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My boyfriend lives just outside our city in a suburb, and I live in a so-called "up and coming" area. I love him but my boyfriend can be kind of a wuss. He refuses to drive to my neighborhood at night time, and he told me he never feels safe wearing nice clothes when he comes over. I'm a woman and I live alone and I've been fine for the past year (my boyfriend has been in the area longer than I have). If I feel safe then he has nothing to worry about. There's a couple shootings a few blocks down from me every other week, but that's what you get living in a city.

This week his car got broken in to parked down the street from me. Nothing was missing but he was freaking out and blamed me for it. Now he's telling me that unless I move he's never coming to visit me again, and that if I want to drive to see him (15min) or meet somewhere "nicer" in the city he'd be fine with that. I tried calming him down and letting him know that these things just happen and you can't control everything in life and he just won't listen to me.

What should I do?
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Stop being such a hateful incel
>I'm a woman
No you're not
File: 1614529566529.png (15 KB, 695x664)
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15 KB .png
>There's a couple shootings a few blocks down from me every other week, but that's what you get living in a city.
In which positions do you usually have sex? You guys fuck in the car? You know the niggers shooting are actually fighting for you, even though you don't say, how many times have you fucked Tyrone and Shaquille already? Is your bf into cuckoldry?
fuck off

What is your favorite travel shoe, and why?

>easy slip on/off for airport
>comfy all day
>simple enough to work with any clothing
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OP is a tourist, not a /trv/. Kys
Does it really fucking matter?
What is your favorite travel cock ring, and why?

>thousands of men are using these rings to help maintain harder erections
>handles on either side of the ring
>premium design and materials make these the preferred choice for your tension ring needs
>comfy all day
Maybe for a splayed foot hobbit. Fuck Vans and their lack of arch support.
Sketchers gang up in this muda
What's the cone for?

So can I go to Thailand-Phuket if I'm vaccinated right now? No quarantine or special visa?
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Thermae Cafe is an institution.
No one goes to thermae thinking they are gonna get a breakfast. It's been around for decades and has its moments where it's popular then not. Now it's a jap/Korean hangout like most of Asia and hookers won't go with white guys for fear of the Asian men seeing. If they are seen talking to a white guy no one will touch them again.
>talk to a hooker
>I don't like the tiny condom
>okay an extra 500B for bareback?
>we get into it
>take mask off to lick her nipples
>please keep your mask on
>we start fucking
>nut inside of her
>she tells me I can go take a shower first
>take all of my stuff with me
>can hear her say she's taking off first
Oh thai whores, never change.
Call the cops, I'm off me chops
You guys are pathetic as hell. I just have a hot Japanese girlfriend that I’m in a loving relationship with, none of this sleazy bottom of the barrel of society shit. You guys have it bad.

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855 KB .jpg
Containment zone for TEFL topics, such as:

- discussions of how much fatter you seem outside Anglo countries
- thinly disguised semester-long sexual exploitation vacations
- how to escape the tyranny of Western women
- discussions of where the hell can you still teach now, and why those countries all suck
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Please take your uneducated opinions elsewhere. You don't know shit about Japan because you watched anime.
Stories about rich sand nigger students please
Most of them can’t be bothered to do anything because they know they’re guaranteed a job and good income, and all my students were even richer and more spoiled than average. Culturally they have trouble writing clearly and concisely, they think quality writing is a paragraph full of run-on sentences and every verb/noun needs over the top adverbs and adjectives. Almost all of them are products of first-cousin marriages, and it shows. Classes are segregated by sex, and there’s always a shortage of female teachers so their standards are lower for them, but I had no interaction with female students and the female teachers didn’t complain about them as much as male teachers complained about theirs. Parents were haughty, drove ridiculously fancy cars, always spotlessly clean even driving through the desert everyday to drop off and pick up their kids. It wasn’t terrible but the whole region just seemed unsustainable. I can imagine them all turning back into desert war bands when their oil money runs out. Stayed for a year and went back to Asia. My cousin has worked there for a decade and now he’s set for life (unless/until the property market in Canada collapses) but I’d rather work almost anywhere else.
Not him, but I had a two person class one time. The dude from Saudi Arabia did whatever the fuck he wanted. Wouldn't come. Would bring his daughter. Everything. I eventually had to tell my boss, because he was fucking up my lessons by not coming to class and being behind in the curriculum. Eventually he just stopped showing up and when they called him he was in the Middle East and didnt tell anyone he was gonna leave.
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Hey guys, I'll be finishing up my bachelor's this summer and am interested in teaching English abroad as my major has a lot of content on language acquisition and general language teaching.
I was mostly interested in Taiwan to teach in but for the vast majority of online ads that I've seen so far on eslcafe for instance, teaching jobs in mainland China pay a lot better than the jobs in Taiwan, not to mention that many of the China ads claim to pay for your rent.
I've never really been too fond of mainland China, but if the pay is much better than in Taiwan, then I will definitely consider it.
Can anyone attest to the pay difference between the two nations? Also, for those that have taught in China, how difficult/annoying is it to manage through the Great Firewall BS there? Thanks.

