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Please, can someone photoshop a rat in this image? Thank you so much :)
Nah, you're clearly up to no good. This is obviously for a fraud or some slander op. Not your private army.
Is for a joke to my mother. This is my garage

File: 1610994733602.jpg (104 KB, 500x600)
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attachment disorder, memory, perception, PTSD, learning styles, conditioning theory, communication disorders, etc... a movie where one of these topics is the main focus of the movie. Thanks /wsr/.

Sorry for the retarded picture I deleted all my 4chan folders in an attempt to leave this website forever and... you know how that goes.
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Donnie Darko
The Joker is shit.

Trainspotting is a good movie about heroin addiction and the joys of being Scottish.
a beautiful mind
File: 1602204325027.png (16 KB, 362x292)
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>attachment disorder
Synechdoche, not so much about having a mental illness, but missing out on things due to compulsion/perfeccionism and delusion;
Trainspotting, drug addiction;
>learning styles
Not sure what that means, how about August Rush for the savant musician kid?
>PTSD (and others)
Patch Adams.
>communication disorders
The Miracle Worker, about a deaf/blind girl learning to speak.
Memento, 50 First Dates.
>people with shitty lives and traumas in general
Watch the series Intervention and Hoarders

Also for movies try:
Jacob's Ladder

File: malw.png (52 KB, 960x540)
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I'm reasonablly sure I got some malware on my computer but I can't open Malwarebytes to scan, tried to reinstall it and it shows up as a process but no virtualization. Please need help.
Explain, why do you think your pc has malware.
my browser opened with a certain website, Malwarebytes doesn't want to start AND I saw 2 Explorer.exes at 1 point in the Taskmgr
Did you at any point give administrator rights to a process, did you see a UAC prompt?
Try starting in safe mode and opening malwarebytes again.

When 2G and 3G are finally phased out, will there be any use for older feature phones that don't have Wifi (besides nostalgia)?
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MP3 player?
Alarm clock?
Calling and texting?
Source of electronic components.
Props for an indie movie.
Maybe old phone games will become popular someday as a retro thing.
>old phone games
Yep, there are some games push buttons are just better with.
Use them as props in a nostalgia youtube channel

Hello, I’m looking for a specific snoop dog meme music video that had a bit where a sfm demosnoop flies off into... somewhere. I only remember this piece of the video unfortunately.
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File: title.jpg (108 KB, 670x350)
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So here's my problem. One month ago I decided to go on PC to play video games mostly. So I buy everything I need and this GPU because it was the only one at a "reasonnable" price. But here's the thing, it's loud. I don't know if it's the fans or something inside the GPU but whenever I play games that require a lot of ressources it stars making a lot of noise. But again, it's the first time I acquire a PC so maybe it's normal. It's still less noisy than my PS4 for sure, but it's frustrating nonetheless. So I wanted to know if it's normal or if I should just sell it and buy an Nvidia GPU (cause I heard they're better
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I'm 100% sure it's my GPU. I don't think it's overheating since when I check the temperatures it's never over 58°C even on games like cyberpunk 2077. I can't provide a pic of my build right now unfortunately
Try using the 21.8.2 driver, I think the drivers from September have a bug where they cause excessive power consumption.
You can also try reducing the power limit from the driver itself, the 6600XT can be a very power efficient card and you can reduce the consumption and heat a lot without sacrificing performance.
Lastly check out reviews of the specific card you have, if the cooler is shitty by design, there's not much you can do about it.
How can I reduce power limit ?
I'm not using Windows right now so I can't take screenshots, but it's called Power Limit and it's a percentage slider, just use the search feature in the driver.
You can also tune the fan curve so the fans don't ramp up all the way until the card actually gets hot i.e. over 80 degrees, there's no point in keeping it at 58*C if it's obnoxiously loud.
With a combination of both reducing the power limit and tuning the fans you can probably get the card to not go over 75*C whilst keeping the fans quiet.
Alright thanks bro I'll try reducing power limit since I already tried setting a fan curve.

