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File: the entire frontline.jpg (234 KB, 1600x1337)
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Could you goddamn Wardens relax with the partisan activity?

The amount of partisans and spies I've seen so far have been ridiculous
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35ci oranges if u see em to em
Where can I find a hack for foxhole? Game is shit I just wanna hack and make kids rage
File: cdc.png (553 KB, 496x1482)
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Even if we knew, why would we help you?

File: Untitled.jpg (209 KB, 1252x705)
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For new players:
SCP: Secret Laboratory is a free survival horror multiplayer game based on SCP: Containment Breach

/vm/ Server IP: twocows.tk
You can join with the Direct Connect option
Server has no rules. Friendly Fire is ON.

The server is active daily from 7pm EST onwards. For the BASED gameplay experience, a microphone IS REQUIRED.
This server has additional SCP-079 commands you can use in the game's console. I recommend YOU READ THIS and try it out: https://pastebin.com/fkdBvUb1

/vm/ Streambles Archive: https://pastebin.com/RcG1zpZ6

GDrive Link: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1DpmDKcyxmhpbeqaxFusAlHQKheXEeV3-

Some janny fag nuked the thread, nice job, NIggles
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its too many people sorry we already have 9
>not running a party of 10
who are you

File: 20210509002500_1.jpg (119 KB, 1640x900)
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Risk of Rain
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sneed, chuck, dial 8
is the chef mod good?
The chef mod for 2 needed a lot of polish last I checked.
File: 1623694524749.png (519 KB, 640x599)
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it's aight but murders frames in multiplayer lobbies because he can easily permanently keep his fire oil active and spread it everywhere like a growing cancer

File: 1604183327656.png (441 KB, 515x590)
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441 KB .png
Cooperative FPS featuring dwarves, mining, booze, and beard physics.

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>implying HP is god-tier
you lose all your instant AoE, it's not even that good
>anything that isn't press G to kill is shit
>meanwhile uses his EPC to mine
>muh aoe
literally no one cares
HP is god tier for big targets
It's too niche but it's nice if your team fills in your gaps. I found that if everything went to shit that there wasn't enough AoE in my kit to deal with the things that could not be temporarily ignored for a quick revive. All those "big targets" tend to be things you can run away from more often than not, and sacrificing one of the strongest pieces of your kit to deal with something you could ignore left me feeling that pain on the rare occasion where everyone else is dead.
stop using HP outside of elimination and escort
problem solved

Soku/PoFV/TPDP/SWR/iaMP and other 2hu games with netplay
>Download Soku here
>Download Autopunch here
>PoFV Netplay guide
>PoFV netplay tutorial
>Touhou Puppet Dance Performance: Shard of Dreams
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if you still wanna play then sure
see >>341507
cant coneect
yeah i just noticed i fucked up, try again now

File: unknown.png (184 KB, 755x680)
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>playing with Euros

New event + map coming soon™. What we know so far:
>new map is somewhere called "Desalle"
>it's somewhere in the north but judging by the plantation house it's still in Louisiana
>much less swampy from what we've seen (rip gator legs)
>they're finally adding native american hunters
>potentially a bow weapon (could've been just a trailer thing)
>event seems to be themed around the supernatural abilities of the hunters and death
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I do use the the gunslinger scheme, but it was with the rival. Isn’t the whole point of using gunslinger to be that you’re always ready to fire?
File: Facebook_1440x1080.jpg (868 KB, 1440x1080)
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868 KB .jpg
Cool, but can we get some news on the update? The coommited dlc literally just came out.
Sounds like the same bug that happened to me with the auto 5. Also gunslinger is a meme, you will never run into a scenario where you couldn't aim your gun fast enough to kill someone. Plus you get a slightly wider FOV and your gun is less likely to clip through doors and walls
> you will never run into a scenario where you couldn't aim your gun fast enough to kill someone
This. Maybe people think that because there's an animation for hip-aiming that it's slower or something but the animation is just for show and you can fire as soon as you press right mouse.
File: E3iG99ZXEAAfrc9.jpg (507 KB, 1200x675)
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They need Bloodborne hunter to fund the new map.