File: fuckscomo.png (224 KB, 1830x1346)
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Seriously fuck Scott and fuck Australia
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You're surprised Aus is opening up to the Chinese? They've been their entire economy for years so of course they want Chang's money. The country is one big joke
Europe is open for travel
Australia may or may not open in 2022
Every cunt and his dog would be betting on not.
Aussies a weak poofs who will freak the fuck out once people start dying when the borders open.
They've dug this hole that is impossible to get out of. You really think a nation of people are going to admit they over-reacted?
>They've dug this hole that is impossible to get out of.
Australia needs to hit 80% vaccinated then they can open up
fuck scomo and fuck aussies.

*for a trans person like myself
what is your ideal beach?
things to consider:
weather? should it be very hot, or only in summer months, not too hot?

size of beach
quality of sand, are there rocks
scenery is it pure beach or are there cliffs, shitty fishing huts or skyscrapers?

potential for large waves, or typically calm seas or doesnt matter?

is it busy or quiet? do the demographics matter? slutty women attract douchy guys, family fun, boomers, surfers can be gay about locals only, blacks or mexicans? What is the vibe, is everyone getting drunk and rowdy, or being loud families having a stressful day at the beach?
are you going to pick up girls?

is it part of a beach resort - are there waiters with drinks/food coming to your beach chairs?
are there vendors walking around selling snacks and drinks?

does it need to be near a developed area, whether it is a city or resort town, with bars/food/shops right off of the beach? drive out into the barren dunes, or climb through forest and cliffs to find a secluded little cove

are there beach activities you plan on doing or activities you hope other people are not doing?
surfing, fishing (boat or from beach), jetskis, paddleboards, volleyball, paddleball, soccer, sandcastles, bonfires and bbqs - picnics?
Honeymoon Island, Dunedin Florida.
San Diego

I was planning to travel to Spain in August but now I read that they still have mandatory face masks in all public spaces. Anyone from Spain here, is that still going to be a rule in 7 weeks from now?
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>Creerse los plazos del gobierno en el país del "vuelva usted mañana"
Why are antivaxxer virgins so scared of wearing a mask? It's just a mask ffs.
In Spain it is going to depend on the individual regions. The Basque country wants to wear masks until September, October: https://www.elcorreo.com/sociedad/salud/gobierno-vasco-augura-20210614220720-nt.html

In Valencia they want to stop the mask wearing now: https://www.abc.es/espana/comunidad-valenciana/abci-ximo-puig-pide-oficialmente-mascarilla-deje-obligatoria-playas-y-espacios-naturales-202106140822_noticia.html

But what I would also consider: you will be forced to wear a mask everywhere in the hostels.
>scared vaxxer is worried his meme vaccine won't protect him from unmasked virgins
File: 1616646374115.png (99 KB, 667x874)
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99 KB .png
>Why are antivaxxer virgins so scared of wearing a mask? It's just a mask ffs.

