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File: Card_1023010_artwork.png (1399 KB, 852x1136)
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Explosive Chain Battle [vs Goku] saga
It's that time again dokkanbros. CB arrives in a few hours.
Dokkan Battle wiki: https://dbz-dokkanbattle.fandom.com/wiki/Dragon_Ball_Z_Dokkan_Battle_Wiki
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Show the super team
alright look. if you have sbr lr gohan ezad and something like phy gotenks or lr bardock you got yourself a phy team regardless of what units you put there. better yet if you have gt goku for an entire goku family team.
It's not that hard. Just pick some trash and do it.
File: 1632858951899.jpg (517 KB, 475x845)
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517 KB .jpg

I have SBR LR Gohan with no dupes, no Phy Gotenks and no LR Bardock but I retract my Super Phy needing work. It's the Ext. one that needs work.
This shit list needs some work

File: 1570316234067.jpg (158 KB, 1105x1549)
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158 KB .jpg
Alright lads, here are the cheapest set-ups I can find for Ishtar fest CQs.

1st: vs Bride, OH LALA, and Use Me...
>Bikini dork

2nd: vs Eric Bloodaxe, king of the Bloody Axe who wields a Blood stained Axe
>Mecha Liz

3rd: vs Gorgons
>Shi Huang Di
>Bikini dork

4th: vs Clown
>welfare Ishtar + Skadi

5th: Liz Quest

>poo god

7th: ROMA
>Bedi + Jason
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I know she has a limited use I just really like Gorgon's design. I might roll for Space Ishtar since by the time her banner comes I'll have a lot of SQ, looking at the upcoming banners I'm not seeing any banner that has Gorgon so hopefully by the time she does get put on rate up I 'll have gathered enough SQ again.
There is always a high chance of getting her on the extra type class banners.
I might be wrong since I just started playing the game but aren't those banners not available to f2p players?
No, those are the Lucky Bag with the guaranteed 5 star. There are occasionally class based summoning campaigns where they run rate ups for each individual regular class and group the extras together. Normally it's a crap shoot if you want something specific, but since the Extra pool size is so small, with only two 4-star servants, it'll be a lot easier to target her. But it looks like the next one isn't for another year and a half, so you'll want to hit at least a few banners between now and then.
Oh, forgot to mention, since she's in the general summoning pool there's a small chance of getting spooked by her, even in banners.

Thread for the discussion of the otome game Tears of Themis
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>blindfolded sr
>tied up ssr
What’s next for Luke? Gagged up?
I hope so
File: images (16).jpg (24 KB, 678x452)
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24 KB .jpg
This game should stop objectifying males and contributing to setting very unrealistic standards for men, it also doesn't help that it's pushing a narrative of being a beautiful man = being effeminate.

There are better ways to sedate the uncontrollable lust of subhuman homosexuals and cat women like giving out free lead-to-the-brain implants. This game also lacks diversity which is problematic and reeks of bigotry.
File: E7dbgG7UUAEFEHD.png (58 KB, 320x320)
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58 KB .png
It's making more than CN is making now but less than CN's debut. Take that as you will. Remember it'll also probably drop over the next few months as fotm players leave before the revenue stabilizes. I think it just depends on what Mihoyo even expected from the performance... hopefully they kept expectations low lel
>What’s next for Luke?
Strapped to a hospital bed

File: 1622609925.jpg (191 KB, 850x1768)
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191 KB .jpg
Looks like Bailong has been running his mouth off again.


