the spirits of the aether who are the guardians of the forest and everything in it commissions totems to be carved and placed at various points in the forest to ward against evil spirits and anything that may harm the forest and to guide gibilins during hunts or if they ever get lost.

Action 2: A group of young gibilins, eager to prove themselves to their elders in order to become bondlins [a unit of archers], go out into the forest to track down and kill a troublesome pack of wolves that have been a nuisance to the covenant and hopefully return triumphant.
Nation Name: Salivanid Empire
Color: Red
Race: Viersperan
Racial Traits: Tough and Durable/Robust, Strong, Large, Eats over ten thousand calories per day, cannot stand the cold.
Capital: Metrin Kalan
Lore: The Viersperan are a serpent like people of noteworthy size that inhabit the deserts and oasis's of a land they call Salivanid and which their empire takes it's name from. Their are a number of more savage and less refined species that are similar to them which they consider to be descended from after ages of growth and change, though only the significantly smaller Poconthy's seem to show any real intelligence, although are in a far more tribal state than the current Viersperan's. In many way's the Poconthy's are a opposite of the Viersperan's, for the Viersperan's are large, strong, and very durable both in bones, scale and skin while struggling in cold environments and having what most other species would consider an insatiable apatite. While the Poconthy's are fast, frail, small, can survive just about everywhere even frozen lands, and are mostly scavengers. Still this connection between their smaller kin and the more savage creatures that are similar yet quite different to them has reinforced the view that they are a progression of their kind. Regardless, they believe these initial creatures were created by the goddess of sand, time, history and Serpents, Loreleilim and that this deity carefully guided their changes over eons. Similarly, they believe that the world has a cycle of being lush and alive and withering, and a major part of their religion is dedicated to preserving as much information as possible and in a way that could protect it from the endless sands of time so that even should they wither with the world the next bloom will be able to hear and read their stories. Their society is interestingly very communal, and all settlements are lead by a council of sorts, with a leader among them elected by this council.

This even extends to the higher levels of government where in the monarch always has a council of advisors at their side at all times, and similarly to the council the monarch is considered the leader of this group, and the heir is elected by this advisor council. The monarch and leading council of advisors role is to guide their lands and ensure the happiness and productivity of the people, and this is generally enforced somewhat by the clergy. Still, the moniker Emperor or Empress of the People is common. It generally helps that their monarch generally lives much like any other Viersperan in society until their assentation to the crown. Another key part of their society is their absolute distain for slothfulness, and it is considered one of the greatest sins in their faith for it doesn't create and merely wastes the time that was given. Naturally due to these cultural values, the society is very orderly, yet the arts are still respected, especially that of architecture, music, sculpting and gardening. Further of note, in Viersperan society, one doesn't have so much of a family as they do a community that they are a part of, though marriage and friendship between two individuals still exists. The biggest hurdle the society faces is ironically this communal life style, as it means that every exploration is generally done by many members of a community at once, and generally a Viersperan on their own is extremely rare. Further, two different communities will generally look out for themselves more than the other, which causes issues when crisis's strike and things like food becomes scarce...

(Putting this here since it's best everyone can actually, you know, read my lore and know who I actually am.)

Today was a grand day. While progress had gone slowly but steady, the city of Metrin Kalan could finally be truly considered a city and worthy of being a capital for the empire, making the communities that were a part of it quite pleased with their hard work. Still, while the Emperor of the People soon discussed their plans and idea's to the council there was one thing quickly settled upon that all understood. For the empire and it's people to prosper there had to be more food. As such, more food was to be secured. While the hunting of elephants, hippo's giraffes, and similar was quite useful for feeding communities, an idea came about that was quite simple. What if they removed the whole tracking and hunting thing entirely? What if they raised the creatures so as to be able to benefit from them far easier, and be able to know just how many there were? Not only would this defeat overhunting and make the process easier, but it'd mean that meat would be far easier to come by. And so, a few communities of hunters went out to try and capture these beasts and tame them, or at least simply keep them contained so they could be watched and more easily gotten. Other than this, much more farmland was needed for grain and other foods that could grow along the river. And so, a good deal of effort was put into the expansion of the farmlands, and making them able to produce more than just enough for the one's maintaining them.

>Action One: Attempt to capture and domesticate large animals. (Elephants, Hippo's, whatever else similar is nearby)

>Action Two: Clear out more farmland.
Nation Name: Godflesh Collegiate
Capital: Godskin Campus
Color: Black or Gold
Race: Humans (kinda'ish)
They are very pale and abbandoned by the Graces of the Gods those without a Colegium they are part off tend to be very frail otherwise their apperance is heavily dependant on the collegium they are part off.

History: The people of the Collegiate have been abbandoned by their creator God, cruel he was and demanded war and sacrifice of them. The people rose up in rebellion and tore his flesh appart some made his Eyes their own, some his maw, some his limbs, some his bones, some his skin and lastly only the dregs remained which one took too. The Collegiate is this built around 6 collegia with a Godflesh Bearer atop and underlings he shares his power with underneath. The Collegiate is split some wish to kill all Gods others merely wish to bring the conzept of death to create some empathy for mortals among the divines.

Ok just gonna past it here
The 6 collegia operate somewhat independantly though they meat and the head rotates

Collegium of the Eyes - clayvorance predicting the future, reading stars, crystal balls and tarot stuff
Collegium of the Maw - eating stuff and absorbing portion of it's power, most agressive one they wanna eat Gods gourge themselves on their flesh
Collegium of the Muscles- value physical prowace and combat power, good at wrestling, but do melee without weapons. They value streangth and only that
Collegium of the Bones - grow a bone exoskeleton and value stalwartness and defensiveness, they are like unmovable rocks
Collegium of the Skin - they like to skin people, can wear people's skin to take on other's apperance otherwise just Godskin apostles from elden ring
Collegium of the Dregs - they are weak, but their power is dragging their opponent to their level. The stronger the pull of ones dregs the weaker you become when facing a follower of the dregs. Their Godfleshholder basically reduces any opponent to be equal in streangth to him so only skill matters

> Action 1: Expand
Expand once

> Action 2: Build City
Name: Godeye Campus
File: tegaki.png (219 KB, 338x487)
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Nation: Kingdom of Illyria
Capital: Port Royal
Colors: Blue (0, 132, 255) and Gold
Race: Humans
Lore: After centuries of division, the scattered human tribes of Illyria have finally recognized a single man as their king to create a land where humanity can stand together in front of a dangerous world. Whether by the swords of its knights, by the magic of its sorcerers, or by the faith of its priests, Illyria will be a nation to last the ages.

>Action 1: Create farmlands

>Action 2: Domesticate wild horses

1 & 2. The peasantry needs land to farm, and the Daimyo land to rule. Since the coup took place, much of our lands outside the capital have been neglected and abandoned; this of course must be fixed. We shall begin expansion into the wilderness, taming the grasslands and forests which cover the island. With new lands come content lords, new farms and of course, a larger population. Once the island is ours, then we may use that population to assist in greater efforts to expand the influence of the Shogun to new shores.
File: Godflesh Holders.png (1101 KB, 969x651)
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1101 KB .png
Leaders of each of the colleges.
>Water Reserves
The Tulac set themselves to work, laying bricks and gathering large pools of water, for every trader and cart that passes through Kul'gatin's gates will need to drink.

>Expand East
The cartlords push East, following the oasis.
Note to myself, you're a principality, not a kingdom.
Nation Name: The Leakoan Republic
Capital Name: Leako
Color: Deep Purple
Race: Glikeich

Glikeich are large and extremely old crustaceans with a affinity for anything maritime/naval

Racial Trait: Glikeich are separated into multiple 'groups' due of their visible appearances and what jobs they work best at, as some could very well be able to use the nearby water as heatened projectiles when they are in water akin to pistol shrimps and some other very well can use some club like appendages to fuck up larger creatures akin to mantis shrimps and i go on , Glikeich are able to see more colors than most other races can due of a special adaption of their eyes.

The Glikeich strangely cannot use magic but in turn their outer shells allow them to be near immune to most types of magics, which make them frightening opponements to combat if you only have magic users that is... yet due of their longevity they reproduce rather slowly, not too slow but considerably slower than some other species

Lore: The Leakoan Republic is a Sprawling nation known for its complex trade routes, impressive slave markets and complex yet high quality naval building... The leakoan republic is quite ancient, with the first mention of "Leako" dating back to 2,000 years ago... since then the leakoan republic saw a massive decline since its golden age 200 years ago... which provoked the fall of their naval empire , yet the new government wish to exactly re-establish this once intercontinental spanning empire by any means necessary

Action 1: Expand South
We would expand deeper into the small (yet large compared to the much larger island ontop of my starting location) island by setting up outposts and settlements with some ports near the coasts

Action 2: Construct Shipyards
Due of our maritime nature, we decide to construct more naval shipyards to build construct more vessels for either commercial or military purposes
Nation Name: Kingdom of Dundee
Capital Name: Dun-Caver O' Fenne
Color: Brown
Race: Fenne. Desert-dwelling small humanoids with the ears and tail of foxes, as well as paw feet, hair colour tends to be pale brown, blonde and even white, skin colour is dark, teeth are sharp.
Racial Traits: Small (less strength, more agility), great hearing, padded feet (silent), short lifespan (around 50), frail (wounds more fatal), muffled magic (less magical ability, harder to magically detect).
Lore: The Clans of Dundee rose to prominence in the deserts, pushed out of home after home by larger monsters and peoples. The deserts were not kind, but the tunnelling arts of the Fenne let them get an edge on the surface threats while their excellent hearing and padded feet let them get the better of the burrowing ones. The Clans made underground dens, sheltering them, sometimes connecting several together, creating towns. These towns have enough security to start making surface structures, watch towers and forges, carving out a safe region for the Fennes on the surface. Eventually the first city would emerge, Dun-Caver, larger on the surface than underground, who used their military might and diplomacy to bring all Fennes under one banner, establishing the Kingdom of Dundee, ruled by the O' Fenne dynasty.

The Clan leaders of Dundee gather in the grand palace of Dun-Caver, attending the coronation of the new King. Overseen by High Seer Agnes, King Johan O' Fenne grants the crown of Dundee to his son Marcus, and with it, the reign of the entire kingdom.

Action 1: Crown Marcus O' Fenne the new King, a warrior king of high military prowess.
Crown Prince Marcus has studied under the finest tutors, but excelled in the military arts, becoming one of the greatest Lancers of Dundee. But he really proved himself when given the position of Marshal, taking down 5 rebellious Clans through tactical genius, personally impaling 2 of the Clan leaders while his army took down a third, making the remaining two surrender. Upon seeing his son with the severed head of a Clan leader in each hand, the King knew his son was ready for the crown and decided it best to have his son crowned while in his prime.

