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post-lockdown edition

what are you guys doing post-lockdown? will you out to creampie? go out and eat food? my biggest fear is that they will lock down everyone again if there is another covid wave

anyone got the covid app passport? lets see if they go around and check if you have it on the roads and outside
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KEK. Historiographylet absolutely torched to embers
God that’s hot her eyes tell all
It's definitely easier for whites, but he had gfs within his looksmatch, I'd say if you're white you can get a couple points above your looksmatch
Damn I just wanna gently tongue their pussies and buttholes while they sit on my face god o-open up plz I share a border plz god
One time I was walking somewhere I shouldn't have been and felt an itch on my foot. I looked at my foot and there as a small mark on the side of it. I had convinced myself that I had been poked with an HIV infected needle. According to my internet research the virus doesn't stay active for long if it's exposed to air but it can live inside of the needle for prolonged periods of times. Anyway I got a free HIV check and was VERY RELIEVED when it came up negative.
Also I like this tidbit: Saigon was a major processing center for opium. This building still exists and has a dedicated sign telling about the history of the building and it's economic influence for indochina. It's across from the park hyatt.


File: 5051368.jpg (261 KB, 827x1169)
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Previous Thread: >>2104174
Copypasta FAQ:
>When will Japan open to tourists again?
We don't fucking know.
>Ok, but seriously, when will Japan be open to tourists? Give me an estimate.
Two more weeks: https://www.japan-guide.com/news/alerts.html
>Is Hiroshima+Miyajima worth it as a day trip from Osaka/Kyoto?
Not really, it's too rushed and you should probably just stay the night there.
>How do I travel by public transportation?
Install the "Official Japan Travel App"
>"Dude what should I see in ________?"
Solid general guides - sights, sample itineraries, pre-travel considerations, etc
/JPG/anon put together an autistic supermap of sights, restaurants, and shopping. Go nuts.

*Current status on the Miyajima Floating Torii Gate*
>Absolutely fucked. Consequently, it's not worth visiting Miyajima.

*Info on prostitution*
Japanese girls are for Japanese men only. The only thing Japanese girls will find impressive about you is your すごい高い鼻: HONK HONK.

*JR Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.
Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥ (approximately a Tokyo-Kyoto round-trip bullet train trip)
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Super-easy rail pass calculator. Fill in your planned trips, get a quick yes/no response.
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Depends on the program. JET, for example, is a renewable one year contract.
Honestly it's probably a chuuni fantasy anyways. It very well might be a better experience for me to just take a 2-3 months between jobs every couple years. Not like I'd ever fit in in Japan anyways no matter how long I lived in the country or how well I spoke the language.
Can you (or anyone else who has used it) comment on the average quality of teachers on the site? I guess I'm just kinda of skeptical when I see "professional teachers" from a first world country working for as cheap as the rates are on the site.
I'm >>2113913
I'd suggest reading the teacher reviews, watching introduction videos, and taking advantage of trial lessons.
I think iTalki is best used as conversation and listening practice. If you self-study like me, it's a great resource to practice new grammar concepts and listen to native Japanese speakers.
It's also a ton of fun. I stick with one teacher and she doesn't mind going over our hour reservation just to chat and I look forward to it each week.
File: IMG_20190831_123812.jpg (1344 KB, 2688x1512)
1344 KB
1344 KB .jpg
Whoa, that's pretty neat, can you do that with any pic? How about this? This must be in the middle of one of the hikes, on one of the surrounding mountains
spam the thread. its way better inspo than all these arguing sexpats and weebs. you got some very nice pics

File: image1170x530cropped.jpg (422 KB, 1171x530)
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422 KB .jpg
Any suggestions?
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Best city or town to get a job as phisiotherapist in Kanto or Kansai? I'm thinking about moving out to Japan after getting finishing my japanese lessons.

I'm in my mid 20s, white slav and 6 or 7/10 according to my wife
>I'm in my mid 20s, white slav and 6 or 7/10 according to my wife
Are you moving there with your wife too?
Based and Pavlovian pilled
You sound like a coping subhuman incel
Also you're married so don't be stupid. Get a divorce first if you're even going to semi-seriously consider moving

File: IMG_9989.jpg (4415 KB, 5184x3456)
4415 KB
4415 KB .jpg
I'm Thinking about moving and working abroad for atleast a year for a much needed change of scenerey, and have already decided on Portugal. I though I was set on Lisbon, but Porto seems like a very nice place as well.
I'm 27 and in my spare time I like to go out on adventures with others. Be it Social, festive, sportsy or culture wise. I'm a huge fan of minding my own in a park with a book.
Ill be making somewhere around 1200 pre taxes/costs.

