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I'm looking for megas or old threads of books and literature covering a variety of subjects science, politics, paranormal, history.
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How do I search a particular board or thread for a specific phrase? For example "what went wrong" on threads in the VG board. Is there a search engine or website for this feature? Thanks.
There was a specific site that had a search bar for it. that's just an archive site in general. ironically there was a post that had the answer in wsr but I forgot to bookmark it.
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is this seriously not intuitive enough? you can literally get the specifics down precisely. or do you perhaps mean sorting for phrases said within a general over it's lifetime?
What the fuck >>1036707
Are you ok, OP?
yea that's it that's the thread I forgot to bookmark thanks anon. I have ADHD and deviated septum so anything longer than 2 hours ago is considered non-existent to me. You should see how many sticky notes I have all over the play lmao.

Oh yea I remember that layout. Thanks anon.

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How do I disable this garbage?
I never asked for this.
Now when I want to reflex click on "google this" I miss.
Try googling "google chrome edit context menu".
Just watch out what you click if you select the text up there to search that.
Go to: chrome://flags/ in browser
It's called "Copy Link To Text."
I've also disabled the "Reading List" one, personally.

i revive my thread
I am looking for an mmd that disappeared a year ago. it was like this https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1GK4y1b736?from=search&seid=17924796116828206778
but way better camera control and movement, with different background and way better rendering. it was Seele Vollerei from honkai impact 3rd with the same costume as in the link above with the same song Perfume - Communication. i think i saw it 2 years ago. i think it might have been shared by the official honkai impact fb page
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so im curious, why are you looking for this mmd with this amount of dedication?
honestly? i don't know. there were times when i tought i'll just give up but then some anon posted leads and such and i feel like their efforts shouldn't go to waste and i also want people to see this video. it's really cute. i guess i'm just persistent. or not really. because in real life i just give up pretty easily. idk. my motives are not really interesting nor am i.
did you end up trying those places?
yes i've tried and they either ignored me or told me to not post there

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Without the water marks, even better if stashed from 2009
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Thank you all c:

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I suppose that the first set is proven right by the Ax + By, but I don't know where the other sets come from - 'each with x^b' thrown in, which I don't see to be the case for e.g. Ax^2 + By^2 + Cz^2 +Dyz + Ezx +Fxy
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Could someone please explain delta?
We are grouping the elements by treating "x" as a variable and y, z as constants.
So Ax^2 + By^2 + Cz^2 +Dyz + Ezx +Fxy becomes
>Ax^2 + (Ez +Fx)x + (By^2 + Cz^2 +Dyz)
The term "degree" is used in a bit confusing way, but that's what is happening. So here n=2, and you can see that we have 2+1 terms without x, 2 terms with one x, and one term with x^2. You can see that they follow this natural progression if you consider that the powers of x, y, z have to add up to 2 for every term.
I assume we are working on polynomial-like functions.
x/a-1 is a polynomial in terms of x because
>x/a-1 = x(1/a)-1
However, if "a" is a variable you can no longer treat it as polynomial, since you have a variable in the denominator. If everything is a variable, then quotient of variables is not a polynomial.
>quotient of variables is not a polynomial.

anime with really cool worlds and lore
nothing beats blame! (manga). for anime

Kino no Tabi
Last Exile
Gurren Lagann
Girl's Last Tour
Made in Abyss
Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Hunter x Hunter
Soul Eater

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Someone help me find who are these girls from the gif, especially the one with fat milkers.

I knew what it was without opening it. Look in the archive, but I think nobody knows.
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found the person who uploaded the (deleted) video. it is up to YOU to figure out the rest.

How do I calculate an instant casting spell's dps? I have this spell that is currently doing 387 damages in 0.1 seconds so that's 3870 dps. At the next lvl it will be doing 515 damages and has instant casting, what will its dps be?
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>how to calculate an instant casting spell's burst damages dps
It depends on what time period you designate as your full opening rotation. Say your spell did its damage once per all that time, you divide the damage by number of seconds and you get the spell's contribution to opening rotation dps.