Action 2: Develop Warhook (military Billhook).
During Marcus' military career, he experimented with many different weapons, and used them even as Marshal. One weapon he discovered to be remarkably effective is what he calls the Warhook. It is a peasant's Bill, a blade with a reverse curve, for hooking around what you cut, put on a long shaft, with a spike going straight, for stabbing, and a spike opposite the Bill's edge, for armour piercing swings. This makes for a very versatile weapon, especially against larger opponents giving you reach and letting you hook body and limbs, so they have to yield or take additional damage. With Marcus now King there is no end to warriors who want to use this Warhook, and smiths producing them.
>action 1: develop animal shapeshifting
the tanuki are the classic omnivores, eating anything they can get their hands on including rodents, lizards, frogs, fruit, berries, insects, slugs, snails and other small invertebrates. while generally content with their small catch some tanuki managed to observe that certain animals are really good at gathering food, whether it is a bird able collect food in hard to a reach place or a big cat that is really good preying on other animals. the tanuki would soon learn to shapeshift into those creature, little by little gaining understanding of their movement and inner workings

>action 2: develop illusion magic - image projection
while other tanuki are learning how to shapeshift into animals, a certain tanuki storyteller found out that he can attract more watchers by using his innate magic not to shapeshift himself but rather by projecting images outside of his body. the projection image is rather crude and small, only covering the wooden plank the storyteller bought with him to tell stories. soon the tanuki become famous with his innovative storytelling where he narrates and showed his audience the scenes of his story with his magic. his stories "Demonic Foxes: The Tanuki Hotpot Horror Story" and "The Tanuki Five: How The Tanuki Brothers Drove Of the Foxes By Transforming Into A Huge Dragon" become a hit with the tanuki. soon various copycat storyteller would also learn how to project image in sado island.
>action 1: develop animal shapeshifting
the tanuki are the classic omnivores, eating anything they can get their hands on including rodents, lizards, frogs, fruit, berries, insects, slugs, snails and other small invertebrates. while generally content with their small catch some tanuki managed to observe that certain animals are really good at gathering food, whether it is a bird able collect food in hard to a reach place or a big cat that is really good preying on other animals. the tanuki would soon learn to shapeshift into those creature, little by little gaining understanding of their movement and inner workings

>action 2: develop illusion magic - image projection
while other tanuki is learning how to shapeshift into animals, a certain tanuki storyteller found out that he can attract more watchers by using his innate magic not to shapeshift himself but rather by projecting images outside of his body. the projection image is rather crude and small, only covering the wooden plank the storyteller bought with him to tell stories. soon the tanuki become famous with his innovative storytelling where he narrates and showed his audience the scenes of his story with his magic. his stories "Demonic Foxes: The Tanuki Hotpot Horror Story" and "The Tanuki Five: How The Tanuki Brothers Drove Of the Foxes By Transforming Into A Huge Dragon" become a hit with the tanuki. soon various copycat storyteller would also learn how to project image in sado island.
Nation Name: Azimarius
Capital Name: Azimar
Color: Purple
Race: Azimarians(lizard niggas)
Racial Trait: Giga hella smart, but in mad scientist ways(i.e alchemy before "normal" science, magic over tools)
Lore: The Azimarians are a race of towering and hulking lizardfolk, born and raised in the dangerous swamps and jungles of their rainy homeland. The jungles of Azimar are rife with all sorts of more natural resources, but filled with many a dangerous predator, such that arguably the Azimarians arent even the top of their food chain. And yet the Azimarians grew the intelligence, and the brawn, to overcome their place in the ecosystem, cutting out a land of their own. They possess a heavily communal culture based on variations in scale coloration that at times can be inexplicably minute to outside observers, which allows them to thrive in their home but leads to much fighting and a large number of outcasts. Due to this, their natural hardiness, and other factors they have a most curious intelligence that leans more to the ethereal matters of the world than the practical. After all, what need of iron do they have with rending claws and hardy scales? Now as their race grows in number, so too do their proliclivities around and outside of Azimar.
File: unknown-346.png (3118 KB, 3386x1452)
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3118 KB .png
Drop me here Coach
Action 1: The Azimarian Communes each focus on their own struggles, but first and foremost is the procurement of food. They make sure to cleanse the more fruity jungle areas of the more dangerous predators, typically eating them as well of course, so they have food from both hunting and foraging(Unga more food)

2. With the jungle so overtly rife with life, its no surprise the Azimarians, with their strange intellect, seek to harvest its materials for their own benefit and the benefit of their respective communes(invent Alchemy)
Posting for Bossfrog

>Nation Name:
Clan of Sagra
>Capital Name:
(Blessed) Humans
>Racial Trait:
The Sagran tribe are the descendants of the now ancient Hero, Rulo Sagra. Having been blessed with future sight, he has passed this gift down to his offspring who are capable of seeing seconds into the future at a time or potentially longer with deep training and inner peace.
Native to the arid planes, the Sagran Clan is a race that takes great pride in their history, honoring their founding ancestor and cherishing their gift. Taking after the hero Rulo, young men of the tribe often strive to become great warriors and horsemen, training the minds and bodies of themselves and their mounts to match the foresight of their gift. In a similar vein though many such risky careers which would be less desirable in other cultures are found flourishing in the tribe. Danger contraptions and chemicals excite the clan, who with their gift can often narrowly avoid otherwise sudden death from such dangerous pursuits.

>Action 1: Create Stables
Native to the plains, horsemanship is way of life to the clan. Grass grows freely to feed upon and sport has few places to hide from Sagran arrows. Whatever mountable beast resides natively to the area, courageous clansmen will surely tame and breed it.

>Action 2: Create Farmland
The tribe is larger than ever; Simple hunting is insufficient to support Rulo's people. Farmland is to be created and tended in the area surrounding Daghatar.
File: unknown-252.png (1077 KB, 929x741)
1077 KB
1077 KB .png
Bossfrogs map
File: file.png (104 KB, 398x260)
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104 KB .png
>Posted on behalf of Kulpy

Nation Name: Aquileian Republic
Capital Name: Aquileia
Color: Purple
Race: Human
Racial Trait: Divine Ancestry
Lore: Humans, once native to the mountains and forests in the east long ago, were displaced by the unification of the Trolls in what is now Big Stone. Fleeing westward, these once disjointed and scattered peoples were united under several banners, as followers of heroic individuals who led the rest of them along their exodus. These four separated tribes converged at the western coast of the continent, and together united and founded the city of Aquileia, their new home, ruled by the families of the four heroes as a republic.
The founder of these four dynasties were venerated for their heroic deeds which lead to the unification of their peoples, and this veneration would quickly become divine in nature. The descendants of these four gods inherit their heirlooms, and their divine abilities with them.

>Action 1: Farmland
Our nation has no agrarian history, and consequently the development of the local land, no matter how fertile, has been quite slow. It is now the responsibility of the Senate to step in and organize the agricultural development of the city.

>Action 2: Ocean-Vessels
The wealthy Senators of the city relax on our shores, and can see with their own eyes the islands nearby. The ocean calls to our people, as it has since our exodus from the east. We must heed this call! Our small fishing vessels are made larger, able to hold more men and travel further distances.
File: Sagra capital.png (309 KB, 442x553)
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309 KB .png
Capital change
Nation Name: Gragel Underempire
Capital Name: Gragel Waren
Color: Silver
Race: Kobolds
Racial Trait: Small, about half the height of a human on average; Rapid breeders; Ingenious inventers; Short lived; Inbuilt greed; Little Self Preservation.
Lore: Kobolds are a race many others may consider vermin or simply an insane race made by contradictions. The Kobolds are a race that breed rapidly and can live near 40 years; but rarely make it past 10 years of age. This is due to the Kobold's natural greed, kobold mating rituals require shiny or valuable objects, along with their high intelligence and lack of self preservation. This has lead to many a warren being wiped out by their own traps going wrong.
Gragel Waren is named after the patriarch and possibly the oldest Kobold at 45 years old. The waren was dug into the mountains and has only expanded as generations grew and other warrens were subjugated. Gragel then claimed to be king of the mountain and sought to claim all the mountains for himself.

Capital location: Eastern continent; southern mountain range.

1. Gragel need more shiny! Dig Deep; seek shiny! (search for resources)
2. Gragel need food! Others maybe need food; maybe they ate yesterday. More farms. Dig out more cave to raise mushroom and worms. (Build Farm)
(Did a major derp on the time period, very big derp, with my second action jumping time by 2k-3k years, this must be corrected.)

Action 2 Revised: Develop Warhook (Dagger Axe-Spear).
During Marcus' military career, he experimented with many different weapons, from swords to polearms, but one he became really effective with, was what he calls a War Hook. It is a shaft afixed with both a dagger style blade perpendicular with the shaft, near one end, with the tang going through the shaft, making an even more secure fit and acting as a partial counterweight, as well as a speartip on said end. This makes a polearm that can both stab and swing for massive damage, thanks to the long shaft. But the biggest feature is it's ability to hook onto larger enemies' bodies and limbs, even able to grab onto enemies who may be mounted and yank them off their mount. Now that Marcus is king, and has proven the effectiveness of his signature weapon, there is no end to warriors seeking their own Warhook, which makes there be no end to weaponsmiths trying to make these proto-halberds, testing all sorts of configurations, some even mounting several dagger blades perpendicular to the shaft, making double or even triple-dagger axes, before finally reaching a very similar design to the one Marcus O' Fenne used when he struck down the two rebellious Clan chiefs.
The sun sets and rises again. A new dawn, a new cosmic day. Let us see what it has in-store for the youngling of the world.
> expand north
The big chief of the tribe issues an order, it’s purpose clearly inspired by some higher power
“You go up to big sloshy thingy that drowns and go sit there and eat and come back when I tells ya”
Truly, such inspiring words have never been seen before
The feathered folk of the isle cast their gaze over the blue horizons. Theyir new docks are shoddy at best, but it is a humble beginning. Even bolder they strike a first step towards taming the blue expanse, and begin experimenting with ships tougher, and larger than the common fisherman's (1/2).

The father blesses the fields and soon their gardeners will know the fruits they planted. But forget not to spare the occasional glance from the sky to the earth, for it has much to teach of its bounties. This knowledge will certainly aid in the feeding of the budding outpost, and grow it into a great city.

The Gyd grows, and asif a symbolic brother, so does a new city follow. But yet a seed, given time, it will mature into a mighty harvest.

The toilings of Utpalem would bare fruit of Nature and Labor as their plantations and outpost s take root.

The frogmen take note of their land and come see they have much to learn from its animals. The chameleon does not simply change color, it blends with its surroundings. Knowing how to navigate this, is the difference between life and death. Meanwhile cultivators of the land conduct their own studies, and a farm is founded.

The Kitsune work to restore their former stature and a new village tasked with feeding the people is founded.

