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Fuck spammers edition

Copypasta FAQ:
>Where should I stay in Tokyo?
Nowhere! Airports are closed!
>Is Hiroshima+Miyajima worth it as a day trip from Osaka/Kyoto?
Not really, it's too rushed and you should probably just stay the night there.
>How do I travel by public transportation?
Install the "Official Japan Travel App"
>"Dude what should I see in ________?"
Solid general guides - sights, sample itineraries, pre-travel considerations, etc
/JPG/anon put together an autistic supermap of sights, restaurants, and shopping. Go nuts.

*Current status on travel restrictions*

*Info on prostitution*
Japanese girls are for Japanese men only. The only thing Japanese girls will find impressive about you is your すごい高い鼻: HONK HONK.

*JR Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.
Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥ (approximately a Tokyo-Kyoto round-trip bullet train trip)
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Super-easy rail pass calculator. Fill in your planned trips, get a quick yes/no response.
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they're gonna check vax inbound anyway

plus you now have a powerful enemy - Shinzo Abe:


Abe says tourism will boost the economy while the yen is weak.
>Japan without gaijin is bliss
>is gaijin

lol faggot
Abe wanted the yen to be poorly valued but i truly believe him (And i saw some retarded anons arguing that low yen is a good thing) are incorrect and just go against everything japan wants at the moment.

The yen survived because japan retires on bank bonds but with an aging population more citizens are pulling their cash out of bonds and boom yen value crashes. They don't have enough young people buying these bonds because it's too risky.

Abe was a fucking idiot, but opening up to tourists won't magically fix this situation the yen is on a path like the titantic
Dude, you're 23, your life has barely begun.
Go somewhere else and plan for a trip when they've opened and it's relaxed more.
I wouldn't plan anything seriously at all until they announce it officially. Save money or go somewhere else is my suggestion.
life ends at 30
if you haven't entered the holy land of nippon by then, then just commit sudoku

File: tmp.jpg (1544 KB, 5120x2880)
1544 KB
1544 KB .jpg
I want to travel to China ofc not rn because of covid. Is it cheap ? what’s the best cities? how is the sex there? please share your experience and your tips
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Is it true that Chongqing/Sichuan has really hot girls? And if so in what way?
File: bilibili.png (1514 KB, 2310x718)
1514 KB
1514 KB .png
>open, wild, free culture was dying fast.
I'd take bilibili and Youku over fucking twitter and onlyfans any fucking day faggot.
I've been out a few years now and very rarely deal with the Chinese these days so I'm a bit out of touch I admit but I just don't see the upside for the Chinese state in allowing tourists back in.
The international tourism part of their economy is small. And anyway with the insane shit in Shanghai now, the Chinese government are proving they're prepared to sabotage their economy in an even more retarded way than Western governments did. Covid is a great excuse for ramping up totalitarianism and keeping the foreigners out. After the show they put on in Wuhan, it's very difficult for a totalitarian regime to now say "we don't care about that any more". And what sort of lunatic would want to go to China now and subject himself to potential arbitrary detention thanks to a stupid PCR test, anyway?
The people of the West are also routinely shat on by their governments, true, but the combined pressure of various airlines/hospitality outfits cannot be completely ignored by the likes of Joe Biden and the people who make his decisions. These businesses are not afraid to go public here and say "end the restrictions or we're out of business", tell their stories in the press etc... in China, they generally won't dare to apply the pressure publicly on the government and those who try know there is a very good chance that they will find out that there is something worse than just going out of business. So it's much easier for the government in China to ignore their economic pain - and keeping foreign tourists out is probably a popular policy anyway!
So I think there's cautious optimism for re-opening in the West; several European countries are already open, no vax/PCR needed and eventually the US will probably follow, where the Dems desperately need to do something popular ahead of the midterm elections. But China is a different story and there are less favourable conditions for it.
There really is nothing fun about people all staring at their phones. It is boring, objectively.
Er... I think when he was talking about open, wild and free culture he was talking about real life stuff, not what websites you waste your time on.
Try to spend some time outside tomorrow, eh?

File: USEU.png (1135 KB, 1391x854)
1135 KB
1135 KB .png
>Finally looks like I can travel again this summer
>Looks like I can go from UK to France with a PCR test.
>And from there I can travel into Italy, which is another place I want to visit.
Do any fellow purebloods have experience of travelling around Europe unvaxxed? Do they want me to keep doing PCR tests every time I cross a border? Do I need to get a PCR test to go back to England?
And is there anywhere that doesn't work? I heard Italy was pretty strict about vaxpasses to go in restaurants... are the Europeans still doing that dumb shit?

