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File: 423142433.png (718 KB, 577x777)
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718 KB .png
Golden Week is DDF Gohan/Goku and Cell
>General info
>Official Twitter
>Hyper Based Wiki
>Link Partners
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4 hours until maintenancne......
Bro... I know this feel...
My boy? You can always use 500 coins to rainbow trunks, gohan or boujack
>using coins on dupes
Oh no no NO
I got my final copy of Teq God Goku today

That ugly mask ruined her beauty but her banner is coming today anyway.
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File: I have failed!.png (85 KB, 513x548)
85 KB
85 KB .png
Wait, really? I went on a gacha spree like 4+ years ago and all of them were scummy as fuck. Not long after Azur Lane came out and everyone was amazed at how generous it was.
Nice, I guess that market competition has really changed things and forced the genre to suck less. My bad tho shouldn't have assumed that everything was the same now.
Azur Lane is a bit of a special case as their income is centered around skins.
But over the last few years pretty much everything got some kind of sparksystem with FGO being the biggest and latest one.
I think most of the old gachas added pity systems cuz new laws forced them.
what laws kek, the only ones that changed stuff were China (the %chance on rolling a specific item) and Belgium (getting b&)
File: 1250546778843.jpg (140 KB, 600x600)
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140 KB .jpg
I truly hope this company goes bankrupt soon. In one year I've gone from initially liking them to hating them more than I hate Sony.

File: Cdecwvrw.png (400 KB, 1438x454)
400 KB
400 KB .png
Seems like this is getting a global version, I doubt we'll get the Fanza version with the nipples though.
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these bonuses for merging dupes go on forever
is this game jewish af or what
god damn seere is slow as fuck
thanks again anon
>Any advice
Dont spend money

File: unknown.png (163 KB, 480x235)
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163 KB .png
Ver. 12.0.0 is upon us and a lot of news!
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just wait for the f2p teams >>829117
I'm currently at 790 and will be trying this, thanks. Any replacement for tm ulti?
I've been trying this team with fc vsShanks and the sea monster has so much HP that I can barely put a dent in him with x1.75 Atk, 2x Orb, 2x Cond and 1.3x Type
File: IMG_20220426_211019.jpg (630 KB, 1080x1065)
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630 KB .jpg
just max LLB bro

File: reverse.jpg (73 KB, 1080x720)
73 KB
73 KB .jpg
wtf why haven't I heard anything about this before just now. any anons played betas?

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>RGB set alll the way to maximum
Hum? Are any of those VA going to be an underage gravure idol the nips care about? Does it matter to the nip whales that some of the characters are scot or welsh or amerifat?
Shat ap redcoat fag.
wot da foock did yoo just sae aboot me ya fackin poofta? i swer on me mum ahm gonta fook ye ap real propa, mate.

File: unknown-1.png (372 KB, 385x673)
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372 KB .png
Rendermax bro uploaded a video with every unit from the beta, say thanks to our based spanish bro.


>Also Horie Yui dubbed Miranda which is a loli

I do say, some non-coom designs are pretty cool desu
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it was never going to be that big anyways
I had very big hopes for it when I saw the pretty girls and bouncy butts. Also it's not chibi shit.
yeah, so it's not going to be that big unless they appeal hard to jap audience for doujin boom like AL.
that is just cope, it had the potential but they chose to fuck it to reach a "wider audience" because apparently it's okay for 12 year olds to gamble but not to see an exposed ankle

the eternal burger I swear
nah, that's not what I mean. Yeah the censorship's pretty gay, but the thigh eating crowd will stillc ome. I mean, the game doesn't have that much depth to it in the first place, and there's practically no hype for the game.

File: dragon erotic.jpg (462 KB, 1920x1080)
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462 KB .jpg
There ain't no place we'd rather be! I'm talkin' bout right here, right now for Cookie Run Games! Here's what we've gotten since the last thread:

>Meet Lychee Cookie now in the Guild Shop!
>Clear the Puzzle: Meet Lychee Cookie the hard way!
>Remember to use your mileage after unlocking!
>Invite a Friend: Get a Legendary (Lychee) - Do it legit! Ask the friends you have!
>Custom Run is back! Without missable rewards, so it's up to you!
>Charcoal Cookie has been seen around Cookieland - Oh dear!
>Meet Cherry Blossom Cookie - Or else!
>CB + Caramel Arrow special gacha available for 13 more days!
>Save and load your kingdom layout!
>Store buildings and huts for reasons only you know! - Conditions apply!
>New cookie bon stories!
>New costumes!
>Cherry Blossom Cookie's Eels and Escalators! Laps on a dice roll game? Where have I seen that before?
>Earn your rolls in Spring Picnic Dice by doing various tasks!
>These events, as well as Light of Resolution end in 13 days!
Puzzle World
>Was forgotten on accident in DevNow