Amusing comments:
>Did this bastard have a disease that would kill him if he didn't cover his mouth?
>He's a bit cocky to rub a no-nonsense roll, so let's see if he's bringing the famous Bread White Night Starlight lol.
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Unfortunately the realistic scenario is Mihoyo will continue to turtle like they did during the Rosaria episode along with their controlled social media will continue to suppress or hide the fallout and the people complaining will kneel after 2-3 weeks.
It sucks, basically. Everyone complaining about it is an entitled manbaby that got sucked into the gacha life hard. If Genshin wasn't such a shit fucking game they'd have something better to do with their time than pull.
File: 1617458408267.png (288 KB, 842x1130)
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288 KB .png
Game sucks, community sucks, rewards suck.
Meanwhile, in reality, Genshin's player base and profit margin continues to grow.
Genshin's comunity is so insufferable always shilling their game and advertising it everywhere while praising it as literally the best thing ever made so im glad its on fire

File: 86965147_p0.png (1115 KB, 1539x1319)
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1115 KB .png
Youmu my beloved
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yes, or you wont be able to use her for a long time
At that point might as well go all the way
>25 copies
Grinding hard enough.
File: 1627270814185.jpg (53 KB, 453x435)
53 KB
53 KB .jpg
>no Yuugi
>no Tewi
Easiest skip of my life
2 SP cards
1 ordinary magician
1 overwhelming firepower
1 mysterious swordswoman

File: uooooohni.png (63 KB, 250x250)
63 KB
63 KB .png
Brand new eroge kusogacha coming your way.

Nutaku/Johren, browser-only it seems, dedicated mobile version.

Animated and voiced eroge with a good English translation, PVE (mostly?), seems uncensored despite having "not nutaku censor approved" content (pic related).

I've been waiting on this one because while the gameplay looks like mostly-auto garbage, the character gacha seems to be influenced by SaGa Re;univerSe.
The "layers" for girls act the same way "Styles" do in that game; you're able to keep some stats and skills from other "layers" that you've developed, which means highly custom characters and possibly complex gameplay beyond the simplistic combat layer.
The gacha cost seems tight to encourage whaling, but cumulative bonuses and variety from Layers leaves a huge opening for strategy beating p2w on most content, and the rates seem alright (3% standard banners). Pull price 3000 per ten, 50 per daily + 500 per weekly = 3400/mo if you check in regularly, the low payout rate looks to be offset by regularly released event quests that provide free draws and more currency, at least until the game dries up and they decide to milk it.
Scenes are unlocked similarly to Magicami, with character "memory ranks" and scenes from both main quest and events. On release, 3 story scenes and 1 ero scene per girl you level, with an ero scene being the absolute first one you get.
In summary, it seems to be the most competent offering from the 18+ gacha sphere since Magicami, and if you want to play it instead of ripping CGs, from launch is a good time to start.
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>old vn good
>new vn bad
ok grandpa
>he doesn't just pokerbot in granblue
5.5 hard filtered me
any decent JP tier list so i know what limiteds are worth saving for? also how often do they do reruns?
How the fuck do I break the ~24K power wall ? My characters are lvl 50, memory lvl 10, have some skills awakened and full evolved S equipement, and I've played a couple hundreds of "can gain stats" stages

When's summer?
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Kamui chads rise up! our bland yet sexy husbando WILL rock your socks, jk he's barefoot and I want to touch his feet
How good is good? does he do anything else noteworthy?
File: Onsen Kamui.png (378 KB, 2544x1607)
378 KB
378 KB .png
Yeah, he hits pretty hard for a staff user too, extra worth going for if you already have Valiant Horkeu Kamui (and especially if you capped him) since they share seeds and levelcap.

The biggest thing is the Buff Nullifier AND getting extra damage on Buff Nullified enemies and being able to apply and exploit burn burn for extra damage, and having a Bind causing CS. he still gets some tanky stuff but not as much as his Valiant variant and being more "Selfish" with the healing.
12.375X damage multiplier to enemies while they're nullified isn't enough?
File: ShinoKEK.jpg (244 KB, 2048x1826)
244 KB
244 KB .jpg
>He actually thinks this when Shino's last variant came out two fucking years ago
>While both Mori and Kamui have more units
Good job exposing yourself for being small brained.