>USA a bit trickier
Are we even able to get in and out of America at the moment? Any anons have experience of travelling in and out of the US as an unvaxxed foreigner?
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Give me examples please.
I've only done very short trips there before and basically feel like I missed everything.
>antivaxx shill
No such thing and huge projection on your part, tranny shill.
Who would an unvaxxed person shill for, you dumb faggot? You on the other hand shill poison for world governments, major corporations and even celebrities and probably do it for free like the jannies on this site.
Why don't you take your 3rd booster and shove it right up your ass, you retarded troon? You do believe in the $cience, don't you?
If I have 2 weeks to spend in the US what would you recommand?
The best parts are the West, the South, and New England in my opinion
West is what I'm leaning towards right now. Any must see stuff? I'll probably land at Sf but still undecided as to where to go from there.

How easy is it to pass a cart through an international airport? Flying in through Cancun and I’ll be going through customs as a Mexican citizen if that matters (won’t be staying there so I can’t buy at the hotel). Mostly concerned about dogs, has anyone here done it before/know how strict the Cancun airport is with weed?
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File: internet good.png (305 KB, 540x405)
305 KB
305 KB .png
>Hey guise I want to commit a drug crime in Mexico
They are always on the lookout because of cartel smuggling you ape.
I swear some of you are legitimately retarded.
this, do potheads really?
Is weed really worth risking prison? It's just dude weed lmao. Can't you buy some at your destination? How hard is it to find some bud?
only someone from the us would ever make this thread

>dpes anyone know how strict the Cancun airport is with weed?
Or just go 2–3 weeks without lighting one up. It's not that hard. Yet weedheads always insist they're not addicted to it

File: online_ean749_hr_web_0.jpg (287 KB, 1600x900)
287 KB
287 KB .jpg
Was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on traveling to San Juan, Puerto Rico. We'd travel in a group of like 6 college students. Is it nice and safe? I've seen a few conflicting reports on how it actually is.
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You should plan your vacation around length of stay and day of the week you fly in. PR runs on a schedule to help flood places. Thursday's Club Brava and Rio Piedras get stacked. Rio Piedras is mostly college kids from the UPR, Club Brava is a bit of a mixed crowd and there is a dress code + entry fee. Condado is a nice spot for the daytime with an end partying at Calle Loiza or moving down to Placita en Santurce on Friday nights. Saturday nights are Old San Juan hands down and you will want to be here early. It's a good idea to do a day tour and then wait until nighttime already parked, some nights its so busy that cops will essentially shut off entry and tell you to park outside and walk in (though its rare) and parking outside of an actual ticketed parking is going to land you a fine. Streets are very thin in VSJ and residents get exclusivity for street parking almost everywhere in VSJ.

Planning is important because this lets you actually be social and relax. Thurs-Sat in the metro area with Sun-Wed beach bumming it up works best. You can do a condado airbnb for ease of stay then uber or drive to the rest as they'll all be close. For beach resorts, airbnb or rooms at the Palmas del Mar/Wyndham Candelero Beach will be cheap and its a very nice and safe area (rich people central). Wyndham Rio Mar is pricier and has a nicer beach but the overall quality of person around you drops. For high rollers hit the St. Regis.

If you're staying for longer than a week I can give you some recommendations for stuff most tourists skip out on for lack of time, day trips and overnight stops.
I worked in PR for a couple months and can confirm everything this guys says. Uber is your friend and cheaper than renting a car if you stay within the city. Party scene is kind of shit in the tourist areas but I’m from Miami so most party scenes are shit to me
Just stay at the El Conquistador in Fajardo. Get a cheap room with no view, who cares it's just a place to sleep. The pools, views, restaurants, funicular, private island, etc... are all fantastic. Rent a car for a day and go to Areceibo, there's a nice seaside park with incredible cliff views. If you want to see San Juan, book a tour from the hotel, you can do all the tourist crap in a single day.
File: 1650989728827.jpg (404 KB, 960x2079)
404 KB
404 KB .jpg
Go on YouTube and search for PR travel videos. Pay attention to the type of people who travel to PR for leisure.
>party scene is kinda shit
Yup. It used to be better when I was younger in the 2012 days since there was at least a minimal EDM scene and even local rock/punk bands but that has died down tremendously. El Local en Santurce used to be the spot for live bands (even if it was a literal crack shack with a bar) now even their karaoke nights on Tuesdays barely get 10 people and live performances are few and far rather than every weekend. The bar scene is good though and restaurants, if you know where to go, can be phenomenal. All in all, you can have a good time but not if you're expecting to ball out like youre clubbing in Miami or NYC or Cali.
Conquistador is nice but I dislike having to ferry to the beach, I have a pool in my backyard so if I go to hotels I go for the ocean, having to delay instead of just being able to walk and dive spoils it for me a bit. The views are fantastic and palomino is a good spot. My dad's friend has a yacht so when I'm lucky I'm extended an invite. Palominito, Icacos and Culebrita are amazing stops.