The totems are carved and the gibilins are relieved that dark forces will find little respite in their lands. Though beyond is a different story, as the hunting party finds success but at great cost. A third return, but their experience will prove of value.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, most life that calls the desert sands its homes are minuscule in comparison to the giant snakes themselves. Yet the fabled sand-serpents may be a fitting prize. (1/3). For now, a humble farm is their first real achievement.

Their sights set on new beginnings, a flock of citizens leave to establish a new town dedicated to the college of the godeye

Illyria finds itself in no shortage of food or steeds thanks to their efforts.

The Taluc thirst not after water or adventure. Their newfound wells and explorative efforts see to this. Overtime, a new village comes to form towards the east.

Efforts begin to regain dominion of the sea. A dock is built, and an outpost breaks land on the southern island.

Marcus ascends to the throne and the people rejoice, long may he reign. His appointment sparks no end of wannabes and many seek training in the proficiency if their lord's preferred weapon.
The Tanuki aim to expand their arsenal of tricks, and to them comes a natural understanding of the critters they share their home with. Yet to truly claim mastership over trickery, they must first expand their minds and look to study illusionary arts (1/2)

Big brained as always, the Commune takes steps to first feeds their bellies before feeding their curiosity. They discover that alchemy comes naturally to them. (1/2)

Farms and stables sprout from the land, and richer more are the lives of your people.

The farms will feed your people, while the taunting of the sea stirrs your hunger for adventure. You begin work on developing worthier vessels to conquer the sea(1/2)

The kobolds curiosity runs deep, and likewise they find the earth holds iron as their reward. Yet so kind is the earth that it rewards them with their sought after farm as well.

So long does it take for the command to return to reach these trolls that they inadvertently extend the reach of the grill nation, and found a dwelling.
>Action 1: Ihpalem
Another band of Huterang settlers head up the river Palemgai to higher ground, founding the outpost of Ihpalem close to the source from which it gushes from the ground. (x)

>Action 2: Feed the outposts.
A new plantation is established in the vicinity of each of the outposts of Utbanda and Ihpalem to feed the Huterang of these new settlements as they grow.
File: Turn.png (71 KB, 206x226)
71 KB
71 KB .png

Derp, missed the image.
>Action 1: Expand to the lands to the west

>Action 2: Send explorers south With OOC the intent of meeting the Aquileians
For action 1, I'm waiting till the map is up to indicate where exactly.
The glorious Aak inherit the world around us, but as they expand they come to notice movement of orange fur.

In Aak-tongue they are known as the Orgartanum, the tree peoples, a kind the Aak would prefer not getting into a scrap with so soon. A small family is sent to see about speaking to them, the tongues of the Aak’s neighbours being known to them.

Action 1: Clasticrete (Aakish Concrete)

A revolutionary formulation in Aakish architecture, Clasticrete is formed as a slurry before setting into place, as firm and unmoving as the mightiest stones.

The material quickly becomes popular among homesteaders, architects and begins cropping up in new works all across the Entreaty.

Of note in this era is the Venerable Mausoleum of Clastaa, remade with this new material as the centre of veneration for the Honoured Ancient who taught us to work stone into buildings in ancient times.

Action 2: Grand Visions (Settle another outpost)

Influential families convene on the great walkways for several days to convene, discuss and debate between themselves. Drink is had, bread is broken before a prevailing idea comes to the forefront of the Aak meet.

A grand nation of Aak, cities as far as eye can see. A terrible map is acquired, settlements are scrawled upon all the most appealing sites and arms are folded in consensus. The firstmost site to settle is marked as 1, and perhaps the most tenuous, the river near the mountain.

Families assemble their things, armed with knowledge of new building materials, to see about forming their new homestead upon fertile soil.

The name they choose for this place is Kaanon (Tower-city), though much like the last it is not yet so bustling.
1. Yes yes! Good many tools to be made. But forge needed. For forge wood needed. Send lowly ones to go gather wood. Set up lumber mill.
2. Need claim more land; claim shiny. Set up outpost on southern river. Enforce territory.
(Posting on behalf of Seeker)

Post on behalf of Kefka of Azimar

1. Various members of every Commune inevitably go down the path of increasing their alchemical knowledge, and their first forays inevitably create a number of successes and failures alike(Alchemy 1/2)

2. Some Azimarian Communes develop proper farms where they can grow and cultivate extra food to survive(Make farms)
1. continue developing animal shapeshifting
the tanuki continue developing their understanding of animals near them. While big cats and birds are simple enough to observe, more complex creature such as small insects and fishes needs a little bit more effort to be studied by the tanuki. (1/2)

2. build fisheries
having to hunt your food gets old after while and so a few tanukis built simple fisheries made of bamboo and root nets on the coast of Sado so they dont have to hunt further inland.

With the expansion of the various farmland in the empire, along with the attempts to tame creatures that could be utilized as a food source taking longer than expected, a greater deal of effort by the communities working the various farming settlements would swiftly work on ways to make the process easier and more productive. After all, until sizable creatures that could be tamed were found and captured all production of food relied upon the farms and hunting, and the farms were far more consistent. As such efforts to try and ensure more crops grew larger and healthier would be worked upon, so that the people of the Salivanid empire would not need to worry about famine or hunger. After all, if there was one way to cause issues and friction among the various communities that made up the empire it was a lack of food. Still, the search for various large animals and their taming would continue and carry on. It surely wouldn't take too much longer, right? Once food was sorted more important things to ensuring that the history of the empire would last would be able to be worked upon. Ideally, that would not be delayed for too long.

>Action One. Continue trying to tame Elephants, hippo's, ECT, or even just find them at this stage.

>Action Two. Agricultural advancements.
Life goes on in the Kingdom of Dundee, ruled by King Marcus' firm hand and Stewart Johan's wise counsel. The Clans know it best to not cause any trouble, for the military has never been stronger, so any uprising is sure to be short. Some less loyal Clans gather Warhook warriors to try and get a head start on the King's Army, but most see the writing on the wall. The fact this king was crowned at such a young age means the current Clan Chiefs will die of old age before any less competent King gets crowned. Still, the king is young, and Johan can only provide advice for so long until he keels over from old age, leaving Marcus the only one in command, and though he's a fine general, he's a yet unproven king.

Action 1: Establish outpost to the west, toward/at the coast (capital in desert on eastern continent). Name new outpost/region: Ocea-de.
The Fennes have been heavily reliant on cactus farming, out in the desert. Cacti rely on what little moisture the air holds in order to grow, the closer a desert is to water, the more moisture can be collected. While going to the savannas would give us a lot of food, we'd also have to deal with the beasts and people who drove us into the desert in the first place. But there are deserts to the west, toward the ocean, where there's much more moisture, but still isn't hospitable for our bigger oppressors.

Action 2: Develop Ostrich Riders (1/3).
The Fennes have hunted many beasts, bested and slain even mighty elephants and rhinos. But one intrigues them more than any other, the Ostrich. The Ostrich runs faster than even the wind, and especially faster than the short-legged Fennes, but they aren't skittish like the gazelles, no, the Ostrich is aggressive, warlike, and vicious, with powerful kicks that fell many a Fenne. If the Fennes could find a way to mount the Ostriches, they'd be a fighting force like none other, the terror of all other Fennes. But before all that, they first need to catch those birds, whether through hunting or through bait and trap.
Action 1: Construct a farm near the outpost

>With most of the island having been 'colonized' , the leakoans living there would need food other than fishes, crustaceans and other seafood, thus it would only be logical that we begun to set up a farm close to the outpost, said farm(Well rice field) would make constantly rice, which should keep the outpost well fed for a while

Action 2: Send out a ship to rediscover lands

>After the fall of the leakoan empire, the dream of reforming it is still in glikeichans minds, and thus a expedition constituing of a single ship, the 'Onchimede' would be sent toward a chain of islands that the leakoan empire once controlled, with hope of gaining them back...
As the peasantry begins to settle into the newly expanded land; the many clans who displayed their loyalty to the previous Shōgun now come to Shōgun Matsumae with their petitions to claim the new land as their own. The "victor", so to speak, would be Kikkawa Rejin; Daimyo of the Kikkawa Clan. Having pledged his entire formation of spell-swords during the coup, this reward for their dedication to the cause of the Shōgunate is to be well shown to all.

1. Outpost to the west
2. Farms in that outpost.
(Posting on behalf of Acreon)

Action 1: The new bondlins (archers) who recently came from their proving hunt are tasked to seek new Gibs to join their ranks immediately and to take part of the next hunt once they are properly equipped ans trained.

Action 2: With the warding totems built the Shaman "He who conquers the felled tree Gib Glak", leader and shaman the Dag Dag worries over his people's safety if the various forest spirit's ire is turned on the Gibilins. To resolve this he wanders into the forest alone and scared just like his forebearers to speak with the spirit animals and seek their council on how to better commune with them and interpret their actions.
> Action 1: Collegium of the Godmuscles recruitment in the Salivanid Empire
Having been granted permission the Allumni of the Godmuscle get on their way to look for fresh recruits among the Salivanids. Afterall they are really big and more-big means more-muscle.

They of course only recruit from nonbelievers and predominantly look for people with a talent for sports.

> Action 2: Expand west
(along the northern coast)
*edit: change action 2 to: build farm

I did not know expanding is not the way this is supposed to be played
Fluff: With food now stable for the mean time, what comes next is general education. Having a system of passing along knowledge is of great importance and it can even lead to new ideas that can benefit the society as a whole in the future.

1 action: Stealth Training
With basic training out of the way, games like hide and seek on a more professional level are to be played. There is no grand reward for it, but being able to hide away makes for far greater security than out right defense.

1 action: Develop Schooling
While yes it may benefit to have more selective teachings, having a set standard to learn is of great value. At least 2-3 days a week should have a sizable chunk of time set aside for those that are not fit to work yet to learn from an elder, and perhaps take something of note from them and make it better

>Action 1 - Complete Sturdier Ships
>Action 2 - Farm (Seafood)

Since time immemorial, Glarians have soared on the warm thermals over the sparkling waters, keen eyes searching for the telltale glint of fish in the shallow coasts. Tucked wings and rushings winds prelude the cold depths of the water, beak piercing the scaled skin of their soon-to-be meal. A couple quick flaps later, and the meal can be enjoyed, (or shared, however unwillingly) on the salty shore.

Now though, Glarian are as wont to use their hands and tools as their beaks and wings. Trawlings nets, baited lines, each has turned up more fish than one Glarian can catch on their own, and so the ever-hungry crowds turn to charting out fishing routes, searching for rich fishing grounds and plundering the depths. These new boats, larger and sturdier than before, will serve well.
By the ongoing grace of the almighty Father of the Sky and Mother of the Earth, His Serene Highness, Prince Rendei I does hereby decree that Naçeaun shall know not rest till all of Leaux-Cándois and her surrounding isles are under our command! Further, see how her gifts she bestows upon us this day with a son! Glory to the Mother of the Earth! In her honour shall a grand temple be built, for which quarries of stone need be cut.