File: download.jpg (4 KB, 224x224)
4 KB
4 KB .jpg
Old thread is 2 threads from deletion so making a new one.

Ill start out with this

Just got a tablet, 2021 amazon fire, got it specifically for a mobile bluetooth video station, and general video watching as many places drm fucks with my monitors. for what it is, its great, but i'm wondering if there are any games I can play on it.

specifically what i'm looking for is a game that I could realistically sink fuckloads of time into but not feel like im face grinding unless I pay and a card game that doesn't feel like unless I put money into it there is no hope of winning.

I would love rpgs, but somehow I dont think thats viable outside of emulation.
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>oh please, magical negress with an afro, save our poor artists' commune from the evils of capitalism
>pokemon unite
Have fun getting roflstomped by whales. It only takes one opponent with the powerful "mommy's credit card" item and it's game over for you, you just have to sit there for the whole length of the time-based match and watch them rack up points solo and there's nothing you can do about it.
Not true. They alleviated some of it by giving out 3 maxed items which is fine since I only play 2 Pokemons in the same role. Whaling will only let you stomp noobs in low ranks for a few games but beyond that, people have maxed out held items too.

The game is unbalanced though but I don't really care about winning, it's good enough for me because it's not as frustrating as other MOBAs in mobile.
They gave out maxed items? If I started the game on launch and didn't play it since then, do I get those items?
You need an account to go check F95forum and sort by rating

Run the exe file through Joiplay

File: 1613362029606.jpg (1168 KB, 2364x1663)
1168 KB
1168 KB .jpg
A new thread for Another Eden! Antiquity Mythos is complete, Goddess of Time Part 2 is complete. The Barukoki interlude is coming up, and then it'll be Ocean Palace 2 and then the new Future Mythos. Any guesses on where things will go next?
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The soul collector stuff is always kind of cool. I wonder what sort of a quest she'll have.
>dude what if Curio was good and Isuka was evil
I'm not saying the story won't be good but that seems like such a childish jumping off point.
>Under The Sea sidestory still not finished
>Announced this
Why though
They mentioned on stream that chapter 3 and 4 for Ocean Palace 2 will be out together, but no specific date. They also apologized for its release schedule.

How's Undead Siege

Clan: /VGM/

We're looking for grinders for Clan Wars, BR mains are needed. Reaching Legendary this season.
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File: Goku fan.jpg (109 KB, 600x898)
109 KB
109 KB .jpg
>that name
File: 1629487308638.jpg (198 KB, 564x1021)
198 KB
198 KB .jpg
I'd gun you down like the nigger you are, son.
My niggaboi about to sell me crack. Probably an AS VAL spammer tho.
>it was a Gokubro
Why am I not surprised.

File: tamamo_.png (2116 KB, 1600x1300)
2116 KB
2116 KB .png
Now I'm numerating the DC threads cause I felt like it.
Also, bump limit reached in previous thread
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I'll be honest, I don't know how and also don't care about playing manually. I tried playing manually once before skill queues came out and I hated it.
Manual is still shit.

Your issue with that team is most of its damage comes from dancing blade and poison, so it doesn’t care about your tank Nep. Which is the issue with tanks.
>I claimed 20 first place raids consecutively
>not a single platinum chest
this game is fucked
“Shit teams” like that are up in platV holding rank each week.

File: 1624303358864.jpg (2516 KB, 2316x3671)
2516 KB
2516 KB .jpg
Hype for the Arknight's r6s collab!
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Can you fucking imagine if the next collab we got was that
holy fuck
B-but /akg/ told me it's going to be Joker first.
Persona 5 has whored itself out to a lot of gachas, yeah. Wouldn't be out of the question at all, I have Joker, Sophie, and Arsene in Dragalia and I've seen them making the rounds elsewhere.
Really though I doubt either Trails or Persona will be there, if the first collab was anything to go by. They seem to prefer ones with conventional or at least a little less flashy weapons.
Well, Rean weapon is not flashy at all so is Joker with his dagger. That is not a reason. HG likes west media better is the reason.
How is katana flashy when it exist already in Arknights?