@OP Check back in already and tell me if you want actual recommendations with stops, bars, restaurants, etc or if you just wanted a general safety lesson.

File: kurt.jpg (10 KB, 300x168)
10 KB
10 KB .jpg
>don't go to this country, neighborhood, etc
>it's SOOOO dangerous

This guy travels alone all the time to dangerous places, is the whole "south america will get you killed" thing just a meme?
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I was robbed in broad daylight on Carrera Septima at knife point as well.
Yeah, this guys a fag. Imagine copying prince autismo harald balder and stealing phrases from king sexpat bald

Op probably is the guy just trying to get some more press like how Vagrant Holiday used to do here
I think I still have a green text of my Bogota rob story somewhere in an active thread, but I got a fist bump from the guy who mugged me after giving him like 25$
File: disable.png (246 KB, 638x359)
246 KB
246 KB .png
>Japanese are like angels and I can trust them and learn from them.

Funniest thing I have read on this site in a while holy shit

File: images (1).jpg (32 KB, 486x631)
32 KB
32 KB .jpg
I want to see a brown petite poojeeta taking my phat white dick. Where should I go? I know they are easier in England but the cost of living there is ridiculously retarded. I plan on making a coom trip to India this summer. Where should I go? I want to meet both normal girls off tinder and prof prostis. No problem picking up girls in my country. What should I do? How much should I pay?

Hurry up and enter the thread before the autistic creampie pajeet mod deletes it.
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Prove it, I don’t believe you
The only people who willingly go to London for tourism are normies, Russian oligarchs and Arab royalty. Anyone with a brain avoids that expensive shithole.
Real or honeypot that gets you arrested?
toronto, specifically brampton/vancouver, specifically surrey
in india you wont get much out of tinder, they don't sleep around, better off picking up white backpackers

tl:dr go to india to sleep with white girls, go to canada to sleep with brown girls
I'm an Indian guy adopted by a white family in America and have no real connection to my ancestral heritage. I kinda wanna go to India and explore the place and the women there. How will I be treated? What will women think?

File: comeandsee.jpg (29 KB, 397x511)
29 KB
29 KB .jpg
>Be me
>First full day in Rome
>Have Vatican tour booked for St Peter's
>Shit before leaving thinking I'll be fine
>Walk twenty minutes there
>Already almost late
>Feel bubble in my gut
>"It's just gas"
>Line to enter takes 45 minutes
>Ask guide if there's a bathroom
>She says at the balcony at the bottom of the dome
>Oh no
>Start sweating violently
>Line for elevator up takes forever because of memeflu restrictions
>FInally get up there
>Guide tells me to stick to the group
>Everyone can visibly tell by how uncomfortable I am walking that I'm about to mess
>Finally get to the spot where the toilets are
>Door doesn't lock
>Don't care, move brush to half assedly block it
>Whip pants down
>Shit violently erupts all over the toilet