>Action 1 - More expansion
>Action 2 - Quarry & Temple
File: NRP map my region.png (284 KB, 408x499)
284 KB
284 KB .png
I have decided. I want my second city at the center of the plains to my northwest.
> Building: build two outposts to the north, name them Erre and Dulyn
The troll chief is furious- how dare his subjects not remind him that they had been sent to stand guard!?
And they started FARMING too! Never before has a troll farmed!
For PUNISHMENT those FILTHY TRAITORS shall be made to live together for the rest of their lives!
Posting on behalf of the
>Republic of Aquileia
(your lore was too long, so I've saved it in the lore document).

>Action 1: Construct the First Temple of Aquileia, the Temple of Milo
A grand temple in honor of the first hero of the Republic, the interior of which holds a large carved stone statue of Milo, built to the alleged scale of Milo's titan body. The front of the temple is adorned with symbols of flaming blades and spears (weapons that kill horses).

>Action 2: Naval Vessel Construction, 2/2
The seas continue to call to citizens of Aquileia. The coastline stretched with an assembly line of carpenters and engineers constructing larger vessels capable of weathering the open ocean.
Posted on behalf of the Sensei Khanate

The Raa'zac have turned their genius to new heights, normally the Supreme strength of the Sensei damages and blunts weapons quickly, but a new technique of layering the metal of blades grants new weapons longer lives, and helps transfer more of the might of the strike without deformation.

The Karnis Khan-Father, named after the First, Karn - announces to the city of Kul'gatin from the raised balcony of the temple of Karn. Wearing only a simple fur kilt, and an ornate bronze circle belt guard, he bellows out to the Sensei and their thralls

"SONS OF KARN, HEAR MY CALL! Outlanders have stepped foot within our most sacred city. Far too long we have been content to scrounge in the sands of our fathers and their fathers before, picking over spoils ancient when even we were born. We were created to rule! And so we shall, I command thee- my brothers and sons, those of the wastes - venture out. Find outlanders, offer them the same offer Karn gave those that mocked him on his first conquest. Surrender or die. Take what you will, see the weak driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women. Bring the spoils of the outlanders back to Kul'gatin!"

instigate a raid, in any random direction, any neighbor in range (roll a die I don't care, we don't know enough yet to pick targets, all we know is that more people are out there.)
Posted on behalf of Sudlunders

Turn 2
1. It is the humans who begin to form the first "government" among the sudlunders. The tribes begin to gather, and in their gatherings, by warrior combat or by superiority of resource and numbers, determine which among them is strongest. The first tribal kings make their name known
2. The giants follow second, mimicing the humans, albeit at a much more personal level. Who is the strongest, the tallest, worthy to be called King of the giants.
File: Turn2.png (3143 KB, 3386x1453)
3143 KB
3143 KB .png
Another cycle draws to an end, and new one takes its place. Let us see what the world has shapen into at the strike of this dawn.

Following the mother river which has nourished their people for generations, many travel from Utpalem further upstream to the river’s end. Here they defiantly carve out a new community for themselves on the forest’s edge, practically a spitting distance away from their recently found friends (or foes), the Aak. What interesting future awaits these adventurous souls? That will have to wait, as their bellies can hardly be neglected for such distant matters. A new farm springs up from the land, and its bounties will go a long way to fending off the hunger of the budding Utbanda and Ihpalem.

>Kingdom of Illyria
The illyrians gaze upon the distant horizons and dare to dream of what lies over them. Seeking to know a wider world, many like-minded dreamers pack their things and take a bold new step into the unknown. They track for days, and find themselves within a vast sea of green,hills rolling across the landscape like great frozen waves. Out here in the vast yet serene emptiness they feel at home, for they are as free as the land they walk. Here they settle down and lay new roots for themselves, aptly naming their newfound community as the Emerald Hills. Eager to create something for themselves and of themselves, they toil the empty fields to spring forth new life and fruit which will feed them and their descendants for generations to come.

>Iaakan Entreaty
Whenever you have a leaky roof, it’s best to have an Aak around. Their architectural ingenuity sees them produce the world’s first cement mixture, creating a frenzy in demand for this wonder-substance. Sturdier, stronger, though perhaps a bit uglier, the dwellings Entreaty are without equal! Yet even this solid discovery is merely a foundation for a grand and great future for their people. A city on every hill is what the Aak envision, and it certainly seems possible now. Eager to get started, a new community named Kaanon takes shape.

Despite their energetic eagerness, the kobolds know that failing to plan is planning to fail. With their eyes set on loftier goals, they take the first steps and create for themselves a lumbermill. The mighty pines of these lands are absolutely massive, ensuring that felling even a single tree will feed the great forge fires of the Kobolds for days. Their ambition is not solely in tinkering however, as some kobolds look even further beyond the skyscraping trees, and know that there is more to the world than their small corner. They strike out and create for themselves a community of their own following the chilling river.
The initial attempt yields intriguing results, and it’s back to the kitchen for the mad lizards. Boiling, toiling, and occasionally foiling, they brew away the days into all sorts of concoctions and creations. One particular lizard “masterfully yet unintentionally” fumbled around in his lab with just the right chemicals and discovered a wildly mutagenic potion. Struck with the wildly unconventional idea to test this mutagen on a a bed of crops, the mad lizard feeds a bed of vegetables the brew. Nothing happens at first, and frustrated he retires for the day. The next morning, he notices a commotion around the crops he “watered” They’ve turned into man sized plants, but that’s the least surprising thing. This plant apparently “ate” a poor farmer that ended up as plant food thinking that the morning was going to be like any other, not knowing it’d be his last. Instead of excising the mad lizard, he is instead praised as a genius, and a new alchemical crop is created. (man eaters created, a plant that’ll eat a poor unsuspecting animal/people that gets too close and swells in size)

>Jugemu Clan
Their sights set on the animal kingdom, the Tanuki aim to become masterful scholars of their critter kin that call the island home as well in order to better learn how to imitate their forms. They further master their shapeshifting skills, but soon learn that there are limits to what they can achieve and that size does matter after all. The Tanuki cannot transform into creatures either much smaller than themselves, or much larger, the dimensional differences are just too extreme and the strain on the body too great. However with practice they learn to adopt the form of these creatures and shape into them them to the proportions of the average Tanuki. (2/2) Perhaps eager to use these newfound abilities, they set their sites on the ocean. Just be careful that fish you caught doesn’t turn out to be your brother, otherwise, that’ll be an awkward family dinner.
>Salivanid Empire
The Salivanid are a determined folk, and continue on with their efforts to find beasts that can match them in stature. Finally they find worthy stock roaming across the landscapes which had traveled all the way to their oasis of all places on an old Migratory route. Giant beasts known as plains eaters waddle along. Apart from their huge shapes, they are generally unimposing creatures. However, the true threat lies in their strange physiology. Covered in hard scales, they are able to roll up into large ball and crush anything unfortunate enough to anger such a temperamental beast. After great struggles, and even some casualties, the beasts are finally corralled, but it’ll be fierce task to tame them. (2|3)
Studying the earth is to study oneself. Or at least, offer one firmer footing. What was first, the plant or the seed? Why are eggplants shaped like that? To answer these questions, and gain the greatest harvest, the snakes begin to dig up some answers. (1|2)

The aspiring Dundee march across the scorching sands to find a fresh haven for themselves and extend the reach of the Kingdom. Meanwhile others set their sites of the feathery giants of the land in hopes to tame them to their own ends. A few unfortunate would-be tamers suffer some nasty kicks resulting in caved in ribs and shredded torsos, but every injury leads to progress and finally the flightless foe is corralled. Now for the the truly hard part: Taming them. (1\2)

>Leakoan Republic
Variety is the spice of life, and to prevent their tastebuds from just killing themselves, the Shrimp offer their slaves a choice: Either man our rice farm, or end up on our plates instead. Understandably, they choose the former and take to feeding their masters the best they can. Still, the unfortunate slacker ends up as a side dish from time to time. And while fruits of labor blossom at home, there is still the matter of their former glory needing to be reclaimed. With one eye on the future, and another on the horizon, the scouting party sets forth to map out their former territories once more. Though largely uneventful, the party does manage to stumble across an ancient ruin on one the islands, seemingly bearing ancient markings of their people. Perhaps it could hold some forgotten value?

>Matsumae Shōgunshoku
It would fall to the Kikkawa clan to deliver the West unto the Shogun, and knowing it best not to disappoint their master’s wishes, set out immediately. Finally they settle in lush lands, establishing farms to feed their budding outpost. However, even though Rejin knew these lands held promise, he’d never have known just how true that would be until the first harvest. The land here seems to be somewhat infused with the power of the earth, and those that eat it can feel the magic swell in their bodies (Mana infused crops, which aids recovering the magic of its consumer
>Covenant of Dag Da
The Goblins find a surplus of volunteers eager to swell their ranks. Having learned from their vicious passed encounters, the newbies are trained in the art of tracking, stalking, and striking to kill from the shadows. Mock sessions lead to true hunt trials, and though some still fall to the wrath of the wilds, the Bondlins eventually become fierce hunters that can fell some of the fiercest beasts in the land. Yet equally as important as militant might is spiritual wisdom, and the shaman consults the spirits. They impart unto him their wisdom, that to gain their favor they must fear less and embrace more. Adorning themselves in the skin of the beast, painting themselves in its blood, and adopting their primal natures will bring the Goblins closer to the spirit of the wild, and walk alongside its inhabitants.

>Godflesh Collegiate
The Godmuscles would have little need to be overly selective, as the Salivanid are a surprisingly active people and as such sport impressive physiques to go along with their alarming size. Yet many are proud of the nation they call home and only few take up the offer of the Godmuscle’s recruitment efforts. Regardless, a steady stream is supplied and overtime the college finds itself with many willing, eager, and useful recruits (Immigration treaty). More mouths to feed means more food is needed, and for this a farm is easily slapped together with Salivanid and Godmuscles alike flexing on each other to see who can plow the most fields the fastest. Maybe it was the overabundance of testosterone emanating off these forces, but the plants this season are almost 10 times larger than normal, truly a monster harvest! (Impressive yield, you get +1 expansion point this turn).

