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Green ash is my wife edition

Still shocked at how the last thread absolutely blew up. We’re still of reorganizing now, so get to work gentlemen!

And remember, clanman bad
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i just hate how far they moved all the scrap fields from the factory towns
went from a minute walk to two different fields outside rime to this shit
It's very likely.
Is there a website that shows what tech is currently unlocked for each team?
infantry support gun, percutio, venoms, banes, LTDs, smelters, bardiche. icarus if you're feeling bold.
late but like
have you ever actually seen someone use bonesaws effectively? mounted or otherwise. i'm pretty sure in all my playtime i haven't seen the things used functionally once

File: 1615707356372.png (137 KB, 263x291)
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>literal gold nova coach will play his first pro match ever against fucking Astralis on LAN

will he get a kill?
inb4 he drops 30
Astralis are dogshit now. All they have is Magisk, but when he's awake he's basically as good as S1mple.
>be Evil Geniuses at Pro League
>play against BIG who had a recent roster change
>get solo'd by Tabsen IGL

>be Evil Geniuses at Blast Premier
>play against Astralis who had a recent roster change
>get solo'd by Magisk IGL

File: file.jpg (1895 KB, 3648x2736)
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1895 KB .jpg
Are the fps in FPS good yet? edition
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I'm sure you're excited to know that they're going to merge odyssey terrain gen into horizons before the end of the year
we know
I mean they made several improvements to the terrain generation but the key issues (no more extreme or interesting geography, whitewashed lighting, repeating terrain patterns) are still there. it has lost it's soul already and it won't come back.
How do i make 40mil in a jiffy?
I wish I knew, anon.
What were the improvements?

File: koltyrside.png (1782 KB, 1553x1700)
1782 KB
1782 KB .png
PlanetSide 2 senpaitachi where you @

NEW SHIT: Koltyr is open for 16 hours a day unless you play on Emerald. No Liberators, Galaxies, Dervishes or MBTs! However, you still have Mosquitoes and Lightnings have fun :)
Nanoweave "nerfed"! It's still best-in-slot by far, but now everyone moves 10% slower.
Ocular Shield buffed! Conc/Flash/EMP Bandolier loadouts are extra cancer, have fun dealing with invisible EMP spammers, Flash Booshers and the occasional Heavy Assault NPC-converter!
They did some other shit but it doesn't matter.

???????? Maybe Oshur?

I play on Emerald NSO+VS, there's also some NC guys. TR players have brain worms, don't play TR unless you are a masochist that enjoys losing because or retarded as fuck teammates that refuse to leave their best-in-class Prowlers/Mosquitoes or learn infantry play because their LMGs aren't best-of-best.
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How was it before?
>Start mining
>Fast switch to gunner
>Laser still works
>Can even drive away and laser will still mine that one crystal
So you just need another man to cooperate with you in a mmo shooter now. That's it? Ask a friend to help you out. You have friends, right?
No sir, you get to sit there, if you have a gunner you can waste their time too and you can both be bored. I don't get why logistics has to be boring, why can't they make it a mini aim trainer with different weak spots popping up on the crystal or something. Keep the default for the space truckers who wanna just chill and drive around but my monke brain needs more than M1, watch progress bar. You do you though boo
>No sir, you get to sit there, if you have a gunner you can waste their time too and you can both be bored
Im still not getting your point here my planetman. You say that riding alone and switching to turret IN CASE someone shows up to murder your colon is fun but doing the same with someone else is boring?
That sound incredibly picky, autistic and not scholarly.

File: 1632860580426.jpg (234 KB, 2010x1086)
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234 KB .jpg
This is gonna sound retarded and all over the place, but I’m wondering if something like it exists.

I’m wondering if there’s a multiplayer or online game, new or ancient, where the combat system isn’t boring rotation stuff like xiv or “everyone just hits stuff until it does with no coordination” like say pso2. Something with an engaging world that you’d need other people to help accomplish things in, and that it doesn’t feel like a basically an online single player game. Where people’s roles actually matter and coordination is needed to get things done?