In real game many factors influence your exact dps during combat so people do full combat simulations (simulationcraft for wow for example). If your game is popular everything is probably already counted in tiniest detail so there's no need to invent rotation yourself unless you really want to.

Also in games I played this numbers thing only matters in endgame content. If you're just starting try to enjoy the game and not the numbers (while it lasts).
>It depends on what time period you designate as your full opening rotation. Say your spell did its damage once per all that time, you divide the damage by number of seconds and you get the spell's contribution to opening rotation dps.
Uh, I don't think I understand what you're saying here. That instead of taking the cooldown I take the whole rotation into consideration until it comes back to the opening spell? I have no idea what the rest of the rotation will be though since I planned to choose it depending on the opening spell and its cooldown. The way I planned to do it is like this
>put every spell in a spreadsheet
>take the best dps
>take the next best dps until first spell cooldown has ended
>see if it's sustainable and adjust
It's not a popular game, I did research but didn't find anything regarding theorycrafting. It's pretty old and probably very bad, it's kind of a dead game. I started playing it because my brother wanted me to join him on his nostalgia trip. Some people share their build but none explain their decisions. Not understanding what I'm doing and why I'm doing it takes the fun away for me.
If you're doing instant damage and then swapping to something else, DPS isn't the measure you're looking for. If you're cycling through abilities until the cooldown finishes so you can restart the cycle, then you need to compare damage to the length of the animation or whatever blocks you from moving immediately to the next ability. If the cooldown is the defining factor, then compare the damage to the length of the cooldown.
I don't think your dps-based approach will work. As you described yourself dps can change depending on specifics of rotation so you can't just give one dps number to a spell. I don't know exactly how to make optimized rotation easiest way but you can program some sort of timeline with all the spells, cast and cooldown times and move spells around (manually or programmaticaly) to achieve best results.
Oh that could fix it. There's a guy taking data from the game, I'll ask him if he can access frame data.
Isn't that just putting a visual on top of it? I mean messing around with a timeline doesn't seem reliable. Even then there most likely is a mathematical way to find the best option, or maybe I didn't understand what you meant.

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looks so cute
That’s an aye-aye lemur. As with all lemurs, they’re native to Madagascar
That is a monster that must be destroyed

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can someone cut out this girl (with the floating stuff around her) and paste her in the right corner of the picture bellow

thank you
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Dont do this. This guy is a massive faggot, attention whore and avatarfag. I literally know his face, where he lives, who he lives with and all about his daily life. Not because anyone doxxed him, he literally comes to our polish general on /int/ and spams it like it's his fucking blog.
He is 27 years old virgin, only just have picked up some useless university course. Never had a job, doesn't have drivers license, lives with his mother whom he constantly insults even though she basically funds his neet lifestyle.
He is overweight, can't speak properly (at least one vocaroo per day), and balding.
Fuck him. I can't wait until he takes the fucking rope
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not sure you was clear enough, is that a yes or no to doing it
kradne na potem
do it sure
it's a no my friend

I remember seeing this weird 3d animated movie. The plot is that these children in heaven climb through a hole in a wall they aren't supposed to and come into contact with this weird guy. Who is monitoring all of them or something like that.

I don't remember anything else of the plot but I believe the guy who animated it had a really weird last name like scareclaws or horrowclaws.

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Abyone got the webm of that fat black couple where she weighs herself is 409+ pounds and he goes for real? And the guy recording it laughs?

Thanks in advance
This ?
youtu dot be 3PXFOOkHujM

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Can anyone halp me with this error?, I tried everything, VRAM, Re-registering the Dlls, cleaning up the spaces, but it's still didn't work out
Buy the game.
Looks like the archive is damadged or partially missing. Try redownloading it or installing from another source.
Did you even google the problem? It's probably what the anon above said.

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requesting a webm version postable to /wsg/

as a two-parter, please convert this one too https://youtu.be/iorob_r4mP4

I tried myself (freeconvert) couldn't get it below 6mb
no way to achieve a decent quality for a 5 minute long video with audio

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