Heard from a friend that Italy will open up in the beginning of June with no quarantine requierments. Is this true? Any italianons willing to share some intel?
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You're not white, you're a fat conceited American mutt beast
Why wouldn't I just base myself out of Florence or Bologna and just go on a bunch of day trips? Seems like most of tuscany is pretty travelable in a single day
I'm blonde and blue eyed with very pale skin. I only have northern European ancestors
Every time

File: u_v2.jpg (336 KB, 1200x1800)
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336 KB .jpg
what's the best solution for sleeping on planes? these things work ok but my neck always hurts after sleeping in that shitty position.

anyone use those inflatable neck pillows that you can deflate to store more efficiently? i don't wanna carry these things around everywhere
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overnight or not is irrelevant, you're going to get jet lagged anyway on long haul flights
File: smol pillow cube.png (567 KB, 506x530)
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567 KB .png
Those neck pillows are overpirced, uncomfortable, and stupid.
Mostly because nobody actually sleeps in a position that would made a ring that you wrap around your neck useful. Get a small Pillow Cube that you can hang over the meal tray like in the pic.
And nobody sleeps in a position of a croissant you retard. That looks extremely uncomfortable
Have you never heard of fetal position sleeping?
It's literally the most popular way to sleep.


File: maprestrictions.png (540 KB, 2229x1184)
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540 KB .png
I am from Germany. Map related is the places we can enter. Our government allows for nearly free travel but if you enter a variant area you have to quarantine (marked with an X). My work doesn't allow work from home and the classifications don't follow a strict pattern. Like I could travel to Mexico for 20 days without issues but if they change it on the 21st day then I'm fucked. What would you do in such a situation? My holidays are in 45 days. I was thinking about staying in Europe but it's so boring and I really wanted to go someplace far away.
Also I'm trans
You are gambling by trying to go far away of you can't work remotely. It's your fault if you go somewhere and get screwed over by the rules changing because you took the risk to travel during a global pandemic. If you can accept the fact that your flights may get changed/cancelled and you may not be able to work at all then go somewhere far. If not, stay in Europe.
Why on earth can you go to Mexico and Kazakhstan but not the UK???
Because they have harsher restrictions on entering?

Also the UK is on lockdown until mid-late July now
You weren't funny the first time months ago, imagine now.

File: Design sans titre.png (414 KB, 500x700)
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414 KB .png
I need to cross the border in august to travel to spain. I won't take the vax and I can't afford paying 50€ for a PCR test.

So I was wondering, is there any control ? I would gladly take information about train (from namur to Lille) and flixbus (from bruxelle)

Ty anons !
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I've been several times in Belgium without PCR by car and never encountered any police.
If you're Belgian you're entitled to two free PCR tests, available from July or somesuch. Look it up.

Alternatively (don't know if this is still true, but maybe) it is/was possible to walk into the testing centre in Antwerp Central station and get a free test with no questions asked.
You can get a free test.

Well no.


Actually yes if you DID NOT have the chance to take the vaccin.


No, I already refused the vax.
File: 1623115275848.jpg (2740 KB, 3120x4160)
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2740 KB .jpg
how do you do this in every thread? this is no way to live!!

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1566 KB .jpg
I will be going on my longest trip yet this July - 17 days in italy.

My iternary is Milan - Sirmione/Garda - Bologna - Rome (4 days each, 5 in Rome).

I am a huge /ck/ fag and I am primarily interested in food culture, restaurants and local food products.
I made this thread for you to post the best food experiences you had in Italy, ideally in these cities and nearby places a day trip away. That should cover most of Italy north of Latsio.
The best trattorias, restaurants, bars, cheese farms or whatever the fuck you loved, post it.

I heard bologna has the best food in Italy.
Is naples worth a day trip from Rome for the "authentic neapolitan pizza" or is that mostly a meme?
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Oh look an informative post at //trv.
How confusing.
File: obica-mozzarella-bar.jpg (75 KB, 550x367)
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75 KB .jpg
My favorite unusual restaurant in Milan is La Sidreria. meaning a place that serves Cider. It is all you can eat of a 7+ course meal where many dishes are apple inspired, and all you can drink of choice of like 5 ciders maybe they give 1 beer. It is not a best italian food in milan type of place but you do get to try weird stuff and it is a cheap place to fill up and get drunk with friends.

Peck is like a luxury food market, they also have a fancy cafe.
La Rinascente is a luxury department store, they have a top floor of restaurants and food that are expensive. Obica mozzarella bar has a balcony right next to the top of milan's duomo, also mozzarella based dishes are good (more than one location in milan).

Other places with view of duomo to have a drink are Signorvino - they have food i think it'd be ok over priced but its a wine shop with a bar you can chill have a glass.
I've never been to this but Terraza Aperol is an aperol spritz themed bar that is a nice view of duomo, aperol spritz is one of my faovrite cocktails but milan is a city of cocktails to try.