Games like final fantasy xiv, pso2, mhw, etc all have some of these things but they fail in other ways. A game like craftopia seems like it has everything but nobody ever talks about it and the combat still looks like pso2 uncoordinated junk.

It’s hard to explain what exactly I’m looking for, it’s mostly a feeling, something similar when I see anime like log horizon or something. However, I know that old school games are way past their prime and probably not suitable for just two completely new people in current year.

Any help?
I've only felt this level of wonder with two games and they are both dead. First is Star Wars Galaxies and the second is Matrix Online. Galaxies has a fairly sizeable community that emulates the game but they are split in various different sizes across numerous servers. Matrix Online is all the way dead with no chance of ever coming back.

File: GP.png (765 KB, 1024x1319)
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765 KB .png
Hi everyone! We're a gaming discord that has recently developed a fleshed out multiplayer RPG discord bot and look forward to receiving feedback. Besides that we play a sum of games including but not limited to
-garry's mod
-hunt showdown
-apex legends
-aoe 2
-tekken 7
-guilty gear (from accent core to strive)
-ballistic ng
-civ 5

We highly value free speech and if you're accustomed to more regulated forums it may not be your cup of tea, otherwise we look forward to having you!

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File: noita hawk.png (707 KB, 630x890)
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707 KB .png
File: Peacekeeper Minazuki.png (158 KB, 253x390)
158 KB
158 KB .png
File: apu holmes.png (67 KB, 436x361)
67 KB
67 KB .png
File: mystery nigs.jpg (273 KB, 1096x1378)
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273 KB .jpg
New invite

Imagine joining this kikes tranny server so he can infect you with Bitcoin miners and siphon your information.

File: memes.png (1312 KB, 1196x672)
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1312 KB .png
/vm/ Hunt: Showdown thread

Post-event Edition

Join the /vm/ Hunt: Showdown discord to find other anons to play with https://discord.gg/PyEARvfX

How did hunter anons go? Did you complete both paths?
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Dirt cheap 2-slot that's solid for everything and scales well with traits. Not as good up close as the nagant precision without levering, but it's more well rounded and versatile, especially with the increased damage.
File: 1583531660666 - Copy.jpg (173 KB, 384x480)
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173 KB .jpg
>Play solo
>Find and fight Butcher
>Internet has a stroke
>When I unlag I get PIGGED and die
>Level 49 Plague Doc
>Check match
>It was an empty server
File: 1451294771838.jpg (80 KB, 640x539)
80 KB
80 KB .jpg
>walk into match with contraband springfield combat and conversion pair
>get a free dolch precision 2 minutes in
Is there a better feeling than stealing expensive guns off shitters?
dropping from 1.1 to .94 since light the shadow dropped, been doing better since I started joining trios instead of duos as a solo. feel much more secure killing a trio than two duos.
>both paths
couldn't, friends weren't down to play with me enough and being a solo nets you next to no points compared to having a pack, got one path in though.
This is fucking miserable, 3 kill trades point blank this afternoon. Playing as a solo versus these pinglord niggers fucking sucks.

File: andgaming.jpg (5 KB, 234x216)
5 KB
5 KB .jpg
what games can i play with friends across the world without having to worry about ping?
Anything turn-based obviously. Also RTS.
noita together

File: Glastheimguide.gif (175 KB, 782x764)
175 KB
175 KB .gif
Everyone get along

>nostalgia guides
>gear/stat/combat & skill calculators

>/vm/ Servers:

Origins RO
Multi-clienting, Hercules emulator, Pre-Renewal, High Population, Stylist, WOE
/vm/ Guild: Desu
Message Lord Marhek or Long Logger, or post name, for an invite.