The greatest prize is nothing material, but rather the establishing the fact for all to see one’s own superiority over them. The games find massive success, and many attend and even participate in the sport. Over time a large portion of the nation learns that adaptability means nothing without swiftness, and develop a knack for quickly shifting their camouflage to blend in with the environment even while on the move. But all play and no work makes frogs a stupid nation, and fortunately they have the wisdom to see value in emparting vital information un to each other. This sharing of information ultimately enhances the knowledge pool of the nation, improving their advancements in the scientific arts. Now to just build a facility to house these efforts.
Many trials, many *sunken* trials one should say rather, and the Glarians have finally mastered the carpenting skills needed to produce for themselves worthy vessels with which to roam the seas. Now truly no shoreline is safe from the sky-born defoulement sure to soon rain down upon them. Though for as magnificent as an achievement this is, it is dwarfed by the hype of their recent development: farms. Yields unlike anything they’ve known before fill their plates with some of the freshest and most delicious seafood they’ve ever had. In jubilation the island roars, and a moment of fleeting prosperity graces the island (you get +1 expansion point this turn)

>His Serene Highness, Prince Rendei I
The Father watches as his followers diligently work to cover the land with his grace, erecting monuments in his honor, and spreading words of his praise that bounce around the island.Truly, his nation will grow to be as vast as the heavens itself as he blesses them in their efforts. The people find themselves united more than ever, and the nation enters a feverish dedication to their goals of claiming the land in the name of their father (for the next 3 turns, expansions will cover a larger area than normal)

>Stonestomp tribe
For creatures of such large stature, the trolls suffer a short temper. Innovations never before dreamed of are spat on (yet still exploited) and the innovators scolded by foolish leadership. Yet, with a wide world out there they figure it best to just comply and found the desired outposts so they can find some peace and quiet away from needlessly loud chiefs. And who knows? Maybe a few decades from now, they could even be chiefs too…

>Republic of Aquileia
Milo the magnificent is venerated first among all the ancestor gods, and rightfully so for among the 4 he was the first to ascend beyond the mortal limits of the Aquileians. The grand opening of the first temple is flocked my so many worshipers that it can’t possibly house them all, and even for miles outside doe people queue to give their praises. (Milo’s becomes the current head of the pantheon, his bloodline is strongest). And just as Milo conquered the trolls of old, so will the republic follow his example and conquer the ocean. Mighty vessels break apart the waves and offer the Aquileians passage across the vast blue domain.
>Sensei Khanate
As expert as Raa’zac forging is, with the materials they have at hand their goals are yet to be achieved in the crafting of fine weapons. Yet, the end result is a peculiarly triangular shaped mace, its edges sharp enough to cut into a foe, but with enough weight behind them to cleave straight through on a good swing. Should it dull then the weapon still remains a formiddable blunt weapon, able to shatter bones with little effort. Eager to putt to the test these new tools of carnage, and to taste the spoils of war and blood, the Khanate gather their troops and set out on a raid. Roaming the desert in search of fabled serpents that called these sands home as well, the Sensei inevitably found their prey: the Salivanid empire

>The Sudlunders
Without a king, how can the people possibly have order? And with so many different kinds of races living among each other, order is sorely needed. Though driven rather by brutish instinct rather than desire for civility, the first Kings of the frozen men and Giants rise to the top of the frozen food chain and establishes their dominance respectively. Like the permafrost of the South, may they reign for an eternity until all is frost or melts away!

Action 1: Make the Man Eaters edible.

The Man Eater Crop certainly has its uses as a deterrrent and generally a interesting crop, but some Azimarians are struck by more fanciful ideas. One of those is to make it so that some Man-Eaters are edible and taste, by virtue of converting whatever they eat into extra tasty nutrients. These Man-Eaters would be plopped into the more dangerous parts of the forest and harvested as they grow fatter from gobbling unsuspecting animals.

2. Build a city west.

As the Azimarian population grows a number of Communes leave or are forced out of generally overpopulated areas, and form a new Grand Commune(i.e city)where the many communes can go about their business and settle their feuds. Naturally these over time grow a distinct culture from the other Grand Commune they left. They name this the Inavar Grand Commune, while the old one of Azimar continues its growth. A bitter rivalry begins to form, for reasons yet unknown outside of some forms of overt stateism.
>Posted on behalf of of the Republic of Aquileia
Lore Point; Heirloom, Blade of Milo Leodrike
As the scattered Aquileian tribes wandered west, through the harsh desert plains, the hero Milo made himself known. Gargantuan sand dwelling creatures, leftover from an ancient and savage time, eating men and women whole, bursting out of the sands in dusty explosions. The people scattered, unable to defend themselves, running for their lives. Amidst this chaos, the screaming of men and the growling of their quarry ceased for a moment, silence lingering in the air. A second, blinding sun shone at the peak of a nearby dune. Though this light was indeed not a sun, as during this moment of silence, the thunderous, bellowing shout of Milo Leodrike echoed through the sands. The light was indeed the reflection atop of his blade, raised above his head as he sat on his mount, a noble horse of the sands.
As his fellow men fled away from the beasts, he instead charged forth, alone, a scream so immense in volume, it is said to have partially deafened many of those he passed. The crowd watched, in awe, as Milo met those who threatened the existence of their nation on the battlefield, a single man against dozens of giant sand serpents, hulking horned quadrupeds, and feral lions. It is said that even as a normal man, Milo was able to fell ten of these beasts, his blade imbued not just with the power of the divine, but with the immeasurably infinite willpower of a mortal, felling those it touched as if they were themselves as strong as sand. After an hour of fighting, Milo's steed was felled, torn out from beneath him by one of the serpents. As his horse expired, the man continued to stand alone, the Aquileian spectators wanting to help, but unable, a force beyond their comprehension preventing them from even shielding their eyes from the blistering sun.
In yet another moment, the god of the mortal plane revealed himself, having taken the form of the horse, and imbuing Milo's blade with his power. Having changed his mind, he attempted to abandon Milo and his people, considering them to be now too weak to be deserving of his power. This godly aspect attempted to leave the mortal realm and ascend back into the heavens, though man would not let him go easily. Milo, abandoned by the god and now stripped of his loaned powers once more releases a shout from his lungs, yet despite lacking the temporary powers of a god, his guttural roar was this time even louder, and his blade once more engulfed itself if a blinding light, though this time not wrapped in soft, godly rays, but instead an intense and reddish-orange flame. The hopes of the Aquileian people were all laid within the aid of this divine aspect. A hope crushed as it attempted to flee.

The last hope for the survival of the new nation lay within the lone man standing in the midst of great beasts, a man now imbued with the power of mortal willpower and hope. This revelation surprised the god, as he turned around and observed this unprecedented turn of events. Milo leaped through the air, no longer a normal man, but a giant titan, with pointed ears and the teeth of a carnivore. The transformed Milo killed the aspect who attempted to leave him and his people for dead, and shortly annihilated the remaining beasts of the desert, turning the sands from an uninhabitable wasteland, to quiet and peaceful dune sea. It is said somewhere in the sands lays a "great glass circle", marking the place where the hero Milo first proved that the Aquileians make their own gods.
The descendants of Milo are the Leodrike dynasty, one of the four main aristocratic families of the republic. The carrier of the Blade of Milo is his direct descendant, male or female firstborn child. Named after their divine ancestor (Milo for males, Mila for females) they carry the same indominable willpower of their forefather. The Leodrikes are known for their headstrong nature and persistence to accomplish their goals, and consequently are the driving senatorial force behind societal reform and progression. Additionally, their personal retinue are renowned footsoldiers, shunning the use of horse cavalry in a symbolic rejection of the god who abandoned their people.
1. continue developing illusion magic: sound projection (1/2)
While image projection was a novel concept of storytelling for a while, its wasnt long until every other tanuki storyteller in the Sado learned it and began doing the same thing. a few years later another tanuki found a new idea to keep his storytelling fresh, he would learn to trick not only the eyes of listener but also its hearing. while normally the storyteller narrates the story with its own voice, this one particular storyteller managed to invoke the sound of a roaring tigers, flash of lighting, tsunami waves, tempesteous winds, burning flames and volcano explosion into his story. achieving a level of immersion never seen before in tanuki storytelling history. soon he become the hottest storyteller in Sado and others would learn to copy his trick.

2. Build an outpost (hunting camp) in the mainland to the south
Having tasted the meat of every animals nearby, tanuki hunters would shapeshift and fly/swim towards the mainland in an effort to search for a new, more delicious animal. in the coast, they built a small outpost that also function as a hunting camp where the tanuki hunters can temporarily rest and store their catch before heading back towards Sado island.
Posted for Bossfrog, Turn 2

>Excerpt 1: The Great Hero, Rulo Sagra - Part 1
Following the collapse of the Empire of the Primordial Dragons and the rise of the beastfolk on the continent pushing humanity further and further East, there was little that humanity could do to defend itself. Plunged into chaos and surrounded by beastial creatures bred for war, humanity was finding itself on its last leg. The latest border of an ever shrinking domain, the tribes of the Steppe faced conflict and incursion almost daily, nearly finding themselves wiped out entirely before the emergence of a hero by the name of Rulo Sagra.

>Action 1: Create the Academy of War
As descendants of an ancient hero of war and humanity's vanguard against the beastial races, a culture promoting strength and preparedness is prominent among the clan. Studious and orderly people by nature, the academy is a natural addition to the city of Daghatar to aid young men and women in achieving their true potential and bringing honor to the clan.

>Action 2: Create the Academy of the Arts
Not ones to allow their lives to be dominated by fear or struggle, the Sagran clan who celebrate their culture and revel in their success often, performing plays, recounting tales and myths, and reminding the people of both their privilege's and responsibilities as a mighty Sagran. This is a place where history is preserved and celebrated so that it may inspire future stories worth remembering.
War is a splendid performance in its own right, and the arts themselves can be a cruel and unforgiving battlefield. Both seemingly worlds apart, yet valuable in their own way. The clan's of Sagra value both and create Academies to honor each. Many Sagrans would seek to study not one or the other, but instead see the value in attending both colleges. The result of this is a unique philosophy of brutish artisanry which is as deadly as it is captivating which, and attracts keen warriors with an eye for perfectionist expressionism. (If your nation's culture value is stronger, half of it will contribute to your military rating. If your military rating is stronger, half of it will contribute to your culture rating)
Actions: Farms

With new dwellings comes an increased demand for food, one that is readily sated by Aak workers and their many busy hands.

These two are farms dedicated to the growth of mixed vegetables, the Arro (A red carrot-like plant with wild spiralling shoots), Labyrinfroot, (a maizelike blocky vegetable with mild hallucinogenic properties to non Aak), Lunyuns (excessively sharp tear-inducing vegetables packed with umami), Taromatros (blue in colour with a surprising sweet and sour taste), Leas (Pod-based vegetables that have a tendency to explode in ones mouth when properly cooked) and lastly Atos (Earthy, starchy and wholesome vegetables, fit to feed a family for their prodigious size)
(First a correction on the map. Dun-Caver is supposed to be smack dab in the middle of the desert. Ocea-de should be where Dun-Caver currently is.)
The Ostriches become quite the sensation in Dun-Caver, though nobody manages to ride them, there are a fighting pits setup, where a brave Fenne, tries taking on an ostrich alone. They find that the Warhook quite effective, managing to hook around the ostrich's neck and legs. Marcus considers joining in, but the sheer death toll among the Fenne contenders is a bit much, even for him, now that he is king. Ostrich eggs become a delicacy for the royal family, and a whole new set of ostrich feather fans are fashioned, allowing them to remain cool, even in the sweltering desert.