How did you enjoy Devnow? Have you gotten interested in any upcoming games? What do you think of the Sugar Gnome Store - Gonna pay $20 shipping for a ziplock with a gnome on it? What genre of cookie game would be fun? (No dating/VN) Lychee has NTR'd away your favorite cookie - How much happier are they? Are you an old enough fan to give a shit about the return of Dozer? Did you know your kingdom is planning to rebel and usurp you for being a terrible ruler? Discuss all things Cookie Run!
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File: 20220426_144105.jpg (422 KB, 1080x1080)
422 KB
422 KB .jpg
Huh there was a French Cookie Run Kingdom Account too
>translated to "Reckless Cookie"
Excuse me what is even going on in knight cookie's trial.
File: 20220426_150042.jpg (1127 KB, 1080x1080)
1127 KB
1127 KB .jpg
Oh also German one too, they also got Youtube Channels.
Speed and lots of it, also yellow Bear jellies so practice your reflexes.
File: Spoiler Image (478 KB, 630x790)
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478 KB .png
Leaks and Accidentally post apparently?
One is Probably for costumes and the other i'm not sure some of us might have seen it already.

File: 1625200548955.jpg (387 KB, 1600x1124)
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387 KB .jpg
Wanted a thread for the discussion of the Blue Archive Japanese Server

The second volume of story for the SRT school is out and summer reruns are right around the corner too. What are you hoping to see for the story of the SRT squad? And how do you think it's going to go?
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no, deployed TS units have just been made valid targets for normal skills. There's now news on them being EX-targetable
That sucks. Imagine the memes if they were actually valid targets for skills.
Credits are nice.
>Iroha has a solid kit and can be great but she can still get fucked by numbers
gee i wonder what her weapon is--
>Handgun (HG)
oh no she's fucked. please let her multipliers be decent at least
>oh no she's fucked.
By me

File: smol tellius.jpg (2581 KB, 3543x2520)
2581 KB
2581 KB .jpg
Did you summon for Duo Ike or anyone else on the smol Tellius banner?
Which Resplendent Hero's art and voice lines do you like the most?
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Bladetomes only really died thanks to better options existing and Prfs becoming more powerful
I use Lethal Carrot + Special Spiral + Time's Pulse + Ruptured Sky on Kagero
I have another unit with IP to get her started
Lethal carrot is still good? I have a Kagero waiting to be foddered.
>300 orbs for 1 copy
i wish these banners had spark, fuck i would pay the feh pass even
I can probably scrap like 100 orbs or so by the time the banner and and pray for the best
I'm am so grateful for sparking when it is available. You wouldn't want to know the amount of times I spent 300+ also just for a single copy of a unit I liked.

File: cloud-chocobo.jpg (1445 KB, 1550x1600)
1445 KB
1445 KB .jpg
Did you lads manage to get Cloud and/or Squall's BT
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Clearing Shinryu gives you one FR powerstone. FR weapons are super expensive if you use regular powerstones, so getting as many high ones is important. But you also get them from chocoboards and you can use regular power stones to max FR weapons. So it's not like with BR pages/fragments or such where you can't get them from anywhere else.

Coops stay about where they are now. Maxing out FR and such doesn't matter too much.

If you check out the calendar >>813156 you'll notice that starting in July when Shinryu starts, every character will have a little blue dot on their character picture. That's when that character will get their FR boards unlocked.
Does Bluestacks suck or is that just how this game is?

When I open the game, it tells me to download the new version and takes me to the store, but the store does not have an update button, leading me to believe that I am to uninstall it and then redownload it, but why?
I had to clear the cache in order to get the "update" button to appear, what a weird game
File: Man of Integrity.jpg (58 KB, 638x478)
58 KB
58 KB .jpg
Got it. I'll add that to my planning notes. Thanks a lot, anon, appreciate the clear explanation.
File: a toast to chaos.png (242 KB, 500x411)
242 KB
242 KB .png
They might go with Jack Garland. From what i was able to understand (so keep in mind i might be completely wrong and thus you have to take this with a grain of salt) after the story chapter where the team confronts Bhunivelze, classic Garland disappears, and it's implied Jack is the form he's gonna have when he comes back.