Ragnarok Travels
No Multi-clienting, AEGIS (not emulated), Pre-Renewal, No Custom Content, Host/Dev posts here
/vm/ Guild: Magic Forest
Message Stardust, or post name, for an invite

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I saw someone doing that in Juno when I was job changing my sage...
What's going on here--
File: 5.jpg (44 KB, 251x138)
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44 KB .jpg
Why are Germ*ns like this?
You could try poison spores for Karvodailnirol. It's a 2.5% drop but vendors are buying them for 40k per.
There's always Toy Factory 2 if you have a rogue. Cakes and cookies sell to NPCs for 1.5k and 500z respectively.
Of course I'm in the background behind the fake wall bro, the moment that shinobi leaves the room the picture gets the NTR tag

File: 1631159500378.png (2778 KB, 1802x1080)
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2778 KB .png
chef edition.

>Pirate link ( 1.15.6 ): https://drive.google.com/file/d/16oD58runNjVr1vzGXGzlwdQfPlLI8084/view?usp=sharing
To install mods, go to %appdata% then Vintage Story Data, open the mod folder, drag and drop the contents to the mod folder in the Vintage Story Data folder. (Also watch out for any modlist updates.)

/vm/ SERVER:
>Modlist: https://mega.nz/folder/25x0waTb#YMr8BySneEVHUc1ecpus2w
>Since the last thread >>404228
As the playerbase grows exponentially, more coordinated events are being scheduled in accordance. The Southern TL Network has somewhat conclusively terminated, with its furthest reaches touching the threshold of 50k. Along its stretches, a highly-anticipated "Souf" has been resurrected in the form of a village built in a vast system of caverns of which its residents have eagerly and promptly advanced its evolvement in record time. Again, trades and infrastructure have been ameliorated further to accommodate the rising capacity of players. The game itself has recently updated, fixing a few prevalent bugs and namely changing up the meta. A novel Northen TL Network has found its footing meanwhile civilizations grow restless with as animosity festers between cheif players - could war/ battle be the solution to this? Also, keep an eye out for a bell-arena fight these coming weeks.

>Modlist: https://mega.nz/file/8QA2iRgB#B0v9LZmTape3HwoeoCb614ETdjBSibvtaICOkdVeSGc

>I'm new, what server should I join?
Simple. Try both, and see which one you like. I can't really tell you anything other than the absolute knowns; that Frenzone has more mods, and that /vm/'s has more traffic. Take any other information you hear with a grain of salt, or outright ignore it. Both run on the same version, and both are pirate-compatible at the moment.

chef sleeps, we live.
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File: cat.png (3246 KB, 2560x1440)
3246 KB
3246 KB .png
Rate my cat.
cute, it looks like it fell into the chimney though
I always liked the straw roof aesthetic. I don't know if you can make leather blocks in survival mode, but the ones on the trading carts I though would look cool chiseled into a tepee.

I've made multiple posts on cool ideas to make them better. As a class CM needs some love.

Been working on an idea for economy value of different items in VS in conjunction with the Trade-o-mat mod. Basically attributing a currency cost to various items in the game that a large portion of people can agree on. The idea being if enough people can agree on some values then currency/trade can occur more frequently/objectively. Here are the basics to consider..

>There are three currency types. Copper, Silver, and Gold coins.
>Four of each coin type can be smelted into one ingot of their respective metal.
>You can make coin molds out of clay. You can make 4 coins at a time per mold. These molds are made of clay, and fired in a pit kiln.
>Xskills perks such as the metal processing smelter does NOT allow for cheaper coin making with molds. Which would cause a limitless cycle of the metal in question to be reproduced.

Keeping all of this in mind, and considering the rarity of each metal. Considering the actual applications of each metal (which can vary based on mod usage as if it isn't hard already). Do any of you have any ideas on what values you might place on various items in VS? Or values on things like art/chisel making? Services such as terraforming, lending xskill abilities, resource fetching, claim finding/TL searching? I have some ideas, but wanted your guys' input.
Think the greenish blocks would look much better as white chalk/marble personally. Structurally looks good though!