Action 1 (Farm): Build Royal Desert Farm east of Dun-Caver.
As food use increases, supplying not only Dun-Caver but also the up and coming Ocea-de, farms start to rise to match. But even though these farms are highly profitable, they also take a long time to establish, during which many a farmer may go bankrupt. Marcus thus decides to make a Royal farm, soaking the startup cost with his plentiful coffers, and making even more money by selling the food from these farms, perhaps even growing some more luxurious crops, perhaps even raising some ostriches.

Action 2 (Military): Develop Rhino Armour (lamellar leather armour).
Fennes have ever been fragile people, wounds that would maim a beast can end up killing a Fenne. Marcus is keenly aware of this, and during his military career tested out many methods of minimizing damage to himself while retaining agility to be able to dodge. One result he found promising involves using leather scales sown together in an overlapping pattern, making it effectively twice as thick and in large panels which would be difficult to get in a single piece of uniform thickness. This leather is heavy though, so not even Marcus can run around with a full set of it, but he needs only wear a cuirass and bracers, to protect his centre of mass and the extremities of his arms, which he's swinging around. There's also attempts to make helmets, but they end up restricting sight and/or breathing, which is bad when you're running around a battlefield filled with trip-hazards. But if something handled the running and awareness of terrain for them, then the helmet would become more ideal.
File: NRP my region.png (257 KB, 427x452)
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257 KB .png
>Passive Expansion: Emerald Hill, radially
>Actions (Wealth): Build Market in Port-Royal
With formal contact established with the Aquileians, voices in Port-Royal push for the potential for commerce to be exploited, the effort bearing fruit in the approval of the construction of a Royal Market.

>Action 2 (Industry): Build Lumber Yard in Emerald Hills at the edge of the easter forest.
But with all that excitement comes the question of exactly *what* to trade them. Foodstuffs are out of the question, Aquileia has enough for its own, and Illyria's food supplies are needed to ensure a steady increase in population. Then, a royal councilor has the idea: what about wood? The Aquileian lands are mostly grassy plains with little of this universal resource, while Illyria is chockful with dense forests to exploit. Henceforth, the plans for further agricultural development in Emerald Hills will be pushed back on schedule to establish a lumber mill in the neighboring pine forest. It will be outside the settlement's area of direct influence until it reaches, but the help of the domesticated horses is bound to make the job easier.
File: Expansion.png (454 KB, 606x608)
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454 KB .png

>Action 1: The farming of rice
A farm will be established on the riverbank south of Utpalem, here the Huterang will grow the scattered wild rices and slowly turn them to a domesticated variety.

>Action 2: The farming of vegetables
Another farm will be established by the riverbank higher up the palemgai, initially to grow varieties of beans and bean sprouts for the Huterang diet.

>Passive Expansion actions?
If the Huterang get any of these, they will move along the banks of their rivers as they spread, linking their settlements together.
By the benevolent grace of the almighty Fath of the Sky, for the glorifying of his consort the Mother of the Earth, they're worship shall stretch across the islands even unto forever! For this great gift of his, His Serene Highness does hereby decree that to his name shall a temple be built also. Stone from the Osson-side quarry shall be used for this, and with what men may be spared to bridge the twin rivers of Osson and Sangoire.

>Action 1 - More expansion
>Action 2 - Temple & Bridge(s)
File: IamHighlyAntisemitic.png (152 KB, 403x258)
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152 KB .png
After the successful events of last time it was time for the new students from the Abbwalkers to learn the spell which managed to shape the Collegium of Muscles as it is today.

> Action 1: The Golden Mountain of Consistency spell (Cultural development, apparently)

The Golden Mountain of Consistency - crystallized consistency and worth ethic - a golden slightly glowing mountain or rock appears exactly heavy enough for you to lift a single time. Every time you lift it it's size adapts. It's the stone of truth, you can never lie that it is too heavy for you to lift nor can question your hard work no matter now small it is.

Rocko the boneless one of the professors at the Collegium is said started his journey with a rock merely the size of a pebble.

At times used offensively to drop on people.

> Action 2: Fishing hub (Farm)
The negotiations with the Sensei in regards to trade of expensive metals and mercenarries in exchange for marine products such as fish, salt etc. has been going well. While the deal regarding making the trade route itself is still being finalized it would be good to establish a fishing hub where fish, crustaceans etc can all be harvested for later transport into Sensei lands. This fishing hub of course is overseen by the Godeye collegium as it is them who are trying to manage relations with the Sensei.

The Salivanid Empire had a fairly peaceful time for most of it's existence, however that has changed now. A number of strange folk of the south struck a number of farming communities of the Empire. Ironically, they didn't get much of what they came for, as while there was plenty of food to loot from the settlements, the women fought alongside the men of their communities, utilizing what tools they had available as makeshift weapons, and even in some cases taking the weapons of the raiders. Still, they were not soldiers, and even with their strength, size, and durability, the raiders had unnatural strength as well. And, unlike the people they were fighting, had proper combat experience and proper weapons. Of course, while they would get away with plenty of food and at least a few slaves, they likely took more casualties than they'd like, and once the news of the raid got to the capital, what few raiders weren't already returning home with plunder were forced back by Salivanid soldiers who actually knew the basics of combat unlike the poor villagers they struck.

Despite the raids, the Empire continued as it had, even if a shift for the safety of the people was likely in the near future. For the great plains eaters that were captured were viewed as potential beasts of not only burden and livestock to add to the food of the empire, but of war. Of course, that latter bit would need to be worked upon later, but first and foremost at the very least the Empire would soon have a far more stable food supply, and the agricultural advancements potentially could benefit from their taming. Still, work on better methods of growing food went on, just like before...Soon though things would change...For better or worse. Regardless the communities of proper soldiers would be on alert...

>Action One. Tame the great Plains eaters.

>Action Two. Further and finish the agricultural advancements.
1. Build Forge
Now there wood to burn and many thing to work on. Make forge, make tool. No, not calling you tool you only stupid Nrogy! Must create better tool for more shiny.
2. Forge upgrade research
Of course the crazed kobold smiths could not leave well alone and have turned the creation of the forge into their own personal project playground. Large hammers are made on contraptions powered by tightened ropes like mangonels to hit the iron very hard. Liquid metal is pressed into place in an extrusion process using carved molds and a lot of heavy rocks on a rock slab, and the project that caused the most death of using big bellows that require a synchronized rowing team of kobolds to work and causes some gouts of fire.
File: Seagull Kingdom.png (199 KB, 425x357)
199 KB
199 KB .png

>Action 1 - Build City 'Parala' on X
>Action 2 - Build farm on coast on Parala side
>Spend Expansion point in arrow direction

To say there is a "King" of the Glarians is downright a lie. What there is is a loose collection of families and tribes, whos members intermingle freely due to the ease of travel that one is granted by flight. As a result, word gets around fast, and so all the Glarians know of Sofronio Sofrosson. He 'ruled' by might, for he was bigger and better than any Glarian in living memory, with a wicked cunning to match. He 'gang', as it were, enforced a tenuous peace, a feat made both difficult and easy by Glarian nature. Difficult due to their impulsiveness, easy because a well-fed Glarian is one of least violent creatures in existence. With the new ships and ever-increasing tides of fish coming in, it looked like Sofronio was set to rule till the end of his days.

But well fed mortals, sated with safety and stability, turn to the one thing they truly exist for. Making more mortals.

Soon enough, the beaches and huts of Gremus see Glarians packed in far tighter than usual, bumping wings and beaks no matter where one goes. In a fit, Sofronio effectively banishes masses of the population at random, urging them across the narrow oceans so that both parties can finally get some damn room to spread their wings!
> building: build two more farms, one for each outpost
The trolls of the outposts remember the land they came from, the invention that was new when they were banished, and which caused their banishment in the first place: farming!
Why hunt and dig for food, when you can take a nap and have it delivered to your door by the soil itself? There’s no greater victory than to tame a world into feeding you!
Fluff: With knowledge being shared around all that was left was a place for it to be shared uninterrupted.

1 action: Magic: Ignorance
Having means of hiding is good and all, but even if you have the perfect hiding technique, it doesn’t make up for the fact that you must first get into position. That is what the ignorance spell is for. A much slower rhythm to the norm, steady, and low. A background noise to those that are under its influence. Outside of the occasional croak, you may as well not be there at all.

1 action: Build a school
A pond to learn what is taught. Familiarity with the world around to eventually go onto venture into the unknown
Action 1: Set up a outpost/settlement near that ruin

With the ruin discovered near this rediscovered archipelago of islands, the leakoan exploration ship would beach on the island and afterward the glikeichan crew would form a settlement/outpost on said island, near the ruin

Action 2: Construct a harbor/shipyard near the new outpost

I don't have much to say other than that
With the Kikkawa satisfied and now elevated even higher in standing with Shōgun Matsumae; a bit more focus can be placed into more than just infrastructure. An important part of Kitsune culture itself has atrophied; sailing. After all, what society upon an island doesn't sail!?

1&2. Bune! Ships of all sizes! Should we be able to take to the seas, we may expand across the waves...when the time comes of course.

>Posted for Clan of Sagra

>Excerpt 2: The Great Hero, Rulo Sagra - Part 2
A fresh graduate of the barracks, Rulo had shown immense promise, with an inexplicable foresight which guided his shots and offered him an inexplicable grace on the battlefield. His soldiers acted with an impossible level of intel, and from his heroism a seed of hope was born. As the more beastial races slowly civilized in the remnants of humanity's empire and came to fear Rulo's legion, an uneasy peace was brokered between the two peoples and the fate of humanity was once again secure.

>Action 1 - Military - Public Archery Ranges
The Sagran people hold a deep respect for war, but not a love of it. Hateful towards chaos, the Sagran people prove their might and hone their abilities within the safety of the city perimeter. As the Sagran are a steppe nation whose horsemanship is of great significance to their lives and military, this range is designed not only for a stationary shot, but also to train mounted archers to fire with speed and grace, trusting their futuresight to deliver the arrow to its target.

>Action 2 - Farm - Livestock Fields
The Steppe offers vast grassland to graze upon, making the raising of livestock an ancient practice that preceded even agriculture in the Steppe people's history. With the development of nations and cities this practice returns with strength as animals are bred for their needs and peace with the beastfolk allows the creation of larger fields.

>Passive Expansion
Expand along the steppe, avoiding the coastline.
>Posted on behalf of the Republic of Aquileia

>Action 1 (Industry): Aquileian Vineyards
Aquileian wine, as sweet as honey, and smooth as water, and a great drink for our sailors.