We're all gonna make it bros
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>At Gilli T in Indonesia
>Went to world's shittiest/hottest/rustiest gym earlier in the day
>Some sort of healthfood cafe upstairs
>Looks disgusting in terms of cleanliness when I look back at the kitchen
>Go out later that night, someone tells me there's a full moon party on the other side of the island
>Island is long and skinny so I just cut across and go the south way, figure if I don't find it I'll just go to bed
>Walk around the half of the island
>Get back to the walk way to my hostel
>Sprint to the door, get 3/4 numbers of the door lock code in
>Back up and pull my board shorts halfway down
>Violently spew diarrhea in the courtyard of the hostel and the other half down my shorts and legs
>Open the door, gut is erupting like an Indonesian volcano
>German guy on his phone says "hey man how was your night?"
>Don't even respond and walk straight into the shower/bathroom where I proceed to shit more
>Throw away shit soaked board shorts and underwear
>Develop fever and lay in bed miserable
>Next day a like 14 year old local kid comes in to clean
>Goes in bathroom
>Pulls shorts and underwear from trash
>Asks me if I'm ill
>Says there's a clinic around the corner
>Don't go because I came there prepared with medications (both otc and cypro)
>Keep shitting my brains out for the next two days
>Cypro not helping
>Finally have some pepto bismal tablets and they worked like a charm

Never travel without them now
good take
just some random buffet, i ate a lot of indan food in Malaysia and it was some of the best food i've had in my life
Well after laughing to much on this thread I thought I might share.

> Final exercise as a conscript in the swedish army after 9 months of service
> it's in January in the north of sweden so just darkness all the time
> platoon had built up full emplacement and trenches for two days in the snow on a mountain
> third day I had firewatch, and I was expecting an attack during the night so was sipping some powder coffee to keep me awake
> after an hour the attack comes and goes by without anything special so go back to bed
> wake up 30 minutes after that feeling it rumbling
> run out into makeshift toilets, they are occupied
> run by my pack grab a shovel and a roll of paper and just start walking out in the trench system
> jump out of the trench and go for about 10 meters in to the forest and digs a shitpit
> squats down like pajeet in the snow with my snow camo covering everything
> 3 minutes in i start to hear voices coming from the camp
> it's the fucking company commander escorting some generals or some shit followed by a bunch of ncos walking around in the trenches
> hear them coming closer..
> summon the spirit of Simon Häyhä and just sits completely fucking stil with my ass out and hope to god the don't see me
> they walk by without even looking my way
> see one of the ncos in the back noticing the beginning of the trail out of the trench to the forest
> he stands there for about 30 seconds looking into the darkness and snow
> I stay at that position for about 30 minutes just to make sure they aren't around anymore
> got back to the tent, battlebuddy actually noticing me being gone for a long time, tell him what happened
> him and I went back out there and covered the tracks and everything at 4 am in minus 32 degress celsius
> the day after one of the ncos are complaining one the trenches smells of shit.

To this day that battlebuddy has a blank check from me with any kind of help.
Couldn't pull over to shit in the dirt, or else I would.
Nice. I was on guard duty one time and decided to rub one out, some one caught me while they're messing around with thermals. Just going to town and next I hear is

File: 1645450125172.png (135 KB, 2560x1280)
135 KB
135 KB .png
Why does every foreigner that travels to my place wear the same Stereotypical clothing.

Tank top, Cargo shorts, Crocs with Socks (WHY IS THIS A THING)

Shirt and Jeans

All white if rich or Assorted if middle income
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Check it
> cant wypipo get better looking flips?
Nope. Fags here are the most pathetic non-virgin bunch on this whole board. They go to Asia to have a confidence boost by opting for desperate women. It’s all a huge cope and this post will get so many (You)s from these ugly sex tourists who are in complete denial.
File: images.jpg (39 KB, 554x554)
39 KB
39 KB .jpg
And I thought black people had bad taste in women. Jesus Christ anon.
File: 20220427_032623.jpg (3918 KB, 4000x3000)
3918 KB
3918 KB .jpg
Just put this one to bed after 45 mins. So easy.
Sure. Find a girl or whatever you're in to and they'll explain what is being shouted at you . Some kids were yelling they were going to steal my shoes but mainly its Flip men/boys upset you're inseminating their best women and are too cowardly to do it unless it is across a busy street or in groups. If you get thick skin just ignore it and people leave you alone. Gave a homeless guy some pizza while my latest date is passed the hell out. She talked a big game but she was passed out in my lap at the club and I had to carry her home.

File: image.jpg (120 KB, 750x562)
120 KB
120 KB .jpg
What are the best cities in the USA for a well off young guy to live in?
31 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>the sedentary apartment dwelling
what is this
netflix and food delivery apps for hours and hours and hours.
What do you think is so different about Europeans exactly? I suspect you’re not speaking from experience.
SF shouldn't even be on that list desu, probably one of the worst cities in the US.
Different language means they retain a cultural identity and tend to be more outdoorsy and ime mature. Baseballs caps, trainers and speaking in ebonics is nowhere to be found. Uk aside.