File: tipofthespearheliwars.png (2665 KB, 1741x1188)
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2665 KB .png
Couldn't find a finished version of the thumbnail and haven't seen any other thumbnails, so here we go. I cropped it and shopped in the /vm/ emblem. Sorry if the guy who made the thumbnail envisioned something slightly different, but we're nearing bump limit on the other thread.

Discuss heli wars and other games on Roblox. I, for one, loved heli wars back in the day and would always sneak attack the enemy by flying underneath the map.
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fun shooters
How much money do you make off Roblox? I know rare hats are worth as much as CS GO skins and you can gain followers on Youtube quite easily, but what if you're not lucky? was it enough to have an old account with no hats in it?
It's advertised for kids on the surface, but there's a more more mature community if you're willing to dig deeper. Plus, it's just a general good tool to exercise with building without prior hassle or get a decent grip into programming. Most of us, however, are mostly playing for nostalgia.
DevExchange (DevEx) allows developers with big enough games to exchange robux for real money, actual legal tender money. irc, one guy was able to pay for college after he made some knock off gmod-murder game that got really popular.
old terrain was better in every way
>not making, scripting or drawing for games for money
>not going to the backwater pages of games, filled with RPers, ERPs and personal places with less than 10 people and shitposting
Ive been here for 13 years and its just good content to relax on the weekend

File: ephnel.jpg (152 KB, 850x1275)
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152 KB .jpg
Soulworker thread
>Download here
>didn't this game came out 3-4 years ago?
Old server by Gameforge shutting down, now the developer Liongames opens a brand new server for global players
>is there IP block
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Yes, although i kinda miss the 700k extension price but having a 1:30mins clear thanks to 70+ is nice. I still have PTSD of 7 mins clear on Primal.... that felt like chewing glass
but still, things getting cheaper is good for the average player. Except tera brooch price, fuck tera brooches
File: 20210613233016_1.jpg (114 KB, 536x596)
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114 KB .jpg
Are Chii's Chiis always this big?
File: file.png (622 KB, 850x596)
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622 KB .png
always has been
File: 1635343644318.png (18 KB, 125x125)
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18 KB .png
>day x
>has 3 characters to 65+
>all of them are IOlet
how do i cope? that's the only 4* i haven't gotten across all characters, i'm 101% sure IO chance are reduced... there's no way i'm this turbo lucklet

File: DDO2.jpg (109 KB, 500x698)
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109 KB .jpg
I'm just here to shill an old MMO I've gotten into recently (few months ago) and which I fell in love with : Dungeons and Dragons : Online. I think it is a really cool game with lots of very interesting features that is worth looking into even though it has its flaws.

Pros :

>Lots of customizations, classic D&D features like Ability scores, feats, multiclassing, etc. Also adds Enhancements which are skill trees that allow further customization of your character.
>Quests are fun, every single one is narrated and acts as a dungeon of various size (some can be one room big and others can be sprawling mazes that take hours to get through). Almost all quests have optional objectives and secrets that reward the player with XP and loot. The whole game is very immersive overall
>Loot and Gear is very cool, many low level items stay relevant forever. Items are not merely +atk or +def, different items are better at different times. Enemies have immunities and weaknesses and you can capitalize on that with your gear and spells.
>Community is very mature and friendly
>A ludicrous amount of content and more content comes out regularly
>A lot of paid content can be earned by playing, you earn DDO points regularly and that can be used for permanent character or account upgrades
>Infinite replayability, the game encourages you to play as every classes and races through the Resurrection system

Cons in next post
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also is it viable for a dwarf to get the oversized twf feat if i only plan to use axes? i know i get the exotic weapon bonus but do i still need oversized twf for battle axes and dwarven to reduce any penalties?