Enoteca is word for wine bar, i don't know them but if you want a tasting of wines but can't get to a vineyard, look for one. I'm usually happy ordering vino di casa.

Maybe this idea is offensive to you, but maybe you are with a dogbrain woman, there is a starbucks reserve rostary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf0ZtZ8CVkk
however if meme fancy expensive cafes are your thing milan has many less evil ones like Pasticceria Marchesi, Camparino (aka Bar Zucca - many italian bitters developed here including Zucca - a rhubarb based one i dont like), Bar Luce (Wes Anderson designed one), 10 Corso Como café (pretentious shopping and pretentious nightclub should also have a pretentious cafe), there are several more

one treat i always liked was getting a Granita, a sicilian slushy, many gelateria or cafes have them but also street carts, i usually got one behind castello before walking into parco sempione
No problem, and congrats on being trans
Aperitivo is a concept in much of italy but very popular in Milan, food is served with a drink - the idea was supposed to be a snack before dinner/your night out, but some places have gone full buffet you can replace a dinner for the price of an expensive drink. It is mistranslated as happy hour but the drinks are actually a euro or two more than their usual price... the quality and comfort of aperitivo varies widely, many fancy places just give chips focaccia and veggies (like Bar Rita - i still recommend nice cocktails), many popular ones without a reservation you are crowded standing with your drink but also how are you going to eat rice off a tiny plate? A local one i'd go to was Ciu's where you could get a liter of any drink and then a super large buffet selection, but you'll see online ratings are mediocre hah not for people looking for glamorous milan holiday.

In navigli area there are dozens of bars with filling apperitivi, navigli is a nice area to wander for random food and drink if you don't have a plan. also in area form colonne to porta ticinese but not sure about apperitivi there. by no means are these the only places for that.

Mentioning Colonne di san lorenzo - its quite popular on nice nights to get drinks and sit in the piazza drinking and smoking there are many bars around that sell beers and cocktails for a euro cheaper if its takeaway not sit down. There will be sri lankans around trying to sell you roses or from their tray of lighters cigs gum toys which could be bought at the tabaccheria just next to the place you bought your beer.
tabaccheria - tobacco shops where you get smokes and etc, also where you buy public transport tickets (universal), cant buy on bus. there are machines in places tho like the metro.

Birrificio Lambrate is a local brewery they make several styles of beer. they have a bar and a pub location. they are usually always packed and hard to get in the door because smokers crowd entrances drinking outside.
File: zzzz-1.png (51 KB, 884x807)
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51 KB .png
La Fontanella was a fun place to drink a lot of beer in a group - they serve beer in gimmicky containers.

Kilburn cocktail bar does really fancy ones, its nice

Nottingham Forest bar has crazy cocktail presentations

in general, drinks to consider in italy
aperol spritz
campari sprtiz - more bitter
hugo spritz - new cocktail, prosecco elderflower, mint
negroni - campari sweet vermouth gin
negroni sbagliato - campari vermouth prosecco
cardinale - campari dry vermouth gin
americano - campari vermouth soda
bellini -prosecco and peach puree
rossini - prosecco and strawberry pure
sgroppino - lemon sorbet, vodka, prosecco
angelo azzurro - blue angel - curacao, triple sec, gin
quattro bianchi - 4 whites, a cocktail to get fucked up, like long island iced tea(also in italy), it masks how strong the drink actually is.

you can order specific beers, but often you can just ask for a type of beer on tap - birra alla spina by saying the color. of the mass produced beers in italy they're all fine, i like menabrea and forst
birra chiara - light (color) beer
birra scurro - dark beer
birra rossa - red beer

Italy has many amari - bitters, and other liqueurs. im not too into it but if you're interested in trying local things:
Fernet-Branca - from milan, in argentina they make a cocktail called fernando with cocacola
Disaronno - town of saronno is in milan's sphere
Sambuca - rome, often in cafe correctto
Limoncello - the south origin, often given a free shot if you spend a lot at dinner
Grappa - north, bassano del grappa maybe reachable from garda. often in coffee also

Chinotto - a type of bitter orange soda
Limonata - lemonade
Gazzosa - lemon soda
Aranciata - orange soda
Aranciata rossa - blood orange
i like the brand Lurisia - La Nostra sodas
cafes often have tiny bitter sodas if you dont want a coffee, alcohol, or succo d'arancia/spremuta (orange juice often fresh squeeze); things like stappi, crodino, cedrata

Whats your favorite backpack?
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It was an obvious joke you inbred rat. You are one dumb motherfucker. Why would i bring a pog collection to Everest? That's not even a good larp.