>Action 2 (Expansion): New City, Milonis
Colonists begin inhabiting the island that lay in the center of the bay with their innovative naval advancements.

>Passive Expansion
West, filling out the peninsula
>Posted on behalf of the Sensei Khanate
Oh so last turn was more of a scouting thing?
Construct another farm, specializing in the harder to cultivate tropical fruits of the Oasis.

The Temple of Karn is further exalted, raised above the rest of Kul'gatin by the Tulac, the Karnis cashing in an old favor.
File: Turn3.png (3141 KB, 3386x1453)
3141 KB
3141 KB .png
The world stands to see another dawn, much to the surprise of all that dwelleth it. Yet for how long will this trend of peace? Mayhaps not long, for something unsettling stirs. The heavens fortell, the bone's forecast, and the dreamer sees that something comes over the horizon...

>Kefka of Azmiar
A fruitful use the Azimar have conceived for their new and strange little “pets”. Great care is taken in cultivating the maneaters. Time is spent carefully selecting promising specimens, feeding them choice and strong prey, and then crossbreeding the plants. It takes generations but finally the Crafty Lizards have birthed the ultimate crop! The end result is a rather invasive “crop”, resilient enough that it can be planted utterly carelessly and still thrive, giving even the biggest dullard a green thumb (until it gets bitten off, at least)! Less plant, more of a vegative beast at this point, these creatures grow like plants but are practically all meat. Further, the more they consume, the larger they become, becoming a mouth-watering feast that’s hard to pass up. Scattered in different places around the forest, they provide not only a good source of food, but safety that both feeds and defends the new Inavar Commune.(Farm and city built)

>Jugemu clan
Reality shatters. What is real? What is fake? Can one even be sure they’re just not an illusionary conjuration of a masterful trickster? Certainty is perhaps the greatest illusion which is utterly thrown out the window when a Tanuki is nearby. Guard your faculties well, for when one of these furballs tread in your presence, you may never be able to return to normality. And yet, the world will have no choice but to face these gods of mischief as they encroach upon the Western continent. Driven by their tastebuds, the Tanuki break shore and begin to carve out a small community for themselves on a world far larger than they have yet to imagine. What fascinating friends or foes await them? Time will tell.

>Ikaan Entreaty
In preparation for the future, a feast of fruit as varied as the number of the cities soon to dot the landscape are planted. Within a few years the fields are flourishing and the people are singing as they have more variety and stable food than ever before. A rich culinary scene begins to develop in the Entreaty, and aflood of mouth-watering dishes sweep across the lands, each seemingly more delightful than the last! These delicacies will surely reduce even the most stalwart of food critics to a defeated pulp. (Every farm contributes +0.5 to your culture rating.)
A Farm? In the middle of the desert? You’ve got to be kidding me. There’s no way they’d actually - and there it is. A-I.. They… what? I don’t know. Maybe they stumbled on a weirdly fertile pile of sand, or perhaps they’re just growing a really confused breed of plant that forgot it needed water. Whatever the reason is, they succeeded to build one. More based in the realm of reality, the development of the Rhino armor goes well. Certainly true to their name, it’s a thick layer of skin needed to protect the otherwise glass-statured Fenne. Yet one can’t help but chuckle a little at the sight of the one of these little furballs moving and running around like a stunted little stone golem.

>Kingdom of Illyria
The river of commerce flows within Port Royal, promising a royally enriching future for not only the city, but perhaps for the entire Kingdom. Weather or not that holds true, however, depends entirely on those who claim to be in charge. It wouldn’t take long however for exports to leave in droves from the port, as the lumber yard of Emerald hills provides not only enough for the young city, but a surplus to be sold off as well. Something the carpenters of Aquileia would most likely be very eager to buy as they’ve been working to expand their maritime efforts. (You can trade double the resources you actually have when dealing with allies).

More important than sciences, gold, or even sex is: Food! And the people of Huterangia know this.Eager to feed nation, more farms are plowed into the land. First it’s business as usual. Ripe harvests are plucked, juicy meals are had, and the bellies of the 3 cities are satisfied. But recently, the farm to the South has noticed that some strange outcrops shooting up out from between the rice. At first seemingly just being a strange offshoot of some unknown fruits, some foodies decided to give these plants a try. They soon discovered the plant had no future in any dish, giving an utterly horrid taste. But this only masked it’s true value. Those that partook of it felt invigorated, neigh, healthier than before! Its effects are incredibly minor, but soon these crops are given to the sick and weary, aiding them on the path to recovery. Maybe… with a bit of study, these properties can be advanced? (Boon Fruit discovered).
>His Serene Highness, Prince Rendei I
The land fills with the people, and the people fill with the teachings of Father sky and Mother earth. But words of caution begin to circulate among the learned. The people are becoming too numerous, and spreading too far from the holy center of Ossenchis. The Father’s reach is vast, but that of our mortal forms is far too limited and we can’t keep watch over everyone. Even worse, the communities on our borders are reportedly beginning to *shudder* practice deviations of our teachings. NO! This CANNOT stand, lest the land fall to anarchy. (Build additional cities to expand further, or a sect deviant of your religion might find footing further out)

>Godflesh Collegiate
The muscle headed men of the Godflesh focus, concentrate, and conjure their sheer desire to “get swole” into… a magical rock. Though let not its bumble appearance fool you, for it is not just an amalgamation of stone, but the culmination of a Godmuscle’s pride. The creation of this spell is a rather trifling thing surprisingly, but as soon as it’s conceived it becomes a cultural hit. Not long after many Godmuscles proudly showed off their strength by conjuring the one thing that symbolizes their absolute limit, only to grow in size and show that they can become even stronger. Among their number it became a game of sorts as well for godmuscles to summon their “mountain” and try to lift each other’s until one reached their limit. Silly, but fun to watch. Ah, and somewhere between all these shenanigans a fish farm springs forth as well. That protein sure will go a far way.

>Salivanid Empire
A monolithic effort, but one that pays off in the end. The plains eaters have learned who the true masters of the plains are, and humble themselves before the Salivanid. Though let not their eased nature fool the casual onlooker, these are still short tempered behemoths Treat them as a friend, and you’ll know a companion more loyal than most. Anger it though, and you’ll know what piece of dunk caught under a cartwheel feels like. Perhaps in a twist of fate, these creatures also held with them the key the Empire had been seeking for in enriching their crops. The dung of these animals is extremely potent, not only in a smell that can knock even a Viersperan out cold, but in fertilizer power as well! (Farms give +1 food).
Earth and fire, blood and sweat! The mountains roar with the clammer and skittering of numerous Kobolds as they bring their passion into the world. After months it is finally complete, the thing they’ve dreamed of for so long. A forge stands before them and she is by far the most beautiful thing the little critters have seen. But she’s not yet complete. No sir, not by a long shot for there’s still more that can be done. With one dream manifested, they set on to the next: the mega forge (trademark pending)! Who knows, with their ingenuity, and a few work related accidental deaths, they might just push the limits (1\2 forge expansion)

>The Squawking Ruckus
Banished? More like “free from your bull-guano!”. Good riddance say the Galarians as they flutter off to lands beyond. It’s a relatively short flight before they find a new place to call nest as they found Parala just across the channel. Enjoying their newfound freedom, they rejoice and cheer chanting how free and independent they before they realize… there’s no good food around here. For a minute they all just stare silently around before one’s stomach growls loudly enough to break the silence. Like a starting pistol just went off, they race to the shore and establish with relative ease a small fishery of their own. Guess if you want these scatterbrains to focus, there’s nothing quite like a good crab that’ll get them motivated.

>Stonestomp Tribe
Their former homes might have been stripped from them, but their innovations can never be taken! With a gleeful and somewhat spiteful disposition which is slightly terrifying to see in such a giant creature, the trolls work the land once more and bring forth the fruits of their labor

>Rhayney Daze
A center of education, the first of its kind. How wonderful. Guess the one thing that won’t be croaking in these lands is knowledge, eh? Eh? Anyways. Its walls are put to good use as not only does the elder’s wisdom carry over to the youth, it is a place for the inquisitive thinker to let his mind wander to new places. One of these particular frogmen, a scholar as well as a 4 time hide-and-seek champion allowed his mind to explore the more esoteric realm of magic and stumbled on to the idea of the branch of ignorance. Combining the stories the elders passed down of the little magical knowledge spread by word of mouth since the furthest ancient times, the Scholar spends the rest of his life pursuing this idea. Finally, a few years before his end, he succeeds in his life’s work and passes along the knowledge of ignorance magic to a few adepts in his final years.
>Leakoan Republic
Settling in the shadow of this ancient part of our great history feels like returning to the shores of our home. What spectacular, or frightful, things from our past lie hidden within, waiting to be returned to the light of the sun? For now, establishing the beachhead takes priority as we dig into the land and ocean alike, erecting a new outpost and harbor.

>Matsumae Shōgunshoku
The fact that we have left the sea an untamed beast for as long as we have is, quite frankly, a shameful display of the Kitsune! That changes TODAY. Throw everything at the waves. Our greatest minds, our finest wood, let the roar of our efforts drown out the crashing of the ocean itself. We will raise our sails and rise once more!... When the time comes, of course. (You’ve advanced in ship construction).

>Clan of Sagra
Raising both bow and livestock, the Clan of Sagra aims to not only thrive, but rule the steppes. Very few can claim to be as graceful a shot as a Clan rider, nor shepherd as fine a meat as that from their domesticated critters. Thus far, theyr reach is set to seize the land as far as the sky itself stretches!

>Republic of Aquileia
Is there anything sweeter than the taste of fine wine? Actually, there is. The fresh ocean breeze carries a far more fulfilling aroma: that of adventure! As the roots of the vineyard settle into the land, so too does that of the Republic in new soil in the form of Milonis. Surely the oceans will be ours! As long as we don’t remember to drink and drive at the same time.

>Sensei Khanate
(Forgot to post the raid action, but I’ll mention it here)
Slowly the lands of the Sensei is transforming into a warmonger’s hidden paradise. Come for the tropical fruits, stay for the bloodthirsty raids. Truly quite the brochure. And now among the latest attractions stands tall the temple of Karn! Let warriors of all walks of life reach its steps and bow in reverence to his greatness! It’s magnificence, so grand, can’t help but inspire brutality in the sensei, and once more they gather their tools of war and head to raid the lands of the Salivanid.
The grace of the Father of the Sky is as vast as bounty of the Mother of the Earth, and yet there are those who cannot see this! Rambling heresies of this god or that! The will be brought to heel, as by decree of His Serene Highness, Prince Rendei I, a new centre of authority shall be raised. But there shall be need in this city of bread and beer, the staples of Naçeaunais diet, so shall alongside the river be ploughed fields of yellow wheat.