Mhy did a whoopsie and leaked their entire client unsecured

I will post what I have

Dogshit translation not by me

Game Introduction
Broken Star Dome Railway is a new two-dimensional style real-time combat mobile game launched by Mihayou. The operation difficulty is not big, but the combat gameplay that can be given to everyone is also unprecedented. Complete the latest mission challenges. Hurry up to download and experience it.

Features of the collapsed star dome railway

1. The endless combination of moves and combinations will bring you an extraordinary visual experience;

2. There is no need to have all powerful practical operations, and easy online exploration;

3. Scientific research has developed a brand new strategy, free and free game entertainment in this different dimension of the world.

Introduction to the collapse of the Star Dome Railway

1. A brand-new upgraded ARPG mobile game created by mihoyo, in which a lot of two-dimensional colors are used to carry out daily tasks;

2. The high-definition interface makes every battle of the player more and more real, and the design of all the scenes is very interesting;

3. In the game, more characters will be opened in the plot, with different angles and environments, to challenge in the universe.

Comment on the collapse of the Star Dome Railway

1. According to the 3D rendering of various colors, it is more lifelike. Every duel will produce a better game experience. ;

2. A lot of gorgeous moves can also be composed, and game players can also switch their own characters to master the rhythm of the arena during the duel

3. Any opponent update makes the player's adventure more real and more extreme.
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File: 1613456755397.png (1828 KB, 3367x2199)
1828 KB
1828 KB .png
The shilling continues even in a new game
That's Cocolia, though
all of these twitfags getting dmca'd. thank you mihoyo for doing it after they have bled the client dry
Game looks shit and reeks of chink.
File: 1632339869598.png (200 KB, 1080x930)
200 KB
200 KB .png
The leaker hunt decree continues even outside genshit

File: Yuna.png (222 KB, 610x735)
222 KB
222 KB .png
Who is gonna pull for Yuna tonight?
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File: z30gte401ep71-2.png (2114 KB, 1920x1045)
2114 KB
2114 KB .png
No BT+ in JP yet
BT+ in like 6 months

You can either just chill and ignore the mechanic till then, or invest in Y'shtola or Bartz to carry you until you until your faves come. They are so far down the line you'll have enough resources for them when they come as long as you are beating content.
I'll probably just chill then, since I'm not in a super rush to push through everything. I just finished all the currently available story mode and LC content below Lufenia earlier this week, so I'm onto to the salt mines of Summon Board grinding for my current roster and further attempts at the Dimension's End and Abyss stuff; I tried it a while ago but hit a wall because my roster wasn't diverse enough at the time, but I've been picking up and fully equipping more characters since then and want to see how far I can go with them.
I'm not exactly looking to get a complete set of everything, just my favorites, or as many of my favorites as I have the resources for, and a few others that I happen to get in the process.
Since we apparently have lots of new players around I am gonna do a quick rundown on the most difficult fights of the first few months of Lufenia+ to give everyone some a clue of what to expect [1/3]

