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Not uttering the forbidden word so as not to upset our benevolent, powertripping overlords!
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I thought Karen was the only good fire character?
Best Fire character, worst element and worst S rank Assault class
I don't really want to pick Lee though...
Don't pick Lee. He is powercreeped one month after release by Alpha and Alpha is powercreeped half a year later by A2. If you are a metaslave, S Kamui and S Liv are the most viable long term but they aren't Assault class and you will have to save for an Assault banner. It's ok to pick Karen. She is a good Assault but just know that you won't be racing for the top of the leaderboard with her. If you are really a metaslave, save for Alpha or wait for Nier collab and get A2 for free. Assault characters need their unique weapon to reach potential and sometimes dupes.
Is this all the fan service the game can offer? I hope shit gets redesigned/ has to adhere to CCP less in other regions. I think its foundation as a CN game kinda screws what's ultimately going to be made though

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Greythroat? Wasn't that just a meme? Not the unit I mean the character.
I slowly cycle them so it works out. Just add him to your regular base shuffle and it'll be there in no time.
The ballistae? Never had a problem with those, it's the Arts Masters, but sure.
Nice medal
W S2 or S3 bros? Which one have seen more use? I can't decide.
Gaythroat yes. It is a just a meme.
Yeah I just try to remember to swap out the RIIC now and then.
Well remember, I made my Saria solo heal every unit taking damage but one outside of her range that had self sustain there.
Thanks~ It's fun that it feels like I'm really starting to expand now.
I did S2, but it fucks up autos hardcore I've been finding so you could try S3 if you want auto reliability and big damage.
Both are useful in a different situation.
I like both. The trick to using S2 is eliminating spawn points.

File: 1564074565565.jpg (1452 KB, 1800x2621)
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The Wedding Tour continues
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It's like getting 5 rubies everyday, I prefer it, too.
I wish they were pulls from the current week's pipe, that'd be so much better.

I got bad stuff, too, mostly normal parts and 3 rubies here and there. Waiting for my 45 rubies...
>*Santa Bowser laugh*
>"Nice of the Princess to invite our Alts over to a ranked top shelf, aye Luigi?"
Hopefully bubble or some useless shit like that.
Praying it's not boomer, box, 7 or giant nanners.
>Rabbid tour
>Rabbid Peach and Rabbid Rosalina high end
>Rabbid Mario super
i won't be surprised if this thread dies because of how anti hype this upcoming tour is. i'll try my best to keep it alive as the dedicated no life autist.

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Explosive Chain Battle [vs. Super Saiyan Trunks] saga
Beerus and Broly are the key to success!
Dokkan Battle wiki: https://dbz-dokkanbattle.fandom.com/wiki/Dragon_Ball_Z_Dokkan_Battle_Wiki
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>using boost when you are winning
Based retard.
They removed the ability to win boosted medals from that stage isn't it? The fuckers
no. you just didnt drop any that time.
hopefully we get twitter reveals soon, this dry period has felt like an eternity
playing dokkan and watching the disaster that has been this years E3 has been pretty entertaining. there's not a single thread that hasn't been a meltdown.

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Global coming soon, hidden underneath this coat.
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I honestly don't care.
There's nothing to refute, no points have been made that aren't utterly nonsensical to anyone with two braincels. The image you posted is laughably exploitable and retarded and I refuse to waste my time explaining why any further than I did in this comment >>480221 . Liking big ass and big tits has nothing to do with niggers no matter how much you amerimutts think everything revolves around your dying country.
No one cares.
File: E31-ibqUcAY6uyq.webm (197 KB, 886x508)
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File: 90473105_p0.png (396 KB, 1000x500)
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I really wish they'd do a FGO April Fool's style event with Bulga. Shit's cute.

File: ashera.jpg (1187 KB, 2429x1440)
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Will you summon for Ashera, or anyone else on her banner?
Do you think Nott will be on a Book V Midpoint banner?
Any idea on the remaining DC refines, Fjorm and Dorcas?
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Nah, I'm with you man, but I am a literal autist.
It only feels like an issue for me when an opponent has a team full of blue border units that are all high merges just taunting you as if saying I bought my team and beat you with it. It irks me a bit.
I actually love the deep blue color so much that I never end up using the Forma Soul I have because it feels like it should go on a special favorite.
I can see where you're getting at, but for me I see it as an opportunity to get either a character that I regret not getting, or to fancy up my merge project. Out of the ones so far, I've only souled up Winter Eirika, Kiria, Eleanora, and debating on Tanya, but really want to. I haven't regretted it personally. If anything I wish they put up more regular units than seasonals.
Depends on if I get lucky enough this time with the skills for Brunnya. I'm already merging her up so this will just be a step ahead. The only thing I don't know still is what build is the most optimal for her.

File: 1200583724_42021.png (87 KB, 629x494)
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Featuring the most scuffed paid & rerun banner combination in existence.

Global still having 1 year anniversary with the Holy King and her comrades.

Japan about to start their next banner with a conquest that has SS Young Zenon, SS Witch Evelyn, SS Blonde Dahao and SS Tu Kwai

Are you winning, Grave Knights?
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Female Khalid is looking good.
Genryupill me
They gave her substantial buffs to keep up a bit with the recent GL shenanigans, and well, the OG style was straight up garbage, so yeah, she's nice to have around.
Still skipping though
Dragons tend to mostly be a relatively solid bunch in general.
Genryuu, Dora, Gwayne, Genryuu Alter all have very solid AGI/STR stats and kits based on a niche role (Genryuu acts as the perfect partner to Jo with double Ice Flame, Dora is the second best aoe nuker in the game and Genryuu alter is great as support).
Genryuus change is better then Madeleines only because its just a better Engage passive then Engage
I don't pay much attention to banner end dates, how long do they typically run? The 2 upcoming banners in GL are tempting, but I want to hold out and see what we're getting on the 24th first.