File: logo.png (51 KB, 800x100)
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Mod music out of an unofficial patcher for an r2r crack. For the life of me, I can't rip it from the exe. Does anyone know what it's name is on the mod archive, if it exists there?
Bumping. I've tried Ghidra, Hyperripper, Audacity Raw Data, Hex Viewers - i'm lost as to pulling it out.

File: Clipboard03.jpg (585 KB, 1888x1440)
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Anybody have this lovely Chinese children's book called "The Shining Red Star" where a little boy burns a old man alive?
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oh it's real alright
shining red bump
ching chong bump
any wu-maos that can help me out?
File: 1619372778848.jpg (97 KB, 640x712)
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97 KB .jpg
I don't think this is fake nor do I think it's bad, Hansen & Grettel throw the witch inside her cooking pot and many other cases of gruesome things happens in fairy tales in their original versions.

I say crisp the old fart, long live the Communist Party.

File: 1630045682561.jpg (38 KB, 828x804)
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38 KB .jpg
Hey bros, I need a essay for common app. Whatever subject works, but the challenge one seems the most popular among unis so that would be nice. Help pls.
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Get out of here underage
I'm not underage
have you tried paying an apu to write it?
How much does it cost? I don't have a lot of money. you know?
Go on fiverr and check out the writers for hire. I'm seeing a huge range of prices, some actually want 5 bucks and others are charging hundreds.

File: 1.png (82 KB, 772x460)
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actor or movie name?
File: 2.png (86 KB, 736x416)
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File: 3.png (61 KB, 696x384)
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File: 4.png (39 KB, 444x312)
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That kinda looks like Mr Miyagi from the Karate Kid movies.
Pat Morita
Reminds me of Bill Paxton, but I don't think they were together in a movie

File: 1542050669635.png (127 KB, 209x363)
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What's a good android TV device that has USB ports? So I can install cracked versions of Crunchyroll, watch movies from a pendrive using VLC and the like.

I have one from a local brand but it's a piece of shit.
I use an Nvidia Shield. It has great support with ongoing updates and you can do whatever you want with it. I mainly use it to stream from my pc with Kodi.
Wait, can the Shield be connected to a TV and used as a box, then? is VLC and the like installable?

File: mixtape-1050x700.jpg (76 KB, 658x628)
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Hello! I want to make a free mixtape with me doing vocals with my own lyrics over instrumentals that are not originally mine (remix). Since this project is completely nonprofit, what would be the chance that it would be taken down a streaming platform such as youtube, facebook, or soundcloud?

On another note, would Creative Commons be a viable option?
If the instrumental is of a popular mainstream song, the website's algorithm will most likely detect it and auto-flag it. Doesn't really matter if it's a nonprofit project. If the beat is from a small time/hobbyist producer, it'll only get taken down if the producer is actively enforcing his copyright, he most likely won't have the resources to monitor the online usage of the instrumentals like record labels can, so you might technically get away with it. Creative commons is your best option if you don't want to take the risk of ever being taken down.
thanks bro :)
Additionally, copyright strikes are getting phased out in places like YouTube, instead forcing your videos to have ads and sending any profit made from it directly to the copyright owner.
So you might as well let them jew you out of some pocket change, everyone wins except the niggers not using adblocker.
thats awesome to know since i dont want my mix to be taken down and rather have them leech of it

File: 1481887922037.png (47 KB, 916x910)
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47 KB .png
Where does this Apu originate from? Is he based on a particular person or is he just supposed to be a caveman/retard with a beard?
I believe a musician or producer
It was stanley kubrick.

File: PDF.png (737 KB, 638x636)
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How do you remove DRM from books bought off Google Books and Amazon? I want to deliver requested ebook on certain board. I'm not tech savvy so step by step tutorial are greatly appreciated.
Maybe with Calibre. It's a popular program, I'm sure you'll find a guide.

File: asd543s75jklv.png (227 KB, 640x480)
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Can someone give me the vibing cat meme animated gif that is looped? In the highest resolution too please

pic not related
Oh shoot I forgot in the original version too please. Looped and highest resolution possible

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