Since it's my idea to go and live there i'm not really interested in the standard tourists things (i'll visit them probably, but i'll have enough time) but more in what the general sense/vibe is in each town, what's their to do and what are the pro's/cons of both cities.
The employer offers a shared appartment but I can also find something on my own. Is renting currently doable in either of those two cities?
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This is a very accurate summary and I personally prefer Porto.
I'm in Porto right now and loving it OP. Eating at a wonderful restaurant right in the city center atm. If you were here we could adventure together, free spirits...
With that salary go to Porto.

But Lisbon is way better.
Based and Portugal pilled.

I've already visited Porto but in a few weeks I'm going to Sevilla and then Lisbon with the girl I started dating a few months ago.

I've read about Sintra, I just know they have this big yellow castle, but is there more to do than that? Also should you spend a whole day there, and how do you get there from Lisbon? Just by train?
You spend the whole day at sintra, ideally during fall:

>take first train from Lisbon or go by car
>hit up Quinta da Regaleira before the tourist hordes
>explore the city center, have breakfast, taste the pastries
>hit up the National Palace (museum), optional
>go up an 1h trail or take a tuk tuk up to the Moor Castle
>go to Palácio da Pena (the yellow castle)
>go to High Cross in the castle's gardens, highest point in the region
>nice views of the whole region, all the way up to the Atlantic Ocean if the weather is clear
>explore the city center, have lunch
>drive or take the bus to Cabo da Roca, continental Europe's westernmost point, to see the sunset
>stop by Capuchos Convent along the way if you have time

Pictures here:


File: 1598782839046.png (6 KB, 640x320)
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6 KB .png
UK Bongs, anyone recently travelled and had to buy a PCR Day 2 test

What is the process?

File: Cream of the crop.png (1036 KB, 1160x742)
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1036 KB .png
Do you agree with these? can any Ameris vouch for these?
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>Ironically, it wasn't even the terrorists that did the most damage. It was America itself with fear.
I read about how WTC has only 1/10 of their usual occupancy during the attack. Most importantly, the biggest bigwigs who always present in their offices all day were absent, and thus "miraculously survived" the attack. The 3k who died simply didn't get the memo. Makes you wonder what the actual fuck happened that day.
it was 1/10 of its full occupancy not its usual occupancy.
File: 1613277372192.png (797 KB, 1079x747)
797 KB
797 KB .png
>But the attack was about more than the number of people that died. It was an attack on our economy, our institutions, our way of life. A lot of us felt like we lost the sense of security and invulnerability we had before that day.
lamoa american wusses
>2. disneyland
I'm a theme park autist and even I think that's stupid, there's so much more the US offers than theme parks

File: bsiness.jpg (863 KB, 5472x3648)
863 KB
863 KB .jpg
this usually gets some lively debates going

>business class
or even high cabin classes in general, are they worth it /trv/? I have my thoughts (I'll add them later) but I wanna hear it from you guys first.
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cool if true
Not really.

The purpose of "Business" class is to have comfy flights for people who fly often, such as corporate folk, or precious cargo delivery. The prices are retardedly high for the same reason Apple's wheels for mac pros cost 800 dollars. They are business prices for businesses for a service that only makes sense to business people.
A couple of xanax to knock you out for a 12 hour flight is a lot cheaper than business class
Can i use xanax-spiked drinks to knock some gurls out for a few hours?
If you did I would punch you in the nose, inceldur

File: Maverick_Sunset.jpg (251 KB, 2048x1341)
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251 KB .jpg
Maverick edition

Previous Thread: >>2036677

>What is this?
/rcg/ was created as a way for the rollercoaster enthusiasts on here to discuss all things rollercoasters, as well as amusement parks in general.

Roller Coaster Database:

Amusement Park News Sites:

Disney Parks News:
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What is the appeal of going to a disney park when you are older than 10? The rides are always boring.