my research says its a waste but just want to make sure. current battle axe does not say any penalties are applied.
File: 759px-ThePit3D.jpg (100 KB, 759x600)
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100 KB .jpg
Both have plenty but never played LOTRO so cant say much about it. DDO is unique in that its centered around instanced dungeons instead of being open world. Your build also greatly affects gameplay. You can disarm traps, abuse jumping to skip through content and avoid attacks, cast Dimension Door to teleport back to the dungeon start, use Leap abilities to bridge chasms or jump through a series of traps unscathed, and plenty of other stuff.
>Cool Quests
DDO has the Coolest quests. Dungeons have a lot of cool gimmicks to them like deadly swims through turbines, a quest where you have the option to thwart an assassination plot, a quest where you do vertical platforming and walk across electric currents, one where you lead rats through a maze filled with traps, a noneuclidean labyrinth where you collect gears, one where you levitate with wands to a prison, one where you play hide and seek, PIC RELATED, and plenty of others as well.
Theres a lot of big open world wilderness areas that like Feywild, Ravenloft, Vale, Shavarath, and Orchard which give xp for killing monsters, finding lore journals and rare encounters, and finding landmarks. The quests within the wilderness areas take priority over them in leveling XP and gear but the areas themselves are great and theres plenty of them.
No digging in DDO, gears all from loot chests but every quest has at least a handful of unique items that they drop. More or less DDO just has gear to grind in quest chains than actual lore artifacts.
DDO has a fuckton of puzzles. Common ones are reused but most of them have their own twists thrown in like floor puzzles having danger tiles, wheels exploding if not disarmed, having to fight off npcs and dodge traps while solving a puzzle, levers requiring synchronized pulling, and my personal favorite in the quest Delirium.
>cute muscle girls
Female dwarves look like female dwarves. I'd say Shifter/Half Orc would be more what you'd be into probably.
Uh, why is Argonessen server down? That's my main server.
Nvm it's up now, anyway....
Spies in the house is one of the hardest dungeons I've done, there are others, but man this one......

File: IMG_20210613_234843.jpg (174 KB, 1080x641)
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174 KB .jpg
Gambit era edition

Now that the dust has settled, how the fuck did they do it in such a short time span bros?
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File: 1601760328630.png (284 KB, 1280x515)
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284 KB .png
kino team name
russians man always got to be weebs.
my win rate would be a lot higher if i didnt queue mirage
yet i still do
bc thats what everyone queues up for. BRING BACK TRAIN
File: 1404950008223.jpg (23 KB, 316x341)
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23 KB .jpg
Olof right now, probably

Play Eternal Return: Black Survival the MOBA battle royale free to play early access anime game
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File: 1521240471148.png (164 KB, 440x457)
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164 KB .png
>Do my ~4 zone build
>Don't encounter anyone the whole game
>Finally got all my items
>Die to the team that's been fed 10 kills
Every time
It's often easier to complete your build by looting dead bodies. Just make up a build that allows meeting with your ally in the 3rd zone and completing at least 1 item for each other and you are good.
>Finally got all my items
>Die to the team that's been fed 10 kills
You're clearly not building fast enough. Keep practicing
How do I into Alex?
Favourite streamer?

File: 1617420791572.gif (1914 KB, 345x249)
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1914 KB .gif
I remember Wizards 101 being fun as a kid but I want something to play now.

File: 1623620559336.png (378 KB, 604x748)
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378 KB .png
How do you guys make good friends in video games?

The best memories I have are playing with frens who stick to only one game but aren't turbo spergs who play only to farm and grind. The kind of guys who shoot you dms telling you to come on TF2, play and prioritize having fun.

How do I find people like this? I'm now in my mid 20s and socializing seems much more difficult than before.



File: 2021-05-19_00.28.52.png (569 KB, 1440x837)
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569 KB .png
/vt/craft yubi server
Previous thread: >>307347
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Thank you
>doesn't know how to reply
>posts a wojak
I'll give him some credit for it being a weimar and not your standard nazi but the stereotype still strikes again
Sorry man, we need the space for the giantess fetish threads and the "why does she do x? does she think she's too good for it?" threads. They are clearly more on topic than your vtuber themed pixel art world.
>why does she do X threads
All me btw
Wholesome server activities?

File: 1598745792103.png (69 KB, 281x300)
69 KB
69 KB .png
many people have memories of meeting people in vidya but i dont really have those because i basically played mp games like singleplayer, never talking to anyone. i missed out on cod lobby trash talk, community server screwing around, etc. and in the age of matchmaking it seems impossible to properly meet people in games. it doesnt help that im also generally shy and awkward.
either way, what are the best games to meet people and what/how do u do it?



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