File: IMG_3614.png (2909 KB, 750x1334)
2909 KB
2909 KB .png
Philippines Coomer Thread: For those here, how about a meetup in Makati? Whose in the pic? It's a local trap
144 reply and 18 image omitted. Click here to view.
So lets say I'm 185cm grey eyes light brown hair not completely subhuman 23 how easy?
>mentions height
>doesn't mention weight
ok, I'm pretty fat but I'm cutting down 189

How is Africa for a newbie solo traveler? I traveled in Mexico for a month, but Africa seems like a whole different beast. Any tips, specifically Kenya?
Won't be easy unless you have really low expectations or want to bang hookers. Just lose weight, hit the gym and then come here.

>I will never be able to enjoy traveling because I’m too autistic to make friends

>just travel alone!!!
why not just travel alone? I dont get it
Do you really think someone with autism is going to enjoy long flights and talking to strangers

Anyone been? What‘s there to see?
11 reply and 0 image omitted. Click here to view.
Germany can't, Poland won't. But we can dream
Would be it if it was a mutt making this comment lol
File: Khabib-UFC.jpg (77 KB, 1200x675)
77 KB
77 KB .jpg
Why would anyone want it though
There's literally nothing of worth left there, it's a Russian reservation.
they ain't making new land in this world. why does Russia care so much about some shithole cities in Ukraine? its scarcity. real estate is the world's best investment.

I think the real reason it won't happen is that the Germans would be very secretly miffed if it went to Poland, who has zero real claim to it. The alternative of it going to Germany brings up the very existential crisis issue of Poland being caught between Germany and, well, Germany. A situation that has not been great for world peace when it has existed in the past.

At the end of the day Germany likes its little EU empire and values its maintenance over getting back Konigsberg. Not that they wouldn't gladly take it back, its just not worth the trouble right now.

File: 3265293_500_A.jpg (35 KB, 500x500)
35 KB
35 KB .jpg
What do you wear when you travel and plan to walk around a lot? Something like pic related has always served me well in the past but I kind of want something less flat and less teenage-boy-tier. Unfortunately a lot of "good" walking shoes look like Sketchers that old people would wear, so I guess I'm also looking for something borderline stylish that could be worn at a nice restaurant or something without looking dumb.
8 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1650986270048.jpg (773 KB, 2047x2730)
773 KB
773 KB .jpg
I like the classic Wool Runners. If you’re unsure of plunking down $110 there are tons of cheap used pairs on Poshmark.
File: terrex free hiker.jpg (261 KB, 1500x1420)
261 KB
261 KB .jpg
I've got these as my only real shoes and love them, but maybe not as stylish as you're looking for.

Pros: Mad comfy for walking all day, waterproof, good traction on all normal surfaces, surprisingly good to lift in.

Cons: Not cheap, won't fit in my bag so always have to wear them when moving location, more industrial looking than dressy.
Nah you didn’t have to put them on to ultraboosts , literally like walking on clouds , plus that shit gives u at least an inch. Still hahaha they will keep saying its ugly and dont believe u
Do they really not require socks to be worn? That would be a game-changer as far as packing and laundry goes.
Those are pretty nice looking but goddamn fuck that Adidas Le Cool Kid premium

I tried not wearing socks with my Baabuks and they immediately started to smell

File: 31299.jpg (214 KB, 1600x1062)
214 KB
214 KB .jpg
I am thinking of taking two weeks off work in late april-early may and am looking for places to go in Europe. Would turkey be a decent place to visit? Flights are fairly expensive to get there, however I have heard that the Turkish lira has crashed effectively so I imagine it will be a lot cheaper there than going to France or Spain. I'm really interested in history and I've always wanted to visit Istanbul whilst I also enjoy hiking and outdoors stuff so figure turkey may be able to cater for that. My only thinking is that 2 weeks may be too long for Istanbul alone. Does anyone know any other cities or areas that might be worth visiting for a two week trip to Turkey?
30 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Stay in İstanbul
only thing Turks are good for is cutting hair
Did you go anywhere near Tur Abdin? Apparently its an anglophone area.
Not really
I can show you niggers around in Izmir metro area for a couple of beers and a few PUA tricks.

t. Kurd virgin uni student

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