Seaworld owed RMC 3.5 million dollars in 2020. Seaworld didnt pay because of the coof harming profits so the theory goes, that RMC presumably walked away with the keys to the ride and wouldn't allow it to open until they could pay up in full.
Based RMC, there’s no way Busch legitimately couldn’t afford to pay up
The sekret sex club
Appreciating the craftsmanship and effort that went into the themeing of the park, the focus on immersion etc.
Yes I know it's autistic

What happens here?
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>be me, live in Ireland from 2017 to 2019
>go to NI tour to wisit titanic museum and some rocks on the northern coast
>bunch of American tourists in the bus
>one family farts and laughed to that the whole way from North to Dublin.
>stinks so hard, everyone complain. They don't care

God I hate American tourists
>be me
>american travelling to hicksville ireland
>on bus
>ask family member to pull my finger
>the whole bus laughed as I farted
>shit was so cash
>American tourists
i thought it was the least touristy bit of ireland
however i do realize that all of ireland could be appealing to tourists
I went there last month. Good countryside experience, there's a good cliff walk and some natural beauty.

File: n0pnrb7rj4o71.jpg (1146 KB, 3024x4032)
1146 KB
1146 KB .jpg
How do you have fun traveling solo?
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Anyone have that copypasta where a dude enters a restaurant alone and gets seated at a table while everyone stares at him? The chef hears news of the solofag and BTFOs him from the restaurant while everyone cheers and claps
I have always traveled abroad alone since I'm a legal adult, and I like it that way because I can do what I want whenever I want.
No need to plan anything if I don't feel like it, no one is going to give me shit if I suddenly decide to sit on a random bench and drink beers for a hour instead of rushing to the next tourist trap, no one is going to nag me if I want to traverse a city by foot instead of taking public transports.
I'm so glad I didn't travel with my spoiled ex-gf, she would have been a huge pain in the ass.
My current gf is way less needy, so I think it could work if we would spend a week in Italy, take a night bus to get there or something, but still, I'm a bit afraid she will impede on my just-in-time way of planning things and ask me to shell out more money than usual.
I don't know how I would react because I associate travel with absolute social freedom away from the people I usually hang out with.
I have a few friends with whom I could possibly have a nice trip, and it's nice to meet past friends or random locals along the way, but personally, I don't mind travelling solo.
considering alot of people here traveled around the world, is it true that Anglos/whites in Anglo countries are boring compared to other people around the world?
I've only traveled twice but both times solo, to Japan and Austria.

Honestly it does get awkward going to restaurants alone especially not knowing the language. I do feel the glares and being treated differently. Traveling is definitely easier with a partner, and I bet solo female travelers have it easier too because everyone is always nice to women because they want to fuck them.

I wouldn't say I "have fun", I more just get mental healing by being outside of my daily life for a week or two. I eat lots of local food, try to see some nature and do some limited sightseeing. Honestly my favorite is the food part. I love how stuff which is so expensive in my home city is usually so fucking cheap and way better too
Use Tinder to meet up with local qts, have them show you around their city, drink together at night, and then fuck

File: turkke.jpg (50 KB, 800x534)
50 KB
50 KB .jpg
>cheap as fuck
>attractive women
>good food
>no lockdowns, not hard to get in

Why the fuck are you not in Turkey right now?
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>>sumerian murder culture
I think the assyrians are to blame for that.
Are you back already? I never replied to you, but based on your description I would not have your hopes that high.
So basically roaches are roaches.
Whats the best itinerary for 10 days? Flying into Istanbul.

What am I in for?
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>Tons of crime, dirty, awful smell virtually everywhere
>Smells like piss and trash
kensington, but spreads every once in a while
meet me on 52nd
bet you wont
no balls
good if you're a tourist, lame once you live there
>fishtown/northern libs (kungfu necktie, el bar, ortleibs, johnny brendas)
hope you like sois and hipsters

the one thing philly had going for it was the food
and now the prices/size are abysmal, avoid delivery, any online reviews are dated thanks to the coof
>Pats and Geno's
100000% tourist trap
best cheesesteaks are in the hood or random neighborhoods
larrys, dalessandro's, neighborhood corner store
spk,fried onions,cheese, anything else is a meme
sometimes hots if you're into that
>best cheesesteaks are in the hood or random neighborhoods
>neighborhood corner store

