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Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger
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working on it

ok here is the image
bury good

hey guys so why do I feel sore after most social interactions like what the frick why do I get mad and feel like a loser like what's up with that fellas why don't ya? Like what's up with that? Fellas? Like what is up with it fam like why does that happen like why get mad and feel like I'm a loser fellas any clue??
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gossip is a social construct
well it's true shit thet fourchan says has cool people on it
Wait what I didn't mean to say shit why is that there
Should I listen to that song?
don't listen it has mind control devices inplaneted inside of it! you will lose control of your bowls!
I want to put cereal in a bowl and eat it. Not that I enjoy discussing food I believe that food isn't the subject to dwell on too much but I like eaing I want to eat a lot of food to be happy

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i'm so alone...
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Your fortune: Excellent Luck
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pull yourself up


File: _89895112_ffashe976.jpg (101 KB, 976x549)
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recently the days are passing way too fast for my taste i'm feeling like being trampled
can someone stop time or something pls

por favor ayuda

Your fortune: Good Luck
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There's really no proof that those aren't just really hard organs. What do we really know about skeletons anyway?
True I think skeletons are pretty though so I am a believer lol. But brains are icky so F those things!!
Brains are clearly made up I mean are you telling me there's some pink lumpy thing in my "skull" and it makes me talk? LOL! COME ON!
my fucking god there is 7 hours since I've made this thread what the fuck is happening aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Your fortune: Bad Luck

File: misao.gif (1555 KB, 498x280)
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it aired 15 years ago...
im oooooooooooooooooooooold

Your fortune: Godly Luck
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i've still never watched this is it actually good? always thought it was for dumb faggot weeaboos but i think my horizons are widening as turn into an old man

You called him
And he came
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use some super glue or something you gotta fix that shit
back and forth forever
pickles mane?
Of course it was a choccy child.
File: monkeytapestry.jpg (227 KB, 1021x573)
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ye olde monke

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Quality™ Threadcrafting 101. Learn it, live it, love it.
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beautiful ebiltrips that re-saved [s4s]
Impressive, very nice. Let's see Paul Allen's digits
Mari is new ripa confirmed?
mari is not new...
ilu babe

File: 81F0rd4pDhS._AC_SL1500_.jpg (258 KB, 1500x1288)
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258 KB .jpg
I make le thread :^)

Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger
gay thread

get it??
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looks more like twine if you ask me
File: 6MT025-6-2T.jpg (42 KB, 400x400)
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42 KB .jpg
threads? no mr officer these are sleeves for a peanut roller officer i'm a painter i swear on my life

File: 1620161936791.jpg (748 KB, 1400x1400)
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748 KB .jpg
fuck you nigga your a towel
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looks like ham
can't eat it though
I don't have an "a towel"
Don't forget to bring a towel

Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again

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260 KB .jpg
for me it was episode 1
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stay where
File: 1626462825231.gif (174 KB, 480x280)
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174 KB .gif
>>10224133 dubs

Your fortune: Good Luck
*steals his precious eggs*
on the dark side of the moon
i dont have the means to get there

File: konata_says_yes.jpg (51 KB, 300x300)
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51 KB .jpg
this board hasn't changed in a long time
let's change it

Your fortune: Bad Luck
it hurts our feelings when you suggest that we don't have feelings
Slow down.
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87 KB .jpg
Thanks a lot Obama.

Your fortune: Godly Luck

File: backstory.gif (1730 KB, 350x260)
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1730 KB .gif

Your fortune: Better not tell you now
better not tell you now

Your fortune: Good Luck
[Error: Content not recognized]

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2016 KB .gif

Your fortune: ( ´_ゝ`)フーン
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girls are so soft and nice, i wish I was a girler tbh
>No abs

I thought about it yes.
I also saw chinese griler autopsy pics and yes, they really do fit all that in there, along with their uterus and spinal cord, with subcutaneous fat to spare.
File: 1650987982007.gif (638 KB, 500x281)
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638 KB .gif
why is this so hote oh my

File: 1648277409428.png (288 KB, 2808x3116)
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288 KB .png
the previous: >>10161483
drawthread ft. paint lineart fren, gray background fren, and more
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File: dejk.png (172 KB, 604x863)
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172 KB .png
the dejiko girl she funny
wahaha she's a kotgirl with lots of blells!
I like this weird dos coloring game artstyle

Your fortune: Average Luck
extxx cute

File: IMG_1853.png (244 KB, 413x438)
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244 KB .png
17 days until [s4s] k-on rewatch!
making a threade everyday counting down so no one forgets and people can join
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File: 1649964529062.jpg (439 KB, 960x927)
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439 KB .jpg
I can make a cytube thread if more people are interested
if kesandra pulling up anony pulling for keksandra soul reveal xd <3 ( I need to vet all potential frens)
ONLY 17 DAYS!!!!!! WHAT THE LE FUDGE!!!!!!!!!
File: 1541356535095.jpg (125 KB, 1002x960)
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125 KB .jpg
dubs confirm
File: 1644671834351.jpg (13 KB, 295x229)
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13 KB .jpg
been rewatching it myself recently
tonight i will watch s2 e18, 19, & 20
i am going to get annihilated
i love k-on so much

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