File: chancoop.png (639 KB, 1277x1227)
639 KB
639 KB .png
This thread is for discussions, feedback and anything related to 4chan's (un)official Sven Co-op server - Chan Co-op

Open 24/7 -
By and for fellow anons.

Previous thread: >>290079

Picrel is our second admin's artwork btw
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Learn into teamwork
Good luck with that lmao, I would love to see you try
You reading this shit? This little whore wants it so bad...
why are europeans so gay
File: tranime.webm (2997 KB, 854x480)
2997 KB
2997 KB .webm
ure mom gay

File: 1632606693762.png (4 KB, 530x336)
4 KB
4 KB .png
Risk of Rain
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Does anybody even like lunar items anymore?
I feel like they are pretty darn niche and since everyone just cheats lunar coins in its just "waste time rerollin in bazaar til it appears"
Wasting time rerolling sucks, but I love my lunars.
Not even just because you can trade them for irradiants either.

Love my strides on characters like Mando, Nemando, Bandits. Acrid, Reaver, Paladin
Love my corpsebloom on characters like Enforcer, Acrid, Engie.
Purity for Acrid
Visions for Engie, Acrid, Reaver
Ruin for Mando
Hooks for Chirr and Capt
Hellfire for everyone
luv me Gouge
luv me Crown
luv me Raichis
luv me Tonic
luv me Purity
simple 'as

Anyone like getting spooked? Recent update added some really cool shit. If you have a guilty pleasure for those dumb ghost hunting shows, you should try the game out.
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>ghost can hunt outside
>ghost is a banshee
>hunts immediately
>kills you before you enter the house
>lose all your shit
this would be gold but all the complaining would ruin it
I think you would be safe assuming the ghost can't leave the house until it hunts (since it needs to stare at you before using its power) or you have a cross in the van.
A demon though could start fucking from the moment it doesn't like you.
The people who want the ghost to come outside and to the van just watched too many GHC streams, and fail to realise it's only scary to noobs.
>you can enjoy old-school trash talk like its the year 2000.
Except you can't because now it's all recorded analyzed transcribed stored and used against you forever.
My friends and I actually do this, we have to identify the ghost, find every dish in the house, put them in the sink, then close all the doors before leaving.
It makes a pretty hard challenge

File: 1627641624533.png (1878 KB, 1605x1148)
1878 KB
1878 KB .png
Co-op PvE game featuring bugs, guns, dwarves and booze. If you play on haz 3 or lower you're a fag.
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Really look at it
File: 1604067868443.jpg (105 KB, 900x900)
105 KB
105 KB .jpg
>"include "/vm/" in your server name if you wish to host for other anons"
I've filtered the game by haz 4 and 5 and never find hosts with this. Do you fags not play on those difficulties?
File: 123.png (25 KB, 497x80)
25 KB
25 KB .png
I must be the only sad motherfucker that does that because I just filtered for "/vm/" - World and couldn't find any server
I moreso just forget to put /vm/ in my server name, i'll have to remember to write it in there
>explosive goodbye
what absolute dookie

File: ShyGuy.jpg (178 KB, 1920x1080)
178 KB
178 KB .jpg
For new players:
SCP: Secret Laboratory is a free survival horror multiplayer game based on SCP: Containment Breach

/vm/ Streambles Archive: https://pastebin.com/RcG1zpZ6

GDrive Link: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1DpmDKcyxmhpbeqaxFusAlHQKheXEeV3-
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Him and Vanessa finally got together and rode off into the sunset
can we plan on colonizing friday or saturday night? You can't just colonize on a sunday night thats extremely gay and inconsiderate because wagies need to wage
Imagine working sundays
the power of the neet ignorance
>Imagine working Sundays
I actually don't work Sundays since I'm not an infidel who works on the sabbath.

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