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Ey anons, some random files u want to share?
Pictures, memes, videos, games, books, etc.
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I love how Schroedinger is known for the thing he was arguing against
Are you the same anon from this thread?

If not, check that thread.
Ey yes, the same anon :b
Still looking for random files and weird stuff.
File: 1d5aa0e.jpg (22 KB, 386x320)
22 KB
22 KB .jpg

I have been searching for several weeks for a landscape image (portrait) of Kurauchi Anna from He's My Master. But from Anna only. (And SFW, with Anna looking as beautiful as she can be.)

Only from Anna, without both Izumis or Yoshitaka. Does anyone know where I can find it?

(And yes. I've already searched all the major boorus, pixiv, r34, deviantart, pixiv, name it and maybe I've already searched there.)
File: gangannet-anna.jpg (60 KB, 436x600)
60 KB
60 KB .jpg
> landscape (portrait)
> both Izumis
File: kurauchi_image.jpg (142 KB, 329x570)
142 KB
142 KB .jpg
File: 116669769896197.jpg (195 KB, 900x595)
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195 KB .jpg
File: yukatasetteianna.jpg (48 KB, 1024x1410)
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48 KB .jpg
File: anna1024.jpg (155 KB, 1024x1024)
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155 KB .jpg

File: 1647349753540.jpg (143 KB, 594x454)
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143 KB .jpg
What are the names for different tactics in videogames other than camping?

File: garlic bulb flakes.jpg (83 KB, 774x1032)
83 KB
83 KB .jpg
I once smoked some weed with a pipe that had garlic bulb flakes (picture related) in It. When I smoked the weed I felt nice and high, but I was also able to see geometric patterns as I closed My eyes. The garlic flakes getting into My pipe was a freak random occurrence and since then I haven't been able to replicate or emulate the phenomenon either by smoking weed and garlic bulb flakes or by smoking pure garlic bulb flakes.

Could someone maybe tell or instruct Me on how to perhaps condense or compress these flakes ( picture related) so that They're easier to smoke?

I looked online for smoking garlic bulb flakes, but all I see are how to literally smoke the garlic on a grill and then produce flakes. Anyone?
There is no hallucinogenic component in garlic you ironic pothead mongoloid gimp!
You just had dirty weed. Ditch your current dealer. I used to know people who got fucked for life because of dirty pot from a shit dealer.

I don't smoke the stuff from the recreational stores. Only if It's a given to Me as a gift.

Anyways, I just want to know if there's a good way to compress condense what I have in the picture. Sooner or later I'll just try to do It Myself, but if someone could show Me how to do this at home that would be awesome!

File: cursed snail.jpg (3 KB, 216x130)
3 KB
3 KB .jpg
God, i hate snail so much is unreal. They ate a precious lemon tree sprout ive been cultivating. I have put so much love into it...
>cultivate lemon tree from seed
>plant it, give it nutrients sun and love almost everyday
>get busy for some days but know it is good and madurating
>it was a beautiful morning
>i go to visit my sprout
>its filled with snailggers hanging from it
>it is almost destroyed idk if it will survive
>get furious and mercilessly start holocausting snails
>even pour salt in some to make them suffer
>half day hunting snails
>feel emptiness afterward
They ruined me, i fucking hate snails and i will kill every snail i see alive anywhere.
Please give me advice to cheap get ride of them or torture them. I did this before and they keep coming back idk from where, they come back bigger and more quantity, its a closed space idk where the fuckers come from.
File: Anon hates snails.png (149 KB, 1900x359)
149 KB
149 KB .png

File: Mt ranier.jpg (862 KB, 2000x1317)
862 KB
862 KB .jpg
Mount Rainer is an active volcano. I am worried about the surrounding populated areas around the volcano. I think It would be a good idea to build some kind of wall or shield to keep the populated areas safe if such an event were to occur. Thoughts?
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>What's with Americans and building walls around their problems
This isn't building a "wall" to contain the problem. It is more a diversion levee obstacle to insure the lahar and hot mud is diverted or remains in existing channels during peak flow.
Wanted to bring up mt. st. helens too.
You gotta hope that you are not in the way of the mudslide.
>In the event of an eruption, everyone in the colored area on this map is fucking dead, which includes me so you better hope Rainier doesn't blow or the only way I'm gonna be answering questions is through an ouija board.
Stay safe west coast bro.
>I am worried about the surrounding populated areas around the volcano.
OP, you need to travel there and go door to door and warn people face to face. This is your calling in life.

File: Y2LBm8e.jpg (33 KB, 400x388)
33 KB
33 KB .jpg
sup /b/ro here, i never post on this board but today i want to watch anime.Any recommandation ?
Death Note
go ask the cucks on /b/ and gtfo this board i hope your mother dies in a car crash
File: 1651001988204.png (113 KB, 400x300)
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113 KB .png
why so much hate anon ?

File: 1232789424.png (2 KB, 300x168)
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2 KB .png
How can I get how many cans are here from liters in exel by using conversion formula?
I'm lost pals
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cans are an exel notion not physical cans
It's about actual drinking cans
File: 1455191183867.jpg (37 KB, 500x501)
37 KB
37 KB .jpg
>cans are an exel notion
What are you talking about???