TSA can go fuck themselves when I pop this bad boy up on the belt. No fucker going to DARE thinking about opening up this all they probably know is that this is a US military fag who would deck them in a heartbeat. I've never had shit stolen out of this and it's the best investment of my life.
Now this is a good larp.
>they pull you aside and ask you to open the bag
>"y-yes sir sorry for leaving it locked haha I-I keep getting r-robbed in these shi-"
>shut the fuck up and open the bag or I'm cutting it open
>"y-yes sorry"
this is how this larp ends every time without fail. Sometimes the LARPer will cup their balls to further ingratiate themselves with the authority figure
Anons can you recommend me a 30-40L pack for travel/day carry/small hikes? Good back ergo a must.

I am thinking osprey hikelite 32. Any suggestions,l?

File: 1620704533276.jpg (6 KB, 250x140)
6 KB
6 KB .jpg
A picture taken from my country. How do i get out of this shithole?
[Lots of good info last time, running it again.]
15 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>literally illegal to leave the country
Yep, that's Australia, alright.
I hear El Salvador is about to become the new hotness. Make up some bitcoin related business and you're in like Flynn.
That sounds pretty cool.
It is likely what is happening to the U.S. is an attempt to reestablish the Nazi regime under a different name.
The similarites are unmistakable.
I've moved a few times within the states to try to find greener pastures. It's pretty lousy wherever you go.

File: 1550130500053.jpg (1189 KB, 3024x3112)
1189 KB
1189 KB .jpg
Previous Thread: >> 2014737
Copypasta FAQ:
>When will Japan open to tourists again?
We don't fucking know. The Olympics are this July and no tourists are allowed in. Do the math.
>Ok, but seriously, when will Japan be open to tourists? Give me an estimate.
WE DON'T KNOW. Prime minister Suga doesn't know. The CDC doesn't know. It's the blind leading the blind.
>Is Hiroshima+Miyajima worth it as a day trip from Osaka/Kyoto?
Not really, it's too rushed and you should probably just stay the night there.
>How do I travel by public transportation?
Install the "Official Japan Travel App"
>"Dude what should I see in ________?"
Solid general guides - sights, sample itineraries, pre-travel considerations, etc
/JPG/anon put together an autistic supermap of sights, restaurants, and shopping. Go nuts.

*Current status on travel restrictions*

*Current status on the Miyajima Floating Torii Gate*
>Absolutely fucked. Consequently, it's not worth visiting Miyajima.

*Info on prostitution*
Japanese girls are for Japanese men only. The only thing Japanese girls will find impressive about you is your すごい高い鼻: HONK HONK.

*JR Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.
Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥ (approximately a Tokyo-Kyoto round-trip bullet train trip)
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Super-easy rail pass calculator. Fill in your planned trips, get a quick yes/no response.
339 reply and 38 image omitted. Click here to view.
where my goshuin boys at? Have you been doing any collecting lately? Post those thick chos. I haven't been doing any since the pandemic, but yesterday I went to this sweet buddhist temple in bumfuck nowhere and there were some sick ajisai flowers. My face got absolutely devoured by mosquitoes and I want to die.
> You can speak native level japanese and people will still often prefer speaking English to you EVEN AFTER they know you speak Japanese.Weird as fuck but I run into this often.
I don't know man. Maybe your Japanese is just shit? Never happened to me ever.
>I work as an ALT
seems like more of a problem with your job then the country as a whole
File: 1425966489398.jpg (35 KB, 223x349)
35 KB
35 KB .jpg
>be tanaka taro
>learn english my entire life because it's mandatory
>never once seen a gaijin
>holy shit
>finally see one, this is so exciting
>he tries speaking to me in japanese
>he's good but whatever I can finally give my english a whirl
>finally speak to someone in english
>he looks offended, responds in japanese and walks away
>Sometimes I just want to be a lazy ass and just watch the machine play itself.

You should really look into phone gacha games.

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