>Action 1 - Founding of Hoys-du Can in the foothills of Bonte Can, by the spring of the River Dorgaux (shown on image)
>Action 2 - Farm
File: file.png (239 KB, 575x421)
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Lore point: The Kikkawa

Long having been confidants and allies of the Matsura Clan; during Matsura Hirauji's coup against the Kōgō the Kikkawa Daimyo; Kikkawa Suguno cemented his Clan's staunch partnership with the Matsura. In recent times, they have been granted the fiefdom of Honraoi provenience, of which it's special soil has netted the clan quite the treasury. As a result, the already sizable clan has begun to elevate the more promising levy families to full Retainer status. More and more begin to don the O-Yoroi of the elite warriors of Kitsune society...

1. As the Kikkawa castle town of Honraoi continues to grow; so must the peasantry be fed! This all not to mention the rather unique properties of the soil here. Once trade is established with whatever Nanban exist, no doubt this will bring much into the coffers of the clan...and the Shōgunshoku as well, of course.

2. With the northern mountains now at least partially under the control of the Shōgunshoku, mining can begin in earnest. No more will the blades of the Shōgun's retainers make due with Pig Iron.
(Mine or Forge, whichever makes the most sense with the system.)
File: tegaki.png (231 KB, 391x426)
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231 KB .png
The contact with the Aquilieans has made voices among the tribes realize how much the Illyrians have been lagging in terms of developing culture. Not wanting to be outshined by the Men of the Eagle, the King puts a plan to really turn this fledgling association of tribes into a *true* kingdom.

>Passive expansion: making it snake up the river
>Action 1 (Building/Industry): Build Mine (Stone Quarry) in Emerald Hill
A lot of stone will be necessary for the building plan, a resource the Illyrians are not used to using, at least not on such a scale. It was tempting to ask the Aquilieans for advice, with their sumptuous temples and palaces of marble, but the plan was to stand out culturally from them, not merely copy them. The Illyrians will just have to learn as it goes. For now, a quarry needs to be opened beforehand for the raw material. The western hills will make do.

>Action 2 (Exploration/Culture): Search for dragons in Northern Illyria
The true crux of the plan depended on dragons, said King Drak. There were gasps in the assembly of his councilors and ministers as he spoke those words, and a sudden spark in their eyes.
Dragons. The ones that started it all. Mighty, noble, terrifying, holy. Seemingly countless in their varieties. The apex predators among beasts both natural and magical. With the fall of the Ancients and the sinking of the mythical Isle of Drakehaven that served as their capital, how to communicate with these beasts has been lost, and there hasn't been any sighting of them in a thousand years. Some were even doubting their existence outside of the stories of the priests, but the existence of the Dragonblooded served as living proof that they once existed and may still today. Dragons are necessary if the Illyrians want any chance to rebuild a Dragon Empire worthy of the title. Legends speak of the mountains to the north, supposedly riddled like cheese with a system of caves and tunnels filled with troglodyte life where a colony of dragons could nest. The search will begin there and in the surrounding forests.
1. Continue forge upgrade 1/2
Trade Mark? Why trade Mark and who buy? No trade Mark; Mark make good jester. No greedy, get back to work on forge. Dig out more bigger furnace to smelt lot of metal into shiny all at once! Yes yes.
2. Build another farm at the southern warren
Who in charge at new warren? Scrump? What kind of name Scrump? Never matter, write scratch letter to Scrump warren to make farm. Ship them wood to make mushroom farms and fish from mountain river. They send fish back; fish delicious. mmm. Chef, make Gragel fish with mushroom sauce!
The farms east of Dun-Caver are vibrant and green, though also an extensive endeavor. Wells are dug for miles, to provide water, which needs be hauled by Fennes and the farther ones use Ostren (renaming the Ostriches) as beasts of burden. These miles of desert are tapped of water to support a farm measured in acres. Because of this the Royal Farm isn't as profitable as Marcus would like, but it does give him political leverage, and is the primary location for Ostre-raising.

Action 1 (Farm/Naval): Establish fishing ports at Ocea-de.
As people move to Ocea-de, some setup farms, some start hunting, but some start fishing at the shore. Fishing ends up way more rewarding than the meager pickings in the desert, as people develop crude spears, nets, rafts, etc. Whatever gets them to the fish and lets them catch said fish. The lack of naval technology does limit the amount of people that can fish, nevertheless the fishing boom ends up blindsiding Marcus, and gives the clans a way to compete with his Royal Farms. The vast influx of meat into the local diet also makes the Fennes of Ocea-de grow up hardier than their inland cousins and makes the population growth immense, which could threaten the O'fenne hegemony over the desert.

Action 2 (Military): Develop Ostre (renaming the Ostrich) saddle and harness, also train Ostre-riders.
With the Fennes gaining more control over the unruly Ostren, soon someone tries to mount one, and succeeds. The Ostren provide a ridiculous speed boost to the dimunitive Fennes, but then the Fenne falls off and the Ostre runs into the horison, never to be seen again. Marcus catches word of this and brings this Fenne, named Oscar, into his court. He hires the finest leatherworkers and has them develop a saddle and harness for the Ostren in the royal farm, as he has Oscar train riders, first of which is Marcus, who soon rides through Dun-Caver on one, with well groomed feathers and the finest saddle.
With Azimar and Inavar separated, the two Grand Communes begin going down separate paths of genius, as expected.

1. In the Azimar Commune, the lizards begin working on breakthroughs in self-applied magic, be it hardening their scales or letting acid drip from their claws. Enhancement Magic is pioneered by these fool-hardy geniuses(invent Enhancement Magic, self enhancing only, soon to be trademark of the capital of Azimar)

2. In the Ivanar Commune the lizards focus on the more natural arts of alchemy, slowly turning their practices into more organized formats of learning and science(Alchemy, plus more rigorous alchemical activity and organization of materials and experiments. Proper alchemy shall be Ivanar's trademark)

Throughout the Iaakan Entreaty even the poor eat like kings, it appears, the multi-limbed lizards often making lengthy trips to widen their pallete, marching south to sample the fruits of the orgartanum and north to meet the culinary skills of the Mor Colleganium.

Action 1: More cereal (A farm)

Over the years Gyd alone has grow comfortable and familiar, but the Aak continue their quest to domesticate crops, growing and cultivating plenty of new ones to hopefully find the next Gyd.

After a while, they believe they may indeed have found just that, a small farming community unveils a section of food items in the growing outpost of Kaanon that quickly spreads in popularity, each item made mostly of Zotes. Fit to feed livestock, be rolled into rolled zotes or simply be crushed into zotemeal, this versatile food may never eclipse the Gyd, but may act as a strong contender to it.

It’s taste is as one may expect, but the colour of the oats tends to “bleed” out and render anything made using them a distressing bloody red. Frequent and near-exclusive consumption may also pigment the skin, if the new pink glow of the Taka family is anything to go by.

Action 2: Fruit (farm, closer to Iaakon than the other farm)

Across the river empire a selection of fruits are cultivated for enjoyment and sustenance, the foremost of which are listed below.

Jammbat, an odd, stalky plant that grows a large fruiting seedcap, the inside of which is packed full of natural jam. The actual edibility of the plant is questionable, but the nutrition and delectability of its nectar is undeniable.

Imenityfroot is named for the many-eyed collegium folk, this plant looks from a distance to be a tree full of many fist-sized colourful eyes, staring about at their surroundings.
After removing the iris shaped seed from the middle, the fruit can be sliced or eaten whole for a remarkably tart and fairly sweet snack.

Barberries are an extremely sweet fruit that grows, as the name suggests, in thin rectangular bars by the bushel. They are a joy to devour whole, with a surprising amount of the flavour coming from the skins which when peeled, leave behind a rather bland, firm inside.
Aak favour leaving the skins on when mashing the Barberries into jam as a result, and early attempts at making a fruit wine have met with promising results.

Use my 2(?) expansion this turn to connect up to Kaanon

With the animals properly tamed and the raid recently endured, the Empire shifted it's efforts to that of defense. For while food and famine were of great worry, the recent work had ensured such would be harder to come by, and so far the greatest threat to the food supply was that of the southern barbarian raiders, or Velix Selin Keliro as called in Salivanid tongue. As such, two things were decreed of the utmost importance to the empire. Weapons, and the materials to make them. Of course, the latter was of greater importance to most, as without a strong metal, weapons and armor could not be made. And while surface deposits of iron and copper weren't too hard to find occasionally, greater quantities were needed so as to be able to not ruin tool production and to also naturally make actual armor for the Viersperan, just considering how much was needed to properly cover one fully or even partially. Still, a number of ideas for weapons that could easily deal with the smaller raiders were planned and thought of, along with weapons useful for fighting opponents of a more equal size. But one weapon of the latter category was actually able to be worked upon even now. The Lakin. Specifically Lakin Alvi il. Great War Bows. The arrow heads could very simply be made out of large flint stones, or even this step ignored and just made out of sharpened bits of wood. And given the size and strength of the Viersperan and the bow, it was likely that it didn't even need to penetrate armor if it managed to hit one of the Velix Selin Keliro to take them out of the fight. Still, it was best something was developed sooner rather than later, and this, combined with a few other plans, would ideally serve to aid in the future defense of the Empire. Ideally, once safe from the raiders, the focus could return to more productive and prosperous things. Though at the very least this work already would do well to increase productivity of tools and similar.

>Action One. Prospecting

>Action Two. Lakin Alvi il. Great Bows.
Throughout Iaakon influential families barter and debate with eachother, the first true noble houses arising from at first simple farmers, and then those who use their talents to buy and lord over yet more lands.

Wealth begins to be measured in acres, for power in the Entreaty flows not from its deep mines or thronged phalanxes, but from its soil.

In the concrete halls of Iaakon Ireejaks (Family-meets) seem to be called all the time, discontent rises over the current rather lax and aimless form of governance that currently persists in the nation, families even from far-away Kaanon need travel to the capital several times a year to give their input on important topics.

It would be inaccurate to say there is truly a democracy, but certainly a meeting of varied influential voices.

>Action 1: Otters (Culture?/Food?)
The rivers and coastlines of Huterangia are found by their Huterang settlers to be the home of a social and communicative species of small mammal that can be readily tempted with seafood. The Huterang soon bond with these otterly adorable creatures, finding them not only to be playful and cheerful companions that can easily lift a spirit; but also animals with a fair number of utility - their swiftness in the water allows easy capture of fish for themselves and those Huterang wishing to dabble in pescetarianism, whilst their nimbleness and sharp teeth also provide some modest additional protection of Huterang food through the predation of insects and rodents.

>Action 2: Boon Fruit (Science/Research)
The invigorating fruit discovery soon has the eyes of the intelligencia, with many herbalists, apothecaries and even the mysterious alchemists setting their minds to work unlocking the enormous potential in life improvement and medical potential that these fruits seem to offer the Huterang people.

>Passive Expansion:
Expand along our defined border on our side, linking to Ihpalem and pushing toward the great mountain.