>tfw Stranger of Paraside was ultimately a tie-in to a mobile gacha

File: PickUP007_EN.png (2178 KB, 1280x720)
2178 KB
2178 KB .png
Wrestling event after this right bros...?
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Maybe in the last part of the event the Still Image 1 of Romannes will be unlocked. It would be very funny if the event ends and they didn't post Still Image 1 of it. It would be like going to the movies and sitting on the floor :D
>knows the wiki exists
>can't look on the wiki himself because he's too stupid
>has to have his hand held like a child and be told where to go
Mentally ill
The wiki is self-explanatory, it's a skill issue with your brain
We need images of the mummies and goblins XD
I assume it'll happen when they become more relevant enemy wise. I'm betting mummies will 100% come into play when we hit up amberdon chapter with zach and the gang...goblins idk, we kinda saw them already but not in any major capacity. We've been dealing with imperial shits all over pays blanc
We still don't have orcs yet and bandit is the only one of his group. I think we are getting ninjas at some point.

The next 2 parts (Chapter 3, Beginning and End) of the "Valentine's Fantasy" Event Story have been added!
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Not enough.
>MC doesn't get an outfit for events like several units in the game
Why? Dozens of 3 stars get an outfit for an event but why not the MC?
Trans people unironically bitched the MC wasn't inclusive enough by making them have defined genders like male and female so they only have one uniform now to keep them gender neutral
I completely forgot about that.
Sorry anon, if it makes you feel better though one thing I've noticed is that if you ever have one of these your chances of getting a 5 star the roll after are way higher. Wouldn't say guaranteed, but it's happened to me a few times.

File: 1631814026509.png (4005 KB, 1481x2159)
4005 KB
4005 KB .png
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File: idol tits.png (3376 KB, 2440x1440)
3376 KB
3376 KB .png
Kirome's new girl
one day closer to global
That's some big funbags.
Here's hoping we see more summer bikinis this year like Alice's


File: a836597.jpg (553 KB, 2600x1430)
553 KB
553 KB .jpg
SFV Collab drops tonight



Classic Chun Li is the only free unit this time.
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nah you do.


Kyo XV trailer
File: 1575487378859.png (196 KB, 639x502)
196 KB
196 KB .png
>League Battle
>Start with any unit aside from Chun-Li/SF
>Die instantly
>Ryu & Akuma have status reflect and sometimes just plain damage reflect
>Ryu and Akuma are tankingto the point of making Dizzy look like a joke
Street Fighter was a mistake. And here I thought Dark Ash and crimson Gonutz were horrible to fight.
It's going to get worse as time goes on unless you can constantly keep up with the power curve.
You can juggle them to death with BS Nameless, just don't use the drill against Akuma.

File: Alpha.png (1136 KB, 804x1288)
1136 KB
1136 KB .png
Current Banners:

Ironblood Commander / Archon of the Moon (New Heroes Banner)
Clotaire / Lanford / Rainforce (Destiny Banner)
Landius / Yulia / Jugler (Destiny Banner)

Upcoming Banners:

Alpha / Suzette (Rate Up Banner)
Alustriel / Cherie / Rozalia (Destiny Banner)
Mariel / Patsyr / Werner Dime (Destiny Banner)
Altemuller / Ledin / Rachel (Destiny Banner)

Alicia / Selvaria (Valkyria Chronicles - Limited-Time Banner)

Future Banners:

Evil God Kreuger / Verner (Rate Up Banner)
Angelina / Lambda / Mariandel (Destiny Banner)
Dieharte / King of the Red Moon / Young Jessica (Destiny Banner)
Bernhardt / Elwin / Leon (Destiny Banner)
Ares / Elma (Valentine's Banner)
Clotaire / Rozenciel (Valentine's Banner)


Forbidden Battleground event
S9 Apex Arena Champion Skin - Light of Genesis
New Covenant - Baldr

Coming soon:

King of the Red Moon skin (Macho Lotto)
Valkyria Chronicles event (Isara shards)
SP Grenier
Floating City - Fortune Cat
Magic Tower Conquest
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>This is apparently a 54 year old woman
I'd never imagine semen bath she seems to be taking could be this rejuvenating
I really like this skin but I sure as fuck ain't paying $280 for it
I only played this game at launch, but couldn't stand the gacha aspect.

Did they ever finish adding the original stages for I to V. Any alternative routes?
They're currently almost done with V. All the other time rifts have only covered one route. Although I and III never had alternative routes. I don;t think V had one either.

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