This is not true at all. I haven't lived there for a while so I'm sure prices have increased but neighborhood stores are good for a cheap acceptable cheesesteak not a good one, with the caveat that cheesesteaks that aren't an hour drive from the city are considered unacceptable trash
it was off the top of my head and I've gone back to centralia after it was covered and its still neat because you can see where all the houses used to be
As someone who lived in roxborough for 20 years I wouldn't recommend it. It's good but not worth going to roxborough for and always has a huge line now(mostly people from outside the neighborhood)
a corner store will give you a cheap acceptable cheesesteak
a neighborhood store such as Larrys, will give you a great authentic cheesesteak, you won't find these stores in center city
true, the line I saw a few days back was insane

File: tokyo-akihabara-i83301.jpg (732 KB, 1300x868)
732 KB
732 KB .jpg
Is still Tokyo a nice place to explore?
28 reply and 2 image omitted. Click here to view.
Tokyo has a lot to explore, but it’s not as visitor-friendly as either Kyoto or Osaka in my experience. Kyoto is prettier (Tokyo is largely pretty ugly unless you’re specifically into concrete jungles and hundreds of miles of nondescript modernist architecture; there’s a better density of historic or at least well-reconstructed stuff to look at in Kyoto), Osaka is more manageable in size. Plus I personally liked the food in Osaka more, but that may have been random chance.
Osaka is known in japan for a food/drinking culture.
File: 20181116_104947_HDR.jpg (2271 KB, 4656x2620)
2271 KB
2271 KB .jpg
Personally I preferred Tokyo over Osaka. There wasn't as much for me to do personally in Osaka, whereas Tokyo is so sprawling you can dip into smaller areas like Asakusa, Taito or Takadanobaba and still find little hole-in-the-wall places and things to see and do. Osaka you can do in a day or two, whereas Tokyo can take weeks and still not get your fill.
Imagine living in a country with ads for cartoons on billboards. Just no...
Nah I was there for a week and visited pretty much every district thoroughly.

File: 1631017120508.jpg (284 KB, 1080x1623)
284 KB
284 KB .jpg
White men get the best looking Asian women edition


Foreign visitors that are permitted to enter Thailand from approved countries are required to have the following:

- An approved Certificate of Entry (COE)
- Proof of a COVID-19 insurance plan that covers the entire duration of their trip with a minimum coverage of $100,000
- The Thailand Plus app in order to show a QR code upon entry
- Arrangements to stay at an Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ)

Is anyone planning to go?
160 reply and 16 image omitted. Click here to view.
*polite applause*
Sorry white roasties are refugee bbc only.
White women are played out. You can have em house monkey. Just make sure you wear your sperrys and don’t get too loud! You APES can really get rowdy!
>I'm an alpha korean headed to western europe, no idea why peeps are so butthurt when i try to ask questions my stuff gets pruned.
I don’t think anyone here was butthurt, you just invaded the thread and started insulting mongers and sexpats. WTF do you care about Thai women if you’re some Korean with white fever?

I don’t think it’s fair your thread got pruned but you need to follow decorum and make the first post at least pretend to be a /general thread to give it a chance of surviving. Personally I could care less if you go to US or Europe and bang every white woman you want, even impregnate them if they’re willing. Better you than Jamal. Besides, I do the same in Asia after all, it would be hypocritical of me to complain about East Asians doing it in my country
Yeah I only know one guy who's married to a semi-attractive Chinese woman. Probably is not as common as it's made out to be.

Have any of you ever visited a castle?
36 reply and 16 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: titelbild-burg-eltz-1.jpg (392 KB, 1170x650)
392 KB
392 KB .jpg
>Implying Versailles is only Marie Antoinette
Do you even /his/ anon
Lots of medieval castles/fortresses that are anything but opulent. I myself are a bigger fan of those since they had more impact on history than a fancy house.
File: burg_hohenzollern.jpg (95 KB, 960x430)
95 KB
95 KB .jpg
I basically live right next to it. It's beautiful
Not particularly meant for >>2109854, no idea why I quoted
File: chateau-angers.jpg (296 KB, 1732x1097)
296 KB
296 KB .jpg
>its just a massive shed
heh, try this on for size kiddo
File: castello.jpg (811 KB, 2508x1672)
811 KB
811 KB .jpg

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