EXEL exists in other languages pseud
>EXEL exists in other languages pseud
great, then educate everyone by sharing a page telling what the 'can' function is in whatever language you're talking about

File: end-of-evangelion[1].jpg (114 KB, 1000x563)
114 KB
114 KB .jpg
I saw this adorable picture on Twitter a couple months ago and I wish I'd saved it.
I never watched Evangelion, but it was Kaworu as one of those big white giant people (pic related I think?), and he was holding human-sized Shinji in his hands and smiling really sweetly at him. If anyone has the picture it would really make my day.
I hope you find your picture, but seriously watch eva as soon as you can.
This is an anime so impactful that it made even the people who make anime look at anime more as art.
A wonky inbetween!
Damn, I guess eva is not art after all.
You sure showed me anon!
OP here, I found this but wanted to clarify before anyone else posted that this is NOT the exact picture I'm looking for. It looks somewhat similar though
File: 92196219_p0_master1200.jpg (599 KB, 1200x1115)
599 KB
599 KB .jpg
Neither is this.

File: 1625100734613.png (1448 KB, 818x908)
1448 KB
1448 KB .png
I know that pic related is Pippi Longstocking from the show from 70's. I just want know the episode and the moment when happen pic related.

File: 1622656213341.jpg (219 KB, 692x1038)
219 KB
219 KB .jpg
Hey, does anyone know of a tool or extension to download pictures that are locked in websites (right click just won't give you the option to save picture).

I know you can go to the page source and find them somewhere or make screenshots, but that's a pain in the ass.
have you tried taking a screenshot?

There's also the sniplet function built in in windows 10
File: 200px-ReiseinIN.png (84 KB, 200x400)
84 KB
84 KB .png
>How to download images that are part of the website
On the Chrome browser (or any chromium variant) you can click F12 on your keyboard which will bring up the inspection menu.
You go to sources and look through the folder for your image.
Sometimes control or shift clicking pulls up the image too.
>I know you can go to the page source and find them somewhere or make screenshots, but that's a pain in the ass.
retard cant into reading

File: temp.jpg (39 KB, 625x220)
39 KB
39 KB .jpg
share your most weird/old/dank apps sites and programs :))
Seeing the pepe OP you are probably just looking for obscurity chills
>Go into the deep web (.onion sites)
>Go to ytmnd, newgrounds, neocities, or deviantart and scroll into ancient times
>Go to alt chans

If you want a genuinely crazy view of things dive down into the deep corners of popular social media. You can find real terrorist organization recruitment teams on twitter, there are drugs, weapon, and child trafficking rings on discord and youtube. Randomly currently vogue apps like telegram and whatsapp have insane things happening on them.
I would not be surprised if there is something nuts on tiktok too.
ive herd about .onion what browser is best for deep/dark shit?
Like I said
The deep web is not where the fucked up shit is.
You use the deep web when you are a Chinese man who wants to engage in religion or a gay Muslim. It is more about hiding from the government than anything.
Dark web is a nickname for the illegal side of the deep web. It is mostly weapon and drug trade.
Today you can just use a vpn, so the organ black market is just on twitter.
God damn it those low quality threads are so retarded and you all better be trolling here because othewise i feel bad for your parents
What do you expect from a frogposting OP?

File: iiiii.jpg (573 KB, 1080x1920)
573 KB
573 KB .jpg
Say I untick some of the files and then start the download. How do I go back and download the unticked files, aside form deleting the torrent and starting again?
Tick the unticked files? And also press the resume button if you've stopped seeding it.
>highlight torrent
>go to files tab
>tick em

File: cross section.png (1107 KB, 1275x719)
1107 KB
1107 KB .png
I need to know:

- what each feature (A-Z) represents in the cross-section
- the type of fold present in the cross-section
- the order (from oldest to youngest) of all events in the cross section

Hopefully one of you is a geology whiz! My teacher has been terrible this semester. I appreciate any and all help, thanks.
>Hopefully one of you is a geology whiz! My teacher has been terrible this semester.

see : https://www.coursehero.com/tutors-problems/Geology/34330050-Describe-the-geologic-history-of-this-geologic-cross-section-Note/
Thanks anon, but I already found that and I don't have a CourseHero account. Nor do I have a Chegg account. It was my hope somebody here would either be able to supply those web answers or know it themselves
>I don't have a CourseHero account.
Seriously, are you willing to put in any effort at all or spend anything to pass that class? Are either of the methods below a good deal? Not really, but hey. You're the one that slept thru class... I know, I know it was the professor that stop you from learning.

How can I use Course Hero for free? ( basically supply them with some other test and answers and they'll let you in for a week )

It costs $85 bucks for a year, or $20 for a month for a 'real' account, seems you could read the answers to that test in one month. I bet you spend more that $20 a day on Starbucks & cigs, or something just as silly.

File: dyson[1].png (27 KB, 240x122)
27 KB
27 KB .png
I like having simple games to fiddle with while watching videos, and need to find some new low-intensity titles for it. Basically super casual games like Solitaire or Dyson, minimally stressful and needing little attention. What would you recommend?
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Look into incremental games. If you're new to them and want to see what they're about, try Universal Paperclips. If you want something that's more long-term, try Kitten's Game or Cookie Clicker.
Huh, I didn't know it was an actual page, but I've had the app for years now. If you're picking this OP, I'd recommend checking out Keen and Signpost for some tougher stuff, Unruly and Map for some simple stuff and Untangle, where it's fun to just drag shit around brainlessly until it works.
Thanks! Flood is my favorite of these thus far.
Dyson Game was the original free version of the game. Eufloria is the newer commercial version.
A Dark Room and Universal Paperclips were excellent incremental games due to having an ending. Endless games like Kittens Game, Cookie Clicker, Wall Destroyer and Leaf Blower Revolutions on the other hand are addictive like crack, and I never want to get stuck on one like those again.
I just finished Universal Paperclips. What other incremental games with endings are there?

Many people play HentaiVerse to get a ton of credits/hath to use for downloads or improved benefits at the e-hentai.org site.

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