>Guy LC
What made this hard and spooked everyone right out of the bat were the insane reductions, which were unusual even for Lufenia+ since they are very defensive bosses. Good options to counteract the reductions here are Porom, Agrias, Y'shtola, Setzer. One of the fights that made Porom and Setzer such hyped banners in GL
>Raines LC
What made this hard was the orb that required very high damage on a launch, Unlike the previous fight there aren't many characters that make this easier other than Raines or Layle. You'll probably want to run a battery team here since your launches need to be FAT to meet the orb on top of some damage mitigation for the recast the boss does on turn 1. WoL call and Porom again shine here.
>Transcendence 5
Not a hard fight. In fact one of the most mechanically interesting fights in the game. Just do me a favor and read the in-game enemy tab so you don't think he's exploding you out of nowhere. The fight revolves around threshold management and you can't push the boss pass certain HP before you managed the minons HP. Tanks or people who reduce damage occasionally like Beatrix or Porom (again) do well here.
Also remember to not push boss thresholds with calls when the boss has insta-counters. Don't be this guy:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61EC8JPYvvI
>Vayne Raid
What made this hard was JP players being bad. This fight has a secondary condition where if you get 12 turns in a row the boss jumps on face and mows the lawn with your ass. All in all this isn't exactly a new mechanic, Yuna Lufenia also instantly debuffed you when you got 10+ consecutive turns. All you need to win this fight is let the enemies get turns, treat it like Rude's LC orb or something. Just because synergy Vayne can keep getting infinite turns in a row it doesn't mean you should.
This battle has massive amounts of DEF so characters with ignore DEF like Beatrix/Sabin or large DEF downs like Ace and Porom yet again shine.
>Cait Sith Mission Dungeon
What made this hard was the FUCKING Eiko event boss that has been a fucking cunt for as long as DFFOO existed. The orb is one of those that only goes up on the enemy turn but the boss can't get any turns or it will ressummon his minions probably resulting in you going over the turn count.
The solution to the puzzle here is boss disruption, paralyze, confuse, anything to stop the boss from acting while it still gets turns. Agrias is the MVP here due to having guaranteed para and confuse you can use interchangeably to keep the boss from ressumoning.
>Shelke's event
What made this hard is the boss mechanics. Boss has a minion, while the minion is alive the boss dodges all attacks and he ressumons said minion every 20%. Minion on the other side batteries the boss and gives the boss free turns right after it acts so the boss can blow you up with AoEs. Infuriating ass battle, just watch some videos on youtube and you'll see. Agrias once again paralleled MVP as the boss doesn't get the evasion back on every ressumon if it's confused. Saw some Tifa runs here and they were my favorite too.
Orb is recharging 2 or more skills in one move so characters that have an AA or EX that recharges S1/S2 can work here.
File: 0066.1d8e3dd.png (19 KB, 128x128)
19 KB
19 KB .png
>Divine Shiva.
What made this hard is Shiva doing the same shit she did all the way back on ultimate Shiva, which is freezing you and blowing you up while you can't do anything about it with some fat shields thrown into the mix. Slightly different set of MVPs here as WoL works on mitigating the HP damage and Ace, the most underrated BT of month 1, help keeping their BRV low while you are stunned. Freezing them back with Setzer also a possibility here.

Difficulty goes downhill past this point. Starting with Machina you finally start actually getting BT+ that are better than the month 1 ones. Then from Divine Ifrit onwards orbs are no longer lethal so you can start sleeping on them, then we get Ultima Weapons/lv90 and at that point you can clear anything with anyone.

File: 1625655323100.png (592 KB, 560x528)
592 KB
592 KB .png
Did you fall for the bait banner?
509 reply and 143 image omitted. Click here to view.
honestly this is exactly what i was worried about. having just started i don't have that much attachment to my account so if i fail to get him with my meager 150ish crystals i'll probably be rerolling for him, but i don't want to lose sweet pubraseer and summer akashi. fuck.
Appreciate that i got a extra bonus unit for the event and someone to help Normal Barrel in a full Aether Team and will have easy time capping it and then keep in looking for Summer Barrel's cute and fuzzy ass.

He ain't getting my Gay Medals though and any dupes are getting traded in for Memory Crystals to enhance Barrel once he is pulled instead.

I have stocked up for like half a fucking year for this, i WILL have Summer Barrel.

Similar thing here, i don't have any 5* but Pubraseer is my reason not to reroll cause i like him.
Good luck because there's no sparking and even with half a year savings a 5 star split will still fuck a lot of people over.
Im aware, but it is still a enough rolls that i won't need to go "FUCK" immediately for a Victom. Prepare for Kyoichi 2 electric boogaloo.

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