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Look at this fairy!!!
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I take this as a "buy it"
In my opinion school slots are far and beyond the most important thing to buy followed by the dojo slot.
even more important than cute costumes for your toe hoes?
Anyone have the JP tier list?
Do you really need 3 girls to farm? You may think you need that now but I can solo farm lots of things with MLB Youmu/Reimu/Yuyuko. I've never had a use for the 3rd school slot since I can just rotate them to replenish morale. And if somehow all 3 are exhausted maybe it's time to go play something else and come back to grind later.
The dojo slot has more use imo, but eventually you'll be out of useful skills to upgrade so it's also a bit of a waste. Costumes and 10 pulls are the way to go.

File: card_chara_040110004_0.jpg (266 KB, 1528x1016)
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266 KB .jpg
Global Servers are now online.
EN anons in JP you still have the end of this month to transfer.

EN players, how did you like your first event?
JP Bros, we have less than 24 hours left for our Bingo. Then we'll have some fun Medleys

There are two servers in vmg, state EN/JP when posing room IDs.
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>Miku is PM
There isn't really anyone else that could cosplay her besides Noa.
Yotsuba could be debatable but not really everyone else
Almost 5 hours, rank 34 and 6th daily is at 1.2m now.
I'm about 7k tickets short for 2m points. I think I'll run out of drinks before the day is even over.
no way that pic is real
The grind never stops.

File: chara_layer0.png (454 KB, 1800x1400)
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Please try Re:Stage
It's an idol rhythm game with a very distinct gameplay, great original songs, and cute girls
Also had an anime few years back
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File: Screenshot_171259.jpg (354 KB, 1280x720)
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354 KB .jpg
It's an absolutely weird case when the minigame is way heavier and more resource intensive than the main game
File: 197676566645.jpg (116 KB, 1024x576)
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Happy birthday buchou
File: mpvshot_48.jpg (105 KB, 1280x720)
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105 KB .jpg
>Also had an anime few years back
Very good
The anime studio is too busy with CUE anime right now
Or I think they still are, what the fuck happened with that franchise anyway

File: 1619834512103.jpg (284 KB, 1400x1089)
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Is anyone still playing Rays/Asteria/Crestoria? Can they survive this year?
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Are these assless chap jorts?
They should release an alternate costume for him without the pants underneath.
File: E31FojBUYAAmg9V.jpg (211 KB, 800x690)
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211 KB .jpg
oh wow. Free SSRs that we can max? Those quests will either be extremely hard or he'll be disappointing. Not like he can be worse than the SRs though
Crestoria has long enough load screens that they have witnessed the rise and fall of entire realities.

File: 88366028_p0.jpg (904 KB, 1131x1600)
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904 KB .jpg
Chink version now available
Please play our mecha musume shooting game
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I picked Amane since I didn't have all her stuff yet, and duped the useless bottom gear with it. I have been using event gear on her for a long time except the bazooka.

>select the one I need gear for
>it's a dupe
Reminds me of trying to complete sets for Collab characters. I think I duped the top piece for Marie Rose like seven times.
It was the same for me and TI2, I'm still missing her sword.
I really don't know why collab characters are not added to the medal shop.
Yeah, it should be simple to just make their gear not show up there for players who don't own those particular characters.
>Alice Gear Aegis
Looks terrible, I rather play Honkai Impact.
My condolences

File: Kyo 3PG.jpg (1755 KB, 1500x2000)
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1755 KB .jpg

Carnival to get one SS memory
Rush Dungeon
Nightmare Geese is the new Guild Boss
Any hopes of Kyo and Iori being farmable is kill

Thanks for fucking nothing Netmarble
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Lunatic is shock
>"Lunatic is shock"
I already used Eileene as one of my main DPS on the Lunatic Rugal so nothing really changes
>managed to gather last 900 rubies
>pull and get both Iori and Kyo
>now have Iori on A2 and Kyo on A1, but only 1 Iori's card and nothing for Kyo
ffs, it's like the game is having a giggle with me.
FES Chizuru '98 spotted in the Japanese server
Nice I'm definitely going to pull
But where's my 98 shingo to go along with chizuru

I found this post on gelbooru and after I finished cooming I tried to track down the source since it was untagged. apparrently it's from some chinkoid gacha game called 逆王傳說 - 入侵女兒國. I thought the chinks were cracking down on this kind of thing, but the preview video on the publisher website makes it look like a gold mine of fap material even better than last origin. I could only find a couple videos on jewtube and chinktube showing the crappy autobattle gameplay but no more like the original clip. does anyone know anything about this game or ones like it? I feel like a spaniard who just discovered the new world full of treasure but it's full of monkey people.
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because chinks are based
the chinese aren't afraid of women
someone said this is actually taiwanese
>the chinese aren't afraid of women
You sure about that?
Fuck this looks great

File: M16 MOD WHEN.png (1133 KB, 1276x686)
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1133 KB .png
SF Capture soon.
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I only drag enough to do the dailies, I only drag seriously on exp up events now, and mostly more for the CR production, since I use those to level fairies or dolls for last minute raising for a ranking
Since the new Intern came, the monthly roadmap and other promises, rarely meets their deadline, you can only use the roadmap to be sure what is coming each month now, but now for exactly when, at least the roadmaps havent been ignored or straight up lie, like some western devs have done with their roadmaps
How do you burn your fairy points if you don't drag?
Once or twice a week a burn them on 8-1N while airstrike dragging, after that just dailies
File: 1607359847649.png (715 KB, 1920x1080)
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715 KB .png
They always run the best gachas separately from any event that would give you extra tokens. Oh well, I'm satisfied.

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